Raniere Moved to US Penitentiary Tucson, Arizona – Likely to Work in Prison Food Service

Keith Raniere Prison USP Tucson Arizona
USP Tucson. Credit: Arrington Watkins Architects

According to the Bureau of Prison records, Keith Raniere is at the United States Penitentiary Tucson, Arizona.

USP Tucson offers a Sex Offender Management Program (SOMP) and therefore has a higher proportion of sex offenders in its general population.

Register Number: 57005-177
Age: 60
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Tucson USP
Release Date: 06/27/2120

This is expected to be his permanent prison assignment.

Two days ago, we reported that Raniere was in Oklahoma City, where holdover inmates spend from a few days to a few weeks before moving to their next prison assignment.

Keith Raniere Transferred to Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center – Likely Headed to Tucson in 30-60 Days/

It is likely he flew courtesy of the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (JPATS), better known as  “Con Air”, the agency of the federal government charged with the transportation of persons in legal custody among prisons, detention centers, courthouses, and other locations.

Raniere likely flew with other prisoners on a Boeing 737-400 aircraft.

Unlike in the past, when Raniere flew on chartered planes paid for by the Bronfman sisters, during his Con Air flight, he was not free to set his own travel departure time or freely roam about the cabin.

This time, he traveled in handcuffs, leg irons, waist chain and possibly the “black box,’ a high-strength plastic handcuff cover. It protects the keyhole to prevent picking or tampering with the lock.

[I’ve traveled with Raniere on a private plane. Then, Keith was free to pick his own seat, and his hands were used by him most expressively as he explained various aspects of the purpose of our trip and consumed beverages at will.]

JPATS Con air Flight Interior Shot
Cabin shot of a “con air” flight.
Credit; http://www.usmarshals.gov

On his Con Air flight, if he wore the black box, his hands were forced in parallel positioning. A chain runs through the box, encircles the prisoner’s waist, is tightened and then locked so that the prisoner’s hands, restrained by cuffs and the black box, are pulled against the stomach.

handcuff cover
Keith Raniere might have been secured like this during his recent prison transport to Tucson USP.

According to The Forgotten Majority “Although the Black Box ensures safe transport, if used incorrectly, it can cause serious injury.”

The Wikipedia page on the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System says this:

“Passengers aboard a flight are restrained with handcuffs as well as ankle and waist chains which are double- or even triple-locked. Those who pose additional danger may be forced to wear additional restraints, such as reinforced mittens that completely isolate and almost completely immobilize the hands, handcuff covers [i.e., black box] which conceal the keyholes, and face masks to prevent biting and spitting. However, due to FAA regulations, inmates are not physically restrained to their seats in any way except for seat belts used during takeoff and landing…

“Flight and seating arrangements are made carefully with the intent to separate inmates who may conflict with one another. Members of rival prison gangs may be transported on different days to help reduce the risk of an in-flight incident…

“The flight schedules are kept secret from the public and are known only to those directly involved in its operation. Inmates scheduled to fly are given little or no advance notice of their flight, to deter escapes and sabotage, and to prevent harm from outsiders.”

All in all, it was not likely a pleasant flight for Raniere.

If the flight was direct, the duration was likely to be a little over two hours in the air. With the body totally restrained, with a face mask making it more difficult to breathe, with no or limited access to food or beverage or restroom, and with wait times before and after takeoff, attired in a prison uniform that, according to one source, might be made of paper, it was for Raniere — and for all prisoners so transported — an experience in human torture.

Tucson Prison

Keith Raniere Prison USP Tucson Arizona
USP Tucson — Credit: Arrington Watkins Architects

There is a real possibility that this was the last flight Keith Raniere will ever take. He has been sentenced to 120 years in prison. Unless he is successful on appeal and wins a reversal and a new trial, outright release, a drastic sentence reduction, or a presidential pardon or commutation of his sentence, at age 60, he is unlikely to complete his sentence and will die in federal custody.

His new home is USP Tucson, a Sex Offender Management Program (SOMP) institution.

According to the Bureau of Prisons Handbook for Tucson:

“A primary goal of SOMP institution is to reduce the need to place sex offenders in protective custody, and to create an institution climate conducive to voluntary participation in treatment.”

Raniere, who was convicted of sex trafficking, attempted sex trafficking and with predicate racketeering acts of possession of child pornography and sexual exploitation of a minor, was likely placed here because he would be unsafe among the general population in a maximum-security prison where convicted sex offenders are often targeted for abuse by other inmates.

