Jim Del Negro Speaks Out for First Time: Despite Causing ‘Destruction to Me and Others,’ Parlato Should Expose Big Tech Censorship of Free Speech and Investigate Injustice Done to Keith Raniere

Jim Del Negro

This post, written by Jim Del Negro, was submitted with the title “Free Speech in The United States?”  Jim is a supporter and friend of Keith Raniere and a former trainer for Nxivm. 

By Jim Del Negro

I am writing this article because I believe we are dangerously close to losing our ability to have public debate due to the censorship and control of the internet by a few powerful entities. I am interested and passionate about the topic of free society and freedom of speech.

I have been an admirer of the founding fathers and philosophers who have tried to establish theories of how to create a civilized society. It is my hope that the topic of free speech gains momentum for civil discussion on The Frank Report and other media outlets, much like the Federalist Papers and Anti-Federalist Papers did back when this country was formed.

These papers were a series of arguments made in favor and opposition to the states coming together under a federal government instead of being individual states. The arguments were published through the media to instigate public debate.

Shutting Down Parler

We recently had an event which exposed where we are at in the United States with respect to freedom of speech and our constitution. For me, it was one of the saddest days in our nation’s history. Obviously there have been many sad days when people died from wars and hateful acts.

Maybe this sounds melodramatic or extreme, but I believe it is an undeniable sign that our country is not what we were taught and is not what the founding fathers established. Furthermore, it is a silent killer in that it allows hateful and destructive acts to permeate society unchecked and unexposed.

I am speaking about the overnight destruction of an open communication platform called Parler. Parler was a competitor to Twitter, free from censorship. Overnight, Apple and Google banned Parler from their app stores and Amazon kicked them off of their servers. In addition, Parler’s lawyers dropped them as clients.

Parler was the highest downloaded application on the app stores just days before this happened.

People were migrating from Twitter to Parler due to censorship on Twitter. The media titans who control content on the internet destroyed Parler in just 24 hours because of bias and prejudice. (some estimated Parler was on track to become a billion-dollar company in a short period of time).

Why is this such a big deal? Because open communication is the lifeblood of free speech in a free society. Without free speech you cannot have freedom. Freedom of the press, without censorship, was the biggest protector of freedom before the internet and cell phones, but now it’s freedom to communicate on the web that dictates if a society is free.

Mainstream Media Does Not Control the Narrative, Big Tech Does

There is a saying, credited to Jim Morrison, that says “whoever controls the media controls the mind”.

Well, we found a way around that through social media, and messaging applications. We are no longer reliant on the media because any one of us could become a media mogul on the internet. Social media was an advancement in communication, because it allowed free speech to reign worldwide.

When the internet started to become censored, we lost our ability to communicate with each other by the masses and therefore lost our ability to organize and object to ideas which we do not like.

It is the worst possible assault against our country’s founding principles. We no longer have access to conflicting and oppositional views. There is no debate. We no longer have a dialogue of ideas, rather a monologue of one group or person’s ideas.

This prelude brings me to the subject at hand.

Frank Report, Free Speech and Publishing Standards

Keith Raniere has said, in one of his communications from prison, that The Frank Report may be one of the few, if not the only,
platforms for free speech in this country.  Frank has posted articles in their entirety, without editing, written by many people with opposing views.

At times, The Frank Report has allowed people to write articles and make comments about me and my friends that have substantial lies
in them. Lies which have caused me to lose money, lose friends and have caused hardship for many family members. In spite of this, I support The Frank Report and others’ rights to free speech.

To curtail or censor this website would do exponentially more damage to society than giving lies a venue to present themselves.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government; when this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on its ruins. Republics … derive their strength and vigor from a popular examination into the action of the magistrates.”

Benjamin Franklin said that “the pen is mightier than the sword”. So, if you wield the pen, make sure you understand who may be damaged by it and if you feel good about the damage. Similarly, by consuming media from an outlet, we’re supporting that outlet’s existence and encouraging it to write more of what we read. Therefore, it is essential that we all raise our standards of what we read and what we write.

We need to evaluate: if I read or write something that is damaging to someone–as it is my free speech right–am I also ok with the
damage it may cause? Unrestrained speech means we can use that speech to uphold people or damage people… but the choice should be ours to make, not someone else’s.

Free speech is the fundamental building block which is necessary for a free civil society to exist.

It is up to all of us to raise our standards and publish and support those who act responsibly with their publishing. If we allow all people to publish without censorship, we can simply patronize publications of our choosing based on our values. In the end we may prove to
ourselves that we are a violent and irresponsible society by the way we treat our freedom of speech. But I would rather live in a violent, open society than an oppressed, obedient one.

At least I will have the ability to enroll people in the idea and virtues of non-violence and responsibility.

Keith Raniere Black and White
Keith Raniere

Raniere and Parlato Should Work Together to Expose Free Speech Dilemma

Some have suggested that Keith Raniere and Frank Parlato are opposites. Some say one is the devil and others say the other is the devil. I say that neither is true. I believe both are here to work together, despite their differences, to bring this free speech dilemma to light and evolve our society to not only help freedom of speech and expression thrive, but to evolve it to be a noble tool of human existence.

Thank you for upholding free speech, Frank. I will suspend my judgements and differences with you for another day. For now, I fight alongside you in this important battle. I hope you continue to evolve your website, to figure out how to navigate the lies and dishonorable contributors who have done so much destruction, to me, and to others I know.

I know you will find a way to right the wrongs that have come from the lies propagated on this free-speech website. I support you in continuing on your path of investigating our justice system by bringing to light the injustice done to Keith Raniere, even though you do not like him and believe he has done bad things.

