Father-Idiot: Hector’s Amazing Letter in Support of Raniere — He Is the Father of Victims Daniela and Camila

Hector, father of Cami and Daniela with Keith Raniere

In a previous post, Part #2: Judge Garaufis on Sentencing Raniere to 120 Years: ‘Abuse Inflicted Unimaginable Trauma and Damage’ on Daniela and Camila, Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis had some unkind words for Hector F [last name redacted].

Hector is the father of three daughters who had sex with Raniere: Mariana, the mother of Keith’s three-year-old son; Daniela, the woman who was confined to a room for two years; and Camila, whom Raniere raped when she was 15.

Hector, who always took Keith’s side over his daughter Daniela, was well aware that Daniela was confined in a room. He aided Keith in keeping her there.

The judge said of this proud papa: “It is necessary for me to mention …. a letter submitted in support of Mr. Raniere that I received from Hector, the father of Daniela and Camila.

“I am frankly baffled why anyone thought this letter would help Mr. Raniere. In the letter, Mr. F [last name redacted even though the judge named it in court] waxes nostalgic about how Mr. Raniere helped him run a marathon, before turning to slandering his own daughter, Daniela, calling her a liar and a thief, and implying she had no one but herself to blame for what happened to her.

“Let me be clear: I find Mr. F. [redacted]’s  letter, in support of the man who abused his own daughters, a disgrace.”

So let’s have a look at this letter. This is the first time we have heard from Hector.

By Hector

To the Honorable Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis,

My name is Héctor [redacted]. Mexican, born in 1953, now I am 67 years old. Mechanical Engineer 1970-1975 (Honorable Mention Award) and Graduate in Senior Management 1985 from ITESM.

Throughout the University I maintained a scholarship from the ITESM, with success. Entrepreneur, I participated and was a majority shareholder in the consolidation and growth of Refacciones Neumàticas La Paz from 1976 to 2002, in which we manufacture rock, pneumatic and hydraulic drills.

In 1988, I created and own Sagitta Rock Tools, a company with its own technology to manufacture and sell rock drilling steel for mining and construction.

Part 1

Some of my personal experiences with Mr. Raniere in early 2002: I took my first ESP training and met Mr. Raniere in August 2002 at Pyramid Lake.

In 2003, I moved my family to Albany to continue ESP education. At the end of 2003, I asked Mr. Raniere to train me to run a marathon, to which he agreed. My only previous experience was 10K to start with, I did a half marathon in Allentown PA on April 25, 2004, with a goal of 1hr 35min, and ran the course in 1hr 38min. I was deeply disappointed that I did not make what was qualifying time for the New York City Marathon.

Two days later, Mr. Raniere asked me, holding me by both hands and looking into my eyes, how did it go? Embarrassed and angry I answered, wrong, I did 1 h 38 min.

And he said soft but firm “excellent”. I was surprised, what he said and the way I felt were opposite. Day after day, I kept thinking and evaluating the meaning of his word. Finally, I recognized that for a 51-year-old inexperienced runner the time achieved was excellent.

This one interaction forever changed my perspective on being gentle with myself even in my failures. That punishing myself and getting mad at myself is useless.

Mr. Raniere helped me calibrate myself on the other side as well.

Once I did what I considered a very good long workout, and shared my results in an “arrogant” mood and said “good”. I was surprised and replied, just okay?

He replied, “yes, just fine, I am training you to be great, not just good.” Shocking again, but true.

And on commitment and responsibility, near the end of a week I trained 32 miles, 3 miles short of my goal of 35. At around midnight on the last day, while a 15 F storm was in the works, Mr. Raniere asked me how the week was. I told him I had 3 miles to go, and he replied, “So you still have time to finish your work, like my dad said, bundle up.”

I drove through the storm carefully to the only gym open at midnight and ran the remaining 3 miles. This event taught me to value my
word and do whatever it takes to keep it.

In the following years I successfully ran 4 marathons, Chicago 2009 and 2010 and Monterrey, Mexico 2006 and 2008.

He inspired me through the Nxivm community in different areas, while on his birthday celebration I did a short triathlon. Later, as a triathlete, I did an Olympic course in Monterrey on May 3, 2014.

I also sang and played the drums among other things. I had fun and I enjoyed myself. I participated in the “writing project” that taught me how a group can work together successfully towards the same goal. This experience challenged my previous “working alone” experience.

By participating in many Nxivm trainings, forums, and personal interactions over the years, 2002 to 2012, I experienced radical changes in my self-awareness and community work.

Working with a person specialized in the technology created by Keith I was able to explore some of my limiting beliefs, I was able to integrate knowledge and experience joy and achievement never before experienced, a brighter new life full of hope and love.

In SOP [Society of Protectors], I participate in the values of honor, care, protection and justice. This allowed me to lead my company and in general my interactions with maturity and firmness.

For that and much more, I will always honor, be respectful and be grateful to Mr. Raniere.

With his great ability, he could have chosen an easy and privileged lifestyle and decided to create technology to help us human beings achieve what we want, transcend our limitations, in a loving and compassionate environment, a community. with a goal of interdependence.

Dreaming and working diligently and powerfully for a better world.

I heard him speak honorably of even the most incisive detractors. Always honorable, even now. When I think of him, the words that come to mind are: Honest, Whole, Brilliant Intelligence, always ready to help, Cheerful and In Love with Humanity.

Part 2

The following is about Daniela, my second daughter who is extremely intelligent and was used as a witness for the prosecution.

In the early part of her childhood, she was generally charming, cheerful, sparkling, and willing to participate with family and friends. But she was also stubborn and took advantage of her siblings in various ways.

Around the age of 13, she began to behave in a way that as a parent I could not understand; staying in a dark room for long periods of time, fighting with her mother, fighting with her classmates and, at various points, being rejected by the social groups to which she belonged.

At the age of 15, she entered the ITESM, a prestigious university and high school, in the International Baccalaureate (the most demanding training baccalaureate with less than 20 students). She finished the first year and won a scholarship to an elite Swiss school that she got on her own, then changed her mind because while she was in her first ESP training in Monterrey, she asked the ESP trainer to go to Albany.

A few weeks later, I was helping out in the ESP Administration Office. A short time later, while she was working with ESP in the administration office, she stole “like a game” US $ 5,000, just to show that no one could tell. She later confessed to making them, but the decision seemed not to weigh heavily on her; I was surprised because it is incongruous with the values that we teach him in the family.

I rented a place for her in Cohoes [a suburb close to Albany] and the strange behavior continued, she spent a lot of time in a dark room lit only by candles. She expressed an interest in learning science subjects and asked Mr. Raniere to mentor her to learn some of the subjects he specialized in.

One of Daniela’s goals was to study for her GED so that she could continue her education. Her commitment to demonstrate her learning was to synthesize the books with which she was studying.

Tired of this lie and many others, I, as a father and everyone as a family, including Daniela, decided to follow Keith’s recommendation, to spend a short time alone in a room in the family’s apartment, which Daniela could leave at any time (although I don’t even think this point was specified; it was unnecessary and irrelevant, rather something obvious and consequential to the family lifestyle that we led), to allow me to think about what I really wanted (a kind of “go to your fourth to think about what you are doing ”).

