Trump Does Not Pardon Keith Raniere (No Surprise) and Other Nxivm News

In his last hours in office, President Donald J. Trump granted pardons to 73 individuals and commuted the sentences of an additional 70 individuals. Keith Raniere was not on either list.

Of course, it is not surprising Keith did not get a pardon.  As I told THE SUN last week, “The chances of Keith getting a pardon from Trump are about as likely as persuading Department of Justice prosecutors to seek justice rather than to cheat to win convictions. Slim to none.”

Scott Adams Tweets Pardon Raniere
Dilbert artist Scott Adams tweeted that Trump should pardon Keith Raniere.


Nxivm news: Nancy Salzman
Nancy Salzman gets the go-ahead to sell Clifton Park vacant lot

In other Nxivm news, Nancy gets to sell her empty lot and use the money.

Nancy Salzman’s lawyer, David Stern, requested that she be permitted to sell a vacant lot in Clifton Park, one of eight properties she used to secure her release on bail.

Stern wrote to Judge Nicholas Garaufis:

“… I write seeking a modification of her bail conditions allowing her to sell one of the eight properties encumbered as part of the bail package securing her release. With the sale of this property, Ms. Salzman will be able to continue to support herself and to cover the costs of travel and taking care of her elderly parents. This property is an empty lot located at Male Road, Clifton Park, New York, for which Ms. Salzman has a potential buyer, and she will sell the land in January, should Your Honor agree to the requested bail modification.

“During her time on release, Ms. Salzman has been a model releasee and has complied with each and every condition of her release.

“We have conferred with AUSA Tanya Hajjar and Ms. Salzman’s pre-trial officer, Bianca Carter, neither of whom object to this request.

If you have any questions regarding this application please contact my office.”

Judge Nicholas Garaufis granted Nancy’s request 

The request was granted by Judge Garaufis on January 11. These properties were not part of any seizure efforts on the part of the feds and only secured Salzman’s bail. The decision by the judge to let her sell one of the properties is not unusual. She has complied with all conditions of her release and at this point, she is unlikely to flee the jurisdiction. She still has seven other properties securing her appearances. This is an interesting development for those following Nxivm real estate news.


Screenshot of Allison Mack PSA for

Mack Made PSA for

This piece of Nxivm news is a throwback.

Some years ago, Allison Mack made a public service announcement for

In her announcement, she says: “Sex is too important not to talk about. Now’s the time to get the right answers and to make the right decisions. Whether you’re a parent or a teen, find out more at”

It is too easy to crack jokes or condemn her for this old PSA.  So I won’t do it.


Frank Parlato on Dr. Oz

I appeared on Dr. Oz on January 7th. The topic was Raniere’s alleged statutory rapes of Rhiannon and others.

I was asked, among other questions, why Raniere chose to do his first interview from prison with me.

Dr. Oz: Frank… I am sort of stunned that Keith has chosen to communicate with you now that he is in prison. You’re a big part of why he is there.

Parlato: I think he believes that I have a platform that people will listen to and I have said in response to his cry that he did not get a fair trial, that I will defend even the devil himself if it was a fight for due process. However, he has to show me where he did not get due process.

Frank Parlato on Dr. Oz January 7, 2021


Prison Lockdown Because of Inauguration/Trump Followers Uncertainty

This falls into the category of Nxivm news since we’re following Keith Raniere’s prison saga closely.

All federal prisons in the United States have been placed on lockdown as the country braces for potential violence leading into Wednesday’s swearing-in of President-elect Joe Biden, according to the Federal Defenders Services

The lockdown went into effect at midnight on Saturday, January 16th, after inmates had been secured in their cells for the night. During a lockdown, inmates are kept in their cells most of the day and visiting is canceled.

Bureau of Prisons statement) released on Saturday does not specify the length of the lockdown but says the agency was securing all of its facilities as a precautionary measure brought on by “current events occurring around the country.”

“In securing the facilities, the hope is that this prudent measure is for a short period and that operations will be restored to their prior status as soon as practical,” the agency said. “We will continue to monitor events carefully and will adjust operations accordingly as the situation continues to evolve.” The BOP acknowledged no specific information led to the lockdown nor was it in response to any ”significant” event occurring within a federal prison. The bureau is moving some of its Special Operations Response Teams to Washington, D.C., to help with security after President Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, AP noted.

