Why Dr. Danielle Roberts Will Likely Lose Her Medical License!

Things are looking bleak for Danielle Roberts D.O.

She was a follower of Keith Alan Raniere and by all accounts still adores her Vanguard. That, in itself, is bleak. But more immediate is the gloom of her upcoming hearing – at which a Board of Professional Conduct will decide whether or not she gets to keep her medical license.

The charges are severe and in cases like this, when a governmental administrative body, takes the time to level many serious charges against a licensee, it usually spells revocation of license.

In this case, Dr. Roberts’ medical license.

The NYS Dept. of Health will hold a hearing on May 4 concerning Dr. Roberts.

If the hearing takes place – which, like all hearings and meetings presently, are subject to postponement because of the coronavirus threat – evidence will be presented to determine if the doctor should be permitted to continue practicing medicine in New York State.

The hearing will be conducted before a committee and will start at 10:00 a.m., at the Offices of the New York State Department of Health, in New York City.

A stenographic record of the hearing will be made and witnesses will be sworn and examined.

Dr. Roberts can appear in person and may be represented by legal counsel. She can also bring her own witnesses – and present evidence on her behalf.

Slaves – Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, Michele Hatchette, Samantha LeBaraon and Danielle Roberts all happily branded

She might choose to bring some of the DOS slaves like Nicki Clyne, Michele Hatchette, Jimena Garza, Rosa Laura Junco and others who proudly sport the pubic KAR brand to defend her and claim they got a benefit from her services.

Dr. Roberts or her attorneys can cross-examine witnesses and examine evidence produced against her. In short, this will be a trial – without the panel acting as both judge and jury.

The hearing will proceed whether she appears or not.  Her non-appearance will almost certainly result in the loss of her medical license. That may be an eventuality anyway.

There are less drastic remedies than revocation of her license. She might earn a suspension for a set period or get some manner of probation wherein, if she does not violate any rules or commit any other offenses, she might be allowed to continue to practice.

Dr. Roberts was first authorized to practice medicine in New York State in 2009.

The main charge against her is that she branded women. Thirteen women are prepared to testify against her. Five of the women were branded on the same day – March 9, 2017.

This was the session that Sarah Edmondson attended and at which she was branded.  There was a total of six women branded at that session and five of them are complaining.

Dr. Roberts wielded the cauterizing pen that evening as part of what the Dept of Health is calling a “medical procedure” by branding female “patients,”  who they call “A” “B” “C” “D” “E”, with the initials KR/AM, and/or KR, in the pelvis region, leaving a permanent scar.

It is interesting that some of the persons branded still think Allison Mack’s initials may be scarred on their pubic region.

One of the women that was branded happened to have the same initials as Allison Mack – A-M and she thought at first it was her own initials. Later she believed they were Allison’s initials and it upset her greatly.

Though most current thinking is that the brand stands solely for Keith Alan Raniere, there are some who think Raniere may have designed the AM in the brand in order to deflect from himself and let Allison take the fall if there was ever a problem.

The ethicist [Raniere] could then claim that the initials are A-M – and, as we know, Allison claimed she came up with the branding idea in an interview with the New York Times Magazine.  Lauren Salzman testified that Allison did not create the branding idea but said so to take the fall for Raniere.

It is interesting that NYS intends to prove that Dr. Roberts was acting as a doctor when she performed the branding even though one does not need to be a physician in NYS to brand or tattoo people.

As mentioned above, the first part of her charges arises out of the branding session where Edmondson and five others were branded – – a total of eight women in a room – at Allison Mack’s apartment.

Allison was not present.

These were Lauren Salzman’s slaves. Lauren was present. Evidently, Lauren is not taking part in the hearing. Unlike the other slaves, Lauren was dressed, as was Dr. Roberts. The slaves in this zany and brutal session were completely naked and took turns holding each other down while each, in turn, was branded.

One naked woman to hold down each of the four limbs of the “brandee”, and one naked woman to film the branding with special emphasis on the vagina and the squirming of the women being branded– for Raniere’s delectation.

Here is how Lauren Salzman described the session in court.

