Advocate Argues for End of Registry for Sex Offenders

Rudy 101 is an individual who evidently was once on the sex offender registry and is now no longer on it. How he got off it remains unclear.  He is an advocate for ending the registry and has an argument that is worth some debate. He has been good enough to reply to a number of commenters who do not seem to agree with his point of view.
In this post, we will publish the comments then Rudy’s replies. The comments are in bold and Rudy’s replies are in regular typeface.


How did you leave the registry?


Life is funny….Maybe it was luck, maybe it was God….I prefer the latter.  But it is too late to get me back on it.

So, I get to point out, with impunity, the hypocrisy, the illegality and the utter ridiculousness of the registry.

Marie White

It is so hard to stomach all of you weak, crying, lying, sexual perverts. Please do yourself and the innocent children you defiled a huge favor and get castrated.


Maybe legislation should focus on this cure for your disease instead of registration since that is bothering you sick fucks so much.

Someone should pass a law making it legal to brand a mark of a beastly design directly on you sexual predators’ foreheads. If you sick child soul suckers ever wonder why you suffer long after incarceration, it’s because the child suffers long after your selfish act.


Marie, the registry is NOT supposed to be a punishment. It is applied outside of a court. It is supposed to be a civil law designed to
protect the community.

BUT you all use that registry in unlimited ways to isolate and discriminate, along with threaten and harass. The registry then clearly is NOT a civil law. It is punitive. A punishment. The oldest form of punishment mankind has: label and banish.

This is the main basis why I REFUSE the registry and will not go back on it.

It is axiomatic that no person has to follow laws of public safety that do exactly the opposite of public safety. In other words, taking my safety and/or security for a supposed public safety and/or security is a contradiction in terms.

It should be noted, that the more violent you react, the better it is for my issues.

Isn’t that funny? I know I am laughing..

Marie White

I would like to hear more about your issues. There is something to be said about a man standing up for his rights and what he believes in. It’s interesting to say the least. Would you perhaps fall into the category of men who had sex with a younger female of the age of 16 or 17 and perhaps you were 18 or 19? I do find it ridiculous for men to be punished for these ages, unless of course it was an actual rape.


My issues are not important. The registry laws ARE important. My issues, if the State has any, are to be litigated in a court of law with DUE PROCESS protections. You all think I continue to be dangerous? Take it up with a judge. The registry, however, has been applied outside of a court, outside of a sentence and without regard to actual or future dangerousness. That is patently illegal.

No legislature gets full control over populating a list of outcasts, without ANY regard to when a crime occurred (Adam Walsh Act forces registration for all sex crimes going back to 1952), or if a person is actually dangerous, Ex post facto laws are illegal. My sentence is OVER. There is no moral imperative to increase a sentence, ignore a sentence, or disregard a sentence passed by a court of law.

I have an inherent interest to NOT be considered dangerous to the community. The registry is not simply listing convictions that are public regardless. It is a list given to the public in unlimited ways that is overtly used to discriminate and isolate from the community, with harassment and violence directed at the offender.

That is a punishment and DUE PROCESS protections need to apply.

Sex offender designations: Which is the worst?

Applying a registry is NOT a democratic exercise. I do not have to go to a legislature or convince the public that I am not dangerous and therefore should be excluded from a registry. That is an inherent JUDICIAL exercise; where evidence is presented, arguments are made and representation is given and fair decisions are made that can be appealed.

I got none of it!

On a registry I am unable to keep housing, healthy social life, and stable work. I left the registry because the next step was homelessness. That is a condition that is unsafe for me, and unsafe for the community. There are very few law abiding citizens among the homeless population for a reason. Those reasons are housing, healthy social life, and stable work.

In other words, your registry has become dangerous to public safety – the exact opposite of a civil law.

The registry, as applied, is irrational, because it takes non-dangerous people and turns them to crime to survive, and it takes dangerous people and gives them no stability in their lives and more likely to act out in ways that got them into trouble to begin with.

