Q-Anon Is Not a Cult, Its Followers Aren’t Crazy, and Q’s Intel Is Always Spot on

By Paul Serran

Two observations about your Q post, Kristin Kreuk Agrees Q-Anon Is a Cult! — What About Nxivm?, if you allow me:
1) Q could never be a cult.
  • It isn’t even an organization:
  • It’s a movement.
  • It has no command and control structure whatsoever.
  • It’s a source (POTUS and Dan Scavino and few others) that is weaponizing citizen journalists with the truth about a myriad of events of the west’s recent history.
  • We are all encouraged to think for ourselves and do our own due diligence by researching deep, rather than just relying on the ‘enemedia’.
2) When you list the ‘beliefs’, you are mixing content from the Q drops with theories put forward by individuals, most of them are ideas that have been shut down by the best minds in the movement. (Example: Mueller was working for POTUS, JFK Jr is alive etc – none of that is part of the drops, and some of it is the work of infiltrators.)
The “Great Awakening” has tens of millions of free citizens worldwide fighting against the Mockingbird media, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Hollywood pedos, China, Iran and the Infiltrators in all countries.
In a group as big as Q, you are going to inevitably find a fair share of deranged people, as well as very bright and talented Anons, shoulder to shoulder with others perhaps not as sharp.
Let me just point out that literally tens of thousands of articles bashing Q have been relentlessly published since 2017 (Washington Post alone has about 300 of them).
Why would the media overlords be SO AFRAID of us if we were not an existential threat to the MockingBird Media’s choke-hold on the information pipeline?
Whatever the contemporary subject Q addresses, Q’s intel is always spot on.
I am at your disposal if you want to put this rather bold statement of mine to the test.
MK10ARt’s portrait of Donald Trump. Q-Anon generally supports Donald Trump which may be a large part of the reason that the Left Stream Media seeks so virulently to mock and discredit Q.

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  • Okay, Paul, since you believe so strongly that Q is real, I’ll give you a chance to convince us skeptics. Could you please post examples of the Q drops where Q’s predictions were correct? Thanks!

  • 😂👍https://www.rightwingwatch.org/post/liz-crokin-the-coronavirus-is-cover-for-the-military-to-make-mass-arrests/

    • You came to read my article. YOU came. Don’t play smart – or else we would all be reading you – and that is NOT the case.

    • This is hilarious, Shadow, because this guy is seemingly oblivious to Trump’s friendship and involvement with Epstein and Maxwell.

      How many pervert parties did Trump attend at Epstein’s home? How many little girls did Donald “I would date her if she wasn’t my daughter” Trump, rape at these parties?

      And now this creepy, old, entitled pervert is your hero?

  • Hmmm, let’s break this down. You got an anonymous internet presence “dropping” cryptic messages on untraceable back channels being decoded by a wide-range of individuals who have no cohesiveness or other leadership than the mysterious “Q.”

    How could the Russian web propaganda mills — the Gremlin Kremlins — miss this golden opportunity to influence US?

    What could possibly go wrong?

  • If you want to discuss with me The Complete Sherlock Homes tales – you’re welcome, be my guest. I’m your guy. Only thing is, I expect you – like me – to have read all the stories and to know at least a little about how the work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle relates to the overall history of detective fiction. Seems reasonable, right?

    Perhaps you want to argue days on end with me about all sorts of angles when it comes to The Beatle’s discography. Fab! Count me in. Only – you know – you have to have heard all the albums, singles, and EPs. To have seen all the relevant documentaries, read a few books. Sounds like a plan?

    So, if you want to argue with me about QAnon, cool! You chose the interlocutor quite well. Only – as above – I do expect you to have actually READ the drops.

    Find them at: https://qanon.pub/

    Click on the arrow button to read them from the beginning. There are over 4600 of them. That’ll take you a couple of weeks of hard work. (Much faster than Holmes or the Fab Four.)

    To come to me with inflamed opinions based on what someone else wrote on social media is lame. UP YOUR GAME.

