Keith Raniere Releases Podcast Part 1: The Devil, Hitler, and Lady Justice

Keith Alan Raniere has released a podcast – via his followers – and it is available on Apple podcast and Spotify.

But you don’t need to go there, you can hear it right here.

Along with something you can’t get elsewhere — a transcript of the entire episode.

Listen to the teaser of the podcast on anchor

Automated Prison Message

You have a  prepaid call, you will not be charged for this call, this call is from Keith Raniere, an inmate at a federal prison. This call is being recorded and is subject to monitoring. Hang up to decline the call or to accept, dial five now. This call is from a federal prison.


Suneel Chakravorty

Hey Keith…


Keith Raniere

Good morning. Did I wake you?


Suneel Chakravorty

Uh no…I was up already.


Keith Raniere

Oh, good. Again, I’m just going to freewheel a little to see how this goes, to express a few things. And I think it’ll be initially pretty short and more of a monologue. But, you know, one of the things for people who may listen to this, you know, there’ll be a whole range of people…there are going to be a lot of people who think I’m horrible and there’s going to be some people who are…They don’t know what this is.


Keith Raniere

And then there’s going to be, probably, a very small group of people that think I’m good or like me. I’m looking to get everyone to listen rationally, if possible, or as many people as possible because what’s going on here is a much bigger issue. You know, one of the things with this, I guess if I were to say a little quote, it would be in our country: “Hitler doesn’t stand a chance of surviving a false robbery charge”.


Keith Raniere

In this case, and, you know, there are people who dislike me for all sorts of reasons and probably a lot of them valid, most of the ones I’ve seen are not valid. But there’s certainly a lot of reasons someone could not like someone like me. But as much as I might be disliked, when something is not valid under the law, that is something that is far more atrocious than whatever people might think of me. You know, in my case, not only do I believe I’m innocent and all the people that I’ve had analyze the case, believe I’m innocent.


Keith Raniere

But the procedures done have been very bad. For me, in my life, I’ve always tried to do good things. And I always felt I rose to a sort of a low level of doing good things, nothing medium or very high. You know, you have the the people, the Gandhis, the Martin Luther Kings, all those great people of the world. And, you know, I’m nowhere, nowhere near that in what I’ve been able to achieve yet in this particular case, I’m given a spotlight that is far greater than my personhood.


Keith Raniere

And the question is, what do you do? I mean, in this particular case, it’s a grave injustice and there’s…I’m given this big spotlight, and what we need to do is show the injustice no matter what a person thinks of me. And my hope is, you know, probably at the end of these podcasts or things along those lines, there’ll be people who really liked me before the podcast and maybe won’t like me after. And then there’ll be some people who really didn’t like me before the podcast that maybe like me more. But, what I do hope is there will be someone who really doesn’t like me but will stand with me in this injustice because this injustice affects far more than me. And it affects even far more than the the hundreds of thousands of people that are in prison or have been in prison. It affects every person. And before I got into this situation, I had no idea. I was so backward and ignorant. And now I know a little more.


Keith Raniere

You know, there’s a quote from a book and it’s very interesting. It’s between Thomas Moore and Will Roper. The book’s called “The Man for All Seasons” by Robert Bolt or the literary piece, I should say. And Thomas Moore says: “And go as he should, if he were the devil himself, until he broke the law.” And Will Roper says: “So now you would give the devil the benefit of the law?” And Thomas Moore says: “Yes, what would you do?


Keith Raniere

Cut a road through the law to get after the devil? That means, just break down the laws and go after the devil?” And Roper says: “Yes, I would cut down every law in England to do that.” And Thomas says: “Oh, and when the last law was down and the devil turned ’round on you, where would you hide, Roper? All the laws being flat. This country is planted thick with laws from coast to coast, man’s laws, not God’s.


Keith Raniere

And if you cut them down… (interrupted)


Automated Prison Message

This call is from a federal prison.