I am not inherently against a registry or public notification I have been in prison. I know these guys that are profiled in the other article interviewing sex offenders. Some of those guys are real reckless asshole pedophiles. Some are not. Some want help. Some could care less.

Most of the pathologies are apparent that everyone knows it, from prison staff, to prison psychologists to other inmates.. What is so disconcerting, is you all only have a registry for sex offenders, when every single day you all let out known violent and dangerous individuals without any parole, supervision or hope for integration into the community.

They wreak havoc on the community. I knew guys out just a week before putting a gun to someone’s head. Some did it just so they could go back to where they know and where they have security. PRISON.

I am not arguing the Constitution requires known dangerous people to walk around without regulations. What I am arguing is that you all can’t apply those regulations outside of a court of law. This is because of the inherent unfairness, ridiculous outcomes and unjust results that are so obvious, and a legislature is unable to foresee or legislate for.

DUE PROCESS is a RIGHT, not a privilege. It is a DEMAND, not a request.

Either have some, or you all lose the right to regulate ME.

Pot calling kettle black 

Rudy 101 [wrote], “BUT you all use that registry in unlimited ways to isolate and discriminate, along with threaten and harass.”

Funny and I’m not laughing. Isn’t this what you and your kind did to your victims?

FCSO provides list of names, addresses of sexual offenders to ...


The unbounded ability to use imagination to judge offenders is what truly makes a registry so dangerous to public safety.

Val Parkworst:

Only sex offenders are against the registry. They want all restrictions removed so they can live near daycare centers, elementary schools and playgrounds. They also do not want to be banned from children’s activities. Of course sex offenders cry that the registry doesn’t identify new offenders because most rape or molest in privacy of family or friend’s homes. How did they know this? Because the majority of sex offenders did exactly that – molested family members like cousins, nieces and nephews and/or the children of family friends. The registry needs to stay with even more publicity to let everyone know where these perverts are peeking out windows to watch children.


You couldn’t even find ONE case where proximity to so-called, vulnerable populations was a factor in offending.


Residency restrictions are just a fear factor that destabilizes offenders by not allowing them to return to the security of a home, simply because it resides within an arbitrary line drawn by a legislature. Residency restrictions INCREASE offending and makes more victims.

But we all know that punishment is the main purpose of a registry and a few victims to sacrifice is worth the cost. Isn’t that right?



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  • The fact he wouldn’t say what type of crime he was on the registry for tells us is wasn’t for an 18-year-old having sex with a 15-year-old. Pedophiles should be castrated.

  • Women Against Registry advocates for the families who have loved ones required to register as sexual offenders.

    According to the NCMEC’s last published figures, there are over 912,000 men, women and children (as young as 8 and 10 in some states) required to register. The NCMEC has ceased publishing the number of registered citizens as it will soon top 1,000,000. The “crimes” range from urinating in public (indecent exposure), sexting, incest, mooning, exposure, false accusations by a soon-to-be ex-wife, angry girlfriend, or spiteful student, viewing abusive OR suggestive images of anyone 18 years old or younger, playing doctor, prostitution, solicitation, Romeo and Juliet consensual sexual dating relationships, rape, endangering the welfare of a child, the old bait-n-switch internet stings (taking sometimes 12 months before a person steps over the line), guys on the autism spectrum or with intellectual disabilities, and many others.

    If you multiply the number on the registry by 2 or 3 family members, you can clearly see there are well over 3 million wives, children, moms, aunts, girlfriends, grandmothers and other family members who experience the collateral damage of being murdered, harassed, threatened, children beaten, having signs placed in their yards, homes set on fire, vehicles damaged, asked to leave their churches and other organizations, having their children passed over for educational opportunities, having flyers distributed around their neighborhood, wives losing their jobs when someone learns they are married to a registrant. Professionals indicate 3 things are needed for successful reintegration: a job, a place to live, and a “positive” support system.

