Nxivm’s Marc Elliot Asked to Provide Frank Report With His Evidence of ‘Corrupt’ Prosecution in Raniere Case

Marc Elliot

Marc Elliot, one of the Nxivm-5, the Brooklyn group that is working to show the world that Keith Raniere was unjustly convicted, has made a YouTube video asking for journalists to examine evidence of prosecutorial misconduct in Raniere’s case.

I am willing to do that.

In fact, I have published a comment on Elliot’s YouTube inviting him to provide me with evidence of his claim that prosecutors in the case against Raniere committed acts of misconduct.

I will get to my message in a moment. First, I need to put this in context.

The Nxivm-5, which includes Elliot, have been dancing on Friday nights in front of the MDC where Raniere is being held awaiting sentencing (They started out dancing every night but switched to just Friday nights after a couple of weeks).

More recently, they have presented an affidavit to prosecutors, asking them to swear they did not commit prosecutorial misconduct in Raniere’s case.

The Nxivm-5 are planning a podcast that features the voice of Raniere – and that is meant to demonstrate he is innocent and that prosecutors committed misconduct.

They are planning to announce details of a contest with a series of $35,000 prizes for writers who can make good legal arguments about the abuse Raniere suffered at the hands of prosecutors and the judge.

Attorneys will be judging the winners of the prizes.

The Nxivm-5: Marc Elliot. Suneel Chakravorty, Michele Hatchette, Eduardo Asunsolo, and Nicki Clyne,

As a member of the Nxivm-5, Marc Elliot is a Nxivm diehard. But if there is anybody who ought to be excused for being so, it is him.

Whether it was caused by Nxivm teachings or “tools” or not, Marc seems to have been cured of Tourette’s Syndrome while under a regime prescribed to him by Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere.

Vanguard [Keith Raniere] and Prefect [Nancy Salzman],
For years, Marc experienced nearly constant ticks from his Tourette’s and then, after following Keith and Nancy’s plan, it stopped.

His life changed. He became normal, able to be with others without the ticks.

Marc believes Keith saved him.

Marc Elliot has made videos of how he was cured of Tourette’s Syndrome through the tools of Nxivm.

Perhaps Marc is being willfully blind to Keith’s many defects. He only knows Keith was good to him.

In fairness to Marc’s claim that Nxivm cured him, I spoke with a young lady, a very nice person who believes she too was cured of Tourette’s by Keith and Nancy. She suffered badly and now she is cured. I interviewed her and one of my correspondents met with her repeatedly and attested it was true. We saw old videos of her and we saw that now she is cured.

She said Nxivm did that for her.

Let us listen next to Marc’s message on YouTube, understanding that the man you are listening to [the transcript of his talk follows the video] was cured of Tourette’s and believes the man he is trying to save, saved him.



Transcript of Elliot’s video:
My name is Marc Elliot.
I’m an award winning inspirational speaker. And I recently was featured in the HBO docuseries The Vow about Nxivm and beating Tourette’s Syndrome.
So it is true. I lived with Tourette’s and with the tools from Nxivm and the incredible mentorship from Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere, I beat my Tourette’s. Completely mind over body.
I’m making this video now as I believe we need each other’s help.
I don’t care who thinks I’m in a cult, or if I’m brainwashed, or that I support a convicted sex trafficker.
What I’m worried about is something much worse, that we live in a country in which prosecutors can commit crimes to convict people.
Of course, this is no news to Black people and other minorities. And in this case, the prosecution against Keith Raniere and Nxivm did just that. They lied to the court. They threatened potential witnesses. They allowed perjury. They tampered with evidence, and they used the media to create this monster. [Marc means that Keith Raniere was portrayed as a monster.]
And then later on, you know, paraded around like heroes and winners.
Now, look, you don’t have to take my word for this.  We have the evidence and the videos to prove this.
And we’re now looking for someone in the media, who’s caring enough, who’s smart enough and discerning enough to recognize that this injustice is completely separate from whether or not someone is innocent or guilty.
And we don’t need this to come out, you know, in a documentary 20 years from now. With how big this case is and the whole world watching, we have the opportunity to expose these corrupt prosecutors in real time.
And in doing so, will send a message to prosecutors around the nation: We are no longer afraid of you.
Of course, there are many good judges and many good prosecutors. The fact that we have a few bad ones destroys the nature of justice for all of us. I mean, prosecutors work for us. We literally pay their salary. And yet they hurt us and then are rewarded for that.
And no one is immune to this. I mean, this happens to Black kids, you know, in Central Park, all the way up to senators like Ted Stevens from Alaska.
It is no wonder that these prosecutors think that they’re invincible.
But this is perverted. I mean, they are willing to win at all costs, to get a conviction or promotion, at the expense of destroying the Constitutional rights of another human being.
In any other industry, this would be criminal. And this is only going to change though public accountability from we the people, not from other judges and other prosecutors that they work with.
So we need to band together so that who’s ever on trial next, you know, your mom and your dad, a senator, a cult member, a mafia member, an anti-masker, a gun owner, Muslim, Latino, Black, someone  or whoever the newspaper and the government tell you is such a bad person, that their rights are preserved against the hate mob.  And no prosecutor can break the law again for personal gain.
Please share this video and connect me with someone who cares about people, justice, human rights, the Constitution, and someone who is not afraid of these prosecutors.
And together we can expose them and root this cancer out from the system. Until we do. This isn’t the justice system nor the America I thought we lived in.
End of transcript


What Marc is saying is true. Prosecutors are out of control in this country. They are the only public profession who are above the law, who have no accountability, and whose goal is not justice, but convictions, which is the opposite of what they are hired to do.

