Exclusive: First Report on Clare Bronfman at MDC — Under the Protection of a ‘Yenta’

Clare Bronfman by MK10ART --with the nun she could have been on her right shoulder and the devil Keith Alan Raniere on her left shoulder

Although the current COVID-19 protocols at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) have greatly limited staff access to various parts of the facility, we were finally able to get an on-the-scene report on how Clare Bronfman is adapting to prison life.

MK10ART painting of MDC

Not surprisingly, she has been keeping a very low profile – and, thus far, has not had any disciplinary issues with the guards and/or any confrontations with other prisoners.

In large part, that’s because she has been under the protective wing of a woman who has been described as “a 5’7’’ 200#, mid-50s Yenta” who has taken on the multiple roles of friend, guide and protector for the former Director of Operations for the NXIVM criminal enterprise.

Although some guards believe that Clare is likely paying for these services, they also report that the same woman provides similar services for another 4-5 female prisoners at the prison.

Clare Bronfman

The group of women – all of whom are White and apparently of Jewish heritage  –  have been described as “inseparable” and tend to spend all their time together away from the other prisoners in their unit.

Somewhat surprisingly, Clare was moved into the general population of female prisoners in MDC’s East Tower as soon as she cleared the 14-day COVID-19 isolation period for new arrivals.

Unlike Ghislaine Maxwell – who is being held in a “onesie” cell in a separate unit at MDC and who is being subjected to a variety of strange protocols (e.g., having someone check on her breathing every 15 minutes) – Clare is simply subject to the same basic regimen and routine as all the other prisoners at the facility.


Daily Regimen & Routine

That means she’s awakened at 6:00 AM on weekdays – and 7:00 AM on weekend days for breakfast.

She also has lunch at 11:00 AM during the week – and brunch during the weekend as soon as the 10:00 AM “Count” has cleared (Prisoners have to be standing aside their bunks for each scheduled “Count”).

Dinner is served on all days after the 4:00 PM “Count” has been completed.

And it’s “lights out” every night as soon as the 10:00 PM “Count” has cleared.


Job Status

We have not yet been able to determine if Clare has already been given a job assignment – but MDC often holds off doing so until it has determined how long a prisoner will be at the facility.

If she ends up staying at MDC for her entire prison term, Clare will most likely end up working in the Kitchen or the Laundry Room.

Either way, she’ll start out earning Grade 4 pay – which is $0.12 per hour. Thereafter, depending on her specific job assignments and how well she completes them, she can advance to Grade 3: $0.17/hour, Grade 2: $0.29 per hour, and Grade 1: $0.40 per hour.


Health & Fitness

As hard as it is to contemplate, observers report that Clare has lost a  considerable amount of weight since she arrived at MDC on September 30th.

In part, that’s because she has been maintaining a vegetarian diet – which in BOP parlance is referred to as the “No Flesh Diet”.

Typical prison meal for those on the “No Flesh Diet”.

In reality, that means that Clare has been basically subsisting on bread, fruit and rice – and whatever “protein substitute” MDC happens to provide in her lunch and dinner meals.

One observer also indicated that Clare’s hair has started to fall out – which is not unusual for female prisoners at MDC.

Somehow, the combination of no sunlight, poor ventilation, crappy food, and lack of exercise has that effect on many women.


What’s Next For Clare?

Clare’s attorneys have asked – and U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis has recommended – that Clare be sent to the BOP facility in Danbury, CT.

FCI Danbury, CT

But where Clare actually ends up spending the rest of her remaining time in prison is entirely at the discretion of the BOP.

Unless she is successful in getting her original sentence reduced on appeal, Clare will be imprisoned for about another 67 months (It is possible that she will be allowed to serve her last 3-6 months at a Halfway House).

And unlike her mentor, Keith Raniere, who has a group of advocates attempting to get his conviction overturned, no one has spoken out on behalf of Clare since the day she was unceremoniously led from the courtroom by a group of U.S. Marshals on the day of her sentencing hearing, September 30, 2020.

The NXIVM 5 are attempting to get Keith Raniere’s conviction overturned. 

Thus, her fate is pretty much in the hands of the attorneys who will be filing the appeal to have her sentence reduced – and the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, which will be responsible for deciding whether Judge Garaufis was justified in sentencing her to 81 months in federal prison.

2020 has been a very tough year for many people.

Over 13,000,000 Americans have tested positive for the coronavirus – and more than 260,000 of those people have died.

Numerous other Americans have lost their jobs or their businesses.

But very few people have lost as much as Clare Bronfman lost this year.

Clare Webb Bronfman.

And, unfortunately for Clare, while scientists are on the brink of providing a vaccine that will eventually protect most people from COVID-19, there is no vaccine for the felonies to which she pleaded guilty back in 2019.

She is – and henceforth always will be – a convicted felon.

Unless she is pardoned by the current President, Donald J. Trump – or one of his successors – she will forever carry the stigma that goes with being a felon.