Keith Raniere

(continued) …And you’re just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I would give the devil the benefit of the law for my own safety’s sake.” And in this country right now, the devil doesn’t have the benefit of the law and in many ways I seem to be the devil. For this particular series of podcasts, I want to divide it into two sections:


Keith Raniere

One, we’ll have discussions about me being the devil, all the bad things people think and what I would say about them. And the other side is discussing the law and how it affects me and my conduct and what I have allegedly done. And in that case, we’re actually putting out a contest and we’re going to take $25,000 dollars and we’re going to go through charge by charge. And, the first person, if you will, who can show that my charge meets the elements of the charge wins the $25,000 dollars. And then for people who can write essays on why my conduct doesn’t fit the charge, we have $10,000 of prizes for the top… I believe it’s three essays. So we’re actually paying more than double for someone to find that somehow I meet the elements of these charges. And I would invite anyone out there, including lawyers, prosecutors, jurors, you know, the judge, my prosecutors.


Keith Raniere

And if people need their name held anonymously or anonymous or if indeed the court has ordered that we will hold the names anonymous to protect people, but have them look at the charges. This just happens to be a situation where out there in the media, really, there’s no voice that says I’m good, that says I’m nice, that likes me, or that analyzes things from a different perspective other than one of what I will call hate. All of us, I think, have caught a real infection of hate.


Keith Raniere

My hope is, you know, if you analyze what my lawyers have always said and the way we presented information, we try to do it honorably and without hate. But that’s been what’s been done on the other side. And we need to look at this. The lady justice is supposed to be blind. She’s supposed to have a blindfold on and and not have people like politicians and media whispering in her ears. Lady justice being blind is the most important thing.


Keith Raniere

And we have to treat people that we love and we want to exonerate from charges the exact same way we treat people who we hate and we want to indict and we want to convict. So those that we want to convict get the same benefits as those that we would would never convict but they’ve been charged. And we want to show what’s going on in the justice system. You know, a statistic that I heard that amazed me… There are people on death row.


Keith Raniere

These are people that are waiting to be executed and one out of nine of them is supposedly innocent. Can you imagine that? In this country, one out of nine. And if for such a serious charge where people go and they analyze the charge because someone’s life is on the line, if one out of nine times we’re wrong, imagine lesser charges. Imagine more politically motivated things. My charges come at a time where the climate is really not good, you know? You have Epsteins, you have Weinsteins, you have the #Metoo movement, you have all of these different things going on and a lot of it’s legitimate.


Keith Raniere

Women have been treated terribly in this country and in the world, but in particular in this country by people of power, by people like me. But that doesn’t mean that I did those things, and it certainly doesn’t mean that I’m guilty of these charges. So, I think this might be sort of an intro, a quick little podcast, and then, you know, we can do more. Let’s see how this just goes, how it processes, how it plays.


Keith Raniere

What do you think?


Suneel Chakravorty

I think it’s great. It really opens the door to a dialogue.


Keith Raniere

Well, well, do it and we can always add an addendum on it or whatever but I  need to get off in like 25 seconds. So, write me what you think. Write me what Marianna and other people think, and I’ll speak to you maybe in the next few days or at least we’ll write.


Suneel Chakravorty

Yeah, that sounds good.


Keith Raniere

Great. Thank you, so much.

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  • “Women have been treated terribly in this country and in the world, but in particular in this country by people of power, by people like me.”

    The first true and honest words / statement Keith Raniere spoke UNTIL 2 seconds later, he spoke again with complete denials & innocence. Freudian slip maybe??

  • The only way I could stomach listening to this and watching The Vow and Seduced, is the knowledge that he is serving 120 years in jail!!! What a despicable and misogynistic creature. Just watching him insult all those lovely women time and time again made me feel sad for all of them. I applaud the judge that sentenced him. I have always been fascinated with cults. He is by far the worst and a true sociopath. The sickening things he said and did. But hey…he is innocent;)

  • Blah blah blah, prison, blah.

    Justice is served. May your words and memory disappear into the wind.

  • Well, if he can give me “collateral” that if I write an essay on why he should be imprisoned, I will write a great paper on why he is where he should be. I wrote my ex-boyfriend’s constitutional law papers, and he passed because of me! He is a lawyer now. I need the 25 grand. And I wrote for lawyers too!

