Last Updated 4:52 PM: SHE GETS 6.75 Years!!!!! Handcuffed and Taken Away!! Clare Bronfman: Coverage of Her Sentencing – With Frequent Updates

Clare Bronfman heads to court with her attorneys.
4:52 PM
In addition to the 81 months the Court also imposed a fine of $500,000 and restitution to be paid to victim “Jane Doe 12” in the amount of $96,605.
4:41 PM
Based on Clare Bronfman’s sentence of 81 months, – a much higher sentence than even the prosecutors asked for, it is reasonable to assume that Raniere will get life in prison when he sentenced on October 27.
4:37 PM
“She was dressed for jail and it showed,” a commenter said. This is true. Most likely her lawyers advised her that this morning was her last day of freedom and to be prepared to be handcuffed immediately.
It will take hours for her to be processed and she is probably now still in handcuffs and possibly shackles. Tonight she will probably be staying at the MDC — possibly with Ghislaine Maxwell.
If there is a silver lining for Bronfman – is that Keith Raniere is there at the MDC too, although they will not be able to meet.
4:33 PM
The defense argued that the charges did not warrant the five years the prosecution was seeking. Then the judge handed her a sentence of 81 months.
It is a safe bet that the defense will be appealing the sentence, based largely on the argument that Clare was sentenced for crimes she was not convicted of or pleaded guilty to.
4:32 PM
Scene outside the courthouse after the sentencing of Clare Webb Bronfman
Susan Dones [l] and Barbara Bouchey — that’s the happiest I’ve seen Bouchey ever. They just left the courtroom after Clare Bronfman’s sentencing.
4:23 PM
Her plea deal last year- suggesting a sentence of 21-27 months was worthless – as the judge sentenced her to 81 months in prison and possibly the wealthiest defendant he ever had to sentence was handcuffed seconds after he pronounced sentence.
Quite likely the judge did not want to risk a woman with $200 million and a surprisingly high sentence to be free to possibly flee the country.
A woman who spent millions of her wealth trying to destroy enemies of Raniere – and put them in prison will now go to prison herself
And oddly the two financial crimes she pleaded guilty to – harboring an illegal alien for financial gain and Identity theft – by enabling Raniere to use Cafritz’s credit card – amounted to about $400,000 in financial fraud – just peanuts.
Surely the judge must have been angered by the antics of hers and Raniere’s followers over the last few days – calling the prosecutors and the judge corrupt – and Bronfman’s stubborn refusal to disavow Raniere.
I wonder if she still stands by her Vanguard now that reality has hit her in the face”

4:19 PM
At 81 months, Clare got a higher sentence than the prosecution was seeking. The judge said the context of the crimes – and her involvement with Keith Raniere – the use of her wealth to intimidate people – enhanced the seriousness of her crimes.  He wanted to send a message.
4:19 PM Bronfman Remanded to custody — handcuffed and taken away!
4:11 PM
Judge sentenced Clare Bronfman to 81 months — or 6.75 years — more details to follow!
3:36 PM
It is now four and one half hours since Clare’s sentencing hearing began.
Clare Poisoned by Raniere?
While we are waiting for sentence to be handed down, Omar Rosales had an interesting observation about Clare’s liver condition. See: Lawyers: Clare Bronfman Has Serious Liver Problem Putting Her at Risk of Entering Prison With the Pandemic
As readers know, I have written about how Keith may have poisoned several of his female followers and made a film about it called the Lost Women of Nxivm, which appeared on Investigation Discovery.
Omar said, “When ingested, stomach acid turns the zinc phosphide into phosphine So yes, there is an explanation for Clare’s liver failure and skin pallor. Raniere might have given her rat poison to get her $$$.”
3:20 PM
Here is the NY Daily News’ headline: DANGEROUS MEGALOMANIAC
They are of course referring to Clare and are quoting Kristin Keeffe from her victim statement in court today.
I wonder if Clare thinks of herself that way.
3:16 PM
The New York Post on the first session with the victims speaking.

More quotes during victim impact statements.

Susan Dones: “Did you [Clare] ever consider they [Nxivm] wanted your money? What would happen if you just stopped giving your money? In my opinion, you’re a predator. Let that sink in.”

