Questions About Nicki Clyne from Reader Answered

Nicki Clyne outside of MDC imagines her blissful master, Keith Alan Raniere

A reader recently wrote to comment that “Nicki Clyne looks a lot better with some weight on her now”.:

The reader also had some questions to ask.

Nicki Clyne, a little plumped up, is happy to think that she can dance for her Vanguard and feel his mystical penetration of cosmic energy.

The questions are in bold and my answers are in regular typeface.

Some questions for Frank–

1) If Allison Mack hadn’t been arrested, do you think she would have been out there dancing with Nicki now?

Yes, I believe that had Allison Mack not been arrested, she would be dancing tonight with Nicki and the others. It is clear that Allison’s repentance came only after her arrest, and more than a year after that event.

Even now, I have my doubts that her repentance is full and complete. If she were to have her charges dropped and without fear of being re-charged, I think she would go back to Raniere.

Allison Mack with her singing group, Simply Human, perform for their Vanguard on his birthday, 2016.

I’m sure she is conflicted about this. The brainwashing or hypnotism is so deep. Kieth Raniere was a master hypnotist. He programmed suggestions deep into the subconscious mind. Many woke up, but are still plagued by triggering events.  His suggestions were both that of his dedication and enslavement and also of fear – to fear him.

From what I have heard from those who know her, Allison is still deeply tormented and vacillates between missing Keith and her Nxivm life, and weeping over his loss and an abhorrence to it, and hating what happened to her and blaming Keith.

This is understandable. She also has the looming pressure of knowing that in the not too distant future she will be sentenced and very likely she will leave her parents’ home where she has been subject to home arrest for more than two years and quite possibly enter a prison, hopefully, a low-security prison.  But that is not a lock either. Because of the nature of the cult and its curious effect on enslaving people, she might be assigned a more secure prison.

In this respect, I think the cosmic dancers – the weareasyou group AKA the Forgotten Ones, have not only hurt Keith but probably Allison and all the other Nxivm defendants. No doubt the Federal Bureau of Prisons will note that Allison’s spouse, Nicki Clyne, and her followers are out there dancing in front of the prison every night – partially obfuscating their purpose, by pretending it is for prisoners’ rights, but acting in a manner that some would call insane for the cult leader.

As part of the cult, I think Allison may be tainted by this dancing. Time will tell.

It is my position that Allison should be dealt with leniently because she is, at least in part, perhaps in large part, a victim. On the other hand, she definitely created a number of victims, like Nicole, Jay, and India for instance.

In any event, had she not been arrested, I don’t know what would have gotten her to leave the monster. Certainly, if he had not been arrested, she would be with him now, coercing women to have sex with him and thinking up who next to recruit to be branded.

I have said it before, the luckiest thing that ever happened to Allison Mack was her arrest and his arrest. She probably does not see that now but in time there is a pretty good chance that she will.

2) If Clyne had been arrested, do you think she would have taken a plea deal like the others or stayed loyal to her Vanguard?

Nicki Clyne dances for her regal lord and master, the Vanguard.

At one time I had heard that Nicki and India vowed that if they were arrested like Allison, they would stick to their Vanguard no matter what the prison sentence was. Allison also at first made the same vow.  As we know now, Allison stuck for about a year and then when it looked like the feds were going to add the child porn piece [with Cami] into the case and her attorneys told her the facts of life – that she might do life in prison if she stuck to Raniere versus getting a plea deal where she could be free before age 40, she chose to take the plea deal and renounce Raniere.

I think that Clyne, if arrested, would have made a deal. Right now she can play fearless heroine and martyr for the cause, but she really has not experienced any true martyrdom.  Perhaps she would have gone to prison for life and stuck to her Vanguard, but I rather doubt it.

MK10ART’s interpretive painting of Kathy Russell headed to court.

3) If Clyne is still this devoted to Raniere, do you think it’s possible that Mack, Russell, Salzman, Bronfman are too, despite what they may have said when they pled guilty, if they haven’t been getting any therapy or deprogramming?

From what I hear, Kathy Russell is still devoted to Keith. She possibly thinks that her sentence [and I hope it is true] will be light and then she can possibly return to Nxivm and her dreams of being a ballet star revisited.

I have received no indication that she has repudiated Raniere.

None of the sex scandals have unnerved her. She was an integral part of the sexcapades of Raniere, helping him to get threesomes and participating in them when she was still desirable to him, arranging for Cami’s hidden hideaway for Keith, and cleaning his hot tub and dirty sheets after his cum-quests of younger, more desirable women.

MK10ART’s painting of Clare Bronfman wearing a jockstrap under orders of Keith Alan Raniere. If she was insane enough to wear a jockstrap for Raniere, and lose much of her wealth, what makes you think she would repudiate him over a little prison term?

Kathy did not repudiate Keith in her allocution, neither did Clare Bronfman. I would definitely venture that Clare is rabidly pro-Keith and believes that she and he got the rawest of raw deals. That they were trying to help the world by ridding it of its evil and promoting the wonder that is Keith Raniere but a corrupt government and an evil media sought to destroy them.

I believe she is still part of Nxivm and has a hand in keeping it alive. I think she is seething and waiting for the day she is free from prison so she can do Keith’s evil bidding.