    If you put in the time, you will get the goods. If you don’t, you are stuck parroting the “enemedia” narrative, or else you end up dismissing the intel based on a shitty tertiary source because you are intellectually lazy and want things spoon-fed to you.


    • For being a group that has supposedly uncovered secretive, conspiratorial plots that are allegedly true, QAnon has presented a web interface and its information in a way that is cryptic and just generally horrible.

      • Of course it does. YOU HAVE NEVER EVEN READ the drops. LOL is the lenght of your knowledge. LOL, LOL. Pityful.

        • —YOU HAVE NEVER EVEN READ the drops.

          Oh Paul, I’ve dropped plenty of drops on Scott. You could say Scott is drunk on [redacted]. BTW liquids are unreadable.

          Pitiful….Scott’s pitiful for not downloading a special software program to read anonymous secret messages form totaling unknown sources?

          Paul do you realize you have no idea who or why Q is ?

          You literally may be commuting with an agent of the devil.

          “The best trick the devil ever played was getting people to believe he didn’t exist.”

          Scott is not following the ramblings of a complete stranger….You however are.

          I personally don’t trust anyone.

          People act in their own best interest.

          What’s Q true motivation?

          How do you know you are not being played?

    • You’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes, but you don’t even know how to spell the name?

      You know perfectly well that the Q posts often included information on sealed indictments and upcoming arrests. Since the Q bullshit is written like this:

      Sealed INDICTMENTs. Define INDICTMENT. “An INDICTMENT is a formal accusation against one or more defendants, charging them with one or more crimes. In the federal criminal system, the INDICTMENT is the principal method by which a prosecutor initiates criminal proceedings.” How are they sealed? How are they secured? How are they safeguarded? No leaks [unusual?] Federal vs …. Why are accusations sealed? Grand jury involved? Re_read crumbs re: DOJ / FBI re: IG / Huber Who appointed Huber? SESSIONS. WHAT DEPTS MUST BE CLEANED PRIOR TO REC FAIR AND EQUAL [JUSTICE] UNDER THE LAW? What happens if FED [criminal] INDICTMENTs are brought forth to a corrupt FBI / DOJ / FED Judge? FBI / DOJ – 1st. C_A / State – next? Now comes the pain. Q

      ….it is left up for interpretation, intentionally, so that when predictions don’t come true, Q Morons can then claim the interpretation was incorrect.

      Quit pretending you don’t understand this common gaslighting technique, Paul.

  • It would be nice to have a post that explains to newbies what Q-anon is exactly, where do they operate, what things have they most famously exposed etc.

  • Don’t cheapen your site with this garbage. Your site is a valuable resource for exposing bull shit but this puts seeds of doubt in my head about your credibility.

    • Seeds of doubt? Hmmm, I have POTUS on my side. I can do without your precious vanity. There’s nothing cheap about the biggest intel drop of all times.

  • Many of the Q drops were actually wrong, don’t ignore that. And where are all the mass arrests? Of course, everybody can do their own research, you don’t need this psyop to guide you!

  • Paul, how many thousands of sealed indictments are still waiting to be unsealed? We have been waiting for at least 2 years now…..

    I thought Q said that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were gonna be arrested in 2018. What the hell happened?

  • Many of the Q drops were actually wrong, don’t ignore that. And where are all the mass arrests? Of course, everybody can do their own research, you don’t need this psy op to guide you!

    • You have no idea what you are talking about. I bet you never took the time to read 🙂 Who ever promised mass arrests? Not Q. You only know about the subject from shitty sources. You want a psy-op for real? COVID-19.

      • Why would I take the time to download software, so I can read secret messages from a total stranger?

        Do you have a secret decoder ring from your childhood? Because that is all a Q message from 4Chan is.

    • No two ‘members’ of Qanon believe the exact same things. They throw things out there. Some things are wrong, some are right. The fact is, there is a deep state and people want to learn the truth. If some Qanon person states something and really believes it, but it turns out to be false, that does not mean everything about Qanon being false. There are things Qanon talks about that seem extremely suspicious. The trails they provide look really bad if they were true. But so much does not get investigated.