Bronfman tightly held her lawyer’s hand as she got the earful.

“You should understand that there are lives you destroyed,” Dones continued. “If you would’ve allowed that truth to come to the surface, DOS would not ever have happened. What you call humanity of Nxivm is just lipstick on a pig.”

Dones then accused Bronfman of still being under Raniere’s spell.

“I pray for you every day,” she said. “I pray you will take the class of Keith Raniere out of you … because he is killing you.”

Kristin Keeffe said: “I saw Clare mentally descend over several years into a dangerous megalomaniac.”

Bronfman also launched a financial attack on her when she protested litigation against Raniere’s ex-girlfriend, Barbara Boucher, Keeffe said — by billing her rent for a Nxivm townhouse she lived in and slashing her $55,000-a-year salary to just $13,000.

“She was trying to psychologically break me,” Keeffe said.

Meanwhile, Keeffe said Clare “rode a $1 million horse, bought a 6,500 square foot mansion and flew in her $11 million private jet.”

Barbara Bouchey said: “Clare, do you realize they lied to you? You thought you were in the inner circle. You were six layers out. He {Raniere] used you. He pawned you. He made you feel special.”

After the women wrapped up their statements, about three minutes of silence fell over the cavernous courtroom [they are in the large ceremonial courtroom today] before the judge ordered a break before sentencing.

[That three minutes of silence is very telling and not a good sign for Clare. It must have been a very somber and emotion-filled moment.]

Another shot of Clare coming into court for her sentencing. courtesy the NY Post. Look at her eyes. We have seen this faraway look before, she looks lost and dazed as she likely is – and it is precisely the same feeling she gave to so many people when they realized that she, with her money, was coming after them.




3:07 PM

It probably won’t help Clare but maybe Judge Garaufis tuned in yesterday when Nicki Clyne insisted that NXIVM is not a “sex cult” on a an episode of CBS This Morning.

Clyne said, “It’s very unfortunate the way that the word ‘Nxivm’ has been applied and is now synonymous with the term ‘sexual cult,’ which I don’t even know how to define what that is.”

3:00 PM

They have been back in the court for an hour and 15 minutes.  It is somewhat now like waiting for a baby to be born.

As we wait, look at this picture from Jezebel of Clare Bronfman – look at how skinny her neck it.

Clare Bronfman arrives at the Brooklyn courthouse. Note her skinny neck, the result of years of semi-starvation diet under Raniere’s direction.

Raniere taught his followers that any woman who eats more than 800 calories per day has a deep spiritual problem.

2:52 PM

As we wait for news which is expected to come at any moment, here is an interesting screenshot from Good Morning America this morning, as Clare makes the big time media.

2:47 PM

Ayla Ferrone: l have been speaking with @catoxenberg [Catherine Oxenberg] this morning. She is not at the sentencing but keeping an eye from afar. She tells me: “Clare Bronfman’s sentencing is a powerful example of justice triumphing over privilege, wealth and corruption. #RBG would be proud.” #NXIVM

2:42 PM

Among the victims, Sally Brinks was another who spoke.

Noah Goldberg for the New York Daily News reports:

Sally BrinkSally Brink, who left NXIVM in 2016 after 13 years in the sordid cult, warned Bronfman about sticking by Raniere’s side.

“As long as you support KR (Keith Raniere), there is no forgiveness for you,” Brink said. “You’re not going to heal with KR in your life. You have to take back your power. You have no sense of self without him.”

Nine women spoke [not 10 as originally planned.]

Susan Dones [she creid when she spoke: “In my opinion you’re [Clare] a predator. You should feel shame, self loathing … You should understand there are lives you destroyed. I pray that you will take the claws of Keith Raniere out of you, and you will learn who Clare Bronfman really is.”

Toni Natalie spoke about Clare’s and Nxivm’s  practice of “scorched-earth litigation.”

Toni: “I was not scorched. I was incinerated,” Natalie said.

Barbara Bouchey said she was dragged into 14 lawsuits from NXIVM since she left, all because she broke up with cult leader Keith Raniere.

Bouchey: “I have endured hundreds of headline news stories. All I did was decide to break up with Keith Raniere.”

