Ivy Nevares Wants Raniere’s Podcast Banned — but Is This What Raniere Is Talking About – His Right of Free Speech?

Corrected: I first wrote that this was a First Amendment issue. It is not since First Amendment refers to government suppression of speech. This is rather the importance of defending free speech and the right of even a despised person to give his views. His views should not be canceled. At this hour, he is not going to change anyone’s minds but it may be instructive to hear what he has to say. 

Keith Raniere has released a podcast – and the point of the podcast is that even he – a man akin to the devil in most people’s minds – has a right to due process and that  “Both the devil and a saint should be able to get the exact same treatment under our justice system.” He believes he is getting different treatment because he is considered the devil.

And now one of his former followers, Ivy Nevares, a true victim of his years of abuse, wants to prove his point – she wants his free speech taken away and is urging the platforms who have published his podcast to ban it.

She has taken to Twitter to promote it.

I urge Ivy and all the others who feel the same way to consider that he should have the right to speak out. For one day any one of us might also be the most hated and when we work to take his free speech rights away, we open the door for ours to be suspended too.





@Anchor, @Spotify, @ApplePodcasts your platforms are allowing convicted #pedophile and sex-trafficker #KeithRaniere to direct his #NXIVM co-conspirators from prison. It’s an affront to his victims. Please ban the podcast. You can read what he did to me here
@anchor, @Spotify, @ApplePodcasts in case you aren’t aware of #KeithRaniere and the #NXIVM #SexCult, here’s the release statement from the DOJ-EDNY for reference. justice.gov/usao-edny/pr/j

Might be a good idea to pull this off your platforms…

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  • It’s important to know what he is thinking. The Federal Bureau of Prisons can use his current views and his continuing shows of manipulation to determine what they are up against with him and, thus, where best to house him. Let him talk his way into the supermax if that is what he wants to do.

  • KR > “the people, the Gandhis, the Martin Luther Kings, all those great people of the world. And, you know, I’m nowhere, nowhere near that in what I’ve been able to achieve yet”

    I’m speechless. Such extreme grand delusional ideology from a psychotic predator.

  • Hypothetically, if some cult leader who manipulates followers goes to prison for violence against you and your family and/or inciting violence against you and your family, it’s okay to give them instant access to his/her followers who can possibly continue the violence?

    Sounds like just another recruiting tool used by crazy to embolden crazy. Easy to opine with free speech, holy-than-thou superiority when it’s not you or your family as victim. Although, in the case of NXIVM, anyone and their family members are possible future victims of violence, extortion and brainwashing if this group is reconstituted from prison. You do know his followers are dancing outside his jail cell?! Would you have given the same consideration to Charles Manson so he could easily reach/instruct his minions?

    Be careful what you wish for when dealing with insanity.

  • I say, let him continue to speak. He hangs himself more with each idiotic sentence. In sore need of a scriptwriter, he won’t take advice because he knows more than everyone else. His past words continue to haunt him, just like the future ones will.

    This may be the one time he is unable to get his way by spewing words. Some are MINDFUL of that.

    • And the wife who remains with her abusive husband is a nutjob too?

      Keith blurred the lines between good and bad, fear and joy under the umbrella of ethics and self-growth as the “world’s smartest and most ethical man” as a conduit to control people in an environment that facilitated it. How many times do people have to tell you this?

      Why are you still posting here slamming the victims?

  • Quite disappointed that a supposed journalist doesn’t understand the First Amendment until corrected. LOL

    Even AFTER being corrected, the terms “First Amendment” and “free speech” are interchanged, resulting in Frank being even MORE confused regarding these terms. LOL

    Bottom line, the government cannot prevent Raniere from speaking out (First Amendment/free speech), but private platforms can either agree or refuse to carry his podcast. LOL

    People have the right to support Raniere being on private platforms or oppose it. LOL

    Raniere’s followers can put Raniere on their own private platform. LOL

    Everybody has the right to listen to Raniere or not listen to him. LOL

    Unless the government is involved, there is no such thing as a right to free speech, but speech being resisted by private entities makes the private entities resisting speech highly suspicious, such as when Amway tried and largely failed to stop Scott from speaking out regarding their scam. LOL

    Personally, I enjoy listening to Raniere in order to learn more about how former Amway and other MLM scam artists think as well as bring more attention to Amway and other MLM scams. LOL

      • Frank is it okay to advertise on the Frank Report?