      Because liberals are so pro-establishment, as long as the establishment panders to them and forces these draconian policies on everyone, liberals will attack anyone who criticizes the establishment.

      When people point out that the establishment wants to flood white countries with third world people to secure a voter bloc and weaken the native patriots, those who are bi-products of weak immigration laws or simply non-white get triggered and attack, as if those calling out the establishment are wrong and ‘racist’. They think they are victims. They are not. They are extremely privileged. And more and more people are beginning to dislike or hate them.

  • NXIVM, Reverend Moon, Scientology – in a cult there’s always an element of coercion, or collateral blackmail material, some way to bind people and have them unable to walk out or speak up. The most you could argue is that Q would be a ‘harmful ideology’. That is also wrong, but not as ridiculously wrong. Not only is Q not a cult, it is actually one of the “hubs” of the anti-cult patriots, a “vessel” for the patriots who are combatting cults, corruption, sex trafficking and satanism in our societies. 3 years ago, the existence of the Epstein Trafficking Ring was treated as “Conspiracy Theory” – a term that the CIA popularized to keep us ashamed to dig into the many crimes of the superelites. Now, we all know some of the crimes they commited. FROM DARK TO LIGHT.

  • Paul,

    Your not in a cult?

    That’s the first thing all cult members claim.

    I am, sincerely, a fan of your art work.

  • If QAnon is legitimate and always “spot on”, but is continuously being confounded by infiltrators of its enemies, how do you discern what is true from what is misinformation? After the fact is not viable because then it can simply be rationalized away as the latter just to support QAnon. This would be similar to arguing with a “No True Scotsman” fallacy. There has to be a legitimate way to sift away the alleged fake QAnon information from the real. Otherwise, it will constantly be shrouded with the conspiracy ad hominem.

    • You are defiantly SOS {sultan of Six]. You are easy to identify without trying. You believe in islam, which is a death cult. You are incapable of seeing anything wrong with NXIVM cultist Kristin Kreuk because she is the subject of your solo stress relief.

      There is a deep state and a pedophile problem among those in charge. Qanon grew out of that. It is group of individuals throwing out things, trying to work shit out. They don’t all believe the same things. They seek answers. Good for them.

      Better to have people seek out truth about the scum in charge instead of having muslims and penile strokers going crazy. And if Qanon triggers the leftards, then that is delightful.

      • What? I don’t know who or what you’re talking about. I’m asking a real question from the perspective of a person who isn’t involved in QAnon about how someone like me can know what is legitimate QAnon information from what is not, if its enemies are constantly trying to make it look bad with disinformation that appears to be from QAnon but isn’t actually so, or because of a state where, as the author of the article wrote, “In a group as big as Q, you are going to inevitably find a fair share of deranged people, as well as very bright and talented Anons, shoulder to shoulder with others perhaps not as sharp.” In order to know the difference, there has to be a selection criteria to filter out the weeds from and what is real. “Do your own research is not an answer. It’s not hard.” In fact, it’s a non-answer by those who simply pretend to know they have an answer.

        • You are in no position to demand answers. If you asked poilitely and respectfully, I could give you the information you want. But, whether you are SOS or not, you have not learned to ask – so go live your life. “Do your own research” is THE answer. You should try it sometimes.

          • Stop it. I didn’t demand anything, until just now. I simply remarked upon the information provided by the author, and asked how it was possible, if the conversation about Q is shrouded in conspiracy and disinformation, for someone like me who isn’t involved with Q and doesn’t know really anything about it, to determine what is true of Q from what is false so I can figure out what is real. You attacked me for some reason, I assume because you thought I was someone who you seem to have some problem with. Don’t try to make this about me when you interjected your wrongful misinterpretation into an innocent comment and question.

