‘Jaye’, Who Testified at Raniere Trial, Reveals Identity With Announcement of Podcast

Jessica Joan, AKA Jaye, revealed her identity publicly after trial.
Jessica Joan, known to those who followed the trial of Keith Raniere, as ‘Jaye,” jealously kept her identity secret from the public – until today.  She has now revealed her name with an announcement of a new podcast series, The Untouchable Jessica Joan,

“CBS This Morning,” with Nikki Battiste, the same reporter that first interviewed the Nxivm 5, broke the story.

“I finally felt like I was ready. … And my name is Jessica Joan,” she told Battiste.

Joan’s website describes her podcast series: “Jessica takes us on a journey through her life experiences. A survivor of many forms of severe trauma – she shares her pitfalls, discoveries, life lessons and the tools that have helped empower her to be ‘Untouchable.’ Raw, unfiltered stories and conversations with guests who also share their tales of being ‘Untouchable.  A judgement free space for vulnerability to be shared and shadows to be brought to light. A reminder that we’re all in this together and we are Untouchable.”

At Raniere’s trial, Joan was the last of his victims to testify. During its deliberations, the jury determined she was a victim of attempted sex trafficking by Raniere.

The circumstances of the crime arose from a so-called “seduction assignment” given by India Oxenberg and Allison Mack, as part of Joan’s membership in DOS, a master-slave women’s group that was secretly headed by Raniere.

“The assignment would be to seduce Keith and have him take a naked picture with me,” Joan told CBS.

According to a former DOS member, the assignment was for Jaye to approach and befriend a supposedly unaware Raniere, win his interest, and seduce him into taking a naked picture of her. Raniere would not appear in the photo. Joan was not required to have sex with Raniere, the DOS source said.

Joan refused to complete the assignment and quit the group.

By all accounts, Joan was happy with Nxivm and DOS up until the day she was given the seduction assignment.

She told CBS when she got the assignment, “The whole room started spinning… Everything just started crumbling… For me, it was literally my worst nightmare come to life — that I ended up joining a cult and that the leader behind it wanted to sleep with me.”

The prosecution’s argument that the assignment rose to the level of attempted sex trafficking was because Joan had been required to provide “collateral” – blackmail worthy material – to her DOS superior, India Oxenberg – and that her failure to perform the assignment risked having the damaging collateral released publicly.

The defense argued that, despite her refusal to do the seduction assignment, her collateral was not released.
Joan, who lived in California and was an aspiring actress, joined Nxivm in 2016, taking her first five-day intensive in August. She moved to Albany for several months then left around the time Frank Report broke news of the DOS branding.
India Oxenberg said in her docuseries, “Seduced,” that the stories in Frank Report helped Joan and other slaves leave DOS.
“Even within NXIVM, no members outside of DOS were supposed to know that it existed. As soon as the [Frank Report] posts started coming up, there was a ton of questions, and a lot of chatter,” Oxenberg said. “My slaves left immediately after that. And none of them had to complete the seduction assignment or be branded. That was a huge relief.”
During her time with Nxivm, Jessica seemed happy with fellow Nxians. That all changed when she was assigned to seduce Keith Raniere, she said.
Joan described to CBS how Oxenberg recruited her and why she joined DOS.
“India described DOS as a secret women’s-only mentorship program, much like a secret society… I wanted to surround myself with powerful women and wanted to do great things in the world,” Joan said.
“I had a really traumatic childhood,” Joan told Batiste. “The appeal was that they offered something that they said would help you get rid of all your limitations.”
India Oxenberg

India Oxenberg recruited Jessica Joan into DOS. Both women have left the group and repudiated Keith Raniere.

According to CBS, “Shortly after joining DOS, Joan said she was placed on a calorie restriction program that required her to eat only 500 calories a day.”

Frank Report asked a former DOS member about the requirement of 500 calories per day.

Jessica Joan from a Facebook photo.

The former DOS member said, “She was not forced. She was not even monitored. There was no punishment if someone did not comply. Counting calories was a means of measuring commitment. There is no wiggle room. You either count them or not. It was a tool to use as a commitment where a woman can see whether she is succeeding or failing. A lot of women struggle with eating and overeating. It was a way of getting your power back about your struggles with food.

“There is this whole movement about intermittent fasting, to test your limits, to build willpower. It is seen as something strong. The 500 calorie diet was never meant to be a permanent diet. It was in support of a woman’s goal of getting to an ideal weight. Most people can afford to lose a few pounds and in the process of this dieting and calorie counting, you learn more about yourself and gain more self-control. Why is it not OK to experiment this way? Athletes go on extreme diets, develop strong will power and focus.”

Jessica Joan says about the Untouchable Jessica Joan, “This podcast is about courage, overcoming adversity, facing your fears and everything else in between on the journey to becoming ‘Untouchable.’ I will be sharing the ups, downs, and sideways turns of my very unconventional life. You will hear about my heartbreaks and trauma, but most importantly, you’ll hear how I transmuted that pain as I learned to love myself along the way. This podcast will also have some incredible guests who share their stories of becoming ‘Untouchable.’

On her way out of DOS, Joan collected some of the collateral of other slaves from a hard drive. It was leaked to Frank Report and handed over to law enforcement, first the NY State Attorney General and then the FBI.

Keith Raniere poses for a picture for the New York Times while in Mexico, prior to his arrest.

Joan Thinks Raniere Got the Right Sentence and that Mack Deserves Max

Of Raniere’s 120 year sentence, Joan told CBS News, “He got exactly what he deserves.”

Joan also is angry with her “Grandmaster,” Allison Mack, who pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy, and was originally charged with the attempted sex trafficking of Joan. Mack is awaiting sentencing. No date has been set.

Joan told CBS that she hopes Mack gets the maximum sentence possible, “so she can spend time thinking about her actions and all of the havoc and destruction that she’s caused for myself and many other people.”

Mack faces 40 years in prison if she receives the maximum sentence, though sentencing guidelines appear to suggest a range of 3 to 5 years. It is not known if Joan will make a victim statement at Mack’s sentencing.

Prosecutor Moira Penza said Joan’s testimony showed “her tremendous bravery.”

“I will always stand up for what’s right and no one can ever take my power away,” Joan said.

One of the issues certain to be raised on appeal was the use of first names only for some women and first and last names for other women and all men, by order of the judge, who permitted the prosecution to designate who was to be referred to by first names only.

The defense argues that this gave the jury a prejudicial view of who the judge and prosecutors agreed were victims.

Jessica Joan was the only one referred to by a nickname, Jaye.

Prior to the trial, this writer was asked by her attorney if I planned to identify Joan in my reporting, adding that if I did plan on identifying her, she might be unwilling to testify. I told the attorney that while I was under no obligation to not identify her, and that I felt that the first names for some and both names for others was troubling from a due process point of view, I was going to follow the court’s ruling and would not name her.

Obviously, her coming out on a podcast eliminates any further obligation to protect her identity.

Joan joins Sarah Edmondson, [book and docuseries], Mark Vicente, [docuseries and book in the works] India Oxenberg, [book and docuseries], and Toni Natalie [book] in advancing into the public sphere as Raniere victims.

I expect Camila, Nicole, Daniella and others to follow suit shortly.

‘Forced’ to Hand Over Collateral Not Accurate

Finally, in their report of Joan’s interview, CBS writes, “Joan claims she was forced to hand over compromising photos and videos in order to join the secret society.”

“Forced” is not the best word to use in this context. It is more accurate to say it was a “condition” of joining DOS.

A DOS member, in this case India, approached Joan and told her she was a member of a secret sorority and that, if Joan joined, it would be helpful for various reasons, such as improving her character, possible advancement in Nxivm, and increasing opportunities in life, and other benefits. If Joan wanted to learn more, she would be required [but not forced] to give compromising material [most often nude photos] as collateral to ensure she would not tell anyone about the secret society.

