Lawyers: Clare Bronfman Has Serious Liver Problem Putting Her at Risk of Entering Prison With the Pandemic

Clare Bronfman’s lawyer submitted a file under seal that contains the test results of the about to be sentenced heiress’s liver.
Though the public is not privy to the test, her lawyer, Duncan P. Levin, explains that her condition might be serious enough to warrant her not being put in prison.
In his cover letter to the judge, he writes, “Just four days ago, she was diagnosed by her doctor with a possibly serious liver ailment. Her alanine aminotransferase (ALT) is a level that is twice what her doctor would like and expect to see. Clare is scheduling medical follow-up visits, and we wanted the Court to be aware of this situation. We also believe that this puts Clare at heightened health risk, given the status of the pandemic in the New York area.”
The first thing that comes to mind is that Clare probably should not schedule appointments beyond today because the possibility exists that she may be remanded to prison following her sentencing which begins at 11 AM.
The other interesting fact is that her attorney saw fit to write a letter to the judge two days before sentencing to inform him that Clare has a last-minute, previously undiagnosed condition with her liver.
Of course it appears that this is an attempt to keep her out of prison, possibly on compassionate grounds. It is doubtful that it will work.  The prosecution will likely argue that there are fully staffed medical at every prison.
The alanine aminotransferase (ALT) test that Clare took is a blood test that checks for liver damage. If someone’s liver is damaged, it will release more ALT into their blood and the ALT levels will rise.  Some who have known Clare say that she has for years lived on an extremely low-calorie diet – and that her diet resembles that of someone who has anorexia nervosa, which is known, in some instances, to cause liver damage.
It is not likely that Clare will be able to use her liver as a “Get Out of Jail Card” – and, thus, the only real questions are: How many years will Clare be sentenced to prison – and will she be remanded immediately or be given a future date to report to prison.
***In addition to presenting Judge Garaufis with her liver test, Bronfman’s lawyer also presented a letter from Clare’s family overseas asking to be allowed to attend the hearing by video conferencing.

As far as we can ascertain, the judge did not grant their request.

Here is the pertinent part of the attorney’s letter.

Georgianna Havers with her daughter, Clare Bronfman, leaving court last year.

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  • My first instinct upon watching The Lost Women Of NXIVM, added to what I had read so far, that it was Clare who did the poisoning. It would follow a pattern of getting others to do Keith’s dirty work. It also appeared plainly that she wasn’t in that inner circle to be relied upon, she wasn’t needed in the way others were. It would have made her more important, and that’s in line with her previous actions. NXIVM exists to make her feel more important.

    I think it’s possible she poisoned them and herself. At Keith’s behest, I can’t guess.

    Women traditionally poison.

    • Raniere is a very girly guy – his hair, his mannerisms, his voice, etc. LOL

      Lots of women are drawn to that, and it certainly wasn’t anything to do with any other physical attributes. LOL

    • Yes I have seen it and after Clare’s sentenced, I plan to write about it. I think Ivy is a very good person who was brutally victimized by Keith.

  • Was Queef giving Clare rat poison also? Could that explain Clare’s liver damage?

    Does Clare have a will? I wonder who the beneficiary is???

    Could it be Satan? I mean, Queef?

    Killed by your own fake guru. How ironic.

    • If she has a will – it probably left everything to Raniere and Nxivm. Whether she changed it since her arrest and his arrest is not known.

    • I think anyone leaving substantial money to Raniere could be making herself a target. Worth more to him dead than alive. IMO.

  • After collecting thousands of dollars from teaching people how to succeed at exceptional levels, it turns out that the leaders of this group are all unable to even manage prison life, which seems like a place the bar is set rather low for success. I mean you just eat the food and show up for count.

    But neither Keith nor Clare claim to have achieved a level of health and confidence to even do this.

  • Two of my husbands colleagues flew to New York and LA respectively, last week? one is due home on Sunday – no issues expected apart from the necessary quarantines. They flew Finnair, out of LHR, nice flights etc.

    The Bronfman’s have the use of private planes, so the claim that it’s not possible to get to the US because of Covid is a straightforward falsehood.

    I personally don’t fancy a long distance flight, masked up, nor can I afford to sit at home under quarantine on return, however, if my sister/ daughter were about to be sent to prison????

    Wild fecking horses couldn’t keep me from being as close and as much help as I could be. This is why, in the long run, a spell in prison is about the best thing that could happen to Clare. She needs to reflect on her values, without the bullshit vested interests of that cult AND the cold comforts of her family, who obviously, just cant be bothered…

    • Not a matter of commercial flights vs. private flights

      It’s about government restrictions inhibiting international travel due to the global pandemic. If they were admitted to the USA, they could not return to Portugal or the UK because US citizens cannot enter those countries because USA Covid infection levels are too high for European Union standards.

      • For a few weeks. Frankly, I would be less concerned about my personal restrictions than the fate of my soon to be incarcerated daughter, sister.

        If one country’s airports are closed down in Europe, it’s still possible to travel by boat car or train to a country on the continent that has functioning airports, Scandinavia for example. Might take a bit more forethought and organization but luckily for Clare’s family, money is no issue at all.

        Added to which, Clare has relations in the US and Canada who could have shown some support if only by proxy, for the old girl’s immediate family.

  • Just read about the liver in the NY Post and jammed over here. This seems to have come up like like a bat out of hell.

    • Suneel, help. My rear end sunk into the toilet and I can’t get up.

      Forgive me, Frank Parlato. Redaction is but a cap away.

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