2:26 PM

The Victims Cried
Ayla Ferrone, who covered Nxivm for years, tweet, @GiulianaBrunoTV tells me many of the victims cried during their statements, and the overall tone was sadness and anger. She says the victims blame Bronfman for funding Keith Raniere’s enterprise and enabling him to victimize them. #NXIVM.
Giuliana Bruno reports outside the courthouse
There have been nearly a dozen victims – all women who made statements before the court. Every woman spoke about Keith Raniere, Nxivm and Clare Bronfman as the main enabler of Raniere.  All of them said they don’t feel that Clare will ever renounce Raniere. All of them said their lives were ruined by Bronfman and Raniere.
Toni Natalie
Toni Natalie spoke: “Clare Bronfman was a pivotal part of trying to destroy my life.”
Barbara Bouchey said that she was a self-made millionaire; she started from nothing and built her way up. A lot of the work she had done to get to where she was totally destroyed by Bronfman.
Kristin Keeffe had to flee to the Florida Keys
In a surprise move, Kristin Keeffe spoke as a victim. She mentioned that she has a 14-year-old son with Keith.
She said Clare Bronfman’s involvement with Keith and Nxivm “ruined my life.”
1:23 PM
The victim impact statements – 10 of them – wrapped up. And now a half-hour break. It must have been quite an emotional scene. Based on the fact that it took about two hours for the victim impact statements, we can assume there will be at least another hour of proceedings when court resumes at 1:45.

Giuliana Bruno just tweeted

#ClareBronfman’s sentencing proceeding is on break until 1:45. Victim impact statements just wrapped up. All echoed that their involvement in NXIVM, funded by Bronfman, ruined their lives, and that Bronfman was a Raniere enabler.


In addition to Barbara Bouchey and Susan Dones — Kristin Keeffe and Toni Natalie have been spotted at the courthouse. Catherine Oxenberg, Mark Vicente and Bonnie Piesse are not there.

1:06 PM Update

We are two hours in and waiting for word from our correspondents in the courtroom. Meantime take a look at this Tweet of yesterday by Nxivm-5 member Suneel Charkravorty, the man who secretly communicates with Keith [and whose phone calls were monitored, and also would visit Clare Bronfman. .

What a fine tweet to post on the eve of Clare’s sentencing  – that judges are corrupt.

12:26 PM Update

Another picture of Clare headed to court. She is 41 years old.

Clare Bronfman heads to court for her sentencing hearing on Sept. 30, 2020. Photo Courtesy Daily Mail.

12:20 PM Update

The Daily Mail posted this picture of Clare Bronfman headed to court for her sentencing.

Photo Courtesy Daily Mail. Clare Bronfman walks toward court with her attorney Ronald Sullivan.

12:01 PM Update

A photo taken today of the courthouse by William Denselow on Twitter.

It is a gloomy day in Brooklyn for one of the most privileged heiresses ever to be convicted of felony crimes that involved financial improprieties.

Brooklyn Federal Courthouse on Sept. 30, 2020 the day Clare
Bronfman was sentenced.

11:44 AM Update

Clare’s Family Could Not Be Bothered to Attend

As per our report , overseas relatives of Clare Bronfman – ie her mother, stepfather, sister and brother in law requested to attend the hearing via teleconferencing because they could not come because of the pandemic. That request was denied by the judge

As evidence that there desire to come was perhaps not so great, the following comment from a reader is interesting:

Two of my husbands colleagues flew to New York and LA respectively, last week. One is due home on Sunday – no issues expected apart from the necessary quarantines. They flew Finnair, out of LHR, nice flights etc.

The Bronfman’s have the use of private planes, so the claim that it’s not possible to get to the US because of Covid is a straightforward falsehood.

I personally don’t fancy a long distance flight, masked up, nor can I afford to sit at home under quarantine on return, however, if my sister/ daughter were about to be sent to prison????

Wild fecking horses couldn’t keep me from being as close and as much help as I could be. This is why, in the long run, a spell in prison is about the best thing that could happen to Clare. She needs to reflect on her values, without the bullshit vested interests of that cult AND the cold comforts of her family, who obviously, just cant be bothered…

[Of course, Sara Bronfman may have another, better reason for not attending Clare’s sentencing. She brought her sister into the cult and committed many of the same deeds as Clare did. It was astounding that she was not charged and a lot of people are speculating that she will be arrested if she appears in the USA.]

