Sara Bronfman Now Claims: ‘She Has No Connection With Nxivm’

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Sara Bronfman

The website of Seagram heiress Sara Bronfman-Igtet [] states something brand new:

“She has no connection with NXIVM.”

That’s right on her bio – at the very end – this one single sentence appears.

“She has no connection with NXIVM.”

What exactly does that mean?

Is it a condemnation of Nxivm or Raniere? Or just a feeble attempt at distancing herself from the notoriety she has achieved by being one of the chief funders of Raniere, a man who is almost universally despised as a brander of women?

What is Sara saying by saying that “She has no connection with NXIVM”?

Nxivm is no longer an active company. The feds seized the corporation that owned Nxivm, First Principles, Inc., and its related buildings.

There don’t appear to be any active Nxivm classes. Raniere is in prison. Sara’s sister, Clare, is in prison. Nancy Salzman and other Nxivm leaders are awaiting sentencing.

It’s fair to say that no one can be associated with Nxivm today. Nxivm does not exist.

Is that all Bronfman-Igtet means?

Her bio on her website reads in part:

Sara Bronfman was born in New York City but moved to England at the age of five after her parents’ divorce. She spent her childhood with each of her parents on their respective sides of the Atlantic. Her father, Edgar Bronfman Sr., was the Chairman and CEO of Seagram’s, a company started by her grandfather… In 1987, Sara’s mother moved to Kenya…

Sara began her own business career in her early twenties, owning and operating small companies and returning regularly to her certificate studies in International Affairs at NYU. Her first full-time work experience was four years with a skydiving company, starting in sales and rising to become a partner.

[Missing here is her 16 years associated with Nxivm]

She is married to the Zurich-based entrepreneur and Libyan national, Basit Igtet.

[Missing here is any reference to her first marriage which she reportedly ended at the behest of Keith Raniere]

Sara believes strongly in the importance of the natural environment…

Sara believes that if the changes we need to make in our world are to be feasible, it will be essential for all of us to be involved – from parents and educators to entrepreneurs and politicians. Politicians can create the right legal framework, and the scientists and engineers can create the new technologies. But everybody has to play their part in putting it into practice.

She also believes in the power of natural, healthy food to feed longer, richer lives. For her, this is more than work – it is a way of life. Sara and her family are vegetarians, and promote plant-based eating as a vital step towards caring for the natural environment. She has no connection with NXIVM.

The problem with the last sentence is that it is almost meaningless. Sara does not disavow Nxivm. Neither does she offer any explanation. She does not say that it was good at the time and is thankful for the help she got from the courses she took.

She does not explain why, after all these years, she has “no connection with NXIVM.”

In the past, Sara praised Raniere. She utilized his multilingual child experiments [Rainbow Cultural Garden] on her own children.

She funded Raniere to the tune of more than $100 million.  She and her sister, the now-imprisoned Clare Bronfman, were the financial strength that enabled Raniere to bring some 40 lawsuits against former girlfriends, consultants, and former students. In addition, the sisters provided Raniere with $65 million to cover his losses in the commodities market.

Sara was as connected to Nxivm as anyone in the organization for years. Now she says “she has no connection to Nxivm” without further explanation.

Does she still support Raniere?

On stage announcing glad tidings for Vanguard.


Clare and Sara Bronfman onstage with the Dalai Lama who they brought to Albany to endorse Keith Raniere.


Clare and Sara Bronfman during the heyday of funding lawsuits against Keith Raniere’s enemies.

Her sister, Clare, said she would not disavow Raniere and the judge sentenced her to three times the sentencing guidelines. She is now serving 81 months in federal prison.

Sara is not saying where she stands at all with Raniere or with what Nxivm was or used to be or a word of support for her sister.

But for the grace of God, she would be in an adjoining cell. She was lucky to have avoided prison time herself.

Ex-Nxians Are Suing Sara and Other ‘Inner Circle’ Members

In the meantime, she is not quite done being considered as associated with Nxivm.

