As Jessica Joan [AKA ‘Jaye’] Steps Into the Spotlight – Frank Report Reviews Her Testimony to Understand Her Story

Frank Report welcomes a new writer, Eleanor Christie. She will be reporting regularly on the Nxivm case.

By Eleanor Christie

Another NXIVM mystery has been revealed: last week, the former DOS slave “Jane Doe #2” or “Jaye” made public her carefully hidden identity. Her name is Jessica Joan, from Southern California.  “Jaye” described herself in court as “an actress, a model, and a writer”. Jessica Joan is now showing her face and launching a podcast “about courage and overcoming adversity”. You can read about her “coming out” in the first Frank Report post about it:

Joan’s trajectory is filled with interest for the readers of the Frank Report. In this article, we will recount her story primarily through her direct testimony in the Keith Raniere trial, as examined by AUSA Mark Lesko of the EDNY. Joan entered DOS or “The Vow” in November, 2016. She testified that she was the first DOS slave to escape, in May 2017. Later, in 2019, “Jaye” was the last of the victims to testify at the trial of Keith Raniere, where he was convicted of all counts and sentenced to 120 years in prison.

“Jaye” was the last of Raniere’s DOS slaves to testify against him in his trial.

Joan – then called “Jaye” – testified on the 10th and 11th of June 2019. About her childhood, she said: “I was raised by my grandparents along with my two siblings, and I had a fairly rough and traumatic childhood, but there was also a lot of love.”

She had a happy family until both her parents got involved with drugs and wound up in jail. She and her siblings were then adopted by her grandparents.

Joan said that she started modeling at 15. She took classes in a community college but never graduated. She found work “doing print ads, working for different clothing companies, also Grand Ambassador modeling”.

As an actress, she had few credits. “I’ve had some small featured roles in major productions, as well as short films and I even have produced my own project.”

Jessica Joan had a small part as “Red Bikini Girl” in this obscure straight-to-video production.

Unlike Allison Mack or Nicki Clyne, who were TV stars with meaningful careers, Joan had achieved very limited success as an actress when she joined NXIVM. Her IMDB page lists her as having three small parts in obscure films like the horror flick “Contracted” (2013), where she plays “Drunk girl in bar”, and also “Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus” (2010), where she is featured as “Red bikini girl”. She did produce “Gloves” (2019) based on a poem of hers. It remains unclear if and where her production was actually commercially exhibited to the public.

In the summer of 2016, Joan took her first 5-day NXIVM intensive, in Los Angeles. It was held in Culver City and taught by Jim Del Negro. The intensive cost five thousand dollars, money that she was saving for a trip to Hawaii.

JOAN: Well, I first learned of NXIVM because of my friend Rachel. She had several clients of hers that were coaches in the program, including India Oxenberg, who was also her friend.


She initially felt that the curriculum was perfect for her: “Because of my traumatic childhood and healing wounds, I’ve always been into personal development. And after the presentation, I thought it was something that would be able to help me.”

Subsequently, in November of 2016, she took the 16-day intensive in Albany. It cost US-$10 thousand. She only paid part of it.

JOAN: Keith Raniere was promoted as like the kind of guru, the guy who started NXIVM and created the curriculum. He was also promoted as a master martial artist and one of the smartest men in the world.

Jessica Joan was once convinced that the NXIVM curriculum was the perfect thing for her.

Joan also took “The Source” intensive in Vancouver, Canada, taught by Allison Mack and Mark Hildreth; as well as a “Jness Weekend” in Albany, at the home of Rosa Laura Junco.

MARK LESKO: And “The Source” program that you participated in, how did you pay for that?

JOAN: I paid for the deposit, and for the rest, I was supposed to recruit people per Allison in order to pay for the rest.

MARK LESKO: Okay. Are you still in debt from the money that you paid to participate in the NXIVM programs?

JOAN: Yes.

During the 11-day intensive in Albany, Joan was invited for a walk with India Oxenberg. This was to have profound consequences in her life.

India Oxenberg was to become Joan’s DOS master.

JOAN: Well, on the walk, [India] gave me a little bit of information about this group that she was a part of. She described it as a women’s-only secret society. […] It was a secret society to help women with a mentorship program, so these women can build character and discipline and be these strong forces of light in the world.


The group appeared to be shrouded in mystery:

JOAN: She [India Oxenberg] said that because there’s a lot of high-powered women in it, that it had to be secret. So, in order to find out more, you had to submit something, a piece of collateral in order to protect its secrecy.”


Oxenberg mentioned that the group was controversial in some respects:

JOAN: Yes, she said that the way that they help people grow can be controversial to the average person, that it’s like a badass women – almost boot camp – kind of thing.

Joan was told she needed to surrender three pieces of collateral to “protect her word”. It was something that had to be financial, family-related, and able to cause reputational damage.

In the case of Joan, all the collateral materials she submitted appear to cover real subjects – but as the Frank Report readers know, sometimes these collateral items could be invented stories or allegations.

JOAN: My understanding that it was merely to protect the secrecy of the group so, if you learn about it, you just will never talk about its existence.

Since she had a traumatic childhood and wanted to be “the best version” of herself, Joan thought this would be great for her.

One of the secrets she gave the DOS group was a video in which she shared about being molested by her uncle, something that happened multiple times when she was 12. All collateral from Joan was initially sent to her master, India Oxenberg.

MARK LESKO: [T]his second piece of collateral, I think you mentioned, was a notarized letter, is that right?

JOAN: Yes. It was about me admitting an indiscretion that I had, while I was still in a relationship with someone. […] There was also a sex tape with me and my boyfriend at the time. […] The fourth [collateral] was a video confession about me making out with one of my girlfriends – and that her boyfriend gave me money afterward.

A few days after she submitted her collateral, Joan learned that Oxenberg called the group “The Vow”.

JOAN: Allison would kind of joke around and called it The Agency. […] It was because her slaves were all, like, actresses and models and were beautiful, so it was like a joke as if she’s, like, running an agency.

How much did Jessica Joan know before joining DOS?

There seems to be a gap in the narration that she presented during her testimony. There’s very little talk about the moment where she actually “took The Vow” – as opposed to just have submitted the first batch of collateral. And we are never told exactly which revelations preceded that “point of no return”, and which ones were kept from her. That, as we all know, is no small matter in establishing the limit between consent and deceit.

Joan alleges that the information was only slowly being revealed to her – such as the fact that the group was a lifetime commitment.

JOAN: I just thought, great, it’s like I’m gonna have sorority sisters and just be a part of my personal growth for the rest of my life. […] At first, she said: “I’m gonna be your mentor”. So the name master/slave didn’t come up ’til later.

It was during a walk that Oxenberg finally revealed to Joan the true nature of the group.

JOAN: [India] said, “It’s very controversial and it’s meant to be shocking and it’s meant to raise up different feelings”. It’s kind of like in karate, you have your sensei and your master and your guru, and so she said, so I’m actually your master and you are actually my slave and that’s just what it’s called.

MARK LESKO: So what was your reaction when she — when she explained that she was your master and you were her slave?