Had he been located in a normal maximum security prison, Raniere would have likely spent his entire life in protective custody in a special housing unit [SHU] which is, in effect, solitary confinement.

One former federal prisoner told me that Raniere would be dead within 30 days if he were in the general population of a regular maximum-security prison.

That is why he is in Tucson. At Tucson, it is believed he will be able to live among the general population of prisoners since the vast majority are also convicted sex offenders.

Here is a little glimpse at rules and conditions, from the BOP handbook for Tucson:


Raniere was given a social screening by Unit Management staff and medical screening by Health Services and Mental Health staff at the time of his arrival and provided with a copy of the institution’s rules and regulations, which include information on inmate rights and responsibilities. It also includes information on sexual assault and abuse.

Raniere was assigned to a housing unit, a self-contained inmate living area that includes housing sections and office space for unit staff.

His unit is staffed by a Unit Team directly responsible for him and the other inmates living in the unit.

The staff includes a Unit Manager, Case Manager, Correctional Counselor, and Unit Secretary. There is also a Staff Psychologist, Education Advisor, and Unit Officer on hand.

Unlike Raniere, most of the prisoners are not there for life, and much of the prison’s educational activities are geared to help prisoners when they are released. How much of the educational programs Raniere will participate in remains to be seen, but, by virtue of the long-term plans for him by the government, all those geared for bettering him for a return to society are likely to be useless.

Keith Raniere Prison USP Tucson Arizona
Housing Unit at USP Tucson — Credit: Arrington Watkins Architects


Raniere will get a cell, and he will have a bed, which he is responsible for making each morning. He is also responsible for sweeping and mopping his cell floor, removing trash, and ensuring it is clean and sanitary.

Raniere will get a locker and he can contain his personal property inside it.  Shoes, when not on his feet, are placed underneath his bunk.

Keith cannot keep sexual photographs, pictures, drawings, or any other materials promoting the sexual exploitation of children, written correspondence in which individuals are discussed in a sexualized way, written or pictorial materials promoting violence or reflecting a degrading attitude to persons based on gender.

Keith must be in prison uniform Monday–Friday from 7:30 a.m – 4:00 p.m. and must wear boots issued from laundry unless he gets a soft-shoe pass. Raniere must maintain his uniform in a neat and professional manner, with his shirt tucked in and pants around the waistline. Hats will not be worn indoors. He must carry his identification cards at all times upon departing his cell.

For a change of attire, the Commissary sells clothing that is limited to gray and/or white in color.

He will be permitted to own a radio, an MP3 player, and a watch; these items are available at the commissary.

Keith Raniere Prison USP Arizona Interior
The exterior of prisoner cells at USP Tucson — Credit: Arrington Watkins Architects

The Neater Keith Keeps His Bed the Sooner He Gets to Eat

Unit meal rotation is ordinarily based on weekly sanitation ratings of each unit. Each inmate is responsible for the cleaning and sanitation of his cell. The unit with the highest sanitation is called first — and the unit with the lowest rating is called last — for all meals

Raniere’s cell doors must be closed when he is not inside it, and he cannot have visitors to his cell. All of his social interactions must be conducted in common areas of the unit. He cannot visit other units.

Raniere, if he so chooses, can have a shower every day.

Bring Your Own Chair

Raniere will be given a chair that he can use inside his cell and that he can bring to the common areas to watch TV and to play cards and approved games during established hours, providing appropriate noise levels are maintained.

Rise and Shine

Wake-up for Raniere and all inmates is 6:00 a.m. Late sleepers who are unable to maintain rooms or arrive at work on time are subject to disciplinary action.


Keith Raniere Prison USP Tucson Arizona
Credit: Arrington Watkins Architects


Keith Raniere Prison USP Tucson Arizona
Credit: Arrington Watkins Architects

Raniere can spend up to $320.00 per month via his commissary account.

If you wish to make a deposit to Raniere’s account through the mail, send funds to:

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Keith Raniere

Inmate number: 57005-177
Post Office Box 474701
Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001

No Internet, But Email – Sort of

The Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS) is the computer network that provides inmates access to multiple services. At no time do inmates have any access to the internet.

TRULINCS workstations are installed in housing units and common areas. They provide prisoners with telephone access and a restricted version of email that will only allow text messages and no attachments. A cost of $.05 per minute is charged for using this service. Messages are limited to 13,000 characters.