  • Anyone who has read even one iota of the evidence that was presented at trial knows the man is guilty. His “podcast” is literally a phone call from prison where he uses other people’s names and ideas to try to make a point. The point he made is that he is trying to take the attention off of the details by focusing on the process. The details of the witness testimony and the mountain of evidence, not to mention all of Frank’s reporting on this for the past many years, show the actual truth if anyone is actually interested in knowing it.

    And now that he isn’t allowed to have contact with his cult members, this will be his first and only “podcast”. Lock him up in the Supermax and deprive him of the attention his sociopathic condition requires. Let him rot in a prison cell and forget he exists. That would truly be penance.

  • Lady Justice is supposed to be blind to people’s status in life, color, gender, age, etc. Not blind to the facts. His conduct met every element of the crimes.

    He appears to get his jollies from manipulating people. That’s all this is. A way to continue what was/is his true joy.

    I appreciate the irony in that he says politicians aren’t supposed to whisper in the ear of Lady Justice, but if I recall correctly didn’t he and the Bronfmans use politicians to whisper into Lady Justice’s ear to harass people who left?

    I took a look at the Dossier project. Sick, sad people. Know how to be a bad ass woman? Tell those who ask you to fetch their things, change your body to what they want, and sleep with those you don’t want to sleep with, to bugger off. That’s the fast track to bad assery.
    There is no consent with blackmail or with minors. Their silence about those crimes is tantamount to ratification.

    Finally, Nicki Clyne apparently designed DOS and should be prosecuted too. You can’t dump a liter of gloss on blackmail and change it to consent, much less claim it shows independent women. FFS.

  • WOW! An exercise in condescendingly distancing yourself from your Crimes. I wonder if he still has that shit-eating grin.

  • he’s pretty good. I had not heard him speak. I need to practice my public speaking. he is confident, clear.
    Such a family man talking about mariana too <3

    • I think he is a very average, tedious speaker, No wonder Nancy spent half her life nodding off in front of him!

      I find his tone creepy and, of course, entirely insincere. I hear no confidence, but plenty of wheedling arrogance.

      He has nothing to say to me, as my brain is not available for cult ideology,

      His whining just sort of sounds out, like random car alarms in the middle of the night, all one can think is when will this ever f*cking STOP.

  • I refuse to listen or read any drivel from a sociopath and malignant narcissist like Raniere. The guy is trying to create an altered version of reality in which he comes out as the clean-cut, lovable victim of an evil justice system. He asks us to pretend he did not have a hundred-million-dollar war chest donated to him absolutely free and without strings, all for him and his co-defendants to use to hire the best lawyers in the world. Yet still he and several others were convicted. Today he sits in jail, with nothing better to do than to imagine how to re-imagine history to show that he was a victim instead of a victimizer.

    He is a little baby who has been supported for decades by a semi-incestuous relationship with pseudo-mommies. He managed to waste nearly a hundred million dollars gifted to him. Today he owns nothing, not even his prison jumpsuit. His main money supply came from profits of the legal drug trade, which trickled down the family lines and into the hands of an insecure heiress with delusions of someday rising to become average. He has been a parasite living off society for decades, and was finally found guilty of the illegal behavior he practiced for so long, and to the detriment of so many. Now he is paying the price, and whining like a spoiled brat who threw his sandwich on the ground, and now thinks it’s unfair that his lunch has dirt on it.

    The podcast question is not about free speech. It is a question of whether or not the government must allow an incarcerated felon a public platform from which he may once again attempt to harm others, in particular those he already victimized. Would Manson have got his day of podcasts to coax more women to violence? How about some to the others, like Ted Bundy or the Green River Killer? Would they be allowed to use a prison phone to get a message to the parents of a raped and murdered woman, and describe how she had ‘asked for it’? Leaving the realm of murderers, would a simple rapist be given time in court to address victims or their families, attempting to rationalize his way out of his guilt? No, they would never be allowed such “free speech,” and it would be right for the government to deny it.

    Liars lie, and sociopaths lie exponentially better than an average teller of tall tales. Their lies can be that much more hurtful, too. Certainly once he is released from incarceration and out of government oversight he might be able to speak more freely. But he also would be subject to civil or criminal action, or remand to prison, should he go beyond certain limits.