I gave my room to Daniela (the main bedroom). Her mother, in the meantime, she was in the secondary room, in front of the main one, where Daniela was. I began to sleep downstairs, on the sofa, with the intention of providing Daniela with the time and space necessary for her to really evaluate her actions and direction of her life.

I personally bought the errand three times a week with the ingredients that Adriana (my ex-wife and Daniela’s mother) asked me to prepare food for both of them. All the requirements that Daniela asked for were supplemented almost immediately.

Lauren Salzman, a dear friend of the family, came to see Daniela from time to time to advise her and share her wisdom and skills to help Daniela get more of what she consistently expressed that she wanted as her life goals.

What was intended to be a short time to think things over turned into something very long (about two years) with no change in Daniela’s destructive attitude; constant requests for more opportunities and tireless broken promises.

Daniela was not willing to change her behavior from not putting in effort, lying and being a burden to the community. So again the family got together and decided, including her, to return to Mexico.

I personally took her to the border, with Kristen Keeffe, to San Antonio. After asking her for total honesty, again very lightly, she confessed that she had stolen money from my wallet and her mother’s video game. She also mentioned that she hacked my Facebook account.

These acts of theft and lies did not seem to weigh on her in the least when confronted.

In order to provide her security, I coordinated with an employee of my company (who I trust) to pick her up at the border, I paid all Daniela’s travel expenses so that she could arrive in [a Mexican City redacted by Frank Report], a place she chose, and I gave her money to be installed. When we said goodbye, Daniela kept promising to finish the work of synthesizing books.

The book synthesis work was never delivered, not a single page.

While in [Mexican City where Daniela went to live], I flew in to visit her four times, to make sure she was okay, living well, and with the desire to build a healthy father-daughter relationship. It is sad to say that in my perception, the vast majority of our interactions involved manipulations of information on her part, lies and hidden intentions.

Later, I understood her true intention she wanted [me] to side with her against Mr. Raniere. The fear that the United States prosecutors through agreements with the Mexican government would really threaten my personal safety and my livelihood prevented me from testifying the truth about Daniela.

The perception of this single event is so twisted and wrong that it makes it impossible for Keith to get a fair trial with this lie at trial. This lie alone, not to mention other lies.

Please consider these facts when making your decisions.



Comments by Frank Parlato:

What can you say about a father who allowed his daughter to remain in a room for two years because Raniere thought that was the best way to cure her of her “ethical breach”?

His instincts as a father may be the worst I’ve ever heard. The real reason Daniela was confined to a room was not some ethical breach related to stealing or lying but that Raniere was infuriated that she kissed another man. He wanted her in the room until she promised to never kiss another man as long as she lived.

Hector is also the father of Camila, who was 15 when Raniere raped her. All three of his daughters got pregnant by Raniere – and were required to have abortions. And one sick Christmas Eve episode was described by Daniela of how Raniere tried to get her in bed with her own sister Marianna in a sick threesome with him. She cried and fled the house.

The reason Raniere and Hector could control Daniela is that she did not have money and was out of status as a Mexican living in the USA.  When Hector dropped her off at the Mexican border, he left her with almost no money and no identification.

What father would allow a scoundrel like Raniere to withhold his daughter’s ID? You can’t get a job without ID — and drop his daughter off with a hundred dollars and no home and no job? Then, he’s worried that Daniela did not do the book reports Raniere demanded.

This is a form of insanity that strikes right at the root of the kind of control Raniere had over his followers.

Didn’t Hector know that Raniere was having sex with all three of his daughters? Does he still not know? Maybe he doesn’t care because Raniere is so superior. Maybe he wanted Daniela in Raniere’s harem – which would mean that she could never be with a man other than Raniere, a man who had 20 other women.

Hector says it was mutually decided that Daniela should go back to Mexico after two years in solitary confinement. Maybe Raniere led the feeble-minded Hector to think it was jointly decided. The inside story is that Raniere alone decided Daniela had to leave the room and get back to Mexico because of the investigative series, The Secrets of Nxivm, that Jim Odato wrote for the Albany Times Union came out in February 2012.

Daniela left in February 2012, as the stories were being published. A source in Nxivm, who was with Keith when he made the decision that Daniela had to leave, said that Raniere was worried that the Times Union series might bring heat on the community and someone might find out about Daniela, who was also illegally in the USA.

He wasn’t concerned she lost two years of her life. He would have kept her in that room for years longer. The Times Union stories, especially revelations of pedophilia, alarmed the great Vanguard and he told Hector to drive Daniela down to Mexico and drop her off at the border with $100 and no identification.

Meantime, this sorry excuse for a father wasted the judge’s time telling him about how happy his life was with Raniere. It is embarrassing to hear Hector praise Raniere. Hector ran a marathon and missed his goal by three minutes. He was deeply disappointed.

“Two days later, Mr. Raniere asked me, holding me by both hands and looking into my eyes, [as if he was a little child]-‘how did it go?'”

Poor Hector told him the sad results. Raniere, the god, said soft but firm “excellent”.

Hector writes, “Day after day I kept thinking and evaluating the meaning of his word. Finally I recognized that for a 51 year old inexperienced runner the time achieved was excellent. This one interaction forever changed my perspective on being gentle with myself even in my failures. That punishing myself and getting mad at myself is useless.”

Again, when this dunce told Raniere he did “fine” at another training, the wise rapist of his daughter replied, “Just fine? I am training you to be great, not just good.”

This was another great lesson for Hector, but one has to wonder how Hector would have felt had he read the texts between Raniere and his daughter Camila.

Raniere was chastising the lonely Camila about how she had a brief affair with another man [Raniere had 20 women at the time and hardly ever visited her except for one-sided selfish sex] and finding out about the affair, Raniere demanded to know from Camila whose penis was bigger and whose semen tasted better. Or again how Raniere told Camila to find him a “fuck toy,” a  woman to service him day and night.

Or my personal favorite: Camila attempted suicide and was bleeding. Raniere said to her, “Can you imagine how bad this would have been for my reputation if you committed suicide?”

None of this would have concerned Hector. He was too busy with his own joy, of how he went to Vanguard Week and “sang and played the drums and had fun and enjoyed myself.” And “experienced radical changes in my self-awareness.”

And Hector is in love with Raniere: He writes: “With his great ability, he could have chosen an easy and privileged lifestyle and decided to create technology to help us human beings achieve what we want, transcend our limitations, in a loving and compassionate environment, a community. with a goal of interdependence…  When I think of him the words that come to mind are: Honest, Whole, Brilliant Intelligence, always ready to help, Cheerful and In Love with Humanity.”

Two of his daughter’s lives have been severely damaged; one of them is branded and Hector thinks of Raniere as a god.

It has been said before, but perhaps never was it ever so apt as in the case of Hector: Viva Executive Success!


An illustration of how the amazing tech was created by Keith Alan Raniere












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  • Hector is an absolute simp that should be punched in the throat! For this tool to believe this oxygen thief over his own daughters – bottom feeder.

