Heidi: Was It Assisted, Hypnotically-Induced Suicide for Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder?

Heidi Hutchinson holds the "Dream Chart of her late sister Gina Hutchinson.

Editor’s note: Heidi Hutchinson has a theory that the deaths of her sister Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder were the result of a carefully orchestrated plot to encourage the women to commit suicide. Gina died in October 2002 and Kristin disappeared in February 2003 – about four months apart. Both had a relationship with Keith Raniere. According to Heidi, Gina started having sex with Raniere when she was 15 – and according to several sources, Kristin claimed she was pregnant with Keith’s child when she disappeared.

There is no proof Raniere was involved in the suicides of either woman or proof that Snyder was pregnant, but journals and eyewitness accounts suggest that both women were heavily influenced by Raniere and both evidently came to a bad end.

By Heidi Hutchinson

This is in response to Leo Helmar’s The Curious Case of Kristin Snyder: An Outsider Delves Into the Rabbit Hole of a Woman’s Disappearance

Thank you, Leo. We share the same hopes and dreams for our lost loved ones. May I invite you to look over the evidence in the case of my sister, Gina Hutchinson, further?

Gina Hutchinson was a long-time friend of Keith Raniere. Her body was found on the grounds of a Buddhist monastery in Woodstock, NY, an apparent suicide.

There are some very striking similarities in Gina and Kristin Snyder’s journals that point to the possibility Kris attended a Buddhist event and was exploring the same teachings that Gina was with Keith Raniere and Kristin Keefe, who was also very curious about Buddhism and Hinduism from the days Keith had his minions visiting local ashram’s and monasteries.

I believe and there’s evidence that Kristin Keeffe and Gina attended a Buddhist seminar in NYC in August 2002, just weeks before Gina passed. Gina’s NXIVM “Exploration of Meaning” chart that adorned the cover of her “dream” journal was done in August 2002 as well. I believe some of her writings were done in a quasi-hypnotic, twilight state as it appears some of Kris’ (Snyder’s) journal entries and NX coursework may have been, per Kristin’s mother, Johnnie, and sister, Kim Snyder’s evidence.

It’s no secret, again, that NXIVM performed “abuse regression” hypnotherapy on Gina and others who were deliberately put into a dissociative state where they became more suggestible.

Kristin Snyder standing by the Tacoma that was later found at Resurrection Bay with a purported suicide note.

Kris’ suicide note says that she was “brainwashed” — regardless of who wrote it, I’m sure there were brainwashing attempts as the note indicates.

A suicide note found in Kristin Snyder’s truck. I

Kristin Keeffe also admitted in an interview with Frank Parlato on camera (in a to-be-aired TV program) that she observed Keith discussing and perusing suicide methods with Gina. Indeed, suicide images were found on the computer Gina used while working at CBI that Keith bequeathed to her.

Elaine Smiloff claimed that Kris was saying “I don’t know if I can go through with it,” while (purportedly) driving her home from the NXIVM class she was booted out of. They had to hide the guns from her.

Elaine Smiloff picked up Kristin Snyder from the Westmark Hotel. On the way to  Kristin’s home, Elaine said Kristin told her that she was pregnant with Keith Raniere’s child.

There’s a lot more that weighs on the side of assisted, hypnotically induced suicide. The Buddhist/Hindu philosophy centers on reincarnated leaders, Avatar babies, etc. NXIVM incorporated these teachings as justification for suicide and statuary rape in it’s “Good or Bad” course.

This does not negate Frank’s theory or anyone’s theories otherwise, it’s simply a theory I believe worth pursuing based on the evidence I’ve seen.

Even in Sally Brink’s case, it’s obvious NXIANS believe death is a nobler choice than seeking to prevent it.

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  • Some people look for the meaning of life, spiritual path, or even self-improvement and attend courses, gurus or even places.

    From even simple things like attending a lecture, a weekend in the woods, living in a community to full-time meditation in a cave.

    A leader answers most of the questions the followers ask according to what he/she believes. To take part of an answer out of the context serves the opposite with an agenda.

    And even though hard to swallow for many we are responsible for our participation in every interaction.
    Otherwise, we are going to need a signed disclaimer every time you offer an opinion or advice.

    Let’s move beyond victimhood and hate.

