Bangkok: Kristin Snyder and Gina Hutchinson Probably Committed Suicide Period; No Need to Blame Raniere

Kristin Snyder

The following drivel is by Bangkok and if anyone is wondering why I publish this nonsense, it is because it gives me an opportunity to comment on its absurdity. My comments and clarifications on this blather will be in [brackets and in bold.]

By Bangkok

This is in response to Heidi: Was It Assisted, Hypnotically-Induced Suicide for Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder?

With all due respect to Heidi, since I know it’s tough to lose a family member, this whole theory of hypnotically-induced suicide is simply unrealistic.

Frank’s own investigation into these 2 deaths was never a serious one since he was NEVER open to seeing where the evidence actually led.

Out of a sense of revenge, Frank’s been trying to frame Keith for these two deaths by stretching the flimsiest of evidence WAY past its breaking point —– while simultaneously using “mental gymnastics” to squeeze a square peg into a round hole.

Gina Hutchinson


Kristin Snyder – her body was never found.

Unlike Frank, I’ve actually gotten the opinion of real law enforcement personnel about the evidence Frank uncovered. They agree with me. Based on the evidence, it likely wasn’t Keith (or anybody from NXIVM) who had anything to do with either woman’s death.

Frank’s whole reputation depends on Keith being guilty of these 2 deaths.


Because if the investigation pointed to somebody other than Keith (or NXIVM), then Frank would have EGG ON HIS FACE for having wasted so much time & effort shouting that Keith was the culprit on several television shows.

[I didn’t actually shout.]

The Lost Women of Nxivm on ID Network

Frank is a biased party now, not a real investigator looking to uncover the TRUTH about what happened to these 2 women.

Here’s [sic] a few pieces of common sense…

1) If Keith or NXIVM had anything to do with Kristin’s death, they’d have NEVER tried to COLLECT MONEY by billing her spouse immediately after she disappeared. Why not? Because a murderer who’s looking to avoid being investigated (for murder) WILL NEVER make themselves a visible target for police. Instead, they’d just remain silent and NEVER contact anybody from Kristin’s family again. Money owed to somebody is a TOP motive that police investigate when somebody dies.

That’s just common sense and the law enforcement officers I spoke with agreed with me. It’s a pity that Frank can’t speak with any law enforcement officers to get their REAL opinions.

2) If Keith or NXIVM had anything to do with Kristin’s death, they would have NEVER hired a private investigator to try and PROVE SHE’S STILL ALIVE (by following her spouse around while trying to catch Kristin meeting with her). Duh, Frank. Nor would they ‘harass’ her spouse and bring attention to themselves IF they really killed her.

[I think Keith Raniere was cagy enough to have hired  – with Clare Bronfman’s money – private detectives to pretend to search for Kristin Snyder, knowing she would never be found, to help sell his community on his story that she did not die. I am not saying he knew she was dead. But the private detective effort might have been for show.] 

3) Kristin’s spouse, Heidi Clifford, had the strongest motive for murder —– after finding out that Kristin was fucking Keith and possibly even pregnant by him. That’s something she could never do for Kristin since she’s got no sperm to impregnate her with.

[Heidi said she did not believe Kristin Snyder when she told her she was pregnant. Kristin was growing increasingly erratic and reportedly said many wild, improbable things. One of which was, reportedly, that she was responsible for the implosion of the Space Shuttle Columbia. If Heidi did not believe Kristin about her alleged pregnancy, she would not have been terribly jealous of Keith.]

FYI: Same sex relationships often produce “extreme jealously” when one of the parties starts fucking a member of the opposite sex. Ask any police officer about the rage it can generate.

4) Kristin’s spouse knowingly LIED to police about Kristin’s pregnancy because she was afraid it might make her look guilty. LOL. Yeah, it does. Murderers often lie. People with nothing to fear don’t lie to police in a death investigation.

[On the other hand, Heidi might have told me the truth about not mentioning the pregnancy. She said she did not think it was true and it might point suspicion on herself needlessly. Since Kristin was babbling many other things, Heidi told me she was quite certain it was suicide at the time. She said she did not want to give police information that might make them think Kristin’s suicide was murder and that she might have done it.  It appears none of the Nxivm members who were interviewed told the police about Kristin’s pregnancy claims either, for it is not mentioned in any police reports.]

5) Kristin’s spouse threatened to throw all of Kristin’s belongings into the garbage (just days after her death) IF her sister didn’t come to pick them up quickly. A loving SPOUSE doesn’t do that within days of losing their LIFE PARTNER. Only a sociopath does that.

[Ms. Clifford denies this threat to throw out Kristin’s clothes and said it is a fabrication]

6) Ms. Clifford sold Kristin’s truck within weeks of her disappearance and she has never PROVED that she gave that money to NXIVM (she likely kept it herself). Again, that’s not something a sane person does. A sociopath does that.

[Ms. Clifford told me she did give the money to Nxivm because she wanted to have every bill paid and not leave anything unsettled for her late spouse.]

7) Ms. Clifford knew about the place where Kristin disappeared. However, I seriously doubt that NXIVM personnel knew about Kristin visiting that distant spot.