  • Bronfman will likely seek revenge upon Daniela, when released from prison. Clare has an unconditional and undying devotion to Keith and Salzman. Clares likelihood of recidivism is extraordinarily high.

  • Wow this is deeply fucked and I’m so grateful for the way you continuously call hector out. So disgusting. I hope Daniela is doing ok, wherever she is.

    • I understand Daniela is doing well, is in Mexico, has a good job and just picked up about $400,000 of Clare Bronfman’s money from the courts as a restitution victim.

  • Hector’s letter is incomprehensible.

    Nothing anyone puts into words can actually describe the visceral reaction that comes at the end of reading the letter.

    I know I can’t accurately describe the feeling.

  • I’m reminded of Lauren Salzman’s haunting testimony wherein she details her conversations with Hector over Daniela’s admission to the Swiss school vs. taking NXIVM courses and being personally mentored by Keith Raniere.

    Of course, the whole family would soon move to Albany from Mexico to also take advantage of the ESP teachings — while Keith & Nancy, in turn, would take full advantage of them all.

    This was all happening in early 2002, the year the Bronfman’s, including Edgar Sr. —whose ‘impotence’ was allegedly cured by NXIVM and/or Nancy Salzman — joined; the year several Mexican elite families, including the newly seated Mexican President Vincente Fox’s family, also immigrated from Mexico to Albany to join NXIVM — and the year one of Keith Raniere’s long time acolytes, Gina Hutchinson, was “suicided” or, possibly, murdered in October 2002.

    Lauren’s testimony reveals how ably she manipulated Hector and the entire family dynamic — using the same sexist playbook and NLP tools of persuasion relied on to recruit and condition men, in particular. Something she and her Mother excel at with both sexes through different means.

    Lauren often reminds Hector, for instance, that bc HE is a “man of respect” and honor, he should not have to tolerate this incorrigible daughter, Daniella, proffering ESP as the ‘cure’ for Daniela’s rebelliousness as well as the solution for her education choice — to come to the United States over Switzerland. Perhaps there was some offer or hope of a US immigration short cut, but, of course, that suspicion is not reflected in any testimony I know of. (I know it bc of my sister’s friendship with some early ESP Mexican elites.)

    The sex slave grooming started right THEN — whether or not any were ‘aware’ at the time — and it was not long before Hector was in Cohoes, NY — where my sister, Gina, was groomed and exploited as a teenager in a very, eerily similar scene, almost recreated, complete with Keith’s Christ-like portrait hanging over the bed and dirty word salad fridge magnets — renting an apartment for Dani to be trained by Raniere and the likes of sex slave Kathy Russell — not too far but not too close, and starkly separated from the compound in Clifton Park.

    Essentially — again, whether or not there was any awareness of the goal or framework — the children were traded for the advantages the trade brought to Hector who was, albeit, deceived into believing he was acting in the best interests of Daniela — who Lauren tagged as being in need of reform for the sake of Hector’s manhood and family reputation from the get-go.

    It’s outrageous that even at this juncture —after the stone facts about Camilla and, even Hector’s son, Adrian, have surfaced, after the children’s mother has finally denounced the cult — that Hector continues to act and allow himself to be used as a weapon against himself and his own family.

    We can’t overlook the fact of the third Ferdandez sister, Marianna’s, role and that she bore and now rears the Avatar baby (one of them) who will carry on the Vanguard legacy and rule the world. Or that Clare Bronfman supports the special child, Kemar — a conjugation of Keith and Marriana’s name. That’s a lot of leverage on the old man and his NXIVM inflated, decades condition, machisimo ego. Hector has risen above even the ruling, elite Salinas family — the Betancourt’s, the Junco’s (beating out Rosa Laura’s bid on her own daughter as Keith’s virgin successor) — by becoming the grandfather of the true Avatar offspring, Kemar.

    A living LEGACY. There’s always that.

    • Since his sentence, if indeed Raniere was put on suicide watch, as was suggested here as being a possibility, he would not have been “free” to see his minions cartwheeling like sporty monkeys on Friday night.

      But they cannot abandon ship. Some of Raniere’s most devout groupies have been living in Brooklyn almost since Raniere got planted there, just to be close by him. He will be moved. Then perhaps they will stop appearing. Their social causes have nothing to do with anything else but their obsessions with Raniere, in my opinion.

      Nicki Clyne looked angry after his sentence. This was the first time that I saw a genuine expression come out of her.

      She tries to control her face to look a combination of terribly “hip” and blasé, harmless and amusing. Almost always she masks that dark, underlying rage.

      It gave a completely different insight into her, as her mask slipped. For the first time, I sensed what I can only call danger, violence.

      Hopefully she does not snap. She appears to have no simple human dignity at all. I hope that this is only me reading too much into her current crisis. And of course, Nicki and friends are going to have to adapt to what is. That kind of an adjustment doesn’t necessarily happen overnight.

  • I posted a comment a few days ago with the story “Supporters Ask Judge for Adjournment of Raniere’s Sentencing; Claim FBI Tampered” in which I show that there was likely no tampering of files, with an explanation how 2 timezone changes on the intermediate PC to manually change to wintertime (first incorrect +1h, then corrected next day to -1h) account for the time changes in the files, but it has not been published. Why? Another comment I posted replying to someone commenting on this story yesterday is also not shown, why? People are commenting about this tampering when I showed already that the defense has no valid indications for any tampering…

    • I am reviewing your comment on the tampering – to make it a post – since it appears to have some important information. I did not really understand it, however, and sent it to someone who does understand it and is familiar with the allegations of Dr. Munegowda, who wrote the report suggesting tampering.

  • What about that child! Fed all this mind crap from birth. Birth! Look at what he has managed to do to adults. It’s frightening and here we have inept grandpa who is probably helping to raise him.

  • You forgot kyber crystals (formerly nunchucks) and switchblades — primary staple(s) of all delusional fanboys

  • It is so sad that this happened to all three sisters. We as parents (especially the mothers) are supposed to protect and love our children, but in this case, not only Hector is to blame but also Adriana (mother)!! How could she leave her daughters with that monster? Hopefully, Camila and Daniela can someday forgive their parents. In a book I read (written in Spanish), I learned that Daniela is overcoming what happened to her, and as of now she has a successful job.

  • Hector’s letter is shocking. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Like the judge, I am “baffled” why anyone thought it was a good idea to submit that letter.

  • Wow, not sure if that illustration has been posted before, but this was my first time seeing it. What a terrifying combination of influences. Even more disturbing to see it all laid out like that.
    As always, great work, Frank.

    • Hard to do from a US prison. He will most likely never see his son again. Mariana is most likely afraid to enter the US as she could have warrents for her arrest.

      She is better off without a man more than twice her age who abused her and her entire family

  • Hector must be the proudest dad on earth. Not only did he pimp out his family to a nonce, but his family tree and bloodline will now be forever entwined to his hero, a man who has been convicted of the most heinous crimes in society. So well done, Hector! Lucifer is waiting, so keep the shorts, hat and sunglasses but remember to take plenty of sun screen. Tick tock.

