High-Status Hector, Father of Raniere Victims, Camila and Daniela, Is Also Grandfather of the ‘Avatar’ Baby

Camila's father Hector, with his grandson.
Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

In response to Father-Idiot: Hector’s Amazing Letter in Support of Raniere — He Is the Father of Victims Daniela and Camila, I’m reminded of Lauren Salzman’s haunting testimony at the trial of Keith Raniere where she details her conversations with Hector over Daniela’s admission to the Swiss school vs. taking NXIVM courses and being personally mentored by Raniere.

Of course, the whole family would soon move to Albany from Mexico to also take advantage of the ESP teachings — while Keith and Nancy Salzman, in turn, would take full advantage of them all.

This was all happening in early 2002, the year the Bronfman’s, including Edgar Sr. —whose ‘impotence’ was allegedly cured by NXIVM and/or Nancy Salzman — joined; the year several Mexican elite families, including the newly seated Mexican President Vincente Fox’s family, also moved from Mexico to Albany to join NXIVM — and the year one of Raniere’s long time acolytes, Gina Hutchinson, was “suicided” or, possibly, murdered in October 2002.

Hector, with his grandson Kemar on his lap, and Keith Alan Raniere, who is Kemar’s father.

Lauren’s testimony reveals how ably she manipulated Hector and his entire family dynamic [the family was Hector, his wife Adriana, daughters Marianna, Daniela and Camila and son, Adrian] — using the same sexist playbook and NLP tools of persuasion relied on to recruit and condition men, in particular. Something Lauren and her mother, Nancy, excel at with both sexes through different means.

Lauren often reminds Hector, for instance, that because HE is a “man of respect” and honor, he should not have to tolerate this incorrigible daughter, Daniella. She proffers ESP as the ‘cure’ for Daniela’s rebelliousness as well as the solution for her education choice — to come to the United States over Switzerland.

Perhaps there was some offer or hope of a US immigration shortcut, but, of course, that suspicion is not reflected in any testimony I know of. (I know it because of my sister’s friendship with some early ESP Mexican elites.)

These magnets were found on the refrigerator of Camila’s secret apartment in Knox Woods.

The sex slave grooming started right THEN — whether or not any were ‘aware’ at the time — and it was not long before Hector was in Cohoes, NY — where my sister, Gina, was groomed and exploited as a teenager in a very, eerily similar scene, almost recreated, complete with Keith’s Christ-like portrait hanging over the bed and dirty word salad fridge magnets — renting an apartment for Camila to be trained by Raniere and the likes of sex slave Kathy Russell — not too far but not too close, and starkly separated from the Nxivm community in the Knox Woods subdivision in nearby Clifton Park.

Gina Hutchinson

Essentially — again, whether or not there was any awareness of the goal or framework — Hector’s children were traded for the advantages the trade brought to Hector who was, albeit, deceived into believing he was acting in the best interests of Daniela — who Lauren tagged as being in need of reform for the sake of Hector’s manhood and family reputation from the get-go.

It’s outrageous that even at this juncture —after the stone cold facts about Camilla and, even Hector’s son, Adrian, have surfaced, after the children’s mother has finally denounced the cult — that Hector continues to act and allow himself to be used as a weapon against himself and his own family.

We can’t overlook the fact of the third sister, Marianna’s role and that she bore and now rears the Avatar baby (one of them) who will carry on the Vanguard legacy and rule the world. Or that Clare Bronfman supports the special child, Kemar — a conjugation of Keith and Marianna’s name.

Mariana Fernandez and Keith Raniere push baby Kemar in a stroller in San Pedro Garza Garcia in Nov. 2017.

That’s a lot of leverage on the old man and his NXIVM-inflated, decades- condition, machismo ego. Hector has risen above even the ruling, elite Salinas family — the Betancourt’s, the Junco’s (beating out Rosa Laura’s bid on her own daughter as Keith’s virgin successor) — by becoming the grandfather of the true Avatar offspring, Kemar.

A living LEGACY. There’s always that.

