The Right Side: Does Texas Doctor Have Cure For Covid-19? – And Will the Left Try to Block It Until After the Election?

Dr. Richard Bartlett says he has a reliable cure for Covid-19. But do Democrats and the mainstream media want a cure before November?

Editor’s Note:  J. Gary DiLaura represents the “right”, perhaps the extreme right, and he is vociferous. His opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Frank Report and his fervid tone is his own. If what he says below is true, however — that an MD in Houston has a cure for COVID-19 – it is worth exploring, even if the news comes from the right and may not be what the left wants to hear.

Before anyone gets outraged at DiLaura’s tone or his suggestions, I would ask that you sincerely ask and, if you can, answer the questions:

Would the left, or perhaps the extreme left, really want a cure for COVID-19 today?

Or would they prefer to wait until after the election, even if it meant a certain number of deaths or sickness?

Is the desire to defeat Trump a higher goal than defeating the pandemic?

If by preserving the pandemic and inflating its dangerousness in the left-stream media Trump can be blamed, then should any announcement of any cure be downplayed, shadow banned, banned, ridiculed, or discredited by the left until after the election?

If there were a cure today, would the left sacrifice a certain number of lives to postpone news of it until after November, justifying it by their belief that they are at war with Trump and that he is so dangerous that casualties are acceptable and lives should be sacrificed if necessary to defeat him?

The answers to those questions put Dilaura’s article in context and makes his argument compelling: Dr. Bartlett’s cure needs scrutiny, not obfuscation or ridicule.


I Do Believe…That Dr. Richard Bartlett of Houston Texas, Does Have a Cure For Covid-19!

How Many Times Does the Medical “Profession” Have to Be Hit over The Head…To Wake Up?!!

Dr. Richard Bartlett is a practicing Doctor, MD, surgeon, who has treated …now listen carefully… Hundreds of patients with confirmed COVID-19 and cured them… ALL!

Not a “few”, nor 10 or a 100, but hundreds… and he cured ALL that he treated!  How do I know? Because he said so and I believe him?

There are some people who are truth-tellers and in my opinion… he is a truth-teller. He’s been practicing medicine for 3 decades. He has no reason to lie…like so many do.

I read his “paper,” but don’t understand much of the medical terms but when a legit person who has little to gain and everything to lose…his entire reputation and practice… by making a profound statement, that affects the lives of millions… you need to listen!

Those non-believing morons need to stick their pride in their … back pocket, and listen instead of jumping to the conclusion, “He did not.”

That is what these Medical professionals, who didn’t think to try what he tried, are doing. Those 15-year college graduates apparently didn’t learn a thing in 15 years of college and higher education and the “practice” of medicine!

The man says “he’… him, personally, treated hundreds of patients in various stages of COVID-19 and he cured 100% with the same type of treatment as they treat asthma patients except he used a common medicine (steroid) called Budesonide with a nebulizer.

It cured them in a few days… they tested negative after a few days of treatment, at a cost of $200 and they all lived!

So, let’s assume he told the truth and he cured those patents as he said …what does that mean?

To me…a lowly Federal Investigator for 3 decades with an education in Engineering (Math, Science, Chemistry and such), I think we would drop whatever the Fuck we’re doing and immediately take the sickest people (ventilator elderly) and see if we can save these hopeless cases who have no other hope or way to go. I believe we should put any other studies on hold, that seem to have good results and pour all our resources into Dr. Bartlett’s protocol that so far, works 100%.

In mathematical terms, that’s a little better than … pretty good. Are there any other protocols that have cured hundreds of COVID-19 patients and have a 100% success rate? If you, Mr. CDC, have one… where the hell is it?

Are we NUTS or what?

Instead of praising this guy’s success in saving lives…100%… these CDC assholes will take a look at it in October, set up a study for 6 months and …get back to us!

Listen Mr. CDC, that is NOT good enough!