  • I read this earlier and was so angry that I decided to cool down a bit before commenting. The way that this letter makes me feel is indescribable. I doubt that this pathetic excuse for a man will ever wake up to the very real damage he has caused to his family but, if he ever does, the best thing that he could do is throw himself off a tall building.

  • Frank, this is not related to the article, but do you know if Grace Park was a coach within NXIVM in 2017 around the time she left?

    There is an article online that mentions her and that she left after DOS was exposed, but do you know if she was coaching at all?

    Also, do you know what her rank was, sash color and stripes?

    Not sure if that has been covered on this website, but good for the record.

    • Grace was a yellow sash with no stripes – as I recall which means she was allowed to coach others during intensives – for no payment.

      As I recall, she did seek to distance herself from Nxivm after I broke the DOS story in June 2017. I believe she stayed on in a women’s group for a few months and was in, as I recall, a group with India Oxenberg. I don’t believe Grace had anything to do with DOS and almost certainly she was not branded.

      • In the notes I started to put together about the Vancouver center and DOS, I have down that I found no sign she had any stripes, and that she was recruited by Edmondson. She made at least 9 online promotional videos with Raniere fairly late, and then scrmabled to get those taken down and erase any other trace she could of her involvement, apparently hoping to slink away.

        She seems to have remained involved well after others started to leave due to revelations of what was going on, and distanced herself only around the time the scandals started to break publicly.

      • SOS possibly lives in DC. His IP address could confirm that. As could that of “Anonymaker”, who only shows up when actresses are spoken about.

  • And more biased opinions and prejudices by Judge Garaufis. So he find’s Hector’s letter a “disgrace”, he automatically assumes Hector only wrote that to “slander his own daughter”? – Judge Garaufis wasn’t there, living in the same house, Hector was. What’s so “disgraceful” about what Hector says? What’s so impossible to believe about the way he tells the story of Danielas allegded “confinement”? I’m not saying I believe Hector’s version completely etiher (the truth is probably somewhere inbetween), but what right (expect the factual dictatorial power with which legal system of the US apparently invests its judges) does Judge Garaufis have to just dismiss what Hector says off-hand, without giving it any kind of consideration? What right does he have to use a letter of support as a means to further condemn Keith? Was he ever even interested in anything positive about Keith since the beginning of the whole case, or did he just decide on Day 1 to lock him up and throw away the key?

    And last, but most importantly: When was Keith ever convicted of having sex with Cami when she was underaged? When were the claims that the images on his laptop were doctored with (like Nicki says) ever examined? If Cami’s allegations are true, she should stand up and prove the in court, not hide behind a victim impact statement that doesn’t even allow any kind of defense or cross-examination by the accused or his laywers.

    And now, before you all attack me again and tell me I’m a [redacted] or whatever, show me where my comments are wrong 🙂

    • Dear Patrick Backup. Judge Garaufis explained in detail why what happened was disgraceful. Danielle, at the age she was at the time, assumed friendship because she was naïve or could have been. He also said that it doesn’t matter if it was a sexual act, because it’s enough that photos of that nature were taken. Or am I wrong? If so, please correct me for grammatical difficulties/mistakes. I’d appreciate it.

    • It is frustrating KR was to noble to try force Cami to testify to uncover the Prosecution and FBI’s lies. It’s beyond frustrating jurors didn’t listen when defence said photos might not be taken when the data indicates. Jurors obviously did NOT get it!

      • That is a lie you are telling yourself. The Jurors, most of the world, get it. You don’t. No one is confused as to why you don’t.
        Hope you wake up and accept help. It’s not too late for you.

    • Really Backup.

      Pretty much the same as what KR is doing with his puppets the NXIVM 5. He had his chance during his trial. What did we hear from him? Nothing. His lawyer didn’t question the fact that someone had accessed the file even though that was admitted in the stand.

      Instead he waited until a few days before sentencing, by declaring these things in the media, all for show, without anyone being able to question it or put him in his place but it backfired big time with Camila.

      Them lies saying this “bombshell” evidence only came to light this week. Congratulations to Keith. He managed to get himself a really long sentence and probably a stint in supermax. Let’s all applaud his stupidity for remaining silent in his trial, threatening and calling the judge corrupt, ordering his puppets to dance for him, ordering them to serve the prosecution, doing the media rounds with their “bombshell”. I will miss his and their stupid antics in all honesty.

    • As to the tampering with images: I posted an explanation for the time differences with the post “Supporters Ask Judge for Adjournment of Raniere’s Sentencing; Claim FBI Tampered With Child Porn Evidence” showing that a manual incorrect then later correct time zone change to change to winter time, accounts for the time changes in the files, and the 1 file where manual date change was almost certainly made, was likely done by Raniere (simply looking at it from a psychological perspective)… Perhaps mr. Parlato should discuss my dismissal of the report of the ‘expert’ in an article to make this more prominent and clear to readers who don’t read all comments with older articles.

      This guy Hector is an example of the negative influence of Raniere, so if this letter contributed to his sentence, then that is entirely justified. Note that Raniere was teaching to suppress feelings, and was talking about how psychopaths are important and not necessarily negative in society… He was effectively trying to turn followers into lesser versions of himself… In 1st episode of “The vow”, the thing that stood out in that episode was the showing and mentioning of the book “Atlas shrugged” (by Vicente, which is an indication as to how/why he was ‘bamboozled’). I had just before watching “The vow ep.1”, watched the first 40 minutes of the first of 3 films adapted from the book, and I thought “That book is the psychopath’s bible!”. And I was right. A UK documentary maker long ago made a documentary that I remember a few things about, namely the preponderance of names from her books appearing in technology companies, such as Oracle. Can you now guess some characteristics of the person who created that company, Larry Ellison?

      • Your statement about Keith believing “psychopaths are important and not necessarily negative” is completely false. Actually, Ketih developed a method to rehabilitate psychopaths and sociopaths (whom he calls “Luciferians”). I would honestly suggest not just gaining your knowledge from watching “The Vow”.

        • What most call indoctrination, you, special Patrick, are calling rehabilitation. I would suggest not just gaining your knowledge from KR [or his minions, obviously, as he never did any work including reading, for himself}

    • Frank explains why it is a disgrace too.
      Just read it again:

      -“What father would allow a scoundrel like Raniere to withhold his daughter’s ID? You can’t get a job without ID — and drop his daughter off with a hundred dollars and no home and no job? Then, he’s worried that Daniela did not do the book reports Raniere demanded.”

      -“He wasn’t concerned she lost two years of her life. He would have kept her in that room for years longer. The Times Union stories, especially revelations of pedophilia, alarmed the great Vanguard and he told Hector to drive Daniela down to Mexico and drop her off at the border with $100 and no identification.”

      • What’s the problem? Isn’t this Objectivism in action? His selfishness is the height of ethical humanitarianism. Just imagine how much more peaceful the world would be if selfish people didn’t have to feel guilty, or think about consequences impacted on others. That’s real joy for the people that matter, because they deserve it.