Bronfman-Igtet is a defendant in a lawsuit brought by some 80 former Nxivm members against Raniere and the members of his “inner circle.” That includes Sara and her sister, Clare, and actress Allison Mack.

The civil action suit seeks compensation for financial losses and emotional trauma suffered by ex-Nxians. It lists allegations of fraud, identity theft, racketeering, forced labor, and sex trafficking.

And it also claims Nxivm leadership engaged in “the unauthorized practice of psychoanalysis and mental health counseling.”

Sarah Edmondson Mark Vicente on couch
Two Plaintiffs in the civil case against Nxivm leadership: Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente

Most of the people suing Nxivm leadership are named as John Does and Jane Does. The exception is Sarah Edmondson, Toni Natalie, and Mark Vicente, who all appeared in HBO’s The Vow docuseries.

The complaint lists a staggering 928 points against the defendants. There are items like, “Not a single DOS member understood when she gave that first collateral that she was signing up for a life of servitude and sexual slavery under a cruel grandmaster and his circle of mistresses.”

Keith Raniere Black and White
Keith Raniere. The civil lawsuit is full of chilling and salacious claims against Keith and others. Example: “Slaves were prohibited from masturbating or having any sexual activity or gratification at all, and some were assigned to seduce and have sex with Raniere.”

Sara Bronfman was not a member of DOS.

As for Sara, the lawsuit says she and sister Clare “served in leadership positions and… invested their vast wealth – reportedly $150 million– to fund the operations and obstruct the ability of others to uncover the misconduct.”

Sara is also alleged to have funded the illegal human experiments conducted by Brandon Porter. He is a doctor who lost his license as a result of his role in those experiments.

She Is a Main Defendant in the Lawsuit

Out of all the defendants in the case, Sara has the most wealth.

The legal complaint paints this picture of her involvement with Nxivm at the time it was filed:

Sara Bronfman:

  • Is a member of NXIVM and former NXIVM trainer
  • Is the head of Rainbow Cultural Garden
  • Was on the NXIVM board
  • Was one-time “Master of Humanities”

It then goes on to say she:

  • Contributed millions of dollars to finance the campaign of legal terror that Keith Raniere and his followers waged against critics and witnesses.
  • Funded other aspects of the operation, including the purchase of three commercial properties used as the headquarters, administrative offices and center for operations of NXIVM.
  • She promoted NXIVM, using her social status as a recruitment tool.

Sara Once Was Proud of Her Nxivm Association

Back in 2013, Sara boasted of her connection with Nxivm/ESP.

From her bio then:

… In September 2002, after studying both in the US and abroad, interning with NFPs and NGOs and engaging in successful entrepreneurial endeavors Sara discovered Executive Success Programs, Inc. earned the prestigious positions of Director of Humanities, Regional VP and Professional Coach. Through her training with ESP and her personal and professional development Sara gained a deep understanding of:

  • The mind-body connection, human behavior, and human psychodynamics Language, communication, and emotions
  • Practical tools for achievement, success, goals, inspiration, and motivation
  •  Systems theory and organizational development
  • Personal and professional ethics

Sara inspired the creation of the World Ethical Foundations Consortium (WEFC), a highly directed non-profit initiative dedicated to furthering compassionate ethics. Their efforts garnered the support of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, among other Nobel laureates and dignitaries, for the WEFC’s initial, high profile events…

Having grown up in a family of change-makers, Sara continues the family’s philanthropic legacy. However, while her family has typically focused on Jewish causes Sara, often together with her sister Clare, seeks to find innovative, cause-oriented ways to promote the welfare of all people – supporting individuals and organizations promoting ethics, the ethical use of resources, and humanitarianism…

That was 2013.

In late 2017, Sara was fighting to support Raniere after he had been exposed for his role in DOS and was under FBI investigation.

She went on the record for the New York Times Magazine, Inside Nxivm, the ‘Sex Cult’ That Preached Empowerment in defense of Raniere and Nxivm.

After Raniere was arrested, Sara kept a low profile. Her sister Clare was arrested in July 2018, but by that time, Sara had left the US.