Perhaps she will move away from the U.S. as soon as she is free to do so.

But even that won’t remove the “Felon” label that she will carry for the rest of her life.



About the author

K.R. Claviger


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  • From the famously Conservative National Review, an Editorial:

    “Almost nothing about the election that the Trump team has alleged has withstood the slightest scrutiny. In particular, it’s hard to find much that is remotely true in the president’s Twitter feed these days. It is full of already-debunked claims and crackpot conspiracy theories about Dominion voting systems. Flawed and dishonest assertions pollute the public discourse and mislead good people who make the mistake of believing things said by the president of the United States.”


  • You’ve done great work, Frank. I really enjoyed Lost Women and your parts on The Vow. You made it a cause to stamp out an evil bastard and his henchmen. Bronfman was his enforcer. The enforcer in the crime family usually gets the most time other than the boss unless they rat. She ain’t Clare the Bull. What is the consensus on her motives? Was she brainwashed? Or evil and enjoyed the power of destroying his enemies. It is amazing that anyone thought that he was a force for good.

    • Henchwomen – let’s give credit where credit is due. LOL

      Brainwashing is a myth, therefore evil and enjoying the power to destroy others remains. LOL

      • LOL. Good one Scott!! You are spot on as always. Could you please once again tell us your story about[redacted] selling Amway crap to your benefit. What item was your biggest seller? [redacted]

      • LOL-

        Brainwashing is a colloquialism; it’s a term for indoctrination.

        Sometimes, colloquialisms can be confusing. An example of a colloquialism is the word “wasted”. Wasted is a colloquialism for alcohol or drug intoxication. No one is actually “wasted” although it’s possible to waste one’s life.

        Brainwashing is also an idiom. Some good examples are “it’s raining cats and dogs” or the uncouth term “hoedeos”. Hoedeos don’t actually exist, just like “brainwashing” doesn’t exist.

        Hope this helps my good friend!!!!

    • I know you asked Frank this question but I am currently laid up with time on my hands. My guess is: With Raniere’s help, Clare discovered how to wield her enormous financial power over others. It is easy for those with no guidance in their lives to become drunk on that. Plus, Keith paid her some romantic attention and flattered her. She must have been starving for that. Very sad for her and her victims.

  • Claviger-

    Re The Yenta:

    —Under the Protection of a ‘Yenta’

    —She has been described as “a 5’7’’ 200#, mid-50s Yenta”

    Purely for clarification purposes, is Clare Bronfman’s bodyguard a “Yenta” or a Yeti?

    Or is she a hybrid?!?!??!? Usually, the hybrids answer to the name of Aunt Rose or Cousin Cecilia; the Yenta-Yeti is not to be trifled with.


      • Srsly? She under the protection of a jewish snitch? yiddish informant? What is this? What the eff are you talking about?
        I’ve learned nothing

        EVERYBODY Needs An Editor

      • Scott that reminds me of a Limerick I recently wrote. I will share it with you.

        Here it is:

        “Adam the Yenta”
        Once there was a man named Adam,
        who gossiped like a caff-fiend madam
        Our yenta sipped tea,
        and sat when he peed
        So, a doctor gave him a man-o-gram

  • Is this Yenta close to trial, or being moved elsewhere? Read: what are the chances she leaves MDC before Clare does? Not that Clare can’t buy a new friend.

    Is Clare spurning the vegetarian snacks in the commissary as well? Penance? Considering Keith got ringworm on his head, maybe it’s better she has less hair rather than more.

  • We can be sure that Clare will keep a low profile, and observe prison rules to the letter. I don’t think we will hear of any drama. She’ll just keep her head down, and work towards the earliest possible release.

    • Paul – Agree. No doubt Clare will keep a low profile, do the time and most likely would choose to work towards good behavior/early release. Her age is on her side versus Keith’s.

    • I agree, she will keep her head down but I wouldn’t rule out her accidently being embroiled in drama due to her dunce affliction. She doesn’t come across as being a quick learner.

  • How in the world could Clare lose more weight and be even close to healthy? She looked like a rail at sentencing. I don’t think she is long for prison life, body guard (paid for sure) or not. The country club of Danbury, CT is her only hope.

  • **To Hoax Believers, logic would tell you that maybe the real hoax is that many more people have died from Covid than are reported as Covid deaths.**

    “Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found that nearly 300,000 MORE people in the United States died from late January to early October this year compared the average number of people who ON AVERAGE die during the same stretch from 2015 to 2019.

    Just two-thirds of those deaths were counted as Covid-19 fatalities, highlighting how the official U.S. Covid death count is not fully inclusive.” (at the date of this report only 220,000 of the 300.000 excess deaths were reported as Covid deaths)


    • **To Hoax Believers, logic would tell you that maybe the real hoax is that many more people have died from Covid than are reported as Covid deaths.**

      Excess deaths this year vs last 5-year average BY RACE:
      Deaths among white people in 2020 were 11.9% higher than average years, deaths among Latinx people (53.6% higher than average), Asian people (36.6% higher), Black people (32.9% higher), American Indians and Alaska Natives (28.9% higher). “These disproportionate increases among certain racial and ethnic groups are consistent with noted disparities in Covid-19 mortality,” the researchers wrote.