    • [redacted]

      As Scott’s lawyer explained to him before his first hearing after Amway sued him (and later massively lost), the judge is essentially the king/dictator in the courtroom. LOL

      Raniere didn’t have to be convicted of having sex with Cami in order to be sentenced to 120 years in prison. LOL

      The time to bring up the issue of the photos being doctored was before or during the trial, not over a year after being convicted and mere days before sentencing. LOL

      THAT is the responsive answer to your questions [redacted] LOL

    • The judge did not “just decide on Day 1 to lock him up and throw away they key”…not at all. A jury (‘of his peers’) decided to do that.

    • Patrick. Keith Raniere took naked pictures of a 15 year old girl. Keith Raniere impregnated her. If you still don’t believe this, after everything you’ve seen and heard, then this conversation is useless.

    • show me where my comments are wrong 🙂

      Do what everyone else does, inform yourself, Backup. No one has to show you anything. KR’s prosecution was quite meticulously well handled. The result is what it is, KR made it that way for himself, others that choose to follow his evil example will face their own consequences. What does it take to be so resistant to evidential truth? So willfully blind to your own injustice? There are other cults, mate.

      Find one and join up as you can’t find your happy with, and like, the rest of us.

    • A father condoning a man who raped his daughters and locked one up in a room for 2 years is OK with you? Wow.

    • No. He doesn’t assume that Hector wrote that to slander his daughter. He just observed the super obvious and insane juxtapositon of a man waxing sentimental about being coached for a marathon– expressing how blown away he was by some really under whelming, weak cliche comments from a man who slept with all three of his daughters secretly—- one when she was underage! and had one confined to a room for two years and forced them to get abortions… And then he goes from that to saying bad things about the daughter (slander) who was being held in a room for two years and being psychologically abused by his amazing marathon coach!! That she was a difficult child… seriously!!?
      It would be funny, if it weren’t just totally sad.

      “What’s so impossible to believe about the way he tells the story of Danielas allegded “confinement”?”
      I believe him, but it’s crazy!
      Oh, they “gave up the master bedroom” so their daughter could be imprisoned in it. Wow! What a penance! Daniela was threatened to be dropped off in Mexico with nothing and no papers if she left! She was being threatened. She wasn’t staying in there pouting for two years!! She was writing letters– begging to be let out!
      Oh but Hector made her food. What?! it’s utterly ridiculous!

      The claims about the lap top– I don’t know if they were examined yet. But it seems awfully suspicious to me that his lawyers didn’t think of any of this stuff. And even more suspicious, that Keith and his followers had TWO YEARS to bring it up and put it out there, but chose the moment when he’s about to be convicted when it doesn’t matter anymore.

      If he was so innocent, why didn’t he put up a defense? He offered NOTHING. Because he knew he was guilty.

    • Cut him a break. Don’t forget about that time Keith encouraged him to run. After such a memorable experience, I don’t blame poor Hector for flicking lit matches around his burning family.

  • “I did a short triathlon. Later, as a triathlete, I did an Olympic course in Monterrey on May 3, 2014. I also sang and played the drums among other things. I had fun and I enjoyed myself…”

    Selfish. Selfish. Selfish.

  • I am glad the judge mentioned this because really what father does this to his children?

    I doubt SOP helped this man with his business – instead, it probably taught him to keep women down and take what he wants.

  • I wonder if he thought his daughters were being privileged being annointed by the Blue Light Special from the world’s smartest man, the Vanguard.

  • Looking at all of Raniere’s diagram of where he obtained his crackpot ideas I can immediately see that he plagiarized every insane idea from scoundrels over the last two centuries.

    Ayn Rand was a nutcase who tried to make selfishness a virtue.

    Madame Blavatsky was a Russian mystic with a tenuous grasp on reality.
    In the forties when Vice President Henry Wallace was exposed as a follower of Blavatsky it was enough to coost him rnomination as Vice President resulting in Harry Truman becoming Vice President and President.

    L Ron Hubbard was a fifth rate science fiction writer who discovered he could make more money as the founder of the Scientology cult.
    This revelation occurred after Hubbard dabbled in the Satan worship cult of Jack Parsons in Pasadena California.

    Aleister Crowley was an associate of Jack Parsons.
    Crowley was a bisexual Satan worshiper who described himself as the “most evil man in the world.”
    Even though Crowley made this proclamation while Hitler and Mussolini were alive, one could make an argument that Crowley was right.

    Rudolph Steiner was a German who engaged in Voodoo Medicine and Voodoo Education of children.

    As for the self-help guru Tony Robbins let’s allow recent headlines speak for themselves.

    Tony Robbins Has Been Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A High Schooler At A Summer Camp

    Tony Robbins Has Been Accused Of Groping More Women And Mistreating Vulnerable Followers

    Tony Robbins Punishes Followers By Making Them Drink Unidentified Brown Liquid “Designed To Have A Lasting Effect”

    Tony Robbins Was Filmed Using Racial Slurs.

    Four More Women Have Accused Tony Robbins Of Sexual Miisconduct

    Leaked Records Reveal Tony Robbins Berated Abuse Victims, And Former Followers Accuse Him Of Sexual Advances

    All of these Tony Robbins stories can be linked to from this page:

    In my opinion every one of Keith Raniere’s inspirations is a psychopath.

  • Please pardon my ignorance, but are actions like this of a father okay in Mexican life? Is it normal? This man should be investigated as well based on his own confessions in his letter to the Court.
    May he rot in hell along with his Vanguard….

    • lol , Clifton Parker, answering your question, (me being Mexican) this is the contrary of what a Mexican life/family is. Men in Mexican families are so “territorial”, men are to protect women almost in a “possessive” way. That is the culture in a Mexican family, family is the most important thing. I’m not generalizing, but it’s how most Mexican families live. In this case, I believe they were a very close family while they were in Mexico, that’s why Hector decided to move his family to Albany. In my point of view, Hector, Raniere and Adriana (mother) were to blame in this case, Hector failed to protect his family, Adriana left them, and Raniere took advantage of the situation.

  • I couldn’t even get through Hector’s whole letter. These poor women who have now to recover from a sociopath and an abusive father. I hope at least they are bonded together in their recovery. The ripple effect of this evil. I hope KR truly ends up in that Supermax with as little contact with the outside world as possible.

  • Where has Hector the F been all of these years, while his Master was impregnating, etc., his 3 daughters, as well as having his son take some weird, sometimes grimy familial photo shoots? Trotting through the tulips like some demented Tiny Tim?

    His life is a Hallmark movie, starring Hector and his favorite Sperminator, Flabturb. This would be funny if Hector hadn’t sacrificed his children to hear words like “excellent” poured over his head like soy sauce.

  • Former Knifer here…Sagitta Rock was the name on the door of our office in Halfmoon! I can’t remember if it said it on the door, actually, or just on the office directory downstairs. I remember inquiring about it with someone higher than me and they just kind of brushed it off. There were so many arcade games tucked away that office. I wonder what happened to them.

