Susan Dones: When I First Saw Sara Bronfman She Was Kissing and Hugging on Edgar Boone Right in the Training

Sara Bronfman

When Sara Bronfman first came to Executive Success Programs, she took an intensive in Mexico City. Soon enough, she entered into a relationship with the Mexican pioneer of ESP, Edgar Boone.

Keith Raniere with one his highest ranking students, Edgar Boone, who reportedly was a paramour of Sara Bronfman

Because of his recruiting skills, Edgar Boone rose on the Nxivm stripe path to achieve the rank of Blue Sash. Only four people ever ranked higher than he: Keith Alan Raniere, Nancy Salzman [gold sash], Pam Cafritz [purple sash], and Barbara Jeske [purple sash.]

Barbara Jeske and Pamela Cafritz were both purple sashed. Both are deceased. Both died of cancer.

Boone was responsible for all the famous and wealthy Mexicans who joined and his downline earned him a fair sum of money each year.

Sara Bronfman rose in time to the rank of green sash, one of less than 20 who ever achieved that status in Nxivm.

Sometime, probably in 2003, Susan Dones, who was then operating the first satellite Nxivm center in Tacoma, came to Albany for a training — and saw Sara Bronfman in attendance. Nancy Salzman was teaching the class and after each lecture period, the students would break into little groups to discuss the heady concepts being taught.  Only Sara didn’t seem to be paying much attention to the curriculum.

Dalai Lama with Nxivm Members
The 14th Dalai Lama visits Albany. L-R Sara Bronfman Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, Alejandra Anaya Gonzalez, Emiliano Salinas, Edgar Boone, the Dalai Lama, Loreta Garza, Lauren Salzman, Karen U., Ivy Nevares, ?, Pamela Cafritz, and Clare Bronfman.
Susan Dones outside the Brooklyn Courthouse, October 27, 2020, minutes after Keith Raniere was sentenced to 120 years in prison.

By Susan Dones

I met Sara Bronfman at a Level Two training. She was a white sash. And we’re at this level two training in Albany. And, you know, we would switch from group to group to group – and every time we would switch to a group, there was this woman I didn’t know. And I didn’t know really who the Bronfmans were.

And there was this woman in the training, a white sash woman, hanging all over Edgar Boone. Then we’d switch to breakout group meetings, and she, like, flies in a group with Edgar. Before the group would start, this woman was hanging all over Edgar.

And I’m like, “Who is this woman?”

It’s something you didn’t do during training. You didn’t walk into a breakout group and sit on somebody’s lap and hang all over him.

So, I’m looking at her and I leaned over and said to someone, “Who is this woman all over Edgar?”

The person I asked said in a tone of voice that seemed to be meant to impart how important she was, “That is Sara Bronfman!”

I said, “Like that’s supposed to mean something to me?”

I was thinking, ‘Well, what gives her the right to be all over Edgar? It was supposed to be getting ready to start a breakout group. She’s hugging on him and kissing him. What the hell? Why is she doing that? We’re supposed to be in training, not like moving around smooching all over people and Nancy Salzman is letting it happen!”

Usually, during trainings, you’re not supposed to be diverting your attention from training into passion or being in love; you’re supposed to not distract yourself that way.

“This is totally inappropriate,” I said.

Someone said, “That’s our Bronfman.”

I’m like, “Well, who gives a shit?”

I was never into the whole VIP thing. People are people. People should be treated like people, not like that person is rich, so you should treat them with white kid gloves.

End of Susan’s Story


Editor’s comment:

As readers know, Sara Bronfman was treated rather royally by Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere, and she, in turn, recruited her sister, Clare Bronfman.

Both sisters became an integral part of Nxivm, and both did their level best to support Keith Raniere over the years, funding him with their wealth — to the tune of more than $150 million spent on his behalf, according to some estimates.

As for Edgar Boone, who is a trust fund baby himself, he and Sara Bronfman split in time, and he went on to marry Vanessa Sahagun. The couple has triplets. Edgar and his family left Albany after Raniere’s arrest after living in Knox Woods for years.  Boone has returned to his native Mexico where he reportedly remains one of the leaders of what is left of Nxivm in Mexico.