She made no appearances throughout the Keith Raniere trial or during her sister’s court hearings.

She moved to France, where she and her husband tried their hand at operating a resort hotel and then running a French version of Rainbow Cultural Garden.

The hotel was a flop, and they closed it and are being sued for failure to pay the lease payments on the property.

The Rainbow project was also a disaster. The people of Provence found out about her association with Nxivm and Raniere, and government officials withdrew their support of her school. It closed and reportedly she moved to Portugal.

Now she says “She has no connection with NXIVM.”

But what the hell does that mean?

Painting of Sara Bronfman by artist Marie White.

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  • What is the intention of the people who are suing Keith, the Brofman sisters and all the other defendants? Do they do it out of ethics? To receive money? What is the intention of the people who participated in HBO’s The Vow docuseries?

    • It was not honorable of the people who TOOK the money dishonestly. You are trying to apply a Raniere technique that flips the truth against those with the integrity to speak out.

  • I find Sarah pretty. Think Branson did too. Her voice is sweet. She does NOT sound mentally handicapped. How she avoided criminal charges and her desire to and having children despite her association with KAR is interesting. Compared to her sister, she is smart. I know not much of a threshold. Seems like she got away but now the civil courts will bankrupt her just like KAR’s did his enemies. Justice! Her kids will suffer from her name and reputation. And her husband will find another younger POA as soon as she can not support his world leader lifestyle.

    Her future is bright compared to her sister. At least for the next 6 years. Clare may find god or a REAL cause behind bars to support.

    Karma is a bitch.

  • Frank, is it possible you could move the authors of all articles that appear on the website to the top? Maybe after the date? Helps to know who is the person responsible for writing each article and follow our favorite authors.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Can you imagine explaining to your child someday that they were set to inherit millions and millions but you and auntie gave most of it to a child pornographer and rapist?

  • Sara is a caring and loving woman. I am saddened by the hate I see on these posts, all she is stating is the way she is deciding to live her life, on her own website . She is brave enough to open her life to the public, I don’t know how many of us are willing to do that and withstand what comes with it.

    • You come here and shill for these disgusting cultists like The World’s Smartest Child Rapist™ and his loyal sidekick The World’s Smartest Defender of Child Rape™ and Harvard-Trained Blow Job Analyst™, Suneel Chakravorty, but you don’t have the bravery to publicly identify yourself.

      What integrity did you develop from the thousands of dollars you spent on ESP/NXIVM courses?

      Your anonymity undermines every word you write–it tells the truth whether you realize it or not.

        • Only my barber knows…

          Damn, you guys have pulled the “What are your crimes” line straight out of the Scientology playbook.

          • Right?! I caught that Scientology rip-off too.

            Nxivm’s more accurate new slogan,

            “Creating a world. Very similar to Scientology, but also with branded female sex slaves”.

          • Actually it’s paraphrasing the Old Testament and New Testament.

            “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

            Fun Fact:
            Judaism and Christianity both pioneered stoning before Islam showed up. Islam unfortunately has stuck with it for an extra 1000 plus years

    • She never did her own comms. That job was farmed out to…was it Esther? She won’t be doing her own comms now it’ll be a side-bar activity for whoever she retains to do her PR.

      She is most assuredly not brave. She scuttled off and left her sister to take the punishment for what they contrived and funded, together. She clearly withstands zilch. Let’s hope her health doesn’t fail, as it’s about the only thing not entirely dependent on the vast protection of her vast wealth.

    • After knowing Sara for over 10 years, I can say she’s a kind, empathic and altruistic person. Her whole mission revolved around using her wealth to help people and causes she thought were good. She always lent me a helping hand when I needed it and added more joy and responsibility to my life.

      I am happy to have met her and am thankful for all her positive influence on me and my life. I wish her nothing but the best.

      • I also know Sara as such a loving and caring person, I’m so thankful we got to know each other a little bit over a few years.

        I think these articles are an act of violence and it breaks my heart that this is done to feed the hate against NXIVM and all the good people involved.