    • I really hope you will expand on your experience as a former Knifer, this information is intriguing, would like to know more, thank you.

      • True Life: I used to read the Frank Report from the couch in the Knife office! A couple of Knife colleagues saw it and sort of laughed. At least one defected before the NYT story came out. Not sure about the other. In truth, my experience was as regular as it could have been. I remember thinking during the training, “Wow, this guy totally created this thing to discredit his bad press” – but I, like some others, was there on “scholarship,” so it was of no financial burden to me.

        And additionally, I understand why the people who still stand behind the programs do so – my five day ESP training (required for the Knife training, and for which I also had a scholarship) was really amazing. But can anything be amazing enough to make up for the abuse that people I know and respect have publicly discussed experiencing? Uhh, that’s a no brainer – it’s a hell no.

        • Yes, can you please be more specific? What did you do at the Knife? It really hasn’t been reported much on what exactly went on there and how it made money, if it was supposed to.

          Also, what specifically was amazing in your 5 day? Nobody ever really gives specifics.

          • I agree that I’d like to hear more about The Knife.

            One of the reasons that people aren’t specific about what they liked about the classes is the bizarre negative response the FR message board has given them. About the only thing I agree with LOL boy on, is that if the ESP modules and NXIVM classes didn’t provide value, the whole thing wouldn’t have worked. Keith mixed in the wacky indoctrination crap in with the good stuff. And the good stuff was mostly stolen. But there was good stuff and they tried to hit you with good stuff out of the gate.

          • Nutjob- There were a few positives. The positives never made up for the negatives whatsoever. Any good was completely negated by the bad.

            Hitler’s Germany built the first superhighway and the first ICBM.

            73,000,000 million people died in WII. Not including the Jews. Does the first ICBM deserve mention? No it does not. That is why anyone reading this comment had no
            idea Germany’s ICBM was the first.

          • I agree. But saying ICBMs are evil, (understanding that I don’t know what an ICBM is) does not help. It hurts by propagating a lie.

          • Sorry I never responded! I saw a few comments in response to mine and I don’t know how to respond to all at once, or if that’s possible – hopefully the other people who commented here will see this response, if they wanted to, as well.

            Rosa Laura bankrolled the whole thing, from what I understood. I asked Jens once what funded it and he told me she was paying all of us until the company turned a profit. We had subscribers, though I don’t know how many. Analysts were paid $50 per assignment, which rounded out to $10-$15 per hour depending on how quick a worker you were. I signed up under the guise that it would be more profitable. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, though…I didn’t spend a dime for the program, so I personally came out in the black for it all.

            The five day was a well-oiled machine. Were the videos of Nancy kind of cheesy? Yeah. I remember her fake crying in at least one. But they were also interesting. I’m having a hard time pinpointing what lessons or exercises were impactful, but I can tell you the whole thing really made you think, and helped you understand your own thought patterns and the limitations you put upon yourself. Additionally, in the community, you feel very held and supported – you’re surrounded by a bunch of people interested in bettering themselves, and there’s no shortage of interesting conversation to be had. I understand now there were also bad people and (as brought up in court and by victims) an underlying bad intent to at least some of the program(s). But as others have said, no one would get roped in if it were all bad. So much of it was so, so good.

            Additionally, I met Nancy probably half a dozen times, as she was a student in one of the courses during my time there. I thought it was cool that she’d be taking a program, as a student, wearing regular lounge clothes, despite her position in the company. Any distaste I had from the cheesiness of the videos mostly went away when I met her.

        • Nothing’s Coincidence, please write an editorial. It would be fascinating to hear about the tech you guys used for the analysis of news content etc. I think you are safe to do that now! And is this where Korzybski’s work was [plaguarised] used? I have a lot of respect for General Semantics. Please, if you have the time it would be most appreciated!

  • I identify with Dani and Cami.

    I had a boss with whom I worked for over 5 years. People who were in Nxvim went to him to spread lies about me and paint me in a negative light.

    My boss studied at the same university, ITESM, as Hector, and similar to Hector, my boss believed the Nxvim people instead of me, someone he had worked closely with for over 5 years and who had delivered quality work.

    Similar to Hector, my boss, without evidence, believed the Nxvim people instead of me. He did not question for a moment the reality they were presenting. Similar to Keith, the Nxvim people held positions of power and so it was easier (And also more comfortable) to believe them. I lost my job because of the Nxvim people and their lies.

    I see a lot of people from ITESM University were part of Nxvim (Even the Nxvim 5 fans are from this university). This university presents itself as one that is tailored for “entrepreneurs” and “elites”. I think for Hector and for my former boss, it was more important to be accepted by elites and feel they are entrepreneurs blazing the way than question if the elites were right or not. It was more important to be accepted by the elites than question if they are harming your daughters or your employees. I think similar to Daniela and Camila, I did not hold at the time a position of power, and so it made more sense for my boss to follow and believe what the elites said. You have to consider that Nxvim had Emiliano Salinas, Laura Rosa Junco, a lot of important elites in Mexico. Hector probably liked that the elites accepted him.

    I remember when the Nxvim people were attacking me, I thought and said: “Wow these people really hate women” The Nxvim people accused me of playing the “women victim card”. But it was right on. Nxvim polluted the minds of Mexicans and pushed an anti-women agenda in the country.

    My boss, similar to Hector, backed the Nxvim story without questioning it. It was a horrible experience for me. I did realize that I was fortunate that my Mexican father, my close family is not remotely like this. They have other values. My dad always laughed at the people from ITESM university because he thought they tried too hard to worship whatever elites they saw. He was right. I was fortunate to have a father who did not buy this BS.

    I think the prosecution should have allowed Hector to testify.
    It might have helped him to wake up by getting questioned by the prosecution.

    Does anyone else identify with Dani and Cami?

    I think for some Mexicans, especially those who went to ITESM, it is important to feel like they are part of an elite. They don’t care if this means throwing people with less power under a bus.

    It is hard to get thrown under a bus. But much better to wake up and be free from people like Hector or my former boss.

    Thank you, Frank, for the amazing reporting.

    • Fridaguerrera allegedly asked the president for an investigation into Laura Junco for her role as a slave organizer in NXIVM. (Emíliano Salinas)

      • There are high ranked government officials in Mexican president Obrador’s government who were also in NXVIM: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/NXIVM

        These males from NXVIM are now leading a “feminist” agenda in Obrador’s government.
        Not sure if Obrador will do anything about it.

    • Yes, I had not realized until watching The Vow and Seduced, etc. and on here how strange KR’s views were about women and men – I can see why some men would be attracted to those ideas but they are wrong about their view of women.

    • Good info, Mexican Lady. You were a victim of NXIVM without having ever joined the group. If it’s something you feel comfortable sharing, why did they target you?

      • Yes, I identify with the Camies, too. Mexican Lady described her own story and did well. I’ve written about my own. About what I’ve experienced, about the end of this case. These are not new things, the mindset and perception of the “elite.” It’s the same with us. But, of course, I don’t want to speak for Mexican Lady, I’m just saying, I feel the same way about what happened.