Being able to transcend differences of belief to uphold principles is a noble act, and one that I honor you for. Your efforts are bringing light to millions of people who are punished and stripped of their freedom and dignity by corruption and abuse of power.

Just as we saw in the destruction of Parler, we see our justice system abuse its power every day to destroy the lives of innocent people at the whim of a few who have the power to do so. We need accountability for those we have put in power. They work for us, not vice versa.

We have the right to hold them accountable for their actions.


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  • Hey Jimmy-Jams, where’s Pam Cafritz’ body? Instead of shining about fake cultie bullshit, if you have any semblance of non-Reniere/Salzman hypnosis sociopathy empathy, tel the Cafritz family where she is. You can start cleaning up your shit image from there.

  • I hadn’t been aware until just now of Jim Del Negro’s history of banging his housemate’s wife and then blaming it on her “raping” him because he was afraid her husband would cause him serious bodily harm if Jim stopped her.

    Wow, that’s the most ridiculous excuse I’ve ever heard in my life. What a wanker.

    This is one of Raniere’s staunch defenders? He’s got quite the posse…

    In a cage match of Frank vs. Jim, Suneel and Eduardo my money would be on Frank. Wouldn’t need a single blow or take down; a serious glare would have all three of them tapping out.

  • I fully support “Put Up Or Shut Up’.

    I would also like to know if Keith Raniere made Jim grow out his pubic hair and forbade Jim to eat garlic.

    And if Jim made sexually explicit jack-off videos for collateral.

    Also, did Jim try to grow his head hair long as Keith prefers?

    Okay. So, I also have a lot of questions for Jim.

  • Well, well, well…Is anyone REALLY surprised that Jimbo failed to answer any of my questions?

    And so, answers to these five questions will become a pre-requisite before anyone ever has to listen to Jimbo pontificate about any other topic ever again:
    (1) What specific lies have people stated about you on Frank Report?

    (2) How did those specific lies cause you to lose money — and exactly how much money did you lose in each specific instance?

    (3) Which specific friends did you lose — and what were the specific issues involved with each of them?

    (4) Which specific family members of yours have suffered hardships — and what were those specific hardships?

    (5) Why did you not testify on behalf of Keith Raniere at his trial?

    See you when you grow a pair, Jimbo!

    • The list of specific questions the NXIVM bitter-enders have been repeatedly asked – and they are never at-cause to answer – grows and grows.

      It’s almost like they don’t have any answers that don’t make them look like buffoons.

      Can’t be that… must be that they are too evolved for the rest of us uninitiated fools to understand.

      With Keith serving his 120, how will we ever learn?

      Sad, so sad.

  • I’m surprised Clyne, MJB and TFO are not repeating this “free speech” line on their Twitter feeds. Has Keith cut them out of the propaganda loop because their posts get no attention?

    Has Keith given up on the NXIVM 5 other than Suneel?

  • Thank you for writing this, Jim. I am impressed that you wrote about freedom of speech on a site where the speech against your name can be so negative. You are a great role model of upholding the virtues you extol.

  • Jim, you’re full of shit. Just like no single follower cared one bit about due process, none of you also cared about free speech. Why else sign NDA’s and provide damaging collateral? If the tech was SO great, you’d think the organization would be spreading the good news and sharing it openly.

    But no. You never did. And why? Because Nxivm didn’t exist for the good of the world or for free speech, it existed to collect money and to form a secret society where information was shared only with people who could pay for it. Speaking freely about Nxivm was strictly prohibited and legally enforceable.

    It’s perfectly obvious to those of us not involved that you followers are suddenly trying to put a positive spin on the narrative. All of sudden, you are vocal forces of good in support of free speech and due process. Whereas everything that occurred before happened under a veil of secrecy, NOW, you are shouting from the rooftops about actual issues that might actually make a difference in the world! But mostly just for this Vanguard and Frank Report so that you can improve your collective image.

  • Aww, Jim is indoctrinated into two cults. No, why would there need to be deflection from the truth of your actions?

  • “Frank has posted articles in their entirety, without editing, written by many people with opposing views.” False. Frank modifies stories written by others.

    Parler being shut down isn’t a free speech issue, it’s a contractual issue. They agreed to remove certain types of speech and they apparently didn’t.

    However, the major social media sites have an anti-trust issue on their hands, from a newspaper company, several states, and the list will probably grow: https://www.bing.com/search?q=west+virginia+social+media+lawsuit&cvid=c8ca301796524846bde2af1c173dd7a6&FORM=ANAB01&PC=U531

    Your “Dear Leader” has been sentenced to essentially several life sentences, with a very remote chance of ever being a free man until he is buried. So much for the Society Of Protectors, they couldn’t even help Raniere during the trial. I wonder how much money, time, and effort was wasted on that training, let alone all of the “readiness drills.”

  • Dear Jim Del Negro,

    This is the finest piece of writing I’ve read, since the character reference letter you wrote on behalf of Clare Bronfman to Judge Garaufis. Bravo! In that letter, you completely implicated Clare, and incriminated yourself as an accessory after-the-fact in the Nxivm criminal enterprise. Brilliant! Kudos!

    P.S. I wonder what the future holds. Sounds like you are ditching Nxivm and auditioning for Qanon.
    “He’ll always be a team player and never-a-leader”; at least that’s what Keith told ‘Nippy’. At least Qanon will be a perfect fit, after all, there are no leaders and no sloppy seconds. 🙂

  • Concerned about justice, Jim? What do you have to say about the 2,500+ plus people sentenced to death and on death row in the US? Do you have anything to say about them?