11:40 AM Update

Barbara Bouchey’s request to speak longer than 10 minutes was denied by Judge Nicholas Garaufis. So she will be speaking like the others will, for 10 minutes.

10:30 AM Update

Several new filings on PACER this morning.

One was Judge Garaufis’ denial of the last-minute request from Clare’s mother, step-father, sister, and brother-in-law for a video-link to the proceedings.

The other two concerned a last-minute request from the Inner City Press for a telephone link to the proceedings – and the judge’s denial of that request. Here is the actual denial from Judge Garaufis:

ORDER: The court received the Inner City Press’s [934] Application that a telephone link be provided by the court for today’s sentencing of Defendant Clare Bronfman at 4:50am this morning. The Application is DENIED. The court has reserved seating in the courtroom for members of the press, and has established two additional courtrooms as well as the court cafeteria as overflow rooms for both the press and public to watch the proceeding by live video. Credentialed members of the press interested in attending the proceeding should contact court security and will be given priority seating in the overflow rooms. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 9/30/2020.


Stay tuned for more updates throughout the day…


We will begin our coverage of Clare Webb Bronfman’s sentencing as soon as information is available.

The newest information will be placed at the top of this post, with older information moving downward.

We will put the time of each entry.

The sentencing hearing begins at 11 AM and will likely go on for several hours before Clare is sentenced.

There will NOT be a remote dial-in option for the sentencing.

Bronfman pleaded guilty to conspiracy to conceal and harbor illegal aliens for financial gain and fraudulent use of identification. The crimes carry a maximum of 15 and 10 years respectively and the judge has the option of sentencing her to consecutive sentences, meaning that the absolute maximum sentence Clare can get is 25 years.

That is unlikely to happen. The prosecution is recommending a sentence of five years and the defense is seeking probation. According to the terms of her plea deal, Clare can appeal any sentence longer than 27 months.

It is believed that Judge Garaufis will sentence her to more than 27 months, based on a statement he made last December about considering an upward departure.

Since then, Clare has written to the judge stating that she will not disavow Keith Raniere and Raniere’s recent antics, including having dancers twerk in front of the MDC where he is being held, demanding prosecutors sign an affidavit swearing that they did not commit any criminal acts while prosecuting Raniere, and saying in a recorded conversation that someone has to watch the judge so he will know he cannot get away with what has happened That affirmation of loyalty to Keith cannot possibly help Bronfman at her sentencing today.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

United States District Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis will preside and the hearing will take place in the Hon. Jack B. Weinstein Ceremonial Courtroom, 2nd floor, North Wing.  There will be two Overflow Courtrooms: 2E North and 2F North to hear and watch the proceeding on video screens in real-time.  In addition to the two overflow courtrooms, the sentencing proceeding will be live-streamed in the cafeteria seating area on the 3rd floor of the courthouse.

It is our understanding that 10 victims will speak – and that each speaker has been allotted 10 minutes. That means – with time in between speakers – that at least 80 minutes or more will elapse with victims statements alone.

Barbara Bouchey and Susan Dones are known to be speaking.

Barbara Bouchey will address the court and Clare Bronfman at her sentencing.


Susan Dones will be speaking at the sentencing hearing.

Clare may also have speakers on her behalf – possibly the Nxivm-5 – and she will most likely speak herself asking for leniency from the judge.

The Nxivm-5: Marc Elliot, Suneel Chakravorty, Michelle Hatchette, Eduardo Asunsolo, and Nicki Clyne. Will they speak on behalf of Clare?

Both the prosecution and the defense attorneys will speak arguing for their respective recommendations and that should take another half hour to one hour.

It is not known if the prosecution or defense will read any letters written by absent victims or supporters into the record.

The judge will also explain the process he followed in coming up with Clare’s sentence – and after he is done with that, he will hand down the sentence.

There may be a break in between speakers. I expect the proceedings to last several hours and not end before 1 PM and more likely 2 PM.

The two big things, of course, to look for is the length of the sentence and whether the judge remands Clare into custody immediately [which means she will be handcuffed while in court] or whether he will allow her to report to prison at a later date.

