What’s All This Fuss About 5G? – A Forum on Zoom This Thursday – Readers Invited

While Big Tech and Mainstream Media are determined to discount anyone who publishes anything that challenges their narrative on the safety and importance of widespread use of 5G, there are seemingly rational people who nevertheless have questions about it.

Articles suggesting this – like this one – are almost certainly going to harm my standing with Google, which has become the largest controller of news and the biggest censor, I believe, in the history of the world.

Yet, it seems to me that rational and respectful debate about 5G and its safety should not be censored. And by censored I do not mean outright removal from the web, but rather having the story not show up prominently or even at all – on Google searches.

It is not necessarily wrong for a private company [Google] to censor and favor the speech they want or do not want to have heard, but it is astonishing that one company, Google, has such control of what people get to see and hear. An estimated 92 percent of all online searches are through Google. It means Google controls the news more than any media or even the combined mainstream media.

One company, Google, effectively controls the news most Americans and most of the world reads. It is quite a success story and it makes Google the most frighteningly powerful “media” company in history.

This does not necessarily make Google a bad company. It just makes them the most powerful company. They can wipe out a media company overnight if they so chose, just by burying them in the search rankings.


Google has a new logo - The Verge
If you control the searches online, you control what people read or see. And Google does.

Google impact the way news is being purveyed to the public. For instance, Google, for whatever reason, it may be money or it may be ideals or something else, is very Anti-Trump and search engine results almost always favor anti-Trump stories and anti-Trump media over anything that supports the current president of the USA.

For the average media outlet, in business and always trying to attract readers, their smart move is to please Google and Google is anti-Trump. Therefore anti-Trump stories will do better for them than pro-Trump stories.

It is a vicious circle but Google incentives – by their ranking system – which is not of course open and transparent – media to criticize Trump.

Outlets like Breitbart, Epoch Times, Washington Times, CNS and other right-leaning media are generally not found on most news searches. Google has in effect censored them. Of course they can get their own audience, despite Google, but their work to do so is much harder than CNN, the Washington Post or the NY Times which virtually dominate Google news search engine rankings.

It would seem that intelligent people would try to use other search engines besides Google just to keep a balance of power from being too one-sided.

In any event, Google is apparently not appreciative of 5G stories that question the Big Tech view on its safety.  Yet there are some who are curious if there could be some reason to worry about 5G.

A candidate in New York State for the Assembly, Sujata Gibson, is sponsoring a virtual discussion on the topic, which readers may want to participate in.  The panelists are not madcap conspiracy nuts but seem to be reasonable, educated people who have concerns and are prepared to voice them.

Here is Gibson’s press release. In it she refers to Ithaca New York. Ithaca is a city on Cayuga Lake, in New York’s Finger Lakes region. It’s home to Cornell University.

What’s all the fuss about 5G?” Sujata Gibson Campaign Announces Third Forum in “Green New Dream” Panel Discussion Series

Ithaca’s Common Council recently approved the installation of 5G “small cell” towers across the city, despite the opposition of many citizens who attended the meeting to voice their concerns.

Instead of taking their constituents’ concerns seriously, it appeared that many council members dismissed the opposition to 5G because there is a conspiracy theory that claims 5G created the coronavirus.

That does not describe the concerns of legitimate critics of 5G at all. 5G, once deployed, will be difficult if not impossible to remove. Studying the potential health, environmental and privacy effects of 5G technology before green-lighting it’s implementation is the prudent thing to do.

Other governments are already doing due diligence on the new technology. New Hampshire is forming a commission to study the effects of 5G and Oregon passed a bill requiring its health department to review independent science on the health effects of exposure to microwave radiation. Numerous cities across the nation have passed laws to control how the towers are distributed, or are outright putting a halt to 5G rollout until more is known.

To encourage meaningful discussion on 5G, New York Assembly candidate Sujata Gibson is hosting a virtual forum entitled “What’s all the fuss about 5G?” this Thursday, May 28, at 8 p.m.

The expert panelists:

Ruan Gushee simplifies the complexity of our toxic environment
He is not a conspiracy nut just because he might question the safety of Big Tech goals.

Professor David O. Carpenter, M.D., is a professor of environmental health sciences at the University at Albany, SUNY, and director of the Institute for Health and the Environment, a collaborating center of the World Health Organization. Carpenter has authored more than 435 peer-reviewed publications and six books, with research into the adverse effects of hydraulic fracturing, farmed salmon, and electromagnetic fields.