      Excess deaths this year vs last 5-year average BY AGE GROUP:
      There were also differences among different age groups, with the largest increase occurring among people age 25 to 44, who saw excess deaths that were 26.5% higher than average.
      People 45 to 64 had 14.4% more deaths, those 65 to 74 had 24.1% more deaths, deaths among people 75 to 84 were 21.5% higher, and 14.7% higher for people 85 and above. HOWEVER, deaths this year for people under 25 were 2% BELOW average!


    • As regards COVID, everything I projected for the US in late March and early April, has come to pass exactly as I predicted, despite people laughing and saying that you just needed to “sweat it out.”

      But as we know, there was a heavy culture of denial at the time, which still persists in the minds of some people who prefer to reject the reality right in front of their eyes.

      • Me too. I even called the demographics of my town changing and the real estate market increasing in value, as the cities emptied into more open rural areas. That’s exactly what’s happening, young professionals that work from home have moved to my town. Covid, for all its horrors, might actually change my town for the better from tourism and retirees to an outdoor activity family enclave.

        Though I said no vaccinations for a minimum of 5 years, that’s if mutation holds. I think the covid vaccines will be as ineffective as regular flu vaccines. Just speculation…

        • Well done. So far there’s no evidence of mutation in the particular strain we’re dealing with, but it’s a possibility. Happily, the RNA Spike Protein vaccines are relatively easy to tweak if mutations do occur.

        • —I think the covid vaccines will be as ineffective as regular flu vaccines. Just speculation.

          I believe you are right. There is already a 3rd serious covid mutation that caused the millions of farm minks to be destroyed overseas. The virus is now about 1 year old (within the human population).

          So many different domesticated animals have the virus, the virus must be out and about in the wild on all of the continents.

          The virus seems to transmit somewhat freely between humans and a number of animals.

          I hope we are both wrong…Common sense says otherwise.

      • “That is the conclusion of researchers at Cornell University who analyzed 38 million articles about the pandemic in media around the world. Mentions of Mr. Trump made up nearly 38 percent of the overall “misinformation conversation,” making the president the largest driver of the “infodemic” — falsehoods involving the pandemic.”


        Another study estimated that if Trump had supported the CDC’s simple recommendation to wear masks and social distance (instead of mocking it), more than 100,000 Americans would be alive today.

        “Mask wearing has become politically polarizing: Some people regard it as a silly constraint on their freedom. Studies show that mask use reduces the transmission of respiratory viruses by about 40%. In the U.S., only about 50% of people are wearing masks in public in November 2020. In countries with much higher rates of mask use — such as South Korea and New Zealand — sustained reductions in cases of COVID-19 have been achieved, and their ECONOMIES ARE REBOUNDING.

        Models estimate that universal mask use (defined as 95% mask use in public) could save another 130,000 lives between September 22, 2020, and February 28, 2021.”

        • Trump responded to Covid as if it was annoying inconvenience, when he should have just stepped back, and let the experts – CDC, Fucci etc, deal with it according to the scientific evidence.

          I honestly doubt that he ever sat down and gave it much thought.

          Too busy tweeting nonsense.

          • Trump did listen to Fauci, who said don’t wear masks. LOL

            The CDC has been very inconsistent with mask wearing guidance as well: https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/the-cdc-just-changed-this-big-face-mask-rule-for-everyone/ar-BB15ZSQY LOL

            But we get it, you hate Trump because he set records with low unemployment, made the economy take off with tax cuts and reducing excessive regulations, made major advances in Middle East peace, got NATO nations to keep their promises to fund their own defense against Russia, taking action against China’s trade and intellectual property stealing, etc., etc., etc.: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/11/opinion/fact-check-trump.html Even the New York Slime had to admit Trump accomplished a LOT, even though they felt it necessary to minimize Trump’s influence as much as they could. LOL

          • @LOL/Scott – at the beginning of the Covid infection in the USA, Fauci and the CDC did not recommend masks. And then when they learned more about the disease and its vectors (APRIL), they updated their information on masks. As they will continue to do as they learn more about the disease. Trump, with his inane denigration of science and his refusal to heed the advice of medical experts, would have served our country better if he had pushed for mask wearing. Such a simple thing that he himself, as a leader, could have been an example on.

        • Dear LOL

          The New York Times article that you, so proudly, posted the link to is an op-ed piece.

          An Op-ed is an opinionated article.

          An op-ed stands for Opinion Editorial.

          Do you get the gist of what I’m saying?