After Edgar, Sara’s next lover was another Mexican, Emiliano Salinas. Then, for a brief time, she appears to have had an affair with Keith Raniere. She went next to the Tibetan monk, Lama Tenzin, the American emissary of the Dalai Lama, who helped her secure the appearance of the Dalai Lama in Albany. Finally, she met and wed the Libyan, Basit Igtet.

Basit and Sara have two daughters and are reportedly living in Portugal.

Viva Executive Success!




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  • That’s a good point… Wasn’t it true that you can never leave Keith? How is it that there’re women who had a relationship with him and then didn’t? And in this case, the implication is that you could have been in a relationship with him, then stop it, while remaining friends and business partners, and while she engaged in new relationships within the community…

  • Why is it that some people, like evidently Sara, were able to discontinue sexual relationships with Raniere without destroying his precious life energy, while others could not?

  • Why is the personal life of the people judged? What is the intention? In my opinion, personal life belongs to the private sphere and it is not necessary to be judging it.

    • Private people with private lives seldom join cults. Instead, they, industriously or not, comprise the civitas. Once you’re in a criminal racketeering cult like Nxivm, you are just another member of an embarrassingly thin ideology. And it is thin. All the behaviours you cite as being harmless, PDA, your beloved group fellatio on command, etc. are, in fact, just that in society, but that was not enough for Nxivm…

      ‘Privacy’ is not the same as clandestine or furtive or sly, and this was what was needed for all the covert criminal activity you will not face up to even though it is a matter of record. And so you lie. You own the skin and bones you stand up in, right? But you have no principles, values, or as you have shown, voice.

      No hinterland, no imagination, no intellect, just…data… and the ability to dump it, as if you were entitled, as opposed to invited, to be here to air your sorry ass grievances, with no shred of evidence to support your shenanigans.

    • That’s not true in any facet of our culture. Isn’t it interesting that in this particular instance, you think this one time, it shouldn’t be discussed or mentioned?

      Are you familiar with The Streisand Effect?

      It’s almost like Sara cares what the peasants think.

  • Sara has it easy. Keith isn’t going to be doing any making out with women for the rest of his life.

    Maybe with some of his fellow sex offenders. Is that a scandal?

  • There’s no date to these events, and while I don’t think the behavior described (Sara, Edgar or the trainers) is necessarily admirable, I’m not sure it even qualifies as unsavoury. I have watched people in professional settings evolve from immature to mature over time and my best understanding of Sara is that she didn’t display such affectionate behavior as described here in recent years.

    Better to judge someone for their current actions rather than actions of their youth. It’s similar to penalizing people for dumb tweets they wrote ten years ago… I don’t agree with holding their feet to the fire in the same way as if they did the bad thing yesterday.

    • I think the point of the story is more about the special treatment Sara got and how Nancy tolerated her amorous and inappropriate behavior, which I doubt she would have done if the lady weren’t a Bronfman.

  • How sad that someone holds hate against an image of two people hugging each other. It makes sense why this person has attacked NXIVM so much. She sounds very bitter and angry.

    • Honestly Anonymous, to call someone out because they are kissing in class is not hate. If you came to my class and started smooching with another student, I would tell you to stop, or leave or maybe get a hotel room. That was the point of Susan’s story.

      • There are examples of other “couples” who were told to not behave in a romantic way in NXIVM trainings as it took away from their experience.
        Nancy Salzman was not going to rock the boat with Sara Bronfman and Edgar Boone by telling them to stop their love affair.

        Salzman and Raniere had too much to lose at that point. They didn’t have enough control over Sara yet to separate her from Boone at a training.

        It was also Boone’s first real love since he lost Michael Salzman. His first NXIVM love.

        Nancy Salzman and Raniere were successful at breaking Sara Bronfman and Edgar Boone up down the road. This was a love lost that took Edgar a long time to recover from.

        It was during the time when NXIVM didn’t support relationships. The inner-circle did everything to break couples up. That is unless a woman was dating Keith Raniere.

    • Anonymous 3:11pm

      OMG…..You are too much:

      FYI Susan Dones has class. Susan Dones was a Nxivm instructor who believed in the Nxivm program and acted as a total professional. She was earnest in her work.