    • ‘National Popcorn Day’ 2018. Q sez many high-profile pedos would be arrested via PizzaGate. (The basement of the pizzeria was told to be a horror chamber for pedos. The pizzeria was raided and……oops it doesn’t have a basement.) I have also been taught by Q followers that JFK Jr would be resurrected on 7/4/19. Then 7/4/20. Not to worry…..he will show up next month to replace Pence on the ticket.
      And I was told by a Q follower that Obama/Clinton,etc were killed by military tribunals years ago and that these are their clones running around. (So what good is that then?)
      Sooo much more and I used to be a follower until the term ‘false prophet’ kept popping up in my mind.
      For me the only ‘Great Awakening’ will be the return of Christ.

      Everything that has come to pass (aka slow justice vs Demoncrats) was already discussed beforehand by Hannity, Rush, Levin,etc.
      And they are NOT afraid to use their real names.

      LRon Hubbard laughs at Q.

    • There is a legitimate way. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. And do not confuse content from the drops with content posted by individuals. Believe me, it’s not so hard.

  • How could you say that Donald Trump is any type of decent? He had many pedophile friends. Roy Cohn, Epstein, Casablancas, Bill. Clinton. Many of Epstein’s víctims accuse him of fucked Up shit, at least he knew according to Farmer right? And Katie accused him of rape. With another, the child was a woman. It’s really interesting how Americans have to be polarized to get anywhere. It’s incongruent to call Raniere a pedo and support Trump. Roger Stone declared that Roy Cohn was always surrounded by blonde little boys. What did he think though? That Roy was a teacher? He had accusations of running a Network of child sex slaves and was really connected to Craig Spence. It’s truly terrifying how you support Hitler 2 but orange. PS: Hillary Clinton is worst and probably eats children like nihoul or Gilles de Rais but WTF, not because something is worst makes you ok. Your country is in a crucial time to decide the future of everybody because you have traditionally bombed everyone and made money with it and the BEST candidate that you have is Kanye West. Biden has the same accusations and is a creep lap-dog of Hillary WTF. You let me down Frank Report .

  • Why does Trump keep saying (at least 27 times) the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic was in 1917, and he recently added that it helped end WWII?

    Maybe he’s sending a signal to the Qs. “QAnon believers parse Mr. Trump’s words and actions closely, looking for hidden meanings. When Mr. Trump says the number 17, they take it as a sign that he is sending secret messages to them. (Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet.)”

    Or maybe the self professed Stable Genius is just dumb. Perfect role model for Qs. Qanon started with a troll doing an alt-right version of The Onion…but his followers didn’t get the joke, then they became the joke.

  • the actual Q posts are very accurate and the Q proofs are never mentioned by the traitors that would attempt to de legitimize the Q information drops
    however there is a huge group of paid misinformation purveyers who would seek to undermine the Q movement
    as demonstrated , documented very well by what follows https://www.brighteon.com/d6412bff-0421-4190-a7bf-3e5e1f52559d
    “they” are attempting to censor this and links are breaking to the site , you tube has removed it already and it is only hours old
    if the link is broken navigate to brighteon and search for Plandemic II

    an example
    of Q drops and conclusions arrived at from the drops is x22 report
    https://x22report.com/first-placeholder-filled-trackingthink-conspiracy-to-defraud-the-united-states-episode-2252/ MOST of what appears here is legitimate
    remember there really are paid misinformation actors and bloggers and mainstream media infiltrating the Q world and some of the conclusions appear to be based on faulty information .

  • Qanon is a cult that peddles anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and all kinds of other debunked theories. If you don’t believe me, I have hundreds of links to anti-Semitic posts posted by Q cultists on 4Chand and 8Kun.

    • Anyone who says anything remotely critical of the power of jews in the west is called “anti semitic”. Anything anyone says critical of the establishment is called a “conspiracy theory”. You are not allowed to say anything about jews. But whites minding their own business is all good right? And liberals can’t debunk anything. You just want to live in your soy self loathing bubbles.

    • I dare you to show even one Q drop that is anit-semitic. ONE. Things that random people post on the chans don’t apply. You are “peddling” disinformation here. You are probably a shill for the enemy. Get out. Vade Retro Satanas.

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