LAST UPDATED: 4:30 PM – The Sentencing of Keith Alan Raniere – With Frequent Updates as the Hearing Proceeds


4:30 PM

Keith Raniere Sentenced To 120 Years In Federal Prison

Keith Raniere has been sentenced to 120-years in federal prison.

The sentence is not actually as bad as it sounds because, with time off for good behavior, he’ll only have to serve 102 years.

There were also a lot of special probationary conditions – but those will only kick-in after he finishes serving his prison sentence.

Raniere, clad in a black prison outfit, had watched intently throughout the 5-hour proceeding.

As soon as the sentence was read, he was escorted out of the courtroom by a phalanx of U.S. Marshals.

He will be returned to MDC tonight – and will likely put on “suicide watch” for the next few days.

Before Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis pronounced the sentence, Raniere had an opportunity to address the more than a dozen people who had delivered “Victim Impact Statements” at today’s hearing.

In a speech that was rambling and unfocused, Raniere started out by saying that “I do believe strongly that I’m innocent of the charges. But it’s also true I see all of this pain. …They’re lying for a reason, and that reason stems from me,’’ he said.

“I do feel deep remorse, but I do not feel remorseful for the crimes I did not commit,” he added.

“The hurt is true. The anger is true,” he said. “I am deeply sorry. I did not mean to cause this pain, cause this anger.”

As soon as Raniere finished speaking, Judge Garaufis starting laying into him: “To him, the brave victims … are liars,” the judge said.

“Mr. Raniere remains unmoved. … [He] has therefore failed to demonstrate remorse [and continue to maintain] …to this day that he’s done nothing wrong,” the judge added.

Judge Garufis also imposed a $1.75 million fine and ordered Raniere to pay a to-be-determined amount of restitution.

The sentencing represents the culmination of an investigation that was sparked by a story in Frank Report back in June 2017 that exposed the secret DOS society – and its blackmail and branding requirements.

Although all of the other major media outlets failed to pick up the story, The New York Times did its own front-page story several months later that caught the attention of investigators and prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York (EDNY).

Raniere was originally charged with a total of eleven charges – but four of those were referred to the Northern District of New York (NDNY) for jurisdictional reasons.

In addition to not following up on those charges, the NDNY never did anything in response to all the other NXIVM-related crimes that it was told about by a series of whistleblowers since 2005.

The U.S. Attorney for the EDNY has already issued a “Press Release” concerning today’s sentencing.


3:30 PM

Victims Keep Speaking Up – and Keith’s Fate Keeps Looking Worse and Worse

Before the Court broke for lunch, it heard from several more of Keith’s Raniere’s victims: Barbara Bouchey, Susan Dones, Kristin Keeffe, Nicole [Last Name Withheld], India Oxenberg, Jane Doe, Adrian AKA Fluffy[Last Name Withheld], Adriana [Last Name Withheld], and Mark Vicente (All were present in person except for Mark Vicente who read his Victim Impact Statement over the phone).  Here’s what they had to say.


Barbara Bouchey

Barbara gave a very emotional presentation that repeated a lot of what she had said at Clare Bronfman’s sentencing hearing.

But she also added some very personal messages at the end of her statement.

“I forgave you a long time ago,” she said, looking Keith directly into his eyes.

“You are not of sound mind, you are delusional”, she added – and “I pray for your soul every day”.

Barbara Bouchey


Susan Dones

Susan Dones was the next person to speak – and she was also very emotional in addressing Keith.

She recounted many of the other crimes for which he’s never been charged – and given today’s likely outcome, probably never will be.

She also specifically asked Judge Garufis to prevent him from ever again having any contact with any of his followers so that the NXIVN cult can not be revived.

And she concluded by turning one of Keith’s oft-repeated sayings back onto him. “You used to say all the time that ‘He who has the most joy wins’. And let me tell you that today, we’re all winning”.

Susan Dones talks to the media after the sentencing of Clare Webb Bronfman on September 30, 2020. Dones spoke at that sentencing hearing as one of Bronfman’s victims – and did the same today at Keith Raniere’s sentencing hearing. 


Kristin Keeffe

The emotions ran even higher when Kristin Keeffe, the mother of Keith’s first-known child, took the stand to decry Keith for refusing to pay any child support. That prompted Judge Garaufis to ask if she was being represented by counsel (She is – by William Dreyer, Esq.).

Kristin also alleged that Keith and Nancy still had millions of dollars in cash hidden away – which is a matter that the judge might want to consider when he’s fashioning restitution orders for Keith and Nancy.

Kristin concluded her riveting presentation by detailing all the risks she took to get her and her child away from Keith – and how he hunted her down and tried to set her up for a possible kidnapping or worse.

Kristin Keeffe from The Lost Women of Nxivm


Nicole [Last Name Withheld]

Next up was Nicole – who previously testified at Raniere’s trial and who was the victim involved in the Sex Trafficking charge that was brought against him.

Most of Nicole’s statement concerned DOS – and her ongoing concern about the possible release of some/all of the collateral she handed over to her “Master”.

She said that “DOS was the worst, most terrifying, and most degrading I ever experienced in my life”.

She concluded by looking at Raniere and saying g “DOS was never about growth. It was all meant for your sexual pleasure and power”.


India Oxenberg

India Oxenberg was the next to step up to make her victim Impact Statement – and, unlike some others who spoke today, flashed some real anger at Raniere and some of his co-defendants.

She was especially bitter about the fact that Allison Mack had coerced into having dozens of sexual encounters with Raniere  – who she was not at all attracted to.

She was also angry that she had been forced to starve herself – and endure severe hunger pains – in order to get her weight down to the 106-pound limit that Keith had set for her. He did that, India said, because “He wanted me to look like a 12-year-old girl”.

And she was very upset that she might have to live the rest of her life “with Keith Ranieri’s initials branded on my body”.

She revealed that Keith’s nickname for Michele Hatchette involved the use of the “N-word” – which is the first time that anyone has mentioned that little factoid.

And she concluded by saying “You’re like a sadist who got great pleasure watching our skin be branded with your initials”.

India Oxenberg


Jane Doe

An unidentified Mexican woman was the next to give her “Impact Statement.”

Although she was visibly nervous, she castigated Keith for having lied to her so much.

He lied to her about them having a monogamous relationship.

And when she complained about that lie, he promised her that they would have a baby together – which, of course, was just another lie.

She concluded by describing g how she was misled into joining DOS – and how she worries to this day about her collateral being released.


Adrian AKA Fluffy [Last Name Withheld]

Next up was Adrian, one of the six members of the Mexican family that moved to the Clifton Park, NY area so they could all be closer to Keith.

He spoke passionately about how Keith destroyed his family – and how Keith ended up sleeping with all three of his sisters.

He concluded by talking about all the lies that Keith had told him over the years – and how many bad decisions he made because he originally believed in Keith.


Adriana [Last Name Withheld]

Adriana, the matriarch of the previously mentioned Mexican family, replaced her son on the stand – and was near tears throughout much of her testimony.

She talked about what a “monster” Keith is – and how he had destroyed what had once been a tight-knit and happy family.

Now, she explained, the family has broken into factions – and some members still don’t talk to others.


Mark Vicente

Mark was the last person to deliver a “Victim Impact Statement” – and did so via an audio link. Much of what he had to say was repetitious of statements he made on “the Vow”.He still blames himself hor having been “bamboozled” by Raniere – and for failing to see what was going on around him.

A couple of excerpts from Mark’s statement:

“Beyond Keith Raniere’s crimes as documented in your court, there are moral crimes this man has committed. Specifically against those that were under his care. The crimes were willful and intended to cause maximum damage…

Your Honor, I spent 12 years studying this man. He has a belief that he is the next evolution of human-kind. Beyond worldly ethics and morality. Far superior to this court. He thinks he breathes the rarified air of an awakened genius. But he is none of those things.

He is a malicious, petty, evil and dangerously vengeful sociopath who thrills at our pain, and yet barely a glimmer of that excitement is visible on his blank face and his dormant eyes. He has been a lascivious little toddler with too much power and ZERO accountability. He has stolen hundreds of years from all his victims and poisoned their existence… poisoned my existence… and he needs to be held accountable.

Mark Vicente


1:00 PM

More Victim Statements Paint Raniere as a Predator – and No End in Sight

Next up were Sarah Edmondson, Ivy Nevares, and Toni Natalie (Sarah appeared via video, Ivy via audio – and Toni was there in person).