    • Well said. It can be quite difficult when you find the person that has been teaching you for 20 years is a phony.

      I hope she can separate the good from the bad while getting as far away from Nxivm as possible.

  • “She also believes in the power of natural, healthy food to feed longer, richer lives.

    For her, this is more than work – it is a way of life. Sara and her family are vegetarians, and promote plant-based eating as a vital step towards caring for the natural environment. She has no connection with NXIVM.”

    A much larger problem with the last sentence is that it has nothing to do with the remainder of the paragraph, unless one associates being vegetarian with a 500 calorie/day NXIVM starvation diet. Why not say she has no connection with Santa Claus instead, because we all know he eats meat. Reindeer meat.

  • Sarah is doubtlessly sick of being asked questions in regards to Nxivm.

    In addition, I wouldn’t be surprised if she is planning to hire one of those expensive companies that make negative google search results get pushed down to the bottom.

    It’s been done by many corporations.

    Great reporting Kathrine Elm!

    • “Sarah is doubtlessly sick of being asked questions in regards to Nxivm.”

      You dance with the Devil (or a devil) expect to get burnt.

      She not only “danced” with him, she and her sister organized, built, and financed a dance theater that went on for years. They were Raniere’s primary enablers for over a decade. That she is only pestered for questions when she should be in prison like her sister means she got off easy.

      She should be “branded” with NXIVM for the rest of her life.

      “She has no connection to NXIVM” is an utter joke.

      • My apologies, you must be new to the Frank Report.

        I do not like Sarah Bronfman even remotely.

        At one time I made comments/jokes about Sarah and her sister which would make a marine blush.

        I was merely providing a probable explanation.

        Sarah’s and Clare’s financing of Nxivm allowed Keith Raniere to operate with impunity, corrupt law enforcement, prosecute his enemies, bankrupt and ruin people’s lives.

      • Don’t worry Shadow! Nutjob, Scott, Bangkok, and I would all piss on you if you were on fire.

        Factoid: Urine (urea ammonia) is one of the best treatments for Jelly Fish Stings.

          • Shadow,

            Pea Onyu doesn’t have the right apparatus to put out a fire. DUH!

            Plus Nikki charges $600 for the golden shower treatment. Your Social Security checks and burgeoning .05 bottle return business can’t cover $600. 😉

          • Nice Guy, I have told Shadow but perhaps you missed it, I know the identity of Pea Onyu and it is not Nicki Clyne.

          • Frank-


            I had no idea you knew the identity of the the real Pea Onyu.

            Please tell Claviger I said hi! 😉

            BTW: If someone had told me 20 years ago I would be discussing an individual named Pea Onyu—I would have died laughing. 😉

          • Frank-

            Re Claviger:

            I said “joking”.

            Will you ever unmask Pea Onu the bane of ShaDows existence?

          • I must keep my sources confidential and it was my source who revealed the wonderful Pea Onyu’s identity to me.

          • Pea has come back. Knowing that her identity is perfectly safe from disclosure, she felt compelled to make a comment apparently. However, I must positively assert that Pea is not Nicki.

    • Sara got herself in the position that she is in. Big difference. Accountability. You are on Frank Report. Sara really caused Mr. Parlato pain. Sara doesn’t sound caring to me. Has she reached out and apologized to Frank?

    • It is perhaps an unspoken rule, amongst certain people, to treat the help at least politely. That way, you can move past their midst faster while going after what really interests or attracts you. Those who are tacitly “understood” to be the current crowd of environmentally-helpful “nonentities” can be given small indulgements from time to time, if it’s convenient, and are allowed to eat a bit of cake. That’s about it.

      The Saras don’t feel any need to give anyone who is obsequious a coin as a tip. You are Sara’s fan, after all, but hardly a significant part of the audience. It is seen and it is almost viscerally sidenoted. A sidenote. Obsequiousness carries its very own deep discount tag, and usually unawares. Smell the café latté yet?

