Keith Raniere’s Amazing Prison Email to Baby Mama: ‘I Was Kidnapped By Mexicans Posing as Police,’ A South American Billionaire Is After Me — and ‘I Am Innocent’!

Keith Alan Raniere hopes to get out of prison soon - once people realize that he has been badly understood.

The following is pure gold.

If you want to understand the mind of the Vanguard, Keith Alan Raniere, AKA Federal Prisoner 57005-177, you must read his email of last September to his baby mama, Mariana Fernandez in Mexico.

It is an astonishing email and here we see Keith at his absolute Vanguardianistic best, full of delusions and self-importance and with an abundant helping of word salad.

And lies.

Mariana is believed to be in Mexico, living off of some $500,000 gifted to her by Clare Bronfman, and possibly other money Keith squirreled away for her and their now three-year-old son, Kemar [and the money her well-to-do father, Hector Fernandez, a staunch devotee of the Vanguard, might give her to raise the avatar child].

Most of the email, he claims, is nothing more than the endings of three different articles he said he has written: an op-ed about how great he is, an article defending DOS, and an article about how his criminal charges are absurd.

Raniere most likely sent this email to Mariana for it to be shared with other Nxivm followers of which there are many in Mexico. He may have realized that prison authorities on behalf of the Department of Justice were monitoring his emails and so perhaps he was making a statement to them as well: “I am innocent.”

What it shows – and it will likely be used against him at sentencing – is that he does not acknowledge he has done anything wrong and that he is a victim of a corrupt system and sinister forces.

As we shall see in the email below, he says that DOS was a noble endeavor that must be preserved, that he was unfairly and unlawfully kidnapped by impostors posing as Mexican Federal Police, that a South American billionaire is out to get him [sounds like total bullshit], and that he is 100 percent innocent.

Mariana Fernandez with Keith Alan Raniere pushing the baby stroller of their son, Kemar, in late 2017 in San Pedro Garza Garcia. The last time he saw Mariana and Kemar was in Puerto Vallarta in March 2018. This noble man sent them back to Monterrey, in order for him to have the freedom to enjoy a group fellatio session with several of his female slaves, which lamentably got delayed because he was arrested or, as he says, “kidnapped,” and spirited away to the USA where FBI agents were waiting to welcome him back to America. It is not known when they can reschedule the group fellatio session, but legal experts agree that it will likely be, at best, sometime in the second half of the 21st century.

Keith Raniere’s Letter to Mariana


TO: “Marianna SUBJECT: 903-2

DATE: 09/03/2019 01:41 PM

Sent 1:39pm, Tuesday 9/3/19.

I thought I might share the endings of the three articles I have written: a potential Op. Ed., about the Sorority, and about the absurdity of some of the charges of my case.

I hope you enjoy!

I suspect they are more powerful in context but here goes (I need to type these for, as you know, there is no copy-paste functionality). Tell me if you like them once you read them…

Here are the ending paragraphs:

1 Op Ed

(note: much is explained before this ending. It is nationalistic (mainly for USA) and quotes the end of our pledge of allegiance all children recite each day.

As a metaphor, I find myself a non-violent soldier on a battlefield: my sole weapon is my character. I am not the lowest ranking foot soldier, but certainly not a high-ranking officer. Our ranks represent our contribution to team humanity, and our earned right to lead that team. The battle we are fighting is for virtuous justice, and our opponent: hate. In particular, this battle is waged over the conduct of the Sovereign: Is it dedicated to truth (virtuous) or to winning (hateful)? Are the accused upheld (virtuous) or is punishment and damage inflicted upon the accused, his or her loved ones, friends, associates businesses (hateful)? In short, is our Sovereign virtuous or hateful? There is no gray area, in-between, or part-time!

Here I stand in the middle of this massive conflict which affects so many people and the very notion of freedom. Suddenly, I find myself alone, in a fortuitous clearing, where I can potentially make a global difference. I don’t know why I’ve been granted this visibility or potential power, but here I am. Yes, I can, and should, potentially reverse my trial verdict, but just as importantly– even more so–something good can be done!

As I am caught amidst a swirling miasma of prejudicial hate, much of which is flat-out untrue, but none of which related, or even should relate, to the law of my case, will this hate win? Will the prejudice infect justice so the law is ignored and innocence not upheld?

I need at least one experienced, vociferous, unrelenting justice advocate to join this effort, bring meaning and social value to this dark time, and turn the monologue of hate about my case into a dialogue–a conversation–about truth. Although my personal situation is wrongful and inhumane, it has even greater consequences for anyone who is affected by our justice system–hopefully all people under the sun who have recited the pledge, “for liberty and justice for all”!