        Wowie-Zowie you you have more umbrella organizations and sub-organizations than Nxivm. Frank may have not taught you anything but apparently Keith Raniere did.

    • These are irrelevant things, I think. There’s so much in these articles at a crucified pace. If there’s a mistake or inaccuracy, Frank’s going to fix it when he has the time.

      It’s a different subject. I know what it’s like to be on the stand in court. If any of them read the blog, I wish that no matter how much his hands and feet tremble, he would only have the truth in front of him. There will be intimidating glances, fear-insensition, but the witness should not take his eyes off the target. The culprit must be penned. There are few brave characters who do that, but they have to. For himself and for others who are more timeless or even more afraid. Take an example of Frank, who started this whole case when he was all alone in it, didn’t know what the future was going to bring while he was being hurt. (Including me, because I relied on him and on all kinds of other media. I’m sorry I did that, too.)
      The point is, let’s get this thing out of the way, and Keith and his followers should realize that even though they’re trying to save what they think is salvageable, that train’s already run away. It’s a rotten company with the same views. Along with the obvious crimes committed.

    • —Even AFTER being corrected, the terms “First Amendment” and “free speech” are interchanged, resulting in Frank being even MORE confused regarding these terms.


      There’s a reason why the first amendment is the shortest. It is the shortest because its meaning is meant to be an unambiguous.

      No one is confused except you.

  • It’s interesting ( this goes to Mexican Lady) that twitter banned the Post expose on the Biden laptop, but allows all of Raniere’s endless horseshit. ( No this is not political)

    So, as some of you attack Frank for publishing this, and as I personally disagree with giving Raniere a pulpit, why is twitter allowed to post it and not Frank?

    a. I think we all hold Frank to a higher standard; and–

    b. He has a more focused news orientation, and we don’t want to see his model pivot, to use a business acronym.

    Is it newsworthy? Well, yes. We still read the Life and Death of Adolf Hitler and watch war documentaries. It doesn’t mean the History channel supports Hitler.

    There is a difference between studying madmen from an academic perspective, and becoming a pulpit for them to continue their message.

    And that is a very slippery slope.

  • I think more than discussing whether Ivy or Keith is right ot wrong , we shoudl discuss how big tech companies have so much power to decide what we see and what we don;t see. What happened with Info Wars was a great example. We should be questioning the power of big tech.

    Ivy rocks BTW. Keith is a loser. Who wants to hear him. I would love to see more videos of Frank!! There should be a TV show of Frank the investigative journalist hunting down his enemies 🙂


  • I understand where Ivy Nevares is coming from and when Vanguard is dead he can say whatever he wants. 😉

    I feel the same way.

    Most the time I agree with Frank. Not this time!

    Keith Raniere’s attorney did not put up a defense. No expert witnesses were called. No wittinesses were called by the defense.

    Honestly if Keith Raniere were a family member, I believed to be innocent, the defense attorney in this case would have a serious problem. That being said justice will be served tomorrow.


  • Frank, I have never met you, but had followed your blog for the last 2 years. I had admired you and had considered you to be “untouchable”. I have now lost my admiration for you because in the last few weeks you have given me in the impression that you have been bought off. I now have a very strong suspicion that someone with deep pockets has paid you to undo your last few years of work. I have seen lawyers and politicians do this all the time in which they change their message to support whoever is paying them. I thought you were above this, but now have come to believe that you sold out whatever principles you have. You support Raniere and NXIVM in the name of “principles”, but these principles look like a smokescreen to me.

    • It all started because Frank can’t be bought. His whole story about NXIVM started at that time that he had waived the amount of money he could have made at NXIVM. Instead, he chose the more uncertain path, which in turn is fair, just, honest. A lot of us would say, “I certainly wouldn’t give my enemy a platform,” but Frank does that. That’s because he’s gone beyond his own ego and has higher values in mind. He gave his hand to The Sinner, who had already turned so far out of himself that he did not realize how pathetic it was to ask for help from the person whose life he wanted to destroy (Franke) and put him in jail. You forgot one thing, the Lion is a smart hunter.

  • Keith has had plenty of chances to speak his mind. Coincidently, on the eve of his sentencing he is seeks an audience to tell his side? What about the victims he went to great lengths to silence? In addition to those who lost people and family they loved due to his own selfish and perverted desires.

