Kristin Kreuk Should Write Letter to Judge in Support of Allison Mack Prior to Mack’s Sentencing

Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack on Necker Island for a Nxivm retreat.

A reader, La La Lad, asked me a question, in a comment on a recent post, Smallville Stars Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, and Kristin Kreuk Are Having a Virtual Reunion for Charity – Allison Mack Won’t Be Attending

His question was:

Frank, if you could advise Kristin Kreuk—

What would you suggest she do or not do about her time in the sex cult?

But not what she should do morally or ethically etc. Advise her as if you were paid only to help her career as an actress with modest but continuing success.

Thus, would you suggest she continue to keep her head down and say no more than she has and hope the attention on her sex cult years fade? That seems to be the advice she is getting now.

Or would you advise her to speak up or take some other kind of action that may clear the air?

Remember, advise her only to do what is best for her career, not ethically or what you as a reporter might want.

Kristin Kreuk, Nicki Clyne, and Allison Mack put on a show to promote Keith Raniere. Note the banner in the background.

My answer to La La Lad’s question:

After I broke the branding and blackmail story in June 2017, Kreuk was concerned that her name would be linked to Nxivm. I think she sensed that the branding – blackmailing – sex slave story was potentially a huge story and she could be tarnished.

A friend of hers called to ask me to remove her name from the 2011 coaches list that I had posted.

At that time, I asked Kreuk, through her friend, to help in the battle to take down Nxivm.  Kreuk declined.

Of course, I did not ask her to get involved because I was advising her on what was best for her career, but because we were in a fight for our lives against a strong and well-funded opponent.

We won without her.

However, her support during that critical time, had she given it  – during the summer of 2017, a time when she knew about the blackmail and branding – would have been of significant value since her name, added to Catherine Oxenberg’s and others, would have ensured publicity and keen public interest during the long months when I was the only person writing about Nxivm.

Rather than help, she was looking to hide under the radar.

After the FBI investigation began and things started looking more promising for victory – and after Keith was arrested – we did not need Kristin’s help.

Following Keith’s arrest on March 26, 2018, probably sensing she would be named in media stories, she issued one carefully worded tweet.

Kristin Kreuk statement about NXIVM

She has not said a single word publicly about Nxivm since then, as far as I know.

As to the question of advice, being based on what is best for her career:

Back in 2018, unless she had some real skeletons in her Nxivm closet, after Raniere’s arrest, I would have advised her to make a strong stance and get ahead of this. Offer to help victims. Offer to help Allison Mack, her former co-star on the TV show Smallville – and do it publicly.

Condemn Nxivm, condemn Raniere.

Get ahead of it. Show solidarity with the victims. Be like the character she plays on TV.

Mack was arrested on April 20, 2018.  Kreuk has not said a single word publicly about Mack, the woman she recruited into the cult.

Kristin Kreuk plays a brave lawyer on the Canadian taxpayer-funded TV show “Burden of Truth”.
Her character risks her career to protect young women. So, let us take up the present.

There is still something Kristin could do. It would take a little bravery. I think it would help her career and get her immense publicity.

She could show support for the woman she recruited into Nxivm, whose life was destroyed by it – Allison Mack.

It would show she is a real human being and not just a phony.

Though the press would come with a mention of her time in the cult, a good PR agent could ensure that it spun favorably for her.

But there are arguments against it.  

At this point, [May 2020], the story of her role in the cult is fading. Overall, she was not much damaged by it, as far as her career is concerned. I might advise her, given her reticence to speak out against Nxivm, to say nothing about Nxivm, which is just what she has been doing.

However, since she insists on continuous virtue signaling, I would definitely advise her to offer support for Mack.

Mack with the monster, Keith Raniere.

She could help turn the tide for Mack, much as she could have helped turn the tide in our fight to take down Nxivm.

If it is true that Kreuk did not witness anything nefarious during her time at Nxivm, she could come out with a candid and comprehensive statement and “clear the air” for herself once and for all and also support Mack.

Kristin Kreuk with Allison Mack at a Nxivm event.

Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack on Necker Island in 2010 at a Nxivm gathering.

A good publicist could ensure that she placed her story with the right media outlets and get good outcomes – i.e.,  favorable and sympathetic stories in print and on TV, etc.

As it is, Nxivm still lingers a little in Kreuk’s world, like a vague shadow. From time to time, she is mentioned [not just on Frank Report] as a former member.

In her statement or interviews, I would advise her to:

Express measured outrage that she was used for recruitment by the cult

Make a succinct and rational explanation of how Nxivm was structured so that she [and other students] knew nothing about the foul deeds of the leader and his inner circle.

She could explain the two faces of Nxivm – one for students such as herself – and how some of the teachings had merit for her [and thousands of others] – and the other face, the one Allison sadly fell into – of the secret sex practices and cult activities that were hidden from her.

She could add, that while she was there, she met some wonderful people, enduring friends, who, just like her, were deceived and are victims.