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  • Very interesting. I also suspect the Mexican/Spanish machismo which most men (thankfully) in the UK and US do not have really responded to the SOP messages so men were sucked further and probably there is also a must be better as he is from the US feeling some Mexicans might feel about KR (however wrong that is). I hope I have not been both sexist and racist above… Also admitting you were wrong and coming out of a cult is very hard. I remember at my first grandchild’s Catholic baptism about which I was delighted and which took place despite our family being much less Catholic these days, saying I thought I was now an atheist (although we are certainly culturally catholic as a family…) and even that was quite hard to say given I had taken those children to mass every single Sunday… backing down, changing your stance is not easy for anyone although no one in the family had any problems with my stance as I was probably the most religious of us all anyway….. Mind you I have never had any problem changing or saying I am wrong. I have nothing to prove.

    I subscribed to Prime/Starz this week to watch Seduced despite resisting Prime for years as I felt Amazon constantly tried to force it on me…. anyway I was watching Sons of Perdition (about the FLDS similar cult group). It reminded me of what men can do in cults to protect their position – even handing over daughters for marriage when they are far too young.

    The KR babies need stability and constant care which I am sure their mothers will provide particularly now KR is out of the way. Maybe their IQs will exceed even that of their father…. laughing.

    • That’s a very good and daring point about machismo culture, Jane. I firmly believe Keith & Co. targeted and exploited their “marks” accordingly, taking advantage of and perverting traditional gender roles in certain cultures to manipulate their recruits.

      They did this with my sister and tried it on me, too, back when and I’m sure they’re still at it with, especially, their Latino or Catholic and Mormon (Le Baron) followers.

      As late as 2018, for example, while Frank was staying with us, they sent fake caregivers to our home for a job interview with my disabled son, Dylan, with fake biblical names like “Jezabel Lopez” talking adultery, fire and brimstone. (No, Frank and I weren’t “hooking up,” and I was using the pen name “Rosalie Lopez” in FR published poems. They are often rather unsubtle in their harassment methods.)

      A lot of NXIVM’s mind control tactics are built on reinforcing and perverting religious or cultural dogma. Raniere often gloated about “guilting” the Bronfman’s out of multi-millions with the whole reincarnated Nazi past-life schtick. He grew up in Suffern, NY, in an Hasidic Jewish community and learned how to manipulate those girls, very early on. Keith prowled Ashrams and Monasteries in the ‘80’s and early 90’s — until he was banned from most for scamming on chicks — and sent my sister and Kristin Keeffe on missions to study those cultures for mind-conditioning, harem recruitment tips. (You wanna see girls and women exploited for sex and forced labor in religious contexts, visit India.). That’s where Keith picked up on the Avatar baby, reincarnation, “scarves” and other twisted tools of manipulation through religion.

      Thank you, Jane, for coming forward with your story. I’m delighted to finally see some real, unvarnished ‘insiders’ speaking out on here.

  • Heidi Hutchinson – that’s an incredible set of parallels you’ve presented. It’s difficult to break down actions that aren’t understandable, from witnessing it you’ve conveyed a pattern to follow on the way out .

    The acceleration of discarding inconvenient followers that aren’t supplying enough value and profiting from deposing the competition reminds me of Henry Tudor court politics and intrigue.

    Hector, the Boleyn family didn’t fare well and there is no kingdom to rule.

    • Thank you, Anon ^ ^, one can only try. Love your analogy. Yes, I’d say the Kingdom’s blown to Kingdom come and the remnants, dead weight, are slowly being disposed of. Yet hope springs eternal. God help them.

      The scariest part of Hector’s statement that’s sticking with me is where Hector describes Keith as an otherworldly savior using the words, “WE HUMANS…” juxtaposed to Keith’s superior being.

      But, again, Hector holds the scepter with his lineage. Hope he’s more ambitious than delusional and the baby doesn’t suffer for any of it.

  • Remember to remember, and who will ever forget? Heidi is one of the only voices that her sister Gina has left. Read it and weep. I do, having a sister who has sometimes been hurt but who is still alive. Heidi is Gina’s sister who never gets to see her again as she was, or to hear her voice again, for the love of God.

    This exemplifies how deeply, profoundly and for how long this harm of Raniere’s, and of his group, has been lethal and false but extremely costly dirty medicine.

    One example, Gina, with plenty more readily available to see. But if Gina had been your loved one, the sorrow and the searching for any resolution at all goes way beyond either words or years.

    After whatever happened to Gina, who was seduced as a teenager by Raniere, and who was gaslighted, used and manipulated by so many others who were blindly and inhumanely transfixed by Keith Raniere, that crime wave would have been so much more than enough. Yet he and his group went on, unimpeded and pleased as all get-out with their wonderfulness, their specialness.

