Heidi: Pedophilia ? — On John Tighe’s Innocence and Raniere’s Guilt

John Tighe
Heidi Hutchinson


By Heidi Hutchinson

John Tighe and Silvia (his wife) introduced me to some friends and sponsors of “Saratoga in Decline” at a coffee shop in Saratoga where — without knowing it was a NXIVM hangout — I got a very spooky vibe.

John also introduced me to some Russian pals of his there at the coffee shop and mentioned how they were planning to all pitch in and get him an Apple computer for better graphics to better parody NXIVM and Raniere.

They were really excited about this new — or, perhaps, slightly used — computer and they showed me the office set-up at their apartment where it would all be laid out, where John made his blog magic happen hours each day.

I remember being surprised they left their apartment entrance open but John expressed the same kind of bravado about his NXIVM stalkers — this was after he’d survived being food poisoned — I’ve not only observed in other hunted humans but understand from my own experience as a NXIVM target.

John Tighe with wife Silvia

At some point, one grows weary of looking over your shoulder and realizes — as the police told me — there’s not a lot that can be done about a billion dollars out to destroy and discredit you — and says to oneself, “Fuck it, they’re gonna get in anyhow if they want to…I may need to run in from the car without fumbling for keys when I get home… just leave it open and put some milk and cookies on the table so maybe they’ll leave prints or DNA somewhere.”

One last quick note, John would not have left any porn, quasi-porn, image of ANY other woman anywhere Silvia would find it including, I suspect, on his computer. They shared EVERYTHING including the open office/den space and the computers, I believe.

Silvia contributed clerical, research skills, etc. and, I’m sure, tidied up after John, kept the house clean and would have poisoned John herself were she to catch him viewing kiddie porn OR “barely legal” girls “over 18 years of age,” as the banner on the videos read per Kirsopp’s report identifying this “problem” with convicting John.

I believe John Tighe’s 100% innocent and copped a plea, as they say, to spare his own life from the toxicity of NXIVM that was slowly killing him.

A commenter using the moniker Jaylee questioned why anyone would defend John  Tighe, asking Frank, “Why are you victimizing someone who had child porn, who is clearly a pedophile. Now it sounds like you are trying to have your readers sympathize with a person who admitted guilt and took a plea deal? But in the same breathe you are calling Keith a pedophile (not disputing that) and the leftovers outside dancing pedophile supporters. Sounds kinda hypocritical don’t you think? Are you implying the same justice system that arrested Keith is corrupt?- that may do more damage than you realize by saying that, you just may inevitably be proving Nvixm’s case,”

Don’t want to cut into Frank’s response — but Jaylee raises an interesting question about the corruption: SO why WOULD the DOJ prosecute Keith Raniere (and not John, presuming John’s a pedophile like Keith is) if they’re so swayed by the likes of big Bronfman bucks aka NXIVM?

My question is why “hasn’t” the DOJ, in fact, prosecuted Keith for his pedophile crimes?

EDNY referred these crimes up to NDNY which HAS NOT PROSECUTED!

Rhiannon was raped by Keith Raniere repeatedly when she 12 years old. She ran away from him in horror and she was put in a juvenile home. Raniere escaped charges. He was 30 at the time.

And make no mistake, Keith raped a 12-year-old child over 60 times  — he’s not only “hebephile,” he’s a child molester, a sexual predator.

Whereas John Tighe who WAS prosecuted is far from being a pedophile, you say, under any definition of it. John allegedly viewed pictures of fully mature 18-year-old looking girls on a site that advertised they were at least 18 years old! Where is the “pedophile,” if any type of crime in that?!

Was the website itself investigated or indicted for DISTRIBUTION OF Kiddie porn?

Fact is Clare Bronfman and her shark goons pay to get Nxivm whistleblowers put in prison at Keith and Nancy Salzman’s behest and Emiliano Salinas and Alejandro Betancourt do the same in Mexico.

Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman
Alejandro Betancourt, Nancy Salzman, and Emiliano Salinas toast the wonder that is Keith Raniere and his creation – Nxivm, while working to get his enemies destroyed.

And if they weren’t STILL at it, Frank’s indictment would have been dismissed at least upon Keith’s arrest.

They not only framed John, they poisoned him. That’s goddamn attempted murder and what’s stopping them from doing it again or stopping them from further pedophile crimes when not even Keith is being prosecuted for those?

Finally, the Raniere pedophilia secret was out in February 2012 and, to this day, that didn’t stop anyone from joining in nor did it stop Keith and NXIVM from carrying on with it.

Did Camila Fernandez start having sex with Keith Raniere when she was 15? Or possibly earlier?

Camilla Fernandez, for one, was raped at the age of 15 thereafter and, again, no one’s been prosecuted for that recent crime well within statutes but, alas, there’s a wee jurisdiction issue —the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York conveniently passed up to the Northern District of New York.