L: So, they came to my house. I asked them to come in staggered times so they wouldn’t know who each other were and I put them in different rooms of my house and I asked them to remove their clothes and blindfold themselves and then I led them downstairs to my living room where they sat in a circle and then they were able to take off the blindfold and see each other, who each other were, and I did a candle lighting ceremony with them, you know, to initiate them into their circle.

“Then they got dressed. We all had dinner and we went over to Allison’s house to do the branding. They took about an hour putting on their stencils, figuring out where they wanted the brands, etc., and then we went from there and their branding ceremony was similar to what I described in mine except they were fully naked all of them except me and Danielle.

Dr. Danielle Roberts did the branding

Q [Tanya Hajjar]   What did you tell them about the brand?

A   I told them it was a symbol, an abstract symbol.

Q  What about the size?

A  I had told them originally my understanding was the brand was supposed to be one inch by one inch and that’s what I believed it would be. When I was branded there had been an error that was made somewhere and my brand is much larger than that. It’s probably like two and a half inches by three inches and it was supposed to have been corrected by the time my girls were to be branded but it wasn’t and so their brand is larger than that as well. I’m not sure exactly the measurements but it is bigger than an inch by an inch, but I told them it was going to be an inch by an inch believing that’s what it was, that’s the size that all the sisters in my circle, the first line DOS masters all have an inch by an inch and myself and only a few have a much bigger one.


Q   Who was the first to be branded?

A   Jimena.

Q   And was the branding filmed?

A   Yes, they all were filmed.

Q   Who filmed Jimena’s branding?

A   I don’t recall specifically who filmed Jimena but I think it was Sarah because Keith texted me in the middle of it and she saw the text so after that they weren’t filmed on my phone anymore or soon after that they weren’t filmed on my phone anymore.

Q   And the text you received, what was that regarding?

A   It was regarding a meeting of the first line DOS masters that Keith held in the middle of the branding ceremony, so I had to stop the branding ceremony to go to that meeting and then come back.

Q   How did Jimena react?

A   Jimena, it was really very overtly emotionally expressive, like she responded very expressively to the pain.

Q   What does that mean?

A   Like she was squealing and screaming and it looked horrendous. It was. She demonstrated what she felt and her reaction was particularly intense.

Q   At some point did she ask for some kind of cloth?

A   Yeah, she asked for or somebody offered her something to bite down on.

Q   Did it look scary?

A   It looked really scary. What Jimena was demonstrating looked very scary. It was frightening to see, it scared the other girls.

Q   You said that ceremony was interrupted at some point; what happened?

A   I had to leave to go to the first line meeting so, and Carola wanted to leave to go feed her daughter, her baby, and so Carola and I left. I … dropped her off to feed her daughter and then I went to the first line DOS meeting and then like an hour later we went back.

Q   Who was next to be branded after Jimena?

A   Audrey went second.

Q   And after that?

A   Sarah.


Q   Your DOS slaves, were each of their branding ceremonies filmed?

A   Yes.

Q   What was Sarah’s branding like, can you describe that?

A   … Sarah did and told the other girls as well to use like yoga breathing to help through the process so she was much quieter. She did her yoga breathing. She handled it …  comparatively much better than the other girls did and I was very proud of her at the time. In all of the branding ceremonies there was, you know, some degree of laughing and joking and different things to try to make it seem a little less awkward…  I coached them all through the process. So, there was that in the branding ceremony, me encouraging her, touching her, helping her through the process.

Q   Who did the branding?

A  Danielle.


One woman who was branded at that session apparently is not testifying against Dr. Roberts. She appears to be still deep in the thrall of her glorious master. She is Jimena Garza.

Jimena Garza Davila

The charges are that Roberts by branding the women the way she did  “deviated from accepted standards of care” and as follows:

  1. Respondent performed the medical procedure upon Patients A -E in an other than appropriately sterile environment, and/or without appropriate infection control, and/or without the use of sterile technique, including the surgical field, surgical procedure room, multiple use of a cautery pen tip and electrical grounding pad, and documented electrical testing and maintenance upkeep of the cautery device.
  2. Respondent performed the medical procedure without the use of a local anesthetic or general anesthesia, thereby causing Patients A-E to suffer pain for no legitimate medical purpose.
  3. Respondent performed the medical procedure upon Patients A-E with non-medically trained personnel present, who were not wearing personal protective equipment.
  4. Respondent performed the medical procedure upon Patients A-E with the assistance of non-medically trained personnel who physically restrained said patient.
  5. Respondent failed to cease performing the medical procedure despite the fact that Patients A-E was suffering pain without medical justification.
  6. Respondent, during the course of the medical procedure, willfully physically abused Patients A-E.
  7. Respondent performed the medical procedure upon Patients A-E at the time when said patient was naked and while being held down by other individuals, who were also naked, contrary to any appropriate medical protocol or need.
  8. Respondent inappropriately performed the medical procedure upon Patients A-E while an individual who was also naked utilized a cell phone to video said medical procedure. [The naked slaves took turns filming each other].
  9. Respondent failed to provide appropriate wound care for Patients A-E at the time of the medical procedure, and thereafter.
  10. Respondent failed to provide appropriate follow-up medical care and treatment for Patients A-E’s wounds, and/or failed to refer Patients A-E to another medical provider for such post-medical procedure wound care,
  11. Respondent inappropriately advised, or caused another individual to advise, Patients A-E to take photographs of the wound caused by the medical procedure on a daily basis for one month and once a week for another month, and to thereafter send such photographs to an individual who shared all or some of said photographs with the Respondent.
  12. Respondent failed to provide appropriate medical care and treatment for Patients A-E, including obtaining information regarding said patient’s medical history and current medications.
  13. Respondent failed to prepare and/or maintain appropriate medical records for the patients which accurately reflected the evaluation and treatment of Patients A-E.
  14. Respondent fraudulently failed to disclose to Patients A-E that the initials KR/AM and/or KR said Respondent branded into the pelvis region of Patients A-E represented the initials of Keith Raniere and/or Allison Mack.
  15. Respondent performed the medical procedure upon Patients A-E without having obtained the adequate informed consent of Patients A-E.

To me, the case hinges on whether Dr. Roberts was actually practicing medicine or not. The fact that the NYS claims she suggests they have already decided that she was acting as a physician when she performed the cruel and bizarre branding sessions. This suggests they have already decided she is going to lose her license.

This is a high profile case and public sympathy is against Roberts [and Nxivm]. That does influence administrative decisions in the real world.

In addition to the branding session for Lauren’s slaves, Dr. Roberts also went about branding other slaves from January 2017 through December 2017.

The latter date is astonishing and shows how stupid both Dr. Roberts and her Vanguard are.

In June 2017, Frank Report broke the branding story and it caused a fallout in membership.  Numerous slaves escaped risking the release of their collateral.

There was only one branding session in the following month – a group of Mexican slaves who came up to Albany under the command of Jimena Garza, leader of the Monterrey Nxivm center.

Jimena is married to Omar “Cuckie’ Boone who has demonstrated his pride in his wife sporting the initials of Raniere on her pussy.

Jimena Garza with her husband Omar ‘Cuckie’ Boone. Both have earned the green Nxivm sash. Garza has Keith Raniere’s initials one inch from her vagina as a symbol of lifelong obedience to Keith Alan Raniere.

Omar and Jimena are co-owners of the Monterrey Nxivm center. They were partners with Emiliano Salinas and Alex ‘El Duce” Betancourt who have since left Nxivm.  [El Duce is so named because Keith Raniere told him he was Benito Mussolini in his past life.]

Emi and Alex

After that last June branding session with Jimena, DOS was on hiatus for a time, as Frank Report pounded away at DOS and Nxivm in general.

Jimena Garza was promoted to the green sash after getting six women branded in June 2017. In October 2017, the New York Times made Raniere and his branding exploits famous to the world.  The FBI began to investigate by November and Raniere fled to Mexico in late November, followed later by several of his first line slaves, such as Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, Lauren Salzman, and Loreta Garza.

Clare Bronfman funded the adventure.

Lauren testified that she thought it was a bad idea to restart DOS considering that the  FBI was on his tail. But Raniere knew better and got Dr. Roberts to get out the branding pen again. She wielded it one more time [for the good times] in December 2017.

In addition to branding, Dr. Roberts, like her colleague in stupidity, Dr. Brandon ‘Mengele’ Porter, who already lost his medical license, is accused of suspicious behavior at Vanguard Week 2016.  Roberts was present when an outbreak of some contagious disease occurred and like Mengele, she kept it a secret in contravention to her duty as a physician.