    Raniere is serving a serious punishment for serious illegal behavior. He is not out on bond, or on home detention, or awaiting a new trial. He’s in solitary or something very close to it, as punishment for crimes of which he has been convicted. He is not sitting in a hotel room, with concierge service, organizing evening volleyball games, free to do as he pleases, all expenses covered by Clare – yet he acts as if he is a free man.

    His status as a convict makes a difference, I think, as to whether or not he has the freedom to take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, podcasts, email, telephony, or any other modern form of communication. It’s not about free speech; it’s about protecting the victims from the further harm he is capable of causing.

    • Ammo Alamo for the win!! Thank you for so eloquently stating what should be obvious to otherwise intelligent human beings.

    • There was a time when this would have been posted for editorial straight away! These days space on the Frank is occupied with revisionist crap from the remainders, the broken biscuits at the bottom of the barrel, what I call SBAY when encountered in weekly piles of essays to be marked. It stands for Straight back at ya, in other words, too incoherent, too irrelevant to mark.

      Thank you for this gratifying read.

    • I just had to comment to thank you for putting into words what we are all thinking. I hope Keith rots in prison for the rest of his life.. .

  • Vanguard, to do justice is to put things in their proper place. This presupposes teleology, which implies a system of being that is necessarily ordered when things are where they are supposed to be. The point of self-discipline is to do justice to the self, i.e., to put the body and mind in a balanced state which does not exceed the limits. Because when the latter happens, disorder and chaos is the result, both to the self (spiritually, physically, psychologically, emotionally, mentally, etc.) and externally in relationships with other people and other beings. In terminology you may be familiar with, you become destructive—to the body, mind, environment, values, social groups, etc. Apparently, you don’t seem to understand this, and that is why you are now where you are supposed to be: in jail and headed to prison away from so society so that you can no longer bring destruction upon others. In your control of others, you could not control yourself, and so you will forced to be in your proper place of your own making because you could not do justice to yourself and others, and so justice will be served.

    • Well said, Sultan. No one can ever say you are not intelligent. You should have stuck in a timely metaphor to your writing; and I would have added eloquent to my praise of you. 😉

      You say teleology and I say evolutionary psychology. 😉

      Take care and heed your own words, my noble *paladin.

      —Because when the latter happens, disorder and chaos is the result, both to the self (spiritually, physically, psychologically, emotionally, mentally, etc.) and externally in relationships with other people and other beings.

      * In my youth, I played D&D. Paladins were my favorite PCs. Don’t even try to tell me you don’t like RPGs. 😉

      • Teleology as a concept is more general than evolutionary psychology. Teleology explains the existence of both animate and inanimate beings in terms of ends that are intrinsic to natural substances. For example, a watch’s purpose to tell time is extrinsic as it is imposed onto the natural substances that make up the watch by a human agent. However, the natural substances themselves have intrinsic purposes/goals/ends of which, i.e., final causes, encapsulated in attributes, properties, capacities, powers, etc., that allows them to be used in the creation of a new form of being (the watch) that serves a “non-natural” purpose.

        Evolution is a theory that purports to explain the development of various different life forms on our planet using natural selection and random mutation. Using it as an adjective in juxtaposition with psychology further restricts its domain. Evolution does not try to explain why natural substances have intrinsic ends nor can it explain why such micro orders of beings could even be successfully combined to form such macro orders of beings. It doesn’t even try to explain why combining something as simple as two hydrogen atoms with an oxygen atom forms the natural substance of water every time, which is the source of all sentient life that it tries to explain.

        • Sultan-

          Teleology, we discussed before if my memory serves me correctly.

          Recently I read the book Sapiens. It’s a good book, but not great. The reviews are a little too generous. Much of the book’s thesis and thoughts, I am sure have already occurred to you, they certainly occurred to me.

          The following quote sums up the book:

          “This Asserting that there is no capital-R “Reason” why humans found themselves where we are — no Big Historical, Divine or Teleological Reason explaining or predetermining our triumph — is not the same as saying there are no reasons. There certainly are, by Harari’s reckoning. Indeed, it is the historian’s job to root them out, and Harari roots out one big one. Human success rests on our imagination. “

          This last year I have come to the conclusion that free will does not exist. Or at least not the way most people view free will. In addition. Man made constructs are man made constructs that we have to recognize even though they are illusions of are mind. Teleology, in my view, being man made construct is no different than fiction.

