Sylvie Is Saved From Branding Thanks to Mark Vicente, Sarah Edmondson and the Frank Report

This is Part #12 of our series on Sylvie – and it demonstrates how whistle blowers and a nice little blog spared Sylvie, her slave Samantha, and others from getting branded.

That is a big gain in life – to have been scheduled to be branded with the initials of the beastly Keith Alan Raniere and then not have it happen.

If Frank Report has done nothing else – and if it angers a number of people so be it – at least there are numerous women, who when they get undressed every night, do not have a ugly permanent scar on their pubic region with the monster’s initials, which they would have otherwise had.

Think about the poor women who do have it and now deeply regret it.

Some, thanks to Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente and their whistle blowing, and the reports in this blog, do not have the lifelong physical scar – even if they have the emotional scars, which are hard to remove.

AUSA Moira Penza is examining Sylvie and the topic, as alluded to above. is branding.

AUSA Moira Kim Penza

Q   At some point …  your own branding [was] being planned?

A   Yeah, Monica Duran told me that I would be contacted by another slave that was not her slave that would be arranging my branding.

Monica Duran, Sylvie’s slave master, told her that someone would be contacting her about being branded.

Q  Okay.    Who was that?

A   I got contacted by Michele [Hatchette]. She set up a private, secret chat with me in Telegram and started to arrange, tried to arrange the branding with me.

Q   At that point, what was your understanding of Michele’s role in DOS?

A   I had a suspicion that she might be in DOS, I thought maybe she was a slave of Allison Mack just because I had seen her spend a lot of time around Allison and also she had been acting in ways that I thought was unusual, but seemed similar to things I’d seen … or experienced myself and so I had a suspicion that she was in DOS, but ….  we weren’t allowed to talk about it so I didn’t know for sure [in the past] and so that was how I knew for sure that she was [in DOS] because she contacted me.

Q   Did you have any conversations with Allison Mack about Michele?

Michele Hatchette was a slave of Allison Mack but after her arrest became a slave of Nicki Clyne. A strange woman indeed. Michele is one of the few 21st century black women who voluntarily chose to be a slave to a white woman.

A   At one point, Allison made a comment like ‘if you ever have any problems with Michele, just tell me’ and because I was Michele’s coach, I think that’s why she said that to me.  I was Michele’s coach in ESP [Executive Success Programs AKA Nxivm] which is a different organization [than DOS].  So, I think that’s why she said that to me but I remember thinking like, ooh, that’s weird, like it didn’t sound right to me, it didn’t feel right.

Q   Did you ever observe Michele and the defendant [Raniere] together?

A   Yeah, one night, we’d had a Jness meeting…. and we were coming out of Flintlock because we had a meeting with Pam [Cafritz] and Marianna [Fernandez] or maybe even just have been Marianna at that point [Pam was ill with cancer]. Any rate, we were coming out of Flintlock and he approached Michele and they were kind of whispering and he kissed her on the lips and it just looked to me — that was another indication to me that I thought, oh, I felt like maybe she’s in this too.

The slaves were having a great time – Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack Michele Hatchette, Samantha LeBaron and Dr. Danielle Roberts

Q   And so, what happened after you were contacted by Michele?

A   First of all, she wanted to arrange an in-person meeting to talk to me about it more and so she came — we arranged that and she came over to my house and she talked to me a lot more about her experience as a slave and what she was experiencing which was a bit different to me and so I was actually — some of the things that she was doing with the other slaves …  the people that were the slaves, like she was, of one specific master, [Allison Mack]. She didn’t mention names, but they sounded like quite good experiences to her, like for her it sounded like she felt bonded with these women and she described how the branding was a …  difficult but bonding experience for her and meaningful for her in a certain way and so I started feeling like, “oh, wow, maybe this is going to be a good thing, the branding,” but I also just think that is how I would frame things to try to make them more tolerable and so she was explaining it to me like that and it was kind of putting me a bit at ease about it.

Q   Did you have a conversation with Michele about what the brand meant?

A   I don’t remember that, no.

Nxivm branding images
Nxivm branding images

Q   Do you know whether she knew about the defendant’s initials being in the brand?


THE COURT: Sustained. Next.

Q   So, did your branding happen?

A   No. So, we didn’t arrange anything and she told me who was going to do the branding.

Q   And who was that?

A   Danielle [Roberts].

Dr. Danielle Roberts was set to wield the branding pen and carve out her grandmaster’s initials on Sylvie.

Q   Then what happened?

A   We didn’t arrange a time. She [Michele] said that she was going to speak to her master and …. because at the same time she was also arranging Samantha’s branding because apparently, it needed to happen that I would be branded first and then Samantha [because Samantha was Sylvie’s slave] had to be branded separately, was what I was told and so she [Michelle] was, it seemed, in charge of arranging both of our brandings but then we were going back and forth in [text] message quite a lot and I felt like she was trying to put a lot of pressure on me to get branded on a Friday night [June 2, 2017] and the next morning was the Freihofer race that I was supposed to be racing in.