BOP imposed a lockdown last June following countrywide unrest after police killed George Floyd.

Before Saturday’s announcement, federal inmates have been in a state of strict confinement since March 2020 under modified operations to contain the spread of COVID-19. Since then, most all visitation has been canceled and many inmate programs/activities suspended. More than 38,000 inmates and 3,500 staff in federal prisons have had COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, and 190 inmates and three staff members have died of the disease.

According to one former federal prisoner: “You have no idea how crazy this will make federal prisoners during the most important weekend of NFL games. Would not be surprised to hear of riots in several places.”


Servant Creator M. Night Shyamalan Is Obsessed with Cults ‘Like’ Nxivm

An article on Yahoo tells why filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan is interested in cults, and the article mentions Nxivm.

“Cult television took on a whole new meaning last year when stuck-at-home viewers got hooked on the blockbuster documentary serials The Vow and Seduced, both of which chronicled the rise and fall of the notorious NXIVM cult and its since-imprisoned leader, Keith Raniere. Those shows were the latest entries in an increasingly popular sub-genre of non-fiction series that take a deep dive into the inner workings of groups ranging from the Rajneeshpuram to Heaven’s Gate.
“Count M. Night Shyamalan among the growing population of cult TV obsessives. “I just find it endlessly fascinating,” the celebrated director of hits like The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable tells Yahoo Entertainment. ‘I got obsessed reading about [Charles] Manson and the trials, and Jim Jones — all of that stuff.’

“Now, Shyamalan has crafted his own cult story in Servant, the Apple TV+ series that debuts its second season on January 15….”

It is interesting that Shyamalan does not directly mention Nxivm in the story, but the story features Nxivm in its headline.

This is because Nxivm news is popular and attracts readers. There have been many stories of late that bring Nxivm into the headlines without the story being substantively about Nxivm. That this story, which is in essence to promote Shyamalan’s TV show, which has a cult theme, chose Nxivm for the headline.

Nxivm is growing in popularity. It is almost a phenomenon. People are getting into the Nxivm story and they know the characters, largely from the two docuseries, and perhaps a little bit from the Frank Report.

The news portion of this story is concluded.

Note to new readers: I have been telling ribald jokes about Keith Raniere for more than five years now, and it is awfully hard to stop. If you find it offensive, and many of you will, please do not read further.

Keith Bad Taste Jokes

Keith Raniere at his piano


Keith Raniere is a piano player. In fact, he said he achieved concert-level proficiency by the age of 12.  But one day they all started laughing when Keith sat down to play. Somebody should have told him he left the bathroom door open.

SOP Wife

Keith Raniere was mentoring the wife of one of the SOP men.  She left home at about midnight to see the Vanguard and came back home at 5 am.

Raniere walked her home and found her anxious husband waiting at the door.

As the wife walked into the house, Keith confided to the husband, “Your wife is a really good fuck.”

Later when he told the story to Lauren, he confessed, “She really wasn’t, but I wanted to make him feel good.”


One of his followers once asked Keith Raniere, “Why don’t suicide cults exist anymore?”

“They died out,” the world’s smartest man said.
Nxivm Keith Raniere
Keith Raniere 





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  • For me it is sad that it is so easy to destroy some life, by accusing him of such disgusting things as sexual crimes without verifiable data, not only because some angry and spiteful woman invents it. We live in a society that if a woman complains of sexual abuse, we immediately assume that she is right without finding out if it is true or not.

  • Private property is earned with effort, work and life itself to achieve a result, if NS sells your property it is your right, if the Judge authorized this action, you will surely recognize the honorable conduct of Nancy

    • Nobody controls the media, but there are hundreds of very wealthy individuals who would love to. If someone does, tell us who they are.

  • Sad that Nancy is still under house arrest … a model citizen dedicated to helping people, can’t move on with her life because of the US government.