For me, as a chance, nationally visible figure, immersed in an amplified, hateful, injustice: I am innocent, but can I be free?

2 The sorority:

I believe the sorority is good–not just good and even noble, but great–and vitally important for women and humanity.

It is tragic the current organization has been stymied by a few envious men abusing position of power in government, media, and film; some women who didn’t live up to their sacred honor and vows; and people in general who just feel threatened by this idea.

The missing part of our society, found in a secret group of women like this, aches to be embraced; we should deeply mourn it’s possible loss. It is a living thing, a precious thing, and an essential thing to complete the human story: groups that are different are not necessarily bad, and ways of journeying through our lives, only for the few, and too intense for the many, are foundationally important for all of us. This sorority is such a thing: living, precious, intense, and some would say even sacred.

If the current group of committed women, for whatever reason, do not carry his considerable body of knowledge, practices, and skills forward, some other group of brave courageous, women should–even must–somehow, somewhere.

It’s here, waiting for the right women, right now. Who will carry forth this burning torch of light?

3 Some of my absurd charges:

The prosecution claims the “victims” cry they are “scared for their lives”. As a non-violent, peace movement leader, with no violence–not even yelling–reported in the sorority, the assertion, “I am scared for my life” is disingenuous at best: I, Keith Raniere, would rather risk my life than threaten another’s.

Even starting before my kidnapping, this situation has been a purely political, envy-driven, money-powered lie to destroy a community, and keep me either incarcerated for life or otherwise “disposed of”.

This lie is perpetrated by certain politicians, prosecutors, lobbyist, agents, judges, and people of influence, who likely received great benefits of recognition, social capital, favors, and maybe even money: it should all be closely examined.

An immediate family member of a powerful multi-billionaire, overtly against me, stated that this billionaire flew to New York, and stayed for over a week to work with, and carefully influence, authorities. This billionaire has stated he will do anything in his power to put me in jail for life–and money is not object.

He also owns, and controls, one of the largest media conglomerates in South America. He is considered ruthless, very powerful, and dangerous. It is no surprise my case is so publicized, exaggerated, and untrue. It is also no surprise the men, dressed as Mexican Federal Officers, who kidnapped me were complete strangers to the few bona fide Mexican officials I did see.

One of them, who had worked at his post for more than 12 years, was scared and said repeatedly, “I’ve never seen these men before.”

There are many arguments which could attempt to show I was given due process, and a fair trial. No matter how detailed, definitive, incisive–or even persuasive–the argument, I know it is false, and absolutely wrongful. One might ask how I can be so sure? The answer is simple: I was found guilty through this process, and a trial by jury, but…

I am innocent.

[End of email]

Keith Raniere has no access to a piano at MDC. Perhaps he will in his next prison, but one could wish he could play a medley of self-pity songs like “What It’s Like To Be Hated,” “All By Myself,” “I Am A Rock,” “Loser,” “Creep” and “I Know It’s Over.”

There is a possibility that Keith might avoid a life sentence. Perhaps his best chance is to express remorse and admit guilt before the judge prior to sentencing. He is not likely to do that and is likely to be sentenced to life in prison. He seems to pin his hopes on getting his verdict overturned.

He has a long wait ahead and his efforts to hold his cult together over the long years ahead may diminish over time, as he adjusts and gets used to his future – which will be a life in prison and receding hopes that his legacy will be a good one.

He is not likely to be remembered as a glorious thinker who loved humanity but rather as a cult leader, and a scoundrel who did everything for himself at everyone else’s expense and harm – which is exactly what this letter is all about.

He is not writing for the welfare of others, but for himself.  The letter he should have sent to Mariana is one asking her to forget him and get on with her and her son’s life, apart from him forever, for he is not ever getting out of prison alive.

Should it be true that Keith is actually writing these three articles, there is little doubt he could get them published. I am confident that numerous publications would be happy to get them and some of them would even pay him for it.








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  • […] The following is from a person I know to be a former Nxivm member. This individual left the group after learning about the horrific secret side of Keith Raniere. Prior to that, the individual felt that Nxivm was overall a worthy life coaching/teaching school. This individual, in an interview with me, expressed recently that while Keith’s actions are abhorrent, there was a significant amount of beneficial material in the Nxivm curriculum. This post is important for it is from someone who took sufficient Nxivm courses to understand the language of Nxivm and to relate to others who have similar experiences. This post is in response to Keith Raniere’s Amazing Prison Email to Baby Mama: ‘I Was Kidnapped By Mexicans Posing as Police… […]

  • “I, Keith Raniere, would rather risk my life than threaten another’s [sic]”

    The data in reality? Keith actively set up people to take the fall for his decisions, especially around immigration but also for sex, manipulating people psychologically that to have sex with him was a gift and to earn his attention or have his baby was a superior decision than other partners (including married women).