  • I wonder if the Followers who think Keith is innocent are holding so tight onto the belief because they can’t face the fact that they got duped, they followed a child molester, rapist, con man that took their money. Their pride stops them from seeing the truth. I guess they don’t get that putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t change things.

  • Still censoring comments about Nicki Clyne, Frank? That’s fine. It’s your blog. But it does beg the question, “Why”?


    How does Society Tp Protect Raniere measure up to DOS?

    Did you men take close-ups of each other’s butt holes?

    What about penises? Were you required to collateralize with photos of your ball sack and face?

    These are sincere questions and are based on the reality of DOS.

    Did you have a master? Were you branded with Keith’s initials near your penis?

    Was monthly sexually graphic blackmail required in a dropbox?

    Were any of the men given “seduction assignments” involving letting Keith photograph them naked or performing oral sex on them?

    Did you ever plan or participate in a group blow job for Keith?

    Were you asked to give damaging information about your friends and family?

    Did the men regularly pose for naked “family photos” for Keith?

    Did the SOP members have to ask their master permission to eat?

    Did Keith Raniere have you strip to your underwear so that he could decide your “ideal weight”?

    Were you allowed to masturbate?

    Did you commit to only having sex with Keith? For life?

    At meetings, did Keith sit fully-clothed on a chair while you and the other SOP members lay nude at his feet?

    Did Keith ejaculate on your face to claim ownership of you?

    Did you see a blue light?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer, Jim.

  • I am certainly a free speech advocate even if it involves views I hate and even if it involves lies. The solution is what Finland did – loads and loads of classes at school about critical thinking to really help teenagers learn to think carefully about what they read – much better that than censorship.

    Yet the bottom line is KR is rightly in jail. So taking up these supposedly good causes (just like getting the Dalai Lama associated with KR) is just a tool to try to make the wolf look like a sheep.

  • Keith thinks sending his lackey Jimmy to brown nose is going to change Frank’s mind about anything?! Or anyone else’s?!

    Did Keith manage to score some LSD from his new prison buddies?

  • This is so Raniere. It is gaslighting 101. He is talking about great things that everyone will agree to. But, really… His true intent is to talk about damage he believes Frank has done to him and others. Raniere would destroy you under the guise of helping you. James pretends to take the moral high ground so he can make his points about Frank. He learned well from Raniere. James, you have no moral high ground when you assume that Raniere is honest and the droves of women he harmed are liars. We know the con and won’t be fooled by it again.

    James supports a man who created an environment where the women who were harmed by Raniere were silenced. They were told they were breaching, dishonorable, ungrateful, and lacked character. Some were shunned or confined to rooms. Free speech? James, who is the liar now?

  • Less than 10-hours and counting…

    Be sure to check at Midnight to find out if Jimbo has provided answers to my five questions for him:

    (1) What specific lies have people stated about you on Frank Report?

    (2) How did those specific lies cause you to lose money — and exactly how much money did you lose in each specific instance?

    (3) Which specific friends did you lose — and what were the specific issues involved with each of them?

    (4) Which specific family members of yours have suffered hardships — and what were those specific hardships?

    (5) Why did you not testify on behalf of Keith Raniere at his trial?

  • Jim is a card-carrying member of the “Society to Protect Raniere”.

    Jim feels he can dictate how private enterprise should operate. That’s very unAmerican.

    Jim wants to protect “free speech” which is a right between citizens and the government. Not between citizens and Parler

    Jim has not spoken out against “Is it rape if the woman enjoys it?”

    “Many women have their first orgasm during rape”.

    “In other countries, mothers perform oral sex on their children to soothe them”.

    “I could make a very rapable baby”

    Jim has not disavowed keeping a woman in a room for 2 years while withholding her immigration papers.

    Or the lawsuits Nxium brought against Frank Parlato.

    The fraudulently using a deceased woman’s identity and credit card

    Creating and possessing child pornography.

    Immigration fraud through fake marriages.

    Jim wants to be a hero on the moral high ground.

    That is not possible based on Jim’s past and present actions.

    When given a platform on the Frank Report, Jim wastes it by posting self-serving, Nxivm propaganda.

    Jim has been asked repeatedly to detail the victimization Jim claims to have suffered at the hand of the Frank Report.

    Jim has not. Jim cannot. Jim is dishonest.

  • This is like Bill Cosby writing an Op-Ed lamenting about the death of chivalry in today’s society. While you may find yourself in agreement, the person writing it stands in such stark contradiction you begin questioning the motives of the author or assume it’s a joke.

    This smacks of desperation.

    I have a better idea, Jim. Why don’t we have a lively debate about the merits of enslaving women as a method of teaching enlightenment and empowerment? I think you’re squandering a huge opportunity to truly connect to Frank Report readers regarding things you are infinitely more qualified to speak about.

  • A call for free speech from the wreckage of a cult that sought to silence anyone who dared to speak about what they were really doing. Many people suffered from their policy of persecuting anyone who dared speak the truth.

  • Non sequitur:

    Many of you made fun of Suneel for helping Clare Bronfman go to the bathroom when she was injured. Clare probably asked Suneel because he is a caring person.

    Even Nicki Clyne, despite her hubris, is a good person.

    • Wiping Clare’s butt is not a laughing matter. NXIVM woman are famous for their bad asses.

      Only a Harvard graduate has the required software skills.

      Why has Nicki let Suneel and Jim take up all the limelight lately?

      Where is all her DOS bad-assery?

  • That’s a great point, Frank. You might be the only outlet of truly free speech remaining out there. And good for Jim that he’s calling it out.

    • Jim is a man of courage. He took his pen right into the heat of a battle and despite that, he was willing to share his heart out.