  • Frank-

    “Magical After Effects”
    One day while Jim Del Negro and Keith Raniere were walking….
    Jim said to Kieth, “I know it sounds crazy, but every time I perform ‘cunnilingus’ on my wife I see a blue flame.”
    Raniere then replied, “but how do I taste?”

  • Good to see you looking good, Frank. Sometimes I lose sight of the fact that you’ve had your feet to the fire for many years going on decades, yourself, with all these vipers. Keep the faith.

  • I’m glad to hear they allowed Nancy to make this real estate deal. Hopefully, it takes some strain off as things get sorted out.

  • Your hair looks great, Frank. This one’s a keeper. You look slimmer; are you one of those people that hasn’t gained, but lost weight during lockdown?

  • I am sad that Trump did not pardon Raniere I feel that the trial has data that shows it was an unfair trial and I don’t think the justice system did its job to double check the information to condemn someone for the highest penalty there could be. Sad

    • I am happy Trump did not pardon Raniere I feel that the trial has data that shows it was a fair trial with due process and I think the justice system did its job as the double check of the information was Raniere’s highly paid lawyer and it is good the jury condemned someone for the highest penalty the evidence proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

  • Frank-

    Congratulations on the Dr. Oz show appearance. You have a good presence and come across well on tv.

    Loved SOP Wife! LMAO!

    Brutal and funny is my favorite kind of humor. 😉

  • I’m surprised the judge allowed Nancy to sell the lot. This is the first thing I’ve seen him grant in any of their favors.

    • That’s because you haven’t been paying attention. The judge relaxed the home confinement rules for several of them.

    • Francophile:

      The judge also allowed Nancy and Kathy Russell to meet. He also has been fairly generous in allowing Kathy Russell to stay with family out of state I believe.

  • I’m not sure what the process of a pardon is like, but I imagine it has to do with getting the highest office of the US government involved in upholding justice reform. If that’s the case, Keith Raniere should have been pardoned, his case is full of incredible problems with the process of justice, not just technicalities.

    But I imagine that the true process of a pardon has been interrupted as well, judging by what the courts have become it makes sense that pardons are actually granted on the basis of money and /or political connections. I understand I’m not revealing any new information to most people, but I think it’s worth remembering.

    • Everyone knows these pardons are bribes and favors, the only chance Keith had was for a person connected to Trump, and he burned that bridge pretty spectacularly. Imagine the favors Frank would be doing right now through his good buddy Roger Stone, if they had not been so desperately greedy and screwed over their “fixer”.

      That’s how NXIVM functioned, bribes to smooth criminal activity. Be it skilled lawyers or bribery, their money isn’t good enough anymore, only to a gaggle of drooling Renfields, looking for couch change.

    • — Statement from NXIVM 5?

      You are so rude! At least give the “5” a full day to mourn.

      Did you know, originally, the “5” were expecting Keith to shoot-blue flame form his penis and breakout of MDC.

  • This is a welcomed thought to the issue that, “Keith the monster”, needs to sit and “ROT” in jail for his crimes.

    I will appeal to the next US President NOT to pardon him either. He does NOT deserve any kind of pardons.

    ROT in HELL killer-!!!!!!!

    • I don’t believe Keith has even so much as been charged with murder. Careful throwing around accusations. It’s a slippery slope. Take the higher road. It’s ok not to like someone, but don’t spread vitriol like that so carelessly.

      • She can say what she likes as the sister of a ‘disappeared’ Nxivm victim. Why should ‘rot in hell’ offend the amoral, too clever for God squad? Pretty sure if I were an atheist that curse would be water off a duck’s back.

        Something murderous occurred in the life of Kristin Snyder, and that something was KR and his made-up religion of vitriol: Nxivm.

    An administrative security federal transfer center.



    Phone: 405-682-4075

    Fax: 405-680-4043

    Inmate Gender: Male and Female Offenders

    1,267 Total Inmates

    Judicial District: Western Oklahoma

    County: OKLAHOMA

    BOP Region: South Central Region

  • Latest Important Message. Keith Raniere has been transferred to Oklahoma City FTC.

    Register Number: 57005-177
    Age: 60
    Race: White
    Sex: Male
    Located at: Oklahoma City FTC
    Release Date: 06/27/2120

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