Rare Nxivm Video: Emiliano Salinas and Lauren Salzman Do Botox Comedy Act for Sex Cult Leader

This video hardly needs much explanation. It was filmed during Vanguard Week, 2016, the last fulsome Vanguard Week before the party was busted by Frank Report, with the help of others such as Catherine Oxenberg , Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson.

The 2016 Vanguard Week had about 500 attendees in 2016 and might be said to be Keith Raniere at his pinnacle.

By 2017, Frank Report broke the news of the branding and blackmail scheme called DOS and attendance dropped to abut 125 people at V-Week 2017.

A few months later the New York Times came out with their story and this prompted the feds to begin an investigation. This in turn led Raniere to flee to Mexico.  He was arrested in March 2018 and consequently there was no Vanguard Week in 2018, or for that matter in 2019, as the Plump One sat in the Metropolitan Detention Center.

The prospects for Vanguard Week 2020 also looks bleak. Raniere was convicted on June 19, 2019 and is to be sentenced on April 16.  The judge cannot, even if he wanted to, give the August One a suspended sentence. He must, as a matter of law, sentence Raniere to at least 15 years for his sex trafficking conviction.

This means that with good behavior and time served Raniere might be out in 2031.  That’s a long time to be without Vanguard Week.

In consideration of this – the long lonely interval – I thought it might be nice to occasionally post some of the gaiety, the merriment and the fun, as well as the deep teachings of the illustrious Vanguard and his 10 day celebration, known as Vanguard Week.


V- Week group photo.
He led a number of lovely people into Executive Success destruction. Raniere on stage addressing his devotees at Vanguard Week.
NXIVM members dance before Keith Raniere at Vanguard Week
Emiliano dances for his Vanguard.

This particular clip speaks for itself. The woman behind the mask is Lauren Salzman and the man is Emiliano Salinas, the son of the former president of Mexico, Carlos Salinas.

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  • I may have uncovered secret evidence which possibly proves that Frank Parlato Jr. attended V-week 2008 to pay homage to his Vanguard.

    I cannot disclose this evidence as I am under strict ethical guidelines not to compromise confidential sources.

    In 2008, Frank Parlato was (partially) under the authority of NXIVM and Keith. He was taking orders from Vanguard on certain things. He lived near Albany to be closer to his Vanguard and his benefactor, Clare Bear.

    I find it hard to believe that Frank would not have at least purchased tickets and committed to attending V-week 2008, since he was trying to impress his benefactor (Clare) and also wanted to be in the good graces of his Vanguard.

    I don’t think Frank is being 100% honest with us.

    • I want Frank to tell us more about all the pussy he enjoyed while working for Keith’s sex cult. I heard Frank was a closeted homo, but since Heidi said he was being paid with free pussy along with his $75k per month and free room and board, maybe he’s bi. Will Frank share the videos Keith made of them? Frank obviously has a blind spot for Kristin Keefe and Karen Unterreiner. He won’t even use their last names in an effort to limit their exposure despite the horrible things they were a part of. Did he bury his face in their bushes?

  • Frank, it would be interesting to unmask Deepak Chopra. You dare? Chopra comes from a long line of pseudo-Hindu spiritualists who like to make money at the expense of Western citizens, especially gullible Americans, but he is one of the first to successfully combine Eastern Ayurvedic quackery with Western quantum quackery and sell it to a credible audience.

    • Scott,

      I bet that big beak brought a bunch of women infinite pleasure……

      … Maybe even the anuses of Salinas and Betancourt…..

      ….Of course plenty of lube had to be you….It’s one gigantic beak after all.

    • Lindsey,

      You are probably right, they are maternity clothes.

      Lauren had an entire baby room with baby furniture and even a crib…

      ….So she may have actually been wearing maternity because otherwise, they would have just been laying around.

  • Interesting video….Vanguard Week must have been a lot of fun.

    Lauren Salzman actually looks somewhat attractive. Pablo(Bangkok) must have enjoyed the footage.

  • Well played, Mr. Parlato. If living well is the best revenge, may you enjoy more than your fill.

  • Thanks for the video, Frank. There must be hundreds of hours of NXIVM video; how are they preventing it from being released online? Likewise their proprietary “modules”, etc. Since KAR is in jail and most of the other players are under intense media and legal scrutiny, one would think that the modules and deep thoughts of the Vanguard would be leaking out to the public. Why have they not?

    • Because most people are too scared, just like most of the commenters here are anonymous because they are too scared to use their real name. So they let Frank and a couple of others who use their real names take the heat. LOL

      • Hi Scott. I saw you in the E-special for Nxivm. Why wasn’t Frank Report mentioned? I didn’t like the E-special because I realized Frank is super entertaining. Without him, I don’t think I would be intrigued and keep reading Nxivm stuff. I hope Frank gets his own show like a private detective.