    • So true!!! Keith never allowed free speech in NXIVM other than for a few ass-kissed and carefully placated men. The minute a woman tried to say any type of criticism, or even raise a small concern, Keith used all his power and influence to shut her down. Keith created countless hate campaigns anchored by lies to discredit women, destroy their credibility, destroy their personal businesses or jobs if they worked for NXIVM, and separate them from their friends and family.

      Jim, this is ridiculous. You were among a small group of fawned-over, privileged white men who had a lot of smoke blown up your ass to persuade you to perpetuate Keith’s misogyny propaganda. Get over yourself.

      Keith is in jail because of his actions, some of which you helped pave the way for, like SOP and blind obedience. Keith is in jail because the cumulative effect of all the hate he spewed for so many years finally catching up to him.

  • I agree that free speech is in danger in the United States and in the whole world. Something should be done. I appreciate very much to have Frank Parlato, I appreciate his bravery and I think Keith Raniere and Frank could definitely work together to change this situation.

  • Freedom of speech was severely curtailed in your Anti Social Cult. How do devoted purveyors of secrets and lies end up whining for a civic right you organised yourselves against? Same way you all became interested in prisoner’s rights, I suppose.

    By the way, did Del Negro ever seek justice for his serial rape by the tiny lady Rose?

  • Well done, Jim Del Negro. I don’t agree with everything you wrote or with everything Keith Raniere allegedly did but I do agree with your right, Parlato’s right, and each person’s right to express their own view. Even when what a person says is gross or even hateful, this says more about the person saying it. It is way more dangerous if anyone or entity censors speech or thoughts.

  • When you can’t rely on your Vanguard to feed your empty soul with a bullshit superiority complex disguised as “ethics” because he was sent to prison for 120 yrs for being the exact opposite of ethical —- I guess it makes sense to go pandering to Frank so you can pretend to keep fighting the fight so that the wasteland that is you doesn’t have to deal with what you’ve done to hurt so many people.

    You’ve done bad things. Make your apologies and start atoning for them and become a good person again.

    It’s over.

  • “The Frank Report may be one of the few, if not the only, platforms for free speech in this country. ” —from the article

    Sounds like you don’t get out much. There are millions of free speech platforms on the internet. Anyone can create one just like Frank did. I could easily name 500 of them. You just sign up for a website and put up a message board.

    The idea that Frank’s website may be one of the only free speech platforms in the country is the same type of thinking that caused you to think Keith is the only one who attempts to help people heal their emotions. There are thousands and thousands of fraudsters just like Keith using similar tactics. Keith was able to make the media front pages largely because of his branding ideas but he wasn’t special.

  • Thousands of fans said what R. Kelly did wasn’t what it looked like. They will say his trial, the evidence, the jury, was all rigged against him. Del Negro is just another deluded fanboy.

  • Thank you for sharing your opinion, Jim.

    Freedom of speech is important. In my opinion, these days, the loudest types of speech are fairly destructive. We seem to have a fairly strong mob mentality these days. It is helpful to know this. Maybe people can be inspired to be elevate themselves from the mob and bring more productive types of speech into the world.

    I think your article is an inspiring type of speech. Thank you for taking the time to consider what is happening in the world and write a thoughtful piece about it.

    • — In my opinion, these days, the loudest types of speech are fairly destructive. We seem to have a fairly strong mob mentality these days.

      You people are such hypocrites. What was it when “free speech” resulted in something your VanFraud didn’t want? What was the little enclave of coaches or whatever that manipulated others into staying to pay thousands when they expressed what their gut was rightfully telling them about the cult, or the gaslighting that was done to Toni, or that little “mob” of women he sent after the disagreeing woman who was “killing” his spiritual energy?

  • Frank, you are giving a good example of freedom of speech evident by wide range of opinions both in the comments and the posts.

  • So here’s what Keith used his free speech rights to say and the NXIVM bitter-enders keep ignoring because it is too embarrassing.

    “Keith spoke frequently of the different ages of consent in other countries in order to make the point that if it is legal to marry a 12 or 9-year-old in one country, then sex with a 12-year-old or 9-year-old should also be fine in America.

    Keith fabricated a perverted narrative that mothers in unspecified, “other countries” frequently orally copulated their own babies “to soothe them”. There was no proof offered of this abhorrent practice that Keith lied about.

    This was in addition to Keith’s very notorious and recorded statement, “I could make a very rapeable baby”.

    Raniere pontificated, “Sex with a parent is not abuse if the child enjoys it”. (“it” being sexual abuse).

    Keith often declared (once again, with no proof) “Children often don’t feel that they were sexually abused until they get older and someone tells them they were abused”.”

  • Supporting free speech means supporting the ability of your critics to express their thoughts and opinions even though you may disagree with them. NXIVM and KR spent tens of millions of dollars seeking to not only silence critics but to destroy them.

    You, sir, are a hypocrite.

  • Frank, this guy is beyond smug; it reminds me of his letter to the judge in support of KR.

    How about all the lies that K.R. and his followers propagated that caused so much harm?

    All I am saying is this guy is trying to play you for a fool and please don’t let him.

    • Lol. Frank’s fine. He’s the cat batting around another half dead mouse. And this minny mouse is wearing a dunce hat.

      Del Negro is too chicken spit to even attempt to defend himself on the FR message board. No worries for Frank.

      Jimmer only sent this article cause his Vanguard told him it might be a good idea for him to do so. We all should know by now that while Keith can play the English horn, Frank is a master at playing the fiddle.

  • No, Jimmy boy.

    What put your leader in prison was the evidence presented in court and the Universe/Karma/Fate reaching its threshold of him getting away with his morally decrepit ways in abuse of ethics and saying “enough is enough”.