[A Nxivm class member, Nina C., knew that Kristin used to visit Resurrection Bay. Her boyfriend had a cabin there. And, according to police reports, it was known by Mike Miller of Miller’s Landing that Nina was a friend of Kristin’s.] 

8) Ms. Clifford was the last person to see Kristin alive.

[This is stated without evidence. The last known person to admit they saw Kristin alive is Elaine Smiloff, who said she drove Kristin home from the Westmark Hotel. Ms. Clifford said she saw Kristin for the last time when Kristin left the Westmark Hotel with Elaine Smiloff.]

Frank refuses to even consider any of these anomalies BECAUSE his reputation is now heavily invested in Keith being guilty.

Ms. Clifford is the likely guilty party.

[What was her motive? Anger over sex with Keith? But she said she did not believe Keith actually did have sex with Kristin. Insurance money? The life insurance policy, I was told by Heidi was quite a small sum.]

As for Gina’s death, I can only surmise that IF Keith had the ability to force people into suicide via hypnotic suggestions, he’d have used that power on a LOT more people than just 1 or 2.

Keith’s estranged “baby mama” is a far greater enemy of his than Gina was, yet he didn’t ‘suicide’ her.

[Kristin Keeffe is the baby mama of his eldest son. She has said that before she left Nxivm in 2014, she thought Keith was trying to kill her. After she left, she thinks it is possible that the two kayakers sent to spy on her in the Florida Keys might have planned to kill her and make it look like a suicide. She also thought it was possible that the spies’ use of a kayak would be in the Raniere playbook since Kristin Snyder purportedly committed suicide in a kayak.] 

Toni Natalie is a greater enemy of Keith’s than Gina was, yet he didn’t suicide her.

[Toni Natalie said that Keith caused the suicide of her brother, John, evidently using the same kind of techniques purportedly used on Gina and Kristin. However, Toni’s brother’s live-in girlfriend told me that he did not commit suicide; he died of a heart attack, was not depressed, had not spoken to Keith in years, and in fact had not spoken to Toni in two years.]

Even Barb Bouchey was a greater enemy of his than Gina was, yet he didn’t suicide her.

So it’s just not likely that Keith has such hypnotic powers.

[For a guy without hypnotic powers, he sure has had a lot of people following him in ways that seem oftentimes against their own best interests.]

Besides, Gina never crossed him. She was loyal to him. She wasn’t in a position for Keith to want her dead. Whereas Toni had crossed Keith BIGTIME and if he was gonna suicide somebody, she’d be first on his list.

Toni Natalie

[Bangkok is ascribing normal motives for murder. However, if Keith is the true psychopath that some claim he is, he would not necessarily murder someone because they were opposed to him. He might murder or cause someone to commit suicide because he could do it, because it would be a thrill. I am not saying he did this, but that he may have had another motive, pure pleasure at someone’s destruction.]

I view Gina Hutchinson’s death as a tragic suicide from a girl who was getting older and maybe hadn’t found her place in the world yet.

She wasn’t married and had lost Keith as her boyfriend and probably felt lonely.

Gina Hutchinson, 33, was found shot to death in Woodstock NY. Was it suicide? Her story is covered in The Lost Women of NXIVM true crime documentary.

I view Kristin’s death as EITHER

1) A crazy girl who killed herself


2) She was murdered out of jealously by her spouse.

Kristin was going bonkers near the end and was not a mentally sound person at that time.

I challenge anybody to refute my facts.


Frank, if you’re gonna delete this post to keep my point of view silent again, why not just delete whatever lines offend you instead of deleting the whole thing like you usually do?

You grandpa-aged geezer! 🙂

[I did not delete any lines from your screed.]

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  • Hey Frank thanks for explaining why you are posting this. I wondered. Anyway I watch a very good lady called “Live Abuse Free” on youtube, who seeks on abuse and narcissistic type personalities. She has a new video out 6 differences between covert and overt narcissists.

    She has covered the Chris Watts case heavily because people are so confused about how a shy quiet guy that he appeared to be, could be such a monster that he murdered his pregnant wife killing not just her but his only son, and then murdered his tiny daughters not once but twice, trying to suffocate them in their sleep the being surprised they were still alive when they “woke up” he carried them to an oil site and shoved their bodies in oil tankers. Which were barely large enough to put their little bodies in.

    Keith is quiet too, and keeps a so-called calm demeanor,, so I imagine that helped him as he was not this screaming type of psychopath but like Watts focused all his attention on victims until he tired of them, and replaced his narcissistic supply with new victims.

    I also see avoidant personality disorder traits in Watts, as he ticks off everything in DDM 6 on on avoidant personality disorder which is having a high need to be seen as the good guy, very wrapped up in what others think, and so on.

    Chris Watts heavily pursued his murdered wife who was sick and vulnerable from her 1st divorce, although she had told him she was not interested, he tried to appear as the nice quiet, patient guy in shining armor that rescued her. He did not move for hours and hours when she feel asleep on his lap as her mother said she had problems sleeping due to lupus and fibromyalgia. He loved being seen as that guy and got lots of praise from her and her family and others for doing these type things, even though she told him again and again she was not interested.