Gathering of happy Nxians at V-Week

NYS alleges, “During the time from on or about June 2016 through August 2016, NXIVM and/or the Executive Success Program (ESP) conducted a conference and/or meeting at the Silver Bay Conference and Family Retreat Center (Conference Center), located in Silver Bay, New York. The Respondent and approximately 438 other individuals attended the conference, including approximately 76 children. During the course of the conference, hundreds of the attendees became severely ill with an undetermined communicable disease. The individuals who became ill suffered inter alia, flu-like symptoms, severe vomiting and diarrhea. The Respondent had knowledge of the fact that many individuals at the conference had become ill. The Respondent knew or should have known that the illness suffered by the attendees at the conference was a communicable disease, outbreak of a communicable disease, and/or an unusual disease or outbreak. Respondent’s conduct deviated from accepted standards of care as follows:

  1. Respondent failed to report a disease outbreak or unusual disease to the State Department of Health as required by Title 10 N.Y.C.R.R. Section 2.1(c).
  2. Respondent failed to report the suspected or confirmed case of communicable disease, outbreak of communicable disease, and/or the unusual disease or outbreak to the city, county, or district health officer as required by Title 10 N.Y.C.R.R. Sections 2.10 and 2.1(b) and (c).
  3. Respondent failed to report by telephone, facsimile, or other electronic communication, or in person the illness of the attendees at the conference suspected or confirmed to have been caused due to the consumption of spoiled or poisonous food to the city, county, or district health officer, in violation of Title 10 N.Y.C.R.R. Section 2.15.
  4. Upon being made aware of the fact that attendees at the conference might have been suffering from a communicable disease, the Respondent failed to cause such individuals to be isolated in an appropriate environment, pending official action by the health officer, in violation of Title 10 N.Y.C.R.R. Section 2.27.

The beautiful grounds of Silver Bay where V-Week was held.

This was the Vanguard Week [2016] which I believe was supposed to “kill off” Pam Cafritz [she died three months later].  I suspect the outbreak was no accident but that Raniere and possibly Brandon “Mengele” Porter may have introduced something into the food or water for the rank and file Nxivm members.

For Raniere, it was perhaps the thrill of killing Pam and for Mengele Porter a chance to see how an outbreak is introduced in order to determine how different people react.

It could be a coincidence, but none of the High Rank, including Mengele Porter and DoDo Roberts, D.O. got ill.  Lauren, Nancy, Keith, Mariana and others close to Raniere were all untouched by the illness that felled almost everyone else. [They ascribed it at the time to their superior resistance to disease caused by their superior understanding of Raniere’s tech.]

Keith Raniere at V-Week

The specific charges against Roberts are that she committed professional misconduct by

  1. Willfully abusing patients
  2. Moral unfitness to practice medicine
  3. Failing to use scientifically accepted barrier precautions and infection control practices
  4. Practicing the profession fraudulently or beyond its authorized scope
  5. Gross negligence
  6. Gross incompetence
  7. Willfully failing to file a report required by law or by the Department of Health
  8. Willfully or grossly negligently failing to comply with substantial provisions of federal, state, or local laws, rules, or regulations governing the practice of medicine
  9. Performing professional services which have not been authorized by the patient
  10. Failing to maintain a record for each patient which accurately reflects the evaluation and treatment of the patient.

With 10 charges against her, she is cooked. The NYS Dept. of Health does not call an administrative hearing with more than a dozen witnesses and 10 separate charges unless they plan to go for revocation.

Dr. Roberts can appeal it administratively but that is less than futile. After all her schooling and efforts, Dr. Roberts threw it all away by following the beast.

I heard one sad story about Dr. Roberts. It was one of those fateful moments where decisions are made that alter one’s future irrevocably.

Danielle had a long time boyfriend. And he noticed her distancing herself from him and spending all her efforts serving Raniere.

He told her it had to be either him or Raniere.  She could not have both.

She said that while she loved her boyfriend, who had been her dear friend for years, she adored Keith too much and needed to sacrifice all for his noble mission. She could never leave him.