At this point, it was 100 percent voluntary. And perhaps many women would halt there with nude photos being a deal-breaker. However, if the woman, as Joan did, gave nude pics as collateral, then the DOS member would tell her about DOS, including that it was a master-slave organization, where she would be a slave to the woman who recruited her – for life.

At this point, perhaps many people would decide not to join. But for those who still wanted to join, they were not forced. They could join or not join. But if the woman chose to join – and voluntarily agreed to be a slave to another woman for life – she would be required [not forced] as a condition for joining to give additional collateral.

It was only afterward, when the slave already joined, that the demand for collateral seemed coercive, according to some DOS slaves who left DOS.  A former DOS member said that while the women were not told that they would have to supply collateral on a monthly basis, it was not deceptive.

“They were not told that additional collateral would not be required or would be required. But they were told that they had to do everything they were told to do by their masters, which they agreed to do.” said the former DOS member.

Jessica Joan on IMDB Jessica Joan – IMDb

See Joan on youtube




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  • […] Another NXIVM mystery has been revealed: last week, the former DOS slave “Jane Doe #2” or “Jaye” made public her carefully hidden identity. Her name is Jessica Joan, from Southern California.  “Jaye” described herself in court as “an actress, a model, and a writer”. Jessica Joan is now showing her face and launching a podcast “about corage and overcoming adversity”. You can read about her “coming out” in the first Frank Report post about it: […]

  • Are we gonna talk about the fact that Jessica is basically admitting to stealing the collateral with the intent to use it as blackmail and the only person to date who has ever released anyone’s collateral? Isn’t this a crime? I find many of the crimes these “victims” are accusing others of doing are really ones they themselves committed. But she’s been given such immunity that she can even flat out advertise it and receive zero consequences. This needs to be looked into. Way too many of these victims are doing these victim media campaigns to protect themselves and being applauded by the public but this is a scary example of how corrupt the media + justice system marriage has become.

    • —Are we gonna talk about the fact that Jessica is basically admitting to stealing the collateral with the intent to use it as blackmail and the only person to date who has ever released anyone’s collateral?

      Sarah Edmondson’s branding collateral was released.

    • That’s probably why she wants to see Allison silenced for 40 years. Did anyone ever find out who released the branding video?

  • Is she in Illumniati? I saw her logo had the illumnati eye?

    sorry if this was asked before. i started lisening to the podcast yesterday. it was boring because she did not discuss nxivm. I don;t care about your life and past trauma Jaye. I think if you talk about this, connect it with nxivm. it is boring if not.

  • This is bizarre, I’ve sometimes wondered if my own paths ever crossed with anyone involved in this cult, and here it is: I knew JJ in LA back just before she entered this mad world of Nxivm.

    She worked at a healthy cafe and was definitely one of those people you don’t forget. She had something about her, she was a go getter, full of energy positivity and a passion to change the world, to bring love and light. Also adorable.

    She was one of those waitresses when you talk to at the cafe, she says she’s not staying there long. And you knew it. She had goals and dreams and ambitions… she even auditioned for a show I was working on and I thought this girl is gonna go places. I’m sad to see she went straight into the mouth of this dragon, but happy she made it out alive and set on her path again. GodSpeed JJ!

  • Joan-

    File a lawsuit against India Oxenberg now!

    She will settle. You can probably score at least 50k[realistically] at the moment because she and her family will not want the bad publicity surrounding a lawsuit.

    She has a book and a second documentary special coming out.

    • Nice Guy, what is it about India that you want to rag on her? In addition a lawsuit would cost Jessica a stiff retainer; few lawyers in civil suits operate on spec. It could cost more than $50k to sue. My advice would be for Jessica to do her podcast and promote herself. She is obviously a talented woman, who could very easily break big. She might wind up with her own docuseries.

      • Frank-

        I care about the victims. I do make snide comments from time to time, but at the end of the day, I do care. When I read the words of a victim, I become incensed. Because I have seen far too many victimized by men. My family member being one. I apologize.

        Joan is a person who was trying to better herself.

        She never signed up to be Raniere’s sex slave.

        She never dreamed her collateral would be turned against her and used to obtain more collateral. Joan is innocent of wrongdoing. How innocent is India Oxenberg?

        If Joan is using her victimization to help herself, please explain to me how India Oxenberg, a DOS master getting awarded tv specials and book deals, is any different. Joan is innocent. India Oxenberg was her master. Is India now a victim and Joan is not? Joan was sexually abused and almost abused again thanks to Allison and India. Is that Joan’s fault.

        The tenor of this article is to paint Joan as an opportunist and less a victim. Is it not?

        On what planet is India Oxenberg more of a deserving victim than Joan? What, because Joan didn’t blow Raniere? Joan doesn’t have a rich famous mommy. I get the feeling Joan is just trying to get by.

        This article I believe delegitimizes Joan’s victimhood. So what if a victim is using their status as a victim to help themselves? It’s what Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente are doing.

        Sarah and Mark are profiting handsomely for their crimes and corresponding mea culpas.

        So Joan did not blow Raniere. Does that mean she is any less of a victim? Is India, Sarah Edmondson, or Allison Mack going to give her back the time and money she wasted? It’s a rhetorical question. We both know the answer. If India and Allison were not part of the story, Joan might not have had a podcast. Maybe Joan should thank them? I am being sarcastic of course.

        I’ll stop harping on India Oxenberg.

        • Go Niceguy! That’s why I believe they are all victims and one tubby psycho should be the one to blame. We should cut all of the blindly following females a break.

        • My takeaway from the article is:

          1.) Joan has a podcast

          2.) According to Frank, Joan lied about being forced to provide collateral. However here Frank is splitting hairs; the initial collateral was not forced. However, all subsequent collateral was coerced via the initial collateral. This is a common tactic of sexual predators such as the singer R.Kelley. The initial collateral has now become leverage and blackmail material.

          3.) This article tacitly implies Jessica Joan is an opportunist trying to garner fame and celebrity from false victimhood status.

          Please correct me if any of my conclusions regarding this article which reads like a stealth-character-assassination piece written by a former political operative is wrong.

          “Innuendo is the best political murder weapon.”

          • Jessica did not say she was forced. I am sure she told the story correctly. It was CBS that characterized the second collateral as forced – which it is not.

            As for a hit piece on Jessica – that is nonsense. It was a straight news story.

          • Frank,

            I did say, “Please correct me if any of my conclusions…are wrong.”

            I apologize for my misinterpretation and accusatory tone. By the looks of the comment section, a few other people took the article the wrong way too.

        • You didn’t ask me, but that’s what I was thinking. There’s a difference between Joan, India and the lesser-known Mexican ladies. India made an impression on me as someone who was beginning to realize what the glazed background was when she was able to get out of it in time. True, with her mother’s help, but that still happened. She was in a luckier position than one of the victims, who, as I recall, was Mexican, who had a scarce social background, lower education. Obviously, that’s why it was harder for her to see through the situation and get out of it worse. None of them question their victimization, in fact, these are facts. I’m going to put on a hat in front of both of you. I see Joan’s situation differently. As an adult, well-reasoned, purposeful woman who, although she knew she had to give photos of files to get into the coveted circle, was amazed that she was asked for sex in the future. What did you expect? He knew exactly how not to eat into this, and he didn’t do it. Seriously, if you had an interview about a job you wanted and your boss wanted an ambiguous assurance, would you give it?

          Pretend you’re going to do it and then turn Satan into the authorities. All right, so far, it’s for the right, noble cause. But after you’re called to testify, you won’t give your name. That’s okay, too. But there’s no way you’re going to suddenly have a name and play dumb, the deluded, naïve innocent, because you’re not. You’re degrading the truly more gullible victims who have been the victims of deception.

    • Everything affects everything. Give the dissidents a free space and the world will open up. Does knowing the truth set you free? Tomorrow’s not going to be like today. Because the planet is in constant change. There are always constant things, but they don’t fall into this unreasening category. I’d like to tell you that before I read this article here, I learned about this podcast elsewhere, and I thought the same thing then.