        Any way, you looked nice. Nice look

          • There is an e special on Nxivm. From the e channel. Someone named Scott Johnson appeared as one of the people interviewed. He presents himself as an investigative reporter. I assume he is you

          • There is another Scott Johnson who writes for the Hollywood Reporter. He is not the same gent who posts comments here.

          • Thanks, Frank, for clarifying. Wow, two Scott Johnsons caught up in NXVIM. who would have imagined???


          • Imagine that, two people with one of the most common last names in the United States! WOW! I checked several years ago, there are about a half-dozen people in the phone book in the city of about 250,000 I live in with my name. One of them even ran for political office and I was asked several times if I was running. If I recall I (they) even won. LOL

            People often mistake me for Magic Johnson, the resemblence is remarkable! LOL

  • Wow! Carlos’ daddy had sent him to the US to be educated from a very young age! After all the elite schools he’s attended, that’s the outcome his brains have produced. A shining example of what can or cannot be achieved when you’re stupid as a corpse!

  • I implore Frank to write an article that gives a detailed account of Emi Salinas’ daily activities inside NXIVM, including his specific duties within NXIVM’s daily operations in Albany and in Mexico.

    What did Emi do for NXIVM on a daily basis?

    I’m not talking about being an owner of the Mexico City ESP center or whatever fucken ESP center he owned.

    I’m not talking about allegedly copulating with Betancourt’s tight culo and becoming an expert at fudge packing.

    What am I talking about?

    I’m talking about how much of Emi’s life was truly devoted to ESP, NXIVM, Keith and Albany on a daily basis?

    What were his daily duties?

    Did he recruit?

    Did he teach at intensives?

    Did he finance things? If so, give us DETAILS.

    How much of his life (estimated percentage of his time) was devoted towards performing NXIVM related duties?

    You know what, Frank?

    I have a strong suspicion that Emi pretty much ignored NXIVM except for Vanguard week and a few other big meetings.

    I get the feeling that he really didn’t spend much of his daily life doing NXIVM related duties.

    That’s right, Frank, I’m calling you a fucken LIAR, sir.

    I challenge Frank to prove me wrong and to write a detailed article disclosing Emi’s life within NXIVM — if he has the balls to do that.

    If not, then Frank is a COWARD and a PUSSY and I’ll have zero respect for him.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Keep in mind all these laughing deranged people enjoying their lives in this community are counted as victims.
      I’m just not yet convinced that being a sucker is the same as being a victim.

      And some people think this group routinely offed people critical of their actions

    • Pablo sounds like Bangkok .
      Boring as hell.

      But it would be nice to have a summary of the crimes Emiliano did (many names in court)

    • Portlandia is HILARIOUS!
      And I have a friend in Portland who insists that Portlandia is close to reality.
      It is more of a documentary than a comedy.
      And the former Mayor of Portland, Sam Adams, has a recurring role in the TV show and an interesting life to boot.

      “In 2005, Adams met Beau Breedlove, a 17-year-old interning for Oregon State Representative Kim Thatcher.[75] In September 2007, Adams denied rumors of a sexual relationship between the two, calling the allegations scurrilous, and adding that they played into stereotypes of predatory gays. News of the deception led Oregon Attorney General John Kroger to initiate a criminal investigation in January 2009. By June, his office announced that no charges would be filed and that there was “no credible evidence” of inappropriate sexual contact before the age of consent. Before Kroger’s findings were made public, several newspapers called for Adams’ resignation.

      • Only just started watching at Christmas, Shadow. So funny, and so strange for me, not from the States, I’m addicted to it!!
        Amazed to hear that it’s so close to reality.

      • Eh, it is and it isn’t. I love the show because it takes the stereotypes to a comedic extreme. The two lesbian bookstore owners are my fave, as well as, Peter and Nance.

  • Lauren Salzman looks better with that mask as does Emiliguano Salinas.
    Perhaps in prison Lauren can prove herself useful making masks to fight the raging Coronavirus pandemic.
    So far Lauren’s life has been nothing but a mockery against common human decency.
    Branding sex slaves.
    Collecting blackmail material.
    Locking a woman into a room for almost two years.
    Browbeating the students in one of her Executive Success courses.

    I’ll leave it to the Mexican readers to enumerate all of the crimes of Emiliguano Salinas.

    All of the NXIVM defendants should be made to wear clown masks.
    They are all Ass Clowns.

  • I think that reduced number of 125 tells us a lot about how the spreading internal exposure* of Raniere’s misbehavior, lies, and hypocrisy, hit the group hard, before major news outlets picked up the story – and how there was nonetheless a small, hard core of loyalists not too shaken even by such things.

    And for all Salzman’s supposed spending, she seems to have often worn cheap-looking outfits that are quite unflattering – unprofessional, really.

    * Not to downplay Frank’s work, just to point out that because this site wasn’t very high profile then, members weren’t finding out about things when they picked up their newspaper or checked another regular news source, information was spreading by word of mouth, I believe also including from Edmondson’s and Vicente’s defections.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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