Watch Complete Hour Video of Last Night’s Forgotten Ones’ Dance Protest – Captured Before It Was Taken Down

Danielle Roberts Nicki Clyne and Michele Hatchette

Finally, readers can get to see what the whole hour-long, nightly, Forgotten Ones’ dance protests are like.

Thanks to one of our wonderful readers, Le’Gal, we have in our possession the video that weareasyou nightly puts up then quickly takes down.

I thought it would be nice to put on the record a complete episode of the nightly dance for Raniere, led by his seven faithful Nxivm followers.

The seven followers who run the Forgotten Ones [lest they be forgotten] are:

Eduardo Asonsolo


Suneel Chakravarty


Marc Elliott


Nicki Clyne


Danielle Roberts


Linda Chung [far right]
Michele Hatchette

Readers and viewers might find the hour-long video a little boring, but one can skip around and get a look, and hear the music they are dancing to and a pretty good narration by Nxivm member Eduardo Asunsolo Ramirez, as he describes the action and the reason for the dance protest at MDC.

Last night, it seems that quite a few more people came out than usual, including a number of Spanish speaking people, and even a few children.

Nobody is arguing, as far as I know, that their cause is not a good cause – the protesting of inhumane conditions at MDC and Asunsolo makes some pretty good points during his narration on the brutal conditions and how even a little communication with the outside world can go a long way in cheering up these tormented prisoners who spend 20-24 hours per day in their tiny cells, month after month.

It has been reported that Keith Alan Raniere was moved from his cell where he could see the dancers and perhaps be cheered himself by his followers’/slaves’ efforts, to a cell where he cannot see them.  That is unfortunate, but happily, the dancers have vowed to continue even if their Vanguard cannot see them for the sake of the other prisoners there.

I hope for the Nxivm dancers’ sake that this dance protest does not have unintended consequences for Raniere. The Bureau of Prisons will have the final say on where Raniere is sent for his permanent prison after he is sentenced.  The fact that there are dancer-followers of his, doing these protests – however justifiable – will likely not sit well with the BOP.

They may punish Raniere for it by assigning him to a harsher prison than he would otherwise be assigned. They can justify it by claiming he is a dangerous cult leader that still has his Manson-like followers madly dancing in front of the prison every night where he stays.

This may lead to the recommendation that he be sent to a supermax facility – where he will be in isolation and suffer intensely.

In that case, it will work out, as many Nxivm schemes often did, just the opposite of what they were claimed to be intended to do. The Nxivm Intensives, for example, were supposed to lead a student to executive success but usually led them, if they took enough courses, to poverty and dependence on Raniere.

And the dance protests, meant to improve the plight of prisoners, may wind up getting one prisoner, Raniere, into the worst prison in America, instead of a more reasonable one, where he would at least have a chance of remaining in good health, having the company of other humans, getting some outdoor recreation, working at a job at the facility, having access to the library and courses, and potentially surviving his prison sentence.

Instead, if the BOP goes supermax for Raniere, his plight will be worse than it is now: Years, maybe decades of being indoors all the time, with 23 hours in his cell and only one hour a day out, never seeing anyone, getting his food placed between alternately locking doors, which slide open on one end only long enough for the guard to place his food there and for him to get it after the other door is locked closed.

A life of utter loneliness and despair, a life of hopelessness, and, quite often, madness over time is the end result of our modern American isolation in prison system – for the worst offenders. It is as cruel a punishment as one could ever dance to protest against.

It is cruel – but sadly, it is not, in America, at all unusual.

There is every chance that the Nxivm dancers have waltzed their Vanguard right into permanent isolation in a supermax when he gets his permanent assignment.  I have no doubt that Raniere approved, maybe even devised the dance protest and now I think it highly likely that this completely quixotic effort will wind up backfiring on him. Instead of helping him, a few weeks of dancing may hurt him intensely for years to come.

ADX Florence - Wikipedia
A typical isolation cell at ADC Florence.






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  • WOW I never watched this vid before…Nicki Clyne looks like a complete MORON! What fools! ROFLOL

  • In the interest of candor, I will say that with a better haircut, Michelle Hatchette could be hot. But in the words of Crash Davis (Bull Durham), “I’d never be interested in any woman who had an interest in that boy”…IOW, I would not do with yours.

  • These hangers on dancing in front of the jail, what’s in it for them? Who’s funding the production, where’d they get the AV gear ? Follow the money.

    The best part of this vid is all of the non NXers who have unwittingly shown up to support the people they know on the inside and don’t participate in the dirty dancing but are all in for traditional dancing that sends a true message of hope in humanity.