  • Frank don’t ban KR , we all need the what will they come up with next laugh , it’s getting close to crunch time for those in KR’s camp ,they must be getting their dancing shoes on about now, getting ready to pull an all nighter at the DMC shaking their booties.

  • If she wants to censor Raniere’s podcast, it is pretty simple. Denounce to each platform that the information being shared violates the company’s rules of posting.

    If Spotify or Apple agree with her, well, she won. But, if not, the main form to win this mediatic battle is to be in silence, and let them post all this ideas, because every time you publicize this man, you give him power.

    Instead, it is better to publish all the information of the atrocities he committed. I don’t think Apple or Spotify will shut down his podcast. I think they will publish it also in YouTube and make it more mediatic.

    Remember Raniere is like a little child that wants attention all the time, and he wants to demonstrate not only Albany people or NYC citizens what he is, but he will have the attention of the whole world.

    Frank, please don’t give him that power. I agree that due process in the American justice is needed. But don’t publicize him more than they deserve. He is gaining power each time you post something related to this NXIVM guys. Tomorrow will be a great day, Camila is going to be there and that’s the end of Raniere (for now).

    We have to wait until he appeal and will continue with this podcast and all the strategies to be like Gandhi, be a victim converted in a hero.

  • Don’t cry over spilt milk. Don’t throw stones if you live in glass houses yippy kiya! Whose on first what’s on second I don’t know but the boys do. Dance like no one is watching, it is good for the soul and you can lose 5 pounds cookarotcha. If everyone puts their hands together and sing koombyeya we will all get through this together. Surely, don’t call me Shirley, you all know what I mean.

    • Tee hee hee. You may be the June Havoc to my Gypsy Rose Lee anytime. No permission is required. No admission is blocked. So go ahead and play Juliet’s nursemaid, perhaps at a quieter theatrical offering, such as Connecticut’s Stratford Theater.

      That is exactly where I last saw June Havoc, as a matter of fact. Back in the early sixties. She was really wonderful, too, playing Juliet’s very concerned nursie.

      It is simple enough. Ivy Nevares is sounding afraid that Keith Raniere still has influence or impact. It is my conviction that, as personal as this feels to her, in essence there is no reason to worry anymore about Keith Raniere. Also, that fellow is just a captured banshee now. Ivy’s feelings and thoughts, troubled, ecstatic or anywhere in between, are her own. As are yours and mine.

    • I’m not from here, not that enlightened, and I don’t understand the allusion to Shirley. Please explain a little hint.

    • ==“What I started to learn was that many of the couples within NXIVM and ESP were frequently swapping. All of these ideas about sexuality and blurring boundaries were repeated constantly in all the classes,” Oxenberg remembers. ==

      Ok…so, some prominent Nxian couples:

      Mark V and Bonnie P
      Mark H and Kristin K
      Nippy A and Sarah E


      • LOL-

        Thanks for posting the snide comment. It piqued my interest so I watched a little of India’s show.

        It’s safe to say that India Oxenberg would like the opportunity to kick Vicente in his Jimmy-Johnson.

        Mark helped bring down Nxivm. However, he owes India Oxenberg a big ass published apology.

        Thanks for sharing, LOL.

    • You go India! The men in SOP used to slap each other to get used to the pain? thats the most I’ve ever heard of SOP practices which have been so cursorily covered here, because, y’know, its a mans group.

      And Vicente is a bully that made money off your courses and did the opposite of encourage you when you landed the Brosnan gig, to the point of crying? yeurghh? Thank you for this information. Never would have known about this otherwise.

      • “that’s the most I’ve ever heard of SOP practices which have been so cursorily covered here”

        Now that India reveals the swapping among Nxian couples, maybe SOP really stands for, Swap Our Putang.

        And since SOP men were taught to cum on their women’s faces, did they do the same on the swapped women?

    • In the burgeoning era of #metoo and men being held accountable for their hateful bigotry towards women, it would have drawn much needed attention to this cause to reveal the normalized misogyny and violence towards women in Jness and SOP.

      Frank didn’t show much journalistic integrity there. He tends not to when he agrees with and defends people like Mark Vicente. Protect Mark, but not actual victims.

      Whatever lies you want to tell yourself and the world, won’t stand the light of day of real journalists with real codes of ethics.