JOAN: […] Because India to me was just very disarming, I didn’t really think much of it. I was just like, oh, “Okay, it’s just a word, it’s not gonna mean anything”.

In her testimony, Joan said that her initial assignments from her master, Oxenberg, were mainly journaling, contemplating woman issues. Joan also addressed the misrepresentations in what she was told about DOS.

MARK LESKO: So, when you joined The Vow, were you told that men were part of the organization?


MARK LESKO: Would you have joined The Vow if you had been told that a man or men was involved in the organization?

JOAN: Absolutely not.

Allison Mack and India Oxenberg insisted that Jessica Joan travel to Albany to meet Keith Raniere.

Following Allison Mack’s and India Oxenberg’s insistence, Joan was finally convinced to go to  Albany to meet NXIVM’s famed ‘Vanguard’.

JOAN: When I first met him, it was emotional. […] I introduced myself and said “Thank you for creating this curriculum and helping me”. I was overwhelmed with emotion, and then he grabbed my hand and sat me down on the bench, and we just kind of chatted and he tried to console me and make me feel better.

According to Joan, when word got out that she wanted to start a T-shirt company, multiple people came up to her, suggesting she should talk to Keith. Meanwhile, she claims, India and Allison trying to convince her to move to Albany.

MARK LESKO: And how did [Keith] contact you?

JOAN: He messaged me on WhatsApp […] and he said, “If you’re serious about starting this T-shirt company, the sooner you come back, the better”.

During her trial testimony, Joan characterized her modeling career at this point as being “at a high point and ready for a big transition and up-leveling.” She said she had just gotten an agent, that she “was booking commercials and booking print jobs and I was basically ready to go to the next level.”

At the same time, she admitted she was working primarily as a “poker host”, that would serve drinks, “give people massages” and serve them food during the gambling events.

Joan was at one point hoping Raniere would help and mentor her into establishing a T-Shirt company.

She felt she could start the T-shirt company and make some money.

JOAN: And I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so I thought it would be a good idea. I would have Keith mentor me on being an entrepreneur. Start a T-shirt company, make money and work on my internal being.

But, according to her testimony, there was another agenda in play: “At just really random times, [India] would ask me so what do you think of Keith? How do you feel about Keith? […] She would say “Oh, Keith was asking about you today and he was checking in on you and seeing how you were doing”.

JOAN: It was this kind of this thing where, if you’re lucky enough to have Keith as a mentor, it’s life-changing.

MARK LESKO: Do you have an understanding as to why this unusual level of contact with the defendant was happening?

JOAN: Yes. My understanding now is that I was being groomed to be a part of his harem.

MARK LESKO: Were you sexually attracted to the defendant?


Joan would testify that she subsequently learned about some misrepresentations that she claims were made about the workings of DOS.

Joan testified that the relentless demand for monthly collateral was never revealed to her until she was required to provide it. 

MARK LESKO: Did India tell you that you would, after joining “The Vow”, have to provide more collateral or additional collateral?

JOAN: She didn’t tell me that I would need to when I joined, but afterward, that was now a thing that I had to start doing. […] Kind of like rent, you had to submit new collateral the first of every month.

MARK LESKO: And had you known this requirement, this monthly collateral requirement, would it have changed your mind about joining The Vow?

JOAN: Absolutely. Because I understood that, okay, fine, you need to protect the secrecy. So the first collateral seemed, like, sensible to a certain degree. But afterward, that just — it was scary. It’s like, why would I have to keep submitting collateral, and keep telling them more things about me? It was really scary.

MARK LESKO: And who did you provide this monthly collateral to?

JOAN: At first, it was to India. But then I was invited to collaborate in a Dropbox, so I directly submitted to there.

According to Joan, she was told that the collateral would go into a safe, and would be protected. But that was proven to be hardly the case.

JOAN: There was a zip drive that was located in Allison’s apartment. And Allison wasn’t there, and India asked me if I could grab it for her. And she said: “Be careful, it has the collateral, just be safe with it.” So I went to Allison’s house, got it from the table, and brought it to her.

MARK LESKO: Did that concern you?

JOAN: Yes. It just showed how careless they were being. Obviously, having my own collateral, it made me scared that anyone could see it, anything could have happened to it, and that it wasn’t secure and protected.

Over time, the aspiring actress believes she discovered the real use for the collateral: “My later understanding is that they wanted to blackmail us with it.”

The slaves were subsequently submitted to “readiness drills”.

JOAN: Readiness was a drill where either India or a random number would message me with a question mark. And so at any time of the day, whether it’s 3:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m., you had to answer to the question mark with RM within one minute or someone would be punished.

MARK LESKO: And what did “RM” stand for?

JOAN: “Ready, Master”.

MARK LESKO: Now, these punishments that people received, were you ever told the types of punishments that people received for your failures?

JOAN: India said that sometimes it would be, like, taking a long, cold shower. Being woken up in the middle of the night, like 3:00 a.m., and then have to stand for 30 minutes and things like that.

Testimony during the Raniere trial established that these punishments were escalating in nature, with DOS slave Daniela Padilla getting paddled on one occasion, and later proceeding to buy BDSM cages to lock the slaves in.

JOAN: I had to perform services for Allison, as far as cleaning her house, doing her laundry, and things like that. I did help pick up groceries for her.

MARK LESKO: Were you paid for that work?


What merits mentioning, here, in the interest of fairness, is that Joan was living in Allison Mack’s house in Albany, so it is really unclear which of these tasks could have been made in lieu of rent.

MARK LESKO: Did you later learn that Allison was part of “The Vow”?

JOAN: Yes. I wanted to join “The Source”, and it was very expensive and I couldn’t afford it. So India suggested that I talk to Allison. […] When I went to ask Allison about it, she later revealed to me that she was my grandmaster.

MARK LESKO: Did you and Allison figure out a way for you to pay for “The Source”?

JOAN: Yes. I put either 2 or $3,000 for the deposit. And we worked out an agreement, where I would have to enroll three people, and then it would be paid off. And if not, I would be able to make payment plans to — in lieu of the money.

In DOS, JOAN and the other “third line” slaves were eventually instructed to recruit their own slaves.

JOAN: Originally, India just said to make a list in my head of other women that I thought would benefit from the program. And then, shortly after, the mental list turned into it needed to be a written list, which escalated into it needed to be a list that was categorized, and so forth.

MARK LESKO: Did being cute or being attractive, did that seem to be one of the criteria used to select recruits?

JOAN: Not for me personally, but just my friends did happen to be attractive.

MARK LESKO: How about for Allison and India?

JOAN: Yes. Not particularly India. But with Allison, she did show an interest in that category.

Joan eventually got a slave of her own: Val – a model, actress and dancer.

JOAN: Me and Val went to Vancouver together to do the “The Source” program, where she met Allison. And I thought she would be good for it. […] Allison, after meeting her, said: “I love Val, I want her to be in it. I think she’d be great for you.”

Joan proceeded to try to enroll and recruit Val, to no avail. So her master, Allison Mack, jumped in and used her superstar allure to recruit Val right then and there.

MARK LESKO: And was this an instantaneous recruitment?