I say “bend” your fucking protocol, pull your heads out of your asses, so at least your ears pop free and do away with Bureaucratic Regulations and do it NOW!

How many people will die by the time you get all the approvals, all the regulations, set up studies, read up on your protocols, see if there are any favored medicines (Big Pharma) that are close to being successful, that you and you colleagues have invested money in?

When a man says he has the cure, who is well respected… quit putting him down challenging whether he followed protocols… he did… he saved lives…that’s a pretty goddamn good protocol!

Is inhaled steroid budesonide really 'silver bullet' for COVID-19?

That’s the only protocol that matters. Whether he did it in a study, at a college, in a hospital, or on a battlefield make no difference… 100% is 100% … come back to reality!

Mr. President, his name is Dr. Richard Bartlett, Midland-Odessa Texas area. His cure is Budesonide w/ nebulizer and oh yes…you are correct, according to him, Hydroxychloroquine does work too… his words, not mine!

Direct the CDC to do an emergency study of the sickest who seemingly have no hope as well as those in early stages … if I had COVID-19, I would volunteer to be treated and so will millions of Americans… we have hope!

You said we are at war with COVID-19… so call a strike against it, now…not in October or 6 months…now!

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  • Ray, First of all…my country is America. We believe in the separation of Church and State and that fact is clearly set forth in the very first Amendment of our Constitution. It’s the very foundation of our Constitutional Republic. Islam is precisely the exact opposite from our Constitution! It is based upon an UN-elected ‘leader’, an Ayatollah, who is the supreme leader of all things… all aspects of a believers life…Church and State are ONE! It is based upon their book of faith, the Koran and all their teachings and actions… that includes the Haddiths, Suras, as well as the Koran… set forth, over and over. It a trilogy of sorts…all of which pledge the carrying out of death to the disbelievers. I guess you didn’t notice that a Caliphate by ISIS was just destroyed by my President and our military, after they killed hundreds of thousands of Christians, Jews, Kafirs (Muslim disbelievers) and in general …infidels! If that’s being racist…then I’m in! They believe it’s their duty to Islam and Allah to destroy anyone who does not follow, practice and live all their lives as set forth in the Surahs, in the Koran as Muslims… submissive! That’s Islam…!

    Now, I may not know epidemiology and I have never been to the Sun…but I do know the Sun is hot…very hot! AND that’s with no personal, direct knowledge. Fact is your knowledge of your birth date, where you were born and even your name are ALL hearsay…did you know that? How do you know where you were born, someone told you…that’s hearsay. NOW, if a fully accredited MD, Doctor says he saved over 100 lives with China-19 by using a protocol with 100% success…curing all he treated…that is direct personal knowledge. It’s admissible in any court in these United States. Compare that to someone from the CDC who says they read a clinically correct and approved study that eating onions cures athletes foot. …that’s hearsay. and not admissible in any legal forum whatsoever and certainly not enough for anyone with athletes foot to eat onions…is it? How many people will die while we wait for the CDC study? The Right Side

  • The author of this article is an idiot. He knows nothing of epidemiology. Even if you take at face value this doctor’s claim’s to have “cured” hundreds, that is nothing more than anecdotal evidence, which according to epidemioloists may be sufficient to raise a hypothesis, never as proof of a hypothesis. Proof of the hypothesis that a drug is effective in treating or curing a disease is only accomplished by well controlled, double blinded studies that satisfy statistical significance, are published in peer review journals and ultimately replicated. This author is also the proponent of all kinds of conspiracy theories on these pages of the Frank Report which once was respected for its investigative reports on NXIVM but has turned into a trash right wing conspiracy rag worthy of no respect. This author is also found all over the Internet making racist attacks against Muslims, which may make other right wing nuts happy, but should cause any thinking person be be highly skeptical of his motives.

    • Ray, you write that ‘any thinking person be highly skeptical’ of the author’s motives in writing an article that explains a Texas doctor’s successful treatment of ALL his covid patients. He is sharing his results using an easily available and inexpensive treatment that has helped his patients to recover, without significant complications, and without a long hospital stay.