          Do you disagree? A one word yes or no answer will suffice. I don’t want to take your time on my musings.

          Thank you for taking the time to respond to me. I do not have anyone in my sphere or orbit to discuss such subject matter.

          Take care and good luck. 63 days left in 2020. I am not superstitious but enjoy pretending to be.

          • To accept that their are “reasons” but not a capital “Reason” is simply sophistry. In fact, it is special pleading because it allows for reasons in every other case except for the initial case without ironically providing a reason for it. It’s like detectives saying “Yeah, we’ll investigate why this dead body was found in a back alley with a knife in his back, but there really is no Reason for it.”

            Teleology is an assertion that natural substances have intrinsic ends that reflect powers, capabilities, potentials, capacities, etc., “built” into them, which allows them to be “named”. In other words, it is an assertion about ontology.

            I don’t even know what you mean by constructs being “illusions of the mind” because they’re not. They may not reflect an actual ontology which is the claim of nominalism as it asserts that universals don’t actually exist (only particulars), but then it is ultimately incoherent because it begs the question as to how these particulars can actually be grouped into categories if they don’t actually share in something intrinsic. It seems like nominalists are themselves creating illusions of the mind.

          • Sultan-

            You have sincerely given me an argument/perspective to contemplate. I will respond on this thread. Hopefully it will get posted. I’m not a fan of [some] metaphysical ideas to be honest as you can see.

            Ironically, I once accused another commentator of being a sophist. His name was Actaeon. I do not believe you are him.

            No one has ever labeled me a sophist before. It’s right up there with calling someone a pseudo-intellectual. Nothing insulting about that. (sarcasm).

            I will be of course responding with a retort or in agreement.

          • There’s a big difference between calling something in particular sophistry and labeling someone a sophist.

            By the way, you can’t escape metaphysics. Just like you can’t escape God, i.e., Existence as such, the only (beyond) being whose essence is to exist. Even the scientific method presupposes certain metaphysical principles. Metaphysics is the foundation for all rational discussion.

            One of the first principles of metaphysics and the “three laws of thought” is the Law of Noncontradiction. If this isn’t accepted first and foremost then all rational discussion becomes pointless. Because if you can concomitantly contradict yourself anything and everything is “possible and true”.

  • Thank you Frank for making this accessible to everyone. I’m deaf and there’s rarely transcribed materials available. Many thanks!!!

  • Word Salad ,is it he just likes to hear himself talk .I did skip over to “ The Dossier Project “ just to take a peek wow those women have all aged out .

    Keith likes the young ones all those girls we’re near 40 or way past 40. Makes me wonder if all these people we’re Keith’s go to peeps 3 years ago, I bet not so why now if they weren’t good enough then, what makes them think they’re good enough now, they’re all that’s left all the smart people left … Keith’s name is tied to scandal he will forever be tied to scandal, by virtue of being associated with Keith your names will be linked to scandal to and that’s very sad you all could have had bright futures but you threw it away with both hands. I have read that a lot of you blame the Frank Report for the condition of your lives (i.e. no jobs, no money, no respect) but your all grown adults who should have jumped ship when everyone else did , you have no one to blame but yourselves .

  • Frank,

    Thanks for posting Keith’s side.

    So where, oh where is the proof he has been framed? ??????


    Ever watch that notorious episode of Geraldo Rivera when he goes into Al Capone’s fault?

    The vault was empty all along.

    • Having insomnia/sick can’t sleep and just listened to podcast.

      Raniere and friends make lots of promises of what is too come much like Geraldo.

      At the very least Frank will be getting some interviews. I’m looking forward to the interviews.

  • I thought vanturd espoused there are no victims so now he is trying to be the penultimate victim..disgusting

  • I cannot wait until the judge bangs that gavel down and this miscreant gets whats coming to him…byebye felicia

  • Any communication from him needs to begin with, “I am fully cognizant of the damage I have done to a number of individuals.” That needs to at the start; not the middle or the end.