    When people do this quiet pressure type of method which is a much more insidious type of brainwashing and abuse, it may not seem as threatening as when you get a screamer who makes threats and yells. You would probably avoid someone like that, who screams or makes loud scenes.

    It is more insidious because you believe they are good and their quiet demeanor comes across as being seen as calm and level headed, slow to anger, etc. I often wonder what Raniere’s relationship was like with his sick mother, and were their parallels like with Chris Watts and his mother who I think despises yet is also conflicted with on his feelings and tries to please her or be her golden boy.

    I wish you could dig up more about his mother, because something in his past made him the way he is. It would be interesting to see the dynamics and what I heavily suspect is dysfunction between them and also to see the dynamics between he and his his father. I have not heard anyone gong over his family of origin and how that affected him.

    He created a new family so to speak, with his harem of women who were very motherly to him. and I would think psychologically that would be telling, as usually all dysfunction leads back to family of origin.

    And maybe interviewing close relatives who could tell you what he was like and what his relationships with his close family were like. She was sick and he was her “caregiver” and she dies when he is 18. I find it more than interesting all his women he lived with died of cancer. Maybe he feels the need to recreate the role of all alleged caregiver, like he was to his mother and poisoned them to recreate that relationship with his mother. Because he resents them too. It’s just a hypothesis.

  • Bangkok, I challenge your style of argument. I can follow what you’re saying but your use of absolutes (e.g., “NEVER”, “People with nothing to hide don’t lie to police”) weakens the whole thing because all I need to do is find one counter-example and then you’re wrong. It would be far more persuasive to represent these as generalizations and show that adding up all the generalizations leads any reasonable person to your conclusions.

  • Bangkok,

    You are wrong. Heidi’s sister may have been mentally tortured and hypnotized into depression.

    BTW: I could see your parents committing [redacted] to escape you or they might even follow Moses’ mom’s trick and drop you over Niagara Falls.

  • Last thing on this pathetic post, promise; as GSC I believe once noted, my “guilt by association” may have extended into the realm of Frank’s association with Roger Stone. By the looks of the ‘prompts’ involved.

    Finally, as a reminder, I believe new blog platform slander and hate speech laws are now in effect and I’d hate to see FR shut down so, Bangkok, whoever and wherever you are, STFU please.

  • If you had a loved one, life partner, wife, husband, someone you traveled the world with, camping, hiking, wilderness experiences; someone you over time grew to not only love but deeply trust and regard as reliable.

    Then, after getting to know each other even more from a personal growth training you shared, they left or disappeared. How long would you look for them? How long would it take you to accept they are gone?

    How many weeks, months or years would you keep looking, wondering questioning… what happened?

    Would you struggle to choose a date for their funeral? Their service?

    Frank, have you considered that her funeral was planned and announced in the newspaper within the week of her disappearance. You don’t think that’s strange? I

    • I asked Heidi why she seemed to rush the funeral and/or the death certificate on Kristin. She told me she thought that Kristin had indeed committed suicide at Resurrection Bay but that should it not be the case, if Kristin ever showed up again, alive, that it would not be difficult to undo the death certificate and have a coming back party.

      On the other hand, if she did not come back and could not come back, why prolong the agony for months or years — get closure.

      • Why prolong the search? Because you love them.

        Why wouldn’t you want to struggle for the love of your life partner.

        Even a staged suicide or an attempted suicide is a cry for help. Would you give up that search and struggle when there’s so much missing information? So many unanswered questions? Would you give up that quickly? Really?

      • [Note for moderator – in my first comment that starts with “If you had a loved one,” it looks like you published my text twice within the same comment, could you please fix it? Thanks.]

          • [Yes, it begins with “If you had a loved one” from Jan 1 at 11:59pm. I wrote / submitted the full text once but it appears in the comment twice. Thanks.]

          • I took care of it. I do not know how that happened, but the comment did appear as it was originally published. Maybe somehow it was accidentally duplicated. Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

    • I agree, Crucible, I cannot get my head around the speed at which Kristin’s death was accepted as so, especially under the circumstances with so many ulterior forces in play. In my experience, the only thing folk will move to bury very f*cking fast is the truth.

  • May I say Bangkok is one small reason i stick around this menagerie. I will disagree with some, not all of your statements. I do believe by Nxivm/Esther and company collecting a dead womans debt from Clifford (which was actually paid in full) reminds me of those killers who return to the scene of the crime.

    • Peaches, nice analogy but your advice on Bangkok is the pits. Toxic. And the year is now 2021, new laws made just for the Schlock and Bangkok enablers of the free world, in effect, if your fuzzy on that.

      Last, last thing, that EGG ON YOUR FACE, Bangkok refers to reminds me, Frank, did you ever use those graphics we were working on with egg on Kirstin Gillibrand’s face in a spoof on the NDNY’s failure to investigate NXIVM last November at your place? Great concept, if I say so myself. But flea bag motels beat the hell out of sand fleas and gators and word of Mexican cartel massacres on acquaintances of Kristin Keeffe…

      Or is that EGG thing another prompt to try to make me look nuts for associating what’s in my environment, on my puter, etc. with Bangkok’s statements?

