Forgotten Ones: Dancers Move to Other Side of MDC – Is It Because Raniere Was Moved?

Based on the video I posted in Watch Complete Hour Video of Last Night’s Forgotten Ones’ Dance Protest – Captured Before It Was Taken Down, it looks like the Forgotten Ones [AKA weareasyou] have moved to different sides of the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center [MDC] buildings.

Maybe they know where their leader, Keith Alan Raniere, has been moved to – and they’re lining up there now. This suggests that they are  dancing not for all the prisoners at MDC but for one prisoner in particular.

While I think the dancers – in order to make this a “movement” are at least ostensibly dancing for all prisoners who suffer from the horrid conditions at MDC, I think it is fair to say that if Raniere was not at MDC, they would not be dancing at all.

As it is, the Forgotten Ones are convening nightly at MDC, albeit not always on the same side of the building, at 8 pm. They dance for an hour to music and then disperse. It has been peaceful dance-protests so far and generally a pretty small attendance.



Aerial view of MDC. The dancers used to dance in the street to the right of the two towers. Now, they seem to be dancing on the opposite side. Is this because Keith Raniere was moved to that side of the building? Why else would they change their location?
The seven known Nxivm members of the Forgotten Ones are Eduardo Asonsolo, Suneel Chakravarty, Marc Elliott, Nicki Clyne, Danielle Roberts, Linda Chung, and Michele Hatchette. There may be others and they may be recruiting for others at these dance protests.Here are some pictures of the Nxivm-connected Forgotten Ones, dancing their hearts out for Keith Alan Raniere.

As I look at their faces, they seem full of love for their exalted leader – and thrilled at times that he might be able to see them. When they were in Nxivm and Raniere was free, they would consider it an honor to be noticed by their leader or spend time in his company.

Marc Elliott puts his hand on his heart, perhaps as a gesture of undying fealty to his leader Keith Alan Raniere. If this kind of devotion could only be harnessed and directed to someone who is not a psychopath and hebephile – or turned inward into confidence in oneself – one could only wonder what might be accomplished by this energetic young man.

Michele Hatchette

America’s proudest black slave, Michele Hatchette, began as Allison Mack’s slave. After Mack’s arrest and removal from the DOS group by virtue of her non-contact requirement as part of her bail conditions, Hatchette was made a slave of Mack’s spouse, Nicki Clyne, who she now serves under.

Here are the three dancing slaves together, Danielle Roberts, Nicki Clyne, and Michele Hatchette.

Danielle Roberts

Dr. Danielle Roberts, who will soon be called before the New York State Medical Licensing Board to determine if she should keep her license, has not shown up every day. But when she comes, she literally flips for her master, Keith Alan Raniere.

Dr. Roberts has been accused by the medical board of branding women without informing them that they were going to get the brand that is the initials of her master, Keith Alan Raniere. She evidently told them that it was some kind of earth symbol when she knew full well that it was the initials K-A-R.

This is the brand scarred into the pubic region of women, most of whom did not know what the brand stood for when they were being branded by Dr. Roberts.


Flip the brand 90 degrees counterclockwise to see the initials clearly.

That kind of deception – which Raniere insisted upon – may cost her her medical license. It does not seem to have affected her devotion to Raniere, however, and makes one believe that she would do it all again for her glorious master.

Actually, the correct term for Raniere for Roberts is not “master” but “grandmaster.” Her direct slave master is Nicki Clyne. Originally, Dr. Roberts was a slave under Allison Mack. She was transferred to Nicki Clyne. Both Clyne and Mack are slaves to Raniere, which makes Raniere Roberts’ grandmaster.

To take it one step further, any of Roberts’ slaves would then consider Raniere as their “great grandmaster.”

Nicki Clyne

Not to be outdone by her own slave’s gymnastics, Nicki Clyne takes a shot at giving the prisoner[s] above a bird’s eye view, spreading her legs wide, presumably for his/their delectation.

Is she waving to Vanguard – or just the prisoners in general?


This woman can swing.


Is she thinking of her Vanguard?



In a recent interview, [see Nxivm’s Eduardo Asunsolo, Appearing on Podcast, Admits Nxivm Connection to MDC Dancers – Calls Out Attorney and Media for Persecuting Nxivm Like Nazis Did to Jews,  Nxivm leader, Eduardo Asunsolo distanced the cult from the dance movement, which he says focuses on entertaining inmates while calling for reform of the prison state.

“I just don’t want to make this more on [Nxivm],” he said. “I’m hanging around trying to get to the radio, trying to get to television, only to focus on dancing for the people there.”

He added: “Why are we talking about sexual cults? Why are we talking about things like that? [instead of prison reform.]

Asunsolo claimed that Nxivm was an umbrella company with “great” human potential and that they had programs that could cure OCD [Obsessive-compulsive disorder] that was eliminated due to a “character assassination” of Raniere.


Keith Alan Raniere, the government exhibit photo of him used at this trial.



The front page of the Albany Times Union on Sunday, May 5, 2019.

Times Union Does Podcast on “NXIVM members dance outside federal lockup for Keith Raniere”

It is always great to read or listen to what the Albany Times Union has to say about Nxivm. After all, they have been covering the cult since the early 2000s and before that, they covered Raniere’s Consumers’ Buyline. They know him pretty well by now.
Here is what the Times Union said about their recent podcast:
Every night since July 3, a group of people turn on music and dance on the street outside Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center. The group that organized the dancing say it’s meant to support federal inmates during the pandemic — including one in particular: Kay Rose.

There is no inmate by that name anywhere in the federal prison population. But “Kay Rose” shares the initials of someone who has spent the past two years in the downstate lockup: Keith Raniere, the leader of the formerly influential and now shattered organization known as NXIVM.

On this episode of “NXIVM on Trial”, Times Union editor Casey Seiler and reporter Robert Gavin discuss the latest development in the NXIVM saga.

You can subscribe to “NXIVM on Trial” wherever you download podcasts, including Spotify and Apple podcasts, so you never miss an episode.

The Times Union’s coverage of the trial and more on NXIVM is available in print and online.

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3 years ago

Robert’s shirt says, “Lettuce turnip the beet,” which sounds like far too large of a meal for a DOS girl. LOL

I noticed she was wearing a brace on one of her ankles/feet, perhaps she injured herself doing those flips, she’s not as young as she used to be. LOL

3 years ago

Raniere was probably given an aisle seat on the MDC airplane, there aren’t enough window seats for all 1,600 prisoners. LOL

3 years ago

That’s some crazy in Nicki’s face. That girl has drank way too much kool-aid. No hope I’m afraid.

3 years ago
Reply to  KoolAid

The face is crazy only because you know the story behind it. LOL

Just sayin'
Just sayin'
3 years ago

Truly disappointing. Very talented, attractive, successful women who need to break themselves free of toxic control.

Just my opinion.

3 years ago

What a waste. Their parents have to be heartbroken .

3 years ago

The thing is these women haven’t forgotten as they as they all seem to be suffering with a something not dissimilar to the Stockholm Syndrome.

3 years ago
Reply to  Inception

It’s sad that these people follow him like they do. I hope they get help someday.

3 years ago
Reply to  Oscar

I hear prison is a great place to get help. LOL

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