    • {At times, The Frank Report has allowed people to write articles and make comments about me and my friends that have substantial lies in them. Lies which have caused me to lose money, lose friends and have caused hardship for many family members. In spite of this, I support The Frank Report and others’ rights to free speech.}

      So Jim, can you please explain your quote. Why would you support someone’s “right” to lie about you?

      • Hi Flowers – Where have you been??

        Jim is calling them lies because he can’t defend himself from something that he knows he is guilty of. If it was not true, why not tell us what is incorrect? Or, if he did it, own up to it. Going to the “lie” card is him showing he is the same squirrely, pathetic, wanna-be Vanguard that he’s been portrayed to be on FR.

        I’m sure he’s partly referring to the first hand accounts about his Rose interactions. Why not go on the record with something like: “Yeah, that little lady I was mentoring, is strong as an ox and raped me a couple of times.” Or: “Yeah, I messed up and shouldn’t have hooked up with her.”

        Tell us the truth, Jim. But GTFO of here with your high and mighty preaching about ANYTHING until you can show us a glimmer of yourself that shows you deserve an ounce of respect.

          • Seems a little over-the-top doesn’t it? It’s not personal. It’s his track record. Now, pretending like HE’S the one who’s been wronged? And rising from the abyss not to apologize or explain himself – but to cry foul and lecture on something he has a track record of stifling.

          • You mean like when VanGrifter was mad at Cami because Robbie stole her away from him?


        • I do assume Jim was referring to the story of how he was brutally raped by the 100-lb young lady (my deepest sympathies, Jim, I’m sure it was traumatic for you)… but my question for Jim is this: if you believe that story is a complete fabrication and that Frank ruined your life by publishing this horrible lie, then why do you consider it a “right” to ruin lives by publishing false information?

          It seems like an odd position to take, considering your claim.

          Of course, you could always sue Frank for defamation of character, and it sounds like you believe you have a case. So why haven’t you done this yet?

  • Well said. And congratulations, Frank, for bringing opposing views to this blog.

    I used to not read this blog because it was mostly full of hate and prejudice, disguised as fighting for truth. This blog has done too much damage, to so many people. And now it seems to be evolving into an outlet for different opinions and to make a stand for real justice.

    Keep it up! Maybe this is Frank’s way to try to repair what he has done.

    • How did you know Frank’s blog was mostly ‘filled with hate and prejudice, disguised as fighting for truth” if you didn’t read it?

      Can you please posts links to the blog posts that are prejudiced? Because I’ve never seen that on Frank Report and I won’t support prejudice.

  • As much as I distaste Raniere and everything NXIVM was/is, I must agree with this commentator says about censorship. Free speech is perhaps our most precious right and without it, all our rights become at risk.

    I support what Del Negro has so well presented 100%.

    • Okeeeeeey… so what about the silent vows that Keith demanded?

      How about trying to silence people like Tony Zaratini, Susan Dones, and SOOOOO MANY others? Supporting freedom of speech? Yeah, right.

      C’mon, again they are using whatever comes handy to JUSTIFY, the unjustifiable. And I’m not saying there´s no problem with the banned apps, but, I don’t give them (Keith and Koolaid followers) any credentials to uphold freedom of speech when collateral would have been released if women spoke about DOS.

      When collateral WAS released when Sarah Edmonson spoke out. Why didn’t Keith upheld freedom of speech with responsibility when he denied to the NYT having anything to do with DOS?

      Quote “I feel it´s important to clarify the sorority is not a part of NXIVM and that I am not associated with the group. I firmly support one´s right to freedom of expression…..”.

      Thank you for upholding freedom of speech with such honor, Grand Master Keith! Frank Parlato was the ultimate enemy from Keith´s point of view, and now he is similar to him? I mean really… can this get more pathetic?

    • Way to separate your opinion and the content “That Bob” – I commend you for that. If we can all put our personal tastes aside to uphold a priniciple, the world would be a better place.

    • I hate to be the one to tell you this but not everything you read on Instagram is true.

      According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 153 million registered voters in 2018 See: https://www.statista.com/statistics/273743/number-of-registered-voters-in-the-united-states/). In addition to all the people who registered between 2018 and 2020, there are 21 states that allow voters to register on Election Day.

      So, methinks you’re quoted figure of 133 registered voters for the 2020 elections is just a tad off.

    • Shadow-

      There is no proof! Mitch McConnell, Vice President Pence, and the rest of the Senate confirmed Biden as President.

      Giuliani couldn’t find a damn thing.

      No evidence has been produced or submitted to Congress.

      Some years Republicans win, some years Democrats win. It’s been this way for over 100 years. Why is it different this election year? What’s your explanation? Can you produce one?

      Where is Hunter Biden‘s laptop or hard drive that Giuliani said he had? Seriously…

      Do you have verifiable data or new evidence you could provide?


      Let us thank God Bernie Sanders is not President.
      Bernie is done. Let’s all say an ahem!!!!!

      Off-Topic Sunneel graduated from
      Harvard University. I’m sorry I doubted him.

    • Redo the math! You did not divide the numerator by the denominator properly the 21 million is actually 2,100,000. Qanon is run by an expat father and son team in the Philippines. What don’t you get? Plus your only back on the Frank Report because Parlor is down, you traitor. 🙂

  • The equating of the criminal justice system and “destruction of Parler” still has me giggling to myself.

    What a self-important, unintentionally funny, and really transparent attempt to team up with Frank as an alleged hero for “truth, justice and the American way”.