If she is remanded to prison, she will most likely be taken to the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) – which, ironically enough, is where ner Vanguard is currently imprisoned. Thereafter, the Bureau of Prisons will decide where she will actually serve her sentence.

If she is assigned to serve her sentence at MDC, that might mean more charges are coming. If no charges are coming, it is likely she will be assigned to Danbury, Connecticut, a low-security United States federal prison for male and female inmates.


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  • God bless Judge Garaufis and God bless you, Frank for your part in bringing this evil, weak woman to justice. She deserves more jail time imo, but I respect this karma that she has earned.

  • Oh, so the judge was angry about them calling him and the prosecutors corrupt? Well, he just proved to everyone that he IS corrupt and biased. Seriously, ignoring a plea deal completely and sentencing her to crimes she has never been proven (and I mean PROVEN in court, not some “victim statements”), how much more disregard for legal proceedings and just plain JUSTICE can a judge display??

    • Although each plea agreement is somewhat unique, there are basically two types: one allows the judge to determine the sentence while the other specifies the sentence. The downside of the latter type is that if the judge rejects the agreed-upon sentence, the defendant goes to trial.

      Clare and her then-attorney, Mark Geragos, chose to enter into the first type of plea agreement. And worse yet, that agreement included specific language that allowed the prosecutors – and the probation officer who drafted Clare’s “Pre-Sentencing Report” – to ask for whatever sentence they thought was appropriate.

      Once she signed that plea agreement, Clare’s fate was sealed. And given the high quality of all her attorneys, I doubt she’ll get very far with an “incompetent counsel” argument.

    • It’s clear in the judge’s statement. You’re mad because you don’t understand it.

      Are you here to victim blame like a good little dog? I would ask if you fetch, but it looks like that’s exactly what you’re doing.

    • In the Federal system, once you enter your plea, you cannot withdraw it later. There is a specific admonishment in the allocution. The Defendant is asked and has to verbally agree that the ‘plea agreement is binding’ and that the sentence may fall outside the recommended range. The Defendant is also made aware that once the plea is entered, the plea cannot be withdrawn.

      Clare needs to be more concerned about her continuing illegal activities. There may be another indictment out there with Clare and Sara Bronfmans’ names on it.

  • Thank you, Frank. You’re a low key kinda guy, besides this blog of course, but that allows flashier personalities to overshadow your 2 decade long behind the scenes heroism. The masses may not know, but it seems a lot of people intimately involved with various groups know how much you care and how hard you’ve worked to bring an end to a dangerous group of people.

    I’m a late comer, but in all I’ve read I haven’t seen one good deed by any of the people you’ve covered. I have learned of your good deeds through others, as it should be. You don’t have to puff yourself up when your actions speak for themselves.

  • The Legate can never be contained. She will use the spiritual powers of Rational Regurgitation taught her by Wankguard to break the surly bonds of justice, and continue her humanitarian work of destroying innocent lives.

    Frank, I’m gonna drink a double toast to you tonight.

  • I wonder why her parents didn’t insist on their children being educated and learning critical thinking skills. Most filthy rich people instill education into their children’s heads as a priority. No high school even. I just find it especially odd even for them and their money. And I find it sad that (in my opinion) education may have saved them from Keith Raniere.

  • Frank, I know today was huge for you. I hope that you are sitting back with something to celebrate tonight. You truly are a pillar. Love from your friend that moved from Wyoming to South Carolina. Way to GO!!!

  • Who has the pin numbers now that Clare has been inconvenienced? Is there still something in the original war-chest/pot of gold?

    Would she have made arrangements for prison? The die-hards all seem convinced that their ‘make blind justice’ madness would prevail – was Clare similarly deluded? I didn’t think she looked prepared for anything more than an elevator trip to pick up post, no layers, no bag of pants…

    I hope this is the end of her vexatious actions against Frank, I was surprised to hear she was still going after Bouchey until recently.
    I’m sorry for her but she couldn’t have done more to deserve it. Good may come of it, whereas if she was left in the clutches of the cult…

    ..particularly, imo, this current pod of Porter’s proven psychopaths…

  • Lo siento me parece una condena bastante floja. Para una persona que ha pasado décadas intentando arruinar la vida de muchas personas. Y que ha colaborado activamente en delitos tan graves: lavado de dinero, prostitucion de menores y apoyo a hechos criminales probados.