  • Heidi,
    Who was doing Gina’s EMs and who was that person working with?

    I just have such bad feelings about Nancy’s desire to experiment

      • NG, please review the NXIVM timeline. That isn’t quite accurate. “EM’s” or Exploration of Meaning (private coaching) was in play at least by 1998, when “ESP or Executive Success Programs” started with Nancy Salzman as it’s President.

        Gina died between Oct. 9 – 11, 2002, four years into formal EM’s.

        They started calling themselves and registered as “NXIVM” instead of “ESP” in the US, in the months after Gina’s death.

        One of the most curious notes Kris Snyder made in her own journal was referring to ESP as “Nexium” — before they made the switch for bad publicity reasons.

        As Frank reported, NXIVM, pronounced Nexium, was an ancient Roman sex slave practice. Only the top-most tier in Albany knew about the name change plans.

        I’ve strayed a bit off-topic but hope these facts put you back on the right track and you don’t mind if I do so (correct you or anyone) when it comes to the facts regarding my sister.

        Not tryin’ to force you into female submission or anything. We’ll leave that to your wife. LOL. Or, IDK, the delicious Michelle Salzman in your opera glass? LOL.

    • That’s under investigation. The evidence (Pictured) shows that Gina took a formal, private NXIVM “EM” session in August of 2002 — about 8 weeks prior to her death. The handwritten chart from that EM session is being analyzed now that there are handwriting samples to compare it to. Again, the chart adorned her Dream Journal that recounts interactions with a Keith Raniere, Kristin Keeffe, Pam Caffritz and other (former or deceased) NXIANs.

  • Dear Heidi, it seems that both your sister Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder were problematic for nxium because they had too much integrity. As earnest truth seekers it must have been plain to those around them that they would not be as willing to compromise these truths for the more worldly gains of private jets, conferences held on exotic islands, generalised A-morality, etc.

    I dont believe either woman would have ‘come round’ to the nxium MO, on the contrary they would have easily denounced it, in favour of the truth. Like Quakers in the early days of colonization – useful to keep the dream alive and keep the tone sweet and calm on the long boat journeys, but, summarilly dissapeared, incarcerated or straight murdered once the destination had been reached and the ‘dream’ would be shown to be a million miles away from the reality.

    • I’ve had the same thoughts myself, NFW. In fact, Gina used to joke about “not being evil enough” — a line from Mike Myers spy spoofs — to join or be accepted into NXIVM. Everything she did for them was with the purest intent. She did espouse some of the teachings and try to use them to ‘heal’ herself and others. She struggled to accept her friend’s views of Keith. In her journal she recounts arguments between herself and even some family members who believed in Keith, noting specifically that they were fighting about Keith, etc. I think she felt guilty that in some cases, she herself had introduced them to Keith and then couldn’t talk them down when she grew up and started to wise up. In her younger years, she most definitely promoted him. When CBI fell apart — not to mention the indictments by 21 State AG’s — it shook her up pretty badly. When she learned Keith had fucked all her friends and cousins, for the greater good, that must have hit hard, too. But those days, play boys, cheaters, guys with lines were rampant and could also be considered a decent catch once they settled down, sewed their wild oats, etc. Any abnormalities perceived as to Keith’s voracious sexual appetite were chalked up as part of his eccentric genius or disability.

      Then, the douchebag became “a renunciate”…for reals! Disavowing all his carnal ways and Gina credited the sensible, softening influence of a female bizness partner, Nancy, but was almost proud of herself for “leading” him to the light. Not the blue light. The other one Keith led her to, if we believe that pillar of justice and morality “ever since she was a little girl,” Keith’s original Avatar baby mama, Kristin Keeffe.

      …Speaking of tear-jerking tributes to the simple Quaker life with a real man tenderly musing at one’s side.

      Near her dying days, Gina conceded that Keith “had a profound effect on my life.” Past tense.

  • With all due respect to Heidi since I know it’s tough to lose a family member, this whole theory is simply unrealistic.

    Frank’s own investigation into these 2 deaths was never a serious one, since he was NEVER open to seeing where the evidence actually led.

    Out of a sense of revenge, Frank’s been trying to frame Keith for these two deaths by stretching the flimsiest of evidence WAY past its breaking point —– while simultaneously using “mental gymnastics” to squeeze a square peg into a round hole.