      Or IDK, an actual THREAT, or what? Diversion? (Did I leave anything off the list of motives? Oh yeah, coincidence…I think NOT. But I majored in music theatre, not criminal justice.).

  • I think you a misoginystic something gross Bangkok.

    How Many whistleblowers of cults do you know?. exactly ! So that’s the only credentials that Frank needs. She is Up.there with fionna barnett Regina louf, or Nicole . You need to be Brave, but also intelligent and noble to not run and hide of these things. You have to fight a fight that you know you are not going to win knowing that if you fail, you die in a horrible way ro.they destroy you un some other fucked Up manner. Now your conclusions are at best, ignorant, of not maicious . You project quiet a lott. 5 deaths related to cult leader that confessed in a death threat that he has killed by his ideals?

    You have to be stupid to not investigate. Or Evil. So you put all.thes assumptions, that are quiet superficial, like the spouse is the obviuos murdered! Why? Becasue she is a lesbian and she líed, fighting a cult. If you had met the bronfmans and Raniere wouldnt that be really frighting? That she is a lesbian is way less supsiciuos than being a fucking luceferina cult leader that wanted to rule the world you know? Now, snyder died after yelling she was.pregnant .

    We know that Raniere , Cafritz and probably the bronfmans where experts in forcing abortions, so another charges for murderers . They maybe laugh and enjoy It, fucking Girls and then destroy the baby. So thats more of a proof for that Matter. Now de know that Raniere was a pervert and a pedophile, he was luciferian, and the goverment didnt investigate his pedophilia ,the media is quiet about It, and they didnt let rihanno declare on the trial, but still, we know these is truth.

    So if they protect Nxivm for.pedphilia , for.years , they can rptect It from.murderers right? So you, you twist It, and then you accused Frank and Heidi , which are víctims. Great job! . But the horrible data you dont say nothing about It, liek.rosq Laura for.examole.that investigate for.effering her own daughter, or.thqt Emiliano salinas recognize that there was a woman selling kids in nixvm ,or that salinas father and de la Madrid was named by Cathy o Brien in her book, de was.faschinated by the satanic scar that Cathy had un the vagina , a horrible Nxivm for.examole. but the media and the goverment is stupid and horrible enough ti not do anything about It , so yeah everything is posible .

  • Frank: Happy New Year!
    You rock! Thanks for all the information about NXIVM and showing the TRUTH.


  • Congratulations Bangkok…….

    Any ‘mawkish‘ feelings I had, after you departed, have evaporated.

    I’ve been reading 19th-century literature
    as of late so please excuse my haughty-air with the use of mawkish. Old literature is a ton crap better than the books they sell at the airport newsstand store these days.
    Does your return to the Frank Report mean you are back to living with the least disciplinarian parent again?
    If so, good for you dear boy/girl/non-binary.

    I bid you good day, you little heathen. 😉

    • Hmm, didn’t Peterson say Dennis Burke aka Bangkok, resides with his MOTHER? 😆

      It was Peterson, in fact, who previously and repeatedly identified Bangkok as his own nemesis and a proud NXIAN close to both Emiliano Salinas and certain high-ranking politicos — though Peterson’s identification of Burke as Bangkok is often wrongly, oddly attributed to ME (in my female feeble-mindedness, I suppose) and eschewed by Frank who won’t hazard a guess himself on Bangkok’s identity but, instead, has supported NiceGuy’s consistent claim about my nosy, horny neighbor sitting in an armchair all day spying on me with binoculars.

      NiceGuy, ask Frank for a pic of said neighbor(s). I have many. He was old, bald, fat and jay walks. But, per Detective(s) Nichols and Jackson of the TO police dept., what he (they) were doing spying on us was “not illegal.”

      • Heidi-

        Bangkok knew you were camped out in the yard once.

        He also knew you had an issue with your swimming pool.

        • So did my ex-husband, caregivers working in my household and quite possibly those nosy (but not underaged except maybe break-in, red hoodie man – missed his face, damn – I’ll aim better next time) neighbors.

          Also, there were inspectors, pool cleaners – one in a Hawaiian “Boogaloo boy” shirt with a festive Hawaiian Lei around his neck who left wires exposed in the water and another with an “Antifa” or LAMBA like insignia — one named “Erik” who brought along a chainsaw he was fond of revving at me and leaving milk carton’s placed so conspicuously even Dylan’s LVN and the police didn’t want to touch it…etc. Then, there were Mexican gardeners, my ex-landlord, Alan or Allen Johnson, at our new home in some kinda black secret agent get-up…he was at Chuy’s, too, with my son’s program group where some gaslighting went on as everyone there well witnessed…

          Oh, and T-Mobile guys who couldn’t speak a word of English I never let in. NG, when Frank says we were “under seige,” it’s an understatement.

  • Well, according to Bangkok, all criminals are smart, never leave evidence that points at them, and do the smart thing after they commit a crime, etc… is it because of Keith´s “high IQ” that he can´t make those mistakes? He´s a fake, if he´s really that smart, he would be a member of Protheus, Triple Nine or Intertel. Instead, he faked a Mensa test, which only shows what he knows.