      Susan is sharing her perspective of the duplicitous and sanctimonious nature of the Nxivm executive culture.

      Is that a crime?

      At the time of the inappropriate public display of affection, Susan was a loyal hardworking and dedicated employee. She put in many long hours without pay many times.

      Susan earned the right to say whatever she wants. She sacrificed blood sweat and tears.

      Why is she not allowed to share how she feels and what she witnessed?

      If you don’t like what she has to say, don’t read it!!!

      I’d love to read your rebuttal but you won’t write one because you know what I’m writing is the truth.

    • Right? Like when Keith punished Lauren for hugging a man at a volleyball game

      Or when Keith punished Daniela: 2 years in a room for another dude.

      • Yeah, but don’t forget, that room had an ensuite bathroom so… doesn’t count, apparently. Weareasweeverwere only advocates for an ideal slave: she should be chained to a dog kennel in a barrio? Beaten almost to death with no capacity for speech? They will get out of culty-bed for nothing less than a sub-snuff scenario as one of their trained psychologists recently informed us.

    • Why shouldn’t she point out Sara B’s special treatment? Susan Dones is a very intelligent woman who defended herself against 200 NXIVM court cases and won without an attorney! Keith was the bitter, angry, little man who threw Bronfman money at persecuting Susan for leaving the cult. My hat’s off to her, what a fighter & success story.

  • Susan Dones: When I First Saw Sara Bronfman She Was Kissing and Hugging on Edgar Boone Right in the Training. What is this Vanityfair? Why is that relevant? Is it about making everything an “scandal”?

  • Bangcuck wants to get to “The Source”? And, of course, we are reminded, let’s never leave out those Canadian cunts in our quest for truth and freedom. Here’s the SOURCE in Shadow speak:

  • One other thing, who took the pics — Er, got and released the collateral aka blackmail photos — of Sara with the celibate virgin Monk? Nay, the Dalai Lama’s chief assistant. Met him once in Dharmasala, India with Gina. And another time in Sun Valley, Idaho on a ski trip, in passing.

  • I sincerely hope Sara did better than the “cock tease” hit list herewith. Hope she had some pleasures of her own choosing before they hooked her up with the ugliest ISIS-sympathizing narcissist – apart from KAR himself – they could muster to fleece the heiress temptress for life, if not OF her life like the heiress I once knew, Pam Caffritz – and start a revolution.

    Damn, too bad Sara didn’t ‘nail’ Branson. The monk looks like he might have been a decent tantric lay, though. Nes C’est Paux? …Bit pricey.

  • People dating in NXIVM…Was that so bad? Showing affection to a partner (if it was the case). I’m sorry, but the more I look into this, the more questions I have about Susan Dones. Don’t know much about her story with NXIVM, she wasn’t mentioned on trial at all but she was there for victim statements. She accused Keith of someone’s death and nothing makes sense. It’s clear she’s mad and hates NXIVM but I don’t see what’s the horrible thing that happened to her. Could anyone comment on this? I’ve been looking into this case for a while and there’s nothing on her. But she keeps coming up with articles.

    • What difference does it make? Your guru isn’t ever getting out of prison. Focus on processing those emotions of disappointment and loss.

  • Why is this even news?! People focus on insignificant details to try to make something small, big and bad. And get views on the post. Gossip is entertainment for people with nothing better to do with their lives, If Sara had a different last name this post would not be here. This blog should focus on relevant topics that are important to society, instead of so much gossip!

    • You’re here. You’re commenting.

      Sara fucked Frank over. Big time.

      Until she makes that right and apologizes, she is getting waaaaayyy less than she gave in negativity.

  • From my experience as a student in ESP/NXIVM, the vast majority of people in the organization seemed to me to be good people. I don’t believe they deserve to be written about in these unflattering ways (“trust fund baby,” exposing their relationship histories, etc.). This holds no matter what their current beliefs are about Keith Raniere. I hope someday people can disagree about things and still respect each other, including their rights to privacy.

    • I think you are correct about those at the bottom of the pyramid being fundamentally good. Progress in the process of indoctrination created evil.

      Trust fund is as trust fund has. Baby is as baby acts.

      Unflattered is as unflattering does.

      Respectful behavior earns respect.