    When really Jim is a spineless minion only letting bygones be bygones because grandmaster Raniere told Jim to suck up to Frank and use his platform

    Jim would be right there with Keith Raniere and Clare suing Frank again if Vanguard were freed.

    These Nxivm dead-enders love to present as if they have the moral high ground. Yet everyone knows of the deep moral failings and lack of integrity that permeated the whole community.

    It really is funny.

    • You nailed it right between the eyes. I’m tired of these Nxian drones spouting idiocy wrapped up in high-ground arguments.

  • When Scheherazade told the story of The 1,001 Misdeeds of the Knightly Order of Twats and Other Reindeer, Del Negro received Dishonourable Mention.

    However, Scheherazade could’ve been simply, politely and subtly, hocking a lougee, and it could’ve only sounded like she exhaled a “Del Negro.”

    Of course, the tale itself was memorable, and it has been memorized. I shall have a look for any further relevant notes up in the attic, somewhere near the trunk which held The International Guide to Pricks, er, Penises. Unfortunately, Del Negro has not been mentioned in this study. Not yet and not ever.

    For alas, all ass. Whoops.

  • Wasn’t Keith’s SEVERAL lawsuits against Frank and others an attempt at censoring Free Speech? Now Keith wants Frank Report to be his soundboard? F that.

  • This is such a load of shit. Twitter doesn’t ‘censor’ anyone. It can’t. If you say racist stuff, it’ll kick you out. Bye. You can go somewhere else. That’s not ‘censorship’. Telling someone they have to go somewhere else to say their racist nonsense is a courtesy to the rest of us. You’re welcome to say whatever you want somewhere else.

  • Why don’t you post your sermon on NXIVM sites rather than subject FR readers to your sanctimonious bullshit and hypocrisy? As stated numerous times in these comments, Raniere attempted to suppress free speech when it was critical of him and his behavior; I am sure that you were a part of those oppressive tactics.

    And here YOU are trying to stifle free speech that is critical of you and your actions. You can’t have it both ways. I don’t think FR posts and comments caused any harm to you. You brought the harm upon yourself with your heinous actions in support of a pedophilic grifter.

    Lastly, incitement to riot is not protected free speech under the First Amendment. Further, this Amendment applies to government entities, not private businesses.

    Take your nonsense elsewhere. This isn’t a forum for you to try to recruit new marks into your cult.

  • The real question is how much Frank is getting paid or what he really is getting out of all of this for this bull shyte.

    • The real answer is zero. I am not getting paid anything. I plan to write a post about this and other questions regarding this post.

    • Anonymous- 4:40pm

      The NX’ers aren’t so bad. Frank believes in free speech almost to a fault. A while back, Frank, allowed a hoard of anti-sex-registry activists to write articles and voice their opinions and we debated (fought)them.

      Frank is not making any money. He believes in allowing free speech.

      NX’ers aren’t so bad. The pedophiles were the most unrepentant pieces of ****.

      Free speech comes with the cost of hearing from people you don’t like. It’s the way it works.

  • Thank you for posting this, Frank. It’s odd to say, but I’m starting to say that maybe you and the NXIVM folk have more in common than I thought, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  • It is importan and primordial, the free of speech mut not be regulated by the government nor by the media itself. Once the owners of Facebook and twiteer make it available to the public it does not allow them to choose what to allow or not. It is in their best interest, because once the government place it´s hands on it no free speech will be allowed.

    • Private Corporations are under no legal responsibility to publish anything one way or the other.

      The free market is the deciding factor. Not your opinion. Go start your own social network or quasi “Frank Report”. No is stopping you.

  • I want to hear more of what this man has to say. Undoubtedly he will inspire hate against himself by those who fear the truth that comes when opposite sides have a dialogue, that’s what makes his article brave. And the points he makes are very sound and with no hate in them.

    I think the principle you speak about Jim, is the most important thing for this country..


  • I agree that the FrankReport may be the last place for free speech. I commend Jim coming forward to work with a previous adversary

    • Tanner – Do you think Jimmer will keep hiding in the closet and keep being a pussy? Or will he “correct” past things that FR has reported on?

      Personally, if I was called out for being an unethical, wimpy, perverted, weasel of a man, I’d correct the inaccuracies. Vanguard locks himself in bathrooms and closets when confronted. Will Jimmer keep being a turtle, or will he creep out of his shell to defend himself like a real man?

      • Nutjob-

        Simmer down! Maybe Esther Carlson will chime in and we can find out who is a better lover, Keith or Jim.

  • Thank you for this interesting viewpoint. While I don’t agree with everything you wrote, I do agree with the sentiment. Bravo for putting yourself out there when it may likely lead to more written attacks on you!

  • Lemme see some articles about Del Negro while he crochets another damn bootie hoodie.

    Here’s a goodie from the Frank Report.
    Aug. 23, 2018.

    Men of NXIVM – How James Del Negro stands tall – but claims he was raped by a short Filipino woman.

    Yep, that is the title. The rest cited, although there are more articles than these, are also from The Frank Report.

    Aug 28, 2019 A Woman’s Tale of Woe – About Nxivm Leader Jim Del Negro – ‘I Was Raped In Spirit’.

    June 4, 2018 Will Diamond releases notes of how Jim Del Negro seduced his wife while teaching her ethics.

    April 5, 2019 Jim Del Negro – a consultant without a name.

    So this is nice of Jim to learn to crochet, but there seem to be ass scabs peppering the entire fabrication. How cum?

    That is quite unmannerly and, one might say, just awfully, and unartfully crude. Pethaps next, Del Negro will try operatic arias for partially skinned sopranos. Must find wampum someplace, poor fellow.