          • That’s exactly why I referenced it, NiceGuy 666. LOL

            The NYT is a Libtard oriented rag and the Op-ed most closely represents that Libtard point of view. LOL


          • —The NYT is a Libtard oriented rag and the Op-Ed most closely represents that Libtard point of view. LOL—

            You were duped, LOL. That Op-Ed was by the CONSERVATIVE brother of the columnist, who sometimes lets him post his conservative views. It does NOT represent the views of the NYT or that columnist.

          • LOL 8:01pm

            —Even the New York Slime had to admit Trump accomplished a LOT, even though they felt it necessary to minimize Trump’s influence as much as they could.

            It was an OP-ED!!!! The NY Times did not admit everything.

            Dear Friend,

            The OP-ED page has a disclaimer at the top: “Articles OPINIONS and VIEWS do not represent The NY Times”

            I am sorry to disappoint you. OP/EDs in newspapers are not like all the news on CNN, FOX, PBS and Breitbart.

            Do you understand what I am telling you?

            Sometimes when one is leading new information it can be somewhat confusing. It even happens to me.

            Have a great night, sir!!!

    • People are dying from not going to the doctor when they have severe symptoms, such as heart attacks, strokes, cancer, etc., because they are more afraid of covid than anything else. LOL

      Also, there are lockdown related deaths from drugs, depression resulting in suicides, suicides from bad finances after being laid off, etc. LOL

      As Trump said, the “cure” can’t be worse than the disease. LOL

  • Clare is serving penance in addition to serving jail time. Hasn’t that been the case since she told Keith that she told her father about the money she gave to him? According to her belief system, she doesn’t deserve it and it’s for her growth. Not for the reasons the general public would assume. She’s already put funds in various places to make herself unnecessary.

    Clare’s father’s history with the World Jewish Congress probably cancels out her devotion to a Holocaust denier. How come she was never assigned a famous Nazi that she was reincarnated from? Keith was anti-Zionist and she previously had aspirations to be a nun in another faith. I think this new gaggle of friends has everything to do with her father’s goodwill extending beyond the grave.

  • Good thing for Clare she falls into this category no matter where she is and this will serve her better now than ever before. Other than some very severe cultural and environmental shock, it seems she’s doing fairly well and her group of new-found friends will likely prove to be the best friends she really ever had throughout the course of her life.

    Sure, they have their hands in her pockets just like the rest of her prior friends but these friends will be the best friend money she ever spent. Maybe the Yenta will also help steer her toward practicing her Jewish faith rather than her misplaced faith in a con man. I see a silver lining for Clare in this: Judge G has probably saved and enhanced Clare’s life in his sentencing of her but she won’t be able to see this right away and likely won’t realize it for 79 more months.

    Great update, Gents. Soothes the curiosity of many minds. Despite how awful Clare behaved in the last couple of decades, it is hoped that she will come around to how her mother and father raised her to conduct herself and that she will reach and realize the potential she possessed all along but that was derailed by evil incarnate in Keith Raniere.


  • I take no pleasure in reading about Clare’s suffering, but I wish she had considered and rejected her options to torture others through merciless litigation. She ruined lives apparently without a second thought, I think when one is blessed with a great deal of money, they have an obligation to avoid doing harm to the less fortunate.

    • I do, Clare Bare deserves more time than she got. LOL

      Your words are much too soft to dissuade other rich people from doing the same things and cause other victims to not come forward, which only results in more ruined lives – [redacted]

      • I doubt any words I could dream up would be sufficient to “dissuade other rich people from doing the same things.” They either have a moral compass or they don’t. And please stop blaming the victims for not coming forward soon enough to suit you. Raniere inflicted the mayhem; not them.

        Plenty of people came forward in 2012 and before and it didn’t make a rat’s ass of difference. Nothing did, until the NYT finally picked up the story.

  • Very curious that the NXIVM 5 are all about “prisoner reform” yet no peep from them about Clare, only Keith. Blatantly obvious what their true intentions are. Poor Clare left to rot. Par for the course from the brainwashed 5.

    • Agnifilo said he would represent Raniere for free during the appeals process, so they no longer need Bronfman’s money, which is the only thing she brought to the table, except for her ugly face that makes people puke on the table. LOL

        • Being cynical here; perhaps to reduce the chances of ineffective counsel allegations being filed against him. However, that will happen when Keith’s other appeals are rejected.

        • Yes, I already said Agnifilo said he would represent Raniere’s appeals for free. LOL

          He did it to make it appear he was on Raniere’s side, time will tell whether he actually follows through with it. LOL

  • “Over 13,000,000 Americans have tested positive for the coronavirus – and more than 260,000 of those people have died.” KR Claviger

    Let’s tell the truth about Covid-19
    It;s the biggest government HOAX in history.

    CDC Report Finds Underlying Conditions in 94 Percent of COVID-19 Deaths

    According to a report from KARK, a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report released last week contained new data that showed 94 percent of COVID-19 deaths in the United States also had contributing conditions.