  • He is free to speak and anyone is free to boycott said speech and encourage others to do so. He doesn’t need Apple or Spotify to post his rantings to the web. Encouraging those entities to not carry his podcast does not limit his ability to speak and gave his drivel posted for people to listen to. You’re confusing speech with distribution.

  • No. We shall not sacrifice our already limited freedom of speech or expression in order to stifle a few rotting apples.

    Did your ancestors strive for American freedom, Ivy? Well, a sizable batch of mine did. Here, right here, our own families were striving for reasonable, equitable and genuinely representative government, long before the American revolutionary battles had even begun. There WERE no Americans yet back then. Just “squatters.” Squatters starting from scratch.

    We still have their letters, our family, the letters written home during the years of determination and struggle. The blood of our own revolution still courses through these cells, even now.

    But I empathize with what you are experiencing, very much. Humbly, I send you hugs and a whole lotta love, dear lady. All will become better. Try not to worry.

    • What? So your ancestry which strove for American freedom places your expression in some kind of superior place to Ivy’s?

      BUT, even so, given your superiority, you extend some crumbs of empathy to Ivy? How kind.

  • There’s plenty of evidence that sociopaths and psychopaths, once in prison, make every effort to be ‘heard’ by anyone who will still listen to them. Raniere is not unusual in this.

    Eventually, the sociopaths and psychopaths will tell you, when they’re being ‘honest,’ that you (those who they prey on) should never have allowed this, that they are continuing their victimization of dupes and fools. Consider that Raniere has learned nothing, and probably never will. He is already showing that he will continue to warp the meaning of words in order to appeal to anyone gullible enough to listen to him, to grant him any audience at all.

    When humans learn how psychopaths think, which is not hard; there is a lot of research available to read—then we will understand that psychopaths, like sharks, have one basic purpose, which is to ‘kill,’ if not the body, then the soul. Raniere has made every effort to show you what he is. There’s nothing more he has to say that he hasn’t tried on before, made of pure poison.

  • I think Raniere is a piece of shit, who has not earned the right to free speech, however he doesn’t deserve it being taken away from him.

    Not because of any virtues deeds on his part, but because we are better than the kind of people who would want to ban freedom of speech. Raniere himself wouldn’t hesitate, and has used his mindfuck skills chained many in their minds and there by taken away their right to free speech.

    We are better than Raniere, and hence he deserves the right to free speech.

  • There is a distinct difference between denying someone a First Amendment right, and giving them a platform to distribute their message.

    I agree with Ivy.

  • Frank,

    You really should look up the impact of Eliot Rodger on the MRA incel culture. He is looked at as a king among young men that feel entitled to female attention and submission, and hate them for being denied. Here is one.


    There’s a reason serial killers are no longer sensationalized in the media, it feeds their ego to be notorious and famous. Victims are now focused on. You and I are old enough to remember the difference in coverage. There’s a reason for that.

    The Unibomber is quite the prolific writer. He wrote his manifesto and many other commentaries on modern culture and technology, He has a lot to say. There’s a reason his writing is hard to find

    If you’re going to insist at every post, with the sincerity of a person that starts each conversation with, “to be honest….”, you’re going to have to look at the culture of journalism and investigate why policies have changed. Otherwise it just confirms your only concern is tabloid click bait that further victimizes people, and creates more by creating a portal for such loathsome aspirational cult leaders.

    • Good thing that incels are by definition wimps, or this would be a very dangerous world. LOL

      With the internets, the Unabomber manifesto is actually quite easy to find, have you ever heard of google or other search engines? LOL

    • Never forget, Frank Parlato is now, first and foremost a journalist and the owner of several publications. His main concern IS for clicks.

      Over the years, I’ve watched people arrive here [@FR], fall in love with Frank, write acres of praise, have their boundaries traduced, fall out of love with Frank, believe him to be party to all kinds of malfeasance, threaten to leave [some do] and then, just acquiesce. This report did what it set out to do. Who cares if Frank has a weakness for culty psychopaths. It’s a free country.

      • Team Ivy,

        Yes, that was my pattern but within a very short period of time. He fancies himself a benevolent tyrant that bestows his own unethical standards of journalism and censorship to those he can profit from and sensationalize, after facts unsurfaced and justice has that pursuit unnecessary.

        These are the tactics of playing people off one another. Like Keith Reniere.