  • Raniere has two known children, one with a long-time follower well known to Mr. Parlato, and another with a much younger follower mentioned in this article.

    Those who have followed Frank Report are likely aware of the names of the mothers and children.

    These children are completely innocent of any acts of their father, or of their mothers.

    Mr. Parlato might consider scrubbing the entirety of the Frank Report of the names of the children.

    Scrubbing the names of the mothers should also be considered. The children are not in a position to disown their mothers, and should not be required to. But minimizing the links of their mothers to their father would be a blessing.

    • It will be pretty hard to scrub Kristin Keeffe from the history of Nxivm. She is for good or bad part of its history. So is Marianna. In fairness to Kristin – she had a big role in his takedown and I think her son is proud of her for that. As for the younger son and his mother – she was a vital part of the story and is still part of the Nxivm group. How do you erase it? The son also figures in the story in an important way since Keith had promised numerous women about who would have that child – from Lauren to Camila and others. But I am certainly open to discussion.
      I know the oldest boy pretty well and he’s a good boy and does not seem damaged. Just the opposite. He is about the nicest, most thoughtful and funny kid I ever met since I was 14. He knows who his father is.

      • —I know the oldest boy pretty well and he’s a good boy and does not seem damaged. Just the opposite. He is about the nicest, most thoughtful and funny kid I ever met since I was 14. He knows who his father is.

        Thanks for sharing, Frank. It’s nice to know Kristin’s son is doing well.

      • Very glad to hear that the older child seems undamaged by the Rainbow Cultural Garden experiments. And best wishes fir the younger.

        But let’s please minimize the collateral damage. Raniere is toast, Clare and Nancy and Allison will be harmless without him. Raniere’s kids deserve as much anonymity as Sarah and Nippy’s kids.

      • It’s really nice to hear that Keith’s firstborn is doing well and doesn’t appear damaged. The mother, Kristin, going with her protective instincts has ensured this. Thankfully, her instincts were still intact, as it appears one of the main goals of Keith and Nancy’s teachings was to completely destroy the human instinct to keep people under their control.

      • Bearing Keith’s special child or “Avatar” was always a huge part of the sex trafficking, mind-conditioning formula. How could it not be when Keith’s having ‘unprotected’ sex with nubile girls who often did become pregnant? Those who did were often coerced into having abortions bc they were deemed unworthy or ‘not ready’ to bear the special seed. Pam Caffritz reportedly had dozens. Working on their “disintegrations” or issues through EM’s etc. to become worthy of bearing the Avatar was probably the most persuasive tactic Keith and Nancy used. There are dozens of examples including, sadly, my sister and Kristin Snyder’s condition shortly before their deaths or ‘disappearances.’

    • Jesus Christ!!!

      Frank didn’t blur the pic of the baby’s face.

      God!!!! Where do you come from????

      Everyone knows Avatar babies have haloS over their heads that blur photos.

    • Jesus Christ!!!

      Frank didn’t blur the pic of the baby’s face.

      God!!!! Where do you come from????

      Everyone knows Avatar babies have haloS over their heads that blur photos.

  • Can we stop.beating this dead horse? Raniere’s going away forever. The family is mostly nuts and the baby is just a baby.

    • Until Frank starts caring about the literally millions of new people being scammed in the U.S. by MLM scams like Amway, the answer is no. LOL

      Frank pretends to be a neutral, detached reporter looking to bring people to justice and giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, but deep down he cares only about getting even with Raniere and Bronfman, otherwise he would have expanded his reporting to Amway and other MLM scams years ago. LOL

      • Scott aka LOL BOY

        —Until Frank starts caring about the literally millions of new people being scammed in the U.S. by MLM scams like Amway, the answer is no.

        The United States government took Amway to court and a jury found Amway innocent.

        Why don’t you start your own news site like Frank did?

        • ‘Why don’t you start your own news site like Frank did?’

          If I had a dollar for every time I’ve suggested this on the FR- I’d be able to buy at least two bottles of Amway Drain cleaner!

    • IDK if you’re talking to me or Frank, smtolle. I say your dead horse is another’s living nightmare and if you don’t want to know from it don’t read it.

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