Professor of Toxicology and Health Effects of Electromagnetism Dr ...

Professor Paul Heroux is on the faculty of medicine at McGill University, Toronto, with appointments as occupational health program director and as medical scientist in the Department of Surgery.  Dr. Heroux began his career working for the telecommunications industry on health effects from electromagnetic fields and radiation. He currently focuses his research on the health effects of electromagnetism, toxicology and hearing conservation. He has written several textbooks and testified before legislative bodies about 5G technology.

Sujata Gibson | Best DWI and DUI Lawyers | Best DWI Attorneys
Sujata Gibson is an attorney and a candidate of the New York State Assembly in central New York.

Dafna Tachover is an attorney and testifying expert on 5G and wireless technology. After serving as commander of the computer center of the Operations Center and Headquarters for the Israeli Defense Forces, attorney Tachover founded the advocacy group We Are the Evidence and appeared in the documentary “Generation Zapped.”

“Leaders have a responsibility to get educated about the implications of 5G before adopting policies which put our health and environment at risk,” Sujata Gibson said. “There are serious scientists who have concerns and whole countries that have decided that those concerns merit caution. We’ve organized this forum so that the decisions we make locally about this technology can come from a more informed place next time. I hope people can drop in and take a listen and especially that our local officials and candidates will attend.”

What’s all the fuss about 5G?” will take place on Zoom on Thursday, May 28, at 8 p.m. EDT.

Register for the Zoom meeting here (https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcuc-qpqjgtE9dK4eO53UIFlLic31SUW7_4)

A recording of the meeting will be made available to the public after the forum is completed.





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  • […] What’s All This Fuss About 5G? – A Forum on Zoom This Thursday – Readers Invited – An expert forum organized by Sujata Gibson, an attorney and a candidate to the New York State Assembly.  The expert panel included Prof. Paul Herou, Prof. David Carpenter and attorney Dafna Tachover from the Children’s Health Defense. The event was planned to help local groups fight 5G in their communities. Link to watch the discussion. […]

  • RE Cell Phone Usage Effects on the Brain:

    According to a Harvard University, peer reviewed research paper, cell phones held up to the head of human test subjects unequivocally effect the brain, and cause the brain to release slightly elevated levels of glucose.

    Here is the article

    The obvious follow up question to the study is what else if anything are the cellphones emf and other radiations doing to the human body?

    All of this energy is being released into the environment and these signals from cell communication devices are transmitting terabytes of information constantly. In laymen’s terms that’s a “shit load of energy”.

    I am personally skeptical of the health consequences myself.


    …..Why are not more independent scientific studies being conducted on this new technology which will soon be ubiquitous throughout the United States.

    Why are we only trusting the telecommunications industry?

    Anyone remember the Teflon promise? “It’s safe and provides a surface that is easily cleaned.”

    Guess what?

    DowDuPont had to spin-off and split into multiple companies because of the cancer litigation from Teflon.

    DowDuPont knew for decades that many of the chemical in Teflon were carcinogens.

    There is nothing wrong with healthy skepticism and asking questions in a free society.

  • In Germany, a group of medical doctors and psychotherapists wrote an open letter to the Chancellor and ministers of the federal government.

    “We claim that there is a connection between mobile phone technology, weakness of immune system and the devastating Corona virus and call for a reduction of the RF burden”.

    Open Letter to the Chancellor
    We doctors and psychotherapists oriented towards environmental medicine see a connection between radio interference, immunodeficiency and global epidemic.
    We call for drastically reducing the burden of high-frequency exposure that is spreading worldwide!

    Dear Chancellor,

    The inhabitants of the globe are currently experiencing an extensive wave of diseases due to the SARS Corona Virus 2. Elderly people (with often deficient vital substances) and those with previous illnesses or with a weakened immune system (e.g. due to the vitamin D deficiency, which is particularly prevalent in winter and spring) are particularly at risk. The losses in human life and the consequences for the economy and employees due to the politically prescribed massive contact restrictions cannot be estimated, nor can the psychosocial consequences.