The hours of telephone operation begin at 6:00 am and end no later than 9:30 pm. All calls are limited to 15 minutes. Telephone calls are subject to monitoring and recording by institution staff.

Raniere is limited to 300 minutes per month and an extra 100 minutes per month in November and December. Raniere will be allowed to have thirty (30) approved numbers on his phone list.


Official counts will be taken at 12:00 midnight, 3:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m., 4:00 p.m., and 10:00 p.m.

The inmate is expected to be standing at his bedside during the official counts held at 4:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

He can sleep through the counts at midnight, 3 a.m., and 5 a.m.


Raniere, like all other inmates who have been medically cleared, will have to maintain a regular job assignment.

Food Service is usually the first assignment an inmate receives upon arrival at the institution.

Raniere is expected to be assigned there first and will likely work there for a minimum of 90 days.

Later, he may get to work in the recycling industry in a UNICOR factory. The factory sustains an inmate employment of approximately 100 inmates. Hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Each workday provides a 45-minute lunch break for a total of 7.25 hours worked each day. UNICOR inmates’ pay rates begin at $.23 per hour and graduate upward to $1.15 per hour.

NXIVM American Greed Episode Keith Raniere With Money Backdrop
While it is true that his supporters once said that Raniere made as much as $100,000 per hour coaching the highest-level executives in the world, he will only be able to make about $40 per week at Tucson, if he is fortunate enough to get factory work. Image credit: CNBC’s ‘American Greed: Nightmare at NXIVM’

Cheap Food

The prison is funded at $3.40 per inmate per day for food, equipment, cleaning supplies, eating utensils, and miscellaneous items.

Raniere’s food and associated costs therefore will be $1241 per year.  According to Credit Donkey, for persons outside of prison to eat on a “moderate” budget, it costs $3,000 per year.

Prison Meal Schedule Monday through Friday:
Breakfast 6:30 a.m.
Lunch 11:00 a.m.
Dinner 5:00 p.m.


Coffee Hour 6:30 a.m.

Brunch 11:00 a.m.

Dinner 5:00 p.m.

Raniere will eat in the dining room. No radios, school books, newspapers, personal cups, and no commissary foods are permitted in the dining room with the exceptions of salt and pepper, hot sauce, soy sauce, and sliced jalapeno peppers.

Happily for Raniere, the prison’s Food Service provides an all-you-can-eat soup bar during the lunch meal on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Unhappily, the soup is rumored to be about 98 percent water and served at room temperature.

If Raniere continues to be a vegetarian, there are “no-flesh alternatives” available. Fruit is served during all breakfast meals, but he can’t take it out of the dining room. Fried foods are prepared in vegetable oil, with limited use of spices. Two percent low-fat milk is used. Low-calorie syrup, salad dressings, and sugar substitutes are also used.

Raniere will know all about this intimately since he will likely work there for at least 90 days. If he acquits himself well, he may stay on longer and become a cook.


USPTucson offers a variety of Adult Continuing Education classes, including a Parenting Program, an Electrical Apprenticeship Program, a Cook/Baking Apprenticeship, and many others.

He could take The Custodial Maintenance Course and learn to be a janitor.

The course is described as one that “prepares students to clean public and private buildings in a clean and orderly fashion. This class will be 100 hours of classroom instruction and a minimum of 20 hours of hands-on experience. Among other topics, students will learn how to sweep and scrub hallways and stairs, empty trash and garbage containers, wash windows, clean carpets, wax and buff different floor surfaces, and notify management concerning a need for repairs.”

Since business was his forte, Keith Raniere could take the Business & Accounting Certificate Program or Business Accounting.


With coronavirus rules in place, visiting has been suspended at the prison.

Normally, inmates are limited to three approved adult visitors (age 16 and over). That does not include infants.

Visiting Hours are as follows: General Population inmates will have social visits at the USP on Fridays from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., and on
Saturday, Sundays and holidays from 8:15 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Business may not be conducted during visits. Inmates are allowed to have up to 12 visitors on their approved list.

All visits will begin and end in the Visiting Room. Kissing, embracing, and handshaking are allowed only upon the arrival and departure of visitors. [No necking]

Inmates may not move around in the Visiting Room once seated and are subject to special seating assignments at the discretion of the Visiting Room Officer and Operations Lieutenant.

In a future post, we will outline some of the special sex offender programs Raniere will be subjected to.