      Child rape and enabling earns scorn.

    • When you start committing crimes (blackmail, fraud, forced labor, etc.), your right to privacy changes.

      And why, when someone just writes what they observed do people say how awful it is for her (Susan Dones) to say the facts of what she observed?

      • Neither Edgar Boone nor Sara Bronfman have been charged with crimes. Being a defendant in a civil case (which I believe Sara is) is not the same thing and does not have the same burden of evidence. So I don’t see how their rights to privacy would change, especially privacy of irrelevant details such as relationship histories.

        Also, I don’t think it’s a good thing for people to just say what they observed in all situations, especially when it’s not relevant to a criminal case, is unflattering, and is a matter of someone else’s privacy. If I say, “My wife’s butt looked really frumpy yesterday. Hey, just telling you what I observed.” Does that seem OK?

    • Was it the part about controlling all the wealth and power in the world, “ethically”?

      “As a former student of ESP/NXIVM”, is not a qualifier of ethics, morality, and especially good judgment.

  • How many Drinkers of Keith’s Kool-Aid™ does it take to change a light bulb?


    -1 to ask you what you mean by a “light bulb”

    -3 to repeat over and over and over that the light bulb isn’t burned-out and they have no idea why you think it is

    -1 really clever person to point out that there’s a difference between an incandescent and a LED bulb

    -1 to say it is mean and insulting to refer to the light bulb as “burned-out”

    -2 to complain that only tabloid journalists care if it is dark, so why doesn’t everyone just shut up about it

    -2 to wring their hands over how much electricity the bulb uses and imagine how nice it would be if every building in the world would have skylights built into the ceilings so we wouldn’t need so many light bulbs

    -3 to ask numerous questions about the relationship between electricity and global warming that they never even attempt to answer

    -1 to say light bulbs are boring

    -1 to insist that women have a right to sit in the dark and it demeans women to want to change the bulb

    -1 to point out that there are millions of people in the world who don’t have electricity and must resort to candles and oil lamps, so we are lucky to have a burned-out bulb

    -1 to tell us he asked two lawyers at his office about it and they said it sounds to them that the bulb works just fine

    -1 to write an endlessly long run-on sentence whose message is extremely hard to understand and makes your head hurt because it goes on and on and on rambling what the hell would they please just shut up does this have anything to do with light bulbs or light or anything remotely related to the topic at hand oh god really please take a course in English composition or better yet just shut up and move to Tucson to be closer to your Vanguard

    -1 to compare the light bulb to a supernova and cut-and-paste random quotes of a physicist they’ve never actually read

    -1 to write an essay that uses the term “blow job” every other sentence

    • 🤣🤣🤣! This is a hilarious coincidence. I literally went through the same contortions over a real light bulb recently. Turned out the bulb base was stuck in the socket and the bulb came loose, why the bulb wasn’t exactly burnt out, not immediately, etc. But before anyone figured that out I heard all kinds of theories — my car was broken into the same night to add to the drama.

      Nice analogy to what’s taking place here, NXIDVMDVM. Crossed wires everywhere. You’re very bright.

  • I don’t see why kissing someone is a problem, it is amazing that now people are not allowed to choose who can they relate with. Please get a life!

    • I think Susan’s point was that there is a time and place for smooching and sitting on someone’s lap and possibly there are a few places where it is inappropriate.

      Say, for instance, in church, in school, in the office and say at a Nxivm training where students are paying good money to listen and learn.

      • As my comments bespeak, I had that impression too, Frank, when I first heard this story from Susan — that it was disturbingly inappropriate — and, btw, despite her true courage she was still reeling from the NX head games compounded by the scorched earth litigation

        — when I first spoke to her, she said she couldn’t even bring herself to comment on JT’s blog, it was so “forbidden” to her she felt fearful of it, for instance, and I probably should have heeded her fear — another story for another day – but since that time a bigger picture has emerged as to Sara Bronfman’s role in NXIVM and how she was played as, indeed, a cock tease just as some precisely proclaimed her to be.

        NXIVM – Keith and Nancy, mainly — work on one’s EGO and well-know Sara’s, not unlike Toni’s and many a hottie in her day – was attached to her hotness and feline prowess.