JOAN: Yes. This was a very unorthodox way of being recruited. But because Val was so excited to join, we then phoned in India with a video call. And she introduced her as, like, “This is your grandmaster.” Because I was her master. So Allison was her great-grandmaster.

MARK LESKO: Did Allison tell Val about the brand or tattoo?

JOAN: Yes. She said that part of it is that you’d get a brand, but “it’s like a tiny tattoo”. She said, it’s a sisterhood thing, and that it represents the symbols of the elements.

MARK LESKO: Did she, in that conversation, mention that the brand was, in fact, someone’s initials?


MARK LESKO: Was Val told that any men were involved with The Vow?


Val started to provide collateral to Joan. As was the norm, Allison instructed Val to come to Albany to spend time with them. But it so happened that Val booked a dance gig, and couldn’t come.

JOAN: So I let Allison know that, “Oh, Val booked a job, so she’s not gonna be able to come”. And Allison looked at me and said, “Well, maybe you need to remind her that she doesn’t have a choice”.

Val wound up going to Albany to join the “slave pod”. What Allison Mack reportedly liked to call “The Agency”.

JOAN: There was a time when I asked Allison if I could see her brand, Oh, can I see your brand. She said, No, like I didn’t deserve the right to see it but she said, “Oh, it’s a beautiful symbol”. […] From what I’ve seen, it’s a very disgusting, disturbing mark which eventually scarred where it had, like, puffed-up skin and something that looks really painful.

One of her meetings with Keith provided what she described as a moment of deep discomfort, that she felt marked a foreboding of things to come.

JOAN: It was after volleyball and a group of us were in conversation and it was really strange. We were talking about something and out of nowhere he used his finger and draws a circle around my belly button on my stomach.

MARK LESKO: And what was your reaction?

JOAN: My reaction was I was in shock. Being someone who’s been sexually abused before, I have a high sense of awareness of my body and it was just really weird. I felt uncomfortable.

Joan knew that those in NXIVM believed that if you were chosen to go on a walk with Keith Raniere, your whole life would change. She was supposed to talk with him about a T-shirt company.

JOAN: We chatted for a bit. […] We did end up talking about the T-shirt company and he said that — I told him my ideas and he said that he already had a company. […] He said he had screen print machines, connections with Diesel [a clothing company] in Mexico, and he was just waiting for the right person.

It was believed in the community that Keith had numerous patents, and started many businesses. If you were special, Keith would start a business with you.

JOAN: He would say that I was special like, “Do you know that you’re special?” And I said, Yeah, I feel like I’m special. […] “Do you feel like this special connection with us, in between us?” And I said, Yes, because I thought he was this person that wanted to change the world, that was doing these remarkable things, and that’s really internally who I am.

JOAN finally moved to Albany. But, she says, things didn’t turn out as she expected: Keith would make plans to go on a walk and cancel them. He became more distant in regards to the plans for the T-shirt company. [Spoiler alert: it never happened.]

Soon, the activities in DOS started to involve the push to lose weight, and calorie counting.

India Oxenberg explained the calorie-counting aspect of DOS in the docuseries “Seduced”.

JOAN: Initially, I had to start off with 1,000 calories and all of this is calculated on an app. It was 1,000 and then it went down to 800 and then the last it ended going to 600 or 500 calories per day.

JOAN: It evolved into having to do, like, math equations with each item; where we had to measure it and weigh it on a scale and then eventually also take pictures of it and that also led to eventually having to ask permission to eat.

Soon, Joan testified, the DOS membership seemed to be in control of all areas of their lives.

JOAN: Every morning, right when we wake upm I would have to say,  “good morning, M” – for master – to India; as well as take a three-minute cold shower.

The leaders of DOS also directed them not to cut their pubic hairs or get Brazilian waxes. But the most disturbing part for Joan was about to unfold. Allison Mack phoned her from San Diego to discuss “something important”.

JOAN: First she prefaced it with, “You’ve been doing so great. Everyone in the community loves you. You’ve been so amazing.” […] And then she said, “Well, me and India have been talking and we wanted to give you this special assignment.” […] And she said that the assignment is for me to seduce Keith and have him take a naked picture of me and send it to India to prove that I did it. […] My mind was just blown. It was like my whole world was crumbling.

The seduction assignment she received made Joan recall how friends from outside the community had tried to warn her about NXIVM. “I joined this thing. I think it’s so great and people would warn me, ‘Oh, you’ve got to be careful’ and ‘the worst thing would be that it was a cult’ — and of course [Keith] wanted to sleep with me and that’s what that was.”

She testified that Mack told her that this was going to help her get rid of all of her sexual abuse trauma. Still according to Joan, her “grand master” lied to her on a very fundamental point.

JOAN: This [seduction assignment] makes me really uncomfortable and I said, “Does Keith know about The Vow?” And she said “No”. […] Before she ended the call, she said, “And I give you permission to enjoy it”.

In that moment, Joan testified, she realized that her only option was to escape.

JOAN: So, I internally basically I feel like I went kind of like a double agent; that I needed to get — pardon my French, that I needed to get the fuck out of there. So I just kind of softly pretended to go along with it so I could plan my escape.

MARK LESKO: During this conversation, were you thinking about your collateral?

JOAN: Yes. I was just thinking about all the collateral that they had on me and, like, well, what was I going to do. I needed to get out of this situation – and “what are they going to do with my collateral”? […] Again, sorry pardon if I curse, but internally I was just like, you fucking bitch. I was horrified and enraged with the fact that she would try to re-traumatize me and say that […] that with would heal my sexual trauma. I was disgusted.

The Frank Report shone the light on Keith Raniere’s harem.

Joan was in her room, in the basement of the Albany house where she lived, and that belonged to Allison Mack. She started to feel ill: “I just felt like the walls were spinning. […] Shortly after, I get on my laptop and I just start [researching] everything. […] I went deeper in the Google search and then I saw this thing where it mentioned something [on the Frank Report] about him having a harem and I was just like, oh my God, this is true. Like, this is all true. And I just basically started planning my escape.”

Joan testified that India Oxenberg wouldn’t share the experience she had seducing the Vanguard, but – according to Joan – Oxenberg told her that “it was amazing”. This is, of course, the exact opposite of the disturbing way that Oxenberg described the experience in her docuseries “Seduced”.

JOAN: I knew I had to play along. Thankfully, I had a family trip to Mexico planned that they were already aware of […] so I just knew that I had to play along for a little bit.

JOAN decided to take measures into her hands and collect evidence to protect herself.

JOAN: Because I had access to the Dropbox and other peoples’ collateral, I decided to take screenshots of the other peoples’ collateral. […] I did that to protect myself and to, as insurance that if they tried to blackmail me, that I would have some leverage to get them to not.

Since her master Oxenberg did not pressure her too hard to complete the “assignment”, Joan had time to prepare her escape.

JOAN: Because I had the original pushback, I felt like, “Okay, they’re not going to push on me to complete this right now, because I’m in a fragile state”, along with the lines that he likes to be pursued – which would obviously take a little bit more time.