Sarah Edmondson 

Sarah recounted a number of concerns she had about Keith and his relationships with some of the female members of the Executive Board.

She then dropped a new bombshell when she accused Keith of trying to steal her away from her husband, Anthony “Nippy” Ames.

Although there has been a lot of speculation over the years, there was never any definitive proof that Keith had tried to recruit Sarah to become a member of his harem.

Today, however, we heard directly from her that he apparently did just that. Hardly surprising…but it does fill in another blank in the NXIVM puzzle.

And it was not something that was addressed in “The Vow”, HBO’s 9-part series concerning  NXIVM and Raniere.

Speaking directly to Raniere, the former top recruiter in NXIVM slammed the cult leader for being a “liar, parasite, and a grifter” who manipulated people seeking personal growth.

“In a curriculum that focused on personal growth—you have taken none,” she said. The 43-year-old Canadian actress was featured in the front-page New York Times article that showed her brand mark. She said she has since had it removed with plastic surgery.

Anthony Ames & Sarah Edmondson


Ivy Nevares

Ivy began by recounting the relief she felt when she left NXIVM on January 18, 2018 while Keith was hiding out in Mexico – which is somewhat ironic since Ivy fled by returning to her family’s home in Mexico.

It was she said the first day that she felt totally free in a long time.

Ivy closed her segment with a statement that appeared to draw special attention from Judge Garaufis – and several others who were present in the courtroom.

“May you live long enough in prison to experience the hell you put me through”, she said.

And then her audio feed went to silence as those words reverberated throughout the courtroom.

Ivy Nevares


Toni Natalie

Toni’s statement included a good deal of the same material she had recited at Clare Bronfman’s sentencing hearing.

She did, however, close out with several statements that were filled with raw emotion.

First, she looked at Keith and said “I hope the judge sentences you to live in prison.”

Then, she looked even more harshly at him and said “And I hope to God you’ll die in prison”  – another phrase that seemed to hang in the air for a while.

And lastly, she looked at Keith with tears in her says and admonished him to do one good thing before he dies: “Tell the Snyder family what actually happened to their daughter, Kristin” – a clear reference to Kristin Snyder, a former member of NXIVM whose body was never found after she supposedly committed suicide by paddling a kayak out into a freezing Alaskan lake and purposely tipping it over. Prior to disappearing, Kristin had told several people that she was pregnant with Keith Raniere’s child.

Kristin Snyder – does Keith Raniere know anything about her disappearance? If so, will he ever tell?


12:15 PM

Cami Gives the First Victim Impact Statement – Things Looking Grimmer for Raniere

Marc Agnifilo, Keith Raniere’s lead attorney throughout the trail, was quite prescient in his prediction that “Cami will bring the house down” when she gave her Victim Impact statement.

And that she did.

In a very composed and stable voice, Cami recounted how she and Raniere first had sex when she was 15 years old (He was 45 at the time).

But before they did, he took her to his “library” – where he had her pose nude and he took pictures of her from all angles. “As a 15-year-old, that’s not something you easily forget,” she noted to a hushed courtroom that seemed to be hanging on her every word.

Unlike Clare Bronfman’s sentencing hearing, everyone in the courtroom is required to have a mask on at all times today – even when they’re giving their “Victim Impact Statement”.

But Cami’s words were very clear – and very biting – even with a mask on.

She recounted how it was on September 18, 2005 when she and Raniere first had sex – and how he required her to refer to that date as their “Anniversary”.

She also said that Raniere insisted that they keep the relationship a secret just between the two of them – and how, from that point on, he systemically cut her off from all her friends and family members.

He also insisted that she get her weight below 100# – which was always a difficult standard for the 5’5″ Cami to meet. And he required her to weigh herself every day – and to report the results to him.

“He punished me emotionally, psychologically and sexually”, the now 30-year old Cami said.

She told the court about the time she attempted to commit suicide – and how Raniere’s response was to questions if she understood how much she would hurt him if she was successful.

Her closing statements were worthy of being emblazoned on the courtroom walls.

“He demanded loyalty but was loyal to no one but himself” – and “I am here, your Honor. to prevent him from ever destroyer anyone else ever again”.

Cami left NXIVM in 2017 – long before Keith was arrested.

But because of the trauma that she had experienced at the hands of Keith, she could not summon up the courage to go out on a date until she was 29 years old.

“He robbed me of my youth,’’ Cami said. “He used my innocence to do whatever he wanted with me.

“It has taken a long time for me to begin to process the trauma he caused”, she added.

“Today, I still have trouble identifying the line between a normal relationship and an abusive one. But I’ve learned that survival is instinctive even in the most twisted circumstances.”


11:45 AM

Things Are Starting to Look Grim for the Vanguard

One of the first steps in the sentencing process is for the judge to calculate what the defendant’s “Offense Level” is per the federal Sentencing Guidelines.

In doing that calculation, the judge will take into consideration – but not be bound by – similar calculations that were done by the prosecution and the defense.

In this case, the prosecution came up with an “Offense Level” of 52 – while the defense came up with an “Offense Level” of 37.

Based on his own calculations, Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis has determined that Keith Raniere’s “Offense Level” is 49.

And, as indicated in the chart below, a “score” of 49 calls for life imprisonment.

Since the guidelines are not mandatory, the judge is not required to impose a “life sentence” on Raniere.

But given the judge’s finding that his “Offense Level” is 49, he’s now going to have to find reasons not to do so if Keith is to get anything less than a life sentence.

Federal Sentencing Table


11:30 AM

India Oxenberg Calls for a Sentence of Life in Prison

India Oxenberg, who is currently starring in the 4-part docuseries “Seduced” on STARZ, appeared on CBS this morning to discuss the series – and her thoughts about today’s proceedings.

When asked what type of sentence she thought Raniere should receive today, she quickly responded “I hope the judge gives him life in prison.”

India Oxenberg


11:00 AM

More Women Identified Who Will Be Making Victim Impact Statements

People are now being directed into the various rooms that are being used for today’s proceedings. In addition to the main courtroom, there are two overflow rooms  – and a special room for the media. Large monitors are set up in that room that will allow anyone present to watch and hear the proceedings.

Nicole – the woman who was the basis for the Sex Trafficking charge against Raniere – was spotted going into the main courtroom. That suggests that she may be one of the women who will be giving a Victim’s Impact Statement before Raniere is sentenced.

Word has also reached Frank Report that two other women will be making similar Victim Impact Statements: Ivy Nevares, who will be doing hers via an audio recording – and Sarah Edmondson, who will be doing hers via a video recording.

If the list of names that we previously cited is also correct, the number of victims who will be speaking is at least thirteen.

At 10 minutes per statement, that portion of the proceeding is going to go well over two hours.


10:40 AM

Toni Natalie [far left] & India Oxewnberg [far right]  Arrive at the Courthouse


10:30 AM

Barbara Bouchey Is in the House

Barbara Bouchey arrived at the EDNY Courthouse for the sentencing of Keith Alan Raniere.

Barbara Bouchey


10:00 AM

TV Crews From Albany Have Made the Trip to Report on Today’s Proceedings

A CBS – Channel 6 crew that is here to report on today’s proceedings noted that “social distancing is in effect and masks are being worn due to COVID-19”.

People lined up waiting to get into Keith Raniere’s sentencing hearing.


9:30 AM

No Meteors Spotted – Sentencing Will Likely Proceed

A check with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has indicated that neither agency is tracking any meteors that are likely to strike the EDNY courthouse in Brooklyn, NY between now and the end of the day. Thus, it appears that Keith Raniere’s sentencing hearing will go on as scheduled despite his plea to his followers that they pray for a meteor strike to interrupt the proceedings. Stay tuned for more updates from the FAA and NASA.
Asteroid, Space, Stars, Meteor
Potential problem averted…


8:30 AM

People Arriving Early to Ensure They Get a Seat

Jaclyn Cangro, Reporter @SPECNewsAlbany:

People are already lining up outside of court, including members of the #NXIVM Five/@BlindfoldHer.  Some are part of film and documentary crews.

“When I spoke to the court yesterday, they said they wouldn’t be letting people in early (due to COVID).”
The hearing starts at 11 a.m.
People started lining up to get into the EDNY Courthouse before 8:00 AM.