The boyfriend told her he was moving out and leaving her and I am told they both wept that day

She has plenty of reasons to weep now. She will almost certainly lose her medical license and because of her notoriety, will not easily be able to find good work anywhere in the USA. Criminal charges may also come out of this.  She may be accused of assault and battery arising out of evidence that comes out at her hearing.

It sounds too flippant to say “Viva Executive Success!” though it is certainly appropriate.

What made otherwise intelligent women, educated women, affluent women, think that by allowing another person to do their thinking for them that they would find salvation?





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  • I hope to hell this narcissistic witch loses her license and gets criminal charges too. I watched the Dateline segment on this, and wanted to punch her very punchable, smug, very old-looking for 38 mug.

  • Truth is, Frank hasn’t brought enough journalistic heat on Danielle Roberts.

    He’s let her slide away too often. He writes maybe 2 or 3 stories on her per year.

    He has failed to bring local media attention on her.

    He has failed to persuade local Albany stations to report on this evil woman.

    AnonyFaker has also failed to attempt to put flyers up near Danielle’s places of business and her neighborhood, to let neighbors know who she is.

    AnonyFaker is too lazy to expose Danielle cuz he’d rather jerk off to Coronavirus deaths with JJ O’hara.

    Those 2 guys are queer for each other over Coronavirus.

  • Something always seemed to be odd or off in that photo of Jimena Garza and her husband Omar Boone.

    PC Alert! PC Alert! My observations will feature gender stereotypes. If you are offended by this, don’t read.

    Ms.Garza is sitting with her legs open, like a man. He is sitting with his legs crossed, which while not necessarily womanly, is in contrast to her open leg stance. Ms. Garza is putting her arm around Mr. Boone’s shoulder, like a man would do. A woman would usually put her arms around a man’s waist. She is sitting up straight. He is leaning into her shoulder and grasping her thigh. The photo is the exact opposite of the way a man and a woman usually pose.

    I suppose one could draw all sorts of inferences from this picture. It does seem to show that Boone is no alpha. Which is the way Keith wanted it.

    • The sexual role reversals apply to all of the NXIVM men and women. Raniere cried and ran into a bathroom, Jim what’s his name got raped by a little woman, all the women were bad-a$$ warriors (only in their minds and only until law enforcement with their automatic weapons showed up). The whole thing is sick as f*ck, exceeded only by all of the cowardly commenters too scared to use their real names on this website. LOL

    • Holy crap, those are good observations. That picture seemed odd, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

      Oddly, too– she has another man’s initials forever on her privies for her husband to see, yet he doesn’t seem to care.


  • I wonder how many women in NXIVM DOS are happy with the havoc they have wrought in so many lives.
    Is Allison Mack, now under home arrest, happy with all of the people she has hurt with her insanity?
    Is Nicki Clyne happy with all of the people she has hurt with her madness?
    Of course Keith Raniere does not give a damn.

  • I don’t believe she acted with malicious intent. I do believe she was honestly seeking to be harmless. Or to mitigate risk to the foolish “bad ass bitches” who wanted to show they could take it.

    It’s a shame her initial desire to help and serve will now be used to hurt her career.

    Keith Raniere was a weak and failing teacher who could talk the talk, but not walk the walk. He had to hide his lasciviousness because he hadn’t mastered purity. – a fundamental requirement of adept-ship or “mastery”.

    And now all those well intentioned souls who followed him ” down that well worn road paved with good intentions” will suffer because of his stupidity and arrogance.

    At it’s core, there was no criminal intent in the good doctors actions. I hope she gets off with a reprimand.

    • It’s unlikely she’ll have to strip naked for her hearing or be held down by an equally naked panel, before receiving a judgment brand: C for culpable or an NC for non-culpable. So even if her license IS revoked, that’s still a mere reprimand. She can earn back her professional respect if she is so inclined.

    • Seriously? Seeking to be harmless? By branding women without any anesthesia while they are held down naked on a table?
      What a saint she must be to help women in such a loving way. /s

    • “Is Samantha Lebaron branded? Is she still a KR supporter?” NXIVILLE OBSERVER

      For a time recently Samantha LeBarn shared a Brooklyn townhouse with Nicki Clyne and Michelle Hatchette.
      I guess that’s a “YES!”

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