I am not suggesting that prosecutors in Raniere’s case were corrupt. But there are corrupt prosecutors and there is nothing wrong with calling for an investigation of prosecutors to ascertain that no defendant’s due process rights were stolen from him.

Due process must extend even to those society hates, like Keith Raniere.

Keith Alan Raniere

Marc claims he has evidence of prosecutorial misconduct. It that is true I would like to see the evidence.

I called out to Marc to show me the evidence he claims he has. I will publish it, if true.

I may not like Raniere. He has done to me the opposite of what he did for Marc – brought me years of pain and legal turmoil – but I will still fight for his due process rights.

In his comment on his YouTube video , Marc writes: “Please connect me to any journalists/podcasters/celebrities that are brave enough to help expose corrupt prosecutors.”

Marc Elliot

My Comment on Marc’s Video:

Hi, Marc. If you have evidence of prosecutorial misconduct in the Keith Raniere case, I would like to examine it.  I may not like Keith Raniere, but I will publish evidence of prosecutorial misconduct, tampering with evidence, suborning perjury, or intimidating witnesses – something you claim prosecutors did in his case – if the evidence shows this happened.

The Frank Report is the perfect place to publish it, since FR has a large following, including media, of people who follow the Raniere case.  Since I am known to oppose Keith, if you have evidence that tends to exonerate him, or show he was deprived of due process, people might be more likely to believe it, if I publish it.
I invite you to share your evidence with me. Tell Keith I am interested in examining any evidence he has of prosecutorial misconduct. Get back to me. Frank Parlato 716-990-5740 or email: frankparlato@gmail.com.

End of message to Marc


Some people will think it peculiar that I am willing to examine evidence that might help Keith Raniere, after opposing him for so long.

I am not saying prosecutors in his case cheated. But I think it is right that Keith and his followers be heard on the stray chance that on some part of his case, his due process rights were abrogated.

It does not mean he is innocent, but it might mean some aspect of his case might be properly reviewed. This is not about Keith but about due process, which must be safeguarded even for people who are as greatly despised as Keith Raniere.




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  • So this is what lve been thinking after reading and watching a wide variety of articles and films and general opinion on this story.
    1). In what way(s) has/have the world been improved by the teachings of nxivm? I don’t mean individuals l mean the world.
    2) a fifteen year old was sexually abused and also taught by a number of adults to be sexually abusive to others. In what way does that improve anything for anyone?
    3) Do the people still defending KR believe that by him being free he will improve the world( rotate back round to question 1 because if you cannot satisfactorily answer that then you have no chance answering this one).

  • Maybe Marc’s right. Perhaps someone should have slid a shot gun under Keith’s coat and talked him into shooting himself, instead.

  • The message Scott left for Frank on Elliot’s YouTube video: The “evidence” that Elliot is talking about is already on the Frank Report. What is needed is all of the documentation from Raniere’s lawyers, all of the documents that would support these claims, all of the evidence that Raniere’s lawyers didn’t bring up during the trial because they didn’t put on a defense. Elliot is trying to make others do what Raniere’s lawyers should have done during the trial with the information that only they have because it’s not currently publicly available. LOL (the LOL was not part of the message on YouTube)

  • Why isn’t this person out there in world curing Tourette’s Syndrome the way he was cured? I smell B.S.

  • Frank

    Your offer is genuine and appreciated but I don’t think Mark can get a fair judgement of his claims via the Frank Report. Furthermore, your followers often express themselves with a sense of street justice and vengeance that is not conducive to discourse or rationality. Mark prefers a vehicle where he can be treated fairly and neutrally without a fear of derision and physical or emotional threats.

    • So far I have not seen anyone else willing to take up this examination of evidence. Second, I will be personally fair. Third I will not allow anyone to threaten Marc.

      • Don’t beg, Frank. You made an honest offer, they showed their low opinion of you, and very plainly refused your offer, with a subtext that you don’t have enough integrity to act in Raniere’s interest anyway.

        I respectfully suggest you leave it at that, and let them find whoever they can find, or hire, at this late date.

    • When released, all news outlets will critically judge whatever is released. Derision is an appropriate response. You can’t control or manipulate speech outside of your cult. None of you will be considered credible again. Your inability to accept that is entirely your problem.