3:00 AM

Our Reporting Plan For Today

Frank Report will be reporting on the sentencing of Keith Alan Raniere throughout the day. Our method will be similar to what we did during the sentencing of Clare Webb Bronfman.

We will report with updates throughout the hearing as we get new information [Frank Parlato will actually be attending the sentencing hearing – and, along with Paul Serran, will be forwarding information throughout the day to K.R. Claviger, who will be doing the updates].  All the updates will all go on this post – and we will change the headline by posting the time after the words “Last Updated”.

The newest information will be at the top of the page. Scroll down for older information.

The sentencing hearing will begin at 11:00 AM – and is expected to last until at least 5:30 PM. The place in the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse.

Brooklyn Federal Courthouse

Senior U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis will be presiding over today’s sentencing hearing.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, the sentencing judge for Keith Raniere

Frank Report plans to be there early in order to see who is attending the hearing.

Presently, there are at least 10 victims scheduled to speak. This number could change at any time.

During the sentencing of Clare Bronfman, each victim was allotted 10 minutes, though one woman was given a few extra minutes to tell her story.

The victims expected to speak at Raniere’s sentencing include:

Barbara Bouchey, a former girlfriend who left NXIVM in 2009 only to be attacked by him, civilly and criminally, for a decade.

Susan Dones, the former co-owner of the Seattle/Tacoma Center who left NXIVM in 2009 and was attacked by him civilly for years.

Toni Natalie, who left him in 1998 – and was attacked by him civilly and criminally for about 20 years.

Kristin Keeffe, the mother of his oldest known child, who fled with her son in 2014 – and was hunted by him for years.

India Oxenberg, who publicly announced she will make a statement at his sentencing, was a DOS slave who was abused by him.

Mark Vicente, who testified at Raniere’s trial – and will appear via video. He left the cult in 2017 and became a major whistleblower.

Four members of the same Mexican family – sisters Camila and Daniela, their brother Adrian (AKA “Fluffy”),  and their mother, Adriana – are each expected to make victim statements.  Together, they will tell a compelling story of how Raniere abused an entire family.

Daniela testified at his trial that Raniere had her placed in solitary confinement in a room for nearly two years because she had romantic feelings for another man.

Her sister, Camila’s story is probably the most important of all – since she will be making her first public statement confirming that Raniere sexually abused her when she was 15.  This is especially important since Raniere’s followers have presented to the court, held press conferences, and made media appearances at which they presented evidence suggesting that the child porn pictures of Camila that were used as evidence in the trial were tampered with by the FBI in order to make it appear she was 15 when the pictures were taken.

Her proclaiming in court that the photos were real will do a lot to debunk the notion that there was a miscarriage of justice in Raniere’s trial.

There will be at least one more woman testifying, whose identity cannot be revealed until she arrives safely in the courtroom.

Following the victim statements, there will probably be a recess.

When the court reconvenes, the prosecution and the defense will each present their arguments as to what they think is an appropriate sentence. We already know that the defense will argue for 15-years – and that the prosecution will likely argue for life imprisonment.

Then, Raniere himself will be permitted to speak.

He told Frank Report last Friday that he intends to speak and proclaim his innocence.

After his statement, Keith will be sentenced by the judge.

The day has finally arrived – a day that Keith Raniere will remember for the rest of his life.

It is the day that hundreds of his victims have been anticipating for years – some for more than a decade.

It is the day his followers and believers have been worried about since he was first arrested back in March 2018.

It is the last day when he will spend more than a few hours outside of a federal prison.

Viva Executive Success!




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  • Mark Vicente is not a “victim.” If you watch the videos on the Starz documentary, he is clearly denigrating women and recruiting them for the inner circle. Yet, unlike most of the women implicated, he never had to answer for this. Why?

    • Because he helped the Feds go after Raniere & Co., it’s a perk of flipping – but nobody said you can’t criticize him for his behavior. LOL

      How do you suggest Vicente be made to “answer for” his behavior? LOL

  • Turkey Day in Prison for Keith. I am sure he will get dark meat on the bone. With sausage stuffing. But then his man-lovers will need him to get below 100 lbs. Just a diet of tube steaks and cum-shakes. A very milky mustache.

  • The damage from having the collateral released is less than the acts the women performed to prevent the release. Therefore, they must have wanted to do those acts. Now the whole thing has blown up and they are crying victim.

    Raniere’s a sick ****, just because you can do something doesn’t make it right.

  • Hi Frank! Just wondering if you know where we can find the full transcript of the defense’s comments, KR’s statement and the judges final statement? I can’t seem to find any of it. Will you be able to publish them on Frank Report? I think it would be really interesting to hear the exact language of how it all went down!

  • I wonder what ‘Suddenly Nicole’ and her downline slaves will fall back on now in an attempt to make their wasted lives make sense.

    Not easy.

    It’s all over now.

    Yes, you can try a pointless appeal, but pointless appeals are pointless.

    Still young enough to have a second chance.

    Rend your clothes, put ashes on your head and start again.

    Good luck.

    • Nikki Clyne is still defending him on Twitter. She will keep falling down the rabbit hole for years to come I’m afraid.

  • Watching “Seduced,” does anyone else think what Rick Ross said is true – that KR was “weaponizing” his most ardent followers? It does seem it was going in that direction.

    • I think that was true as that was the direction it was heading—escalating extremes. If it had played out, it would not have ended well, just like all of those other cults.

  • 2 down and 3 to go. I hope Nancy, Lauren and Allison are shaking in their boots right now. They should be scared out of their minds … they’re next.

    • Or as Keith would say, no “conscious.” You’d think that the world’s smartest man would know the difference.

    • Raniere was in the minor leagues compared to the hardened criminals in federal prison – he will have his sphincter manipulated by lots of Bubbas. LOL

      Just wait until his new buds find out he raped underage girls, that doesn’t go over well. LOL

  • What’s to stop Clare Bronfman from continuing to use her vast wealth to use the law as a sword to break, hound, and financially destroy and bury people and intimidate judges?

    • If I had to guess, I would say that our Clarebear should do her sentence and retire from public life. Otherwise, some highly angry lover, partner or spouse of a victim may decide that our Clare pay her debts in another non-monetary way. Not that I’m suggesting harm.

    • Clare Bare will have many other problems to do with, as in mean girl Bubbettes. LOL

      Plus, she will probably have very limited access outside of prison, so it won’t be easy. LOL

  • Dear Frank, I really appreciate your tenacity, skill and courage throughout this process. It is somehow comforting to know that you are out there.

  • India is pathetic…spent too much time with her mother instead of trying to get a real life.

    Everyone around her knows that nobody forced her and trying to push Allison down while SHE (India) did way worse than Allison…

    Young girl, you might be partly a victim but stop blaming others for YOUR actions.

    YOU extorted at least one of the victims (and, therefore, enjoyed the system), you acted just like Allison had to act…
    If you were coerced, never forget that so she was.

    You should be ashamed to blame someone else for your choice, pretending you didn’t decide on anything…

    Then why? Why staying with them when FR reported the story?
    Why staying when Raniere was arrested…

    You were brainwashed twice…once by Raniere and now by your mother who decided to destroy a VICTIM’s life…

    Shame on you India, shame on you.

    For me, anyone rejecting Allison as a victim (while she had the same (and worse) treatment is not a victim herself…

    Wake up, India.

    • Nonsense in compressed form. India is wide awake, but you seem to be dreaming. What about your waking state?

  • Just when many thought there is no good news anymore. Boom!
    New diet for the Vanguard:
    -(dark) sausage
    -stuffed sausage
    -tube steaks
    -milky mustache

    That’ll even keep him under 100 lbs.

    May he live out his sentence and enjoy many man-love marathons complete with forced bone-smuggling and fun games of ‘hide the goose’.

    And my regards to his fanboys and loser females that are now FAT based on Keith’s standards.

    May they dance for 120 years outside his new environment.

    • I am always surprised — though I shouldn’t be — at the number of people who express their male rape fantasies here, or who think that rapists whose victims are males should be rewarded by the state by being provided with an endless supply of victims. If Raniere had raped men, he’d be a hero to many here.

      • I’m with you, John 1. It’s never funny, and it’s disgusting how prison rape jokes are an omnipresent part of tv and movie “comedies”, etc.