  • One more thing. I think Sipping Green Tea Alison is actually my former Mistress who branded me. I can tell because she uses certain words and phrases that my Mistress uses and My Mistress’ sister is named Alyson.

    If not, then this Alison is super kinky and is trying to corrupt and manipulate men on this website possibly to victim shame them and maybe do worse like branding them or even forcing them to take naked pictures of themselves and sending them to her which she can use as collateral.

  • —They were not told that additional collateral would not be required or would be required. But they were told that they had to do everything they were told to do by their masters, which they agreed to do.

    This statement is a crock!

    Jumping off a cliff or fucking an old man are not things any of these women envisioned having to do. The statement above is an absurdity.

    An example of the absurdity of the above statement/argument is: Men who pledge a fraternity and end up dying of alcohol poisoning, agreed to follow all of the rules of pledging the fraternity. Therefore the fraternity is not criminally responsible.

    We are not all 10 years old. What amounts to a pinky swear does not give someone the right or a free hand to abuse another person sexually or physically.

    “The DOS slave agreed to everything”; What does that mean to you? Oh, now it’s okay to penetrate their anus with a bat or shit down their throat?

    This DOS slave that the Frank Report editors gave a voice is obviously Nicki Clyne or one of the Michelles. Which female member of the Nxivm 5 is it?
    Is it [redacted]?

    • The redacted portion is where No Merit came up with creative nicknames names for Nicki Clyne, Michele Hatchette and Danielle Roberts. One of them was not anywhere near appropriate. No, Merit, you should take a leaf from an esteemed commenter who goes by the moniker Nice Guy. He would never stoop so low.

      • Why suddenly so protective of these remaining brainwashed yahoos, Frank? For years, you not only allowed but promoted and encouraged any and all sorts of racist and sexist name calling and libelous comments about former members, your own commenters, and even these specific women. Are you now being paid by these sad loyalists who continue to support a known pedophile, misogynist, and rapist? Or maybe YOU actually admire people like Nicki Clyne for staying loyal and nodding along in agreement as Raniere openly talked about raping babies and incest?

      • The people on this blog are very biased in their way of seeing the situation of each of the people who got involved with KAR.

        If one takes the testimony of Daniela [last name redacted] as an example and judge it in the same light that women on the front line are judged, we would find enough reasons from the moral and legal point of view, not to see her as a victim.

        In her own testimony, she says things like:
        -that she started filming everything that KAR did because she thought that in the future people would want to know about the life and work of Vanguard.

        -that she understood that when she and KAR were alone in the room, her job was to give him oral sex.

        -that she had realized that her older sister, Mariana, was being driven mad by KAR’s manipulation.

        -that she tried to reach an agreement with her sister, Mariana, to share KAR in a civilized way, although KAR went ahead and avoided it. (If she hadn’t prevented it, maybe KAR would carry the mark).

        -that she had to have an abortion and she never told her parents, she also knew that her sister, her sister, and other women also had abortions.

        -that she knew that her younger sister, Camila, was having sex with KAR, but despite worrying about her knowing that she was a 15-year-old girl, she was also jealous because KAR made her wait for her until she turned 18.

        We know all these details from her testimony, which is the testimony of a person presented as a victim of KAR, but if these stories had been told by people who judge her negatively, then the story would be different, we could still say that she is a victim of KAR, but we would also say that she pursued her own interests in KAR over the welfare of her sisters or betrayed the trust her parents placed in her by being the most responsible and dedicated of their daughters, or going against the morally acceptable, and the fact that she was a victim of KAR does not negate the fact that she entered this situation being aware that under other circumstances (blindly trusting KAR and the mission) she would never have made these decisions.

    • You are correct with the pinky swear. There is a very, very juvenile aspect to it all. Even the shunning is reminiscent of a group of poorly adjusted pre teen girls.

      The forced conformity within the group to look, eat, grow their hair long and behave uniform. Even the brand. So matchy match. The over arching idea of a secret group (complete with a ” sorority house” hideout/fort) is very elementary school fantasy stuff.

      These are people pushing into middle age and older. And this is what they came up with. Plus all of their punitive rules. I like my social groups a little more adult and less punishing. Happy. Fun. Accepting. And everyone can eat whatever they want. And talk to their families!

      • We sacked a self-appointed netball coach in 2019. On her first day on the team, she went ballistic because no one was following the rules?

        Next game, she handed out diet sheets and suggested we move our Sunday training from 11am [2 hours before legendary pub lunch] to 7am?

        We are a bunch of [admittedly very hard, very street, very feared] almost old ladies, in a community league, but what part of “L.G Ladies – we never lose cos we play dirty” did she not understand? Also, what’s wrong with cultivating a ‘wine belly’ and why would this be ‘secretly distressing to our husbands’? Some people can just never ever chill until the last person on earth is doing THEIR bidding. The words ‘long’ and ‘wait’ come to mind!

  • This idea that a mortgage is equivalent to pornographic blackmail is asinine. A mortgage is strictly financial. And it’s all in a transparent contract. You don’t give money to the bank and then find out they aren’t really a bank they are actually a gross old perv who wants to fuck you and is now threatening to show the whole world beaver shots of you unless you do what they say. That’s not how mortgages work. Thank god! But the DOS loyalists have floated this justification. It is ineffectual, tiresome and disingenuous.

    • “—they aren’t really a bank they are actually a gross old perv who wants to fuck you and is now threatening to show the whole world beaver shots of you unless you do what they say. That’s not how mortgages work. ”

      I kept putting off that adult education class in personal finance, so I was never quite clear on this exactly. I think now I finally understand how mortgages do and don’t work. I plan to print this excerpt and take it in to the mortgage broker next week to make sure they know I’ve got their number. Danke!

      • Your welcome, Alison. Remember If the bank tells you to grow out your pubic hair, that is not mandatory. In most countries. Good luck!

  • Important Off Topic:

    Regarding Covid-19 headaches….

    ….A few days a ago, a Frank Report commenter mentioned taking adult Bayer aspirin, as opposed to Tylenol or Motrin for Covid symptoms. I had Covid headaches and the aspirin helped tremendously; nothing else I took helped with the Covid headaches. I highly recommend taking adult Aspirin. The aspirin can also help avoid Covid clotting.


  • This very brave, beautiful young woman’s story fits perfectly into the NXIVM play book. Or, rather, criminal pattern. What they attempted on her — to lure her into slavery with the promise of curing her from past abuse trauma — was repeated over and over again. Over decades.

    It’s exactly what NX leaders claimed to be doing with my sister Gina and with Kristin Snyder, using the same gruesome mind manipulation techniques that deliberately contributed to their deaths and to the psychotic breakdowns of other victims, as well.

    Jessica is lucky and smart to have recognized her trauma response as a warning that prevented her from falling further into their trap.

    I make a distinction between the “slave/masters” who saw Keith’s Rational Inquiry tech as a potentially “healing, empowering, enlightening process” to overcome their trauma-based hang ups, and those who well knew of Keith’s (and their own) destructive intent and deceitful methods.

    Allison Mack was not around when Gina and Kristin Snyder passed. Nor was India. Clare and Sara had only just begun being indoctrinated. None of the Vancouver based NXIANS apparently knew, either. It was all hidden from them.

    Allison was clearly convinced NXIVM was a miracle trauma healing tool from before she ever met Keith. She wanted to learn how to stop being a “fuckable baby” and had no clue of any of the dangers or risks that had already manifest in the prior deaths and breakdowns.

    Nancy and Lauren, however, were not only there but had a hand in the deaths, the psychotic breakdowns, and the huge, on-going cover-up efforts. As did some uncharged perpetrators.

    That’s where I draw the line between Allison and the other perpetrators. I believe for all intents and purposes, Allison meant well and was unaware of the long-proven risks and deceit she herself was victim to.

    • I’d 100% agree if Lauren and Nancy did know about that and did know they were helping to pull off the horrible acts. I wasn’t there and don’t know the answer as to if they were a part of it. Knowing how Keith compartmentalized everything and from what I knew of N & L, I have a hard time believing they knowingly participated in it. But nothing would surprise me.