    The Supreme Court’s Crucial Mistake About Sex Crime Statistics – ‘Frightening and High’ (Debunks the 80% recidivism rate cited by now SCOTUS Justice Kennedy)

    It is very important that you read the abstract below and then the full 12-page essay by Ira Mark and Tara Ellman.
    ABSTRACT This brief essay reveals that the sources relied upon by the Supreme Court in Smith v. Doe, a heavily cited constitutional decision on sex offender registries, in fact provide no support at all for the facts about sex offender re-offense rates that the Court treats as central to its constitutional conclusions. This misreading of the social science was abetted in part by the Solicitor General’s misrepresentations in the amicus brief it filed in this case. The false “facts” stated in the opinion have since been relied upon repeatedly by other courts in their own constitutional decisions, thus infecting an entire field of law as well as policy making by legislative bodies. Recent decisions by the Pennsylvania and California supreme courts establish principles that would support major judicial reforms of sex offender registries, if they were applied to the facts. This paper appeared in Constitutional Commentary Fall, 2015. (Google: Frightening and High)

    A study reviewing sex crimes as reported to police revealed that:
    a) 93% of child sexual abuse victims knew their abuser;
    b) 34.2% were family members;
    c) 58.7% were acquaintances;
    d) Only 7% of the perpetrators of child victims were strangers;
    e) 40% of sexual assaults take place in the victim’s own home;
    f) 20% take place in the home of a friend, neighbor or relative (Jill Levenson, PhD, Lynn University)

    There is a tremendous need to fund programs like “Stop It Now” that teaches parents how to begin and maintain a dialog with their children to intervene before harm occurs and about grooming behaviors as well as other things at age-appropriate levels in their Circles of Safety.

    Our question to the public is one of, when does redemption begin? When are those required to register given their lives back without the stigma and hate?

    We support the principles of Restorative/Transformative Justice; restore the victim, restore the offender AND restore the community. Unfortunately, our justice systems, federal and some states, prefer to annihilate human beings using mandatory minimum sentences, leaving our families destitute for years or decades and call that justice.

    Our country is evidently proud to be ‘the incarceration nation’ with 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s incarcerated.

    Here is an example of how our families are harmed. A well-meaning teacher printed out profile pictures of local registrants and put them on the board around the classroom. She promoted her effort to protect her students by suggesting they look at and remember those people. One student pointed at one picture and said, “Katie isn’t that your dad?” It was….

  • These pervs have the position that raping a child is the same thing as stealing some candy from a store. It ain’t. LOL

  • What does Rudy think about a 5-year sentence for the first offense and 50-years for the second one? LOL

    • I don’t know why you think that is funny.

      First off, let me tell you a little bit about the prosecution of sex offences.

      They are the most difficult of all crimes to prosecute. They are usually he said/she said, and although no other evidence is required to convict, it is a sheer roll of the dice on whether a jury will convict. So a prosecutor rolls the dice and puts on the stand a victim and all the trauma related to that, and who knows what happens in the jury room.

      Secondly, most sex crimes are in the family, close friends, or close relatives. These are people that are not easy to convince that the offender should get a life sentence. If family members don’t agree on the prosecution is the prosecutor really going to send family members to jail? If the family doesn’t agree cases will crumble.

      Thirdly, no matter where you go in the country between 1/2 and 2/3 of all sex crime accusation are simply not prosecuted. Why? You would have to ask the prosecutor. But a lot of the reasons is the reasons I stated above.

      Fourth, sentences aren’t just given out on what can be proven. Sentences are given based upon factors, such as culpability, responsibility, and future dangerousness. Prosecutors just don’t hand out huge sentences to those that admit their crime and light ones to crimes much more difficult to prove. It is a total twisting of justice to do that. A prosecutor wants to give the heaviest sentence to the most dangerous and lighter ones to the less dangerous ones. Sometimes it just can’t work out like that because of the problems with going to trial. Does a prosecutor gamble and go to trial with a weak case and let an offender walk scot free? Terrible conundrums.