  • Raniere is a convicted criminal. He has the right to appeal. Parler was a new home for white supremacy and hate speech. Your logic and reason are seriously flawed. Like your friend, Keith Raniere.

  • This free speech nonsense is just one more red herring.

    Who is preventing devotees of The World’s Smartest Rapist™ from publishing on social media?

    Nicki Clyne is up on Twitter and her interview with Mr. Dilbert is on YouTube.

    Who is censoring or deplatforming Make Justice Blind’s website? Who is stopping them from publishing whatever they like?

    Why doesn’t The World’s Smartest Defender of Child Rape™ and Harvard-Trained Blow Job Analyst™, Suneel Chakravorty, publish there rather than here? Why doesn’t he make YouTube videos?

    Maybe because he’s seen how many retweets Nicki Clyne’s get.

    “Vanguard” and his acolytes didn’t give about damn about prison reform or free speech until he was convicted. They still don’t. They just look for a way to whine and complain.

    If Keith wasn’t locked up and had access to the cash of Bronfman et al, he’d be suing everyone in sight who even sneezed in his direction, just like he did before.

    Jim Del Negro is acting like a cult tool wielded by Keith.

  • “At times, The Frank Report has allowed people to write articles and make comments about me and my friends that have substantial lies
    in them. Lies which have caused me to lose money, lose friends and have caused hardship for many family members”.

    OK, Jimbo…Let’s see if you have any “data” to back-up up those claims.

    (1) What specific lies have people stated about you on Frank Report?

    (2) How did those specific lies cause you to lose money — and exactly how much money did you lose in each specific instance?

    (3) Which specific friends did you lose — and what were the specific issues involved with each of them?

    (4) Which specific family members of yours have suffered hardships — and what were those specific hardships?

    (5) Why did you not testify on behalf of Keith Raniere at his trial?

    If you don’t answer each of these questions by Midnight on Tuesday, February 2, then I’ll conclude that you’re nothing more than a mini-me version of your lying, scumbag mentor, Keith Raniere.

    • To ‘Put Up Or Shut Up’, February 1, 2021 at 2:49 pm

      Jim Del Negro should submit a notarized affidavit in detail about the list of questions you asked.

    • About 15 hours to go before Midnight – and still no response from Jimbo.

      Doesn’t Jimbo have any “data” to back up his claims?

      Or is Jimbo waiting to hear from Keith to find out how he’s supposed to respond?

      Either way, I don’t think I’m going to be getting any responses from Jimbo any time soon.

      Isn’t it fun when you trap these sleazebags with their own “logic” and “weasel-words”?

    • —Why did you not testify on behalf of Keith Raniere at his trial?

      Cuz, Jim is dumber than Kathy Russell. 🙂

  • Ah, so because NXIVM-related websites don’t gain an impressive amount of traffic, they have to piggy-back on someone else’s website. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Why don’t Jim, Nicki, Suneel, etc. start a blog? That’s right, because nobody free-thinking wants to hear second-hand garbage about a ludicrous man who’s going to be imprisoned for 120 years. I wonder how it feels for them to be pecking scraps of seed thrown on the floor by Frank’s hand.

    • I have enjoyed their inability to recognize the power play involved here. That’s the only thing I enjoy about their posts, other than the comments about them.

  • Frank, why is this piece giving so much support for Parler? You think this is news — that some Parler users are angry about it being blocked for a time by those companies who realized it was FINANCIALLY UNWISE for them to be providing a platform to potentially violent hate speech?

    I’ll answer the question — you shouldn’t be providing a platform for people supporting that platform. You know that while it might hurt Apple or Google to support hate speech, it’s good for your web traffic … for a while at least. I’m a long time reader and think you are really crossing a line by perpetuating this psy-op B.S. You’re gaslighting your readers just like Raniere gaslit his brainwashed supporters like Del Negro.

    • You have been reading the Frank Report for some time and you have a problem with something that people call hate speech?

  • “Clifton Parker
    February 1, 2021 at 1:04 pm
    Free speech ends when you threaten the lives of others and the lives of government officials and representatives, promote hate, and promote violence. That is why Parler was shut down. Period.”

    Parler Lives!


    Sean Hannity
    I’ve spent my entire career fighting for free speech, even for those I strongly disagree with. We stand with Parler in the fight for free and open dialogue.

    Senator Rand Paul
    Competition is the surest means to preserving free speech. Everyone, left and right, should be horrified at Big Tech’s attempt to stamp out speech. I wish Parler and all other innovators success in keeping the marketplace of ideas open and uncensored.

    Mark Levin
    Those who continue to lie about the president by accusing him of igniting or being part of a violent insurrection, supported his impeachment, and now intend to pursue him in a bogus trial once he’s out of office, will be judged harshly by history. And the ideological and political purge now underway, striking at virtually all of the fundamental principles upon which this nation was founded, will be condemned as mob rule run amok. I just hope our republic can withstand this onslaught until sensible people and possible statesmen step forward and stem this tyranny.

    Dan Bongino
    We will NEVER stop fighting. NEVER. This fight is bigger than me, and it’s bigger than Parler. If they’re allowed to silence us, they can silence anyone. It stops now. Please stand with us in this fight for liberty, truth and freedom.

    • Sorry, Shadow….you can certainly try to twist information about anything, can’t you? And you are definitely are misrepresenting this. The website for Parler clearly states:
      “Technical Difficulties

      Now seems like the right time to remind you all — both lovers and haters — why we started this platform. We believe privacy is paramount and free speech essential, especially on social media. Our aim has always been to provide a nonpartisan public square where individuals can enjoy and exercise their rights to both.
      We will resolve any challenge before us and plan to welcome all of you back soon. We will not let civil discourse perish!”