        Observe how handily she could seduce that Lama in a jacuzzi just like Keith’s.

        Or the one in Gina’s motel room she’d switched to, the special jacuzzi room she’d reserved, 2 nights before she passed. In the bigger picture using the actual jigsaw pieces, the facts, that fit — Sara was a seduction shill to obtain collateral on the Dalia Lama’s entourage, IMO.

        That collateral was released on JT’s blog, but the Dalai Lama wisely forgave his top emissary. Transparency.

  • Seems like tabloid gossip.

    The romantic story of people doesn´t belong to the general public.

    Seems like being rich exposes you to gossip, no matter what you do. Poor people don’t make the news!!

    To crucify an organization because of the romantic behavior of one of the members don´t go together.

    Better to center on what crime did they commit? With hard data, did they steal or stab someone?

    • I agree, I doubt if she had a different last name this would have made an article.

      Now, if someone thought it was inappropriate, maybe it would have been good to say something. I know sometimes my behavior is found to be inappropriate and I just don’t know it and I don’t mean to offend.

      • Is it even possible for a Drinker of Keith’s Kool-Aid™ not to pretend to be dumb and feign lack of reading comprehension?

        Or did all those EMs actually kill the brain cells used in semantic processing?

      • Funny how her last name didn’t result in a tabloid scandal when pics of her necking on necker Island or canoodling in a jacuzzi with a celibate emissary popped up, albeit briefly, on an Albany, New York based blog called, “Saratoga In Decline.”

        Too bad the blog got shut down in rather short order, thereafter, when the blogger reported a near-fatal poisoning incident to Albany police, along with revelations made by “The Rat” as to statutory rape, hyper assisted suicides and other nefarious, NXIVM criminal activities, on his blog, some of which have yet to be published.

        Given Sara’s name and fame and sexy, saucy minxness, and what with the Dalai Lama’s top Lama sacrificing his vows and virginity to the taunting temptress, you’d have thunk the junk press woulda been all over that one.

        Good thing Keith notched it up to an Oxenberg, nearly two of them, with a brand or we may have never known, would we?

  • Susan is right! There is a place for love and kisses, but not at a Nxivm training. She was privileged to be there. Nancy was teaching. Sara was a distraction enough as is – a wealthy heiress in the intensive and she had to do smooching?. She should have cooled her passions until after the class then got a hotel with Edgar. It was her privilege showing – she did not care if she disrupted the class. She was a Bronfman. She could do what she wants in the training or out of it.

    Susan called it out. Good on Susan.

  • I think Frank needs to report about Nicki Clyne more often and drag her thru the mud a bit more.

    Such as this story…

    I recently heard (on FrankReport, if memory serves) that Nicki Clyne divorced Allison Mack after 3 years, which (I’m pretty sure) is the exact time frame federal law requires for a foreign spouse to remain inside the US as a permanent resident.

    This divorce happened recently, long after Mack was arrested and quit NXIVM.

    Which would indicate that these two cunts were scheming and in cahoots with each other up until recently —- to ride out the 3 year waiting period, even after Mack had supposedly renounced NXIVM and ‘saw the light’.

    I saw a TV program (American Greed) where a gorgeous Russian bride married a short/fat/bald American citizen (named Indle King) —– and even though she wanted to leave the marriage early, she remained married because federal law would have deported her if she divorced before 3 years.

    I challenge Frank to report if Clyne and Mack were complicit in visa fraud up until recently?

    I think it’s interesting that Frank has now absolved Allison Mack of all wrongdoing. Frank claims that she’s had a change of heart, yet she failed to divorce Nicki Clyne until after the 3 year period expired. This would make her complicit in a marriage scheme, assuming it’s true, even though she has supposedly renounced NXIVM and is no longer a supporter of Clyne.

    This would mean that Allison Mack is secretly supporting Nicki Clyne and has NOT had a change of heart.

    I challenge Frank to get off his lazy ass and either confirm or deny these allegations and expose these cunts. Frank needs to stop forgiving all Canadians just cuz he wants to remain in the good graces of Susan Dones and other Canadian NXIVM defectors.

    The truth must be set free. Frank needs to stop forgiving Canadians. Canadians can do wrong just like Americans. Stop treating Canadians as ‘special’, you COCKSUCKER!!!!!!!

