Former Nxian: NXIVM Was an Amazing Company and the EM Tech Worked, Though Keith Is a Criminal

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The following is from a person I know to be a former Nxivm member. This individual left the group after learning about the horrific secret side of Keith Raniere. Prior to that, the individual felt that Nxivm was overall a worthy life coaching/teaching school. This individual, in an interview with me, expressed recently that while Keith’s actions are abhorrent, there was a significant amount of beneficial material in the Nxivm curriculum. This post is important for it is from someone who took sufficient Nxivm courses to understand the language of Nxivm and to relate to others who have similar experiences. This post is in response to Keith Raniere’s Amazing Prison Email to Baby Mama: ‘I Was Kidnapped By Mexicans Posing as Police,’ A South American Billionaire Is After Me — and ‘I Am Innocent’!


I think the tragic effects of Keith Raniere are several, but not what Keith states [in his letter to Mariana].

1. Keith will not (some say cannot) admit he is a serial liar and paints different “versions of truth” in order to keep a flow of young women coming into his inner circle (which is international, and which will continue after the sentencing.)

2. Keith’s devotees refuse to take in the data that despite his grand creations like the EM tech, which were truly magnificent, Keith repeatedly lied to everyone and conducted widespread hateful and punishing campaigns in the name of “upholding” people for their “growth”. People like Clare are “gaslit”, meaning, they refuse to read the evidence upon which Keith was convicted. The way Keith does this is that he will say something like, “What I wrote to Cammie was designed for her growth and may appear to others to be gross or disgusting. When my words intended for Cammie are exposed without context, is that justice? How is that related to character assassination and trial by media?”

This is how Keith thinks, and devotees like Clare sort of nod and agree, and so they see taking in data as active action against Keith, versus what is true in reality, which is taking in new data is the act of a logical thinker. It is reasonably easy to paint an accurate context when you listen to the repeated claims of child rape from more than one woman and the data of repeated pregnancies across tens or possibly hundreds of women. To not take in the data for consideration is to participate in the lies — but the psychology of Keith’s supporters don’t see it that way. I hope this is helpful, because Keith’s supporters are mostly really great people. They just see the world with blinders on.

3. Keith’s enemies (Mark Vicente, Ivy Nevares et al) are contributing to painting NXIVM as an evil thing, which is inaccurate and at best an incomplete truth or incomplete falsehood, depending on the wind.

NXIVM was an amazing company and the EM Tech worked. It helped thousands of people, including me, live better lives, feeling more joy.

Keith’s enemies are trying to make Keith evil, NXIVM evil, and everyone associated with NXIVM evil. This is bad and ridiculous, especially to people like me who know all of these people personally.

Keith does not feel joy or pain or remorse – it is hypothesized he feels nothing at all, which makes him very powerful against normal people with emotions. This idea is too much for most of Keith’s supporters – they cannot imagine he is not a Jesus-like figure with the world as his concern.

That is a lie – the truth is that he feels nothing, which is sad, but he has lied and obsessed about sex and done so with children, which is criminal.

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  • I’ve read this spiel before: how great the tech is. I’ve yet to read anyone rationally explain how so. You know why? Because it’s utter bullshit.

    What you people paid for was suggestive, subconscious, mind-fuckery. In other words, what the “tech“ did through those who executed it was simply fool you into believing it was great and worked for you.

    Look at the behavior of these twerking women still infatuated with this clown who sits in jail and tell me how this is ethics on display and these are examples of successful people.

  • Rick Ross spent 14 years in court litigation proving that NXIVM is regurgitated Scientology.
    The world never needed the original Scientology, let alone regurgitated Scientology.

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  • I think this piece would have more impact if the writer had identified himself/herself. I admit I could be wrong but it doesn’t seem like there’s a ton of risk for going public. High-level people in Nxivm have already blown all the whistles to blow and Daniele is in jail.

  • Nxivm is evil. The trial showed that the high ranks of NXVIM were engaged in human trafficking. Laura Junco was a high-rank of Nxvim and she offered her virgin daughter and brought in young minors from Mexico to give to Keith as a tribute. Salzman, another high-rank of Nxivm, imprisoned a Mexican woman for over a year and did not allow her to receive medical treatment when she was ill. Not even federal prisons do that. High-ranks in Nxivm engaged in terrorizing others through legal lawsuits. High-ranks in Nxivm branded women and called them slaves.

    So, you had some nice classes at Nxivm and enjoyed singing to the Vanguard. Big deal. That is outshined by all the evil things Nxivm and its high-ranks did.

  • Keith Raniere has not invented or developed anything himself. He has used the methodological approaches and techniques of others and has built his curriculum from them, when he might not have done it alone, but with the help and cooperation of others, like Nancy Salzman. EM is not a good thing, but a method of manipulating people and exploring their innermost being, and of experiencing the most private and intimate aspects of a person and using them against him.

    Psychotherapy and hypnosis should not be practiced by laymen. Covert hypnosis should be made a punishable offence and be included in the penal code.

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