    We, the undersigned doctors and psychotherapists, consider two other factors to be significant in addition to the above. In addition to the degree of infectivity of the virus, the susceptibility of the “host” plays a role, that is, specifically how well the immune system works and whether specific virus antibodies are missing or have already been formed. In prevention and therapy, the most important thing is to prevent a weakening of the immune system and, in addition, to strengthen the immune system therapeutically. Immune system damage occurs, for example, from widespread toxins, malnutrition, some medications, air pollution and certain lifestyle factors (alcohol, nicotine).
    In addition, there have been new harmful environmental influences for the past two decades, the effects of which we have seen more and more frequently in our medical and psychotherapeutic work. It is about the constant exposure to mobile communications (cell phones and smartphones and the associated base stations) and similar technologies with pulsed radio frequency (WLAN with the frequencies 2.4 and higher than 5 GHz, DECT cordless phones, baby phones, tablets, Bluetooth, ” Intelligent “measuring systems – so-called” smart meters “, radar, etc.).

    There is already a wealth of research results on the radio-operated devices mentioned and the previous mobile radio standards 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE), which for the most part turned out to be unsettling. According to the opinion of many industry-independent experts, pulsed high-frequency technology is now considered to be one of the causes of numerous health problems (e.g. sleep disorders, headaches, behavioral disorders, depression and exhaustion), due to increased production of free radicals (“oxidative stress”) (inter alia: Yakymenko 2016)

    Furthermore, scientific research is available on changes in the heart rhythm, changes in gene expression, changes in metabolism, the development of stem cells, the development of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, cognitive impairments, DNA damage, effects on general wellbeing increased number of free radicals, learning and memory deficits, impaired sperm function and quality (see the list of scientific studies in: International Scientist Appeal 2015, Appeal: Stop 5G: Firstenberg 2018).

    Influences of high-frequency signals on the immune system were also determined (infection cluster near base stations, Waldmann-Selsam 2005) (Grigoriev 2012, Szmigielski 2013, Moskowitz 2020). In addition to undisturbed melatonin production (Reiter, Robinson 1995), vitamin D3 is crucial for the functioning of the immune system. The docking point for vitamin D3 (vitamin D receptor, VDR) is inhibited by mobile radio so that it cannot develop its immunoregulatory effect (Kaplan 2006, Marshall 2017) .

    Man is a bioelectromagnetic being, the living cells have electrical potentials (in the millivolt range) on the cell membranes. Their function can be disturbed by low-frequency electrical fields and radio. A weakening of the cell membrane potential demonstrably leads to different clinical symptoms.

    The Radiation Protection Commission (German: SSK) had already determined in 1991 that radio radiation below the limit values increases the calcium transport through the cell membrane (SSK 1991). Independent scientists are currently discussing the existence of voltage-dependent calcium channels, which, irritated by weak electromagnetic fields, can cause negative effects in the cell (Pall 2018). In a study by the Agricultural University of Wuhan, China, Bai and colleagues report that coronaviruses in the pig’s intestinal epithelium increased the influx of calcium and thus promoted virus replication; The infection can be inhibited by special drugs, the calcium channel blockers (Bai 2020).

    A summary of the current scientific knowledge can be found in Diagnose Funk (NGO)
    (Diagnose: Funk 15.04.2020). 5G is already under construction in major German cities and in individual rural regions. A letter from Transport Minister Scheuer and Environment Minister Schulze from the beginning of April clearly shows what is required of the politically responsible persons in cities, municipalities and rural districts: “You have to help find the location for the new mobile radio systems and ultimately support the planned transmitters on site” (Südkurier 2020). Three different frequency ranges are used here: around 700 megahertz (used for large events), around 3.6 gigahertz (smart cities), around 26 gigahertz (indoor supply, supply networks). (German Federal Government 2017). This increases the antenna density and thus the radiation exposure of the population many times over. We consider the introduction of 5G and the disregard for the precautionary principle, to be highly risky, as no risk assessment has been carried out, disregarding the precautionary principle, and the few existing studies show highly questionable results. The persistently repeated reference by the industry and the authorities to the supposedly “safe limit values”, which were laid down in the 26th BImSchV, is misleading. The ICNIRP eV (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection), on whose recommendation to politicians the limit values are based, is biased because of its proximity to industry (ICNIRP and EPRS 2020, Starkey 2016 on SCENIHR 2015). The limit values relate only to short-term warming by mobile radio and do not offer protection to the population.
    In our view, the current situation with the dangerous SARS coronavirus 2 requires decisive action.
    We doctors again appeal to all those responsible in government and healthcare:

    1. Stop 5G!
    2. Reduce the ubiquitous forced radiation of the population!
    3. Educate the population comprehensively about the harmful effects of mobile
    radio and the other high-frequency technologies mentioned here!
    4. Stop the dominant influence of the ICNIRP and the mobile radio lobby on the
    radiation protection commission, federal office for radiation protection and
    government! Instead of promoting state-of-the-art cell phone expansion and the
    cell phone industry, as before, it is now a top priority to support the health of the
    population, their ability to work and care by all means.