      Put up or shut up.

      • It is hard to say that THE FIVE is actually from the Nxivm -5 since whoever posted the comment spelled Marc Elliot’s first name wrong.

        • Frank
          From what I’ve read of the small sample of prison communications from Reniere, it seems the full transcripts in comparison to whatever they decide to publish would negatively impact his sentence. Is there a sentencing precedent for judges to release these transcripts or cite them to justify decisions?

          It seems they are portraying themselves as the parasites they formerly rejected. These contradictions always seem to fall back on, “We’re going to do unethical things, ethically”, when really they’re such a dumpster fire of evil, they can’t even buy their way out this anymore.

          This is legal twerking

        • Frank, Nxivm has a long-standing issue with spelling among other things. Think how many times corrections have been helpfully proffered by yourself and readers!

        • Whether THE FIVE is from NXIVM or not isn’t very important, the point is they represented THE FIVE’S point of view. LOL

          In most cases nobody knows who anybody is on this website. LOL

          Besides, the current NXIVM/Raniere followers aren’t the brightest lights on the string of bulbs, so I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on the misspelling. LOL

          • Maybe you’re right, Scott – the message sounded plausible but it was strange that they misspelled Marc’s name as Mark.

    • This is an interesting topic, often referred to in the MLM world as toxic positivity. LOL

      Scott’s show today will have a returning guest to talk about this subject specifically. LOL

      You can listen live at 8:30 pm Eastern time by calling 347-237-4097 and/or the recording will be available in a day or two at https://www.buildingfortunesradio.com/scott-johnson-peter-mingils/. LOL

      We will also talk about some anti-MLM YouTubers who recently quit making anti-MLM videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPmqqcQychk and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhQS-LNw-iQ and I just now coined the term “toxic negativity” to describe this phenomenon. LOL

  • Time to tear down that evil Bronfman empire. They’ve been on top since the 1918 days in Russia, when their kinsmen committed genocide of innocent people under the deadly Article 58 laws. Then they did the same shit in Palestine in the 1920s to 1940s period. The Zionists abuses continue to this very day. But the rule of the law – good laws — will prevail. Faith in justice.

  • Stick it to them, Frank. Make them feel the pain in their soft underbelly, which is their greed and dishonesty. You will come on top of fight as the victor.

  • — Marc claims he has evidence of prosecutorial misconduct. If that is true, I would like to see the evidence.

    I believe the prosecutorial misconduct stems from Daniela’s testimony because they feel Daniela lied when she stated she was not part of a civil lawsuit.

    • That is surely not the prosecutor’s fault though even if were untrue at the time of her testimony. I saw elsewhere they think judges and lawyers meet socially and they seemed to thikn that was some kind of wickedness yet just because you know someone socially does not mean you will put aside the law to favour them.. I have just seen no evidence of the misconduct in this case other than that it took a long time for anyone to go after KR.

  • If we are to believe Nxivm has any tool to cure those idiot Nxivm bots, then we can now believe Raniere Is as smart as he tells he Is.

  • This guy lives in a country with something much worse than a serial killer and paedophile, and a torturer, all embodied into one breathing specimen of some kind of animal! Much worse! Wow…

  • Frank-
    How can you give this delusional idiot even the time of day, let alone potential legitimacy? Vangreaseguard in no way should be used as an example of overzealous prosecution. If anything, they went too lightly on charges for all 5 convicts. And these Nxivm morons continue to be manipulated by this twisted maniac. The flab fuck should be under a gag order not to communicate with Nxians.

    • I think it is right to hear them out – with evidence. If they fail to provide evidence – or do not contact me, at least they were invited to have their concerns published.
      It’s on the record. Show me the evidence of prosecutorial misconduct. I know of no evidence of this. If they do, I will present it.

  • Yes, there could be prosecutorial misconduct. It seems more likely that the affidavit, full of generalizations and void of specifics, is merely a smokescreen aimed solely at sowing doubt about Raniere’s conviction. Or an attempt at undermining his upcoming sentencing. Or an attempt to taint the legitimacy of his prosecution as a way to rebuild Nxivm. Or just to stroke Keith’s ego. I just don’t see any substance to these accusations. A jury convicted Raniere, not prosecutors. And if the prosecutors were manipulative, well, that’s kind of how things work in a trial. I didn’t see Raniere’s lawyers making any such claims. Of course, the Nxivm 5 will say that the defense lawyers were in cahoots with the prosecutors. Then why is Marc Agnifilo still on the job? The unrealistic claims of Byzantine corruption and manipulation could only come from one person who understands this level of corruption and manipulation, Keith Raniere. I’m inclined to believe this is merely a case of his own psychological projection on others.

    • You are spot on. This is just another example of their projective modus operandi. I hope Frank means to outwit and not prop-up this f*ckery.

    • Yes, because if there is evidence, your video gives the 10 hard-points/data and then links to the documents which proved it. This video doesn’t give any evidence at all.

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