The collateral that Joan took screenshots of consisted of “naked photos of women, particularly focused in the groin area with the heavy pubic hair region, making these kind of interesting faces. There were photos of women looking, like, unattractive; video secrets.”

MARK LESKO: How about if you told anyone about “The Vow”? Would that jeopardize your collateral?

JOAN: Yes.

MARK LESKO: What about the assignment to seduce and have sex with the defendant [Keith Raniere]? If you did not complete that, would that jeopardize your collateral?

JOAN: Yes.

MARK LESKO: What if you left “The Vow”? Do you think that would jeopardize your collateral?

JOAN: Yes.

MARK LESKO: How did that make you feel?

JOAN: It made me feel trapped. I was terrified. It made me really scared for my safety, for the well-being of my friends and family.

Joan’s exit from DOS was not easy.

Joan went to Mexico, to her family vacation, and slowly started to get away from the group. But her exit was not to prove so easy.

JOAN: I was talking to India and I said, “Hey, so if I decided I wanted to leave, as long as I don’t say anything about the group, nothing will happen to my collateral; right?” And she says, “Well, you’re already in the group”.

Joan says she pleaded with India: “When I gave you the collateral at the beginning, you said that it was only to protect the secrecy of the group. So if I wanted to leave, nothing will happen to my collateral; right?”

According to Joan, India pushed back: “This is a lifetime commitment. You’re already in.”

Her “grand master”, Allison Mack, chose the emotional road: according to Joan, she said “I don’t understand, like, you were so about the program. Like, you’ve been so distant.”

Allison was also disturbed, according to Joan, that she would be giving credence to old allegations of sex crimes against Keith Raniere.

JOAN: [Allison] just became very dramatic and said, “Are you saying you — you thought that I was an accomplice to a child molester?” And I looked at her and I said, “Yes, that’s what I thought”. […] And I told her, listen, like, I just want to live my life as an artist. […] And she goes, “How can we help you? We just want to help you.” And I said, “Listen, just back off.”

Allison Mack and India Oxenberg tried to keep Jennifer Joan from defecting from DOS.

MARK LESKO: Was there a party planned just before May 30th, 2017?

JOAN: Yes. India had invited me to a birthday party that she was going to be having in Malibu.

MARK LESKO: Did you go?

JOAN: I did not.

MARK LESKO: And at that time, was there supposed to be some sort of ceremony in June?

JOAN: Yes. How India described it, she said that there was a special ceremony, and I needed to go to Albany on June 1st and, it was also during coach summit, so I said, “I don’t understand why I need to go. I’m not a coach.” I later learned […] that it was actually going to be a branding ceremony.

MARK LESKO: And did you go to Albany in June for that ceremony?


MARK LESKO: Did you make it appear as if you were planning on going?

JOAN: Yes.

Joan’s slave, Val, told her that India’s mom, Catherine Oxenberg, kept calling and texting her. One of the texts reportedly said: “Please do not go on that plane to Albany. You are involved in illegal activities you may not be aware of. Please call me.”

JOAN: Bonnie [Piesse], who was a high-up in ESP, calls [Val] and says, “You’re involved with really dangerous women. You’re going to a branding ceremony.”

During this time, Joan said that she was constantly terrified with the prospect of her collateral being released.

JOAN: I would consider myself a spiritual person, and I just approached it in the way that, like, okay. What am I going to do? What is the worst thing that could happen? You know, other than if they tried to physically attack me; would be that my collateral would be released. […] And I just had a moment with myself and just liberated myself emotionally, mentally. If the worst thing that happens to me is they show the collateral – fine. But, like, no one was going to be able to trap me like that.

The collateral Joan took from the Dropbox, she gave to Mark Vicente, who gave it to Frank Parlato, who sent it to Law Enforcement. It helped to build the case against Raniere.

But her own collateral is still at large.

MARK LESKO: So — so Jay, was your collateral ever returned to you?


MARK LESKO: Did you eventually determine that the defendant [Keith Raniere] was in charge of “The Vow”?

JOAN: Yes.

MARK LESKO: Would you have joined “The Vow” if you had known the defendant was in charge of it?

JOAN: Absolutely not.

MARK LESKO: Would you have provided collateral if you knew the defendant was in charge of “The Vow”?


During her testimony, prosecutor Mark Lesko anticipated – and tried to neutralize – one of the defense’s main challenges to Joan’s credibility. Lesko had her admit, in direct testimony, that she had once, when she was 20 years old, been involved in a fraudulent marriage with a gay male friend to allow him, a non-citizen, to remain in the US. To accomplish that, she admitted having lied to officials. Joan also admitted that she was paid for marrying this man.


From Jessica Joan’s testimony, we gather that she alleges to have been invited to DOS under a number of misrepresentations, namely about the exact nature of the relationship with her mentor/master, about the need for the branding ceremony, about the relentless nature of the collateral delivery, and – most importantly – about the real role of Keith Raniere in what she alleges was initially described to her as a “sorority”.

She was a woman scarred after being repeatedly molested in her childhood, and she feels that the “Seduction assignment” had compounded the terror and exploited her deep emotional wounds.

Ever since leaving DOS, Jessica Joan has not been able to get her collateral back, but neither have the damning materials been released as she feared.

 [In the next article, we will follow the cross examination of JOAN’s testimony, made by Keith Raniere’s lawyer, Marc Agnifilo, as well as examine statements by current DOS members who dispute many aspects of Joan’s testimony.]

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  • What stands out to me the most here is that Jessica took, personal, private information on other people (other people’s collateral), that she states she was ready to use as blackmail if needed…. It’s interesting to me and I think worthy of note because she was willing to do something she considered engregous and that she feared happening to her (and to my knowledge never ended up happening), to innocent people who were unaware that she had compromised their safety and trust. I can understand her being afraid and trying to find a solution, but doesn’t seem right that she would sacrifice others and compromise THEIR private collateral to protect her own interests. Just sayin…

    • Your attempt to deflect attention from the elephant in the room — that your “Vanguard” is a convicted rapist and scam artist — is ineffective.

      It is interesting to me and I think worthy of note that you are unable to think critically for yourself and simply ape the numbskull whining of your imprisoned guru.

      I can understand you being afraid and trying to find a solution, but this isn’t going to get old Keith out of prison. Nor will it improve your public image — your only hope is to keep your NXIVM involvement on the down-low.

      Just sayin’…

      • Actually, Keith wasn’t convicted of or found guilty of rape, that wasn’t a charge in the trial. I think Frank has the full transcript of the trial and the verdict somewhere on the site if you’d like to cross reference.

        Anyhow, my point in my original comment is that a woman stole other people’s collateral and planned to use it if she saw fit. This is huge in my opinion because all the women who have spoken negatively about their experiences in DOS site being afraid of their collateral being released, yet it never happened and on top of that, one of these women, Jessica Joan, stole other women’s collateral and would have used it if she felt she needed to. Can we just live there for a moment? If I were one of the women who’s collateral she copied, I’d be not only pissed, but feel like that was a massive violation of trust.

        • It would be funny to watch The World’s Smartest Man™ try out that argument when one of his prison guards or fellow inmates decides to teach the chomo a lesson.