  • You make a good point that this dancing could have unintended consequences for the dancers.

    That’s the thing about this whole Nxivm scandal, it’s all about Keith Raniere, not the girls who support him. Their actions seem secondary to their vanguard.

    This film suggests there could be lots of things going on behind the scenes. Is it possible that the final chapter of Keith Raniere has yet to be written?

  • “Nobody is arguing, as far as I know, that their cause is not a good cause – the protesting of inhumane conditions at MDC…” WRONG. I wrote a detailed comment about it, but it wasn’t published. LOL

  • Roberts, the DOS D.O. dodo, looks like a zaftig majorette/marionette reject. Is that gout, still dying to be popular?

    Could it be true that the DOS D.O. dodo has been a celibate-butt for too long, is not getting laid? She likes Twinkies and Ding Dongs so much better than cunnilingus?

    Faithful, faithful ooh ooh faithful

    Um, dat ain’t dancing, but what’s a frigging heifer gonna do, but CLOMP? Probably Flabturd was relieved to get moved away from the view.

    • Speaking of Morse code, if I remember, 88 means “best regards” and is a friendly sort of greeting or salutation.

      However, if Keithy-Weethie flashed any 88s at his groupies, don’t think this was meant to be friendly. He would’ve just been being his fiendish self with the double messages. Old Flabturd meant 88 pounds, bitch! Come back when you weigh 88 lbs.

      Those weren’t 800 kisses he was sending, either. That was supposed to be a command. 800 calories every 24 hours and bushes grown into dredlocks.

      Or else. Papa’s got a brand new bag.

      • In some circles, 88 represents the eighth letter of the alphabet, which is H. I will let you infer what HH can stand for, especially given Vanturd’s fascination with the WW2 figure.

    • Shivani, do you know how close you are to the truth? Danielle Roberts middle name is Do. The doubling of Do makes new and meaningful sense. Was that a case of intuition, or did you know Robert’s full name?

  • I feel quite sad for Nicki Cline, not for the fact she was dancing at the MDC or not earning money to keep a roof over her head in a place like NYC, but by the simple fact it would have cost her over 600 calories just to take her jogging bottoms off after all that meaningless work.

    • I think they’re using it as a chance to burn off the extra calories they’re daring to eat now

  • The women in the videos are in bras and short shorts. They are also opening their legs wide in several shots of the videos. This could very well have to do with sex trafficking. It is not normal for adult professional women to be in bras on the street (even on a hot summer day) and spread their legs. That is not even normal dancing you see in the bar.

    I think Keith should go to a maximum-security prison. I do not feel sorry for him. He continues to be a danger to society. We don’t know if these women are begin trafficked so that Keith is treated better in the prison. He needs to be put away.

    Are people sharing these videos with the judge? They are scary and the judge should be aware.

    The dancers also many times not wearing their masks. This could be a health hazard for the prisoners and prison staff.

    • I agree, the videos would be much more widely seen if they took off those damn bras and short shorts. LOL

      Do you prefer twirking to the spread legs? LOL

      I think Raniere must go to a high security prison as a child sex offender. LOL

      I would be surprised if the FBI/DOJ wasn’t aware of these dancers. LOL

      The dancers are much more than 6′ away from any prisoners or prison staff, except for the prison staff getting laid by the dancers. LOL

  • I am happy to contribute to this investigation where I am able. I was at the right place at the right time last night, I guess. Big, exciting Friday night in Le’Gal-Land.

    This all is a bit much to process. Generally, I agree with what seems to be the prevailing opinion here – that our jail/prison system is abhorrent and not what a country of this caliber should allow. However, specifically, that this is likely spurred on by a narcissistic cult leader, and he is likely continuing to wield his power over his willing minions, is off-putting. That part of this should be exposed.

  • You know what you forgot? We will be with him eternally. It’s not about one short lifetime. We dance with him eternally. We may be apart for a few short years. But while you roast in hell Keith will be in charge of heaven and we will be his angels.
    Nico, I love you. Forever.

    • Niki,

      Do we burn in hell if we’re atheists? Just wondering…
      In the same manner of speech, how do you define ‘a few short years’?
      If I successfully trespassed into that heaven where you’ll be dancing, could I pee on Raniere’s face and ask him (politely) to thank me profusely for washing the years of sedimented scum off his face?

      Have a nice day!

  • Yep, keep it up, silly old girls, perhaps you’ll get your master buried as deep as he can be in a prison to ensure no-one has to deal with a bunch of dancing tools.