  • She is a lovely girl to look at, and I really, really hope I’m wrong, but it kinda seems she is crying wolf to gain publicity to benefit herself. That wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t work to undermine the credibility of people who truly were victimized and hurt. I do believe it is possible to actually be victimized. But that doesn’t mean you have to permanently label yourself as a victim. I’m sorry but I think what she is doing is shady. Hopefully, I will be proved wrong.

    • How does it “undermine the credibility of people who truly were victimized and hurt”?

      It seems more that you are jealous of a strong-ass businesswoman. So what if she is profiting from this? India did so; Frank Parlato too. I see that as smart business people. There is nothing wrong with being a smart business person.

      • —”How does it “undermine the credibility of people who truly were victimized and hurt”?”

        For one, when one person fakes victimhood, it makes people question everyone else who claims to be a victim, making it much harder for people who were victimized to be heard. Another danger is that people won’t take a true threat seriously, such as when someone keeps pulling a building’s fire alarm as a prank. One day, the fire alarm might go off for a real fire, but some people in the building remain at their desks or otherwise lollygag about evacuating the building because they think it’s yet another prank, and they wind up burned or dead.

        There’s an interesting parallel to Munchhausen syndrome mentioned in this article:


        • miss you Nice Guy. glad u are doing better!

          SippingGreenTeaAlison: You wrote a lot about why it is wrong to be a “fake victim.” You hint that Jaye is a fake victim. However, You have not proven that Jaye is a fake victim.

          What evidence do you have that she is a fake victim?

    • “it kinda seems she is crying wolf to gain publicity ” SippingGreenTeaAlison

      Until Jaye orders women to be held down and branded like cattle, she is head and shoulders above Allison Pimp Mack.

    • She’s beautiful. They all were.

      Anyone who has made up personal crap held as collateral, like a gun to their head, deserves their day in the spotlight if so desired.

    • You hope you are proven wrong about Jessica, Alison?

      Here in the US, we believe in innocent until proven guilty. Not vice-versa.

      …So how do you intend to prove (or disprove) your hunch that there “something shady” with this lady?

  • The more I think about this the more I’m sure that the seduction assignment came about from KAR positioning himself as this wise sort of figure who understood sexual trauma, etc. All his falsified degrees and patents and IQ tests reinforced this. Same general idea with Clare believing he understood the stock market, etc.

    Jaye testified that Allison told her that the assignment would help her overcome trauma or whatever. We’re quick to assume that was deception on Allison’s part, but if we try to imagine where Allison and the other women are coming from, they think this guy is the smartest man on the planet and that he has devised this whole system of self improvement (and the JNESS stuff was specifically for women’s issues). It seems the remaining followers believe this even now.

    For anyone who has been to a psychologist of any kind before, they typically have their degrees on the wall where patients can see them. Why? Because that is how they make patients feel that they are talking to a wise and experienced therapist, not simply a random person. It instills a sense of trust. This is essentially what Keith did. He presented himself as an authority figure in regards to the issues these women were dealing with.

  • The comment section may have lost Scott, but we’ve gained Frank. For those not scrolling through comments over the last week or so, here are a few things you may have missed:

    – Frank personally knows Pea Onyu (but has promised not to reveal her/his identity), and Frank has not denied that Pea is living at his house.

    – Frank used to sleep at Clare’s farm. (not new news but entertaining) Frank has not disclosed many things about this – Did he help with chores? What kind of pajamas did Clare sleep in? What was his approach with leaving the toilet seat up or down? Did he use his own bar of soap? etc etc

    – Frank used to write an astrology column under the pseudonym, Jean Topascani.

    – Either Bangcock is back or a wannabe Bangcock is showing up in the comments.

    – Frank has spoken to Allison Mack. Not sure what they talked about… Smallville outtakes? The election? Astrology?

    • Bangkok has come back he/she says for a single comment. It is so off topic that I am not sure whether to publish it or not.

      • Would love to read more about Frank’s previous jobs as a writer. I find Frank Report very entertaining and would love to learn more about Frank’s style and approach.

        • Apparently, it is true. I saw where Frank admitted it.

          “You’re like one of those “idiot savants,” except without the “savant” part. You have that faraway look. The farther away you get, the better you look. There is no vaccine against stupidity. You have a good weapon against muggers – your face! ” – Jean Topascani

          Very poetic Frank, LMFAO. Is that original material, or did you borrow that from someone?

          • I don’t recall. I swiped a lot of old insult jokes online to make the astrology column and came up with a few jokes of my own. The point of the column was to say outrageous, insulting things about every sign of the zodiac with the idea that the positive things most horoscopes say about every sign are probably equally unreliable and stupid.

            I may publish an astrology column to let the stars guide readers.

      • PUBLISH Separately!!!

        Or email it to me.

        Bangkok’s words of wonder are as divine as a turd in a state park port-a-potty.

      • I don’t think I’d publish it and I am saying that at the same time as being intrigued as to what it says. Perhaps then he would be encouraged to submit one that is relevant and there wouldn’t be such a dilemma.

    • Nutjob-

      Thanks for keeping me abreast of this vital newsworthy information. I missed the Pea Onyu piece. Did Frank’s family member toy with Herr Shadowstate?

      Did Shadow ever decipher pee-on-you? That’s the real question.

      BTW Chicagoan Nazi Admirers:
      The Führer was known to enjoy a good golden shower (seriously).

    • I see you’re very concerned about Frank Parlato’s personal life. Thank you very much for sharing with us what some of us have probably missed in recent times. Now I’m really looking forward to more news about Allison Mack. I’m glad Frank’s working like this and bringing the news. I am also a fan of your comments, Nutjob.

  • It’s all so very sad. It seems as though everyone involved in NXIVM and DOS has ‘good intent’ on both sides. All of these people had dedicated their lives to each other and were living in community to build what they considered a more humane and caring world. To see that come to this ruination has to be so devastating for each life involved.

    Unfortunately, when people believe there is no “absolute truth” and each person gets to decide truth for his or herself, the whole foundation of “good” or “bad” intent crumbles.

    I’m not defending or judging anyone. However, it does appear that all involved were consenting adults when they joined and all of them proceeded, even when they say they saw ‘red flags’.

    They knew the concept of collateral, it was part of the curriculum and had been used in other programs. I think the concept of collateral is a ridiculous idea and a flimsy tool for inspiring commitment, but they did not, they believed in it. We are trying to honor and defend these women based on our value system; they were taught and willingly subscribed to an alternative set of values. They knew what they were doing.

    They knew they were walking near the ledge and pushing boundaries, they did not want an ‘ordinary’ life. Most of Raniere’s teachings were counter-cultural and all of those involved paid a lot of money to be pushed outside of their comfort zones. I’m not quite certain how crying “foul” after the fact, for something you signed up for and believed in, is fair.

    I know some will say collateral invalidates consent, but women had left DOS prior and did not have their collateral released. And again, they knew how collateral worked when they signed on and they agreed to it. No one forced or pressured anyone to join. In fact, they seem to have put up roadblocks such as collateral/brand/life commitment to stop the faint of heart from joining. These women all literally signed off to a master and brand on a spreadsheet prior to joining, according to Lauren’s testimony.

    They knew that KR had claimed to be a renunciate and now was polyamorous…they were ok with that. And continued paying money for more courses, to learn more.
    They knew of KR’s self-made claims that he was one of the smartest men in the world…they were ok with that.
    They knew the belief that one should avoid paying taxes if possible…they were ok with that.
    They understood the concept of collateral…they were ok with that.
    They knew they would need to give naked pics or lie about their family to learn more…they were ok with that.
    They knew they would get a symbolic brand…they were ok with that.
    They knew prior to joining that they would need to obey their master regardless of what she asked them to do…they were ok with that.
    They knew negative things had been said about the group in the press…they were ok with that.

    These women were not virginal maidens. They wanted to be bad-ass. They wanted to be pushed. They didn’t want ordinary lives of safety when they first paid their collateral to learn more.