  • Raniere, who as the grand-master, had the “brilliant” idea of making women his slaves in the structural form of an MLM-like pyramid scheme where each non-leaf node had six female slave nodes underneath it, is now a “debt to society” slave to the US government for a period of 120 years (which is also divisible by six).

    Oh, the sweet irony.

    • Raniere had eight in his immediate DOS MLM downline, which is also divisible by 8. The result is 15, which is the age of the Mexican girl he f*cked and the minimum sentence of one of his convictions related to her – Oh, the sweetest irony. LOL

      • OK, this is boring now. Are LOL your initials or what? You just think you are so much smarter than anyone here that you can laugh at everyone with your pointless LOL on comments you half read?

  • Frank, thank you for your heroic struggle. That it came off so well is a testament to your determination and singular way of doing things. Congratulations – and all good things to you and yours.

  • While Keeffe is a key insider and certainly a major victim, I don’t think she’s a reliable source when it comes to details she does not have direct knowledge of, and, in fact, she seems prone to rather wild theorizing. For instance, on the basis of some dubious clues she dug up and others that unreliable PIs provided, she’s apparently fairly certain that Kristin Snyder is still alive and just escaped to go live under an alias.

    I doubt her belief that Salzman and Raniere have money stashed. Those two perpetrated what they did precisely because they do not process things like normal people, and never expected to face consequences for what they were doing. The history of other cases shows that people like that almost never plan for the collapse of their schemes, or to make some sort of clean getaway. Salzman’s haplessness is demonstrated by the way that cash was casually strewn around her house, rather than even in a safe or other secure locations. And the feds would likely not be satisfied if they hadn’t accounted well enough for where large sums of money went, to be fairly confident that people like her being offered deals, didn’t have hidden assets.

    • I believe Nancy and Keith had some money stashed away.

      By all accounts, Nancy looked at Kathy Russel, the bookkeeper, as a moron. Why would Nancy ask permission from the judge to talk to Russell?

  • I would swear that in HBO’s “The Vow” Sarah stated something that contradicted this court statement. After she was done telling the story of being branded, she said something like, “Keith didn’t want ME, he wanted my recruiting skills” for DOS. I think that contradicts this new idea that Keith did want her. But maybe it’s something she figured out later.

      • I’m guessing something happened.

        Then there is the long passionate kiss Sarah and Lauren shared during the branding ceremony.

    • Yes, she did say it and she was obviously lying when she said it. She’s an interesting liar. She has different facial expressions when she’s lying to herself, and lying to others. She contradicts a lot. She is legitimately going through trauma, covering her ass on camera and in interviews to ensure a life after all of this. Trauma reveals slowly.

      Liars going through trauma don’t help the legitimacy of their claims. She’s lied on camera several times simply to protect her ego. It’s understandable, but why go through the effort if you’re not very good at it.

  • Anyone read Ivy Nevares’ full victim impact statement on her blog? She deliberately pointed to Nancy Salzman (and “her women”) as being fully complicit in all of the manipulation and psychological torture that led to the formation of DOS.

    Ivy is incredibly brave, as Nancy and her minions were the hands that tried to destroy her, and I hope she influences Nancy’s sentencing as well.

    So tired of Prefect getting glossed over as a victim as she most certainly was not.

    • Nancy Sleazeman most certainly is not a victim, and she should be receiving more caustic criticism for her part in this entire affair. She’s almost as morally repugnant as Keith for being his corporate facade enabler for nearly two decades. She’s gotten off easy.

    • “So tired of Prefect getting glossed over as a victim as she most certainly was not.”

      So am I.

      If she gets a free pass because she was a major help taking KR down, OK, but I want to know what she did precisely that’s big enough to forget all the bad she did.

      • Salzman is especially repugnant in that she was a therapist, she was certified for a very specific form of therapy that she used and abused to help KR do what he did. Not all cult leaders have their own therapist to provide programming they way KR did with Nancy – ultimately, he was the sick mastermind but she used her skills to program the members, that in and of itself is just as heinous as the doctor who did the branding on the girls. It goes against the code of ethics entirely. There’s a reason these people followed KR as blindly as they did – they were heavily programmed by Nancy Salzman. She deserves just as heavy a sentence as KR. She essentially aided and abetted 100% and there is no doubt she knew exactly what he was doing every step of the way because ultimately I’m pretty sure she’s the one who wrote the starter curriculum – KR was not that smart!

        • The irony re: Nancy Salzman is that she is NOT a “therapist” in any legal capacity. For the record, she is received an associate degree and was a RN. That is all. Her EM tech was a made up scam that she created as she went along, with the aim to prey on vulnerabilities. The worst about her is how far she was willing to go

          • Times have obviously changed – when I went to grad school, Neuro-Linguistic Programming was not something available to everybody and certification was reserved for therapists only. Everything I’ve read on her said she was a therapist. Sounds like she was an RN with illusions of grandeur. That makes her even MORE dangerous!!

  • Utterly amazing…A man ultimately charged for coercion/blackmail is recorded in a prison phone call threatening the judge that was to sentence him, and then claiming innocence at the trail. Think about that.

  • ***Sarah then dropped a new bombshell when she accused Keith of trying to steal her away from her husband, Anthony “Nippy” Ames.***

    If Keith wanted Sarah, he should have suggested a “swap.” He gets Sarah and Nippy gets Clare.

  • Frank, according to the DOJ release, Raniere can not have contact with any NXIVM people. Does that mean no more phone calls to the NXIVM 5 or the dancers?

    • Which DOJ release are you referring to? LOL

      It isn’t the DOJ’s job to define what the contact rules are, that’s the BOP’s job. LOL


    Btw, it’s SHE who dies with the most joys wins. Not as the witnesses quoted Keith. I know, I wrote it and never said he could change the slogan. Pass that on to Keith for me, eh, Nicki? Might wanna check the Bronfman jet flight log for the most expedient departure back home…or, IDK, Portugal isn’t soooo bad, is it? (Just to give you some sample comedy material.)

    • One hundred and twenty glorious years, Heidi!!! What a joyful day! Thinking of you. Rest in peace, Gina. Much love

      • It’s not that arranged, GINA. He needs to be investigated. The Leader has been removed, the barrier is weakening, although there are still believers. But now perhaps the victims who are not among us will be given space. If the authorities are no longer doing their job as they should, it is because of time, energy and, let’s just say, carelessness. This reconnaissance that the author of the blog did was fantastic. The authorities were supposed to do it on their own. Instead, they got ready facts that just needed to be investigated. I suspect it’s going to happen because of the missing and deceased victims. It’s saddening.

    • I hope it brings you some peace, Heidi. Nothing can replace your loss, but now we know he can never again do the same to another girl or woman.

  • ‘Suddenly Nicole’ Clyne, and the other fanatics did very well today. Without their efforts, Raniere might have got 900 years.

    Viva Suddenly Nicole!

    Viva Executive Success!

    • Heh-Heh…I love ‘suddenly Nicole’ so fittingly ‘smell the fart’. Yes, I’m hoping the fanatics keep up their Merry Prankster shenanigans so that they might help -reduce- other sentences, in other dimensions, and so forth…

  • Dear Frank
    I think you deserve enormous applause for your contribution to all of this. Your professionalism and, funnily enough, the ethical way in which you conducted your investigations and reporting proved to ultimately bring justice to all the victims.

    Without knowing you personally, I’ve grown fond of you and I think you deserve to finally go to bed every night with enormous satisfaction and joy.

    I look forward to reading more on all the future developments of NXIVM and to see what happens with the remaining 3 criminals.

    I wonder if Salinas will ever pay for his role in all this or if he managed to get off the hook?


  • Justice has been served. Judge Garaufis has handed out a fair and impartial sentence.

    Raniere will be crying into his pillow tonight. He’s headed to a far harder place than his current jail, where he will spend the rest of his miserable life bereft of hope. Never to see the outside world again. Months, and years, without hope of ever tasting freedom. Not even the diversion of a day in court. Today will seem like a fun excursion in the long years ahead.

    The idiot thought it would be a good idea to brand women. How colossally stupid was that? And he had it all recorded. What an ass.

    And he had his moment to speak out in court. And blew it. He who loved nothing better than the sound of his own voice, who had his cult following spellbound by his every word. Believing it all. Pretty women less than half his age flocking around him eager for his wisdom.