    He is where he is, in the situation he is in, precisely because he has done that damage. Liking or not liking has nothing to do with his situation. Juries pass their verdict based on whether a person is guilty of the charges brought, not on whether they likeable or even virtuous.

    He considers himself to be a person of high moral character, but even if he was, it would make differences.

    Crimes under law apply whether the accused is a Saint or a sinner.

    He seems much preoccupied with being liked, when it is utterly irrelevant.

    If 99% of the US population liked him, he would still be guilty.

    That is all that matters.

    Due process has been done.

    The end.

  • Completely failed to address any of the conviction counts. Could not read the entire transcript, too much carrying on about nothing in particular. Off to ADX Florence, scum!

  • ” snakes (and other reptiles) continue to move after being bisected….the body will reflexively writhe for a time after being cut off (from)the brain – but the head itself can remain “alive”, and likely on the defensive because of the pain of being chopped. It will attempt to bite whatever it can – even its own wriggling body.” – from sciencealert,com

    He’s a snake; he’s always been a snake; he’ll always be a snake. Supermax sounds inhumane, but I hope that is where he goes because he is, after all, a snake.

  • Oh my, Keith Raniere is a deontologist now. What else is this guy gonna come up with? There’s no way he doesn’t understand he’s going away for life. Poor little narcissist, so desperate for attention. Is he trying to recruit new followers from prison? Good luck with that, buddy. No one except for a dozen of loonies who can’t face the reality of being brainwashed will buy into it now.

  • The minute you consider yourself to be a “like Hitler” or the devil, means something is not right with your actions, and that your “innocence” is kind of questionable.

    Also in terms of ESP (aka Keith’s teachings) when you are in a uncomfortable situation, you shouldn’t complain, you should see what actions you took to lead you there.

    There are no victims. If you are there, you cause it. Cause and effect. Fair and simple. Asking for justice means that you are a victim of injustice, so isn’t this what Keith hated so much? People playing the victims? I really don’t get why last minute he starts to run for his life and seek for “justice”.

    He’s being there for 2 years now. He didn’t gave any statement, at his trial. He thinks that the charges will simply drop. What did he do in all these 2 years in prison? Was the reason of this rumble around that Clare was sentence? Is he really so shallow, and naive to thinks that the charges will simply drop? So justice for him means injustice for others which simply he doesn’t care, as long as he is free.

    I really don’t get this selfish self centered person.

    And what about “write me what Mariana and other people think” Wtf??? He will be forgotten hopefully sooner than later… I really hope.

    What a insecure dude.

  • Nearly 17 hours, or 1022 minutes to go before that life sentence is handed down.

    …The last poison word salad you’ll ever have to swallow.

  • Thanks for transcribing this, Frank. What makes this so difficult for all of us, whether we are supporters, enemies, or taking a humanist philosophical approach to evaluating the situation, what makes it so difficult is that Keith is factually a liar. Clear evidence in the trial indicates Keith has a lot of difficulty telling the truth. Keith also struggles to connect to the lives he has destroyed with his lies and his control of the Bronfman money to legally assassinate people who left the organization. I predict that nowhere in this new podcast will Keith acknowledge the lives he has ruined and the “very bad things” he himself has done and plans to repair.

    • Exactly! If Keith wants an audience, he should also be made to explain what happened to Kristin and Gina.

  • I love it when he’s babbling on and the automated voice chimes in… “This call is from a federal prison.”

    • Just a little reminder from the theater of the absurd, “this is where you are, oh Ramrear.”

      Hi. Hiya! Helllloooooo. Herreeee’s KEITH!

      Well, holy moley!

      Thank you, dear Ed McMahon. Thank you very much. That guy is still awaiting sentencing until Tuesday, right, Ed?

  • “You know, in my case, not only do I believe I’m innocent and all the people that I’ve had analyze the case, believe I’m innocent.”

    Of course you would think you’re innocent, and of course those who you had analyze the case for you who are either 1) your followers, or 2) those paid by your followers, would think you’re innocent too.

    Unfortunately for you and them, a jury of your peers did not think that you are innocent because they convicted you in a minimal time of approximately four hours, and none of your many victims (some of whom testified against you) think you are innocent either.