    In regards to the symbolic meaning of the brand, most symbols have multiple meanings. I often wear a cross. A cross was an executioner’s device of torture…that is not what it symbolizes for me. A symbol represents something we value. They valued DOS when they joined and agreed to it.

    I am not a member of KR’s fan club and I am too prudish and frugal to have ever taken a course, but these women paid KR thousands upon thousands of dollars to learn his values. And once they did, they paid more to remain in the community and live by those values. They literally bought into this with full knowledge that his values and strategies pushed against society norms. That’s what they wanted. And now these same women who didn’t want societal norms, after the fact, want to judge those involved by societal norms. If KR is to be accountable with 120 years of his life, they should be accountable for the choices they made as intelligent, consenting women who knew what they wanted and actually made a pretty big commitment/sacrifice to sign on.

    Frank, prior to this you have been a blogger with an agenda, not a journalist. To your credit, this story is journalism. You shared both sides of the story, point – counter point, and are letting others decide for themselves. Thank you.

  • Fasting, sex with ugly people. It all has its place (😆) but to be blackmailed into performing such actions! Outrageous!

    • Hilarious! God save us all from unattractive sex. Joy, with or without union, doesn’t need any extra complications. I have decided that Santa Claus is a damned peeping Tom. He knows when you’ve been sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good, for goodness’ sake.

      My God. This is how come being raised Catholic was such a pain in the wazoo. It is also how come a whole bunch of us refused to reincarnate as Jews. Baal Shem might even hesitate.

      Enough of these crackers and killjoys with the rewritten rulebooks. Most of us understand harm no one, including the self. Adventure while you can.. Give meritorious hedonism a chance before it gets too late to enjoy it. Go, Frank, go!

  • I have repeatedly said that we should focus on what Allison Mack’s many, many victims have to say about Pimp Mack.
    Here is the answer:

    Joan Thinks Mack Deserves Max

    Joan told CBS that she hopes Mack gets the maximum sentence possible, “so she can spend time thinking about her actions and all of the havoc and destruction that she’s caused for myself and many other people.”

  • This quote from Paul Tillich is to the point.

    “And so we use them for a kind of pleasure which can be called “fun.” But it is not the creative kind of fun often connected with play; it is, rather, a shallow, distracting, greedy way of “having fun.” And it is not by chance that it is that type of fun which can easily be commercialized, for it is dependent on calculable reactions, without passion, without risk, without love. Of all the dangers that threaten our civilization, this is one of the most dangerous ones: the escape from one’s emptiness through a “fun” which makes joy impossible.” 


    ― Paul Tillich, The New Being

  • Yeah, force is perfect actually, no matter what Nxivm 5 say. I mean they are supporters of pedophiles and Luciferians and possible killers, right? Who cares what these immoral people think anyway? Charles Manson still has followers even after he rípped a baby out of the stomach of a famous actress right? So, Asusnsolo and Hatchette are at least as bat shit crazy as them, right? What do you care more about, pain or your family? Food or friends? If there were líes in DOS, yeah it’s rape. Everyone is a little sadomasochistic, but every sado knows that you need full consent for not raping someone, that’s the whole purpose of the Safe Word. So you can enter that state and fully let go to the desires of someone. Even the darker ones. But Raniere didn’t care about that, he loved to be fierce, to take, to cheat. That’s why he loved raping children, a powerless defenseless innocent being. Joan is súper brave. A true Hero, like Nicole and the rest of them. Only the victims. And for the DOS members, they should really look into their lives and question everything, because the universe treats you like you yourself do. If anything horrible happens, it’s you the person that is making it happen. Being a sex slave – or a master – can be fun in a kinky way but only with full comprehension and knowledge of what are you doing. Not to get love, just to have fun, if someone loves you and you don’t want to be a slave you don’t have to be, and that would be ok if the person really loves you.

    • Ah, Mauricio? Not to defend a mad man, but Manson didn’t rip a baby out of a pregnant woman’s stomach. Manson wasn’t even there the night Sharon Tate was murdered and Susan Atkins killed her – she wanted to take the baby but didn’t due to time constraints (or so she said). As far as what IS known, Manson murdered Shorty Shae, that’s it, according to the law. His followers did the rest of his dirty work. And yes, he still has followers….and he wasn’t even an organized cult leader…he made a lot up as he went along.

      • So then why did he spend his life in prison? Was it because he’s an absolute asshole and disgusting like Raniere? Is lady liberty not as blind as were made to believe?

        • Manson spent his life in prison because he was dangerous and manipulated people to steal and kill for him. That and he was actually in the LaBianca home pre-killing of the couple. He tied them up and then left to let his followers kill them on his orders. That is pretty much against the law. Unfortunately, we can’t jail people just because of their heinous individuals. My entire point was you really can’t compare the two – they’re both evil, they’re both heinous, but they both have very different psychopathologies. jmo.

        • —”So then why did he spend his life in prison? Was it because he’s an absolute asshole and disgusting like Raniere? Is lady liberty not as blind as were made to believe?”

          You’ve just turned my world upside down. *mind blown* If I were as emotive as Allison Mack, I’d be crying right now.

          (not being sarcastic at all)

  • If she is such a brave, untouchable person, Jessica, why didn’t she take her name when you testified in court? I imagine she was scared. I was a witness, and I was scared, and I didn’t give my name to the deposition too. But I’m going to keep to that in hindsight, and I’m not going to make a deal out of it. Does it smell a little like that to me that I’m questioning who this person really is? Feared witness, victim? A woman who’s become self-conscious? Or a calculating, smart businesswoman.

    • Who cares if she is a businesswoman? If she wants to be one, she has every right. We should not judge her. She is not breaking the law. Do we prefer women who are humble and stupid? So what if she is smart and seeing it as a business?

      Great for her. I am looking forward to her show.

      Thanks, Frank, for covering this news!

      • Everyone here is constantly judging everyone. I didn’t say it was like that, I was just trying to figure out how to quit anonymity. She can be a businesswoman from me, i don’t mind at all. Good luck to her.

        • I don’t think it was clear how it would all play out at the time of the trial. She could lose her opportunities as a movie star by saying she was in a cult etc. I think she saw that owning her story could help her career and so she went for it. I don’t see that as calculating and even if it was, she has every right to want to gain money from this

          • She pawned her body (as collateral) in exchange for the secret of self-improvement. She’s just a spiritual prostitute because no sexual act has been carried out. Now she’s profiting from the scandal caused by the crime.

            A normal woman pawns her body to someone she loves or is attracted to. Not for business. For me, a successful businesswoman is a woman who builds a successful business with her knowledge, her mind and her hardworking work. I know it’s now fashionable to push the body in front of the mind to achieve the success you want in life, but it’s still a cheap, crappy quality.

            Really. In a depraved society, it can help your career. Notorious is not the same as infamous, dealing with the body does not increase talent.

          • She’re promoting her own stupidity, but get healthy. I’d be ashamed if something like this had happened to me. It would be a collaboration with the authorities to put Vanguard in jail for his actions, but I wouldn’t advertise my own nonsense.

      • “Who cares if she is a businesswoman? If she wants to be one, she has every right.” Mexican Lady

        Jaye’s podcast business is better than Allison Mack’s sex trafficking business.

    • what I see is a key difference between people who idolized Keith and kissed his ass and those in the higher ranks which is an important part of indoctrination and those who believed in “technology” and in the group but did not kiss ass, That makes me think Keith being the center of this web of “ass kissers” he must have quite a parking lot.

    • Might? Mites on a chickens ass. All the DOS women are attractive. Jaye…Joan what ever your name is, are you as manipulative as Raniere or naw?

  • —It was only afterward, when the slave already joined, that the demand for collateral seemed coercive, according to some DOS slaves who left DOS. A former DOS member said that while the women were not told that they would have to supply collateral on a monthly basis, it was not deceptive.