    When he had his moment to turn adversity into triumph, to join the ranks of Winston Churchill and Mahatma Gandhi and Augustus Caesar, he dropped the ball. Delivering a mumbled, jumbled half-apology, half-accusation that made no sense and less impact.

    What a loser. And that’s the end of Vanguard, who went out not with a bang, but with a whimper.

    Whimpers and tear-soaked pillows and sleepless nights also for the Nxivm co-conspirators who still await sentencing. After Bronfman’s and Raniere’s severe sentences, they can only expect the worst.

  • Man. I was hoping a no chance for parole component. Just for the extra security for the victims. I was so happy to see he cannot communicate with anyone related to NXIVM. That was awesome. Though, to be honest, it also would have been neat to see a meteor strike. Not on the building, but maybe in the street where no one would be able to get hurt. Still, it was good to see someone that could only find joy through pain and incapable of finding it in positive emotions and actions to be in 120 years was good. All in all though, a good day.

    • No parole in the federal system. Only a little time off the back end for good behavior. But off 120 years, it won’t matter.

      • Assuming he never loses any of the “good behavior” credits he would otherwise earn, Keith will only have to serve 102 years of that 120-year sentence.

  • To quote the same Thomas More…

    “If a king should fall under such contempt or envy that he could not keep his subjects in their duty but by oppression and ill usage, and by rendering them poor and miserable, it were certainly better for him to quit his kingdom than to retain it by such methods as make him, while he keeps the name of authority, lose the majesty due to it”

    The END.

  • YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Awesome news! Keith is such a cruel and twisted little boy despite his years. I hope this helps brings at least some closure to all of whom had to cross paths with him. Above all, I truly hope more light can be shed on those who lost their dear loved ones due to this monster.

  • These 120 (102) years rightly reflect the seriousness of Keith’s actions. I’m totally surprised it’s over. I love Judge Garaufis, congratulations to your determined witness, everyone who contributed to this outcome, but most of all Frank, who has given part of his life to investigating this case.

    • Frank “gave” part of his life because Raniere & Co. was trying to take his life away from him by putting him in prison. LOL

  • Keith made patently clear he is not sorry for what he did to the women of DOS, to Dani and her family when he spoke at his sentencing. The Daily Beast reports that he said this:

    “I am deeply sorry and I see that where I am is caused by me I am deeply remorseful and repentant,” he said. “It is true I am not remorseful over the crimes I do not believe I have committed at all. But I am deeply remorseful of all this pain.” (
    There is no remorse in Keith. Let him rot.

    Cami’s statement kinda threw the “photos were corrupted” argument all to hell. Good for her. I hope she is rebuilding her life and she and her remaining family stay strong together. maybe one day Marianna and their father will come around. In the mean time, hopefully she, Adrian and Dani are moving forward with their Mom.

    I hope Nicki Clyne and friends realize their gambits on behalf of Keith failed utterly. I hope Michelle Hatchett is thinking about Keith calling her the n word and having a big rethink on this being a slave business. Hopefully Allison Mack is reading the Frank Report, watching the Vow and Seduced and starting to realize how toxic she was and is. If she is terrified about her sentencing, good.

    India has shown just how powerful she is. She cooperated with the feds to help put Keith away. Seduced is painful but incredible to watch. Through everything she has shown that Catherine was one hell of a mother. India lived through a nightmare, but here she is standing up for herself, eloquently and powerfully. Here’s to Catherine and India.

    I wonder who will speak at Lauren’s sentencing and Allison’s. Dani and India would be powerful voices to tell the tale of the damage both Lauren and Allison did in NXIVM and DOS.

    It’s interesting to me, though that of the Mexican first line DOS masters, none of them spoke up for Keith. Are they part of the DOSsier Project? What of Dani Padilla, Jimena and Loreta and Monica Duran? Are they still active in NXIVM? What about Rosa Laura? She’s gonna have a hard time sacrificing her daughter’s virginity to Keith when he’s behind bars, On the DOSsier Project website, they aren’t featured.

    • NC Girl-

      Claviger I believe stated the Mexican contingent would not come to testify because the DOJ prosecutors would not guarantee that the Mexican contingent would not be arrested if the Mexican Nxivm members step into the United States.

      Raniere’s attempt made a statement alluding to Claviger’s sentiment.

    • Re: Nancy waking people up

      I doubt this can happen as she did not have to cop to being as perverse as Raniere in her plea deal although she is part of the Old Lady Gang who created and enforced control. She seems sorry for getting caught, *as if* she did not realize that it was *illegal* to lie and manipulate or threaten to save her cash cow. I reckon hell will freeze over before she denounces her amazing powers of “the tech” or truly helps others.

      Amaze me, Nancy Salzman.

      • Based on the Seduced series on STARZ, Nancy better pray India does not speak at her sentencing or it will be curtains for her. Same with Allison Mack.

  • Wow! Bravo Frank Report! Also, sending wishes of love and healing and success to all the victims along the way. No particular words for K.R., except to note that he’s nowhere near as brilliant or otherworldly as he claimed. Have not come across a single shred of his “wisdom” that wasn’t already articulated by the great sages throughout the ages. He just wanted to redefine morality into amorality and FINALLY got caught.

    Really hoping that Michele Hatchette takes India’s victim impact statement seriously and doesn’t write off KR’s racial slurs directed at her as part of “learning to man up”. That would be tragic, particularly given the current cultural climate.

    What a journey it has been to follow this blog!!!

      • Scott-

        RE Scott’s Negativism & the Frank Report:

        What’s your problem? Racist and harassing comments?!?!?! You are always attacking people who open up and tell their stories of suffering and victimization by predators. Do you think it’s funny? Are you an actual grown man? Do grown men attack women?

        Lately, if you are not harassing the new commenters, who have arrived in the last 72 hours, you are saying racist crap.

        You are ruining the Frank Report. Frank and his team have worked so hard to expose Nxivm and provide excellent journalistic reporting on a vast array of news topics.

        You claim you want to help people. Please explain how harassing victims and people sharing their pain is helping.

        If you are a man, Scott, then explain yourself.

        You like to dish it out to women, but when I dish it out to you, you cry about it to the editor.

        The Frank Report is growing. Don’t ruin it with your caustic behavior.

        • I used to comment here regularly, but this LOL person is so clearly mentally/emotionally sick that I stopped engaging long ago. This LOL commenter is so cruel and hateful and disgusting they fit the sociopathic profile of an abuser themselves. They add nothing to any discussion and only want to prevent people from talking or sharing thoughts. Their inappropriate comments and interactions have gotten worse over time as well. New people coming to the FR to read the motherlode of documents and info going back years, the result of so much work, has to be confronted with this? They will leave. So yes, ruining this blog is accurate. This person is mentally deteriorating as well, so enabling their abuse of mostly women who post here is doing them no favours either.

          • Even though I like “LOL” — and once appeared on his podcast, I find myself deleting many of his comments because they are carping or petty. For example, LOL corrects people’s grammar or spelling or simply insults other commenters for no discernible reason.

            I always delete his comments blaming then-teenager Rhiannon for not wearing a wire to get Raniere. She was 15 at the time and he had raped her 60 times starting when she was 12. I can’t imagine anyone seriously blaming a child for not standing up to Raniere.

            Some time ago, I told the associate editor who helps approve comments that he may not approve any of LOL’s comments. He is one of only two commenters who are on an “Approved by Frank only” basis.

            Claviger and others have recommended that I ban LOL from the site. I hate to do that since I never yet banned anyone from the Frank Report. I wish LOL would be as polite to other commenters as he was to me when I was on his podcast.

          • —He is one of only two commenters who are on an “Approved by Frank only” basis.

            Hey, Daddy Warbucks (editor), who be the other commentator needs be approving?

            Brigid, I agree with you 100%.

          • Brigid-

            Ironically, my first comments on the Frank Report were motivated by the attacks on Heidi Hutchinson by Scott Johnson and a former commentator named Bangkok.

            Both men had been harassing Heidi in regards to her sister’s suicide.

            I don’t personally care when Scott goes after me.

            I am incredibly bothered when Scott attacks people who share their personal sensitive stories.

            I believe the Frank Report comment section could be a great place for people to share, help, and heal. Scott Johnson is an impediment.