    Did you even talk to a real police officer? Because that´s not the case in the real world. Most detectives I know said the opposite of what your “officers” said. Did they look at all the things Frank showed in the TV show or did you tell them your version? I´m sure Frank would happily forward what he discovered to your “officers” so they can make an assessment, and did you even talk to some of those involved, or are all of your arguments based on your opinion?

    Frank did talk to the victims and made a very appealing case of Keith´s guilt. You talk about reputation, but it seems like you are the one that can´t admit that there might be something to this and is heavily invested in being right, and direct your anger at people like Frank who says otherwise. Other people looked at the evidence and judged him guilty. Don´t forget that. It wasn´t Frank that told the jury and the judge to convict Keith; they looked at the evidence, which was reviewed by others than Frank, and found him guilty.

    Frank has always said that if you come up with evidence that shows that he´s wrong, he will correct his statement and admit it. Can you say the same? The whole “Keith is innocent” is getting old. There is no evidence supporting that, except for people screaming and trolling the forums that there might have been bias against him, might have something to do with the dozens of victims that were silenced with treats over the many years that he should have been prosecuted for but didn´t. Again that´s my opinion, but it doesn´t change the fact that he is guilty, and god knows of what more that couldn´t make a good case against him in court. And speaking of injustice in the court system, people with good expensive lawyers, like Keith, in the US can get away with a lot of things, even when they are guilty and that´s a fact. It requires overwhelming evidence before you are convicted, where are your complaints about rich people getting differential treatment in the court system?

    If you look at the facts, there are simply too many coincidences, not that it makes him guilty, but still. All these women dying around him when it´s convenient for him, and the women who died of cancer? As a chemist myself, I know it´s very easy to spike someones food, with stuff that´s extremely likely to induce cancer, and Keith was controlling these poor women’s food down to every bite, with food that was supposed to make them healthy, and they all got cancer. Do you know the probability of that? And they are not even related, and the high concentration of the cancer-inducing elements only in them, all the others that ate the same food, drank the same water, didn´t get cancer or had high doses of the stuff. Again, it doesn´t make him guilty, but this is suspicious as hell, and no way to prove it, even if he did. And as for motive, really? So without a motive that you understand, it clears him automatically? And how do you know he didn´t try to kill the mother of his child? Because he didn´t, that makes the other killings not his doing (if he did kill them)? That´s your argument?

    And then there is the Hypnosis… Bangkok, you do know that Keith studied Scientology, and Scientology is notorious for Hypnosis in its courses, and no it doesn´t work on everybody like you claim. Did you even do research on Hypnosis, before opening your mouth like a fool, because you sound like one when you make the claims you do above, you don’t know anything about it, and think a Hypnotist looks at people and bang, they are under your power… Really, do a little research on how to hypnotize people. I can recommend several research Journals that are public available please read them. And sorry for my English, it´s my 5th language.

    • Malachi = “Children of the Corn”

      Bangkok you must work on your aliases a little harder. The giveaways are that your always making 80s allusions and writing with a plethora of run on or fragmented sentences.

  • I said, “prove me wrong,” not prove me right. And you didn’t have to publish ANY of that to begin with if you don’t want to out Bangkok. Tell Kristin, “hi,” for me.

  • Oh, just wanted to point out something else (which tilts towards a murder scenario, from the jealous spouse)…

    A person committing suicide will NOT CARE about whether police search for their body or not, since after you’re dead, you won’t be around to care one way or the other.

    Yet this suicide note tells authorities not to search for her body.

    Question for Frank: How did she know that her body wouldn’t float with the current and be found by somebody anyway, without a search?

    For instance, Lacy Peterson’s body was eventually found months later. Yet Kristin somehow KNEW that her body wouldn’t be found, before she even died? LOL.

    …And guess what? It was never found, LOL. Wow. That’s pretty good intuition.

    Answer: Only a murderer (who already killed somebody but KNEW the body was hidden someplace else) would have the ‘knowledge’ to know that her body won’t be found when writing a suicide note —— and only a murderer would have the incentive (motive) to try and influence a police search for the body.

    Only a murderer would care one way or the other if the body was found —– since, without a body, prosecution is much harder.

    If the body was hidden elsewhere, only a murderer would want police to close the case fast ——- so that evidence leading to other locations wouldn’t be followed or searched.

    Just common sense.

    I truly believe that both Frank and Heidi have befriended Ms. Clifford (his SOFTBALL interview of her shows that he likes her, even they’re not official friends). …And I’ve heard Heidi strongly defend her in a way that only a friend would.

    Frank says this is ‘drivel’, LOL, but in reality I’ve proven my case far stronger than he has.

    It’s possible that Kristin killed herself but it’s equally possible that her spouse killed her.

    **I also have evidence that Frank has contradicted himself in this case.

    How? In previous articles, Frank talks about Keith having a ‘motive’ to kill Kristin because he allegedly made her pregnant and she wasn’t keeping quiet about it.

    Yet, in other comments where Frank has attempted to DEFEND Ms. Clifford (several times in the past) —– Frank claims that it’s not likely Kristin was pregnant.