      • I try to delete comments that are not related to the topic out, but, I approved this one since the author of the post, Claviger, wrote about COVID. I allowed the comment since it is responsive to the post, and because there are those who think the COVID threat is exaggerated.

        Just this week I learned a friend of mine, age 60, otherwise healthy I thought, contracted COVID. He is in ICU and may be put on a ventilator. If he dies, it’s not a hoax.

        • One person that you probably don’t know what their underlying conditions are does not a pandemic make. LOL

          Refuting statistics with a one-off example that has no basis is not valid, and as a “journalist” you should know better than that. LOL

          • I merely mention it because there are some who think the entire COVID thing is a hoax. But this friend of mine really does have COVID. He was not known to have any underlying conditions. Actually, he was as strong as a horse. He did a lot of socializing and going to events where he likely caught it.

            According to a report I got a few minutes ago, he is likely to go on a ventilator which means the odds are he will die.

            It’s not proof of a pandemic, but it sobered up any thoughts I had about how this can’t touch me. Another woman I knew, age 75 or so, died from COVID. She had an underlying medical condition but was not about to die from it, but for COVID.

            Now, of course, two cases do not make a pandemic. But it did make it personal for me. And persuaded me that it is not a hoax. It may be exaggerated. Perhaps. It may have been used as a political game by some. It may make billions for some and it’s original introduction to the world from China or wherever is suspicious.

            However, the personal experience of a robust friend about to die from the disease and a kindly woman who should have otherwise likely lived another 5-10 years dying have persuaded me that it is prudent for me and others to take reasonable precautions. That should be as far as possible voluntary and not coerced by the government.

            That said, I also know several who got COVID who suffered little more than flu-like symptoms, who think it is utter bullshit to shut down everything to avoid some sniffles.

          • We have a lot of administrators who fell ill from COVID in my workplace. Ordinary people of all ages. They don’t have any major symptoms yet, but I know a young musician who was healthy before COVID and was on a ventilator for two weeks. He just survived, his lungs were damaged. So it’s not a joke, there’s no way to know in advance whose organization is responding to it. I don’t care who believes it, who doesn’t, but those are facts. Unfortunately.

          • Confirmation Bias errors are made on both sides. If you have not experienced it or seen it with your own eyes, then you make the erroneous conclusion that is what the norm is. And vice versa.
            That is why most adults have critical thinking skills so that can weigh and balance what is disseminated and most people are not dumb enough to fall into the trappings of confirmation bias errors and think it is a hoax.

            The extreme opinions that it is a hoax and other stupid government conspiracy theories are from simple-minded people.

            Independently, every country in this world, their leaders, their teams of experts, their doctors, every independent media, every university, every school, every doctor, and every rational adult and child understands the exponential devastating outcome if they do not do what they deem necessary and reasonable to curb that from happening.

            Frank, I am sorry but you should not have needed to know 2 people to understand that people die from this and we must all do our part in stopping the exponential spreading of this pandemic.

          • You are missing the point, which is the beer virus is a GOVERNMENT hoax, not that the disease itself is a hoax. LOL

            It means the GOVERNMENT has responded in ways that are excessive to the virus itself and the Supreme Court even called them on it last week. LOL

        • And there is collateral damage. My husband passed away during COVID, and I believe, but cannot prove, it was, in part, due to delayed and less accurate medical treatment for his own condition. Treatment was postponed over and over again. This is not a joke. Aspects of the crisis are possibly being manipulated, but the virus and threat are very real.

          • I feel for what you have lost, Nancy. I’ve heard of and am experiencing in my own family, the negative impact of lapsed regular medical care. It’s hard to imagine navigating through multiple stressors like that. On top of everything. My heart goes out to you.

        • I hope your friend fares well. As someone who spent 8 weeks on the front lines as a doctor during the pandemic, married to an Anaesthetist, I KNOW from direct lived experience that COVID-19 is not a hoax. I also contracted it and recovered from it in January, and still suffer after-effects from it. Can’t go out without an inhaler, and suffer from constant fatigue. It has seriously affected my health. It’s real.

          • Yes, the long Covid symptoms are worrying. My son’s wife is improving slowly since relocating to the coast, but its clear damage has been done. Take care, Paul.

      • There is no conspiracy theory needed when hospitals are losing money hand over fist because of elective surgeries being postponed and people with conditions such as heart attacks and strokes not going to the hospital as they otherwise would – and represent the vast majority of their profit – are being paid more money to list the beer virus as the cause of death. LOL


        • Those who believe a reality show con man over scientists with a lifetime of knowledge and effort to protect the public shouldn’t pretend they are smarter The same for those who believe tinfoil hat conspiracy theories. You know you’re not very smart, and certainly not as smart as experts.

          • Trump had to juggle the disease and the effects of shutting down the economy, which also result in severe damage, including deaths. LOL

            After the political dust has settled, history will record he did the right things. LOL

      • To Jim Kronlund

        Why does it bother you that I posted a report of the CDC, an agency of the US government?
        Is it a crime to accuse the government of lying?