So, I was saying like, “No, I don’t want to have it done then because I’m racing the next day and I just don’t want to do that.” So, I kept going back to Monica [Duran] saying she’s [Michele] putting pressure on me, it seems like she keeps mentioning how her master [Allison Mack] is asking her to arrange this and she needs to do this for her master and blah, blah, blah and Monica told me to sort of like ignore them and ignore her and her master and so I did.

Q   And so, what happened next, did the branding happen?

A   No. That weekend I think was also the coach summit and I think that’s the weekend that Sarah Edmondson…  and Mark [Vicente] left the organization and Monica said that people were getting scared and that things were happening behind the scenes and … the branding wasn’t going to happen right now and to just sort of keep quiet about everything.

Q   And what happened next?

A   I think around that time or even that weekend — Mark and Sarah resigned and then also I think it was in the exact same time the blog started, called the Frank Report, and all this information started coming out where I first learned this organization was referred to as DOS, so that a lot of stories started being written.

Q   And what happened after you read the Frank Report?

The paddling of slaves, first reported by Frank Report in June 2017, was true. Above is a copy of a text between Lauren Salzman and one of her slaves.

A   I got really freaked out because there was stuff in there that I had never heard about before. And specifically, the thing that scared me even more is there was a story about women being beaten with paddles or something like that. There was a mentioning [in Frank Report] of like being hit with a paddle from what I remember and that really freaked me out. So I asked to speak to Monica and I was really scared and upset, and I went over to her house and I was, like, crying and being like I want to know is this true. I was hoping that she was going to say it wasn’t and she said — I think she was trying to comfort me, but she was, like, “well, it is true but they wanted to have it fit in with their indoctrination,” I remember her using that phrase, and I was just like distraught basically. And she said things that “I’m scared too, just don’t worry.” Like she was trying to comfort me but I was freaked out.

Q   I think you said — can you say again approximately when that was?

A   I think that was, it was 2017 and it was around the Freihofer [race, which was June 3, 2017] and that is always around the end of May beginning of June, so it would have been around that time.


Warning shocking and disgusting image below. Do not scroll down if you are squeamish.



Nxivm Keith Raniere Humor
This is not a very nice image I admit, but when I was writing about the paddling, back in 2017, I took the liberty of creating this ugly, photoshopped image of Rosa Laura Junco paddling Keith Raniere. I knew it did not work that way but I wanted to publish some ridiculous images to try to persuade the women of DOS how foolish it was to submit to being paddled. My original caption was “While the models featured in this cartoon are not accurately depicted, this artist conception does authentically show the bare bottom paddling that is administered to a disobedient DOS slave.”

So there you have it – Sylvie’s testimony on how she was spared being branded.

Whenever I hear carping critics who have done nothing to take down Nxivm criticize Mark and Sarah, I always think of how they, knowing how litigious Raniere was, took the brave move to leave and not only leave but to tell others about it.

And how they shared this information with me and how we all became sources for the New York Times.

They did not have to do this. They could have left quietly. So regardless of whether they made some money working at Nxivm, they redeemed themselves fully by taking a brave role in unhinging Nxivm – at great personal risk to themselves – and trying to get their recruits out of Nxivm.

Both Sarah and Mark were quite successful at this and the only recruits who stayed in Nxivm were those who wanted to remain, despite knowing the truth.

Without Mark, Sarah, Catherine Oxenberg and others – and the Frank Report – it is quite likely that Keith Raniere would not be in prison today, trying feverishly to delay his sentencing> instead, he’d be hard at work trying to enslave young women, rape girl, and brand and blackmail everyone he could get his hands on.

Mark Vicente, Sarah Edmondson [standing] Mark Hildreth, Kristin Kreuk below

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  • I’m absolutely, positively certain that without the collective efforts of Sarah Edmondson, Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, Catherine Oxenberg and Frank Parlato, there would not only be many, many more branded but some further fatalities that already neared in the hundreds — counting those who were food poisoned at Vanguard Week the year prior.

    Had there been another V-week, pretty sure it would be the last one for all NXIANs not chosen for early retirement harem life in Fiji sacrificing virgins for Keith!

    And while I’d like to think we NX whistle blowers who came before also had an impact, sadly, I can’t say that’s the case — in fact, many who did come forward sooner only wound up being destroyed in the process due to the abatement of the NX crime syndicate by corrupt Govt. justice officials and law enforcement.

    Saddens me that while Frank has been acknowledged for his critical role in taking down NX and hundreds from mutilation or death, Justice may have come too late to save Frank and his loyal, lovely assistant, Chitra, from punishment for exposing this and other on-going scandal, corruption and yet uncorrected injustice.

    Frank’s case, in point. For starters.