      Fifth, the registry is forcing more prosecutors to trial. Although the sex offender registry has been sold to the court as a civil law and not punitive, people facing it know different. Many people will take a prison stint over a lifetime on a registry. Even the registry is dealt away in a lot of cases depending upon who is negotiating.

      Lastly, you all could have a million years in prison for sex crimes and the average sex crime sentence will barely budge for all the reasons I have stated above. Most crimes end in plea deals. You just can’t take everyone to trial. The system isn’t that big (even though it is the largest in the world) So you pick and choose and try and do the best you can.

      I often hear complaints on why judges hand out such light sentences. But very few people realize it is the prosecutor who is making all the deals and they are the ones who are elected to the political position of prosecutor.

      So to answer your question, as in everything dealing with sexual crimes, it is vastly more complicated then you think it ever could be.

        • Rudy doesn’t know how to answer the questions asked. He diverts and mumbles. The smartest thing he has written thus far is, Rudy saying, “Fifth, the registry is forcing more prosecutors to trial”.

  • —Maybe legislation should focus on this cure for your disease instead of registration since that is bothering you sick fucks so much.

    Most psychiatrists and behavioral neurologists now believe the following:

    “Paedophilia is a sexual orientation,” he says. “Paedophilia is something that we are essentially born with, does not appear to change over time and it’s as core to our being as any other sexual orientation is.”

    The old fashion or antiquated belief was that pedophiles were molested and absorbed or learned behavior from their abuser. This archaic theory has no merit. Are pedophiles a type of vampire who bite their victim and infect the victim with pedophilia?
    The belief is ridiculous.

    According to modern conventional wisdom men and women are born either heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. Why is pedophilia any different than the 3 basic sexualities?

    How do you explain the pedophiles who not molested as children? All pedophiles were molested, makes no sense too any intelligent logical person.

    My belief is that pedophiles need to be identified and monitored. There is not a single credible psychiatrist who believes
    pedophilia can be cured.

    Tag and bag is the only safe solution.

    • You are conflated cures with treatments. Can pedophilia be treated? All psychiatrists believe that to be true. Lots of diseases can’t be cured, but can be treated. Diabetes is a perfect example of this. Also the vast majority of those on the registry are not pedophiles. Just like not everyone who has had a homosexual experience is not a homosexual.

      Also, and this should not be understated, in many States they have laws that are “strict liability” when it comes to sex offenses. This means, the “victim” can lie about her age, show false I.D. of her age, be in a bar and served drinks through this false I.D. and if you have sex with that person, YOU are labeled as a pedophile for life. There is no defense to it.

      Do you think that is fair? There are 1000’s of people on a registry like that, who have no recourse. You all treat them the same as a serial pedophile. Looking at a registry won’t tell you the difference between the two.

      Do you care?

      There are kids as young as 9 on a registry? Do you think THAT is reasonable? Do you think every kid who did something sexually inappropriate should be listed on a registry for life? Do you really think everyone on the registry should be subjected to the judgements of novices, or those with axes to grind, or grudges to hold?

      • Rudy-

        Conflated? Hardly.

        Treatment? How effective is treatment for pedophiles?

        How effective is treatment for homosexuals? Ever hear of Conversion Therapy for homosexuals? Conversion therapy is any type of so-called “therapy” or technique used to make a homosexual man heterosexual.

        Conversion Therapy does not work. Why? The reason is the homosexual brain is wired differently. Differently is not a pejorative. It just means an individual is programmed, by their DNA, to have a different sexual preference. Conversion Therapy is completely ineffective and is outlawed in over ten US states.

        We are all slaves to our DNA. Gay men and women are born gay. There is no choice. Likewise, I know that child molesters like yourself are born with no choice.

        No sane man or woman would ever choose to be a child molester. You are not insane, Rudy. You have no choice any more than someone born with a handicap like Autism.

        I do pity you. I know you would choose to be normal at the first opportunity. You would probably give your right hand just to be normal.

        Unfortunately, the ability to choose one’s sexual preferences does not exist.

        Therefore, people such as yourself must be identified and segregated from the rest of society.