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  • My understanding is that USP Tucson is not so hard to escape. There are several blind spots on the property and guards are unable to see inmates climbing the fences to freedom. Apparently there is a 6 foot brick wall that surrounds the prison and another 6 foot chain link fence beyond that. No barbed wire or electric fencing. Most escapees climb the wall and fence and run to hide in the desert hills and brush.

  • Thank you for letting us know the conditions of that place. I am sure he will make the best out of it whether is cleaning toilets or doing laundry or whatever the task. How you do one thing is how you do everything. It doesn’t matter if you are teaching quantum physics or cleaning a toilet, it matters how you do it. So he will be ok regardless of the task.

  • After reading ABOUT life in prison, in my opinion, it must be terrible that an innocent person is there, if the human being makes mistakes and a trial is based on human beings, does that mean that the result of a trial can be wrong? Human justice is blind truth?

  • If the government does what is necessary to protect the prisoners and if it is necessary to transfer them to the other side of the country to safeguard them, I applaud it.

  • So sad to think that even though he may not be the smartest man in the world, he certainly has the brainpower to solve greater problems than serving lunch.

  • Thank you for reporting on the conditions under which prisoners are transported and held. I don’t think most people are fully aware of what goes on, and even fewer really put themselves in that situation and think about what it would be like to be there.

    I imagine it’s pretty scary at first, maybe more than at first. I do think the conditions should speak for themselves, though – I don’t believe they should be reported on as “an experience in human torture.” Leaving out this opinion reduces the bias imparted to readers and lets them more freely decide for themselves whether they think it’s humane or not, given the risks involved.

    • Really looking at the facts as presented in the trial and transcripts, common sense shows this is trial by media – the crime should be based on behavior and not on character judgements for emotional delusions of people who blame and don’t want to take full responsibility for their lives.

      The people who claim to be victims are just not taking responsibility for their lives and their choices and this is a huge problem in our society in general.

  • These are human beings who have erred at some point in their lives. I don’t wish harm on any of them and I hope as a society we can continue to evolve towards a more compassionate way of bringing people who have erred back into our communities.

    • With your permission, I’ll reach out to you privately to see if you’re interested in helping a couple of the groups I work with on this issue.

      • Hi KR, thank you for asking and yes, please reach out. I am interested in learning the work that is being done on this particular issue.

  • I hope we can get some updates on how the world’s “smartest” and “most ethical” statutory rapist is doing in his new home.

    • We’re already working on it. It will likely take some time — but we think we’ll be able to get updates on a regular basis.

  • For the fife of me, I don’t get why the BOP put Keith in Tucson instead of Florence. Sometimes, there is just no justice in the world.

    • My theory is the Frank Report series dealing with “OMG it’s not fair if Vanguard goes to Colorado and Keith has to feel safe and happy.”

      ….Probably helped some.

      On the bright side, the longer he lives, the longer he gets to enjoy the joys of prison.

  • Why is the BOP so motivated to get Keith to the other side of the country when his lawyers and pending legal matters are all in New York??

    • The BOP was motivated to assign Keith to a prison where he would he could safely mix with the other members of the general population there — and where he could obtain the type of services that it has been determined he needs. USP Tucson is one of the few places he could be assigned that will achieve both of those objectives.

      • Besides protecting Raniere, what other reason could there be to send him to Arizona?

        If you are a cult leader with a 120-year sentence what kind of rehabilitation do you need?

        On a side note: Pornography in prison is illegal; however, prison artists make “Macks” selling custom drawings of naked women as reported on the tv show LockUp.

        I can see having an old-school PlayBoy, but a drawing? 😂

        • Unless there are “special circumstances”, the BOP normally assigns prisoners to a location within 500 miles of their hometown. Thus, it’s fair to assume that the BOP determined that there “special circumstances” in Keith’s case.

          I don’t think it was just the fact that Keith had been convicted of sex-related crimes that caused the BOP to send him to Tucson. A more important factor might have been how Keith fared during his time at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC).

          Given that Keith had been targeted by gang members during the short time he was placed in the general population at MDC, the BOP likely felt that he would have similar problems in a regular prison such as Allenwood, PA or Lewisburg, PA. Tucson is, far and away, one of the safest locations for someone like Keith.

          PS: There is plenty of porn available in most federal prisons — including DVDs, magazines, photos, etc. I’m not sure that’s the case at Tucson but will endeavor to find out.