    Unlike Frank, I’ve actually gotten the opinion of real law enforcement personnel about the evidence Frank uncovered. They agree with me. Based on the evidence, it likely wasn’t Keith (or anybody from NXIVM) who had anything to do with either woman’s death.

    Frank’s whole reputation depends on Keith being guilty of these 2 deaths.


    Because if the investigation pointed to somebody other than Keith (or NXIVM) then Frank would have EGG ON HIS FACE for having wasted so much time & effort shouting that Keith was the culprit on several television shows.

    Frank is a biased party now, not a real investigator looking to uncover the TRUTH about what happened to these 2 women.

    Here’s a few pieces of common sense…

    1) If Keith or NXIVM had anything to do with Kristin’s death, they’d have NEVER tried to COLLECT MONEY by billing her spouse immediately after she disappeared. Why not? Because a murderer who’s looking to avoid being investigated (for murder) WILL NEVER make themselves a visible target for police. Instead, they’d just remain silent and NEVER contact anybody from Kristin’s family again. Money owed to somebody is a TOP motive that police investigate when somebody dies.

    That’s just common sense and the law enforcement officers I spoke with agreed with me. It’s a pity that Frank can’t speak with any law enforcement officers to get their REAL opinions.

    2) If Keith or NXIVM had anything to do with Kristin’s death, they would have NEVER hired a private investigator to try and PROVE SHE’S STILL ALIVE (by following her spouse around while trying to catch Kristin meeting with her). Duh, Frank. Nor would they ‘harass’ her spouse and bring attention to themselves IF they really killed her.

    3) Kristin’s spouse (Ms. Clifford) had the strongest motive for murder —– after finding out that Kristin was fucking Keith and possibly even pregnant by him. That’s something Ms. Clifford could never do for Kristin since she’s got no sperm to impregnate her with.

    FYI: Same sex relationships often produce “extreme jealously” when one of the parties starts fucking a member of the opposite sex. Ask any police officer about the rage it can generate.

    4) Ms. Clifford knowingly LIED to police about Kristin’s pregnancy because she was afraid it might make her look guilty. LOL. Yeah, it does. Murderers often lie. People with nothing to fear don’t lie to police in a death investigation.

    5) Ms. Clifford threatened to throw all of Kristin’s belongings into the garbage (just days after her death) IF her sister didn’t come to pick them up quickly. A loving SPOUSE doesn’t do that within days of losing their LIFE PARTNER. Only a sociopath does that.

    6) Ms. Clifford sold Kristin’s truck within weeks of her disappearance and she has never PROVED that she gave that money to NXIVM (she likely kept it herself). Again, that’s not something a sane person does. A sociopath does that.

    7) Ms. Clifford knew about the place where Kristin disappeared. However, I seriously doubt that NXIVM personnel knew about Kristin visiting that distant spot.

    8) Ms. Clifford was the last person to see Kristin alive.

    Frank refuses to even consider any of these anomalies BECAUSE his reputation is now heavily invested in Keith being guilty.

    Ms. Clifford is the likely guilty party.

    As for Gina’s death, I can only surmise that IF Keith had the ability to force people into suicide via hypnotic suggestions, he’d have used that power on a LOT more people than just 1 or 2.

    Keith’s estranged “baby mama” is a far greater enemy of his than Gina was, yet he didn’t ‘suicide’ her.

    Toni Natalie is a greater enemy of Keith’s than Gina was, yet he didn’t suicide her.

    Even Barb Bouchey was a greater enemy of his than Gina was, yet he didn’t suicide her.

    So it’s just not likely that Keith has such hypnotic powers.

    Besides, Gina never crossed him. She was loyal to him. She wasn’t in a position for Keith to want her dead. Whereas Toni had crossed Keith BIGTIME and if he was gonna suicide somebody, she’d be first on his list.

    I view Gina’s death as a tragic suicide from a girl who was getting older and maybe hadn’t found her place in the world yet. She wasn’t married and had lost Keith as her boyfriend and probably felt lonely.

    I view Kristin’s death as EITHER

    1) A crazy girl who killed herself


    2) She was murdered out of jealously by her spouse.

    Kristin was going bonkers near the end and was not a mentally sound person at that time.

    I challenge anybody to refute my facts.