          • Even though I like “LOL” — and once appeared on his podcast, I find myself deleting many of his comments because they are carping or petty. — Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. LOL

            For example, LOL corrects people’s grammar or spelling or simply insults other commenters for no discernible reason. — If people can’t use the language properly it says more about them than it does about me – and just because you can’t discern the reason doesn’t mean it isn’t discernable. LOL

            I always delete his comments blaming then-teenager Rhiannon for not wearing a wire to get Raniere. — Trying to get people to stand up for themselves and do the right thing is not blaming, it’s offering a solution and it’s meant for MANY others on this website and otherwise in society – it should be considered normal to speak out, it would get rid of the bad guys/gals much sooner and make society much better. LOL

            She was 15 at the time and he had raped her 60 times starting when she was 12. — Again, you are focusing too much on a singular example rather than making the overall point described above. LOL

            I can’t imagine anyone seriously blaming a child for not standing up to Raniere. — See above, plus you don’t publish the Hutchinson, when she was of legal age, not reporting Raniere for catching him statutorily raping her underage sister. LOL

            Some time ago, I told the associate editor who helps approve comments that he may not approve any of LOL’s comments. — Good, I deserve the best service, you must admit most of my comments are excellent. LOL

            He is one of only two commenters who are on an “Approved by Frank only” basis. — Now i’m curious, who is the other one? LOL

            Claviger and others have recommended that I ban LOL from the site. — That figures, I’ve been owning Claviger since the beginning, especially on legal matters, and I’m not even a lawyer. LOL

            I hate to do that since I never yet banned anyone from the Frank Report. — You know you would miss me, I’m the only one who brings sanity to the comments section. LOL

            I wish LOL would be as polite to other commenters as he was to me when I was on his podcast. — I wish you wouldn’t publish comments that are impolite to me, but I continue a policy started by Scott in 2005, if they slap you on the wrist then you knock them out (verbally, of course). LOL

            Scott tried reasoning with people for a long time and then found they weren’t interesting in reasoning with him, so he was just wasting his time and effort. LOL

          • EVERYONE who comes here reads the comments, LOL-Guy, with the exception of your sad humour, this Report’s comment section is a DRAW!!!

          • Anonymous October 30, 2020 at 5:58 am

            I’m one of the very few who brings common sense and conflict, so of course that’s why the comments are great. LOL

          • Come on, DirtyRatBastard and LOL boy, Every regular reader of the comment section already knows the other person on an “Approved by Frank Only” basis is Natashka.

          • “Hutchinson, it’s got to be Hutchinson, unless Frank considers NiceGuy 666 a girl like I do. LOL”

            Typically Frank, why was this comment approved? LOL gets to insult 2 people in one sentence, good job.

            I wish readers have an option to not see comments from a specific IP. Is it something that can be put in order?

  • How many disciples are on the loose with the same behaviors?
    We all have a past, but that does not give us the right to underestimate and take advantage of the vulnerability of others.

  • The court effectually said that if you somehow come back to life, you’ll get the remainder of the years not served tacked onto your original sentence/sin.

  • He should have listened to others more. When KR talks he is good at listening to the other person to twist their words against them and use their weaknesses. However he has not listened well to those who would have kept him out of jail. He should have taken regular advice with humility from the start from experts rather than thinking he was almost God and always right. Even here at sentencing he should have taken his lawyer’s advice. A rambling speech is no use. Nor is refusing to accept any guilt.

    I hope the mother who has not had child support is ordered to be given some and it would be good if even penny of financial losses and legal costs of those who were sued by him in the 40 law suits got all their money back. As he is away for so long he is not likely to find money to get out sooner in some kind of deal so I expect it is going to be hard for victims to get any money at all other than anything that has been frozen already.

  • Frank, it looks like your attempts to persuade the public that the prosecutors are corrupt only suceeded in making the prosecutors and judge mad. How much more time and effort and you going to waste on a failed quest to persuade the public that the prosecutors are corrupt?


    Since his conviction, Raniere has remained “unrepentant” with “no empathy for his victims,” wrote prosecutors, who in their sentencing memorandum shared emails and transcripts of conversations Raniere has had in recent months from prison with those who still back him.

    “In his communications with his supporters, Raniere repeatedly attempts to cast himself as a victim of persecution and harassment from the government and from unknown enemies,” prosecutors wrote.

    In a February email to a supporter, an incarcerated Raniere wrote that his prosecution was a “political, envy-driven, money-powered lie to destroy a community and keep me either incarcerated for life or otherwise ‘disposed of,'” federal records show.
    Referring to Garaufis, who oversaw his trial, Raniere in an April phone call with a supporter said: “This judge needs to know he’s being watched,” prosecutors say. Garaufis will hand down Raniere’s sentence.

    Raniere in another conversation with that supporter “offers lengthy diatribes” on the criminal justice system, “presumably for publication on a podcast,” prosecutors said.

    Garaufis on Friday denied Raniere’s motion for a new trial, in which his lawyers cited as “newly discovered evidence” testimony by people including Clyne. She wrote in an affidavit this month that she wanted to testify in Raniere’s defense at his trial but couldn’t because of “threats from the prosecution.” Prosecutors called these claims “meritless” in court filings.


    But Brooklyn federal court Judge Nicholas Garaufis ensured that Raniere would remain in prison for life, saying he has yet to show any remorse for his crimes.

    “To him, the brave victims … are liars,” Garaufis said in bringing down the gavel on the sex-trafficker, including ordering him to pay a $1.72 million fine.

    “Mr. Raniere remains unmoved. … [He] has therefore failed to demonstrate remorse,” instead maintaining “to this day that he’s done nothing wrong,” the judge said.

  • Congrats to all, including you, Frank! I know what a sacrifice it must have been for those who spoke out – revisiting the pain and damage.

    I am so relieved that he will be cut off from current and former NX members. That is the best news. He will no longer be free to spread his poison and run his games.

    The tragedy is that NONE of this had to happen. Had he been content with LEGALLY-obtained wealth, respect, adoration and voluntary sex, he could sitting in Halfmoon today. His girlfriend left him $8M, for heaven’s sake.

    I hope this outcome is of some comfort to the families of Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder.

  • Judge Garaufis was very gracious, only 120 years, but we can live with that when he is forever cut off from any communication with his accomplices and followers in the underground part of the Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado, because 120 years is just too much even for a Vanguard.

  • Vanguard, you’re turn to be someone’s flower petal.

    Im not surprised. A letter proclaiming his innocence. Friday night dances by the Vanguard girls. A podcast thumbing his nose at the court.

    Complete defiance and lack of respect for both the court and his victims.

    And we haven’t even gotten to the main stuff.

    The damage he has caused will be with his victims forever. His initials on the privates of the victims will be a constant reminder.

    Time to heal.

  • Did he see you in court, Frank? How do YOU feel today? (We all know how KR must be feeling just about now…)

  • So what are we thinking for very complicit Prefect, the creator of the Jness curriculum that ultimately led to the formation pf DOS. In addition, she knew about Dani’s imprisonment at the time and gave her approval from her high command.

    I am very pleased to see that India’s series is shining the spotlight on brazen and craven Nan. I cannot see her as a victim as she cried only over the loss of her tech and, possibly the betrayal of Raniere.

  • The best part of today’s sentencing:

    The best single thing to come from today’s proceedings is that Raniere will never be able to harm another woman or young girl ever again.

  • If only Keith’s favorite 80s video game growing up had been anything other than Vanguard, then I bet none of this would have ultimately ever happened. Because there’s no way any serious cult leader could be called Donkey Kong, Q*bert or even Ms. Pac Man for example. Galaxian might work, but Frogger again would just be silly.

  • I wonder if Frank will take note of the content of victim impact statements, in their address to the judge, which summarize that Keith should not have access to the outside world or his followers, that his destructive and remorseless teachings do harm to the world at large. The very reasoning outlined to the judge, in which he responded in sentencing, is in direct opposition to the justifications of Frank Parlato to publish his muck raking opportunistic exposure of those who seek to spread his message of female submission and happiness through slavery.

    Like Keith, I don’t see an adjustment or remorse for hurting victims and the culture.

    Everyone and everything is a unit to capitalize on.

  • Nicki Clyne was recently interviewed by Scott Adams of Dilbert fame on his Youtube channel. Adams did not pose difficult questions, tossing softball after softball, letting her defend Raniere and implying the image of a 15yo child found by FBI agents on one of his hard disks had actually been planted while in federal custody. Fun stuff.