        The vast majority of people dying of COVID-19 have co-morbidities.
        Diseases like heart disease, cancer, flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, and emphysema.
        There are people who want to empty out prisons for a disease that kills people with an average age of 80.
        There are people like Joe Biden who want to shut down the economy for a virus.

        The average age of those who died with COVID-19
        The average age at death for those who died with COVID-19 in Scotland was 79 for men and 84 for women.

        • To Jim Kronland and Shadow — while this site is not about COVID – we opened the door on this by mentioning it in the post on Clare Bronfman. I guess some debate on it won’t be terribly harmful. Shadow- I don’t think Jim is suggesting it is a crime to accuse the government of lying.

        • My Dear Shadow,

          75 % of American men and 60% of women are overweight or obese. Obesity is considered an underlying condition. Most of America has an underlying condition.

          I believe your point is moot.

          The Führer loved a good hoax. Do you remember the wacky Reichstag fire set by a retard?

          • Speaking of Hitler hoaxes, did you hear the one about Poland invading Germany? Yep, gave his SS an excuse to “retaliate” and start WWII. That was a good one.

          • —Speaking of Hitler hoaxes, did you hear the one about Poland invading Germany? Yep, gave his SS an excuse to “retaliate” and start WWII. That was a good one.

            That was Poland attacking a radio tower.
            It was of course completely fabricated.

            Heidi, I am not a fan of Hitler. I only share Shadowstate because Shadow knows the truth.

            It is not an insult-— Shadow claims to have the truth on his side.

            So I point out historical parallels with Shadow’s facts.

        • People that think it is a hoax are too simple minded and isolationist, and also Trumpers, which is not a surprise.

          This disease broke out in Asia and Europe before it hit the US. If this is some conspiracy or hoax or whatever, then who convinced Israel, Syria, China, France, Germany, and so on to all get together in some sort of collaboration and place their citizens on lockdown and fabricate whatever other lies you think they are telling?

          Who was able to do such a thing and why the hell would they all agree to work together to do it lol? When are they going to stop doing it? Did CNN somehow cause the state-run news organizations in Iran to make them have a pendemic?


          • Nancy, glad I made you smile 😊. Small things! Even more so having just read your other post. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Sending hugs, kisses and, hopefully more, lighthearted messages in FR to you!

        • Nataska,

          When the “lowest common denominators” are both zeros in agreement, strictly in mathematical terms, is that a good thing?

          BTW: The historical Führer reference is for my history-buff friend, Shadow.

        • From this article, it sounds as though Clare is doing her best to adapt, especially if she has found a small circle of buddies. That helps to hold off a lot of the pains of isolation. If her bilious liver doesn’t kill her, Clare has shown signs that she can and maybe wants to survive, via some “thoughtful” adaptation and self-determination, for once. Like a shark? If only we humans could simply regrow teeth. Invent that, okay? Heaven knows that Frank Parlato is talented. But I imagined that penguins were as tall as people and could be wrong about Frank, too. Who knows.

          It’s interesting, waiting to see if, when and where Clare will be moved while she is incarcerated. If she stays where she is, that would be unusual. Hint, hint? What could be the possible significance of staying put where she is much longer?

          A Danbury placement wouldn’t be so bad, so keeping her “head down” now is a good plan.

          She can always buy another Big Bertha.

          Later on, Clare can go back to being Flabturd’s Flying Nun and can try recruiting suitable raw meat torsos for him, like straight out of Compton, some heavy-duty tuff broads. Clare has a dream, right? Whatever the hell it is.

          Clare wasn’t smart enough, like Nancy Salzman, the better-organized old salty dawg and pimp mama. That’s right. Pimp mama. Santa has the list. He had the list eighteen years ago. And my, how the list has grown!

          Nancy has known enough to pretend to be FURIOUS at Keith Raniere, ever since Nancy jumped up to cop the first plea, right after a certain superseding indictment was read in Federal court against Raniere and his co-conspirators, the five spiritual and sexual slaves and hags. The indictment leading to plea bargains, one after the other, was about sexual crimes against certain young, and certain, legalistically, too young ladies could be brought to light.

          Well, holy cow dung! That was too much indictment for Nancy Salzman to manage.

          The risk has been too great that someone from the prosecution would ask Nancy Salzman too many embarrassing questions, under oath. How hypnotically and linguistically inconvenient.

          For instance, Nancy had a sexual affair with Raniere. Then how was it that her daughters came to be one hundred percent Raniere culties, too? How come Nancy Salzman was screwing a guy and then one of her daughters waited, for how long, 20 years, for a Vanguard avatar baby Baba Louie who never arrived?

          This is worse than a good old Russian novel, for crying out loud. Pasternak, Lara! Lara!!! Nancy doesn’t qualify for Dominique Dunne treatment, either. Not at all. I’ll just make some lattés now, with chocolate, and gaze at the holiday roses. Fuck it.