    Frank, if you’re gonna delete this post to keep my point of view silent again, why not just delete whatever lines offend you instead of deleting the whole thing like you usually do?

    You grandpa-aged geezer! 🙂

  • Thank you for featuring this comment, Frank.

    For those interested, please read Leo Helmar’s post that I responded to. Leo’s analysis includes “The Rat” — a NXIVM insider who admitted online (the VPN was in Clifton Park, NY) in posts starting in 2009 that he or she had talked Gina and Kristin Snyder into, essentially, murdering themselves.

    Again, there is much evidence that substantiates the veracity of this admission, the “theory” that these were hyper-assisted suicides and part of a deliberate attempt to destroy, inflict psychotic breakdowns, on these girls to the point of suicide in some cases. Cami, another victim of statuatory rape and NXIVM mind conditioning experiments, attempted suicide. (I’m overjoyed that so far she’s on the mend.)

    “The Rat” also disclosed information to John Tighe that he did not publish but brought to the Albany police, Sgt. Roger Kirsopp, who shared it with Steve Coffey, Clare & Sara Bronfman’s attorney.

    Whether or not any of the known or buried facts rises to the level of “murder,” I find it more and more relevant to justice in terms of the remaining victim/perpetrators and how they and the sentencing being meted out on the current convicts are adjudged.

    The victims and their families are all in need of closure.

    Frank once told me back in 2018 that he felt Gina and Kristin Snyder’s, Pam Craffitz — all the dead of NXIVM’s — scepters or coffins had opened to him.

    This was a year before those aged (ghosts) of Gina and phantom callers and sightings of Kris Snyder look-alike’s commenced.

    Perhaps the coffins should be closed before more dirt is heaped upon these restless souls? Not to mention the living survivors of a misogynistic man intent on destroying to the death every one of them he ever knew, who crossed him or his evil path.

  • https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/education/wp/2015/10/07/three-teens-died-after-being-hypnotized-by-their-principal-now-their-families-are-getting-200000-each/

    To Everyone,

    Please read the following before anyone ridicules or berates Heidi:

    Some time ago (over a year), I brought up the subject of “hypnosis induced suicide” because of a similar situation to Gina Hutchinson’s suicide. Hypnosis induced suicide has possibly/actually happened.
    Possible and actually are mutually exclusive in a sense; I know.

    Please read the article link below and decide for yourselves if hypnosis induced suicide possible or can actually happen.


    I guarantee if you read the above article, you will be intrigued if nothing else.


    • Thank you, NiceGuy. In Gina’s case, the evidence shows that such attempts, without her consent, were made for years. Like the other girls after her, she believed she was being cured of her sexual hang-ups from some abuse, etc. and she was covertly subjected to all the other crime cartel techniques NXIVM used to deliberately “manipulate humans” (quoting Clare Bronfman’s goal for her Ethical Science Foundation). There is much proof of this and, again, the documented admission of witnesses.

      Raniere even boasted of being able to induce a state of cognitive dissonance on his acolytes. This is a state of mind linked to suicide.

      While it took years of exposure or grooming in Gina’s case, if my theory holds, NXIVM accomplished this with Kris Snyder much more quickly.

      My theory is that while disposing of Gina was always Keith’s goal for her, he lacked the power and resources, all the means to accomplish and get away with it before the Bronfman windfall in 2001, shortly preceded by an influx of Mexican elite immigrants that including it’s first family.

      By 2002, however, NXIVM had these resources combined with Salzman’s well-honed hypnotic powers. I know they were gaslighting Gina heavily and using “red herrings” including trying to convince her that the CIA was involved through my ex-husband, etc. She asked me if I was involved, as well, etc. Until I read her journal, I thought she was going a little whacky.

      • Heidi-

        I firmly believe Raniere used hypnosis on many people.

        During Scott Adams’ interview with Nicki Clyne, Adams asks Nicki if Raniere knew hypnosis. Adams is certified in Hypnosis. Adams stated that Keith Raniere spoke with a particular affect to his voice.

        Here is the interview with Nicki:

        In addition, Keith most likely used hypnosis on Toni Natalie to get her to stop smoking.
        Hypnosis would also account for Toni’s loss of time during when she and her husband visited with Keith. The Frank Report has publicized that account at least a 1/2 dozen times.