      What sinister motive could this writer possible have for sharing Dr. Bartlett explaining the results of his treatment? Be specific. Why does it matter whether this treatment has been through scientific studies before being approved by self important medical blowhards with their own agendas, when the proof of it’s effectiveness is in the recovery of the patients? There is no time to waste for the actual sick people, while these self-important a-holes display their utter contempt for their fellow Americans with meaningless talking points that are rewritten almost daily to cover for their stunning incompetence while offering NO ACTUAL TREATMENT OPTIONS, with an occasion nod to Remdizivir, except for ‘we’re working on a vaccine’.

      What does it matter to you, or any liberal for that matter, what any individual choses as a treatment? HQC, azithromycin, zinc, nebulizers, are not dangerous drugs. They have been used for years with few side effects, are quite possibly effective treating covid and have saved lives. Don’t take these treatments if you don’t want to, no one cares. Your body, your choice. But I don’t understand this blind hatred towards anyone who shares information that could save lives. It is completely irrational.

  • The left, in fact, has been SUPPORTIVE of spreading COVID 19.
    In many states, there are COVID 19 parties where people try to get it and spread it.
    Lately in Florida, where gangs run this sick thing.
    Candi DeBaca or similar name, Dem from CO, was suggesting Trump supporters be infected.
    They may be trying to get the nation sick and keep Trump from getting elected.

    Sick people spreading sickness, of course, they don’t want a cure.

  • There is no need to stop all other studies while taking a hard look at this treatment, and unlike the Raniere trial where they spent most of the time eating their sandwiches and telling each other their favorite parts of the trial, the jury is still out on this one:

    This isn’t Russia or China, there are still plenty of media outlets in the U.S. that will look at this issue in a fair manner and let the results speak for themselves. LOL

    Trump has already fast-tracked numerous other beer virus treatments, this one deserves the same look. LOL

  • If the doctor has a cure, why does he
    not post it on the Internet ?

    Does Texas Doctor Have Cure For Covid-19? – And Will the Left Try to Block It Until After the Election?”

    True Answer:
    The Texas doctor has a cure for Covid-19 and the Left will definitely try to block it until after the election with the help of the Clinton Crime Syndicate!!!!!

    BTW: My Uncle owns some private acreage on an island in the Atlantic ocean, which comes with its own bridge to the mainland. If your interested the property is is in the borough of Brooklyn. Please inquire if interested. Thanks you for your consideration.

  • You are probably right that any new treatment has to go through these ridged protocols to be considered for use. However, there is more than likely a financial reason for it. President Trump it is time to say here are two options for the treatment of C19. The is enough people who have been cured by both remedies that they should be offered to the people.

    The time for action is now with no more rhetoric and discussion.

    • Why? Trump has already fast-tracked numerous other potential treatments/cures for the beer virus. LOL

      Why are you people so pessimistic? LOL

  • So this is the new bleach injection or anti-malaria treatment. Why do you sell snake oil again?

    The treatment of the ill is not about making false hopes. We can see where this got us. People died after self-administering hydroxychloroquine after Dumb shipped it. And now you pull this expert out off your ass.
    And let us be clear here. A simple claim is not good enough. You need to prove the effect, in a standardized and double-blind study. If you can provide a positive result under these conditions and only then, you can claim to have found a cure.

    Do you know what the difference between science and Gary DiLaura is? Science has standards.