          Is it any wonder that Huma Abedin attended at least one Nxivm party? (This tidbit is easily available to research if one is inclined.)

          Clare and the squatting lumpalump, Keithy-Weethie, supported Madam Clinton’s fascinating concepts of democracy, and Clare/Sara B. were demanding political donations of support to her from Nxivm acolytes. Those who were hard strapped for money were individually informed, sotto voce, that Clare would reimburse them. This is a typical gallop of elitist chicanery. “Do as I say, or else.”

          The donations had to be spread out amongst multiple donors, to meet a donation cap of about $6,300 a piece, if I recall, so as not to elicit either unwanted or taxable, attention. These “Nxivm donations left an interesting trail of cheap-assed, elitist, financial, political breadcrumbs. Huma carries a big fork folded behind the corners of her horsefacey mouth. Oops. That must be my imagination. The bubbles are popping.

          Clare is not really that Jewish, regardless of who her father was. He had five Jewish children with his first wife. The subsequent two children with the barmaid are an entirely different, and an appropriately privatized matter. It happens in a lot of families.

          But in jail, Clare and her now more limited moneybags will do, as a nonmatrilineal Jew. Om, peace, amen.
          She “didn’t ask to be born” from papa’s newer, midlife crisis bag.

          Clare is an anathema and even an interloper, to all of the beautiful and loving Jewish mothers, or any mothers, that I have known, over a longish lifetime. Nancy Salzman is even worse, because she gave birth to two children, and she sacrificed them both to Raniere, for her own benefit. Life in a snakepit.

          Thank you for the news of poor Clare Bronfman. By the way, Ghislaine has lost over 25 pounds. It must be the new Brooklyn Diet. A fortune waiting to be made, teaching people how to starve for next to nothing. Clare could become the nouvelle Martha Stewart. Climb the Pole.

      • Frank’s bread and butter ARE the wing-nuts here. He moderates EVERY post, don’t let him fool you.

        It goes part and parcel with all his other “journalistic” businesses. He thinks if he says he is a journalist many many times, he will become one. Waiting…..

        He will pee on your leg and tell you it’s raining.


        • —Frank’s bread and butter ARE the wing-nuts here.

          I am a crank, not a wing-nut and you are currently reading this comment. I believe that means I’m a few rungs on the ladder higher than you. Still reading??? Then I’m at least 5 rungs higher. I am glad you are still reading my comment. Still reading? Awesome. Have a great night! Take care!

      • When you say “bleach” do you mean chlorine dioxide? If you think that chlorine dioxide is bleach, you should inform yourself better, since this is a gas that evaporates quickly and to use it a preparation is needed and the closest thing is a version in aqueous solution that is different from bleach by far. The fact that it has been used therapeutically for several years should show that if it were toxic as they say, there would already be a lot of people dead or very sick due to its consumption, but it turns out the opposite, even consumer associations of Chlorine dioxide was formed in some European countries and that was long before the pandemic, today the debate has been put on the table because every time there are more doctors who dare to test its use to treat COVID, With excellent results, I would dare to say that at the moment a schism will be created between those who want to continue defending the lies that they tell about chlorine dioxide without even having scientific bases and those who are willing to even risk their professional reputations as doctors, chemists and journalists to defend the truth

          • Trumpettes will try to put loose strings together and square pegs into round holes to cover for the supreme leader.

            ….Everything that we knew before Trump became president has all been a lie according to Donald Trump.

            If you thinks Trump is bad—watch and wait to see what happens with AOC and her personality cult.

          • I don’t really care what Trump says, I’m not even American, as for what he says The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would NOT trust much, at least as far as chlorine dioxide is concerned , especially because of how limited and ambiguous said information is, if said information were based on reality, it would have to specify the dose in which it is toxic, since consumption has been in force for several years, if the toxicity were real in any Disis then people would already be sick or dead, surely there would be no people who dare to talk about their positive experience, because of the pandemic there have been several doctors who dared to use chlorine dioxide obtaining excellent results, and of course having investigated first on the subject and if there are things to investigate, the use of chlorine dioxide as a therapeutic substance and andreas kalcker is not the only one who has investigated it unfortunately is the u the only one who dares openly say it

    • Of course those with co-existing existing conditions had a higher death rate. It’s called Co-Morbidity, and is factored into every prognosis for every disease. This is why some people are designated as ‘at enhanced risk.’

  • Interesting. Thanks. I suppose for the 260,000 US (and 70,000 UK) people who have died of CV19, it has been a worse year than for her – so quite a few have had a worse year… She reaps what she sowed.

  • Clare is being held in much the same conditions as we are in Hungary. May I ask how many people are in her cell? (In our country, female perpetrators of white-collar crimes are held in cells of 2 people). Does she get to stay in the open air for one hour a day? I know what she did, but I feel a little sorry for her. I’ve seen how prison affects people. Did she even weigh-in on his actions? One thing’s for sure, she’ll have time to think about it.

