Clare Bronfman Files New Lawsuit Demanding BOP Drop “Sex Offender” Designation; Transfer to Prison Camp at Danbury

In a legal move to rectify her alleged unlawful prison assignment at the Federal Detention Center -Philadelphia, Clare Bronfman filed a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus, asking U.S. District Court Judge Omar Williams to order the Bureau of Prisons [BOP] to explain why [show cause] the BOP should not transfer her to the prison camp at FCI Danbury, CT.

Bronfman’s petition for habeas corpus attempts to secure her transfer by challenging the BOP’s “sex offender” designation on her inmate file.

The sex offender designation disqualifies her for assignment to a prison camp.

Through her lawyers, Duncan Levin and Ronald Sullivan, Bronfman argues her present “unlawful detention” can be remedied if the BOP transferred her to the FCI Danbury camp.

The BOP has based its sex offender designation on its interpretation of Bronfman’s Presentence Report [PSR] prepared by the U.S. Probation Department before her sentencing in 2020.

Bronfman pleaded guilty in 2019 to one count of Conspiracy to Conceal and Harbor Aliens for Financial Gain and one count of Fraudulent Use of Identification.

While the sentencing guidelines were 21-27 months, Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis sentenced her to triple the guidelines – 81 months – some 21 months longer than the DOJ recommended.

The PSR addendum notes that Bronfman objected to paragraph 14 because it “creates a false impression that the defendant was aware of or even a participant of DOS.”

The PSR has blended the crimes of her codefendant Keith Raniere as “relevant conduct” with the assumption that Bronfman was partly responsible because she funded Raniere.

From 2003 to 2018, Bronfman gave Raniere, NXIVM, and associated endeavors more than $100 million, making him a dangerous adversary and allowing his various schemes to take root. 

In 2018, she put up more than $11 million in trust for Raniere and other NXIVM codefendants’ legal fees.

In 2019, a Brooklyn federal jury convicted Raniere of racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, sex trafficking conspiracy, and two counts of sex trafficking.

Before her sentencing, Bronfman vigorously disputed she knew of or funded DOS or any sex trafficking Raniere engaged in.

Judge Garaufis said in her sentencing memorandum, “I agree with Ms. Bronfman that the available evidence does not establish that she was aware of DOS prior to June 2017 [when Frank Report broke the DOS story] or that she directly or knowingly funded DOS or other sex trafficking activities.”

Judge Garaufis added, “However, I do find it relevant that Ms. Bronfman seems to have a pattern of willful blindness when it comes to Raniere and his activities. As Lauren Salzman testified, ‘Ms. Bronfman didn’t want to know anything [about DOS] that she didn’t need to know.’ I find that testimony particularly credible because it would not be the first time that Ms. Bronfman exuded the sense that she wanted to participate in Raniere’s world while remaining unaware of its uglier aspects… Ms. Bronfman’s allegiance to Raniere shines through again and again.”

Judge Garaufis also said, “She maintains that she was an innocent bystander to Raniere’s abhorrent conduct, completely blind to Raniere’s crimes and the sex trafficking that occurred within the Nxivm community. As I have said, I find that any such blindness was willful and cultivated, and Ms. Bronfman’s sentence can and should serve to deter other people who find themselves in situations in which they can choose to either confront or avert their gaze from the harm wrought by their actions and the actions of those to whom they are close. ” 

Bronfman’s PSR noted Raniere’s relationship with three Mexican sisters, Mariana, Daniela, and Camila, and suggested Bronfman enabled their recruitment and supported their abuse – including the sexual exploitation of a minor – Camila, when she was 15.

Bronfman objected to the BOP adopting the flawed language of the PSR in an administrative appeal to the BOP, claiming, among other things, she had nothing to do with the sisters’ recruitment and knew nothing about their abuse.


The BOP rejected her appeal.

Through her legal counsel, Bronfman also filed a motion asking permission to seal her PSR and her defense counsel’s informal objections to the PSR. 

Judge Nicholas Garaufis sealed these documents in 2020 during her criminal proceedings.

The BOP’s published release date for Bronfman is June 29, 2025.