  • For a long time, I thought Clare would certainly use her money to escape prison time. Happy to be wrong about that.

    Congratulations are in order to Mr. Parlato. The NXIVM gang tried to destroy you and they thought they were above the law. You helped prove them wrong and made sure they faced the consequences for ruining so many lives.

    Clare gets the least sympathy of all the women arrested along with Keith, but it’s sad to see her life among those ruined by NXIVM. She should be in prison for years though because every evil choice she made, she made willingly.

  • Let me make everyone mad, because that’s what I do. While I’m happy for Clare’s sentencing, I wish the powers that be would condemn MDC, burn it to the ground, and start over. No one should be expected to survive in that pit of filth. Not Clare. Or even KAR.

    Prison is bad enough without being grossly inhumane.

    PS – I don’t like Clare.

    • I agree. I have very definite opinions about our prison system, but in this case I wish justice were more medieval. I’ll leave it at that.

  • Celebrations are in order! Keith is now guaranteed to be put away for life! All the desperate attempts of his followers are proven to be beyond stupid. All we can hope for now is that the litigation machine is shut down for good. I hope for healing for all of Clare’s victims and that the “smartest man in the world” goes down for good.

  • I would not be the least bit surprised if Clare has been poisoned by the One Who Wants All The Money In The World (for ethical purposes). If so, I weep for her (truly), but that does not excuse her actions. Excessive money used the wrong way can be a billy club. No one ought to use it to beat others into submission.

    Clare, wake up. I know you can. You can still do good. KAR is not worth throwing your life away.

    Read this book: “Cooked”, by Jeff Henderson. Went in to the federal penitentiary as a coke dealer and came out as a master, world renowned chef. Just saying. Call Martha Stewart too.

  • Congratulations to all those that have been hurt by Clare. I hope other charges are brought forth to extend that sentence.

    Don’t worry about Clare, she has a whole new community in which to purchase friends. Hopefully they’ll drain her dry so she can’t hurt anyone again. Commissary for everyone!

    • I would think the guards and prisoners alike will sink their teeth into Clare and get that money. It will not be pleasant for her. She’s going to have to pay.

  • Keith manipulates others to do his work, why would poisoning be any different. What if Clare Bronfman was the poisoner? Would it be out of line with previous actions? Would she poison herself? Women poison, men use violence, statistically.

  • Waiting to hear whether Judge Garaufis will mention that he referred possible pending charges against Clare Bronfman to the Northern District of New York, where the Raniere/Bronfman(s) and Salzman(s), etc. were the most active.

    • Don’t expect the NDNY to do anything on their own. Our best bet is that the EDNY prosecutors will initiate new criminal proceedings in the NDNY (Any federal prosecutor can litigate in any federal district). But based on the 71-moth sentence, it sounds like Judge Garufis wasn’t counting on that happening.

      • It’s odd to see so much hate directed at Clare when her crimes did not even affect most of the commenters here.

        The POTUS is responsible for the deaths of thousands from Covid19, and yesterday he publicly announced that he supported the racist and misogynistic group, Proud Boys, (who, interestingly enough, do Roger Stone’s bidding, btw)…. Yet the vitriol directed towards a woman who also happens to be a victim of a cult leader, is unbelievable.

  • Unbelievable her mother didn’t get her ass over. These people have millions, they don’t have jobs,there is no issue that they will lose employment if they have to quarantine for weeks upon arrival. I wonder what kind of mother she was while they were growing up. Will Clare even see them until she gets out?

  • What a waste. I have respect for people when they wake up and realise just what mistakes they have made and have determination to better themselves, try heal relationships damaged, have remorse for misdeeds. It’s really sad she will die with no real relationships, no love all because she can’t let go of that life. It’s tragic really.

    • This was a link to a podcast sent to CBS News from Keith Raniere condeming the judicial system. It doesn’t seem to be there anymore…..can anyone find it?

  • Clare is still wearing that necklace, the small heart-shaped one. Even today it is prominently displayed on her chest. I notice that she wears it very often and have a feeling that it’s quite meaningful to her personally.