    Have a nice day.

    • PS — Just in case my memory was ‘wrong’ about anything mentioned above, then I just wanna say FUCK YOU to Frank. He can kiss my pristine ass either way. 🙂

      I also wanna say FUCK YOU to anybody else who would seek to rub it in my face, assuming I’m wrong about anything, since I’m too lazy to re-read earlier stories to confirm my facts.

      Nicki Clyne is a cunt either way. Frank needs to stop treating her special.

      Have a nice day. 🙂

  • To all Nxivm dead-enders:

    The only part of society I’ve seen enact very punitive measures for behavior is your cult.

    No community I know of makes people stand in the snow, drink from a mud puddle, bans masturbating for women, polices each other’s every calorie, makes wives sleep on the floor, orders each other to take cold showers, paddles naked asses, dictates them to grow out their pubes, be branded, etc.

    Whose society kept a woman confined to a room for 2 years and kept her immigration documents from her? Because she wanted to exercise freedom of choice in sex and romantic partners?

    Whose community leader punished Lauren for celebrating a volleyball win?

    Which culture made fun of Sarah’s clothing choices? And what community leader screamed out “cocktease” in front of her nearest and dearest when Sarah tried to ask about her role in the business?

    Who humiliated people regularly with oinking noises for eating when they were literally starving?

    Your entire DOS/Nxivm community was based on penance, shame, sexual restrictions, and servitude, etc

    No wonder you see societal persecution everywhere.

    The rest of us in 2021 do not care about monitoring and dictating each other’s sleeping, eating, and self-pleasuring.

    We don’t sexually and otherwise blackmail our “friends”.

    We don’t care how they groom their pubes. We don’t give each other “seduction assignments”.

    We pretty much live and let live with our community and let private things (and actual private parts) stay private. Because we respect each other.

    You are the judges. You are the restrictors. You are the oppressors.

    You Nxivm and DOS members are the rule-makers. And enforcers. Not us.

    You judge. You shun. You punish.

    It is your way.

    Not ours.

    • Yes!!! It’s actually completely possible to experience community and personal and collective growth without such brutal measures! Just because it worked for some doesn’t mean others weren’t harmed.

  • People do live by different rules, don’t they? It is funny how much energy our society utilizes to punish people into compliance. It isn’t about preventing violence, because there isn’t anything violent in the behaviors you describe.

    In fact, it sounds like she was showing affection. I wonder what benefits we get from making the world so dangerous to live in without the compliance the crowd seems to seek.

    • Only people who are really messed up in the head think child rape and trafficking is anything but reprehensible.

      Only the Drinkers of Keith’s Kool-Aid try and distract from the evil core of NXIVM.

      I wonder why you keep shilling for your disgraced guru while he rots in jail.

      Try and hide your history with his cult while you move on with you life.

      • Hi NXIDVMDVM,

        I’ve mentioned this on a previous post, are you aware that Keith was not convicted of raping a woman or a child?. There aren’t even charges of rape in this trial? I’m not sure why you believe the NXIVM community condones rape.

          • NXIDVMDVM, I’m genuinely curious as to how I’m “feigning ignorance?” I actually looked at what he is convicted of in the transcripts and rape isn’t there. How is that playing dumb?

        • Andy,
          Because they are defending a rapist. Al Capone was not convicted of every crime he did. Since KAR is similarly in prison for life, there is no point in trying to convict him of all the child molesting in his police reports.

          • Pandora’sJF, are you saying that you are okay with convicting a man for something he wasn’t even charged with? To me, that’s a very dangerous precedent and one that goes against the constitution.

          • Pandor’sJF, you are correct, but don’t for a minute believe Andy doesn’t understand this already. Playing dumb is just part of the NXIVM cult shtick.

    • None of those were alluded to or suggested. What was outlined was Sara’s entitled rude behavior in an educational professional environment. Who does that indeed, people not accustomed to respecting others’ time and money at educational OR professional events. A fancy rube with all the self-control of a teenager. It’s pretty low-class behavior. Dangerous? No. But an entitled grown-ass woman with no self-awareness or control? You betcha.