    Not deceptive? I hope you are [redacted] kidding

    —Joan told CBS that she hopes Mack gets the maximum sentence possible, “so she can spend time thinking about her actions and all of the havoc and destruction that she’s caused for myself and many other people.”

    Allison Mack and India both knew Joan had been sexually abused and they both chose to push Joan into sexually seducing Keith Raniere. India’s special assignment had some disingenuous moments and some revisionist history. Defenders of Mack conveniently forget about the testimony of Joan and the woman who was coerced by Mack into going to a cabin with Keith Raniere and Cami.

    • So far, two Nxivm criminals have been sentenced and impact statements were not only allowed from many but were quite influential. What might happen with Allison Mack upon sentencing? Will it be similar, in terms of providing people who have been harmed (by Mack) the opportunity to speak? Is that a sure thing? What about video statements? Is it happening?

      Allison Mack got creamed in court by certain of the witnesses who were testifying against Raniere for the prosecution. Those who followed the trial will remember this.

      So who is she now? What might be in Mack’s pre-sentencing reports which are provided to Judge Garaufis?

      Has she been cooperative? Remorseful? Frigging transformed out of her dreadfully unglamorous Cheerleader/ Procuress for a pervert phase which lasted for HOW MANY years?
      We do not have the 411 about Mack and her whack quotient. Come on, Judge, and spill a hint. Hot stuff, lukewarm, room temperature, cool, icy or dead-on-arrival kind of stuff?. What is Itt today?

      • Gee whiz, who cannot be waiting with bated breath for the impact statements about Ms. Russell, the ballerina accountant?

        I’ll get it rolling. Ok?

        Suddenly this skinny old witch with henna in her hair and a beard did a grand jeté across the motel room in a tutu. I had never seen her in my life, but my lover, Keith of Flabturd, had given her my visa papers and birth certificate.

        She told me to hop on the bed for Colonel Lingus, and Keith entered from the bathroom, cradling his potbelly and half-mast. only half-mast. It was absolutely disgusting, but what is a girl to do?

        Take Five? Brubeck understood how to get away.

        • Our secretary is at the racetracks again.

          She told me to hop on the bed for Colonel Lingus, and Keith entered from the bathroom, cradling his potbelly and only half mast….

          Hopefully all misleading remarks are now more visible. It is chilly cold in Florida, and my family prefers to keep me out on the patio.

  • DOS was deceptive because Keith was at the head of it and members were not informed about that.

    I would argue that the threat of publishing the collateral if people did not follow what their master says is using force. I think DOS was also deceptive because it did not inform the members clearly about how force would be used.

    This article in its details appears to support Keith and the Nxvim 5. Why?

    • I thought it was a pretty fair and balanced story. It did not favor the Nxivm 5 or Jessica. I wish Jessica much success with her podcast and her life. I applaud her for coming out and taking a stance of strength.

      The only thing I thought was wrong on Jessica’s part is to wish Allison a 40 year sentence. That seems excessive to me.

      • How is a forty-year sentence wrong? Allison was not some naive innocent here. She knew exactly what she was doing – she drank the Koolaid and crossed the line to become a perpetrator in her own right. Yes, she did what she did because she wanted to please her leader and maintain good standing in his eyes – but that doesn’t make her any less a predator. Nor does it soften what she did. She lured women in knowing exactly what awaited them should they stick DOS out. She oversaw the branding of human beings in order to please Raniere and took part in manipulation and coercion in numerous forms. Forty years is a minimal sentence, she deserves a lot longer for the things she’s done – and I’m sure there’s a lot that none of us, including the law, even know about.

        • He oversaw the mark of humans to please Raniere and participated in manipulation and coercion in numerous ways.

          You basically describe what all the frontline women did including Camila. In addition, the brand is also owned by the 8 top-of-the-line women and they all accepted this the same as the other women, tell me where it is mentioned that the brand was made against the will of the women, if some felt compromised by having given the guarantee, it does not deny the fact that the brand was not forcibly applied to any of them, on the other hand supervising the brand is worse than making the brand, because no one mentions it to daniell roberts

      • Don’t you feel that You are promoting Nxvim 5 propaganda ??

        Nxvim 5 says that DOS was not deceptive. That argument is easily refutable (Keith was part of DOS, etc.). So are you promoting their lies (by giving them space in Frank Report )?

        • I am willing to give them ample space. I know that the truth will always come out. That’s what this website is for. I am interested in examining the possibility that while I believe that Keith is a very bad man, he may have had some of his legal rights abridged.

          So if the government abridged some of his rights, and he is a very bad man, who is more dangerous, the government or Raniere? Now please note I said, “if”. I am not saying the government did anything wrong, but the allegations have been made and I think they bear the closest scrutiny. For I believe that if the government can abuse its power over a bad man, a guilty man, then they can also abuse their power over good and innocent men.

          If they can abuse their power, then they are a million times more dangerous than Keith Raniere. So, yes, I plan to publish the Nxivm -5 points of view so that I can vet what is the truth. That is not promoting their “lies” – it is examining their position to determine if it is a lie.

          It may all be lies or partial lies or possibly, there is some truth mixed in there that is important because it may point to some deception and lies on the part of the government. If that is the case, then I plan to expose that as well.

      • It is Jessica Joan’s opinion, and she has the right to express herself that way, and reflects her own judgment of Allison Mack. She knows she is not an impartial judge. She has said what her biased judgment is about Mack as a victim. And it’s impressive of Jessica Joan to call for the maximum sentence for Mack despite the long time that has passed since then. I’m sure she thought long and hard about it. If she were to make a Victim Impact Statement to Mack in court, I think it carries weight, and that a severe sentence will be imposed on Mack.

        • You best bet if someone was trying to lock me in a cage, their name wouldn’t have been a secret. Secrets got all of you in this crap in the 1st place. All you so-called victims are full of shit just like Keith. What you ladies should have done was become porno stars. Everyone of ya are kinky sex freaks with raging libidos.

          • –Everyone of ya are kinky sex freaks with raging libidos.

            Well, most men think a woman who has a raging libido is a good thing as long as she’s monogamous. What I’m trying to say is, a woman with a sex drive is a good thing and not unhealthy at all. I just want to disassociate that from what these women involved themselves in.

          • The secrets and the lies, that was what got everyone in trouble and gave Keith power over them. Just look at what happened to Daniela. She spent 2 years in a room without insurance and from which she left several times just to go back to her and continue with her punishment and all she had to do was confess the truth – including what she knew about her sisters and Keith – they certainly wouldn’t have believed her initially but if she kept to the truth her sisters would have to lie or tell the truth. And since each one knew things that the others did not, they could have contradicted each other and at least the doubt would have been generated. Keith always counted that shame or fear would keep them trapped in their own mental cages

          • Well, Dan, nothing is holding you back from being in porn. Just tuck your ankles behind your head and away you go!

          • I like women who are kinky sex freaks with raging libidos and that’s what got me into trouble. I had a female Mistress and I served her while directly under her second in command a male, Omar ‘Poopie’ Delgado.

            Omar required me and other male slaves to take naked pictures. I did not mind taking naked pics if they were only for him to hold as what we called ‘behavior insurance’.
            But one day Poopie told me that as his slave I had to have our Mistress take a naked picture of me.

            As soon as I heard the assignment my penis went flaccid. If shriveled up and I didn’t know if I would ever get an erection again. Suddenly I realized I was not just in some edgy kinky BDSM group but a CULT and the Mistress wanted to use a dildo to penetrate me.

            That’s when I quit. So I understand the incredible grief Jessica has undergone. It happened to me.

            The only difference is when I quit, Poopie took the naked pics I gave him as ‘behavior insurance’ and went to the local supermarket and posted them on the bulletin board.

            While these DOS women wanted to be badass women, I wanted to be a red-ass man. It fell apart for me. When those pics of my bare red paddled ass showed up at the cinema, the dry cleaners and elsewhere after they released my “insurance “ I suddenly got offers from all kinds of ladies who kept paddles and hickory switches and I became a real badass by surviving this trauma and I started a podcast ‘I’m not red faced about being red-assed – the story of a badass survivor‘

          • Wow, Doggie…just WOW!
            What a heart-breaking story, especially devastating for the poor people who had to see those pictures. It’s difficult to Imagine the trauma they must have suffered.