    That is astonishing, since Clare appears rather DEAD to any feelings. So perhaps Flabturd gave Clare that necklace as a gift? Really, I notice her wearing it consistently, as if it’s a sentimental amulet to her.

    Other than the necklace, she looks strangely attired for court. Not dirty really, just unkempt. Her hair is a mess, her clothing choice is odd. Big wide but shapeless trousers and what looks like a peach sweatshirt, for crying out loud.

    She looks as if she is trying to give the impression that just walking is quite a task. Clare has remained at a low weight. Her eyeglasses look huge, on what is left of her face.

    I love photos. This is quite the day.

    • Upon closer examination, the peach sweatshirt might be a cashmere sweater, just too big for Clare, especially the sleeves. Her hair is actually frightful.

      This ought to be more analytical instead of just about her appearance, but it’s early, and of course, Clare has not fainted yet. Besides, I don’t know about men, but we women notice hair, skin, clothes, jewelry, makeup or no makeup.

      Her shoes tell TOO much, but never mind. It’s really about sex. Oh my goodness, those shoes! Masculine like loggers clumpers.

          • NOT intended as a personal insult. My only point is that gender policing Clare’s outfit seems petty and out of place in this discussion, especially petty coming from someone using a pseudonym rather than their real name.

          • How someone presents themselves in court tells a lot. There are guidelines provided about it, and usually one’s attorney offers advice about how to dress, and business attire is suggested.

            It is a bit surprising if you don’t understand this. Bronfman is doing herself no favors, so far as dressing for the part which she has earned for herself. It might not be conspicuous to you. It is to me. Everything in her appearance conveys what impression she makes, pre-sentencing. She looks withdrawn and unable to care about fixing her hair at all. Even more info shows than what I’ve mentioned. It is coming from her energetics. To me, that speaks volumes, analytically, intuitively, cellularly. Every which way.

            Clare looks as if she can hardly stand being herself, and that has plenty of significance. The years of “self-help” look so very tattered.

            How will she speak on her own behalf?

            Now. I find your remark about “gender policing” to be vacuously asinine, “modernly” and consciously unconscious and awkwardly loaded with unadroit, scantly analyzed conformity.

            But these are your concepts and really, these concepts have nada to do with me. Have at it. You will conquer nothing whatsoever, by addressing what I have to say in this manner. Femininity and masculinity will coexist, with or without you. Nature is not confusing, nor is nature confused.

            Furthermore and as ever, I just say what I want and feel to express, as is our freedom.

            If you want, self-righteously, real names, perhaps go complain to “Nice Guy” or to Frank, who owns the website. Or cry to the commenters who switch names just to add an extra witticism by using a temporary, satiric or descriptive choice of a moniker. Try to be more thoroughgoing with the zappy broadstrokes.

            Although it is, essentially, none of your business what names any of us use. How picayune. ( I’ve always been unstoppable unless deciding to use my own brakes.) If you are so easily upset by my proferred communications, simply protect yourself by not reading my comments.

        • She has never dressed in a very feminine style, and I believe it’s been mentioned that she is a lesbian, so her style choices are not that surprising. But why does it even matter?

      • She would have been advised to dress for comfort. I’ve read it can take hours to process in to the system. She was dressed for jail and it showed.

        • Shivani – it is you that is the lock step conformist by perpetuating regressive outdated ideas about gender. Masculinity and femininity are not innate, it’s a performance of gender based on the culture you live in. Sex is nature, gender is cultural.

          Are you too dense to notice that she was dressed to be booked into custody? No? You were too busy superficially doing a red carpet style take down.

  • I’m loving this coverage! I hope the sack of shit that is Clare Bronfman gets the absolute maximum sentence! Oh and the look on her face once she gets sentenced…priceless!

    When her prison time is over may she perish slowly from cancer.

    • You know Kevin, I have to confess to feeling a little sorry for the little girl I met back in 2007, who seemed to need guidance and mentoring so badly.
      When I think of that girl I hate to think of her going to prison. But I realized she grew up a lot since then and it was bad growth.