          Wait a second now… you’re saying that DOS and NXIVM involved a massive violation of trust?!


          Alert the press!


          No doubt once the judge hears this it is game over, and the prosecutors will be the ones doing 120 years while “Vanguard” is banging his slaves in Fiji.

  • If every witness ever called must have a record of never lying, telling an untruth, etc., Lord, help the justice system. Who has never, ever been dishonest? The important thing is admitting to a lie and telling the truth about this matter while under oath. Also, many lies (such as her escape cover letter) are told to save ourselves from harm. I do not think it is unreasonable for JJ to not expect an all women empowerment group to ask her to fuck an old, fat, smelly man they all know. She rightfully concluded the “seduction assignment” did not square with the agenda they had sold here to enroll her into DOS. She then did what she had to do trying to escape with as little damage as possible. Juries understand nuance. They also can hear, “the ring of the truth” in a courtroom.

    • —”The important thing is admitting to a lie and telling the truth about this matter while under oath.”

      But Jessica Joan lied egregiously under oath in her green card interview. Just because she admitted it under oath, this time, because she’d been CAUGHT in that lie in the past, doesn’t tell me she wouldn’t lie under oath again.

      Whatever. If someone wants to lie, let ’em lie.

      But then don’t get all offended and make out like they are a victim and I’m a bad guy because I don’t believe everything they say after that. That’s all.

      • “But then don’t get all offended and make out like they are a victim and I’m a bad guy…”

        Well that’s fine, but Keith lied many, many times. There are many, many witnesses claiming this, over many, many years.

        Now, Keith wants us all to believe that all of these many, many witnesses are all lying more than him. In fact, they’re all in a conspiracy of lies against him.

        The probability of so many people colluding in a lie, many of them unknown to each other, over many, many years, from his college days until today is practically slim to none.

        If it was greater than that, then it would say something really disgraceful about the current state of the human condition. Keith wants to throw out all of his lies, or ignore them, based on extraordinary claims, i.e., that many, many people are lying, including the people in the government tasked with enforcing its laws who allegedly violated his due process rights.

        Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and Keith has none: zero; zilch; nada; nil. In fact, his lies have caught up with him and now he’s just dancing with them. His life, for at least the past twenty years and likely more, is based on lies. I guess when you’re a perpetual liar, you think everyone else lies too. You know, it’s that old projection thing.

        • Nicki must have lied under oath to immigration. Keith was her partner of 10 years according to NickI. But she married Allison. Plus they all took a vow of celibacy. Except for sex with Keith. Did she tell immigration that? You could argue she cannot be trusted to be honest. You could also argue they are ” ruining it ” for real gay couples who fought hard for their marriage equality.

  • —During her testimony, prosecutor Mark Lesko anticipated – and tried to neutralize – one of the defense’s main challenges to Joan’s credibility.

    Ahem. Prosecutors have been neutralizing the defense in this particular form for centuries. My point is you have uncovered nothing. Lay people will think you have uncovered something novel. You have not produced anything novel or significant enough to remotely warrant a new trial.

    Great transcript! Nothing worthy of overturning a federal court verdict.

  • She was very wise.
    I don’t know why anyone thought it sensible or would help her, someone who had been abused as a child, to be given a task to seduce KR. it just proves if you want proper good therapy that works go to someone with years of training who is subject to professional conduct rules.

    • I know how they sold it and why other young women — maybe not previously abused themselves — bought into it. Believe it or not, Gina had the same ‘assignment’ prolly 15 years prior. The concept was to take control of, take back one’s ownership of her own sexuality from the past “abuser” or from the big, bad “patriarchy” (the proverbial “Man”).

      I mentioned this aspect, btw, in my 2009/2010 interviews with the TU. Keith always used these girls’ rebellion against patriarchal and religious dogma to convince them his dick was the cure to overcome that — the source of their sexual guilt and oppression, etc. (There’s your “cool girl feminism” practiced by many new age cult leaders but none so well as the grandmaster Raniere…and his minions, Alison. And, no, you are not convincing playing one of them if that’s your schtick. It comes across as mockery.).

      Of course, all this rage against the machine was all just an excuse for Keith to get HIS fantasy fulfilled by girls who, otherwise, prolly wouldn’t let him anywhere near them let alone desire to seduce him.

      And it only reinforced their trauma — as Keith and his accomplices well knew and delighted in — along with all the other props (besides Keith’s penis) Clare & Sara’s money could buy including human ones.

    • Thanks, SippingGreenTea Alison. I felt a little nervous admitting these thoughts, feelings. Not prudish at all, however romance without romance and magic? That cannot be gone. Those feelings make life hum and buzz. It still happens as the native tongue, from the inside out and as the beat of real life, yes or no, that depth of feeling and of desiring this authentic connection together. You can feel it with a bird or a tree or a cow in the field, so how come we would ignore it or devalue the loving-kindness between ourselves, via indifference? Who taught people so much unlovingness?

      Ourselves? What is it? The “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” syndrome?

      Of course, it’s both easy and difficult for almost anyone to even have a say. This personal or impersonal decision about interacting is none of my fucking business, is entirely subjective, plus I’ve made all of the mistakes that I possibly could already. Still, I have grandsons and wish no crossfit whatevers upon them.

      What pride could be found, really, in turning oneself into a hard-assed “bitch” as if it were some kind of badge of honor? Have you ever met a man or a woman who finds comfort, joy or relaxation with those choices?

      Damn it all. Try a little tenderness. Most of us are that way, deep down and all the way to the crown. So tender, so tenuous. There has to be poetry. Merchandise is for mercantiles. War is for seeing futility. Love is for lovers. Maybe only the brave?

      “Love thy neighbor as you would love yourself.” Did we skip that bit about “as you would love yourself” as being too much effort? So many questions.

  • Over a month ago, you said you would be publishing a detailed interview with the pedophile-loving NXIVM moron, Nicki Clyne. Really interested to hear her justification for remaining loyal to a guy who openly promoted raping babies, incest, and sex with teenage girls, since you said it would change our opinion of her. LOL

    Come on dude, it’s almost Christmas. Give us a treat

    • I am planning on publishing it soon. But a true investigative report takes time. I obtained some of the divorce documents. There is a lot to this story.

    • I too am curious about her continued justification but suspect most of it comes down to dismissing the pedophile stories as “fake news”.

      I mostly feel bad. Her timing was such that her career was on the cusp of riding Battlestar Galactica to additional roles that could have gone who knows where and she slammed the brakes on all of it.

      For what? Curious about what she thinks has gained in the last 10 years.

    • Since Darlyne is tweeting about Nxivm and Raniere, it is not wrong to mention her past involvement in Nxivm. She is a commenter on the topic and has some knowledge of it.

      • These stupid people are always, without fail, liberals. They think it is okay to talk down to “conservatives” on twitter, when they spent years with a pedophile.

        • Considering the current Cult of Trump environment, this seems like a calling kettle situation. Raniere’s wet dream was to have a cult as big as Trumps.