        I’m beginning to believe you are a troll. This is my last correspondence with you.

        • Basically, what you are saying is, if I am not a pedophile, I am not to be segregated from society?

          Pedophilia is NOT a requirement to be on a registry. Very few people on that registry have been diagnosed as such.

          Maybe the registry would have a little credibility if that was a requirement. In fact, that is a real problem with the registry and part of the problem Frank had in interviewing his subjects. They can lie like crazy (and will lie) because of the inclusiveness of a registry to have so many obviously not dangerous people on them that even those who are dangerous will self-identify with those who are not dangerous.

          You won’t reason with me, you won’t admit your registry is a hot mess of legislative overreach and all you do is point fingers at me trying to strip me of my credibility through baseless accusations so whatever I say in protest can be summarily dismissed.

          Most of you all wouldn’t trust your government to do almost anything efficiently, effectively, or constitutionally. From regulating a pandemic to regulating a gun to even making high-speed internet safely. The whole idea is repugnant and a even a vast conspiracy to some of you.

          But boy, you all hop on board when the government makes a registry out of a vast array of convictions and then make them all social outcasts, without hearings, challenges or appeals and you don’t care how they got there. You got a group to hate, to condemn, to point out to everyone that at least YOU are not one of them.

          But I am not one of them. I refuse the jacket based upon all the reasons I have made clear on this forum. Your label is illegal and unconstitutional. And UNTIL I get DUE PROCESS, I refuse it.

          Thank you for the space to air out my 1st amendment rights to speak out. They used to say, I may not agree with you, but I will die for your right to say it. Truly, my 1st amendment rights are what is keeping ME free, it is what makes America Great.

  • I would add to Rudy’s arguments this fact: The registry has been in effect over two decades; many studies, both academic and governmental, have been done evaluating its effectiveness; it has failed miserably. It does not predict who will commit new crimes as 95% of new sexual crime is committed by persons not on the registry. It does not reduce re-offense; reoffense by those punished for an initial crime and then living in the community has held steady at, on average, 5% since long before the registry went into effect and is still at that percentage. It does not reduce new offenses; it does not protect children as virtually all sexual crime against children is committed by persons in their lives, their family members, peers, and authority figures, persons who are not on a registry. Two of the most popular (with the public) restrictions it has produced, residency restrictions and Halloween restriction, have ZERO evidence, based on a plethora of studies, that they make an iota of difference or produce an iota of public safety. If the registry fails to predict, fails to protect, fails to produce any increase in public safety, but instead goes against everything shown to increase public safety, interferes drastically in rehabilitation, and costs states many millions of dollars that could be spent instead on prevention programs that work and rehabilitation programs that work, WHY should the registry exist?

  • It should be noted, I am not alone, isolated, homeless, desperate, broke (though the pandemic is not doing me any favors), hungry, unemployed, looking over my shoulder, or afraid.


    Because I am not on a sex offender registry.

    These comments are public record. I do this, (and have been doing this for over a decade) in order to create a clear record of the violence and the inability to reason with, those people who get registry information.

    My sentence is over, for 2 decades now. I am a productive member of my community. My neighbors don’t fear me. I don’t fear my neighbors. My life is stable.

    When I say the registry is not a punishment, that really is the truth. I have a reasonable fear of a registry that many of you are very nice about affirming that fear for me. I really don’t have to follow any laws that any reasonable person would conclude would take my safety and/or security. You all should realize that the foundation to your freedom is that basic rule. If they can take it from me, outside of a court, solely by legislation, they can do it to you too.

    I am arguing for DUE PROCESS. Not throwing away the registry. But to JUSTIFY it as it is applied.

    There is nothing to be gained by holding me up to community condemnation and stripping me of all that I have created. Doing so would only be a punishment. As I said before, my punishment is OVER.

    • If you don’t mind, I’ll pretend that I haven’t been paying attention to your latest articles about sexual predators like Rudy 101 and the disgusting pig who fucked his 5 yr old while high on crack.

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