      You are just quoting from nothing more than testimonials about the site. They aren’t even “live” postings. The site is still down because it has no web service to host it.

      • Clifton Parker— You twist Shadowstate’s words making him seem like an Islamic extremest with your Woke CNN bias and 5 schmeckle platitudes. Shadowstate is not Alt-right or a racist. “Let’s call spade a spade.” The Nazi ideals of Nationalism, one’s country above all else even God, and a united brotherhood of citizenry fighting the liberal new age bolshevik vermin are not necessarily bad things. “America for Americans”, is that so offensive? Shadow and I subscribe to the ideas of nationalism and patriotism, not the Nazis. We hold noble beliefs that only a chosen few understand, and an even smaller group follows. We boldly honor America! So please step-off, sir.

  • For the record, Parler is widely-known as a favored forum for White supremacists, neo-Nazis and anti-Semites. Not sure why Del Negro is championing it as a last bastion of free speech. You want to claim there was a conspiracy to convict Raniere? Spare me.

  • To Jim and Everyone:

    Keith Raniere actively persecuted, prosecuted, and sued anyone who spoke out against him. He robbed people of their free speech granted under the First Amendment right.

    Keith even had journalist James Odato fired from the Times Union newspaper.


    Following excerpt from the above article link:

    “Regardless of the outcome of the [NXIVM] lawsuit, its chilling effects have already been felt,” wrote William D. Cohan, who also is a Vanity Fair contributor. “[J]ournalists generally have stopped writing about the strange doings at NXIVM.”

    I’m sorry, Jim, but at best your rallying cry is laughable.

    • Re Nxivm & Free Speech:

      Additionally Nxivm attacked free speech in a 2014 lawsuit against a Vanity Fair writer.


      Nxivm has a history of attacking free speech and has gone after multiple journalists and publishing companies.

      A few insiders believe NXIVM’s many lawsuits held up the publication of The NY Times branding story. Editors were nervous even after carefully vetting the news story source.

      • For the record, James Odato was not fired. He took a leave of absence from the Times Union and then went into other kinds of work. Of course, the leave of absence was directly related to the lawsuit that Nxivm filed against him and the Times Union for computer trespassing.

        The judge caught Clare in contradictory statements between the civil and criminal cases as to the date of discovery and he threw the civil case out. The criminal case was thrown out when the prosecution discovered that Nxivm moved their servers from Saratoga County to Albany County, well after the alleged trespass was committed, to get jurisdiction for Albany County, when the Saratoga County DA refused to prosecute.

        • Frank, as I understand it, the criminal suit that Clare had tried to get brought against you was thrown out, right? I recall you citing contradictory statements under oath by her as a reason it would be dismissed. I don’t remember for sure though what happened. Anyway, if so, will you be going after her with a defamation suit of your own?

          • I have a lawsuit presently against her and her sister in NYS Supreme Court. The charges she leveled against me were dropped by the government. But the government has not dropped all charges against me.

  • I agree with Jim Del Negro whole heartedly until he gets to the part where Frank and Keith should work together. I don’t think Frank needs Keith at all to do anything.

  • ” free speech” is a right between citizens and the government.

    Not private business.

    If you want a platform you can control, create one.

    Who are these nameless enemies whom you claim have harmed you in unspecified ways?

    Most Americans revere the founding fathers. You are not especially attuned or aligned with them.

    You are devoted to NxiVm. They demanded participants sign NDAs. They stifled the very kind of free speech within private enterprise which you are lamenting losing.

    NxiVm sued people like Rick Ross for speaking their truth.

    Jim, you are a massive hypocrite.

    You are also the mouthpiece and tool of a child pornographer. A pedophile. A rapist. A convicted criminal who ruined many lives.

    Ruined lives in real documented ways.

    Unlike your nebulous and fraudulent claims of victimhood. With zero specific or provable data.

    More hypocrisy.

  • While I agree that the Corporate Media and Big Tech are trying to stifle free speech, Del Negro is trying to compromise Frank Parlato by tying him up with Raniere’s personal crusade.

    • Big Tech isn’t “trying” to stifle free speech, I think they dropped Parler because they realized it’s BAD BUSINESS to be providing a platform that’s most popular among White supremacists, neo-Nazis and anti-Semites, and conspiracy theorists who incite violence. Sadly, this forum, with the publishing of this piece by Del Negro, has become a platform for conspiracy theorists.

    • Jim Del Negro has as much chance of comprising Frank Parlato as the Buccaneers have of beating the 3-point spread this year.

  • Free speech ends when you threaten the lives of others and the lives of government officials and representatives, promote hate, and promote violence. That is why Parler was shut down. Period.

    And here we have another cult-er seeking to bend facts (albeit in a polite way).

  • Translation:

    No one will publish the work of a scumbag brainwasher. Maybe Frank will. That way, Vanguard can continue his work from prison.

  • You had me going “Yes!” until you started advocating for Keith Raniere–the man who sued literally dozens of people, destroying their lives and prosperity–because they tried to exercise free speech. Right?

    Raniere never wanted others to have free speech until he lost his–or he would sue.

    Sorry you lost friends. But maybe the real reason you lost them is because of your continued advocacy for a felonious sex trafficker and wicked abuser of women?

    You must denounce him and bid your Vanguard farewell.

    There are lots of advocates of free speech. Vanguard is certainly not a poster child for the job.

    • Technically, the American justice system considers every act of intercourse one act of rape. It’s possible, given the DATA you have provided, that the 2 rape encounters produced as many as 6 rapes. I’m probably giving Jimbo too much credit.

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