          • Sub Doggy Dog wrote:

            “…and I became a real badass by surviving this trauma and I started a podcast ‘I’m not red faced about being red-assed – the story of a badass survivor”

            Reminds me of a well-known saying:

            “That which does not kill us, hurts a lot.”

            Please don’t lynch me for saying this, but I believe that one is attributable to Woody Allen.

      • With Jessica, the words of Jesus are confirmed, “the fallen tree is made firewood”. At this time, she has not said ANYTHING about her teacher India, who in her testimony at the trial mentioned a comment that she had told her Keith “was a great lover and had a fabulous body ”

        The story that Frank published about India and her boyfriend, Michael, a photographer of Mexican origin who was very close to Emiliano Salinas, and how India changed it for his Vanguard, all these are elements that would be enough for Jessica to have a lot to say about India, but since India received a free pass and now she is seen as a heroine, Jessica will not say anything against her and thus not go against the mainstream. But Allison is the fallen tree and that is why they can make firewood, but she does not mention any of the other teachers or frontline, or her companions who are still loyal, including Danielle Roberts and that’s not to mention the fact that she was in a cult where women were so indoctrinated to trust their teacher that basically all had access to the virtual hard drive and only she happened to copy the guarantee that was saved in the

      • —Fair and balanced story

        What’s your definition of fair and balanced, Kate Moss and Chris Christie riding a seesaw?

    • To Mexican Lady & Frank-

      I agree completely with Mexican Lady and I would go one step further and say Allison and India understood what they were doing was morally bankrupt.

      Why else would India say she was happy at the time of her DOS slaves’ departure when she was still deep into the cult? Frank, does this timeline and admission make logical sense to you? Because I’m scratching my head. It’s revisionist history.

      Mexican Lady – The Nxivm 5 need support from Frank because none of their arguments stand up under the slightest bit of scrutiny or common sense.

  • Jaye:
    I agree with you about Allison Mack.
    She came to women pretending to be a friend and mentor and turned out to be a viper.
    Allison Mack deserves a sentence of forty years.
    Shadow State

    • Why are they promoting that as a Knox property when it is in the town of Delanson? It’s not even the same school district. Makes no sense…

      I doubt she will ever get that price for that property, in that area. Delanson is certainly not the burning bed of the real estate market in the Capital District. It is too far from Saratoga (a well-known horse track) to be attractive to horse owners. The late US Senator Patrick Moynihan’s farm was not much further down I-88 from this place and it had over 500 acres, two houses built in the mid-1880s, two barns, a schoolhouse, and a heated pool, plus gardens, a pond and a stream. That property sold for just over $1 million.

  • Why does she want Allison to get the maximum sentence? She wasn’t branded, didn’t have sex with Keith, and Allison isn’t even the one who recruited her. Curious how she feels about India not being charged at all

    • Allison Mack knew Joan had been sexually abused as a child, and Allison still tried to get Joan via collateral to seduce Keith Raniere.

      Put any spin you want on it but Joan and the other victims were coerced by Mack and India. India is not so innocent. She just wasn’t prosecuted because she stole Mack’s tapes and then had a get out of jail pass via the tapes.

      • Didn’t Keith claim he could heal sexual trauma through “working with him”, i.e. sex? The DOS women probably believed him just like with everything else. So there’s the spin.

        I didn’t say Mack or India is innocent. They both screwed up. But they didn’t roll out of bed and decide to coerce someone into sex. Mr. Vanguard masquerading with his 3 degrees and numerous patents, and special system he devised to free us of disintegrations worked hard to appear legitimate, including whatever his claims were about sexual healing. For this reason, I think he deserves the lion’s share of the blame.

      • I understand where you’re coming from, but do you consider other variables, such as her maturity upon being groomed in a very organized and targeted way? That selective information and structure of the group was withheld from her. When she describes her time as Alisons slave, does it sound false or misleading? At this point her only experience of adulthood had been within the confines of the group, but not as a member of the inner circle.

        Do you think she hasn’t been more forthcoming because of pending or potential litigation?

        • —When she describes her time as Allison’s slave, does it sound false or misleading?

          Absolutely!!!! I believe you suspect the same thing I do.
          —Do you think she hasn’t been more forthcoming because of pending or potential litigation?

          If I was India, I would file a lawsuit PRONTO because India is likely to settle before her book comes out. She will not want the bad press and India’s story does not hold water under examination.

          I guarantee the princess of the princess will settle for around 50k. India looks like she is 15 she is in her 20s. She should own up to her role!

          • Meant:

            If I was JOAN , I would file a lawsuit PRONTO because India is likely to settle before her book comes out. She will not want the bad press and India’s story does not hold water under examination.

            I guarantee the princess of the princess will settle for around 50k

          • Nice Guy,

            I believe she didn’t open the bag, or rather, look at the thumb drives for 6 months because I have avoided things I can’t face until the time I was ready to deal with them as well. In times of trauma, I have avoided reality and removed extraneous items that trigger anxiety. Of course, it’s entirely plausible that she lied. What I’m saying is that particular behavior of avoidance in the face of trauma is not unusual.

            Have you spent time in LA? Are you familiar with standards of morality there? My adolescence was straight out of Less Than Zero, and I grew up on the periphery of the film industry. I went to school with child actors and children of industry folks. I have to tell you that someone who came from that environment wouldn’t recognize many of the abuses in NXIVM, because it played on the same standards and morals, dysfunctional as they are. India and Allison were raised in that environment.

      • India Oxenberg did not steal any tapes from Mack. India Oxenberg had been ordered by Allison Mack after her arrest to put all her personal belongings, which included thumb drives, into storage. So Allison Mack entrusted India Oxenberg herself to store her things. However, because some of her personal belongings, in India’s opinion, did not belong in a storage room, she took it upon herself to store them separately. This included a bag in which India later found numerous thumb drives, which she later discovered contained evidence, such as Raniere and Mack’s recorded conversations on branding, as well as blackmail material from DOS slaves. It follows that no theft occurred, and there was no intent to steal.

        • ….6 months later India ‘discovered’ the thumb drives???? Cmon. India knew what she had when she took it. You think that was by accident?

          India sat on thumb drives until her attorneys worked out a deal. Sorry, but you are wrong.

          Side Note:

          If you ever run afoul of the law, contact India‘s attorney, Carla DiMare. She makes Mark Geragos, Marc Agnifilo, and Paul DerOhannesian look like amateurs.

          India’s other attorney is Tom Engel.

          • I know India’s lawyers. You don’t need to explain this to me. As for whether I’m wrong, you can’ t prove it. That is why your statement is also an unproven assertion.

          • —I know India’s lawyers. You don’t need to explain this to me. As for whether I’m wrong, you can’ t prove it. That is why your statement is also an unproven assertion.

            Why bother telling some anonymous man a blog he’s wrong….

            ….Unless of course he is right and you feel defensive.

            6 long months go by and the thumb drives are “discovered”.

            Despite India distancing herself from Allison Mack, India and Mack were incredible close. You believe Allison never shared the importance of the thumb drives with India.

            Remember the order that went out to the DOS masters to destroy the evidence? Because I do remember.

  • “At this point it was 100 percent voluntary.“

    No, not 100%. At this point in the culture, it’s offered to women who are perceived as true believers, specifically that they are compliant and devoted to unquestioning submission. It was coercive, reliant upon the time money and energy already put forth. Much in the way Zenu is finally revealed, but rape instead of a dumb alien origin story.

  • Untouchable Jessica Joan seems to be a play on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. A Netflix Tina Fey production about a young woman that was released from cult captivity and creates a new life for herself. It’s actually hysterical and a humorous way to address ptsd, trauma and the coping skills needed to live through it.

    Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne = Keith Raniere
    The Crank = Volleyball
    The Bunker = Suburban Albany

    That’s the goal, to talk openly and have a good laugh about sleeping on a dog bed. That’s a measure of moving forward. Good luck to her in healing and thriving past this chapter.

    • It is curious she asks the maximum for allison but does not say anything about how her teacher India left without a single day in prison and showing herself as a heroine

    • It also reminds me of a book called The Unsinkable Bambi Lake. I was at the book launch party in SF and Bambi, whenever signing a book for an attractive man, insisted on showing them the topless photo of herself from the pictures section, whether they wanted to see it or not. I guess she was just looking for feedback on her book.

      I’ve also wondered what was so bad about the diet. Caloric restriction has many proven health benefits and has even been linked to living longer and with fewer age-related diseases.

      • —Bambi, whenever signing a book for an attractive man, insisted on showing them the topless photo of herself from the pictures section, whether they wanted to see it or not.

        I looked up the author Bambi. Her being a ‘dude’ probably had something to do with men not wanting to see her topless.

        Sorry Frank!!! I’m sure you will accuse me of body shaming.

        Now excuse me everyone. I have to get back to watching M-Butterfly on BlueRay. It’s uncle Frank’s fav movie!!!

      • I’ve been doing calorie restriction periodically for 20 years. It’s worked great for me. I’ve only seen his advantage. Physical purification, increased mental abilities. It’s true that it feels bad the first few days when I can scrape the wall away from hunger, but it’s worth it and it’s proven to be good for you. It also increases the willpower you can transfer to anything else in your life.

      • People can follow whatever diet they want.

        But If you are following a certain diet because you got blackmailed and now it’s some 50 year old who controls your weight. That is what is wrong.

        • Actually, the diet was followed by many women in the community. Sylvi’s testimony says that she followed the DOS diet long before she was recruited into DOS, and she did so on the advice of Clare Bronfman who also followed it and according to Frank many women close to Keith followed it too, the only difference is that women did not feel compelled to commit, but in DOS everything is about commitment

        • Absolutely, they can. The point is in regards to disordered eating as a method of control.

          Eating disorders are disguised as wellness these days, anything that requires hyper focus, restriction , due to outside influences have the potential to become or mask a disorder. Shifting from one eating plan to the next is also another red flag. It’s a control cycle, often self imposed due to cultural expectations. It’s a proven method to control women and how we think about ourselves.

      • —I’ve also wondered what was so bad about the diet. Caloric restriction has many proven health benefits and has even been linked to living longer and with fewer age-related diseases.

        Are you really this obtuse, or are you just disingenuous and in your “hiding” of yourself as an apologetic cult member, just accidentally letting these “leaks” through?

        Yes, caloric restriction has benefits, just like sexual control does. But not in the extreme way that pudgy cretin enforced (who never did either) and not for his purposes of obvious bad intent. Fasting has been a religious discipline for thousands of years.

      • Calorie restriction, including fasting, on a periodic basis, can be beneficial to rest and clean the gut. But calorie restriction to 500 on a daily basis equates with STARVATION. This, combined with restricted/interrupted sleep, has been routinely imposed by cult leaders (think Jim Jones) to bring their followers in line via impaired brain function. Deprivation of food and sleep results in reduced immune function, poor tissue repair (due to insufficient protein), and brain fog.

        Alison, please search this website for an article written by a woman who followed Keith’s calorie-restricted diet for 10 days. It is eye-opening. You say you are a newcomer here yet you seem to be historically familiar with the false poster, Pea Onyu. IMO, either you need more information, or you are trying to chip away by bits and pieces at some of the horrible things that went on in this cult.

        I see no reason to trust you yet. Would you be willing to supply a bit more information about your background? That said, all are welcome here on this site.

        • She functions as a device to illustrate how these practices are normalized in the culture, but she doesn’t understand the root of them, nor how oppressive they are. The lack of moral judgment is seen as aspirational, boundaries are “limiting”. It’s “cool girl feminism”, which is to say that it’s an ideology that supports empowerment by doing exactly what men want. It’s Ironic feminism. This is how young girls could exist in the cult and not find a problem, because the problematic issues exist in our culture, and are considered “normal”.

          If you Google “Cool Girl Feminism”, you’ll find another pyramid structure, in which compliance to patriarchal expectations places the adherent at a higher position within an oppressive structure. “You’re not like the other girls”. It’s also referred to as White Feminism. This is the structure that made Keith’s manipulations easy.

          • —”She functions as a device to illustrate how these practices are normalized in the culture, but she doesn’t understand the root of them, nor how oppressive they are…it’s an ideology that supports empowerment by doing exactly what men want.”

            Who exactly do these practices oppress? Whenever I hear someone droning on about the benefits of caloric restriction, it’s usually a man who is applying it to himself in a futile attempt to stay forever young.

            I found this about Cool Girl Feminism. Let’s see if it applies to me.

            -Being the Cool Girl means I am a hot, brilliant, funny woman [who wouldn’t want to be?]
            -who adores football, poker, dirty jokes, and burping, [I am bored by football and poker, think that funny dirty jokes are great, but don’t find anything amusing about burping]
            -who plays video games, [I’ve played video games. So what? I grew up with video-game-playing brothers and got in on the fun. ???]
            drinks cheap beer [Never]
            loves threesomes and anal sex, [None of your business]
            and jams hot dogs and hamburgers into her mouth like she’s hosting the world’s biggest culinary gang bang while somehow maintaining a size 2, [Nah. Processed meat raises your risk of getting colon cancer. I’m not vegetarian though. As for my dress size, nunya business]
            -because Cool Girls are above all hot. Hot and understanding. [I try.]
            -Cool Girls never get angry; [I get angry]
            -they only smile in a chagrined, loving manner [Not me]
            -and let their men do whatever they want. [Do most women decide what they’re going to “let” their men do? This doesn’t apply to me at all .An adult man can decide to do whatever the hell he wants to do. If I really don’t like it, I can simply remove myself from the relationship.]

            Maybe your point wasn’t even to say that I’m a Cool Girl Feminist. But WTH, I’ve got nothing better to do right now. I’m waiting by the phone for my crush to call.

          • “Those who brag don’t have meaning”… or words to that effect. Suppose that green tea was a little too potent. As for me, I just don’t know. It’s like watching a car crash in really slow motion. Millions on the unemployment line. Second time this week I watched someone put groceries back and felt powerless to help (guess she and the kids will get the benefits of all that calorie restriction). All the wringing of hands and volleys of zingers are a great distraction, I am sure. Perhaps I’ll pop open a book. Might lip-read as I skim the pages though and I am uncertain as to what level of comprehension I will achieve. To hell with it, bring it on.

        • “You say you are a newcomer here yet you seem to be historically familiar with the false poster, Pea Onyu”

          This pandemic has put a lot of spare time on my hands. And once I heard about the 120-year sentence, I headed straight to the source here at Frank Report and binge-read the bejesus out of it, starting from the very first post. In my defense, I’m a fast reader and tend to hyperfocus when something captures my attention. In my school days, I always scored in the 99th percentile for reading comprehension, for what it’s worth. That’s all.

          • Alison: You previously called into doubt the validity of having collateral held over your head, and, more recently, the “issue” of being calorie restricted. You hold there was an unfair trial and an unfair sentence. You say Jessica is lovely to look at but “sounds like she is crying wolf to gain publicity to benefit herself“

            You say you are here due to boredom and curiosity during the pandemic. Not buying it.

          • Alison-

            You say you are here due to boredom and curiosity during the pandemic. Not buying it.

            I am with Nancy on this one!


            Alison, I enjoy the fact you give counter arguments and question the conventional-wisdom. I do feel as though you have an ax to grind and enjoy the role of antagonist too much. Other than that your peachy.

          • 99th percentile in reading comprehension is my favorite brag after a few drinks. “Do you know who you’re talking to? I consistently scored in the 99th percentile on standardized tests for reading comprehension!”

            I hate to throw that kind of heavyweight stuff around, but sometimes it’s required.

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