    • This was gross. It is helpful to watch it and contrast to Frank’s behavior and interviews. Frank did not indulge with Nicki. Scott is indulging with Nicki allowing her to attack the victims. The interviews of scott adams is gross

        • Nicki Clyne Danger!!!!

          Terrifying and scary stuff! Nicki Clyne is intelligent, well-spoken, charismatic, and somewhat persuasive.

          Watch the video above which Paranoid Factoid provided the link to.

          EVERYONE on the Frank Report, all regular commenters and staff alike have made fun of Nicki at some point in time. Nicki should not be taken lightly.

          After watching the video, I came to the terrifying conclusion that Nicki has the ability to recruit future women members into NXIVM, and even lead her own branch of Nxivm.

          WATCH THE VIDEO!

          At the very least watch the first 10 min!

          She is fully capable of keeping NXIVM alive.

  • Great job to all who worked so hard for this day. Looking forward to reading the entire sentencing document and all the stipulations, financial attachments, etc.

    Did the Judge mention anything regarding his thought as to final destination of the convicted?

  • The impact statements detail so many longlasting circumstances of very crazily inappropriate, frequently illegal and often, traumatic experiences. These actions are the responsibility of Raniere AND his group, including some who now speak against him in court.

    So although Raniere is finally being sentenced, this “justice” is, in a way, a mixed bag, so far as actual acknowledgement or perhaps awareness, of personal accountability.

    However, personal responsibility isn’t the objective today. It is unlikely to happen. Today is only the day to get Raniere housed away from the rest of the world, possibly to die in permanently imprisoned.

    Yet Raniere and some diehards still think that this was self-help and is a wonderful way to advance themselves, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

    It’s mindbending to observe so much denial, realizing some will continue to be loyal to him. And he can only cast himself as a misunderstoid martyr.

  • Wow! Really? 120 years?!
    Is that a thing? Why wasn’t it just life or whatever?

    Oh well. I don’t know much about law, but I hope his victims feel at ease now finally! Or at least a little more at ease—Their lives are all forever altered from K.R. and NXIVM, but I wish them all happiness and healing.

    • The 120 years is the accumulation of the various charges against Raniere. LOL

      In the very unlikely even some of the convictions are overturned or deemed to be too harsh, they may reduce it to 110 years. LOL

  • Fantastic. Now it’s time to convict Clare Bronfman’s lawyer, Dennis K. Burke, for his role in NXIVM’s scheme to circumvent the immigration laws.

  • The classic empty and evasive, non-apology: “I am sorry that you are angry or upset.”

    No responsibility taken

  • Holy cow, he didn’t get life. 😅😅 I see a super max in his future. Maybe his superior and exceptional ethereal powers will keep him alive till probation. Not!

      • Actually, in the world of BOP, a prisoner with a life sentence is automatically considered to be “dangerous” because they are beyond punishment. So, contrary to your statement, Raniere is definitely a candidate for the supermax prison.

        • I agree Raniere is “dangerous,” just not the kind that ends up in a supermax prison. LOL

          If for no other reason, he’s not worth the extra taxpayer dollars. LOL

  • There may not have been a meteor but there certainly was an earthquake! Look on the bright side Keith – when it rains, you still aren’t getting wet. 😁

  • How do you feel, Frank?
    Did Keith and his supporters speak? Did Dani talk?

    What did you feel throughout the sentencing?

    Nice work.

  • Michele Hatchette has always been someone’s laziest recruitment [benefiting their immediate “Master”-status, over Crybaby Jane’s penis] i.e. obligation [ ✔ ] FULFILLED to Keith’s “literal requisites.” Resulting w they ‘Not Be Pestered Again About Recruiting! (least not for the next 3 weeks)….’ — I might only imagine Vanguard implementing very specific requisites for those non-NXIVM applicants, specifically regarding homeless indignant(s), hopelessly degenerate addict(s), etc, etc.

    Her particular brand of Vanguard-fervor™️ is unique, insomuch, joining in post-2016 along w never really exposed to NXIVM, mostly DOS or JNESS Tracks (albeit, beyond financial obligations for self-betterment, etc., etc.)

    But India’s revelation today will only most certainly revitalize her Google Search Results livelihood via Sensationalism-Exploitive Clickbait Updates.
    Her parents most certainly feel noble, if not outright boastful about today’s proceedings.

    She triflin’

  • Tick tock. Tick tock. That is the sound of Vanguard’s freedom coming to an end.

    Game over. You lose.

    Next stop: going after collaborators….Nancy and Allison, you are next.

    Tick tock. Tick tock.

    • I was really taken with how Ivy Nevares’ full impact statement today really went after Nancy Salzman while others seem to cut her a break

      • Seduced, the four-part series that features India does not portray Nancy in a kindly light.

        That said, good for Ivy. For so long she was silent. But her words have been powerful. She was victimized by Keith for years. He stole valuable years of her life. Now, she’s fighting back and saying her truth. She’s pulled no punches. She’s speaking out against Keith and NXIVM, and pushing back against the narrative Nicki and friends have been pushing. Good for Ivy! Keep moving forward!

      • Nancy, Nancy’s daughter, Allison and the other high ranking collaborators need to be held accountable as they were agents of evil and need to be held accountable for the harm they inflicted on others. They are guilty and cannot hide behind being brainwashed or manipulated. THEY were the manipulators.

  • Congratulations to the team which consisted of journalists, law enforcement, victims and family members of victims, over the course of decades.

    I hope this decision will bring some comfort and confirmation of the reality so many suffered.

    To the profiteers and perpetrators that were victims as well. Your morality still needs work and your judgement is impaired. The world does not need your screwed up vision of the world that up until a few years ago, all was “good” and “righteous”.

    If you are truly sorry, save your speeches for your therapists office.

  • And when all has been said and done he will still claim to be innocent.

    Which is another good reason why a life sentence is appropriate.

    No one sign of remorse.

    The maximum penalty should apply.

  • Now that Cami put the final nail in Keith’s coffin when are the 5 Blind mindless idiots going to denounce Keith? Or are they so thoughtless they still believe Cami and the prosecution is lying, unable to realize Keith’s perpetual lies?

  • What was Keith doing this whole time? Did he have any kind of reaction?

    It must be strange for him to hear all of this stuff about himself from people he had once thought of as his disciples without being able to interject.

  • I can’t believe this is actually happening!!! And Frank, thank you so much for giving us updates in real time. Viva Executive Success:)

  • RE Nxivm Millions Missing:

    Why did Nancy Salzman the Proctor ask for special permission from the judge to communicate with Cathy Russel NXIVM’s book keeper?

    —Kristin also alleged that Keith and Nancy still had millions of dollars in cash hidden away – which is a matter that the judge might want to consider when he’s fashioning restitution orders for Keith and Nancy.

  • I don’t really dislike her and find her brave, but this is the 3rd time I’ve heard Sarah Edmonson change her story. On a podcast about a year ago she said something about how Keith viewed her as one of his top picks to conquest sexually. Then in The Vow, she said he actually wanted her in DOS just so she could recruit, not for sex. Now she flips back again to he tried to steal her from Nippy.

    Anyone else notice this?

    • .I dislike her, but I also feel bad for her suffering. Disgusted, that’s how trauma works. It’s like an onion on no particular schedule, that peels back when you’re ready to handle it, or something triggers it. Everyone involved will realize new things decades later when they realize new ways of looking at what happened to them. Just because she has issues with ego doesn’t mean it didn’t happen; it just means she may go through more effort to protect it.

      Also, look at the way Anthony Ames reacts. She has to console him for what happens to herself. He’s a baby man.

    • You may find Seduced on STARZ interesting which tells the story from India’s perspective. Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente do not come off looking good in it. Also, Allison and Nancy are in for harsh sentences if other victims feel as strongly as India.

    • I’ve noticed this as well. In the first podcast I listened to on the subject, Sarah said she discounted stories about Keith’s sexual exploits because she hadn’t been propositioned. The story has changed a lot since then and it’s a shame because she did do a lot to bring him down. Her ‘truth’ seems to evolve and it’s not dissimilar to the way Toni behaves. It takes a certain personality to succeed in this type of business and Sarah and Toni were both very successful reeling people in – character doesn’t change.

  • Mexican news outlets are reporting a life sentence. What’s going on there Frank? It’s been over two hours since the last update.