Just as she may have been the only woman on the super low-calorie diet to never cheat on it, I think Clare will stand by her Vanguard until the end, using all her money to destroy for him – including ironically destroying her own life.

MK10ART’s painting of mother Nancy Salzman with her daughter Lauren Salzman.

As for Nancy and Lauren, they have made public statements condemning Raniere, which is certainly to their advantage in terms of sentencing. Their repentance is that of someone who has been caught. Had they not been caught, Nancy and Lauren would still be enjoying their Nxivm lifestyle today.

That said, I still would argue for leniency for both of them.  Nancy is older and Lauren was a young fool trapped into Nxivm by both her mother and Keith.  I see little value in handing them lengthy prison sentences. They will not, in my opinion, return to Nxivm. They are done with Raniere, although I bet Lauren still misses him a little bit and laments that she did not have his avatar baby.

Karen Unterreiner

4) Since Karen Unterreiner stuck by Raniere’s side and did his bidding for some 40 years, did she get deprogrammed or is she getting therapy?

Karen is one of the smartest women in Nxivm, but, in my opinion, a little naive at times and altogether too trusting.

When she believed in Raniere, she believed in him. One day, she began to have doubts. She started reading the Frank Report, which was forbidden reading in Nxivm and this gave her more doubts.

After his arrest, she made the break. He was done. By the things she did concerning the feds, which I am not at liberty to divulge, she, unlike Kathy Russell, was able to avoid prosecution. This I chalk up to her being able to free herself of the monster.

Sure he must still be in her head, but she is smart enough to understand what happened to her and that she was fooled by him for 40 years.

As far as therapy, I can only say this: I do not think I know of any woman who was close to Raniere and then left Raniere who is not in some kind of therapy. That goes with the territory of being with Keith Raniere.

Nxivm leader Eduardo Asunsolo

5) What have you found out about Eduardo Asunsolo? I don’t think you ever wrote an article about him. In the coach list leaked in 2011, it lists Sarah Edmondson’s husband Anthony Ames as his coach, but in your article about the 150 remaining Nxians in 2018, you wrote that Clare Bronfman was his coach.

Anthony Ames quit Nxivm, along with his wife, Sarah. They were not included in the later coaches list.  Clare Bronfman took over as Eduardo’s coach.  So you can well imagine what that means – having the number 2 monster in Nxivm guiding the lad.

Keep in mind, Eduardo took lots of Nxivm courses and so he is deeply brainwashed. Consider how many times he attended the internsives, getting there at 7 am and staying until 9 or 10 pm – then going to activities after class so that he came to class in the morning dog-tired [the desired state.]

Coming in early, they paid tribute to Raniere, the Vanguard. And they did it all day.

He was in class, hour after hour, sometimes on the verge of sleep, sometimes sleeping, sometimes half asleep – as the class indoctrinated him – Lord Raniere is great – Lord Raniere is god – Lord Raniere knows best – Lord Raniere will solve all your problems – Lord Raniere will do your thinking for you – Follow Lord Raniere.

This is essentially the hypnotic induction leveled at poor Eduardo who spent 10 years doing this. When the mind is in between sleep and waking, the subconscious is most susceptible to suggestion.  Raniere understood this and designed his intensives that way.

I do not know a lot about Asunsolo. I know he is a filmmaker of sorts, and that he seems to be an intelligent man. But so are a lot of hypnotized Nxivm members. They are smart but susceptible to brainwashing – which, in the end, might just be another name for hypnotized.









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3 years ago

These girls aren’t victims, they chose this lifestyle.

Pea Onyu
Pea Onyu
3 years ago

Nicki, Clare and Kathy are wonderful

3 years ago
Reply to  Pea Onyu

3 years ago

I highly doubt that anyone close to Allison would give any kind of personal information about her to you. Seems more like speculating again.

Pea Onyu
Pea Onyu
3 years ago

Nicki would never betray her Vanguard she husband. Bet your bottom dollar.
Love you Priapis

3 years ago

The burning question is whether the judge will consider the dancing as enough punishment for Raniere and give him a light sentence or the dancing has made Raniere’s visit at MDC as not real punishment and give him a longer sentence – inquiring minds want to know. LOL

3 years ago

“1) If Allison Mack hadn’t been arrested, do you think she would have been out there dancing with Nicki now?”

Allison Mack is there dancing in spirit with Nicki Clyne, Michelle Hatchette, and Danielle Roberts.
Allison Mack’s Superfan Charger 426 hemi1 follows Nicki’s new dance group WeAre the Forgotten Ones.
Charger started following that group just this weekend and is a very enthusiastic follower of Nicki’s dance group approving

Charger not only follows the dance group she follows Gaby Baker who is related to the still loyal
Cami Fernandez.

Followed by Charger426hemi1
Gaby Baker
weareasyou’s profile picture

Frank suffers from the delusionary belief that Allison Mack will denounce NXIVM.
I am here to tell the truth.
Allison Mack is a True Believer in NXIVM.
Allison Mack is a True Believer in NXIVM who is still drinking the Kool-Aid.

Will Frank have the courage to admit that Allison Mack is a hardcore NXian?

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