    Yet IF that’s really true (if she wasn’t pregnant) —– it means that Keith would have NO MOTIVE to kill her in the first place, LOL,

    Which is it, Frank? You can’t have it both ways, sir. Gotcha. 🙂

    Truth is, if Kristin was pregnant than her spouse had a stronger motive to kill than Keith. Truth is, Keith fucks lots of women and he’s had a “baby mama” leave him before, without killing her.

    …And if Kristin wasn’t really pregnant, as Frank often likes to claim, then Keith had NO MOTIVE to kill her.

    If she was lying about the pregnancy then the baby would never be born —– and Kristin would be proven to be a crazy woman, worthy of being ignored, not killed.

    Either way, I just proved Frank wrong again. Let’s see if he’s got the BALLS to respond to these comments.

    Or is that crickets which I hear? Yeah, that’s what I thought. 🙂

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Nice try, Schlock. But you ain’t Bangkok despite all your desperate signaling that you are and common, deeply misogynistic, racist personality traits. Frank won’t let you use the “Bangkok” moniker, will he…“LOL”? Why NOT?

      And your allusion to being Jeffrey Peterson (who has used the moniker, “friend of the good guys,” allegedly) is laughable. Peterson isn’t “dumb as a box of rocks.” He built Mexico’s social media network. Nor has he ever attacked a woman on here as Scott Johnson and Bangkok have, endlessly.

      Not surprised you’re doubling down with your attacks on a ‘dreaded’ lesbian woman here. That fact alone is enough ‘motive’ for the likes of Keith & Nancy and their misogynist minions to have ‘suicided’ Kris and tried, to this day, to frame and blame Heidi Clifford as a “sociopath” capable of such when there is not a single shred of evidence despite decades of effort by NXIVM using dirty PI, self proclaimed ex-CIA agents paid in the millions to frame and destroy Heidi and the Snyder family to negate their own involvement in her disappearance and coverup.

  • There were many more women who had mental breakdowns because of Keith’s teachings.

    How about the one that Lauren had to stuff tranquilizers down the throat off because she was having a manic episode. Even if he didn’t intend for these women to kill themselves his teachings fucked so much with their minds, some did. He’s a psychopath so I seriously think he enjoyed that even if it was not intended. He and Nancy are directly implicated in them becoming mentally unstable and then covering it up. They never allowed these women to get professional help because their screwball theories and mind meddling would be exposed.

    I will redact myself here. Bangkok you [redacted x10]

  • Bangkok,

    I thought you said you’d never make another appearance and that was a final statement and you were most convinced of the lucidity your state of mind.

    This brings the question, when was your grasp slipping, then or now?

    Happy New Year!

    • Shadow, Scott Johnson, Nice Guy, and Bangkok are stuck in the Parlato Zone. There is no escape. Bangkok never left. He only stayed ‘mumchance’.

  • Definition of Gossip: casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.

    Asking an eyewitness to testify does not confirm reality. It just confirms what they believe to be true, or they are lying. Those who discount NXIVM supporters accounts would agree with this definition. Why does it not hold true for the flipside then? People testifying to their experience against NXIVM also must stand up to the scrutiny of being wrong or lying.

    • Umm…duh. Eye witness testimony is based on credibility of witnesses, which is enhanced by their integrity and moral character.

      This was one of Keith’s biggest unforeseen possibilities. In order to seem credible as an ethical leader or spiritual “guru” (which he is not), he had to maintain a facade of credibility, which he did through many of his members/followers. They had something he did not have and could not empathize with being the sociopath that he is. So eventually, no matter how long it took, they would eventually come to their senses and turn on him for his lack of moral character which would eventually reveal itself as all charlatans are want to do. Their credibility was demonstrated in the trial when the jury believed these witnesses for the prosecution over and above the sordid individual (and those who never supported him on the witness stand, inclusive of the NXIVM-5) who was sentenced to 120 years based on the evidence and the credibility of their testimony.

      So much irony in the NXIVM story.

  • I don’t find there is much evidence in any story I’ve heard on either side regarding Kristin Snyder. It is entertaining if you like gossip, but not worth my time and consideration to try to understand reality from the discussion. The source of the information comes from people giving their life experience testimony (the least reliable type of testimony in a courtroom) and their opinions, which can easily be shot down by either side and made irrelevant and dismissed as lies. There is a reason why you can’t prosecute a murder without a body. Why is that? There is a good reason.

  • This is like a classic here, Frank. Who has not wondered what a 49 year old all- Amurican woman-hater and a smug, racist, anachronistic, pot-bellied, disgruntled, possibly former postal worker thinks? He thinks in foot bullets, huh? 2021 BC. Me gottem club. Me wear moose hide.

    Comic. Strip.

  • This is not a response to anything I’ve ever written or said or thought.

    The only mention I have ever made of Heidi Clifford was in her defense, in an angry response to an FR poster [redacted] when he unfairly concluded that Heidi Clifford is a “sociopath” apparently capable of murdering her partner in some of his FR posts made last winter.

    [Redacted] never met or spoke to Heidi Clifford and based his opinions entirely on hearsay and false facts presented by other commenters on FR. I merely pointed that out bc I thought it unfair to Heidi Clifford to be thusly accused and don’t believe she was ever afforded an opportunity to defend herself.