  • I have a confession to make to you. Like many people, I judge by the influence of my past stereotypes. We shouldn’t judge others. We can’t know the feelings in them that have drawn them to certain acts. Like Joan, for example. If we stereotype, as I have done in my previous posts, it can give a false picture of a person and we may hurt her. I still think I knew some of the people in the article, and that’s what I said was my opinion on them. But the truth is, I don’t know her, I don’t see the creature inside her. Everything is conceivable as is the opposite of everything. Of course, someone might know her personally, but she’s set up here. Every vision depends on where we put the emotional focus.

    When you think about it, our whole lives are a learning process. We can’t say we know everything because we’re already on the slopes. Joan is not a convict like Keith Raniere. She, too, has the right to end the bad phase of her life and open a new, better chapter.

    • Nomin wrote:
      —”We can’t know the feelings in them that have drawn them to certain acts. Like Joan, for example. If we stereotype, as I have done in my previous posts, it can give a false picture of a person and we may hurt her.”

      Those are some good points to ponder.

  • There’s so much background experience with the multiple J lady. Maybe it is just that she is born in a different era than I. (?) Although I was totally a wild child, even for the 1960s, going all over the world dancing, propelled by impatient and very experimental gypsy feet, everywhere. But sex was, would be reserved for honest-to-God lovers, husbands even, though there I crashed without any burns. Yes, with some wild oats sown, but romantically, and never with a mercenary vibe or blandness of heart.

    Intimacy is, subjectively for me, at least, a kind of deep, loving, hopefully, a beautifully happy and nourishing connection. Togetherness of its own dimension. If that connection has no spirit, no caring for one another, forget it. You want to keep some value for our own intimacies because that’s the way that we were made, to love and to care, not to fumble around screwing like jackrabbits on autopilot, with our minds, hearts or spirits withheld or uninvolved. That is not my idea of fun. My God, no thank you. Ho-hum. Who could desire such numbness, as any substitute for being close to one another?

    This boring, miserable indifference about making l-o-v-e used to be reserved more for cokeheads, methfreaks, and the more traditional halitosis-ridden, belching centurions of piebald, habitual drunkenness. How reckless does a sailor really need to be, after all?

    Is it so unusual to have never participated in a “sex” tape these days? How about having sex with some gal and maybe her boyfriend pays ya for it? It kind of sounds like a lifestyle that invites psychological and emotional difficulties. Too harsh. Some people are forced into it, but who in the hell would volunteer? Too many hard razor’s edges being so voluntarily acquired, frequently by what seems to be self-obsessed individuals who, nowadays, cannot stop staring at their cosmetically “enhanced” visages, images on their cellphone cameras. What about love? We are gonna have to work this out someway, somehow. Erica Jong can have her zipless fucks. But she be 78 now, born Mar 26, 1942. I still like her, tried her philosophy. But it didn’t fit.

    J lady, Houston we have a problem? What’s love got to do with it? No wonder Tina Turner moved to Switzerland to chant her darn nam yoho renga kyos.

  • First this:
    “It was during a walk that Oxenberg finally revealed to Joan the true nature of the group: [India] said, “It’s very controversial and it’s meant to be shocking and it’s meant to raise up different feelings”.

    Then this:
    JOAN: This [seduction assignment] makes me really uncomfortable.

    Um. And your problem with that is?

    Now go testify about what a baddie KR is and how you were tricked.

    • If person A says I want to rape you, and you do not escape or do anything, and then person A does rape you, Person A is still wrong and should be in prison.

      That is what happened with Jaye and Keith.

      Keith and India said they would shock Jaye. Jaye did nothing; they then did something shocking to her.
      Keith deserved to be prosecuted for doing that shocking thing. Jaye has every right to not do anything even if she was warned.

      You are blaming victims.

    • ‘Now go testify about what a baddie KR is and how you were tricked.’

      You tell them, Alison. Thank god you are here to put all these ‘victims’ in their place with your humorous take on ALL their predicaments. You are helping us to see that nxivm and KR were just a bunch of fluffy horn-dogs and not so bad after all.

      What have we all been fussing about for years on the Frank Report? Before your endless witty responses to the immense pain of others, and of course, your great variety of beverages,

      If you don’t read this, it’ll be because you are being protected against, um, attack?

      I sincerely hope you never find yourself in a place where your fundamental security is threatened and you need, really need support and succor… but find instead, that your situation is doubted, trivialized, and undermined by the cold, cold eye of an incorrigible sophist, vastly amused – at your expense.

      • That comment of mine you quoted wasn’t intended as humor but to seriously point out hypocrisy in her statement. If she is faking victim, IF, then she is victimizing others. Don’t you care about THOSE victims? Who is the heartless one here?

      • Also, NFW, I have no problem with anyone questioning Raneri’s motives, Nxivm 5’s motives, my motives—Nobody takes what they say or seemingly even what I say at face value.

        Oh, but then I’m supposed to take what a few select people say, such as this Jaye Joan person, completely at face value and never question their motives, or else I’m a bad person for doing so? Give me a break.

        I question everyone’s motives. I don’t see what is so bad about that. And that is not to say that I believe I am right. I just have questions.

        • Alison 🙂 I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. You’re a thoughtful person, right, but you’re probably very young. At your age, it’s perfectly natural for someone to want to change the world. (If I’m wrong, I’m sorry, I’m just taking my own stereotypes again.) Every system, every social organization deserves to be questioned. That’s what a thinking man does. The circumstances will show the truth anyway.

        • Sorry, I’m writing with a translator now. The point is, we do need people like you who question everything. And your bluntness is good, there’s a little bit of that in me. So any new thought can help us understand the chaos around NXIVM. I wish I could believe in the truth as much as you do. But reality shows me something else that I’m fighting, but I’m not alone. That’s why I also appreciate Frank because he’s accomplished something. He’s the living example.

        • Maybe if I want people to stop questioning my motives, I should explain about the times that I was sexually harassed and assaulted throughout my life.

          I was twice randomly attacked by creepy adult males when I was out walking alone after dark as a teen. Both times were equivalent to non-consensual heavy petting, but they were extremely frightening experiences for me all the same.

          The second time it happened, the creep chased me and tackled me to the ground. I was terrified that I’d be killed. And I’m being dead serious.

          Those were but two of many such incidents in my life. I’ll bet lots of women can relate, sad but true.

          Now please stop questioning me about anything or you might re-traumatize me.

          • I’d like to add that when those things happened, especially the first time it happened, I thought no one would believe me. It was just so random and unexpected. Happened a block away from my home.

            I didn’t even say anything about it when I got home after that first assault until a few hours later when I decided to share.

            It was comforting that my family and friends, who knew me well and knew I wouldn’t lie about something like that, did believe me and came to my defense.

            It also helped that the police were aware that there was a known creep in the neighborhood. I was not the only victim. However, he didn’t face any serious consequences until his behavior escalated beyond copping feels on underage girls about a year later.

            But while I would expect my friends and family to believe me since they know me, I would not expect complete strangers to buy my story and grab the guy and hang him from the nearest tree, no questions asked. Even creeps deserve the benefit of the doubt and a fair trial.

