Juan Vazquez Encounters MDC Dancers: ‘Because of the Press Raniere Is in Prison but the Truth Will Come out!’

The weareasyou dancers claim to be protesting conditions at MDC but some suspect they are there to communicate with their master, Keith Alan Raniere.

Juan Vazquez is the well known reporter for Milenio, stationed in New York City. Milenio is a major national newspaper in Mexico, owned by Grupo Multimedios. It is published in 11 cities across Mexico, including Monterrey, Mexico City, Guadalajara, León, Pachuca, Puebla, Villahermosa, Tampico, Torreón, Toluca, and Xalapa.

He has also written the book, “La Secta Que Sedujo Al Poder En Mexico” [The Sect That Seduced Power In Mexico].

Juan covered the trial of Keith Raniere and I had the pleasure of meeting him. Once, he and I spent a very pleasant day together in Albany, as I showed him around Nxivm Village. I consider him my friend. Juan wrote to me, describing his encounter with the dancers known as WeAreAsYou, AKA the Forgotten Ones.

By Juan Vazquez

One of the hot nights of the previous weeks, this history happened. I went out with my wife to walk through Brooklyn and we remembered a supermarket at 3 Ave. and 25th Street where they sell products from our country.

While there, I said to her: “a few blocks from here is the prison where Genaro García Luna (a corrupt Mexican policeman in prison) and Ghislaine Maxwell (Jeffrey Epstein’s partner) are, do you want us to take a picture?”

Being outside the MDC, we saw that there were four people in the corner and, after obtaining our image, we approached. They were the founders of weareasyou, Nicki Clyne, Michele Hatchette and three others who never knew who they were. While one of them recorded us with his cell phone, another – who I later learned was the Mexican Eduardo Asunsolo – began to question us:

—       Where are you from, guys?

—       From Mexico.

—       Oh, from Mexico— and immediately he assumed an attitude of suspicion.

—       Are you a journalist?—  He lashed out.

—       He does—, said my partner.

—       In what media?

—       In Milenio.

—       Ah, Milenio— Nicki Clyne reacted who seemed to know this brand.

   Until that moment, we didn’t know who they were. We continued to believe that we were in front of a group of activists claiming the harsh conditions of that prison, as they told us at the beginning. But it was a fact that our presence began to bother them.

   — Who sent you?” Asunsolo insisted.

   — Nobody sent us, we went out for a walk and shopping. We come to see the prison where a very famous Mexican is imprisoned—, I replied.

   — We are here supporting Keith who, because of you, the press, which allied with the government, is locked up. But very soon the truth will come out and all this charade will fall—Raniere’s follower promised.

—       Well, a lot of evidence was shown at the trial—, we remind him.

—       Everything is a lie— he insisted.

It was at this moment that I recognized Nicki Clyne. Knowing that they were followers of Raniere came the memory of her face that I had seen so many times in photography in these pages of Frank Report. “She’s Allison Mack’s wife,” I thought.

 At that moment, from the cell that Raniere supposedly occupied, somebody began to hit the bars.

“Hey, he’s answering you,” my partner told Clyne with all the innocence she is capable of.

Then Nicki began to activate her hand lamp in a very strange way. It was not a simple “here we are” without an attempt to maintain some communication.

Nicki Clyne flashes light up at a prisoner, possibly Keith Raniere, who responds in turn.


Is Nicki Clyne communicating with her Vanguard?

That is why I believe that the true intention of this group is to communicate with the accused and for this, they formed WeAreAsYou to allegedly claim the harsh conditions of that prison. That NVIVM did all the time: form foundations that allegedly sought peace and love, but that were a simple curtain to hide that criminal enterprise.

 As the situation seemed to be becoming tense, we decided to abandon them, but the words spoken by Asunsolo still resonate in our heads before we left: “Everything is a farce, but the truth will soon be known”.

For now, Judge Nicholas Garaufis has already denied Raniere the possibility of a new trial – and the date of his sentence is approaching.

Will the WeAreAsYou movement come to dance on Keith Raniere’s 60th birthday, next Wednesday, August 26? We will be there to check it out.

Will the dancers be there for Keith Alan Raniere on his birthday?

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  • Re NXIVM & QAnon:

    “.. the press, which allied with the government…Very soon the truth will come out and all this charade will fall
    -Raniere Follower

    The quote above is exactly word for word what a QAnon follower/believe would say.

    If you are reading this comment post and are a “Q” follower think long and Heard about your belief system because you’re not different than NXIVM member.

    • Re NXIVM & QAnon:

      “.. the press, which allied with the government…Very soon the truth will come out and all this charade will fall
      -Raniere Follower

      The quote above is exactly word for word what any QAnon follower/believe would state.

      If you are reading this comment post and are a “Q” follower; think long and hard about your belief system because you’re no different than a NXIVM member.

      You simply follow an anonymous leader who might be the Devil instead of a dweeb named Vanguard.

      “The best trick the devil ever played was getting people to believe he didn’t exist.”

  • I don’t know whether I can wait over a month for Raniere’s birthday, the anticipation is so great. LOL

  • O they are definitely going to be there. It was mentioned that there will be a party next week. “It would be nice to be together for one person’s birthday.” (Eduardo July 21, 2020.)

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