          As I have mentioned on several occasions, federal prisoners have all sorts of “hustles” to earn “Macks”: e.g., cooking prison meals from Commissary items, keeping another prisoner’s cell clean, doing another prisoner’s assigned job, operating a sportsbook, running a poker table, doing tailoring on prison clothes, etc. There is almost no end to the creativity of guys looking to earn some extra money in prison.

          • Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions! Time is the most important asset we actually own.

            I appreciate it!

          • His family is in Mexico, so it makes sense from that standpoint. Our government hasn’t deported the other foreign promoters and participants of a criminal enterprise, so Mexican members from that criminal enterprise will probably be allowed to cross the border without detainment.

            Nicki has been quiet lately. I can’t imagine further NXIVM promotion squares with her immigration aspirations.

  • It is sad to hear how prisoners are treated in this country. I wish we had a genuine interest and program to help them rehabilitate.

  • The World’s Smartest Child Rapist™” better be careful or he could be assaulted or worse in USP Tucson as was the notorious Larry Nassar.


    If he acts like Whitey Bulger and messes with the prison staff, he could end up sent to a non-“drop out” prison, which would be a death sentence.


    Gonna be a hard row to hoe for a narcissist like Keith.

    • Just so we’re clear on this matter: Corrlinks is a privately owned company that operates the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS), the email system used by the United State Federal Bureau of Prisons to allow inmates to communicate with the outside world. TRULINCS is a fee-based system that inmates must pay for in order to send or receive email.

    • Right? Why don’t we transport them by private plane or limo?

      Prisoners should be moved by cloud until a fairy carries them the final 1/4 mile to their new forever home and incarcerated.

      You seem like just the person to make this reality!

  • I hope the conditions in Arizona are safe. It’s sad to see how people go into our penitentiary system and become more criminal, it’s also understandable why they would, maybe that’s what it takes to survive.

    I think a good question on this subject is how much do we want to punish people who commit crimes? Do we want to fix what they did? Do we want to punish their souls forever? Do we want to reform them into straight citizens? Or do we enjoy watching the witches burn?

    The answers to this questions could be a measure of how civilized we are. It could give us a view on our own humanity. I find it interesting that there are some states that prevent animals from living in conditions like the ones our prisoners live in.

    • How do you propose to “fix” The World’s Smartest Child Rapist™, Keith Raniere, who refuses to take responsibility for his crimes?

    • Again with the “we”. And the faux questions. Y’all are some draining folk.

      I am pro witch. So speak for yourself. Please.

      And no one here on earth can punish another’s soul forever.

      I thought you Nxvum members valued non-emotional thinking but you are all hyperbole.

      • If you imagine yourself surrounded by people like this for 16+ hours a day for 16 days in a row, while you pour out sensitive flaws about yourself believing they are smart, wise and want to help, you can understand how someone gets brainwashed.

        • You make an excellent point. It’s been an education just dealing with their ‘data-dumps’ here on the FR. It must have been very hell to live through, and hard work to survive.

        • I can see that! Excellent insight.
          They are so draining
          Like toddlers
          Except not cute like toddlers.

          Maybe a nxian is like a toddler.

          Crossed with a leech. And a black hole.

          And a person who likes to tell you their dreams from last night every time that you see them?

          And a really angry teenage hall monitor at school?

          Working on the right combo.

  • I never believed Raniere was headed to a Supermax. He’s a perfectly ordinary felon, nothing special.

    Tucson seems a decent enough penitentiary. Complaints about “torture” and inhumane treatment in Federal prisons seem grossly overblown. It seems Raniere gets his own cell. Three meals a day, TV, a radio if he wants one. I’m sure he’s allowed paperbacks. Heck, he can write his memoirs if he wants. Should be easy for a self proclaimed intellectual as himself to keep his mind occupied and stay productive for the remainder of his days.

    The US justice system works. No institution is perfect of course, but when it comes to the Federal court and prison system, Americans can be justly proud. The trial, conviction, and incarceration of Keith Raniere is an outstanding example of true justice.

  • “ One former federal prisoner told me that Raniere would be dead within 30 days if he were in the general population of a regular maximum-security prison.”

    If KR dies in prison it will be blood on the prosecutors.

    • The prosecutors aren’t going to go anywhere near The World’s Smartest Child Rapist™.

      Why are you fantasizing about his death?

      I hope he lives a long, long time. I wish him another century at least.

      It’ll be prison orderlies who have to clean up any hypothetical bloody mess.

  • We will dance and twerk even at Tucson. The Bureau of Prisons can’t stop us.