Then she could express – and this would be the heart of the press release – the one that will get the headlines – true sympathy for Allison Mack: She could announce that she was writing or even release a letter to Mack’s sentencing judge, US District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, asking him to show Mack leniency in sentencing.

He has a lot of discretion in sentencing her. This is why it is important. The charges Mack pled guilty to come with a maximum of 20 years each for racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. He could sentence her to a maximum of 40 years. He could also follow the sentencing guidelines that suggest a much shorter sentence of 3-5 years.

He could also sentence her to less time or even home confinement.

Kreuk standing up for her friend could have real impact – not only for Allison but for her career too because everyone appreciates a friend in need.

Kreuk in her press efforts could also directly message Allison via the media to say, ” I love you, Allison. I know you made some mistakes and you have admitted your mistakes and I know you would never do it again. I believe in you. I know you are a kindhearted, truly loving person and that your mistake was following a bad man. I love you. I am there for you… etc.”

This, of course, would be a huge story, and probably every major media outlet in the world would report on it.

It would require extra bravery on Kristin’s part, something that I have seen no evidence she possesses.

This approach has some risk, of course. There may be carping critics.  [I would not be one of these if she stood up for Allison.]

Doing this would be more in keeping with the truth of the image she is trying to project – as this brave justice warrior and less of her hypocritical virtue-signaling persona which is what some see when they see her social media posts.

Finally, I would advise her to vet her virtue-signaling social justice tweets, etc. a little better.

One absolutely insane virtue-signaling effort was her support for a revisionist movie about the mass murderer Phoolan Devi of India.

Kreuk bought into [evidently without doing any research] that Phoolan Devi, who incited a gang to commit the mass murder of about two dozen men, based solely on her uncorroborated story that she was raped, was somehow a glorious woman’s empowerment achievement.

Mass murderer Phaloon Devi

Taking the law into her own hands and executing dozens of people without a trial, killing young men who, as the evidence shows, most likely had nothing to do with her alleged rape [if she was even raped, which was never proven and is highly in doubt] is hardly the thing that Kreuk, [who followed and supported a real rapist, Raniere] should endorse.

If she believes it’s OK for victims to take the law into their own hands, why didn’t she do anything about her mentor, Raniere?

Finally, supporting Mack – even if it was not good for her career [and I think it would be good for her career] – is the right thing to do.

It is certainly not too late for Kristin Kreuk to redeem herself if she chose to do so.



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  • Mr. Parlato,
    I have a twenty-seven-year-old daughter. She is an independent, intelligent young woman traveling the world. We often talk about very important topics. But like her friends, they are still children who are easy to manipulate. Believers speak of free will, people of severe morality say that you should be absolutely responsible for your decisions, but we both know that with knowledge, skills and tools you can manipulate even such a moral authority as the Dalai Lama, who reportedly wrote an introduction to the Keith book ‘a Raniere.

    I value the work of investigative journalists. I know this is a hard and dangerous job. Very often, however, we forget that the facts presented are only part of the truth accumulated by the journalist, whose subjective judgment prevents reaching the true motivation of the person entering the path of evil. Instead of returning indefinitely to NXIVM and the role of Kristin Kreuk, one should ask the fundamental question: why is there such a fertile ground in the United States for the successful activities of people such as Keith Raniere, David Koresh or Jim Jones?

  • Hopefully Frank you won’t be offended by this, but I don’t think you PR advice is very good PR advice. Just looking purely from the optics, unless some people have changed their opinions, you could have someone like Catherine Oxenberg and victims of Keith and Allison piled up on one side telling how Allison lied to them, manipulated them, participated in branding them and starving them, and coercing them to have sex with Raniere, punishing them, threatening them and lining them up to take nude photos and closeups of their private parts. And your PR advice would be for the one who, by NXIVM standards, is successful, wealthy, privileged, unbranded and supposedly relatively unscathed, to say to the judge, “Never mind those people. I know Allison is a kindhearted, truly loving person and that her only mistake was following a bad man.”

    I think the public reaction to that would be people thinking she was tone deaf and nuts.Unless Catherine was lying in her book, she said the FBI and at least one witnesses said Keith, Clare and Allison were the “bad guys.” Sarah Edmondson wrote that even though she found out at the trial that the brand didn’t include Allison’s initial it, “didn’t matter at that point as the transcripts revealed that she was complicit in WORSE ways as a leader in DOS.”

    Now maybe all or most of these former people who were drawn into the cult by its purported mission are full of compassion and forgiveness and understanding and won’t want to see Allison punished anymore than she has been. But seeing as 80 of them, including Vicente and Edmondson, didn’t just name Keith, or Clare or Nancy, or Sara or Karen in their civil suit but included Allison, I’m thinking they view her more as a perp than a victim.

    Here’s a question, if Keith had gone to Sarah Edmondson and asked her to do what he asked Allison and the other first line DOS members to do, do you think she just goes along with it as they did?