    • Clare is currently sharing a cell with another female prisoner. Except for a few cells in the Special Housing Unit (SHU), none of the cells at MDC hold more than two people.

      Except for the very few prisoners whose job assignments require them to occasionally work outside the prison, none of the prisoners at MDC get any “open-air” time at all. In the East Tower – which is where Clare is located – the closest inmates get to the outside is looking through narrow slit windows that are 6-feet away from the outside walls (The slit windows that are visible from the outside of the East Tower are lined up with the interior slit windows – and there is an interior “catwalk” that allows guards to look into the interior units any time they wish to do so).

      • Nice reporting K.R. (whoever you are???), I’ve been waiting for an update on her.

        Did she try to see Keith or talk to him? Is she excited that they are finally living in the same building together? How many times has she fainted?

        • Keith is ensconced in MDC’s West Tower – which is connected by a long underground passage to the facility’s East Tower (That’s where Clare is). In pre-COVID days, there were numerous opportunities for male and female prisoners to “communicate” with one another: e.g., via the library they shared; via guards that moved about the facility; etc. But that is no longer the case.

          There was no indication that Clare has had any fainting spells. Basically, she’s keeping her head down – and trying not to attract attention.

  • Bronfman isn’t being treated like Maxwell because she has already been convicted and nobody cares whether she lives or dies. LOL

  • Claviger-

    Thanks for the update!

    Clare had $400,000,000.

    The world was her oyster.

    She could have walked away from NXIVM at any time.

    Instead, she chose to stay with NXIVM and destroy people’s lives, using the law not as a shield but as a sword. She used her money to manipulate and pervert the United States’ legal system.

    Clare earned her sentence. Keith Raniere’s level of criminality would never have been possible without Clare Bronfman.

  • Seriously…Jewish heritage. Judaism is given by the mother, not by the father. So in the end, Clare is what her father is.

    She has never been to a synagogue, she never has celebrated a Jewish holiday. The only Jewish thing she has had was her father who she might have helped to leave this world earlier so please don’t come with that Jewish heritage thing. It’s an insult for us. Neither her sister who married an Al-Qaeda member. Basit has been raised to hate Jews and Israel. I wonder what he will do when his programming is deleted from his head and he wakes up from this strange brain f@ck Keith and Nancy created. Mr. Hendricks 🤣

    • Basit is about as Al-Qaida as Obama. He’s the son of a political puppet and went to college in Europe. He’s as western an “Arab” as they come and as far as the likes of hardcore Islamic extremists are concerned, he married the daughter of a Zionist billionaire and that is a big “No-No” to them. It doesn’t matter if Jewish tradition says Jewish lineage is passed down from the mother.

      • Obama bombed one of the most prosperous African nations that was going to divest from the US dollar and create a pan African currency. The “rebels” that called for “humanitarian” intervention were Gadaffi’s rivals since he overthrew the monarchist regime that predates his rule. The rebels were monarchists, inviting in corporate colonialism, slave markets and an end to gold backed currency. That’s where Igtet comes in.

        Obama DID arm Al Qeida

        He armed terrorists in Syria

        As soon as Libya was conquered, a new central bank was already formed and puppets like Igtet were installed. That he managed to screw up a sure thing like US backed puppet dictatorship, says everything about his status in that country. I’m sure his wife choice has SOME influence on the rejection.

        All the US puppets study in Europe. Even Kim Jong Un studied in Switzerland. Gaffafis children studied in Europe and Russia. London School of Economics for one of them. If you’re being groomed for power, you go to the seat of world power to make those alliances amongst other elite classmates and their families.

        • Oh, no, no, no, no, hell no. There’s no Obama link to Basit Igtet, Sara Bronfman, any Bronfman or anyone, anything, anywhere near NXIVM. And your links — your [redacted] ‘proof’ thereto — have even less to do with LIBYA than Basit Igtet ever did. They do not at all substantiate your [redacted] Obama assertion, it [redacted] perpetuates a racist double-whammy, [redacted] theory against Jews and blacks and virgin blood drinking “Democrats.” [redacted].

          • Heidi, I’m so far left, Bernie Sanders holds neocon status for me. I spent most of my waking hours researching and reading, making friends with foreign journalists, during and leading up to the Libyan invasion. It’s one subject I do have some in depth knowledge of.

            No, Obama wouldn’t have any direct dealings with Igtet and possibly no direct knowledge of him. I’m answering the statement about arming terrorists, and there is plenty of evidence that backs that up. I get my news from independent foreign journalists, not corporate US news.

            You don’t know which race I am. Don’t assume I’m white. I’m not.

      • —Apparently Basit loves Bronfman’s money more than hating Jews.

        I wonder if someone we both know loves money more than he hates Jews. It’s worth pondering.

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