    Keith has threatened many people’s lives, and there are many people lined up awaiting his sentencing as a result of his lies and deceptions. Keith doesn’t see it this way though – he sees it as, “Everyone chose fairly of their own volition.” But, Keith lied to them to get them to make their decisions, so is it really free will and free decision making? I don’t think so.

    Nicki decrees the “moral policing” but in reality, Keith is out to have sex with women no matter what the cost, and the more creepy (3 sisters at once) or non-traditional the situation, the more he craves is. Worst, Keith lies to each and every person – and manipulates them to do what he wants and to place him above their own selves for purposes of control. Ultimately, Keith wants a large group of people to do what he says without questioning it in order to gain sex. That is his only goal – not the well-being of others, but control. And his style is to form “movements” that people devote their “lives” to in order to capture their “commitment.” People who do not give up their families and careers are not fully “committed” to Keith – in reality? Those are the people (like me) that are actively balancing their priorities and weighing decisions against their conscience. Keith is looking to destroy conscience and replace it with his control – but his devotees can’t see that. They think he’s doing the opposite. That’s the mind game he plays.

  • I think the tragic effects of Keith are several, but not what Keith states.

    1. Keith will not (some say cannot) admit he is a serial liar and paints different “versions of truth” in order to keep a flow of young women coming into his inner circle (which is international, and which will continue after the sentencing.)

    2. Keith’s devotees refuse to take in the data that despite his grand creations like the EM tech, which were truly magnificent, Keith repeatedly lied to everyone and conducted widespread hateful and punishing campaigns in the name of “upholding” people for their “growth”. People like Clare are “gaslit”, meaning, they refuse to read the evidence upon which Keith was convicted. The way Keith does this is that he will say something like, “What I wrote to Cammie was designed for her growth and may appear to others to be gross or disgusting. When my words intended for Cammie are exposed without context, is that justice? How is that related to character assassination and trial by media?” This is how Keith thinks, and devotees like Clare sort of nod and agree, and so they see taking in data as active action against Keith, versus what is true in reality, which is taking in new data is the act of a logical thinker. It is reasonably easy to paint an accurate context when you listen to the repeated claims of child rape from more than one woman and the data of repeated pregnancies across tens or possibly hundreds of women. To not take in the data for consideration is to participate in the lies — but the psychology of Keith’s supporters don’t see it that way. I hope this is helpful, because Keith’s supporters are mostly really great people. They just see the world with blinders on.

    3. Keith’s enemies (Mark Vicente, Ivy Nevares et al) are contributing to painting NXIVM as an evil thing, which is inaccurate and at best an incomplete truth or incomplete falsehood, depending on the wind. NXIVM was an amazing company and the EM Tech worked. It helped thousands of people, including me, live better lives, feeling more joy. Keith’s enemies are trying to make Keith evil, NXIVM evil, and everyone associated with NXIVM evil. This is bad and ridiculous, especially to people like me who know all of these people personally.

    Keith does not feel joy or pain or remorse – it is hypothesized he feels nothing at all, which makes him very powerful against normal people with emotions. This idea is too much for most of Keith’s supporters – they cannot imagine he is not a Jesus-like figure with the world as his concern. That is a lie – the truth is that he feels nothing, which is sad, but he has lied and obsessed about sex and done so with children, which is criminal.

  • I wonder if Vanguard would have an open debate released to the public between him and another person on his opinions espoused in these writings .

    All assertions need to be cross examined to test their validity.

    Is he down for the test?

    • Tomnesia INVITE YOU to read

      Fictional conspiracy theories such as Qanon and conspiracy theories are about the imaginary “deep state” are cooked up by the far right and weaponized to distrac attention from really -existing geo politcal strategic game playing and really -existing empire building on the part of fascists: that is part of the purpose of these conspiracry theories are designed for.

      An effective way to defeat one’s opponent is to get them to chase after imaginary enemies in order to weaken them, confuse them, control them and cover up ones really existing nefarious behavior.