    Also, you might make some new friends, the kind that sees ass from behind a cell window and can’t wait to meet up with it on release. Maybe you can guarantee your master’s safety by implicitly offering this sort of arrangement?

    As to your own security, I feel you may be playing with real hella lawless fire this time. Are you ready to play that hard? Have you given a thought to your own safety as you wind up your waist for an audience of even harder more ruthless nothing to lose crims, than you’ve so far encountered?

    I bet you haven’t. I bet you think you can run a bunch of ex-cons like a private army. How can you manipulate with sex when your quarry has even fewer morals than you do? Same with money. Same with ideology.

    Your audience has a proven record of just taking what they want when they want. (Those innocently incarcerated will loathe KR). Your new recruitment ground is as dangerous as any war zone, you are out of your depth. Utterly clueless.

    And your Regiment as ever, is a dopey soppy mess. If you had a badge, it would surely read “Born To Lose” in KR’s dog latin of course.

  • This must stop. You’re putting ideas into the ruthless authorities’ heads. Nico should be in low security. He is no danger to anyone but the people who oppress society. Black lives matter and Nico is the true black man. He suffers more than any of us ever did. And, shadow, this does not prove I’m Wonderful Nicki so shut up!

      • “Whatever you say, Nicki. Or is it now “Dee”?”

        Shadowstate, will you subdue now? Do you want to live in a dependent relationship?
        Did you really write that Nicki is wonderful. Are you just complimenting her or are you courting her?

        • Have you ever heard of a man BSing a woman or a woman BSing a man?

          From the start almost two years ago, Nicki (Pea) told me I was “stupid and annoying.”

          I have no illusions of where I stand with Nicki Clyne.

          After all, I am not the world’s third smartest man.

  • A fictionalized version of dancing for prison reform will be the premise for next season’s Burden Of Truth.

    Hollywood Reporter—In season four, every night Joanna Chang (Kristin Kreuk) dances provocatively to bring media attention to the plight of one of her incarcerated clients, until evil white cops abuse and arrest Kreuk, then she is imprisoned in that same hell hole. Now, every week, she must fight off rapist guards and lesbian prisoners until desperate to save herself, Kreuk agrees to be the exclusive bitch of the prison’s top bull-dyke. Together, they reform prison conditions by day, and by night share the joy of each other’s sexuality.

          • Maybe the lesbian theme is what got Kristin’s show renewed.

            Joanna and Billy will be back on the case: Burden of Truth has been renewed for Season 4 by Canadian broadcaster CBC, TVLine has learned. The legal drama will start production in Winnipeg, Manitoba later this summer.

  • I would note that most protests are done with placards and signs, not dances with sexual innuendo.

    Interesting medium of protest.

  • The new folks on Frank Report came when Raniere had less power. He was already locked up. The dances helped me to realize how dangerous Raniere could be if he had the chance.

    I felt scared of seeing a doctor, a professional and specialized woman, be willing to humíllate herself for Keith. This was scary because the woman has specialized knowledge that Keith can use for evil if he pleases (like branding women).

    I also agree with Frank that the dancing could be part of a human trafficking scheme: “Let the prisoners and police pick a woman “The dancing of the doctor involved opening her legs wide. It was very sexual in nature. The sex trafficking option is plausible.

    The dancing provided us with a window into a world where Keith was doing manipulative things and was not yet stopped. For the new audiences of Frank Report, I think it helped us to feel a bit of what others felt when Keith did the branding. It was very scary. There was the uncertainty of whether Keith would be stopped. This helped me to better value how manipulative and dangerous Keith was.

    I also agree with Frank that KR orchestrated this. It was Keith’s addiction to power that lead him to do it. The same addiction that landed him in prison.

    Keith was blind to how the dancing could be seen as something dangerous. He was blind to how people would link it to what Manson followers did. He just wanted to feel the power again: showing to everyone he can lead beautiful professional women to humiliate themselves: open their legs wide for prisoners.

    Keith has a power addiction. I do not feel sorry for him. This helped me to better value how dangerous he is. I hope the judge sees the dancing videos and uses them to decide where Keith will land. It was stupid to mobilize women to dance outside the prison. But it was also stupid to brand women for life (they have physical evidence of the abuse). It was also stupid to have a number of reunions in Mexico to grow Nxivm when Raniere was hiding from the FBI.

    I think all of this shows Keith’s addiction to power that led to his downfall.