  • It is interesting that people have different rules, isn’t it? Many of these rules have nothing to do with hurting others. I wonder why we, as a society, spend so much energy trying to punish others into compliance.

  • Sara Bronfman. Ah, to be filthy rich, poorly educated, and lacking the good sense God gave a billy goat.

    Random thought: Might the attorneys in Anthony’s office have time to read over drafts of Joshua’s comments before they are posted to edit run-on sentences and craft some coherence?

    Just a suggestion…

    • Absolutely. And if that pursuit happens to highlight the search for a daddy in a lover, it becomes tabloid fodder that comes up in search results.

      • To milk the Sara cow and to get as much as possible out of her, there had to be a different set of incentives (given to her) used to keep her around. She had no economic needs and probably never will. That is not her hook. Her hook is more superficial and is somewhat status-driven, but with a hunger to be seen as sexually hot, desirable (and yes, sexier than ewe or ewe or ewe), and this is very easy to exploit. Ah, yes it is. Trying to be an It girl.

        Sara’s success is not Susan’s “success.” That is obvious.

        One can see that the now more matronly Sara, unlike her sister, Clare Bronfman, was and probably still is, a sensualist, rather a sybarite. No judgment. We all have our ways and means, our strengths and our tender spots.

        Unfortunately, Sara hooked up with harmers and exploiters, and she still might not have faced it. ‘Cause, gee, she does not want to appear to be a sucking suckee sucker. Who does? Easy to come by orgasms can be a very popular hook. Like not working and getting it ALL, just with a brief come-hither.

        Cum to mama bear! Papa bear. Cousin bear, whatever cuddly-wuddly “awwww yeah” bear floats one’s orgasms.

        Sara Bronfman Igtet’s game could have been ooh la la! – the unencumbered seductress, and these men or women cannot be successfully fenced in with the nonsensical sexual rules which kept the more desperate hens and half-assed roosters inside of the coop for years and years, futilely digging into their poop-grounds of superfluous and deceptive off-centeredness, pretending that was it was all soooo good for their “growth.”

        Raniere-directed miseries. What fun, huh. The “growth” of what? Mold? Your 19th nervous breakdown?

        The ringmaster, Raniere, and his head pimpstress, Nancy Salzman, knew how to keep Sara Bronfman happy and how to use her to get others involved … or seduced, when it was convenient to use her services in that manner. Sara could stay SPECIAL because she needed to be special, for crying out loud.

        She might have required more orgasms than most of these poor disciple turkeys who were easier to make into sexually disenfranchised targets. And Sara could always jet off. So it was wiser to allow her to keep on jacking off like a fairy godmother. Give her a few ego-fulfilling titles and let her helpfully fill her swamp!

        Susan Dones is no sybarite, but she seems to have observed how Sara was treated liberally and indulgently, and Susan appears to have resented it.

        The Saras are not paying much, if any, attention when the Susan Doneses arrive at the playground. The entire territory is dimensionally, implicitly different. Susan had nothing to offer to Susan, and vice versa.

        These objections to “what is”, vs. what is being presented, are the alarm bells that some tend to overlook, discount or to simply ignore. Susan Dones has mentioned discounting a LOT of her own, personal alarm bells about what she was witnessing, observing. Had she not discounted herself, Susan could have suffered a lot less. Eventually, Susan was done, the accumulation of those very conflicts, which she was seeing repeatedly in various forms, reached the saturation point.

        One of the major points here is to help others not to get trapped, to be able to think independently, and to listen to your own mind and heart and its feelings and evaluations. There are some very good voices of experience here about the deceptiveness of what are often called cults. Like Susan, who is seeing this experience through. And very probably, she has herself back. Much respect. The very best wishes to her and to her partner, too. ❤️ A lot of pain is over now.

        Scientologists have special and exclusive “celebrity centers” for a very materialistic, banal and profitable set of reasons. The rules of the con-game are designed to fit its prey.

        As Church lady used to say, “isn’t that SPECIAL?” Again, have more faith in the self, get ahold of self-respect. Respect, to see again. Self-respect, to see the self again. Yeah. Frankly, it is inevitable. Why put it off? Hi, Frankster. Yes, not stopping. Not yet. Or is that not yeti.

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