Documents on file for the new case:


Document 1 – Motion for Writ of Habeas Corpus (2023.05.12)

Document 3 – Standing Protective Order (2023.05.12)

Document 4 – Electronic Filing Order (2023.05.12)

Document 6 – Motion to Seal Exhibits (2023.05.18)

Document 7 – Motion to Show Cause (2023.05.18)

Document 1-7 – BOP Inmate Security Designation and Custody Classification (2023.05.12)

Document 1-6 – BOP Response to Administartive Appeal 1073720- A3 (2023.05.12)

Document 1-5 – Letter from Ronald Sullivan (2023.05.12) Document 1-4 – BOP Response to Administrative Appeal 1073720-R2 (2023.05.12)

Document 1-3 – Response to Administrative Remedy 1073720-F1 (2023.05.12)

Document 1-2 – Judgment in Criminal Case (2023.05.12)

Document 1-1 – Sentencing Memorandum (2023.05.12)


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  • We need to get the pool going to bet on how much weight she will have gained and how much more rapidly she will have aged.

  • I appealed the denial of appeal, then I appealed the denial of the denial of the appeal. Now, with merit I must appeal the denial of the denial of the denial of the appeal. Keith Raniere changed my life in such a powerful way that I still haven’t realised that I’m actually in a jail and a criminal now and believed to be a sex predator and I don’t the difference between my arse and my elbow. Ranieres dick cleared my clock, and since he went into me, no one else has wound it. I’m absolutely minted, yet refuse any kind of therapy that would help me live a normal human being adjacent life. Because, well the good times with Keith were so good my mind just won’t throw them out.
    So in few years time I’ll be released. My chequebook, shit lawyers and I, and we are getting revenge for the attack on one of the most noble paedophilic predators that ever has access to someone else’s legacy.
    Congratulations Claire and Sarah, you destroyed your family name.
    You destroyed the lives of people in vunerable positions, and you served up other victims to Raniere.
    You did this because you were:
    A; cruel and vindictive
    B: white privileged assholes
    C: genuinely unaware how this was playing out
    D:in wrapt love with Raniere and incapable of self control
    E: a pair of nasty rich cunts

    • Clare has no appeal. In several manners of speaking.

      I would only approve changing her sentence only if she were to be released into a shared home ( one bedroom) with Shelly Knotek and a female wrestler to be named later. To be livestreamed 24/7.

  • A gratuitous SUNEEL joke:

    Which sexual position produces the ugliest children?

    Ask Suneel’s mother….

  • Is there a single Bronfman who isn’t a total shit-bag? Edgar Sr. disowned his own son because he fell in love with a black woman. Horseface Clare funded a human-trafficking operation. Sara funded dozens of lawsuits against innocent women for breaking up with Vanturd. The Bronfman’s are criminals.

    • What I always objected to about Sara Bronfman’s behaviour was that she masqueraded as an Early Years education practitioner. I teach modules on a degree course that is obligatory for all childcare/early years care and education in the UK, US will have a comparable qual as rock bottom entry to the profession. This means nurseries etc. are subject to validation and frequent inspection by govt. agencies.

      Nxium was full of people pretending to be whatever with no basis in reality. Pretending to be qualified to stand in Loco Parentis though… when the training was surely not beyond her capabilities…? I think the French Govt finally put paid to her ‘Early Years Expert’ grift and shut her down. Vive La France.

  • It’s sad because she was as young and as fooled as the other young women who were young and fooled or because she and others were purposely involved to control others and affect world politics in the worst ways.

    • Clare Bronfman, Kieth Raniere, Nancy Salzman, and Allison Mack all received the sentences they deserve.

      Clare acted as an accessory to a rapist/pedophile. The label fits!

    • Nah. They were just fools or obstinate individuals. There was plenty of evidence out there that this guy was bad news. These long term participants effectively became willing participants and enablers in his schemes by sticking their heads in the sand like ostriches and believing his stupid claims, lies, funding him, as well as attacking his enemies too. If I was fooled by this guy, I would lay out some street justice on his candy ass and I would do it in a way he’d never know who I was. Just because he has that sweet, calming, disarming voice doesn’t mean he isn’t a huge dick. Those are the worst kind because they hide their evil behind a good guy facade: ask Rhiannon, Cami, and many others. This is a guy who does not stop as can be witnessed by his continuous filings from jail.

    • Now she’s old and still fooled. And still using that cheque book. She won’t stopped until she is stopped.

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