    • Trump Depression, I can tell you didn’t hear Dr Bartlett’s interview and didn’t read his Publication…but that is typical of Democraps, “Don’t tell me the facts, I already have an opinion”. I guess you should be Trump Depressed…after all he did fix and better, in two years, what your Obama destroyed in 8…and said basically …Trump will need a magic wand to fix what I (Obama) fucked up. Trump did fix it, millions of manufacturing jobs back… gas at $2.00 a gallon…stock market back… energy independent from foreign anything… and the worse Pandemic in a century about to be stopped by the US…I can see why a Democrap would be afraid. You deserve not having any viable candidate as well…Joe Biden couldn’t be President of a Box of Cereal ! The Right Side

    • There is a Democrat Depression brought on by Democrat Governors who are willing to trash the economy in order to defeat President Trump.
      These very same Democrat Governors are willing to stir up race riots and chaos.

      • Dumb killed more people by his inaction during COVID than the war on terror or even WWI. Democrats might be bad, Dumb needs to be hanged for it. Do you remember the times when people like you were complaining about Obama’s Ebola policies? How many people died back in the day?

        • Inaction such as banning flights from China and being called racist and xenophobic by the other side? LOL

    • Giving ill people a sense of hope is never a bad idea, especially at a time when there is no scientifically proven cure. Yes, nothing should be self-administered and always under a doctor’s care. But when all the wise ones don’t know what to do, it doesn’t hurt to have a Doctor try to see if he can come up with a treatment modality that might work. Scientific studies are still months down the road, as they take a lot of time, and money, to do, and they will need to be peer-reviewed, to be accepted. The very reason major drug corporations are involved is the cost of any scientific study, along with the enormous profit a drug company can potentially make.

      Science is not so pure anymore, if it ever was. Drug companies seeking to make enormous profits have a lot to do with the pseudo-science nowadays. The profit motive takes precedence in a society slowly falling apart.

      Any scientific studies done that prove that face masks work? What type of cloth, what distance away from people, etc. No, not one, but everyone has an opinion. So we demand that people wear face masks when in public without the benefit of scientific proof. Who needs a double-blind test, just issue an order.

      We don’t even know accurately how many people are actually dying of Corona-19 Virus. Most of the older people dying are listed as having underlying problems, at 70, 80, and 90, no surprise. Recently, one in my state, was listed as dying from COVID-19 virus two weeks after he died. Took that long to even discover he had the virus. Was it the major cause of death, who knows. Science be damned.

      Yes, I would like to see proper scientific testing done, but nobody has published any yet. So we are still living by faith, hope, and charity. Glad to see some trying to find a solution.

      • Retired Inspector, Thank you for commenting and you make a lot of sense. You repeat some of the things I said. Two of the many cases Dr Bartlett explains were in fact elderly …one in particular was on a ventilator and her attending gave her no hope. Dr Bartlett administered his not yet “scientifically” studied, un-approved for this use, Budesonide via nebulator , with antibiotic and saved her life. She is one of the many he had a 100% cure rate with. I wager that even a respected, educated man , who was some type of inspector …whose loved one was diagnosed with “China 19” and on “life support”, which is a ventilator, and this Dr Bartlett said he would like to try to her or him…you would say, a responding “YES” wouldn’t you? …I rest my case, because so would anybody! Use it on the very worst…what do we/they have to lose…someone who has no hope? In that case we have everything to gain, by saving some loved ones…don’t we…if it works 100%… the Bureaucrat study then can go to hell! The Right Side

    • People died from taking aquarium chemicals that Trump never said anything about, and they were Libtards. LOL

      • By ‘people,’ you mean one man who’s wife is under investigation for talking her husband into taking fish tank cleaner as a preventative. She was a rabid anti-Trump liberal who suddenly got a brilliant idea to off her husband, (who she had filed for divorce from earlier), by ‘taking Trump’s advice’ and then blame Trump, who she despised.

    • Do you know what willful blindness is? It is a safe and effective treatment. People should know about it. Why would you keep this information from them? There is no reason to do that. It is none of your business what other people want to do with their health treatment. Remember ‘my body my choice’? How about the right to try law? Just because you hate Trump that doesn’t mean there is no cure for covid.

      • I think people like this should sign a paper stating they want to refuse these various treatments and would rather die if they get the beer virus. LOL

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