    • Nice Guy,

      I have been familiar with some of these horrible effects of hypnosis myself. Not knowing what had happened, I would find myself 15 years ago within what was meant to be a self-help seminar of sorts. The lecturer in charge – a false professor as it turned out later – this guru used hypnosis techniques by staring at people for a certain time. I started to feel more and more uneasy observing so many yea-sayers around me, ppl who had been more reasonable and critical before. As I shared my misgivings openly, I got attacked extremely. Many of those attendees got this strange stare I also saw in a video where Allison Mack looked at Keith Raniere in the same unnatural, uncritical way of adulation or adoration.

      As soon as people have been successfully hypnotized, they can be easily manipulated to do (almost?) everything they would not have done if their conscious mind would still work properly. As the hypnotist has entered a person’s subconscious mind, he can manipulate them just as he pleases. KAR’s way of listening to people and making them feel comfortable by doing so helped immensely to get them relaxed. Speaking in a soft tone of voice at that would open the invisible door to enter the minds of those who trusted him.


      • Since you have seen the videotaped introduction between Raniere and Mack and have experience of your own, I ask you this?

        Do you think that Allison was ” pre-hypnotized” by Raniere’s co-workers, who love-bombed her beforehand? The second she met him, Mack signalled sexual availability to him and immediately tried to allure him. This, of course, is my observation from watching Mack being introduced to Swami Turd.

        She was hot to trot. Heh heh. Mack was coddled cross country in a private jet to meet the devil. It isn’t supposed to be funny. God help me.

        • Good question, Shivani. I do not know whether Allison was prehypnotized, but I have known this love bombing myself. It easily causes you to let your guard down, esp. when you are in dire need of support or love.

          Sexual availability is surely something that can be induced by an evil person. It is not necessary that those who have been hypnotized get aware of it also as the manipulation of thought and emotion happens on the subliminal level where there is no judgment of what is right and what is wrong.

          You could compare it with dreaming where everything can happen. We might kill ppl in our dreams when we are mad at them. However, as we awake we gladly realize our nightmare was only a dream… 🤔 Not so with hypnotized persons… When they “awake” and have to come to grips with what they have done through the manipulation of another… OMG 🙄

          I am not sure how many ppl were familiar with particular hypnosis techniques. So, could be she was prehypnotized… But perhaps these persons were not aware of doing IT, either.

      • Thank you Suzanne and NiceGuy, and Shivani, you are a precious well of wisdom and compassion.

        Hypnosis is being abused so rampantly in the LA area that high schools have begun holding student conferences demonstrating how easily a normal subject can be put into an hypnotic trance and have no conscious recollection of the actions they undertook while entranced.

        Again, it is a fact that Keith Raniere was studying this manner of mind manipulation that his partner, Nancy Salzman, also has a long history of training and experience in.

        It is also an admitted fact that NLP/Hypnotherapy was routinely being practiced within the NXIVM community. Videos show Nancy using NLP touch reinforcement in on-camera videos, they promoted themselves as experts in this and, in fact, they are.

        • You are very welcome, Heidi. ❤️

          So sad to hear about this dangerous trend in LA as well. 😥 It seems to me this perilous manipulation can even start in kindergarten and primary school. In order to ‘fix’ hyperactive kids they have begun with guided meditation over here which, per se, is not a bad thing. But in the hands of a mean-spirited guide, these children run danger to fall prey to a predator.

          From what I have seen in videos I too am inclined to believe that Nancy and KAR worked together to advance their expertise on NLP and hypnosis. It seems (their) pride came before the fall… 🤔

      • Susanne-

        I do not believe in aliens, Gods, or supernatural phenomena. I do believe in hypnosis. It would take too much time to explain everything but I believe in what you are saying. It’s possible your own memories were skewered completely from being hypnotized.

        I would advise anyone not to ever be hypnotized!!!!!


        Hypnosis can have unforeseen consequences

        • Yes, you are right, Nice Guy. And mental breakdowns are very common with hypnotized people, just as Heidi confirmed it several times before. I do know this is true! :-/

          I’d also warn of ANY kind of hypnosis, not even to let yourself be hypnotized to lose weight or to stop smoking. It is dangerous!!!

        • I’m curious why you believe hypnosis is dangerous.
          Hypnotherapy is very common and has proven helpful to many people.