        • Anon, Frank Parlato is nothing like Keith Raniere. He is the benevolent tyrant of this Report, but really, how much of a tyrant is that?

          You can say what you like here, and if Frank doesn’t like it, he won’t publish it, or he’ll publish it with an appropriate [for him] spin, that’s the worst that can happen to a commentator here.

          No need to sign over the deeds to one’s house/life, no need to have sex with Frank, no need to keep him in an extant stream of close-up’s of one’s hoo-ha. Also, I know he doesn’t appreciate this, but, no need to let him know even, who the hell one is.

          There are no similarities between the criminal KR, and the magnificent dude FP, who did so much to help write the best, most elegant sentence of 2020: Keith Raniere, One Hundred And Twenty Years.

  • As much as it grinds my gears, I do think that Vantard deserves all the protections of due process and all those afforded by the constitution.

    That said, I sincerely hope that Garaufis uses their petition for bathroom tissue. On a day he has food poisoning. Raniere used the courts as a bully uses size to intimidate. Give Vantard his fair trial and then forget him.

    But on the bright side, if he comes out here to Colorado, fall is a great time. Not that he will get to see any of it…On the downside though, one fifteen minute phone call per month won’t allow for much blogging. Silver linings abound.

  • Frank, your analysis here is flawed. 1st amendment only protects private citizens against the government. It does not provide protection of speech between private citizens.

    Private citizens (and by extension, the companies they work for) are not be required to give a platform to those they don’t wish to interact with, provided they don’t discriminate against a protected class. Being a sex offender or felon are not protected classes. You could maybe argue there is a civil rights violation based on religion being a protected class, but I think that claim would be a stretch at best, since the reasons for denying a platform are for the actual criminal actions of Raniere, not not his belief system in general.

    I don’ think there is anything unreasonable about Ivy’s ask, this is not a free speech issue.

    • Hiding nasty comments attacking other commenters is far different than seeking to ban a person from all platforms. No one is stopping any commenter from going out and speaking their beliefs about themselves.

      • Nobody knows whether you hide comments that aren’t nasty, nor do they know your definition of the word nasty, as it is open to interpretation – one person’s truth is another person’s nasty. LOL

        • When a comment is merely an insult of another commenter , or merely a snarky comment that corrects someone on a minor point of grammar, I usually delete it. I prefer civility.

      • LOL. You don’t hide all nasty comments. You selectively hide and/or allow them. Your criteria are often arbitrary. I, for one, have posted a number of comments that weren’t nasty and never showed up, but they didn’t “toe the company line”, either on here or on your other affiliated websites. Either you’re not about objective and impartial free speech, or you allow people who aren’t to arbitrarily hide or show comments according to their own biases or if they don’t like certain posts, so stop pretending that you are.

  • Yeah well the first amemnent is removable right? For.peoole.tgat spread damaging information. I mean you cannot publish snuff videos or bulimia support and isntructions, or you shouldnt at least. And Raniere kinda did both so, yeah i think that he is very dangerous and a role model for.every cult, satanic or luciferian leader

  • The First Amendment applies to government censorship. If a private company decides to censor, then that’s their prerogative. C’mon, Frank, you’re a journalist; you should know better.

  • As a mother, I won’t be listening. It’s too much hatred that I don’t want to live with and too much frustration that I can’t dismember him with my bare hands.

  • Apple and Spotify are private companies and have no obligation under the 1st Amendment to publish a podcast. KR can publish in his followers’ websites.

  • No need to ban him. He damns himself with his words.
    It is, however, an issue with convicted prisoners. Warren Jeffs, while in a Texan prison, did and probably still does control the FLDS group from jail, still tells who to marry whom, apparently decided those in the group would suffer because he was suffering in prison and basically could do a lot of continuous harm as cult leader from a jail cell. Other jails might not allow that. I think he also developed some code language too.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT-cHV_eTXM

    • Private companies don’t need to adhere to 1st amendment rights. Secondly, a convicted criminal, while serving his sentence loses any rights to free speech. The state can control whatever they deem as harmful from being disseminated.

  • Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Anchor are all privately-owned companies. They don’t have to carry Queef’s podcast and it’s not a violation of his First Amendment for these corporations to ban Queef.

    Queef can post his deny deny deny diatribe on the NXIVM or ESP website.

    Wait a second – the sites were purchased by others and the intellectual property (if it ever was that) now belongs to the Govt. Oops!!!

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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