Raniere Sentencing Moved From 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Tomorrow

Brooklyn Federal Courthouse on Sept. 30, 2020 the day Clare Bronfman was sentenced.

According to John Marzulli, Public Information Officer for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York, the time of the sentencing of Keith Alan Raniere has been moved to 11 a.m. tomorrow.

“I will send additional emails later today when I have further clarification about the number and location of the overflow courtrooms for viewing,” Marzulli said in a statement. “Tomorrow’s proceeding is in person and there will be no remote access. No electronics allowed in any of the courtrooms/overflow rooms.”

Meanwhile, the supporters of Raniere are holding a 3 p.m. press conference near the courthouse to discuss their claims that there was tampering with photographs of Camila that were used at the trial to help convict Raniere. They are asking for at least a one-week adjournment of the sentencing.

There is little likelihood that this will occur.

However, the final call is the sentencing judge, Nicholas G. Garaufis. The odds are on Raniere being sentenced tomorrow, Camila and the other victims making powerful statements, Raniere professing his innocence, and the judge giving him a life sentence and possibly recommending a harsh prison and even forbidding, if he can, further contact with his supporters.

It will be a grim day for Raneire and his supporters tomorrow.





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  • Frank-
    Way off topic on an old thread….

    Discovery ID

    Should be running your Lost Women of Nxivm episode and do a few press releases and air the other taped episode you filmed.

    This is the best time to release the previously, with all the Nxivm and Parlato press, unaired episode.

    No need to reply. Just sharing a thought.

  • I’m new to the FR, in fact, new to the entire tale of the Nxivm crime organization. Just saw the Vow, then looked up the NY Times article and followed a few threads to here. Please excuse me if this is a ridiculous question, but on the eve of KR’s sentencing, with the Roger Stone involvement, all the collateral/blackmail, the significant monetary sponsorship by a wealthy heiress- it just made me wonder if there’s been any discussion about the possibility of a presidential pardon for KR?

  • Hey, this is important! Tonight could very well be one of Vantards last nights in New York City. I’m thinking he should spend some quiet time at The Cloisters, then maybe drinks and hors’doervs at Tavern on the Green, a little music at CBGB and maybe a late dinner at Umberto’s.

  • The Nxivm five are asking for at least a one-week adjournment of the sentencing?


    The NXIM 5 have a better chance of paying the sea.

    I predict Vanguard will not sleep well tonight or tomorrow night. 😉


  • Eleven o’clock? Hoo boy and humdinger! It is going to be a long session. People get ready. There’s a train a’coming!
    Because, oh yeah.

    Obviously Judge Garaufis would want to eat peacefully first, so that he doesn’t become too grumpy. Good boy! Er, sir. Very good, possibly very good sir. Guard the steeple of equal. Please. For all of us.

    This tiny delay was expected, the slight pause before aiming that bullet. I mean, what the heck. There is going to be a whole lot to hear, Tuesday at the O.K. Corral. Ah, yes.

    fondly, Mama Humdinger.

    p.s. Have you eaten yet?

  • Frank, you are really good looking on TV… You are so cool! Thanks so much for all this up close and personal news!

    You are sexy in a really cool way. Yes I am a Balls of Hot Fire Girl… LOl…!

    I enjoy my AM coffee with your news….!

    Keep it coming my friend.

  • It seems the grim time period has already begun. One hour less for the pontification from KR and let us just play out what else is planned…

    A minor at the time is going to confirm that KR had underage sex with her tomorrow in a courtroom where no electronic devices are alllowed. Then at 3pm you are going to get a bunch of followers endorse that same person by trying to say the photos should not be used as evidence on a technicality whilst reporters write up the days actual events once the trial finishes and then release those facts to the world telling them information that confirms the guilt.

    Meanwhile a photo exists without a scar which proves she was underage and the girl from them is going to confirm this.

    Are these followers mad? They are essentialy going to be throwing themselves under a proverbial bus tomorrow.

  • 11:00?? What if this runs late? Its a little presumptuous of the judge to just change the time, what if Vantard had lunch plans?

  • Press Conference.

    It will be well attended by the press.

    Brainwashed people make very good copy.

    The public will lap it up although few will hear the message. They will only see the spectacle.

  • “It will be a grim day for Raneire and his supporters tomorrow.”

    …ALBEIT, Not for his support’s wellbeing. Tomorrow will, in all likelihood, only prolong their existence & prosperity (while on this planet)?

    Unless this is the first and only FrankReport ever viewed by this commentator?

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