    We will dance our way to freedom for our Vanguard until time stands still and the truth emerges.

    Dancing is not evil!!!!!!

    • Say Pea!
      Here is how your Vanguard can get out early.
      Volunteer for medical experiments.
      Vanguard can test new dangerous drugs and vaccines and help advance science.
      After all the Vanguard is a “scientist”!

    • At FCI Tucson, there is no location outside the prison walls that can be seen by any inmate housed there. Dance and twerk away. No one ex pet rattlesnakes and pack rats can see you. It’s located in the middle of a vast desert. Further, as long as the pandemic continues, there are no visitors allowed.

    • Have you ever watched footage of the Charles Manson trial in documentaries through the years? It’s striking how much all of you mirror the Manson girls, showing Charlie’s power outside of prison. It was a shocking display of how vulnerable girls that lived in destitute uneducated poverty could so easily be lead.

      They were looking for a daddy that would fuck them and tell them what to do as well.

      • Yes!

        That is exactly why I post, ” Charlie says. Charlie says. Charlie says”.

        When I see ” data data data”. Etc.

        I can just hear them – hearing Keith in their indoctrinated heads

  • I wonder if Nicki is packing her bags and prepping for a road trip. Think she will let the other NXIVM 5 come with her or try to get them to stay behind so can have Keith to herself?

  • I wonder if he’ll be able to see/message any Nx cretins. Normally not, however who knows what strings could be pulled in there…
    Hope not… hope.

    • He is allowed three at any one time and a total of 12 different visitors can be approved to visit him – but only three at a time.

  • I know nothing on this topic, of course, but somehow still doubt Raniere’s any safer from a contract killing among sex offenders than serial killers. Granted, the serial killers might waive their usual fees and act out of sheer, cutthroat annoyance with him but wouldn’t a contract killer disguised as a sex offender have better access – so to speak – with the lower security at Tucson?

    Whatever happened with that ex- cop cell mate who found Epstein accidentally almost hanged at MDC on his first ‘suicide’ attempt? Did he get transferred, too, or pardoned?

  • Keith Raniere is now in his “forever home”.

    His new-found reality must be crashing down on him like an avalanche of shit. It’s official; he is fucked; Keith can no longer tell himself he will get out of prison soon.

    He can’t hope for a pardon. Keith will have to wait for the appeals system to play out, which will take many years. When he loses his appeal, all hope will dissipate.

    After a few years, his past life will seem like an aberration. Over a few more years, many of the most diehard Raniere supporters will trickle away.

    ….In the not so distant future, Keith Raniere will no longer exist except in the minds of a handful of people.

    So long, Vanguard!

  • Reading the life in this prison, it amazes me the consequences for an accused of a biased trial like this.

    Prosecution and judges do carry on their conscience the future life of so many citizens. Unless they suppress their moral guide pretending that they are the good ones.

    It is time to stop this justice system that instigates fear and punishes severely to those who do not do what they want.

    A true justice system is the basis of a society.

    If America proud itself of being the icon of justice and democracy, we must join forces to exposed this corrupt system.

    • You people act like Keith did nothing and his trail of victims—many of whom testified against him—were nonexistent.

      But what is true is that those who supported him were nonexistent when it mattered the most, including himself, who decided to ride the pine instead of taking the witness stand in his own defense.

      The prosecution is set up to work for the people. They have a right to seek recompense for the violation of the rights of the victims by prosecuting the accused just as much as the defendant has a right to defend himself.

    • There are many POC that live below the poverty line currently held on false charges, unable to hire proper defense. In New York, they languish without charges.

      If your first case that inspires activism is that of a rich white con man that escaped justice through an army of lawyers and a practice of bribing law enforcement officials in the US and Mexico, maybe just admit you’re a pedophile and rapist fan-girl/boy. That’s the reality, be honest about it.

  • As soon as I saw “Food Service”, I imagined him in a prison cafeteria, behind the counter with a hairnet, gloves and a giant spoon, each prison asks, “Master, may I have more sausage”.

    The irony of him having anything to do with others’ food portions.

    • His specialty when I knew him was adding garlic powder to box mac and cheese to spice it up. Who knows – he might be popular with the prison population as a line cook.

  • stale news. No one cares about Keith anymore. Done deal. Why not turn your investigative prowess to Trump and his family. Ask your buddy, Roger.

    • Jim,

      Please keep in mind the only people in prison are the ones that got caught and successfully prosecuted.

