Raniere enemies’ domain names purchased

A number of domain names – of people who are coincidentally enemies of Keith Raniere – have been purchased. The following domain names were purchased through NamesSilo.  The owner of the domain names is private.

On January 22, 2018, someone bought the following domains.











Possibly others were purchased.

Note: These domains were purchased two months prior to Raniere’s arrest and while he was in hiding in Mexico.

Today, I took the liberty of  buying one ‘exposed.com” domain myself.

For 99 cents, I invested in keithraniereexposed.com.

It might be good for a laugh. Or maybe I can auction it off to raise funds for some of Raniere’s victims…

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  • Someone is trying to prosper on all the publicity surrounding AM. Allisonmackexposed.com has just been registered and goes to a porn site.

  • While the domains were registered through front company privacyguard.org in January, they were only connected to a server (NameSilo.com) on the day of this post.

    Keithraniereexposed.com, on the other hand, is registered under Frank Parlato’s name, the same phone number listed on this site, and what may well be his home address, and with an email address that is likely that of his long time associate.

    One of these things is not like tne others….

    • Too True! One of these things is not like the others…

      ‘Today, I took the liberty of buying one ‘exposed.com” domain myself.

      For 99 cents, I invested in keithraniereexposed.com.

      It might be good for a laugh. Or maybe I can auction it off to raise funds for some of Raniere’s victims…’

  • Can anyone refresh my memory of when NXIVM did this in the past? Didn’t they create a website to smear cult expert Rick Ross, or maybe another one or more of their enemies some years ago?

    This definitely isn’t the first time they’ve tried to pull this kind of stunt. The big difference is that in the past, there wasn’t a federal investigation going on when they did it.

    Someone at NXIVM seems to believe they can still use their old playbook to harass their victims into silence. They are clearly panicking as the whole shithouse goes up in flames.

  • Please investigate a woman named Sue Haddad, who is connected to Police Captain Kathleen Newcombe and Senator Fred Akshar. Sue Haddad was said to me to be a lawyer for NYPD, she is also involved in sex trafficking crimes. Many of us have been trying to tell people but we are never listened to, which is why the “enemy” of Raniere had to resort to posting online.

  • Yes, let’s leave that job to the tabloids. What threat to the legal process is being done? Ever hear of the First Amendment? The witnesses better start speaking up, there’s been too much silence, whether it’s this creep, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, etc.

  • So who of you jokers registered the domains? The smartest man in God’s own country cannot possibly be that dumb? It should be simple to find out the name, under which it was registered, and the bank account that was used paying for it.

    These muppets cannot be that stupid. It would point to some morons within NXVIM or the company itself and be pretty much incriminating for the CEO after all. He is the final guy being responsible for everything done in his name.

    • FDC
      I’m sure the Feds will find the information on who registered those domains very easily.
      I wonder how Frank became aware that those domains had been registered 2 months ago. Perhaps just someone plugging those names into a Google search accidently stumbled on them?

      BTW, when you Google search an email address, any domains registered under that address will be shown. A smart person would have made a new email address to register those domains, and then keep that address secret.

      I see keithraniereexposed.live can still be purchased at a good price. Any interested parties?

    • Keith Alan Raniere. I don’t think Allison Mack’s initials are in it at all. Keith was the master. K. A. R.

      • I agree with you about the initials. I think it was Toni or Barbara, someone who knows Keith very well, that said, Keith doesn’t share, the initials are his alone. Allison is not a partner to Keith, she is his slave. His #1 slave who enforces his slave rules. What an unenviable position, and one that is landing her in prison.

  • I know NxiVM did the evil lawsuit stuff, but does anyone know if NIXVM went after former members the way Frank has gone after some of them on here? When Piesse left, did members post things on the internet trying to defame her or did they just shun her even though her husband was still tight with the cult?

    • Shunning and being labeled a suppressive is what occurs when members NXIT similar to Scientology. Those on the inside are told not to have contact with those who have left.

      Mark Vicente has a good blog post up about what happens when you leave. I highly suggest everyone read it.

    • just sneaking in a little equivalence comparison between Frank and NXIVM there? Its never going to work because NXIVM is a criminal
      slave-running women-branding tax-avoiding cult.

      And the Frank Report is a site dedicated to said cult’s demise.

