Guest View: How Did Kristin Kreuk Fight to Take Down Nxivm After She Learned It Was a Sex Cult?

This guest view is by a person who is no fan of Kristin Kreuk’s and not a fan of Sultan of Six, the actresses ardent defender, either. However, I do think the writer is secretly rooting for Sultan to have his most fervent wish: That Kristin and Sultan be married one day and enjoy connubial bliss all the days of their lives.

By Not a Fan of KK

Sure, Kristin Kreuk had no idea that NXIVM was a cult and that Keith Raniere liked little kiddies until Sarah Edmondson rang her up in a frantic panic in mid-2017 telling her she was branded.

Then, after 10 years with NXIVM, it all came out. No one was more shocked then Kristin Kreuk. In fact, she was so shocked and disgusted, she rang up every media outlet that would hear her and demanded they expose the cult’s activities.

She also used her social media platforms, like the heroine she is, to post about NXIVM, using the same fame that built up the cult, to now draw attention to what it was doing and what it was about all along.

She did this so much, she had no time to virtue signal.

MK10ART’s painting of Nancy Salzman and her influence on Kristin Kreuk. 

Kreuk, in a hurricane-like fury, then stormed into the home of the Italian Stallion Frank Parlato and demanded she work with him to take down NXIVM, but Frank had none of it. He took a drag on his cigarillo, flicked it in Kreuk’s face and said, “I work alone kid”.

Not to be deterred, Kreuk then summoned her allies, the White Witch of the North, Gandalf the grey, those blue creatures from Avatar and mercenaries from the former Soviet Union and together launched rescue missions to save DOS slaves. It was like Schindler’s List.

After rescuing all the DOS slaves, Kreuk retired and married Sultan Of Six and gave birth to six babies.

But seriously, Frank wrote about Kristin Kreuk as follows: “I suspect she was a Nxivm member until maybe as late as 2017, insofar as she availed herself of certain Nxivm activities, even if she was in Canada and not often in Albany.

“It has been suggested by Mark Vicente that Kreuk distanced herself from Raniere because of some sexual experience with him. Whether it went well at first or bad from the beginning, or if it even happened at all, is not something any of my sources seem to know. Vicente seems to think something happened. Was that the reason she left?“

Nothing is secret in the internet era.

By searching for “Kristin Kreuk New York 2016”, look what comes up:

August 25th 2016, the same week as Keith Raniere’s birthday AKA “V-Week”, in NY.

Facebook photo of Kristin Kreuk in New York City on August 25, 2016. This does not mean she went to Lake George in upper New York State to celebrate Vanguard Week. It was Keith Alan Raniere’s birthday the following day and video of when Raniere made his appearance on his birthday does not appear to show Kreuk in attendance. She might have come in later. however.

Did Kristin Kreuk make a dash to NY to give her cult leader’s penis a birthday kiss?

[Editor’s note: There is no evidence that Kreuk went to Silver Bay where Raniere was the following day. Silver Bay is 250 miles away from NYC.]

She would have been a NXIVM member at the time of this photograph, presumably?

An anonymous poster on the Frank Report some time ago said Kreuk had some “weird experiences” with Raniere.

Your Conscience
September 10, 2017 at 9:37 pm

“As far as we know they [Mark Hildreth and Kristin Kreuk] broke up for regular human reasons. But KK did have some weird experiences with Keith. If you’ve ever heard of the company ‘One Asian’ he apparently wanted her to be the head of it. (She said no and a few years ago someone else was rooked into doing it). Keith thought KK was amazing. She left and had a great new gig ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and it was a good time for her to distance herself from ESP, and the relationship with Mark didn’t survive the distance (she filmed in Toronto).

“But Mark is for sure not in. And doesn’t feel great that he participated in bringing other people into ESP. He is a good and thoughtful human who at the time thought he was doing the right thing. He knows now that the wool was pulled over his eyes and he is over it.”

Mk10art sketch of Kristen Kreuk and her former boyfriend, Mark Hildreth.

The TV show was “Beauty & the Beast” which finished filming at the end of 2015 and Kreuk clearly did not leave at any point during the filming of this show.

“One Asian” was fronted by Olivia Cheng, also a virtue signaller.

Actress Olivia Cheng, a follower of the Vanguard, It remains unclear whether she remains in Nxivm or has left the cult. 

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  • WTF is this tripe Frank? I thought you were done discussing Kreuk like you said some months ago? How is this even content worthy of posting for a so-called “investigative journalist”?

    Besides, as I already stated a number of times, Kreuk has her white boyfriend and doesn’t believe in marriage.

    If you want to keep bringing her up and allowing others to do so in the comments, fine. Just leave me out of this potshot shit in articles and comments from now on, either via mention of my common alias or any other well known variation of it, e.g., SOS, or other trash aliases, e.g., “Spanky”, that certain idiots have used to refer to me. After all, that is part of what your new comment policy was put into place to institute.

  • Answer to Anonymous September 11, at 11:27 am

    Your anonymous, wordy defense of Miss Kristin Kreuk is as subjective as it is insignificant, and not very effective, since it also does not reflect objective reality.

  • It wouldn’t take long. Spanky will think, “I can’t believe that I married this idiot”. And then repeatedly banging his head saying “why, why, why?

      • Yes she is, and has been one for many years. Are you like these others and more than even a nobody who writes disparaging comments on a website? Nope.

        • lol, kristin kreuk is like dame judi dench! Pretending t[redacted] and playing kissy face with countless males for teenage girls! An oscar contender!

          • Who said she is like Judi Dench or any other actress? Like any other profession, there are various levels of aptitude or ability wherein which fame is not necessarily an indicator of it one way or the other. Case in point: Keanu Reeves who is very famous, charismatic, handsome, etc., worked in the industry for over three decades, but his acting ability has never been considered top-notch. Kristin’s career title is actress/producer. She has made millions pursuing such a career without taking every opportunity and turning many down. People in her industry consider her one, particularly those involved in it in Canada. Your anonymous mocking and subjective opinion(s) are insignificant to the objective reality of the situation.

          • Frank-

            We can only hope to bask in the glory and splendor of Sultan. My penis tingles merely thinking about it.

        • Omg sultan, the robotic rambling, especially at the end… What is wrong with you? Why are you this way? You are a robot. You are like an asian Sheldon Cooper. Being given millions for being a celebrity is not making millions. Businessmen make millions. Oh god, the lloooonng asbergersy response… 🤦‍♀️

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