          In the case of the high school principal, he wasn’t a qualified hypnotherapist, and that’s the reason the families sued. But there wasn’t any evidence, at all, that the hypnotherapy caused the students’ deaths.

    • The article does not claim that hypnosis causes suicide. Also, one of the teens that died didn’t commit suicide but was killed in a car accident.
      If you read the entire article this quote is at the end:

      The issue in working with hypnosis is that there can be latent things that are triggered, like past experiences and memories, and the patient can have a bad reaction,” Spana said. “Does hypnosis cause suicide in and of itself? That’s not really likely. Can it trigger some sort of mental health problem that was dormant? Yes.

      • Flowers-

        He died in an ambiguous car accident. Meaning it may have been intentional. Many people choose to die in car accidents because they don’t want people to believe they committed suicide. It happens all of the time.

        Can’t you go back to harassing [redacted] Frank?
        Frank is a pyramidal man who goes pyramiding with women, men, and goats.

        • Questioning your comment qualifies as harassment now? I guess I didn’t join the cult, Niceguy.
          My question was why are you so opposed to hypnotherapy. Did you have a bad experience with hypnosis?

          • Flowers-

            Bad experience? Yes & no.

            My experience was rather ridiculous. Yet, I learned that hypnosis can be detrimental and is not worth the risk. A hypnotist can unintentionally harm a client.

            BTW: I said I warned against hypnosis. Individuals can make up their own minds.

            If someone wants to go skydiving it’s their choice. I would warn against it.

      • Flowers,

        Debating with you I have learned to my own disquietude is a lesson in futility.

        You are of course right and I’m wrong. Have a rocking week.

        • Babyguy
          Very mature. You don’t have the skills to debate, so instead you post memes, under a different user name, that insinuate I’m mentally ill.

          Isnt it curious how you cult members (and I refer to Frank’s cult, not NXIVM) often attack with comments that claim the other person must be mentally unstable? Why can’t you discuss ideas instead?

  • Heidi, I can only imagine the pain and suffering you have been going through for so many years already. I do not want to add more to that heavy burden on your heart. I can only pray, knowing that prayer sometimes seems to be an impossible thing to do as well. Sometimes prayer turns out like, “Why did YOU allow this to happen??” And we do not know…. God’s ways are truly not ours, indeed.

    • True, Suzanne, there’s a lot of why God —why Gina, why me, our family, her friends — the damage of ‘suicide’ is far reaching —that goes along with the grief.

      It really helped me to revisit information on mourning — stages of grief, etc. — as I found myself going through some of them emotionally while assisting Frank in his investigation and absorbing new information and facts — however obscured — as one might expect from billionaires and others trying to cover their tracks and prevent the discovery of information leading to themselves.

  • Hi Frank….The Kristin Snyder story is particularly interesting to me. It’s interesting that there was no body found. She won a competition in being a survivalist. They had a funeral days after she came up missing. Who has a funeral just days into a missing person report? I’ve spoken to at least two people who are familiar with the case that believe her suicide is a fraud and lie. It was done to collect life insurance money. That’s all I’m going to say. Let’s see if anyone is interested in digging at the truth here.

  • My theory is the women were so devoted to their Master but they must have let him down and they couldn’t bare to be apart from him so they killed themselves. The pain was too unbearable. I suppose only a true Master would not have let the devotees, Kristen and Gina suffer this cruel punishment but wtf do I know?
    1. It’s all bullshit
    2. Raniere sucks
    3. Some times I imagine my boss in diapers 🤯
    4. My dream journal says Nightmares and wish I could wake up.
    5. Stay off the comments section at 4 a.m

  • It’s heartbreaking to see the dreams of an innocent young soul on a piece of paper. A soul who is pure, inexperienced, believes in the goodness of people. And then comes a rotten, fat, self-anointed, sophisticated grown man who takes advantage of and kills the innocent soul first, then the body. It’s disgusting. I’m serious about this.

    • Try not to worry. Souls cannot be stolen. Never. Raniere is going to have to find this out for himself, if that’s possible. He indentured the emotions and thoughts of those who were vulnerable, messed with peoples’ psychological as well as with their sexual identities, but he himself has a shabby rendition of what a ‘”soul” is, and as such, he has had no ability to reach anyone, including himself. His “power” is an illusion.

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