      So, whatever the cult did or didn’t do to ex-members – would clearly be entirely different to any report of those facts.

  • I see on Instagram that India Oxenberg is still carrying on as normal. 2 hours ago she started following a few more accounts.

    • Allison being arrested is all part of the “narrative” these Vanguard chickenheads have been feeding each other, I’m sure. I wonder when Nelson Mandela will get her day in the sun?

    • Yay, because stepdaddy told her that she hasn’t done something wrong and her mistakes are normal. Like him, he teaches her to hide bad shits…

  • Bonnie Piesse is Jane Doe #1 from all that I can divine. Now I am pissed. He brought Star Wars into this shit. Once her name gets out the Story will EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Victims of crime are granted anonymity for a variety of legal and other reasons. You should not be speculating about the identity of any Jane Does here as to do so threatens due legal process and, given the serious organised criminals involved in this case, may endanger witnesses.

    • Yet again, moronic, and completely ignoring the well-known timeline of events.
      This scummy individual is posting the exact same comment on every article.

    • Why are you so obsessed ? It’s because it sounds like Bunny Piss ? I’ll never look at rabbits the same way now dude !!! : (

    • I’m 99% sure about Jane Doe 1’s identity. It’s right here on this blog in a old comment. She was recruited in LA by Mark Hildrerth. And it’s not Bonnie. About Jane Doe 2, I thought I knew, but if Laura is right and the other witness who spoke in the New York Times article along with Sarah is not her, then I have to guess again.

  • Maybe the person who bought these should come forward and make a deal with the FEDS really soon. What these people will do for their Masters (Raniere, Bronfman and Salzman)

  • What a great find!

    You and your twin are the best thing ever, Laura. Thank you so much for participating on this blog and sharing information and insights! Your and Lana’s posts and comments are the ones I always look most forward to.

    • You are being incredibly scummy trying to guess at putting out victim’s names.
      IMO, KR hates Bonnie because she wasn’t a huge fan of her husband’s involvement.

    • Mark Vicente’s wife. Maybe that’s why Mark V was helping Sarah.

      Okay, but quick question. If Bonnie Piesse is Mark Vicente’s wife. Why is she living in Brooklyn and not in Santa Monica with Mark?

      Is this another fake marriage for a VISA? Man, that seems to fit the NXIVM profile…

      • It would be so awesome if this was true but I think it isn’t.

        Jane Doe #1 is an actress in her early 30’s who lives in Brooklyn. Begs the question what “Actress’ means. Is she a stage actress or an old extra off of Nickelodeon?

  • I guess The Knife didn’t have time to publish anything before the sexiest white boy on cell block D found himself the personal property of Mickey “Nightstick” DaFonte.

    • She is way too busy trying to pretend The Knife Media (http://www.theknifemedia.com so it shows up on searches for them) doesn’t have the connections to NXIVM that it does, as well as pretending it is a legitimate media company.

      Wait until her slave group turns her in. She’ll be in the same boat if any of them were shipped off to have sex with KR and provide unpaid labour on demand.

      • Rosa Laura Junco was one of the original 6 slaves. She has a whole lot to answer for and likely prison time to serve.

  • This is whole new level of stupid. But what else can you expect from a guy with a 2.26 GPA?

    Whoever actually purchased those domain names is likely going to facing a whole bunch of federal charges – and a whole lot of federal prison time. Maybe Ben Meyers and Michelle Salzman ought to move their wedding date up or elope because the Feds don’t allow prisoners to wed while they’re incarcerated.

  • hahahahaha I just can´t stop laughing, this is too funny!! looks like he trained mice to run in mazes, yup, that´s what mxivm does

  • Good one Frank! Anyone whose name is on that list is a HERO. Kind of like a modern Declaration of Independence.

    With a court order, we can find out who the owners of the domains are. Textbook witness tampering and obstruction.

    I would guess the purchaser is Clare Bronfman or one of her immediate cronies.

    • Sarah Edmondson is no hero. She is a fucking idiot. Anyone who walks into a room and sees women being branded, and still goes along with it is a moron. Period.

      Kristin Kreuk is no hero.

      The only hero is Frank.

  • LMAO amazing. Only someone of Raniere’s arrogance would buy all these domains but forget to purchase for cybersquatting purposes one for his own name. Nice work Frank haha. For now, make it redirect to this site?

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