      Its an old strategy: Machiavelli and Sun Tzu describre it, its used by abusers everywhere to get their victims to to trauma bond with them, and some intelligence agencies round the world are trained in such techniques.
      -Jason Hine

      • You have a nice theory, but since most people don’t pay attention to Qanon, it is largely a failure, just like all of Raniere supposed physical and mental claims. LOL

      • There’s a deep state. They’re called career bureaucrats. They never worked in private business. They never started their own company–and probably couldn’t.

        In Trump’s case, they did alter subpoenas–the guy pleaded guilty to it. Then he tweeted Viva la Resistance!

        That’s deep state stuff.

        Bureaucrats are the absolute worst. They destroy lives.

      • John Paul Rice’s movie is not a conspiracy theory. He is a long time film producer, he has worked in the industry both in other people’s productions and in his own freelance work, he knows many people in the industry, so that he had many sources telling him stories about people like Weinstein and Epstein and their relationships with other people.

  • Was looking at the latest BLM/Antifart terrorist news on twitter and found this funny and ironic article on someones stream.

    “Celebrities, Activism, and Silence in the age of BLM and Social Media”

    “Actors, Nolan Gould, Kristin Kreuk use their large platforms to make a difference during Black Live Matter and other movements as some celebrities stay noticeably silent”

    “Kristin Kreuk takes part in activism and uses her voice by providing a list of books recommended on different race topics and recently raising awareness about femicide in Turkey (violence against Turkish women)”

    Lol. Kristin Kreuk does not mind being silent about NXIVM branded sex slaves, but loves online virtue signalling about black criminals and turkish women being raped and killed by turkish males, who also committed mass genocide and ethnic cleansing against Greeks, Armenians and others in their own lands and continue to do so against Kurds.

    When will the Vatican make Kristin Kreuk a saint? What say you, Frank?

    In other news, leftist terrorists have committed more murder against those they call “fascists” and “nazis” on US streets. Lots of video footage on twitter to look at.

  • If it was written by him, and it reads like it was, he’s delusional as ever.

    “National figure”

    By far the majority of people have never even heard of him.

  • Raniere is undeniably a horrible sociopath, there is no doubt. But the tragic thing is many of his former followers just go from one cult to another. Most of the people who were previously high up in the group (Orange sash and beyond) are now hardcore virtue-signaling liberals. Not that Republicans are much better or that Trump is a good guy (he’s clearly a narcissist and likely corrupt). But most of these ex-Nxivm-ers who never did anything for racism, sexism or anything are now acting like they are hardcore in that and morally superior. These people are empty inside and always need to find the aesthetic moral high-ground even though they really don’t have it and do nothing to solve these issues. That’s why they stayed in NXIVM – to be morally superior to others. I was with many of them for a short time in NXIVM in Albany but kept in touch. As morally corrupt as Keith is and was, many of these people still are under the guise of being empathetic and woke but now under liberalism. And after being tired of being a liberal they will likely find something else, another cult they can find the moral high ground from. It’s sad to see. And it must come with such an empty feeling.

    People keep making the same mistakes time after time and getting conned over and over. Until they realize they should be asking a lot of questions about everything and being critical in their thinking and not following anything blindly. And realizing there isn’t a moral high-ground and if there was, it would take a massive amount of work to reach it in solving any problem. They weren’t critical thinkers during Nxivm days and aren’t now. The same goes for those blindly following Republicans without question. The world is a mess because followers follow and don’t stop and think. And NXIVM didn’t solve this issue and sent more blind followers into the world to follow other corrupt causes. It’s a vicious cycle.

  • One only has to read the first line in the first story, it says everything you need to know; “As a metaphor, I find myself a non-violent soldier on a battlefield: my sole weapon is my character.” Soldiers are trained to be violent, it is the nature of a battlefield in order to survive, and Raniere was unarmed, because he has no character. LOL

    Raniere is a metaphor for stupidity. LOL

  • Self important and delusional. Man, never feed the ego of a narcissist – it’s like an endless black hole. Put him in the oubliette and walk away.

  • Keith is innocent of a lot of things. For example, of having: humility, the actual ability to empathize, true self-control, real respect for women, emotional intelligence, an understanding of the spiritual nature of things, etc.

    The little pharaoh still doesn’t understand the proverbial saying—

    “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

  • Risking his life looks a lot like hiding in a closet while machine guns are pointed at Lauren. I see now.

  • Mr. Vanguard is so smart that he seems slow. But make no mistake. His mind travels at the speed of light and is 100 years ahead of the rest of humanity, so we do not understand shit. Smalville’s most gifted brain should not be sentenced to life. It would be a catastrophe in all ways, especially the sense of touch.