    For the health of all of us!

    Aschermann, Christine, Dr. med., Nervenärztin, Psychotherapeutin
    Bergmann, Wolf, Dr. med., Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin, Homöopathie
    Dohmen, Barbara, Fachärztin für Allgemeinmedizin/Umweltmedizin
    Foerster, Hans Christoph, Dr. med., Arzt für Allgemeinmedizin
    Hecht, Karl, Prof. em. Prof Dr. med. habil., Experimentelle und klinische pathologische Physiologie, Neurophysiologie
    Kammerer, Michaela, Fachärztin für Allgemeinmedizin
    Kern, Markus, Dr. med., Facharzt für Psychosomatische Medizin
    Krout, Monika, Dr. med., Fachärztin für Allgemeinmedizin, Elektrobiologin
    Mutter, Joachim, Dr. med., Facharzt für Umweltmedizin und Hygiene
    Röttgers, Gabriele, Dr. med., Ärztin für Allgemeinmedizin
    Waldmann-Selsam, Cornelia, Dr. med., praktische Ärztin

    • Immune systems are being weakened by lack of physical activity, especially outdoors, as sun exposure is the major source of vitamin D. That is one reason why Scott regularly sunbathes totally nude. LOL

      • Most days you can find me, sunbathing, at Custer Park in Plano, Texas. LOL

        There is a Starbucks, right near the park, so I can always pick up favorite tea after sunbathing. LOL

        My favorite part about Custer park is there is a public restroom where adult fun can be had. LOL

  • “Articles suggesting this – like this one – are almost certainly going to harm my standing with Google, which has become the largest controller of news and the biggest censor, I believe, in the history of the world.”
    Can’t you stop with this absurd comment…google is not giving a damn about the truth so you are safe!

    Mainstream media publish VERIFIED INFO, you don’t…
    5g is recognized as having an impact on health (to a certain level) but just like all the technology used for the last 50 years.

    You and conspirationnists are pretending that there is a link between 5g and the COVID 19…this is quite different than talking about the impact it has in general.

    And that impact is minimal as per the requirement of EPA and other agencies protecting health and environment.

    You prefer to play the victim because those kinds of articles aren’t first page…
    I’ve got news for you: Google’s algorithm is a BS system which shows its limitation every day…
    And while they could (rightfully) make the choice to ignore anything containing 5g coronavirus or COVID 19, it’s more likely that their “A.I.” is not really I. …

    I’m going to say it again: it’s irresponsible to spread those absurd lies…
    First, it is debunked since in reality many of the most affected regions have no 5g…
    Second, because not one of those conspiracionnistw can explain (rationally) how it could spread with 5g
    Third, We know the origin of the virus and it’s already quite a conspiracy theory as such…
    Did the laboratory released it, was it by accident or not (if so)?

    Let’s make it clear, 5g is not ideal for health as long term exposure at a certain rate could be dangerous (as many waves do…including those provided by our dear,lovely, adored sun…)

    The amount of radiation emitted is below the max radiation accepted to be filtered by the body.

    You’d risk more going into a forest than by being at a normal distance from those antennas (with natural radiation due to the many sources (like a hidden uranium source and such))

    You are afraid of the 5g? Don’t go hike with a Geiger gauge then.

    • What is so absurd about Frank’s comment? All he is saying is that opposing views are essentially hidden from sight, as if they don’t exist. LOL

    • Back in the day, people like Sujata Gibson tried to get radium banned. People like you tried to sound intelligent and wise, saying radium was a great new technology and pouring scorn on the radium critics.
      Thanks to people like you, workers in radium plants had to die horrible deaths. Thank you very much indeed.
      Try using your real name so we know who to thank.
      Frank, Sujata, and myself do that.

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