      • i think it was just envy. i was minding my own business and they came for me.

        Similar to Dani and her dad, my boss also blamed me. He said I brought it on myself and deserved it. He said I should apologize to the nxvim folks. I never understood what I should apologize for. When my boss said that to me, I was in shock and did not respond. I could not believe he justified harassment and bullying. But it is like how Dani’s dad said she deserved to be locked in a room. Some people think that if an elite is attacking you, you probably deserve it. They don’t question that elites can be wrong. They don’t want to lose their “privilege” of mingling with elites so they prefer to throw you under a bus. It is shocking how the dad mentions Lauren Salzman as a “good friend”, helping Dani. He doesn’t even realize his own daughter is much smarter than Lauren. Like my boss, Hector the dad, doesn’t want to lose his status of mingling with the elite and prefers to continue supporting them than question them, and see the value inhis own people.

        Nobody deserves to be harassed. I liked that the judge validated the victims and explicitly mentioned none of them deserved it.

        I do want to mention that the people who attacked me never presented themselves as nxvim. I later realized they were in nxvim (reading frank report actually!) and their behavior made even more sense.

        Probably also why I identify with the camies too. My experience was nothing compared to any nxvim victim. But I can kinda start to understand.

        • Mexican Lady, I can imagine they WOULD be envious of you, if you were attractive, successful, and not inclined to humbly submit to those who would control you. You might have been a thorn in their sides since your status would negate their arguments that women are weak, and need NX help to become better people.

          I think it is disgusting and shameful the way NXIVM targeted and exploited the Mexican population. I believe they were targeted.

          The tentacles of NXIVM spread far. You didn’t have to actually be in the cult to be damaged by it. Journalists, business owners, contractors and everyday people have been hurt and sometimes ruined.

          Thank you for staying brave and sharing with us here.

        • You should write an anonymous letter here, name & shame those cultists. At least other people can be warned by a google search.

    • Mexican lady, thanks for giving your personal input. It is so thoughtfully and fully said. Thank goodness for you dad’s steadiness and reassurances. That must have been so challenging, to encounter the creepy unfairness ganging up on you.

      • Mexican lady, by the way. Speaking of Mexican institutions of education, you might be interested to check out Nancy Salzman’s second ex-husband’s background. (Guadalajara, the same university attended by six Mexican presidents, etc.) Ai yi yi, if only we could converse! You are so alert. Beautifully so. I could listen for hours.

        There are many ties beneath the Nxivm ties, which most find observable, to be found and examined through a lot of research. This particular area of (my own and many others) research goes beyond Raniere and Nxivm, which can be seen as subtypes within other, bigger, and more clandestine groups addicted to inhumane wrongdoings, specifically sexual-trafficking and slave labor trafficking, disguised as charitable, “legitimate” endeavors.

        There are often conservation fronts, as well, used to conceal criminal trafficking and money-laundering. Oddly, but not oddly really, research of this nature has brought my attention, at least to some degree, onto both Dr Salzman and his current wife. The territory is familiar, but wow. Like attracts like, often so repellently.

        • I don’t think my first reply went through, so ignore if this is a dupe, or please go with my most articulate reply.

          As niceguy would say, “provide the link or it didn’t happen.” You just sorta beat around the bush and dropped some wild allegations. Pretty shitty to the people you tossed under the bus if you don’t provide some justification.

      • Thank you! I love that term: “creepy unfairness” Yes!! They are 100% creepy.

        I will investigate more about her second husband. I think maybe Nancy is a much more evolved Narcissist than Keith. it’s amazing she is almost getting off.

  • Two ‘Fathers’ going to hell in a golf-cart.

    One father raped the other father’s daughter when she was still a child, and locked up her sister for two years. He impregnated the third.

    The other father, sits with his grandchild, the avatar issue of this pervy arrangement, on his lap.

    Someone get that baby out of there. Mr. Fernandez has offered up too many, really quite enough, innocents, to this moloch Nxivm.

    As for what he did to the mother of these ill-fated daughters? His wife? Hell has a special place for Hector, no EM will ever save him.

    • Two Fathers Going to Hell in a Golf-cart, such a vision! This golf baloney is a scene of such paternal traditionalism.

      Awfully funny. I cannot seem to exhale enough about it yet. Too bad one cannot whistle and send in the lions. Just put your lips together and blow. Poof! And today both of these sperm poofers are still thick-skulled, set like immovable fossils in their variants of pole-axed self-hypnosis.

    • GD: “Someone get that baby out of there” – my thoughts exactly. What a horror for that poor little one.

      Also think of the endless babies KAR did not even allow to be born.

  • All of these letters of support have followed the same pattern: introduce the narrator and their accomplishments; praise Keith for how he helped them achieve further accomplishments with specific stories to back the claims; and then attack specific individuals when applicable. Some NXIVM stooge created a form letter for them all to fill out in the footsteps of their master in all his judo champion, highest IQ in the world, concert pianist, blah blah blah glory.

    Miss Nicki is out there touting how we should use our critical thinking to see how this magnificent human being has been railroaded by the evil cabal of government and other dark forces, more blah blah blah. It is appalling (but sadly not surprising) that this father continues to admire the wise words of the master that helped him run marathons and be a “better person” while he continues to ignore and even support the abuse his daughters ans son suffered at the hands of this magnanimous master.

    My heart goes out to the children of this family. They had their teenage years stolen, their minds and bodies raped, and their father continues to tread over their hearts with no thought of the damage he does in the name of the psychopath who tried to destroy his children.

    To MIss Nicki I say – I used my critical thinking skills to look at the way Keith treated me and to realize I did not need to continue trying to achieve a decent relationship with someone who abused me. That is what it means to not be a victim – see a person by their actions and make choices accordingly. You are obviously a strong and intelligent woman – it’s time to use those critical thinking skills on your own life and not just in slavish service to your lying master.

    As for Hector – if he ever wakes up enough to see what he has done to his children, to his family, I hope he understands that he can only work forward. The hole he has left in their hearts cannot be papered over – he has left scars on them that run deeper than any brand ever can.

    tl/dr – Hector sucks as a father.

    • “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” — Rumi

      “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” — Kahlil Gibran

      • Noble sentiments from some magnificent poets. But life hands enough suffering to people all on its own without joining a cult to pursue that suffering to better oneself. My humble poetic response:

        deal with the shit life hands you –
        don’t seek to garner more.
        The first can make you stronger –
        the second, a stupid bore.

        don’t let another heap you
        with shit and call it gold.
        Accepting that is moronic
        not heroic and bold.

        • Good one L. You figured it out!.

          The entire metaphysical/self-improvement/esoteric/mystical and occult world is filled with failed masters who know just enough to teach but haven’t the self discipline or inclination to apply the rules to themselves.

    • I think every letter of ‘support’ was another nail in Keith’s coffin. All of these letters shine an even brighter light on the hold he has over people and more reason to lock him up and throw away the key.

  • Even just considering the facts of the story which Raniere does not contest, namely that he had sex with all 3 of Hector’s daughters, does Hector really not have a problem with that?