  • How twisted are Raniere’s perceptions, as though he were being victimized, but he is so typical, really. These secretly, utterly selfish, egomaniacal creeps almost always rely upon provoking a delusionary focus on an “us against them” attitude. It is often an easy button to push.

    Of course, only an anonymous South American billionaire was after Swami Wonderful. And secret agents! Flabturd and his imaginary Batwings.

    Apparently Flabturd had a goal: to get his acolytes to achieve a perhaps
    unheard-of level of sheer, splendiferous stupidity. All for him, so that he could persist with his deceptions.

    This clumsy, ignorant divisionism is such a cheap tactic to use as influence, trying to control the thoughts of others with all of his phony indignation. Just the usual chomo crappola. All that Raniere really has had to say is “me me me me me.”

    Is it too late for him to “master” another note upon the scale? In this life, the odds are that yes, it’s too late.

    • Yep. This sounds like, “it wasn’t my fault – the dog ate the homework.” Like a five year old: “I screwed up royally but secret forces are out to get me and destroy my grand mission to save the world.” I know many here are not religious but I hope against hope K someday gets to look JC in the face and spin that crap. Now, whatever your religious stripe, JC was at least a man for practicing what he preached.

      Let me once more be a boring recording: What has Keith ever done to serve interests other than his own? (I mean outside of his paid acolytes…) Anything????

  • Bombshell Story

    Federal agency now says 94% of people who died had serious pre-existing “morbidity” issues and 90%+ of tests are ‘false positives’

    The CDC is now forced to admit that COVID-19 isn’t anywhere near as severe as the government – and the globalist puppet masters – led you to believe:

    David Knight Show: CDC Admits Only 9,000 Have Died From COVID Alone

  • RE Raniere Sentencing:

    Considering Raniere’s communications that the DOJ handed over to the judge, the judge is going to, at the very least, give Raniere 20 years.

    • Way to go out on a limb, NiceGuy 666. Five WHOLE years more than the 15 year mandatory sentence one of his felonies require? LOL

      Next thing you know, NiceGuy 666 will come on my weekly radio/podcast, the five year anniversary show is coming up soon. LOL

        • Nice Guy, I suspect Scott loves to insult and be insulted by you… but I think new readers might not understand.

          • Frank,

            I understand and will comply. I will now communicate in accordance with my age and your wishes….

            Rated-G and totally PC

    • Stone had a gigantic political target on his back, Raniere merely raped children on their backs, so you’re right, it’s pretty much the same thing. LOL

  • There are criminals who have remorse and then there are criminals like Keith and Clare. They are demons taking leisure in the human body playing in the devils playground. Real truth seekers see right through their bullshit. Their incarcerated outfits will hopefully be stripes in honor of the path they chose.

    • Bronfman accepted blame and agreed she committed crimes, so I don’t put them in the same category in that respect. LOL

  • I couldn’t even read through all that bizarre word salad, but this part caught my eye:

    Even starting before my kidnapping, this situation has been a purely political, envy-driven, money-powered lie to destroy a community, and keep me either incarcerated for life or otherwise “disposed of”.

    This lie is perpetrated by certain politicians, prosecutors, lobbyist, agents, judges, and people of influence, who likely received great benefits of recognition, social capital, favors, and maybe even money: it should all be closely examined.


    Why would any of these people benefit from your incarceration, Keith?

    Keith, if you are able to email from prison, could you email Frank and explain how your incarceration is beneficial to a mysterious group of unnamed people. Sounds like quite an amazing story, and not like a conspiracy theory at all!!

    • Flowers, obviously you don’t pay close attention. A plethora of people have made money from Keith’s ” kidnapping”. As long as the litigating heiress is alive, people will profit.

      • Sure, Keith. I’m sure there’s all kinds of “profitting” going on here. We thank you for your apparent martyrdom. I’m sure you would provide the details of why you are being persecuted if only the illuminati, or some other secret organization, wasn’t preventing you from telling the world the truth.
        Poor Keith.

    • How much money is HBO paying the people appearing in “The Vow” series? LOL

      How much money have the various people writing books about their NXIVM involvement (or at least the parts they want to put in their books) been paid? LOL

      • ‘How much money have the various people writing books about their NXIVM involvement (or at least the parts they want to put in their books) been paid? LOL’

        Well, I hope.

        Scott, why don’t you write a book on MLMs? Take a look at a popular explanatory format like [ ] for Dummies and do one on MLMs in general using your Amway experience.

      • LOL-

        How much money is HBO paying the people appearing in “The Vow” series?

        More money than you make off your radio show.

        Let’s be honest. One dollar is more than what you make off your radio show.

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