    If I had a dollar for every criminal who entered a plea of not guilty feigning innocence (but was actually guilty), I’d likely be a multimillionaire.

  • You’re giving him free publicity now as opposed to shedding light on his conduct.

    Like winning World War 2 but giving Hitler a pulpit and microphone.

    Not good.

  • You cant keep the dévil out of you mouth? Right?

    Or the kids or some woman suffering for that matter. You know i think that you are pathetic. Just a Broken child that never want to grow, that thinks that because he had a horrible Life everyone has to suffer the same. and enjoys It. Because of fear you don’t see clearly:-( and you probably never Will, you probably Will die in the hsdows of your own mind, never taking the Evolution path, because you are far from that by choice.

    Samantha Lebaron , that’s going to affect you you know? The Lebaron marcha for a invation to México , and they still support you right? The luciferian part of Nxivm Is something that people never Talk about. And that is a true Justice fucked Up shit. Ayn rand have inspire.satanic, luciferian a neoliberalist for a century ,bit hey your resistance to facing consequences makes It easier for people to see how.dangerous are you actually. So everytime you wine more.people.undesrtand what really happend, only stupid damage goods believe you,.only peopoe.full of.hate or fear do. So thank Raniere beacuse un these Circus you bring lor attention horrible conections to the demócrats or your mind control techinques that are used to torture kids in other cults for example.

    I think thta Justice have to be elastic. We have to undesrtand that punishment only makes us Monsters , like raniere, for.example . That is just the byproduct of our own suffering, and that does no good, that we find how to cure sociopaths that thats the only answer thats going to to rehabilitate these Broken childs , maybe before they become Raniere , or Salinas or.bronfman, or clyne etc not after. Meybe in schools whatever. But the law isntead of rules , It has to be a system that sees obejctibly.all the time, every case, and judge the needs of the specific cases. But that would fuck you more “guru” you fuck that Word by the way, so much that could be the teens.that you rape that.bring Joy . Why?.beacsue the law has flaws, that dont allow to see what you did, really , and put everyone in a comfy White Room , thta participate in your intent to rule the world with woman torture and a “new” religión . I mean you are not even Creative, you just ultra, ayn rand etc but lack of ca Creative mind is a syntoms of sociopaths right?

  • Raniere and his psycho-babble. I’m a bit surprised that he didn’t quote Charles Manson, too. After being sentenced tomorrow, he’s going to have a long time to contemplate his podcast topics. Every time that he “speaks”, all I can think about are all the people victimized by him or at his direction. Yet, I don’t think he’s expressed remorse for his actions to any of these people. Lots of time for him to build some innovative remorse modules, soon… him being a genius, a scientist, and all.

  • Keith is so desperate. I LOL’d my way through all of it. What a bunch of rambling nonsense! He just knows that he is finally getting his day and can’t stand it! Get over it! Your days are over. You deserve everything and more!

    • He is yesterday’s man. The fading image of a failed microcult leader. The fact that he thinks there is any weight in his words, illustrates his lack of contact with reality. The general population is largely unaware of him, even after recent media exposure. Desperate. A desperate reach for relevance.

  • Yawn. More ramblings from a conman lunatic. I truly hope this podcast tanks. Nobody except his cult members cares at this point. Stop insulting the victims who suffered from this man and his horrible abuse. And for God’s sake, someone needs to plug the hole in Clare’s trust fund that keeps paying for this garbage.

  • This is weird. I thought they would edit it and have some title sequences. Yeah, it’s just prison phonecall ramblings of a convict maintaining his innocence. And he really went with the prize. It’s all quite embarrassing. He doesn’t seem to realize we are not all like Alison Mack, nodding and weeping at words we think are profound. He just comes across as an idiot. This is not a good idea.

  • I think VanGrifter is going to have plenty of time to contemplate & write his MANIFESTO in SuperMax.

    I’m sure Ted ‘Unabomber’ Kaczynski would be more than happy to offer up pointers. Ted has an excuse though. He was actually abused and brainwashed by CIA operatives who were testing LSD on young college students.

    Queef Raniere. Not so much. Sing for your supper! Toss a Coin to your Witcher, yada yada yada

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