      You are not one of these “certain people,” and that’s the only aspect of your comment that makes any sense. Some penthouse in the sky, nevertheless. Perhaps another time. But one does tend to become jaded. Yes, the view is very expensive, and it sucks.

      Otherwise, you could simply sing it out right here, right now. Goddamn. Goddamn. Goddamn the pusher.

      “But the pusher is a monster,… not a natural man.” Steppenwolf wasn’t just joking around. So many fruitflies swarm at what are essentially hallucinations, unfulfilled desires about what succes$ is supposed to look like. No one told you?

      Sara was nice. Ooh my. Lions and tigers and bears. Sad for her? Sad for those whom her actions have deceived and/or harmed? Or is it your version of “let them eat cake” as you fan Sara’s ass? Talk about a tepid little heat wave in January.

      • Forgive, please. Piano fingers have received the opposite instructions from typists. Really, from the penpoint I can spell w/o so many fumbles. Shee-™ it. Skeezix got no edit button. Y not?

        Just so you know, Frank Parlato, we have a huge puddytat named Frankie, real name Frankincense, and have known him for years longer than I haven’t known you. He is bigger than many a dawg, too. His brother Mario (Myhrr, formally) is more of a devout space cadet. Frankie, like the unmentionable 13th disciple of Jesus, gets things done.

  • A flowery recounting of a life, automatically dipped in sparkly bullshit, with the steamy stench of phoniness laced through every phrase. And then Sara squats and casually drops her singularly purposeful stink bomb as her grand finale. “She has nothing to do with NXIVM.” Nothing to do with any civil lawsuits is what she most likely means. Sara has scored. See? No criminal charges, either. Tra lalalala.

    Written in the turd person, too. This is amusing. Play on, play on. Still stuck to that leathery udder, Itget? Wahhhhh. Wah wah. What a scholar. Go ahead and switch addictions. It is about time. It is like the URGE for a new pair of shoes.

  • Give her a break.

    She’s trying to get her life straight after the debacle of Nxivm. It starts with announcing that you are no longer part of the organization.

    I’m pretty sure she’s as devastated by the fall of Nxivm as anyone else. She’ll definitely be smarting from the betrayal of her trust and lack of foresight by Mr. Raniere who, if he was practising harmlessness, should have spoken to a lawyer about and before creating DOS.

    Leaving a cult is absolutely devastating. Attendees are forced to constantly re-evaluate their belief system for many years after leaving the organization. She has to deal with the realization that a man she supported as a leader in ethics, demonstrated such unethical behaviour that her sister, as well as several sincere but naive followers, were convicted as felons for following his directions.

    I don’t believe there is anything she could say publicly that wouldn’t be attacked in a court of law. And clearly, Frank will be assailing her in the media for many years to come.

    I hope she gets some decent advice from those who can help her.

    I hope Frank has the compassion to just let her be.

  • It seems like former members of NXIVM have problems dealing with reality and the truth. It must have been all the lying and group exclusiveness they used to do for their leader.

  • Creating hollow NGOs and NFP is the Ivy League version of opening up an MLM pyramid scheme out of your garage. It allows for fluffed up resumes with job titles that mean nothing. It’s also an excellent means to launder money AND land government contracts while doing nothing. It’s the biggest scam running for a certain class.

    Sara’s new bio info is just the sort of vague PR crafted blob of silly putty, that if you press it hard enough against the newspaper, it just might gain some substance. It manages to stay in keeping with the 12 Point Mission Statement if you remember she’s speaking about HER environment for the right sort of people.

    She is involved with NXIVM as long as she stays in her sham marriage. Sara isn’t going to be the Imelda Marcos of Libya. She should try for an Eastern European oligarch next time, she’ll enjoy his “ethical humanitarianism”.

  • Let me refresh Sara’s memory: Pary 1

    Interview with Sara & Clare Bronfman About NXIVM & The Dalai Lama. 1/5 Audio Only

    Paul Vandenburgh of 1300 Talk Radio in Albany, NY, interviewed Sara and Clare Bronfman on May 4, 2009 about the Dalai Lama’s upcoming visit to the Palace Theatre in Albany on May 6, 2009. The Bronfman sisters are heirs to the Seagrams fortune and are connected with NXIVM Corporation and the World Ethical Foundations Consortium, which hosted the Dalai Lama’s visit. In this interview, Vandenburgh asks questions about the sisters’ backgrounds, their connection with NXIVM, the controversy surrounding NXIVM and the Albany Times Union’s role in the controversy.