      There’s a few intelligent people in prison and a sea of dummies.

    • Sad. What, are you empty inside, so you have to hate others? What have you done wrong to others so you point fingers?

      • —What, are you empty inside, so you have to hate others?

        Truth be told, I am empty inside and sad. I need a beer, a cheeseburger, and a good old-fashioned two-handed blow. And an Arturo Fuente cigar at the end.

  • Maybe, just maybe, Keith can be Vanguard again?

    Sure, the pool of new students some may consider unsavory or undesirable but with Keith’s passion for humanity and building a better world, what better place to continue that pursuit than in Tucson?

    Since most of his new students aren’t lifers, they could exit the institution as members of SOP (or DOS??). No collateral will be needed from anyone because all of their major dirty little secrets are public record. Not to mention no one will mind being locked in a room for extended periods of time as it’s the only housing choice available to them.

    Same goes for having to maintain an unhealthy diet; there is no other alternative. Forced and underpaid labor, no objections from anyone there, just a fact of life.

    Group blow jobs probably achievable if absolutely necessary in the event it’s thought some students need to demonstrate their recommitment.

    The framework of readiness drills is already worked into the daily prison schedule, a few little tweaks here and there for Vanguard’s preferred readiness requirements to be incorporated, and voila, it seems all is right in NXIVM land.

    Who could have guessed that this would have all worked out so well?

    When you think about it, this place is Keith’s own perfect utopia (sans the unavailability of underage girls) with a population who don’t mind his unconventional lifestyle and could likely benefit from his tech. Let the EMs begin and …

    Viva NXIVM USP Tucson!

  • Which one of his harem will visit him first?

    All kidding aside, I hope he uses his time to get counseling and reflect on why he’s there. So he actually has to say outloud, “Yes, I was wrong. I’m sorry.”

    He needs to figure out why he’s there.

    I’m sure we’ll see him on Dateline in due time.

  • Prison sounds very dull. Are there any resources anyone knows of that represent true-accounts of life in Tucson USP? I’m wondering what the dynamic of inmates + workers really looks like.

    • Keith’s cell is in a corner in Tucson, Arizona.
      Seven slaves are on his mind…
      All are gonna scorn him,
      Judge is gonna own him,
      All I think is high damn time.

      – The Legals, a well known all attorney band.

  • I bet Keith gets “soft shoe” approval. I doubt the boots come in rodent foot size.

    What is the over/under on Vanguard starting a prison a Capella group? What would they name it?

    Simply Inhuman? The Sex Offenderettes? The Rapeable Babies?

  • I would like to send Keith a care package.

    I have a problem with inmates being assigned only 1 roll of toilet paper per week.

    It is my firm belief that Keith will suffer from episodes of diarrhea and extra pooping, due to his poor self control over the junk food he eats.

    He likely cannot exist on just 1 roll of toilet paper per week.

    Mr. Claviger has said that no exceptions are made regarding toilet paper issuance (just 1 roll per week, no matter what).

    However, I find it hard to believe that guards will let an inmate wipe his butt with bed sheets or his hands —- thereby turning his cell into an unsanitary and unlivable area.

    I believe that Mr. Claviger is lying cuz federal health codes won’t allow inmates to wipe their butts with bed sheets or their hands. It would create disease infested conditions and would be illegal.

    Anyway… I wish to send Keith a care package with extra rolls of toilet paper.

    Is that allowed? Will Frank deliver them for me during his next interview with Keith? I have extra pallets from last March when Kung-Flu first hit and caused a shortage.

    Also, in the spirit of my old pal (Joe O’Hara) I wish to send Keith a package of extra ‘macks’ so that he may barter with them and attain more prison luxuries like extra bologna sandwiches, etc.

    Also, I consider myself to be a Kung-Flu Fighter and wish to give my safest wishes to Keith. I truly hope that he doesn’t catch this horrible disease —– cuz it can cause “the sniffles” for up to 14 days and that’s kinda rough.

    • You cannot send — or bring — extra rolls of toilet paper to any inmate. But if you deposit funds into Keith’s commissary account, he’ll be able to buy some extra rolls if he needs them.

      The feds give one free roll per week to each inmate. Whether you believe that or not doesn’t change the reality of that situation.

      • Actually, KR will likely use his intense physical and mental strength to save up and dump one time per week in order to conserve paper. It’s like an Intensive for the colon.

        With what he saves, he is starting a prison newspaper complete with an advice column for the lovelorn as well as a bridal registry.