  • “If Frank Report has done nothing else – and if it angers a number of people so be it – at least there are numerous women, who when they get undressed every night, do not have an ugly permanent scar on their pubic region with the monster’s initials”

    I doubt that what angers people is that the branding stopped (except maybe for the idiot in jail…aka the “genius” (pfff))

    What anger many is the lies, the rumors you propagate and the fact that you, yourself said that you leave alone people who left the cult but you don’t…
    It seems like you have a list of people who’ll never leave your list for some reason (and we know those people never did anything to you…you just take pleasure in trying (and failing) to destroy their lives which have been damaged by the monster.
    This is also why some people compare you to the monster himself…you think you are smarter, extremely misogynistic and perverted, and enrage on some to make them your punching bag…

    Or, sometimes when you try to make other monsters who participated seriously in the crime with no excuses but many benefits look like heroes…while they aren’t!
    Nicole could be as she had to face the fear, the shame to testify (but technically, she isn’t as she had a personal(justified) interest in doing this).
    Sarah E., Vicente did nothing…They left when it smelt fishy for everyone and exclusively to protect their asses, not those of the victims!
    Or else, they wouldn’t have accepted seeing others suffering while they turned their back for 20 years!
    Cat is not either a hero…she isn’t even taking any responsibility and prefers to reject a young girl that could have been her daughter while she never tried once to help her…
    Better yet, she saw the mental damage Raniere had on her but she just got back in bed with…not a care in the world given.

    Those who were abused and had to face Raniere could be seen as a hero as it’s quite hard to see the one who abused you.

    “Whenever I hear carping critics who have done nothing to take down Nxivm criticize Mark and Sarah, I always think of how they, knowing how litigious Raniere was, took the brave move to leave and not only leave but to tell others about it.”

    And whenever you paint them as heroes, I remember of the 20 years it took them (while enjoying the money and in case of careerless Sarah, it was certainly well appreciated) to actually go against Raniere.

    Vicente, for example, any sane person seeing what was happening to Allison, knowing (after a confession from Raniere) that she was on a path to be destroyed (and on the edge of being killed) would have reacted then!
    It would have saved even more girls the abuse and avoid to drag a victim in this whole case (mixed between people that deserve to pay and victims…)

    But instead of doing that, he turned his head around and ignored the destruction, the suffering of a poor young girl, and found a way to continue to serve and defend Raniere for quite some time!!!

    As for Sarah, she might not even have got out at all if it wasn’t for her husband!

    You will continue to defend them as you like to defend and find excuses for the wrong person but many won’t change their mind because they aren’t biased, aren’t blinded…
    The fact is that your lovely friends ignored for 20 years what was happening in front of their eyes!
    They were executive so they knew many operations, Vicente, living near the victims saw that Allison and India were in terrible shape and he did what?
    Not until his ass was saved!

    A hero is put life in line to save the one of someone else…not for the fame (and he and Sarah tried to monetize this whole drama), not for money (and once again, they gain from it), not for themselves but because it’s the right thing to do!

    I personally will never forgive (and consider as heroes) people like Sara, Mark Vicente or Cat as they saw the damaged and waited way too long to do something…for Mark and Sarah, they waited till it was dangerous (legally) to do something!

    Cat, on the other hand, waited till her daughter (that SHE brought to this cult) was too deep…And she wasn’t in her first cult!
    India even said that contrary to what cat said, she didn’t try quite hard enough to get her out or call her…funnily, the grandmother managed to reach India immediately.

    I don’t see hero in any of them.
    I can’t fully see heroes in those who were at the trial and genuinely help to make the case but I have a HUGE respect for Nicole as I bet it was hard… I just wish she was not trying to bury Allison so much as Allison was in her position, a victim but for a longer time and was mentally abused.
    She should have empathy to understand why Allison was in this (just like she, herself accepted at first to be part of it).
    She should consider the numerous facts that explain why Allison wasn’t making much sense …
    The coercion, the diet, the sleep deprivation, and potential (likely) drugging.”

    “They did not have to do this. They could have left quietly”
    So you could attack them about it?

    “Without Mark, Sarah, Catherine Oxenberg and others ”
    Others yes, but the first 3, no, absolutely not!

    Worst yet, people get after Sylvie now that they know she recruited (and I said that other victim recruited…it’s from the trial. she isn’t the only one)
    India did the same and cat got her a scold free pass!
    She committed the crimes, she extorted money (actual jewels) from one of the witnesses; yet people prefer to enrage on a few other victims…

    Never forget that the real enablers are people like Mark and Sarah who saw the damage Raniere did but ignored it for money!
    Not those who were forced into crimes and were REAL victims of this monster…

    People like Nicole, Jayes, India, Allison, Sylvie, Michelle, and many other girls who were abused and forced to do things against their will by Raniere (and exclusively him!).

    • You sound very jealous of what Frank accomplished. You should come on my radio/podcast and discuss this further. But you probably won’t, because you have Bangkok/NiceGuy 666 disease. LOL

  • I wouldn’t make Vicente and Edmondson appear to be so brave. They had money from both their careers and NXIVM to defend themselves and Raniere didn’t want to sue “famous” people who would place a spotlight on him. Plus, there were two of them, so they would be able to back up each other’s stories. LOL

    As Scott and I have said many times, there are no good people in NXIVM, just those who are less bad than others. LOL

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