  • I don’t quite remember what the name was of this deeply wounded ?human.

    Whatever it his, he’ll be quickly forgotten.

    Goes to show that if you act like a dog, people will treat you like a dog.

  • I know we’re not supposed to be hopeful for his demise because of the evil he’s brought into the world… but I cannot help where my mind wanders, and how his prison “pillow talk” will turn to ESP-coded language, and while his flatulence might not make a sound and his jaw might be sore for other reasons than spewing endless BS, I do imagine that he’ll have new faithful, on the inside.

    Nah. Self-delusion. I know he’ll get assigned to a rich white guy protected prisoner facility. Might even get to play volleyball and hold court-side sessions. Maybe at midnight.

    KAR, I cannot wait ’til that day we can stop talking about you.

    • With the underage sex crimes, Raniere will be lucky to stay alive long enough to suffer very much, and that’s a good thing that saves all of us taxpayer dollars for his room and boarding. LOL



    My darling, India, is in court today, reading her victim impact statement. I am sending love and support. It is the first time she will get to address her abuser Keith Raniere – a man who lacks any moral compass. Finally, he is being held accountable for his crimes. Praying for a life sentence. 🙏🏻 Let no one be harmed by him again @indiaoxenberg @starz #seduced #justice

    • Catherine, Franck,

      You were close to the story – aren’t you mad Nancy Salzman walk out free and doesn’t have to testify? Does the fact she was first to turn against him enough to absolve her? Do you really believe she did not know, endorse, support or even only try to hide KR abuses?

      • Salzman plead guilty, but even if she didn’t, she wouldn’t have been required to testify, just like
        Raniere didn’t testify. LOL

    • I hope everyone is celebrating. He is a monster, and went way way too far. I have an understanding of ‘a cult of one’, just check out Keith’s facial expressions in The Vow when he meets Allison Mack for the first time, Sickening. Congratulations Catherine.

  • If the Judge selects sentencing level of 49 and the chart only goes to level 43, then Queef gets level 43 – which is life in prison, regardless of the criminal history category.

    Basically, Keith Raniere’s sentence is off the chart, so Judge G will use the highest guideline level on the chart.

    If Keith gets Life, plus his antics of trying to launch protests n intimidate the Judge via letters from his followers. It does indeed look like Queef is going to be on a U.S. Marshal jet (called ConAir) to Colorado, very shortly.

    • Go on…
      You may have come to the right place.
      Any other future cult leaders out there who want a captive audience?

  • Does anyone know how to watch the live CBS6 feed from San Francisco? Can’t find a stream on the CBS6 website or on CBS news app. Worth a shot. Thanks

  • Why can’t Keith make a meteor strike? He can change the weather can’t he? Fire lightning bolts from his dick?

    • Queef will be getting PLENTY of the Blue Light Special once he’s taken out of Supermax and put into gen-pop. In about 10 years.

    • He doesn’t get wet when it rains, but I wouldn’t p**s on him either… No more walking in the rain for him, I think.

  • “There will be at least one more woman testifying, whose identity cannot be revealed until she arrives safely in the courtroom.” Rhiannon perhaps?

    • Great guess! Speaking of bringing the house down.
      Between Cami, Rhiannon, and the meteor, that poor courtroom may have seen its last daylight.

  • Such ridiculous people lol. They want to sentence Keith to life in Supermax because they are soooooo afraid of what a 60-year-old man might do and at the same time, they’re scared out of their minds of COVID. Running around with these stupid masks everywhere 😀

  • The report from FAA and NASA is precious. The only meteor to strike today will be the judge’s sentence. Justice will be served.

  • Can anyone tell me if KR’s attorney ever said why they did not really put on a defense in the trial? I haven’t really seen that discussed by him.

    Asking because I did read he had a number of letters from supporters and Dani & Camilla’s father apparently supports him from what I’ve read. Just seems strange they didn’t even try.

    • Raniere’s lawyer had nothing to work with, he would have just dug Raniere’s hole deeper if he tried because of the cross examination. LOL

  • Frank, forgive me I missed it but I have not seen you comment on the STARZ series now running focusing on India. I think it is really good and has a lot of internal NXIVM footage of Keith and Nancy (she seems insane). I have to say that Mark Vicente does not look good in this series based on the first two episodes. Also, I laughed at India’s grandmother first impression of Nancy that Nancy was “peddling rubbish and was an idiot.”

    • You are seeing the real MARK VICENTE, who was an enforcer for NXIVM for many years and obviously saw many illegal activities. The Starz series SEDUCED portrays Mark in an unvarnished and authentic light.

      Unlike The Vow, which Mark co-produced and in which he tries to ‘window dress’ himself as an outstanding citizen. Look at the facts. Make up your own mind. Seduced is a much better and more accurate look. Not an attempt at revisionist history.

    • Yes, isn’t it interesting that in “Seduced”, Mark and, to some degree, Sara, do not come across very well, as it is emphasized how financially they benefitted and were complicit in marketing NXIVM. Mark appears as Keith’s right-hand man and enabler. Even Nippy gets briefly exposed as part of the NXIVM team. Also, it’s amusing to see how magnificently Catherine is always made-up and presented when she clearly has a hand in the production.

      • If I was producing and on camera, I wouldn’t give myself bedhead in my scenes. And I’d probably get in a few shots at people I wasn’t fond of…

        • Nutjob- You have a rather alternative view point. Would you be producing a movie of the HBO After Dark? The shots you mentioned would they be of the money variety? Is that really bed head?

    • Nancy Salzman is not an idiot but, instead, is someone who made everything possible. My view is that Raniere is an idiot, he is clearly from everything he says and writes emotion poor (and doesn’t care about people), and she should have seen that. Raniere is extremely good at hiding his anti-social nature in facial expressions, better than I’ve seen with any other psychopath, but from everything he says and writes, it’s clear that he wants to push his view of how the world should be. Think back to a German leader in the 1930s to mid-1940s, he was the same. Without Salzman, Raniere could not have done what he did, as he’s not intelligent enough and he doesn’t understand people… Salzman should have seen the insanity in Raniere, but perhaps she was indoctrinated in some way.

      • Nancy is blinded by MONEY! She is as vicious or possibly more than Keith. Nancy and Lauren Salzman are two cruel depraved women motivated by money!
        They both had sex with Keith mother and daughter! Who does that??

        Judge Garaufis please lock them up for a long long time!

      • Raniere had the ability to enthrall people and get them to create an organization of significant size – as he demonstrated first with Consumer Buyline. I think Salzman lacked that, and saw Raniere as her ride for doing bigger things with her NLP-based ideas than she could do on her own. So the two enabled each other to do more than they could on their own.

    • Mark Vicente looked horrible in episode 1 of the Vow and it got worse with each episode, despite the staggering omissions and crocodile tears of a perpetrator.

      What sickens me are the previous defectors and former members giving him a pass. It’s like watching trauma bonding and deferment to a male authority figure all over again through NXIVM conditioning.

      *Learn the lesson of not making yourself smaller to preserve the fragile masculinity of a narcissistic beta.*

      If David Miscaviges’ good friend, a long term high ranking member of Scientology had defected, do you think this hypothetical person would get the same soft ball questions and insipid fawning? Nope. It wouldn’t happen. Finally leaving after criminal behavior was out of control, beyond all the other normalized criminal and unethical actions, doesn’t give a pass for all those years of making women’s lives hell and perpetuating gendered violence in Mexico.

      NXIVMs message in Mexico only creates a higher death count in the female genocide currently taking place.

      Listen to his interviews, he sounds like Keith. ‘I’m so smart and good, so what if this is my second cult”.

      I do appreciate Bonnies “side eye” when Mark speaks in The Vow. Perhaps she’s started to figure out why emotionally immature men that like compliance marry younger women.

    • Mark Vicente gets a pass on Frank Report. They close ranks because he was a cooperating witness and they’ll funnel their own stories through his production. It’s possible Frank published all that NXIVM5 desperation as material for Season 2.

  • Are you ready for some prison?
    Judge Nick’s Tuesday party!
    We got Frank with pen in hand,
    Were gonna get it kick started,

    Ranieres here, judge nick is psyched,
    All of NXIVM is done by six tonight!

  • Frank – you remind me of a modern day Columbo. Congratulations – all your years of fearless diligent reporting on this case is finally coming to fruition. Much peace and respect to you.

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