      • What happens if you can’t afford rolls? 😂

        I can’t imagine subsiding on one roll of toilet paper a week.

        That 13th Amendment sure is a

        • Just like people in other walks of life, prisoners adapt to the rules and standards of the prison in which they’re incarcerated. There is a great deal of trading that goes on with regard to commissary items — and most prisoners eventually develop what’s called a “hustle” or “side hustle”. Those are things that a prisoner can do to do earn money (i.e., “Macks”) that can be used to but more of whatever that particular prisoner needs or wants.

          • Thanks for the information! Gotta love barter economies. Barter economies have even greater inequities and disparities than money based economies. In other words a ton of hustling.

        • I wonder what the quality is and if there is a range to buy. There are cheap types that could cause papercuts if one is unfortunate then there is the more luxury kind. If multiple ply, he could split these and get double or triple the amount of uses. I don’t think Bangkok should worry too much. There will always be someone to add to his fund and keep his butt nice and clean.

      • Vanguard Raniere thinks bigger than reality.
        Vanguard is bigger than reality.
        Vanguard is above reality.
        And Vanguard is above the law.
        Everyone knows that, including the Nxivm 5.

        When is everyone else going to realize this?

    • Pious Bangkok = thoughtful, considerate, compassionate.

      Willing to share some of the “extra pallets” with Keith… demonstrates Bangkok is most suitable for Confirmation by the Catholic church!

      In light of his sometimes unintentionally belligerent attitude, he might have to work a little more on praying the rosary, however!

      It’d mean a massive educational leap for him, most certainly!

    • To keep Vanguard’s cell sanitary and clean, I recommend the following:

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  • “Normally, inmates are limited to three approved adult visitors (age 16 and over)” Frank Parlato

    Oh, no! Raniere can’t get visits from any 12, 13, 14 or 15 year old girls!

      • Yeah, Shadow – what are your crimes??? Have you ever killed a man??? You like the youngins???
        Or, are you good with the mirror exercise?

        Let’s direct “sad” towards the deserving direction.

  • The World’s Smartest Child Rapist™ will be well-fed, safe and have plenty of time to author valuable wisdom that his followers can share here on the Frank Report.

    I’d imagine The World’s Smartest Defender of Child Rape™ and Harvard-Trained Blow Job Analyst™, Suneel Chakravorty, will be proud to pass along his Vanguard’s deep thoughts.

    How lucky for the rest of us mere mortals that Keith will not be burdened by the distractions involved in running a complex, pyramid organization (NOT a pyramid scheme!) so he can focus purely on the contemplation of spiritual and philosophical data.

    He who has the most happiness wins!

    Keith is the winner of winners! The Guinness Book of World Records will be creating a new category to reflect this in their 2021 edition.

    Special thanks to the whistle-blowers, investigative reporters and federal prosecutors who made this possible!

    • Perhaps he could be a proof reader for future issues of the Guinness Book of World Records. It might inspire him.

  • Thanks for the update, Frank. I’m surprised at how quickly they moved him from Oklahoma City. I wonder if he’ll have to be quarantined again upon arrival. It seems like the BOP is really milking this Corona virus to justify anything whatsoever.

    • Oklahoma City is nothing more than a transient stop for every prisoner there except the Cadre Inmates. As soon as there’s a seat available on a Con-Air flight going in the right direction, prisoners move on.

      There does not appear to any special treatment involved in Keith getting moves to Tucson, AZ so quickly. And he’s probably happy to be have left behind the three-tier bunks at OKC.

  • “Unlike in the past, when Raniere flew on chartered planes paid for by the Bronfman sisters, during his Con Air flight, he was not free to set his own travel departure time or freely roam about the cabin”. This speaks so much about feelings. Sad, so sad.

    • Great point. Think of the extreme joy he would feel from slowly poisoning his fellow inmates. Keep him the fuck away from the kitchen!!!

    • It would be him even breathing anywhere near any food or drink that could cause a stomach to curdle, a throat to clam up, rather than to ingest anything from Raniere’s entire vibe. YUCKO. Repulsive creature, and his too, too unsanitary characteristics are obvious. Goddamn slob.

      Maybe his fellow sex offenders will get off on Flabturd’s breath and spittle, though. Fart sauce, forget the chili peppers.

      He has now officially entered into his personally earned, leading role. Raniere, limping and waddling through his very own Swan Lake. Insignificance will be his tiara. Forevermore. Rather poetic.

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