Framing of People Made Ill by Radiation as Being ‘Tinfoil-hat’ and ‘Idiopathic’ Hysterical Cases Is Part of 5G War on Humanity

By Fred

Apologies for the long absence, I’ve been working on a big editing job, a whole series of academic papers on the COVID-19 pandemic.

None of the authors saw anything like it coming. All of them agree, however, that this pandemic is just the very thing we need to “reset” the world economy and “reset” society as a whole, it’s all such a wonderful opportunity. Good to know.

I’m planning to update my saga (see above) with the fact checkers, I have taken it one step further, but in the meanwhile, a most interesting document has appeared. Since it’s decidedly in the “conspiracy” bracket, it’s not something I can use in formal appeals, but it’s definitely worth mentioning here.

This document is a 190-page analysis of the COVID-19 scenario and 5G, conducted by an Investigation Group of the Association des Officiers De Réserve, the Association of Army Reserve Officers in France.

It was translated and released by Ms Claire Edwards, a former top editor and translator for the United Nations. She was based in Vienna, and much of her editing work concerned space law, including the international prohibition of the weaponization of space.

She became aware of the issue of 5G when they installed Wifi and cell phone routers in the ceilings of her UN building in Vienna, and she suffered months of illness – flu-like symptoms, as is so often reported with microwave exposure – without any idea that the radiation might be the cause. Other staffers contracted cancer and died. She took early retirement to escape the radiation, when it became clear that no one was going to pay any attention to the issue.

However, as a retiree, she kept a pass to the building, and thus in May 2018 she was able to attend a meeting and address United Nations Secretary General António Guterres directly on the subject. You can see the video of this historic interchange here:

As she points out in a subsequent interview, which I’ll reference below, Guterres had about three minutes to think how he was going to respond to this query. She notes that he responded by LAUGHING at her, joined by laughter and applause from the rest of the United Nations audience.

Guterres also responded by saying that he knew absolutely nothing about this issue, it was the very first time he’d ever heard about it, and he would ask the WHO to look into it (which he never did, another blatant lie).

Now, António Guterres is a telecommunications engineer by training, and lectured on telecommunications in his early career. Claire Edwards does not think it is an accident that he was appointed as Secretary General shortly before 5G was due to be rolled out – right now, they absolutely need someone at the top who really understands telecoms.

As it happens, several appeals on this matter had been addressed directly to Secretary General António Guterres, so his office cannot claim to be ignorant of the matter. I myself personally sent a major appeal to him in 2017, taking great care to use every possible working email address I could obtain for him from my United Nations friends with internal directories. (The only mail that bounced – repeatedly – was sent to his official email address as given on the UN’s main website.)

António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres GCC GCL is a socialist Portuguese politician and diplomat serving as the ninth secretary-general of the United Nations. He is just the right man to help usher in a world saturated with the surveillance and human-control capabilities of 5G. 

Of course, it goes without saying that I never received even an acknowledgement of receipt for this effort. No one ever receives so much as an acknowledgement of receipt from the UN on this issue, not even the world’s very top scientists, like Dr Martin Blank of Columbia University, as I’ve detailed elsewhere on Frank Report. Dr Blank died without receiving the slightest acknowledgement of his heartfelt appeal, made along with 240 other top scientists.

So, if you’d like to watch a top global politician lying through his teeth, to see how it’s done with a smirk and a laugh, just watch António Guterres in this video. If he honestly knows nothing about the issue, then he was defective and incompetent as a telecoms lecturer, but I can guarantee you he is telling absolute lies here, lies that we will be able to prove when we obtain the background correspondence of these global moguls and see exactly how they strategized the rollout of 5G. Just one prior email on this subject from him, and his whole fat stinking lie will be exposed forever, making him directly culpable of crimes against humanity.

Guterres has made big statements about how we must not stigmatize people during this pandemic, and yet here he adds his voice and his patronizing laughter to the insulting and stigmatizing of people who are made ill by wireless technology.

The framing of people made ill by radiation as being “tinfoil-hat” and “idiopathic” hysterical cases has been led globally by psychologists, as I’ve also documented on this forum. These vicious and absolutely deliberate liars are far worse than the quacks of old, the ones who said that epileptics were “possessed” by “demons”.

I honestly believe these modern psychologists are the most evil creatures that have ever walked the Earth, and they are now threatening all life on this planet with their lies and deceptions.


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3 years ago

—Apologies for the long absence

We don’t give a [redacted]

You’re are not Christ no need too apologize for your absence and desertion of mankind.


On the other hand if you happen to have Lady Magdalene’s phone number, now is a good time to cough it up. I want my feet cleaned.


3 years ago


There isn’t any evidence that Guterres knows much about wireless/RF, keep in mind that not all telecoms is wireless, especially in Portugal in the 1970s, and he got a degree and taught for a couple years, then started a poltical career in 1974: LOL

Even she admits they don’t know what caused the health problems, where is the evidence that people got sick and died of cancer (other than they were probably very old, sucking off the UN teat for their entire careers)? LOL

I thought the Oriental lady in front of her was going to burst out laughing, but she held it together. LOL

How do you know whether he asked the WHO to look into it, do you spy on all of his communications? LOL

Why would he have multiple emails, and which email address did you send it to that got bounced? LOL

I don’t have much to compliment psychologists for either, but I’m not about to join Scientology, [redacted] . LOL

fred too
fred too
3 years ago

culled from page 6 or the 190 page document referenced in the article above

” A Fumigation Operation? Electromagnetic Weapons For A Silent War
Dr. Andrew Kaufmann took photos of exosomes under a microscope and compared
them with photos of what is claimed to be COVID-19. These two photos were exactly
the same. He then examined the genetic composition of the exosomes and that
claimed for COVID-19, and it turned out that these two compositions are identical in all
respects. Each attaches on the same cellular receptors. They are the same thing. ”

whether or not the 5G rollout is related to the kovid 18+1 hoax plandemic – what is true is that anti parasite drugs / treatments ARE effective at CURING the illness

the exosomes / virus is a tool created by the victim / host to deal with the perceived threat and that threat
is CURED by the use of
quinine and related
artimisia annua

there is no testing that i am aware of that shows or connects these anti parasite drugs / treatments with the effects of 5G
while they may be effective there is no data to support or refute

so what who cares what can you say ?
nothing except
the exosome virus does not cause the illness , stop looking at the flies on the carcass , use the known evidence and apply it to what is known build on your data set –
there may be multiple causes / conditions that must be present for the illness to occur
a two step like epoxy needs two different compounds to create a whole

the french appear to be far ahead of the Americans with regard to cognitive function / critical thinking skills on this topic

3 years ago
Reply to  fred too

The French can’t even defend their own country. LOL

Q; How many French does it take to defend Paris? LOL

A: Nobody knows, they’ve never done it before. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

As if the United States has ever faced an invasion. Also the French fought in several wars so they are not cowards.

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