  • I am all for prison reform but these people are so obviously dancing only for Raniere, notwithstanding what they purport to be doing. It’s typical of the organization to promote a fluffed up “message” while in reality just serving their own interests. I have asked before if anyone is aware of one thing – anything – that KAR or his organization did to help others which would back up their claim of caring about humanity. His followers even had to PAY to attend his birthday parties, when they were financed by millionaire heiresses. Nice.

    Hmmmm – two doctors and two successful actresses, among others, with ruined careers and nothing left in life but their worship of the Great One – the one who caused their downfall.

  • I still don’t know what to think about their nightly charades. Do you think they are starting to recruit through this or is this is just to distract from something bigger?

    • My opinion is that they weren’t doing it to recruit but, should the opportunity present itself, they will jump at the chance. I can imagine their delight when a sexy pole dancer turned up. I imagine Keith asking them to work on recruiting her.

    • The Court can make a placement recommendation but the BOP has the final say as to where an inmate is assigned. And after that, the BOP makes all the placement decisions for the inmate. The only basic rule is that the inmate has to be within 500 miles (as the crow flies) from their home.

      • ” the inmate has to be within 500 miles (as the crow flies) from their home.”

        Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was placed in Littleton, Colorado.
        About 800 miles from Chicago.

        • Within a radius of 500 miles. That doesn’t seem to be a law, nor a mandatory rule that an inmate has a legal right to.

          • You said it was a law, but the website that YOU cited says, “The Bureau attempts to designate inmates to facilities commensurate with their security and program needs within 500 driving miles of their release residence. If an inmate is placed at an institution that is more than 500 driving miles from his/her release residence, generally, it is due to specific security, programming, or population concerns.” An attempt is not a requirement and the crow does not fly along roads. Other than that, you are right. LOL

          • No, I did not say it was a law. In fact, what I said is “It’s not a law…”. But I’ll grant you that my reference to “as the crow flies” was outdated (That used to be the way that BOP measured placements – which often differed substantially with the actual road mileage). Your brain may have difficulty in discerning clearly written verbiage but it clearly knows all about birds – which I guess makes you a [self-redacted].

          • WRONG. In your original comment, you said, “The only basic rule is that the inmate has to be within 500 miles (as the crow flies) from their home.” But it doesn’t have to be, so you’re wrong. LOL

          • WRONG???

            Are you still claiming that I used the word “law” – even though you’re quoting that I referred to it as a “rule”?

            As for the “as the crow flies” reference, I already said that the BOP no longer follows that RULE. It now measures the 500 miles as Road Miles – which is much fairer from the standpoint of family members who want to visit.

            I used to think that you were just an annoying person who felt they had to say something about everything, who liked to criticize people for minor grammatical and spelling mistakes, and who had to prattle on about Amway like it was the world’s greatest disaster. I was WRONG about that.

      • I suspect that distance requirement is an archaic one. Besides, would the inmate feel more cell comfort if s/he knows they are a few hundred miles closer to home?

        P.S. I look forward to reading about Raniere’s assignment to a supermax haven!

  • EggRolls
    July 16, 2020 at 5:49 am
    “Lawsuit: NXIVM leader recruited Asian women, sorority members for sex”

    Presumably, the head of “One Asian” in this article is Olivia Cheng, the unattractive Chinese “actress”.

    “One of the plaintiffs, a Canadian woman chosen to lead One Asian, was required to call Raniere daily and frequently summoned to meet with him in the Albany area at meetings that did not start until 1 a.m. and lasted hours, the lawsuit said.

    When she arrived in Albany, he greeted her with kisses on the lips, held her hand and pressured her to move to the Capital Region so they could have a romantic relationship, the court document stated.

    The lawsuit also said Raniere’s acolytes pressured the woman. Clare Bronfman allegedly told the woman that her biggest obstacle in life was having “too many options.” Moving to Albany to work more closely with Raniere, Bronfman suggested, would help her focus on her growth.

    During one meeting, the woman stayed at Mack’s home in the Knox Woods townhouse development. Mack told the woman that sex was “no big deal” and that it was “just like playing tennis,” the lawsuit also noted.

    The lawsuit said the pressure to move to Albany became “overwhelming” for the woman, who decided she could no longer meet with Raniere and his inner circle. She left organization six months later, around the same time One Asian ceased operations.“

    When was this?

    So, is this Olivia Cheng? Is she taking part in a lawsuit against VanCunt? If so, while he is a cunt, these people knew what they were a part of.

    Also, NXIVM virtue signaller/coward/smell the fart actress Kristin Kreuk was apparently asked to front this “One Asian”.

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