Forgotten Ones [weareasyou] Publish Messages From MDC Prisoners Who Thank Them for Dancing Nightly

The weareasyou AKA The Forgotten Ones dance protest group is now publishing letters they say they are getting from prisoners at MDC.

You can read them all at

There is an effort to communicate with MDC prisoners and Eduardo Asunsolo, one of the leaders of the group said recently, if cryptically, in a comment: “We are looking for someone to give messages metaphorically and through the radio, Hot 97.”

Eduardo Asunsolo hopes to communicate “metaphorically” with prisoners through the radio.

Hot 97 is WQHT,  a commercial radio station licensed to operate in New York City. The station is owned by Mediaco Holding and operated by Emmis Communications under a shared services agreement. It broadcasts an urban contemporary format or Hip Hop – and is reportedly a favorite among the inmates at MDC.

But the communications also seem to come in writing. Weareasyou wrote on their Instagram: “Every day we get messages from inside [MDC], all of which inform our efforts and expand our vision. We’ve added a section on our website featuring the responses to our dancing. They are truly humbling and the best fuel ❤️💃🏼✨”

A sample of the kind words and enthusiastic feelings a prisoner purportedly expressed to the weareasyou.

Here is a message supposedly from one of the inmates at MDC to the weareasyou group — It might be even Keith Alan Raniere who sent the message:

“Hi guys i have always watch you and enjoy seeing the liberty in which you guys dance , with much love and time and freedom… I can see the love every one puts in to it by driving here, bringing lights, dancing and saluting every one, every minute and seconds. i can see the happiness and joy in each one of you so much that it has not been a day with out a smile and such things are priceless. because there is love and done with love it is beautiful.” – 7th floor facing the parking lot.”

On the Instagram post of this prisoner comment, one rhodawolle commented:The root of the word compassion means ‘to suffer with.’ Thanks for the compassion you are demonstrating and for reminding all of us to think of others.”

DOS slave, Sahajo Haertel-Kozak.

Sahajo Haertel, a DOS slave, and current Nxivm member, added, “When people remind us that they’re human too.” 


Another message purportedly from a prisoner on the 5th floor reads:

Since COVID-19 hit, Inmates/Detainees Nation-wide are unable to see their Families, Friends, Loved ones, and Attorneys.  My connections to outside has minimized drastically and my support system is dissipating.

I lean more to God than I’ve ever done in my entire life, with him and his lectures from the Bible , self help books, and Daily Bred, I re-build my mind, body, and soul. A new reason and beginning to continue achieving certificates, making plans-working towards them, and building my body as I maintain my health learning to love myself the right way.

I turn to my window at night so I can see the Stars or the Moon as the months begin. Where I catch the Sun in the sky, or when I look thru 2 Amazon window thru and thru, I can see the Hudson River water glistening like Diamonds as I pray and find peace each day.

2 days ago I saw 2 young Queens and a King with a camera recording them dance as they held 3 signs between the two of them, Holding them up for what seemed like forever. It reminded me of the passage where Moses held his hands up high, even when his arms were tired, his 2 friends held each arm up so that he can reach out in prayer for God to get them thru.

The sign was of a phone number for Inmate/Detainees to reach out for help, the way Moses reached out for help from God. They were a team of Angels trying to get our attention thru dance, the most Joyful way to have fun and spread love. They definitely grasped my attention, at a time like this, here we have a group of positive, selfless, understanding, & loving young New Yorkers who know of our struggles and wants to help out when no one else does. The World is overwhelmed, so we have to in hopes for the Country to decide and remember this is not a 3rd World Country, we are Americans!

Tonight was #3, they come and dance with joy, yesterday there were 3 Queens. Today, More Kings with cameras and an additional camera Queen. The movement is growing:) God has a way of bringing people together, when you’re trying to find your purpose and calling. I pray for these loving people success and movement to be overly achieved. We have help, they really listen, and are already doing wonders for myself and others. As I watch the Dancing Queens, they look up at us as they “Bust Moves”. The Government looks down on us as we are being treated as 3rd World prisoners. Thru the Queen’s Dances, I am reminded, we are remembered.  Doe, #wearetheforgottenones #weareasyou

Thank You 🙂

— A on the 5th floor


Who would not enjoy having DOS slaves dancing each night for their Vanguard and that prince among men is allowing the other men to partake in the spectacle – suggesting that he has become more liberal since residing at MDC.  There was a day when he would go mad with jealousy if one of his harem slaves even touched another man — now they are dancing in plain sight of dozens of prisoners – many of whom have not had much of an opportunity to see any women for quite some time.

DOS slaves Nicki Clyne and Michele Hatchette dance for their Vanguard and seek to communicate with other prisoners at MDC.



Dr. Danielle Roberts does a handstand for her Vanguard.


DOS slave Samantha Lebaron of the well known Lebaron family has an emoji comment.


The women like to give a special show to the men above.


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  • The upside down spread eagle position engaged in by these women–in addition to being a “V” for vagina–is also a “V” for Vanguard. These cult idiots are so see-through and obviously insincere it’s laughable.

    The fact is, if they actually cared about the prisoners and their conditions, they would have done this well over a decade ago. But they really don’t and that’s why they never did. And even if they did, it’s so obvious now from incidents in VanFraud’s past, that he only engaged in ethical and humanitarian activities as the tools to benefit “numero uno”. Every such activity had an ulterior motive for the latter. This dancing is just a total mockery of, and an insult to, people’s intelligence in its attempt to fool with such vain displays of so-called love and humanity.

  • Raniere’s stock has risen to an all-time high.
    He can bring dancing girls to entertain the troops!

    Keith Raniere is the Bob Hope of Brooklyn MDC!

    You might ask why the government does not stop this dog and pony show.
    Right now because of the virus and politically induced chaos the government is in a nightly war to prevent Communist mobs from burning down the Federal Court House in Portland Oregon.
    And the government is focused on preventing MDC inmate Ghislaine Maxwell from being Epsteined.
    Keith Raniere is an amusing sideshow.

    Some further notes.
    Sahajo is a friend of Allison Mack’s.
    The name Kellygriecefenix is a follower of Allison Mack’s Superfan Charger426hemi1.
    I will assert that Allison Mack is still a True Believer in NXIVM.

    And, incidentally, Allison Mack’s sister, whose name I will not mention, has expressed sympathy on social media for the crowds trying to seize control of the US Courthouse in Portland Oregon.

    • The government isn’t doing anything because what the dancers are doing is stupid, not illegal. LOL

      The dancers are digging Raniere a deeper hole and the government is providing the shovels. LOL

  • That quote couldn’t have been from Raniere, it doesn’t have nearly enough word salad in it. LOL

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