I don’t know why anyone would pass the ball to a place where no player’s standing to catch it when he could have put it in the hoop with the other EDNY charges. Sure smells to me.


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    • I was wondering if we couldn’t maybe set up a go fund me with Marie White and MK10’s Art — mebbe an auction with proceeds to JT legal or liver transplant.

      I’m a little uncomfortable handling the money at this time – i’m kind of transitory and fighting my own legal battles over some matters NX set in motion but this needs to happen for John and Silvia – in the name of justice and compassion.

  • So Cami is a victim according to Heidi, but Heidi insists on putting up her picture and adding her last name. Give me a break. Heidi should have more solidarity with women.

    • Camila Fernandez is both a victim and a perpetrator. She is still in Nxivm and would recruit for them today or tomorrow if she could. As such, her name should be mentioned as often as possible so that if she tries to recruit, hopefully, some woman will do an online search and have her eyes opened.

      • I think that every time the photo of Cami is posted, FR should also post photos of Edgar Boone, Laura Junco, and the other Mexican leaders. Cami is a small fish. The others are far more dangerous. Edgar Boone was out on Twitter defending the dancing. No shame in being linked to KR. He is much more dangerous than Cami. Laura Junco recruited minors from Mexico to send to Raniere. She was even willing to give up her own minor daughter, Lauris.

        I am surprised this article about pedophilia does not include Laura Junco’s picture or her story. But rather again more pictures of little fish who are also victims. Laura Junco is far more dangerous than Cami.

        • FR’s been steering clear of the most dangerous, curiously uncharged Mexican Elite NXIVM criminals, along with declaring an end to any further NXIVM arrests and calling for leniency for anyone other than Keith Raniere.

          Exactly aligned with what Jeffrey Peterson once observed — that NX’s main, criminal operations shifted to Mexico if they didn’t start there to begin with.

          The deep State Mexican connection was apparent by, at least, the time John Tighe published the Necker Island photos on his blog, Saratoga In Decline, from 2009 and was promptly food poisoned, etc. but, again, my late sister met the daughter of former Mexican President, Vincente Fox, Anna Fox, with her NX “friends” in Albany in 2001 before Pres. Fox emerged as a Salinas puppet.)

          I can’t say I blame anyone if fear of Salinas retaliation without the protection or support of the turncoat DOJ (and DHS — and let’s remember former Director of Homeland Security, John Sandweg, and his “Frontier” partner — AZ Mafioso kingpin, Mexi-NEXISCUM and Emiliano Salinas’ close friend, Dennis Burke, represented Clare Bronfman in her and Nancy Salzman’s efforts to grant US citizenship to the Mexican mother of the second or third Vanguard Avatar baby, born to rule the world) is the reason.

          But I suspect there is another one, as well, having to do with Mr. Roger Stone’s influence on Mr. Parlato’s Penmanship and late-life reality TV star career.

          Call me “crackers” — I’ve heard just about every other insult imaginable in my time here on FR
          — but I smell a RAT.

    • I’ve responded to this (unpublished) but really [redacted]

      Frank pulled my photo from FB, and I use my own name for safety’s sake bc I was targeted and secretly harassed by NXIVM — ONLY by NXIVM at first — to the point I feared for my and my son’s life and didn’t want to end up dead or framed and imprisoned without anyone investigating the link to NXIVM and/or a copycat taking advantage of that situation as my ex-husband has to his own, personal advantage.

      I was the first to blow the whistle on Keith Raniere’s pedophile history and my suspicions regarding NXIVM’s role in my sister’s death, independently, starting in 2009 — some, not ALL, of my and my sister’s tragic story was published by the Albany Times Union in their Feb. 2012 NXIVM expose’.

      I’d put anyone who claims I wasn’t ever a NXIVM target — while dozens of alleged victims with far less damning info and evidence file their far more dubious harassment claims — right up there at the top of the suspect list. Especially if they were around at the time of Gina’s suicide.

  • From what I’ve read about this story, there was plenty of reasonable doubt. I’m sorry but if he didn’t commit the crime why lie and say that what he did was despicable? K.R. I know you responded to this question already but it still just doesn’t make any sense why a man would do this to himself.
    Frank is a perfect example. He’s being accused of crimes that he didn’t commit you don’t see him standing up and lying on himself just to catch a lesser charge or do less time. Truth seems to be of utmost importance to Frank. I believe I read somewhere where his would be the bleeding mouth from which the gag was ripped from.

    • There were very logical reasons for John’s choice – and when the time is right, I trust he will share those with everyone. Now is definitely not the right time.

      To say the situation was complicated does not do it justice. For now, just have a little faith and a lot of patience.