            I wouldn’t mind if people want to try to figure out just how trustworthy I am or not when a person’s fate is at stake. Id expect it. It’s better for everyone to have a confident conviction than to have lingering questions that maybe the guy really didn’t do it.

            As for the second guy, I got his car’s license plate, but turns out it was a stolen car, so they never caught him for what he did to me.

          • Not to belabor this subject, but last thing I want to say on it is if I had to testify against either of those “men” (I never did) and it was proven on the stand that I had been a habitual liar in the past, then it’s my own damn fault if nobody believes me when I’m finally telling the truth for once.

            I could even stretch that to say it would be partly my fault that the bad guy gets set free since I would’ve been the one who undermined my own credibility by lying so much in the past (hypothetically).

          • Is Nicole lying? Is Cami now lying? All the other women are lying? The FBI lying? Frank Parlato was originally lying? NY Times lying? Times Union Lying? Heidi Hutchinson? Rhiannon is a liar? I could keep going…you get the point.

            Quite the conspiracy you have.

            – If I was proven on the stand that I had been a habitual liar in the past, then it’s my own damn fault if nobody believes me when I’m finally telling the truth for once.

            Jade lies and Keith Raniere tells truth. LOL

            State and federal law enforcement use informants, who happen to be criminals all of the time.

            You, Alison, have not uncovered anything new. At the moment, CIs don’t fit your narrative.


          • “Is Nicole lying? Is Cami now lying? All the other women are lying? The FBI lying? Frank Parlato was originally lying? NY Times lying? Times Union Lying? Heidi Hutchinson? Rhiannon is a liar? I could keep going…you get the point.”

            I really don’t get your point. I was talking about Jess Joan and responding to NFW’s opinion that I’m apparently a vile human being for daring to question the reliability of a witness.

  • —”he said, “If you’re serious about starting this T-shirt company, the sooner you come back, the better”

    Question: Why does it seem that everyone has a dream to start their very own T-shirt company these days??? Besides, no one can top “I’m with stupid” —> “Stupid” or, “My grandma went to Atlantic City and all I got was this stupid T-shirt”

    • Seconded. Wasn’t Vincente beside himself that India wasn’t applying herself to her nascent t-shirt company? Were they going to be twinsies running it together? For irony points, would the blank t-shirts themselves be made by malnourished young slave girls in Bangladesh?

    • Why T-shirt companies?

      It’s a simple business plan morons understand. Get rich producing T-shirts, with idioms, anyone can do it!!!

      You will never here get rich making computer chips. LOL

  • Elenor,

    This is a great article. Thank you, so much! Elenor Christi, I love your name. Is it your pen name? Elenor Roosevelt and Agatha Christie lived around the same time. I believe Elenor is a pleasant old-world name.

    Special message for the Nxivm 5 from
    the United States Supreme Court:

    The Fifth Amendment’s double jeopardy clause states that “No person shall […] be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb.” Alito wrote that because states and the federal government are both sovereign governments, a violation of state and federal law is not the “same offense,” but is …

    What this means is the state of New York can still go after Keith Raniere if he manages to beat the Federal criminal case. The Federal government can hand over all of the evidence and testimony to the State of New York.

    ….Better yet with all of the additional witnesses who have come forward, the State of New York can bury Keith Raniere once and for all.

    Plus!!! Thanks to the documentaries, and your own help doing publicity, this case has become bigger than it initially was. That means the state prosecutor of New York will take a keen interest in Keith Raniere’s case. I hear state prisons are nicer. Rikers island is a party town!!!

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

      • I can’t agree. Nicki did not have one slave who said she was abusive. Being prosecuted is a ferocious thing and should not be wished frivolously on anyone. Mack had ample people who said she was tyrannical. No one has ever said this about Nicki. She is simply not aggressive. There is a huge difference between the two women.

        Still, I think Allison is largely a victim, a zealous victim who thought she was actually serving a greater cause and perhaps she did enjoy the power going to her head. There were more than a few who understood that Allison Mack’s initials were on the brand and that she was the topmost woman of DOS.

        • Frank,

          I was under the impression Nicki, as a DOS master, had unnamed DOS slaves. My apologies if she didn’t abuse people. I sincerely mean that – provided she didn’t abuse anyone.

          At the end of the day, my word does not have any true weight or any real significance. I’m a crank with an alias and an opinion. That’s all.

          • —I want to brain-soil her

            Uncle Frank, Nice Guy is trying his hardest not to comment on this type of item. 😉

            Nice Guy has decided to “abstain” from making sexual innuendo type jokes. You make the setups so, so easy though.

        • Frank: did you get recruited into Nicki’s inner circle???? Are you one of her new men after Keith is now locked away and out of the game?

          Is this why you have been now defending Nicki??????

          • I am defending Nicki where it is appropriate to defend her. I have also told her I want to deprogram her. Or said another way, if she is brainwashed, I want to brain-soil her, which is the opposite of brainwashed. I am certainly not one of her men, if she even has any men. She is young enough to be my daughter.

            That said, I have a far better opinion of her now that I have come to know her a little, and I do not think she is evil or a criminal.

        • Wait, are you saying the brand does have her initials? I thought it was confirmed by Lauren and Keith that it doesn’t.

          • Yes, it was confirmed under oath that there is no “AM” in the brand standing for “Allison Mack.” The “A” is for Alan, Keith’s middle initial. It’s his monogram and nothing else.

            I find it incumbent upon alleged “investigative journalists” who admittedly misinterpreted this to correct, certainly not propagate, this misnomer.

            It most certainly did, does, influence the public perception of Allison’s role, though “taking one for the team” by claiming the tattooing was her idea, didn’t help her either.

          • I have new information on that Heidi. This matter is NOT settled. And I will soon reveal the conflicting sources.

        • At the very least Nicki knew that:
          a) Slaves Outside the inner circle were being lied to about who was the head of DOS
          b) Slaves Outside the inner circle were being lied to about what the brand meant

          That deception led to women being trafficked and branded. Just because you like someone and they are a beautiful actress does not mean that they did not do harm.

          It is also interesting that Frank Report is buying the story that Allison did want her initials on the brand. Is this true or is it to put Allison as the person who takes the fall for the group?

        • Frank: Are you in Nicki’s inner circle???

          I think Keith is the grandmaster. Even if they say he is not, I think he is. Please be careful, Frank!

        • Frank, I would like you to clarify this point about Nicki NOT having slaves who speak ill of her.

          The slaves who spoke publicly about Allison are Nicole, Jaye, and India (who is suspected of being not very honest and avoiding her own enthusiastic involvement).
          We also have some sporadic stories about Allison published in the comments section that led to the publication of stories on your part, such as the case of.

          -Allison and Nicki’s fake testimonial that was posted by someone from NXIVM and this person said it was not done to help Nicki but to control Allison (I guess Keith used the same tactic that he used with Emiliano S. and Alex B. As I recall, you yourself said that Alex is gay and Emiliano was convinced that he was bisexual, in order to tie Alex up and possibly manipulate him).