      • she is trying to put you in jail still, is she not? she could tell the judge and prosecution that she lied and your case should be thrown out. she has not done that. I would not feel sorry for her.

      • I actually feel a little sorry for her as well. She was born into wealth, sheltered and did not have the best family support system.

      • Frank, you are kind, as always (except when backed into a corner). I refuse to believe a person can’t change or have a new revelation. I certainly have. While I abhor the cruel acts alleged and proven, I still have hope for CB. I think she was led down the wrong path. Easy to say that none of us would have done it. KAR was, if nothing else, a charmer.

  • Barbara seems to have narcissistic traits. Her appearance in “The Vow” was overly dramatic and the fact that she requested more time to speak in court is no surprise Before you made that update, I was thinking she could talk for a few hours I’m sure…. after it’s over she will no doubt be pushing herself in front of the cameras to give interviews. Will she cry again like she did when KAR was found guilty? Who wants to make bets that she will be carried out on a stretcher when KAR is sentenced! lol

    • No. I think Barbara is an empath, a savior empath who thinks she can save others. She wrote to the judge about trying to save Claire and helping her see.
      A narcissist I think would not even bother with that angle.

      I think Barbara is a savior empath and Rainere liked her because of the positive empathic energy she gave him In general . Rainere as a psychopath would love that energy .
      Barbara is strong . I think the only thing is sometimes she would blame women to be at fault. There was a phone transcript that was shared where she criticized cami for trying to seduce Rainere in a red dress. Cami was a minor. A child. She should not be blamed .

      But overall I think she is an empath. An empath who thinks she can save others . It’s not worth it sometimes . But that is what Barbara is IMO

      • True empath is my read on Barbara. If you don’t know the backstory of what she went through, it might appear that way. This is a common trope that Keith Reniere used and it’s used throughout our culture to diminish and discount victims. A woman is gaslighted, pushed to the edge out of the public eye. The REACTION to that abuse is then called crazy or other dismissive and inaccurate labels.

        But that’s another conversation that I hope comes out of this. The way our misogynistic culture was turned into a microcosm of a larger problem, rendering abuse almost invisible.

    • Any word on other districts or other law enforcement agencies bringing more charges against her and others?

      How many made deals to avoid prosecution?

    • Everyone in the group is a narcissist. Bouchey left and sued, leading Keith down the sick path to branding, so in a way, it’s justified for her to feel so important. And she was a key player in the early forming and running of the cult

      But, yes, I agree she’s dramatic. And still in love with KR.

  • Thanks, Frank. Are you in the courthouse? How does this event feel? Did you feel you would see this day? How does your whole journey feel?

    • I have correspondents in the courthouse. I plan to write a post on how it feels after the sentencing. I feel sorry for Clare but she and Keith insisted on the fight with me and with the others.

      • You are way more empathetic than l am. Clare will cry like a six year old who doesn’t want to change for gym class. My sincerest hope is that she gets a 300 pound cellmate named Althea who suffered severe mental damage at the hands of a cult.

      • I understand you are a good person and unusually magnanimous, but please remember Clare Bronfman attempted to destroy your entire life’s work with bogus legal litigation and criminal charges.

        You must realize if she had thought she could have had you whacked and getaway clean you’d be dead.

        • Somehow she had it in her to desire and assist in trying to destroy me. I doubt she would have ventured to do it without Keith’s prompting. But she did it. She was the one that went to the FBI and filed a false criminal complaint against me. What makes a person act like a savage? Whatever it is, she has pay for it now.

          • I do not believe Clare was completely controlled by Raniere. She seemed to do much by her own volition.

  • If Clare has any friends out there… please advise her, before she buys ANYTHING from commissary, to buy a LOCK, a CUP/LIDDED CONTAINER and a BOWL…

  • Well it’s Wednesday, and we’re ready to rock,
    Time to see the bars, COs and the locks,
    The day is here, it’s too late for flight,
    All the NXIVM friends are here for Claire’s fright!

  • Esta señora se ha esforzado durante años en arruinar la vida de mucha gente. Ella no es víctima de nada y merece cárcel durante años y que sólo pueda estar en libertad si reconoce su culpa y se demuestra que corrige su conducta. No puede permitirse a nadie causar tanto daño y salir sin como si nada.

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