    Certain “in the know” commenters have stated “[redacted] is a professional, paid troll apparently working for the NX defense. I don’t know about that but I would not put it past the defense or anyone interested in a Bronfman paycheck to be on here deliberately causing divisiveness, spewing slander and making trouble anonymously, which is what I initially thought of Bangkok.

  • The absence of logic, poor writing and hyperbolic claims like “Frank’s whole reputation depends on Keith being guilty of these 2 deaths” are characteristic of NXIDVMDVMs.

    NXIVM makes people less articulate and less smart.

    In my reading on cults and hypnosis (especially re: Scientology) I have never seen any evidence that someone can be hypnotized into killing themselves.

    However, the mental and physical abuse of a cult like NXIVM certainly leads some people in the direction of suicide, which is compounded by the way cults cast people aside as soon as someone starts presenting psychosis rather than providing the necessary psychological/psychiatric care.

    When a cult pretends to posssess “the tech” that supposedly solves all the world’s ills and is faced by a person or phenomenon that’s beyond control, elimination or expulsion are the only options.

  • Frank, who is Bangkok?

    Is he associated with Nxivm at all?

    Is he a supporter of the cult or someone in the cult?

      • You told me “Bangkok’s” VPN is from Irvine, CA, Frank. Could that be one of those “sock puppet” accounts — as Jeffrey Peterson has stated? UC Irvine college, about 80 miles from me, is there and little else to my knowledge.

        Whomever Bangkok is, he or she well knew details of my situation and whereabouts at a time my son and I were being stalked and harassed —as Bangkok boldly stated, on here, repeatedly and in real time — and that evidence is secured.

        And, while, yes, Frank, you prolly did piss off Sgt. Doyle — who purchased the 20 acre property my son and I were living on that I believe Clare Bronfman also tried to purchase through channels — and did secure the proper amount in relocation fees that we were legally entitled to — which was not the initial offer — I very much doubt Doyle’s ire over those negotiations alone was the cause of the relatively massive gaslighting, street theatre effort that ensued and was also announced by the likes of Kahill was it (?) some African name, Chicky Rogue, etc., right here before all our very eyes on FR and the eyes and cameras all over the streets of Thousand Oaks, CA, including my own cell phone.

        Were you the ultimate target, Frank, as you most certainly were and ARE in your own right, I propose the involvement of the LAPD — where Sgt. Doyle serves despite his multiple Malibu residences — originated in their infamous “target crimes” unit run by Barry Trellis whom you accused of corruption — of framing an innocent abused woman in collusion with Camila Harris to boot — in the Phillip Leavens case. Based on my own experience, they are quite capable in that field.

        Btw, I did not have a gun on me — as my ex-husband, Jeff Apple, falsely reported to police and Los Robles Hospital, who conducted a search of my belongings when I arrived there by ambulance having sprained my ankle while recording the gaslighting on my cell phone — well know. But I wish I did.

        One question, Frank. How many meetings and calls behind my back did you have with Jeff? Did it occur to you that perhaps HE was setting us up — even if he had you believing you were not the target, as well if not more so, perhaps, than I. Though I suppose one man’s target (me) could be another man’s lure (Frank) to get the police, etc. involved in his desperate agenda. And, Frank, you know first hand why my ex is desperate to discredit me having nothing to do with our son and everything to do with NXIVM’s longtime cyberstalking and extortion activities dating back to the time of our divorce.

        Btw, and pardon my being a bit obtuse — but Frank, no I don’t have a “photographic memory” but I did take a LOT of pictures and videos and you aren’t the only one who has them. Nor am I.

        To be clear, why did you tell Ample’s crew that? Again, why were they focusing their lens’ on my sprained foot and walking ability? Liability on them? You? What?

        Clare gonna finance your next project with Jeff 😆? Say, who’s gonna play Bangkok?

        • No, Heidi, Clare is not financing my next project with Jeff. Bangkok will be played by James Whitmore.

          • Frank, I can get you a shrimp on the barbie for a lot cheaper than Whitmore. Plus zero exhumation fees. My people will call your people.

      • Frank,

        I don’t think Bangkok has any idea who *they is.

        ‘They’ is a contemporary gender neutral pronoun.

        Because we do not know the true gender of Bangkok, I propose we refer to him/she, when appropriate, with the gender neutral pronouns such as they/them/theirs.

        It’s a different world Frank for both you and me.

        • The odds are that Bang da Jock is a dude and not a female or a dudette, even. There is a literary basis for identifying this besotted oasis of semi-masculinity as being part of what possesses and impels Bang da Crock.

          There is that compulsion throughout his “writing style” to try to fool us all and prove (invisibly) what a huge pecker he thinks he has or has not. Yawn. Ah cha. Now put it away and save it for somebody who gives a damn.

          See it now if you haven’t seen it before.
          The writer’s style, not his dick.

          Tra la la la la

          Some people call a spade a spade, but nyet to the racial implications, and I just call a club a club. End of an endless story, the club. A weapon. This is how it is through some doors of whatever perception is.