          -Another comment in the comment section said that Allison had been abusive, and had treated Shioban H. like her punching bag, and ended by saying, “just like Lauren treats Allison”
          I know there are other people who have talked about Allison being tyrannical but, in reality, I have not even seen anything about Nicki and her slaves, even Sarah H. who was Lauren’s slave, neither has she talked about her slaves or her companions in the capsule. Lauren, and the same goes for the other front-line teachers.
          Simbargo we have these stories about Nicki being the manager of that vegan restaurant that doesn’t give her a good image either.

          On the other hand, I tend to think that Allison’s problem was more on the other hand since there are testimonies like that of Daniela F. who worried about how Keith’s manipulation of her sister Mariana was affecting her psychologically, and this also makes me remember some of Allison’s posts on her blog and other points to consider like that time Allison replied to one of her own tweets as if she were someone else, I remember it even seemed like she was recruiting herself.

  • —It remains unclear if and where her production was actually commercially exhibited to the public.

    Why is this pertinent? If Jessica Jones was a porn star, it wouldn’t matter because she was blackmailed! But because she wasn’t a D-list-celebrity, she is not a victim?

    —From Jessica Joan’s testimony, we gather that she alleges to have been invited to DOS under a number of misrepresentations

    Alleges? This technically and materially is wrong. At trial, it was accepted as the truth after Jessica Joan was sworn in.

    —Ever since leaving DOS, Jessica Joan has not been able to get her collateral back, but neither have the damning materials been released as she feared.

    No, her collateral has not been released but she still has to live in fear that one day it will be. Sarah Edmondson’s DOS branding initiation video was leaked. The video was shown publicly on Mexican television. Sarah naked, being branded and making out at the same time with Lauren Salzman is not blackmail material? The release of that video was a message to all of the DOS women.
    Jessica Joan and all the other women will always have to live in fear their collateral will be leaked. There are multiple copies of all of their collateral. That’s something the media has not reported but is common sense. If some would like to debate me on the topic of multiple copies of the collateral, please do.

    I have to say, tremendously, “fair and balanced reporting” off of a jaded-ducks-ass.

    • ‘—From Jessica Joan’s testimony, we gather that she alleges to have been invited to DOS under a number of misrepresentations

      Alleges? This technically and materially is wrong. At trial, it was accepted as the truth after Jessica Joan was sworn in.’

      You are so right TGCBT, – “fair and balanced reporting” off of a jaded-ducks-ass.’

  • Sometimes I think it was just a Live Action Role-playing Game that got completely out of control.


    “They are playing a game. They are playing at not
    playing a game.

    If I show them I see they are, I shall break the rules and they will punish me.

    I must play their game, of not saying I see the game.”

    Not so much a Game of Thrones as a Game of Egos.

  • The Walk Home

    Mental Health: I Escaped a Cult with India Oxenberg
    57 Min.
    Content Warning: suicide, sexual assult, rape, depression, mind control, manipulation, abuse, domestic violence, violence

    In this episode the host, Kayla Nielsen, interviews India Oxenberg.

    India and her mom (Catherine Oxenberg) have recently released a docuseries on Starz called “Seduced,” which outlines India’s experience in the self-help guised sex cult that is NXIVM and DOS.

    In this episode, India shares about her time in both NXIVM and DOS.

    She describes what drew her in, why she stayed, and how she eventually left.

    India describes her mental health, and the brainwashing that occured.

    Kayla draws parallels to her experience being in an abusive relationship.

    India goes on to share about her recovery process, and how reliving the trauma in the court case was another trauma in and of itself.

    Both women discuss mental health in relation to manipulation and mind control.

    They touch on intuition, and how this area deteriorates overtime when in an abusive relationship.

    India goes on to share recovery tools, people, and practices that are supporting her recovery journey.

    This is a heartfelt episode you won’t want to miss.

    Find us on Patreon:

    Connect with us on social media: IG: @thewalkhomepod, Facebook: The Walk Home Podcast

    Follow our host on Instagram: @kaylalanielsen

    Follow our Guest India Oxenberg:


    Weitere Folgen von “The Walk Home”

  • Mental Health: I Escaped a Cult with India Oxenberg
    The Walk Home
    Listen on Apple Podcasts

    Content Warning: suicide, sexual assult, rape, depression, mind control, manipulation, abuse, domestic violence, violenceIn this episode the host, Kayla Nielsen, interviews India Oxenberg.India and her mom (Catherine Oxenberg) have recently released a…

  • Nicki Clyne has the blackmail material, or rather she has her lawyer holding it. When will a court order to seize this material finally be obtained and implemented? When will Nicki Clyne finally be charged with possession of blackmail material? When will other charges finally come against Nicki Clyne? When will there finally be a cleanup?

    • I do not think Nicki has the blackmail and neither does her lawyer. I debunked that theory as all but impossible previously. I mean, if the DOJ has known for more than a year that the collateral was with her lawyer, how in God’s name would they allow it to remain there and not subpoena it? Judge Garaufis would not hesitate one second to sign such an order – and then people like Jessica could get her collateral back instead of wondering where it is.

  • For starters I believe Jaye.
    But here is what Kim W of nxivm101 has to say about Jaye:;

    What do you think? Is Jessica aka Jane doe aka Jayne now known as Joan…🙄 an untouchable? She says her world spun at the thought of the seduction assignment…and quit. What if her naked picture was just one of many and this was just another naked picture? No biggie, right?

    Who is Kim W???

  • Interesting testimony. Does illustrate multiple doubts I have about India Oxenberg’s involvement in things that resulted when I saw The Vow and Seduced back to back so both were fresh in my mind to note differences in telling the same stories. Joan’s story definitely leans closer to The Vow version of things where India is much more involved in events.

    Random thoughts:

    – More and more I suspect India was Mack’s chosen #2. The more NXIVM grew, the harder it would have been to keep track of the details unless you had a trusted lieutenant that thought like you. Building that trust was verifying she would commit the same actions, all the same actions.

    – I think India should be looking at jail time and only avoided it because of her (relatively) famous mother and Mack unintentionally shielding her by being a bigger target. I doubt her “evidence” made a difference sinceit’s starting to appear Joan and others already provided similar evidence and testimony.

    – Seduced, being filtered through India’s version of events, is likely missing key pieces of information and the extent of her involvement. As such, despite being the “better” documentary content-wise, the result is it’s the less trustworthy one. Ironic, considering the clearly very early access the Vow docu team had shows that Vicente and company had their own self serving agenda.

    – India was definitely a witness of last resort for the NY DA. To be used only in case of emergency as I think her involvement was enough that the defense team would have had an absolute field day with her if she had testified. Vice versa if she had testified for the defense.

    – Besides the testimony, what exactly is Joan bringing to the table that is new or different from the existing documentaries and books? I am not entirely sure I understand why she is getting a focus (besides being an attractive actress) that really adds anything new.

    • What is new is that she no longer appears under her pseudonym Jaye, but goes public with her real name and picture.

    • I think she adds a perspective about how to escape, especially when you don’t have power. How you can escape and find the courage to do so without having lots of money, fame, or being a leader beforehand (Sarah and Mark Vicente I would say were already leaders.)

      I like her. I think she does need to market herself more and show more what her unique angle is.

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