    • If Sara bleats loudly enough in her make-believe fancy malarkey talk, maybe some fool will buy what she is trying to sell. Apparently she has driven away any truthtellers from her vicinity. She is offering smack. Like a pig. So oink oink, grunt grunt. “Herself” will not be making any unscheduled appearances. You may, however, curtsy now, as her fat ass sashays out the door. That damned assistant of hers, late with the pound cake again!

  • “I have no connection with humanity’ would be more apt. Let’s hope she can make an exception to her new rule for her Nx martyr of a sister, poor Clare.

  • Unlike The World’s Smartest Defender of Child Rape™ and Harvard-Trained Blow Job Analyst™ Suneel Chakravorty, Clare has the good sense to pretend she isn’t covered in NXIVM feces from head to toe.

    Where’s all that woman-power bravery she learned at the feet of Vanguard?

    Suneel would do well to wise up and learn what his fate holds for him.

    That goes for all the other Drinkers of Keith’s Kool-Aid™ as well.

  • It will be a good cold day in hell if the civil lawsuit gets any money out of Sara Bronfman. Her money is tied up in a trust that will be hard to tap into.

    It’s like when OJ Symptoms was sued for the wrongful deaths of his ex-wife and Goldman. He lost that lawsuit but the families got very little money due to his trust being tight as a drum.

    Don’t think the lawyers for the Bronfman’s didn’t think well ahead for such things. Same thing goes for Clare Bronfman’s money.

    Unless the lawyers for the civil lawsuit have liened any property in the United States not in a business name/trust that can be tapped into, kiss that money goodbye.

    As for the others involved in the civil lawsuit, who has money left the DOJ hasn’t taken for victims of NXIVM?

    Clare Bronfman will have to pay her fines of over 6 million, Keith Rainier 8 million has been liened by the DOJ, Nancy Salzman property she owned has been taken plus the 500,000 cash found in the house she was living in owned by Sara Bronfman taken by the DOJ, so what is left?

  • Key links: Not yet published here.

    Only one conversion was published:

    JANUARY 13, 2021
    Fred Davis Clark Jr. Southern District of Florida 480 months’ imprisonment; five years’ supervised release; $179,076,941.89 restitution (as amended) (February 22, 2016) Bank fraud (three counts); false statement in connection with federally insured loan (three counts); obstruction of official proceeding PDF Clemency Warrant Not Available Yet



    Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding Executive Grants of Clemency

    Issued on: January 20, 2021

    Stephen K. Bannon – President Trump granted a full pardon to Stephen Bannon. Prosecutors pursued Mr. Bannon with charges related to fraud stemming from his involvement in a political project. Mr. Bannon has been an important leader in the conservative movement and is known for his political acumen.

    • —Mr. Bannon has been an important leader in the conservative movement and is known for his political acumen.

      I never had a problem with Dan until he called for the chopping off of peoples fucking heads.

      When Bannon suckered a bunch of losers into donating to “Build the Wall”. Bannon did not even register illegally as a nonprofit. I thought his scheme was hilarious. He shouldn’t have gotten in trouble.

      It’s almost as hilarious as when Bannon made millions running a company that sold imaginary video game weapons to losers who played the video game War of World Craft.


      Bannon is a political operative and a businessman. He is not a saint or a hero. He’s Hillary Clinton with a dick and more business acumen.

      So what’s my point and your problem?

      Your problem is that you don’t understand what your true place in the big picture is…

      ….You don’t have one.

      “No true man worships another man.”

  • It is interesting Sara draws attention to her (past?) connection at all. I would imagine this statement provokes more questions than lays anything to rest but maybe I’m missing some context or strategy.

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