          Here we are. In da club, with or without 50 Cent or Snoop Dogg or even Muddy Waters. The club suit can often represent a bigger problem than the spade suit. Things are kind of upside-down around here. I can dig with spades, but what does one do with a club, really? Ka-boom??? Is that all there is? Darn it all, Peggy Lee. I have got the Fever, anyhow.

          Funny how the word “alas” is so close to “all ass.” But we cannot all be part Irish. Frank or staff will redact me. So be it.
          W T F. Fine and dandy, I say. “Thy rod and thy staff.” What happened to the anointment party, Frank? No Southern Comfort? Then never mind. Got any smoke? Jesus. Liven it up. Hee haw.

          Seriously though.

          The gender squawkers, maybe of modernly uncultivated acculturation, need to check betwixt their legs and try some SEX. Also, get busier and maybe stfu and leave it be where is has been. Stay outta my pants. NOYOFB. Screw off, please. Every man for himself? Narcissus facing a pond?

          But then, fuck it. I’m old enough by now not to have to live with this shit that much longer. Zippety doo dah.

  • Accusing someone of committing murder (I mean Heidi Clifford) is not nice thing. What do you think of police corruption, Bangkok? Can’t you imagine the NXIVM reaching the police? There are many contradictions in these matter.

  • Bangkok. In many cases, law enforcement can’t see up to their noses. A few years ago, someone I knew was killed. He was shot from 12 cm in the chest with a 357 Magnum. The weapons expert told me it was physically impossible for someone to commit suicide by shooting from such a distance and angle. Yet the police closed the death as a suicide case. The witness research never happened. I think we’ve all heard of botched, botched cases. Or human error or other reasons. Cops like to get the easy end of the job. Respect for exceptions, and I didn’t mean to offend anyone. But unfortunately, I face the work-avoiding mentality every day.

  • Your views on gay people are ridiculous for a man who calls himself Bang Kok.

    I would posit that a cheating spouse is a cheating spouse and has potential for violence no matter the sexuality of those involved.

  • I thought Bangkok had left permanently. Or is Frank just making up this story because the recent articles, not to mention the comments, have been getting more and more boring?

  • Clarification:

    When I said that ‘owing money’ is a top motive for a murder investigation, I was not implying that NXIVM bills had anything to do with Kristin’s death, LOL.

    I was simply saying that IF Keith had murdered her, then he’d wanna stay off the police investigator’s radar. Thus, sending a bill to harass a spouse (to collect money owed) is a sure-fire way to put himself on the police radar —- since homicide detectives are gonna run down every lead about money, sex or disputes, no matter how flimsy they may be, to see where they may lead.

    Thus, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for Keith or NXIVM to have murdered Kristin since they did send her a bill to collect money. Duh. Any rational person will understand this logic.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Someone’s responsible for these series of tragedies. Or in one person, but I’d say more collectively that more individuals have been involved in the acts that led to disappearances and deaths. You’re talking about rational thinking. Then don’t just think about police schema, because you’re going to be addicted to routine like a regular cop. But Keith and his helpers aren’t ordinary people. They led others by the noses.

    • —Thus, sending a bill to harass a spouse (to collect money owed) is a sure-fire way to put himself on the police radar —- since homicide detectives are gonna run down every lead about money, sex or disputes, no matter how flimsy they may be, to see where they may lead.

      Not if Keith is using reverse psychology. Keith’s grand machinations are, perhaps, beyond the grasp of your young mind.

      —Thus, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for Keith or NXIVM to have murdered Kristin since they did send her a bill to collect money. Duh. Any rational person will understand this logic.

      That’s completely illogical.

      Looking at the preponderance of evidence I conclude you grew up on a diet of Angela Lansbury’s Murder She Wrote tv show and Andy Griffith’s Matlock. You consumed both television shows while sitting with Grandma when mommy had date night. 🙂

      • Jesus Christ! Kristin was paid in full. She didn’t owe those bastards any money. Why would Clifford say she had to pay these people to protect Kris’s integrity? Good to know Clifford finds integrity important, yet lacks actually having integrity. Let’s look at how integrity says, I last seen my wife leaving the house in “purple fuzzy slippers.” Clifford’s integrity says, I didn’t want to tell the Police she was pregnant because they would look at me (Clifford) as a murderer. Because Clifford has integrity she chose to be under silhouette on the Lost Women of Nxivm.

    • On the contrary. If, as KR, alleged, Kristin had run away, was alive, they would make a meal of collecting the money – why not? Nothing to see here, just a client trying to renege on payment, so we’ll chase it. If they didn’t, that would be suspicious, very, for Nxivm. It would imply very strongly that they didn’t believe there was any point in trying, because the client no longer existed? Macabre theatrics have been on show all the way through this Nxivm enterprise. Orchestrated by His Amateur Sweeney Todd-ness, with what a cast…

      • NFW, do you have investigate training and are your skills as a journalist or what? You make a lot of sense. Comparatively.

        • Hey, Heidi, I work as a Lecturer, I have worked as a journalist and still occasionally submit stuff.
          You will know me as OWA, had to drop the name, long story – all the best to you, H.

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