    • It is true that Hector is very selfish and his father instincts are dead, but you also have to see it from his point of view. According to him, his daughter Daniela had negative attitudes since before entering Nxivm.

      Also, as confirmed by Daniela, she voluntarily agreed to be confined to the room, which was NOT locked and was not supposed to last long, but it lasted 2 years, from her point of view as a volunteer, if she did not leave it was because she preferred that to commit to her supposed attempt at reflection, and take into account that Daniela herself preferred this to confess the truth of her relationship with Keith, perhaps because she did not trust her family, and let’s not forget her sisters who did not help her at all

      And they didn’t tell the truth either, if you think about it, it’s this web of lies and fear of admitting the truth of their own mistakes that gives Raniere power, I wonder how different things would have been if Daniela had told the truth about her, her sisters and Keith, they would have kept the lie or the letters would have been uncovered, because one thing is a daughter lying, but three, Hector would have to accept the truth, also think about Daniela normalizing her relationship with Keith and her two sisters, having abortions and looking at other women in the inner circle also having abortions and agreeing to be in a room for 2 years because she could not convince Keith that she had changed, literally all of them created their own mental cages and gave. her and they gave Raniere the keys

      • She had no money or documentation that she was in the country legally, I wouldn’t call that voluntary, I would call that trapped. LOL

      • Hector’s point of view is ridiculous as any decent parent would see. She was a teenager and developmentally it is natural that she would begin to carve her own path. That’s a difficult task for many teenagers. If a parent needs advice and support in dealing with a difficult teen, there are plenty of good parents around as examples and sounding boards. Critical thinking skills would have a parent turn to others who have successfully navigated shepherding children through their teen years. Not a lunatic who never raised a child himself and recommended further isolating a person – why would you do that if you were already complaining that she was isolating herself? He is an idiot father to the point of abusiveness. And now I’m gonna go hug my cranky, stubborn, makes me wanna tear my hair out teen because he’s a beautiful soul and deserves all the love and support I can give him.

        • Very well said! I’ve heard it said that at 14, teens discover their parents are just plain stupid, but at 22 or so, they are amazed to note their parents have miraculously progressed.

  • Thank you for sharing this. I wonder if it is possible to remove the name of the city Daniela moved to: [redacted] As she might still live there and want privacy ?

    Thank you for all the hard work you do Frank 💓

    • Out of an abundance of caution, I redacted the city’s name. It was on the court record but Daniela deserves privacy and I have given it to her since she called me back in 2016 asking for it. For I published the shocking news of her imprisonment long before I broke the story of DOS.

      • Thank you for all that you do, Frank. Thank you for having these open discussions with your audience.
        All the best

  • https://m.facebook.com/NoticierosTelevisacom/videos/450648785916577/

    So Frank, are we going to dive into the archives and get into the “allegation” that MexNx is a thing?

    Have you been in contact with Salinas, Betancourt, Junco, etc? What is the story? Vicente says there is one, but is this a ploy to get another season of The Vow? You have this, Frank! Recap and review.

    And how Lauren was supposed to become, according to Mother Nancy, the Queen of Mexico?

    Are we going to discuss the backbiting split, factions,and animosity between the Mex and Halfmoon/surrounding?

  • What a sick man. Really hope karma finds him in the end. By the way, maybe I missed it, but have you done an article about the “technology” KR supposedly created? Funny how Hector mentions this like its a miracle. Would love to hear more details about it.

    • I think it is just the course notes, etc. which is pretty much based on other materials. To the extent it is, it won’t even have copyright in it as it is not original. I believe it was seized by the FBI anyway and presumably, they could sell it to the highest bidder and prevent anyone else using it actually if it has substance to it.

    • I would recommend you read the two books Keith published on applied ethics, the first is titeld “Odin & the Sphinx”. You can track down a used copy on ebay or abebooks. They got quite expensive since interest in NXIVM soared due to the trial, but they’re well worth the money.

      • Yes, to anonymous, Ivy Nevares wrote those books!!. Now that we know that Keith was a scam, and that he made the women do the “book reports” (because he was too lazy to read a book), I don’t think he was capable of writing a book, nor did he have the talent.

  • Frank, you said it best when you used the phrase ‘feeble-minded’ to describe Hector. I bet KR thought a missive from him would help. These pervy freaks have absolutely no idea. That poor baby, I hope it grows to know its aunties and grandmother. Does Marianna communicate with them?

  • I realize that many others understand now, but the sheer narcissism of Hector’s letter says so much about the types of people who were “by invitation” taken into the Nxivm community.

    I mean, half of his letter was about Hector–his running a marathon his needs. Me, me, me! Jesus, *I* would be sitting in a dark room and lighting candles, too. And listening to The Smiths.

  • Héctor is so selfish he opens his letter talking about him and not addressing directly the problem to Daniela. Also, he forgets to talk about the child pornography of Camila, as well as her rape. Why did he “forget” to talk about it? I don’t know, Frank, if the judge can avoid letting Héctor enter the US again, and if he can ask for a psychological review by the Mexican government. Thank God that Adriana asked for a divorce. Frank, what can we do as Mexicans to pressure Héctor in México? Denounce his Enterprise? Denounce Sagitta? Héctor must be punished. Send this letter to the Mexican authorities to stop him? Maybe the DIF as Camila was underage? A Chanc.org? I knew Adriana, and she is a good person, but she needs help. Maybe we can research about Sagitta and his transactions with mine companies as the Canadian Gold Corp. Please help us with this. I want to help Adriana and her daughters. If you cut the money, he cannot do anything. Adriana cleaned houses in Albany. I will share my email with her but don’t publish my name. I didn’t read James Odato’s research. Could you please publish them with Odato’s support?

    • Yes, it feels like the letters people used to send Warren Jeffs of the FLDS when he was on the run and in prison to try to curry favour with him, even reporting on family members (as happens in North Korea too) for your own advantage. I suppose KR was a bit like this – stopping some women having children or forming families, making one of his children’s mother pretend it was not her child, breaking bonds, wanting children in childcare with so many different workers they could not bond

  • It would totally kill Hector to wise up now. It will never ever happen. To accept that Keith messed with his mind to bed all of his daughters is too much for a man to deal with. It’s frightening how fragile this man’s mind is. He would believe absolutely anything Keith says.

    Even the bare minimum knowledge of Keith and the things not necessarily illegal, simply put as him sleeping with three sisters at the same time along with all the others, is completely repulsive. The fact Hector is accepting of this is amazing.

    I found it interesting the comments Ivy made about him asking Kristin excitedly if she thought Ivy would commit suicide. There is a theme that he got his kicks with people losing their life in this way, with his involvement in driving them to it. He is sicker and more dangerous than anyone can imagine.

  • “Dear” father denies Camila theft as worthless, but he can watch the Beast cripple his children. What can I say to that? The world is ripe for destruction. My father would have denounced a scoundrel a long time ago. Hector’s really in love with Raniere. I feel sorry for Camila for everything she’s been through. Instead of protected by his father, he threw her to the Beast. He’s a characterless bastard, too. 

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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