      • Thank you K.R. and thank as well for answering or trying to respectfully answer on John’s behalf. That story of him being poisoned and waking up in the hospital realizing the infamous name of the medicine written on the bag seems absolutely terrifying. Have any of the women come forward to have their hair tested yet?

      • Thanks, Clav. I’ve fretted over John’s situation for years, gone back and forth in my mind — guilty, not guilty, why admit if not, etc. — without knowing some of the deets you’ve gratefully shared so far.

        Jim O’dato went dark, Joe was imprisoned, Toni’s a pathological liar who spun a whole different take on both John and Joe’s incarcerations not even worth repeating, Barbara Bouchey inexplicably up and turned herself in (!) on the computer trespass charges…good news there was they then had the 4th previously “unknown” VPN that logged in, I was no longer a suspect. Bad news was Barb’s admission made the trespass case stronger and, eventually, Kirsopp figured out Barbara’s admission applied to a different user and password to access the NXIVM system…

        Wasn’t me but the suspense (and a few other elements) was killing me, literally…

        Hope we can hear the full truth and nothing but soon! If the Country, you know, Democracy itself survives…

        • Hutchinson, “Clav” hasn’t shared any “deets.” LOL

          All she did was kept stringing you along, I’m not falling for it. LOL

          • Claviger’s critical deets include the fact that Kirsopp’s report identified a major problemo – that the porno John allegedly possessed on his puter advertised that the women were “over 18 years of age.”

            That’s a year or more over the age of consent in New York and we’re talking about a one-way fantasy not an actual sexual encounter, or any contact that in any way might have affected the fantasy person pictured.

            Should every person on the planet who downloads nude pics of someone purportedly over 18 be locked up for 5 years, as John Tighe was?

            Just wish I’d known sooner how not guilty John was.

            And I’m confused, what is it you’re not buying, “LOL”? That John’s not innocent? That’s a laugh, alright.

      • Cut the dramatic [redacted] – Tighe would suffer no further punishment if he came clean today. LOL

        He’s already late, he was released last week. LOL

  • Next to be arrested in Ghialaine Maxwell case, her top lieutenant Sarah Kellen

    Parents of Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘Lieutenant’ Say Daughter Could be Arrested Next
    The parents of Sarah Kellen — who is accused of being the former “lieutenant” of Ghislaine Maxwell — say their daughter could be arrested next, the couple recently told a British newspaper.

    The Daily Mail reports:

    [A]ccording to her devoutly religious parents, Sarah Kellen should be treated as a victim rather than a co-conspirator because she too was groomed and manipulated after falling out with her family and going to work for Epstein in her teens.

    Thomas and Mary Kellen, both Jehovah’s Witnesses, told DailyMail.com in an exclusive interview that their daughter was naive and vulnerable when she met the billionaire pedophile and could now pay a heavy price for being swept into his vile world.


    [F]our more women named in legal documents as ‘potential co-conspirators’ are yet to face arrest – chief among them Kellen, who spent around a decade working as Epstein’s personal assistant.

    Her parents insist they knew virtually nothing about their daughter’s duties because they became estranged from her around the time she took the job, aged 18 or 19.

    “After Maxwell, I think Sarah’s next,” Mary, 74, told the Daily Mail, in reference to fears she harbors regarding her daughter’s possible arrest. “What happened to all those girls is horrendous, but I do feel that Sarah was also a victim. I’m not a psychologist or a psychiatrist, but I can see she was maneuvered or brainwashed”

    “I just hope someone doesn’t go and kill her,” she added. “There are a lot of prominent, powerful people out there that don’t want anything said.”

    The development comes as The Sun reported that Maxwell believes her former boss, Jeffrey Epstein, was murdered in his New York City jail cell and fears she could meet the same fate.

    Last Tuesday, a judge denied bail for Maxwell, ruling that she is a flight risk.

    U.S. District Judge Alison J. Nathan said even the most restrictive form of release would be insufficient to ensure Maxwell would not flee, particularly now that she knows a conviction could result in up to 35 years in prison.

    As the judge explained her reasoning for denying bail, Maxwell dropped her head repeatedly, appearing dejected. At one point, she appeared to wipe a tear from underneath one eye as she sat alone in a room at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, where she has been housed since last week.

    Maxwell, 58, has been held without bail since her July 2 arrest at her million-dollar New Hampshire estate, where prosecutors say she refused to open the door for FBI agents, who busted through to find her in an interior room.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.

    • I would like to know if the driver has “killed” himself yet. He’s supposedly anonymous for now but was put on what he refers to as “Cutie Duty”. Cutie Duty is picking up the young girls from bus stops and then dropping them back off after their dutiful massages were through. I found this information through the 4chain 🍀 site. This particular man has also helped dispose of women who have overdosed/killed in places like Colorado outside of Colorado Springs.

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