    • Sarah most likely would not have lied to her close friends that Keith was not involved in DOS when she knew he was.

      • How many of the cauterized DOS slaves lived in New York vs. the west coast? Proximity to Raniere probably increased his influence over them.

  • I don’t see KK will ever mentioning or associating with any NXIVM issues or members again. Her associations with her past acting rolls may put her in contact with old NXIVM people but she will have the cover of their were a lot of people in her circles in NXIVW. Thus minimizing her contributions to NXIVW. Everyone was into it defense/diversion.

    And her lack of back bone is probably not any different than most. Watch any dash cam footage tons of people watch, a few will pull their phones out to record the event, but vary seldom do people actually engage and support the police. Kk just average, and scared to do the right thing. And may not know what is right or wrong with out someone telling her.


    • Well if you count social media as associating then I’ve noticed at least Edmondson, Cheng and a few other former NXIVM people having public interactions with her. Edmondson said in one of her interviews from this year or last, that the people she was friends with before she got involved with the cult are for the most parts the ones that she’s still friends with, although she did say there are some who refuse to speak with her or don’t want to associate with her because of the stigma.

      • Kreuk, Edmondson, and Cheng are all in the relatively small Vancouver acting circles, so interacting seems innocent.

  • Frank’s opinion is too biased.

    Frank speaks authoritatively about Kreuk’s bad behavior yet he publicly exonerated (declared innocent) her weirdo friend named Kendra for equally bad behavior.

    Frank actually declared Kendra to be “100% innocent” even though she spent a lot of time asking weird & personal questions (regarding sexuality) to very young women that were total strangers to her.

    Frank has a pattern of ignoring bad behavior when he becomes friends with people.

    Case in point… Frank absolved India Oxenberg of all guilt because of his friendship with her mom, yet he condemns Lauren Salzman without pity. Even though India helped Allison to recruit slaves into DOS and is not blameless.

    Case in point #2… Frank forgives Heidi and Gina for keeping Keith’s fraudulent IQ test a secret —— yet he condemns Toni NataLIE without pity. Why? Cuz he’s friends with Heidi but enemies with Toni.

    Gina was not ‘blameless’ since she allegedly helped Keith to fill out his fraudulent IQ test (and kept the secret for years) while Keith was using that phony IQ test to recruit other women into his harem.

    Also… Heidi Apple stayed silent for many years even though she knew about Keith’s fraudulent IQ test from the very beginning. Yet Frank forgives Heidi for her nefarious behavior.

    I won’t even get into Kim Snyder’s wacky contradictions —– like suggesting that Kristin Snyder was raped or seduced against her will by Keith, LOL.

    FACT: Kim Snyder admits that Kristin began shaving her legs for the first time in her life right when she began copulating Keith Raniere. This indicates that Kristin WANTED TO LOOK GOOD (sexually attractive) for Keith and was absolutely okay with seeking Keith’s sexual attention.

    Yet Frank won’t call out Kim Snyder on her lies. He just pretends as though Kristin was raped by Keith when the evidence shows that Kristin wanted to fuck Keith.

    You’re a liar, Kimmy. 🙂

    Plus Kim refuses to acknowledge that Kristin was a mental wackjob near the end of her life and probably just suicided herself. It happens. Time to move on with her life.

    Frank has a pattern of ignoring bad behavior and LIES — whenever his friends do it.

    Frank is a disgrace to all of Sicily and to his family there.

    Frank deserves to have his green card revoked and should be deported back to his homeland asap.

    • Even though Scott no longer posts here, he still does his radio/podcast show. You are too chicken to show up on the show, even though you DEMANDED Scott answer 11 questions and some additional questions. You are worse than NiceGuy666…or is he worse than you? It depends what day of the week it is. LOL

      • What’s really going on?

        Scott harasses young Bangkok to call him at his residence.

        What kind of adult contacts a teenager to call him?

        I will tell you what kind of man…
        …Scott Amway.

        Scott is like a guy from an episode of the tv show To Catch a Predator.

        Is the long arm of the law after Scott Amway Johnson?

    • Bangkok-

      I strongly disagree. Frank is right and he deserves to be a citizen. Just not a citizen of the United States.

      Glad your healthy and alive little man. How goes your quest for Milfs and Gilfs? Hang in there it’s well worth the wait.

      Tell mom I said hi!!!!!

      Is she still shaving her legs and waxing her couchè during the pandemic? I figure your still hiding in her walk-in closet sneaking peeks. 😉

      It’s only natural for a precocious youth such as yourself to be curios, and don’t you worry not all women look like grandma in the shower with the flapjacks, hairy areola and the varicose veins.

      Take care you little dipsh*t!!!! 😉

  • Frank’s right, her silence is deafening and will haunt her for the remainder of her career — if she has no other motivation, conscience, remorse over her role in NXIVM or concern for the friends, like Allison, she helped recruit and manipulate to ‘advance’ herself within it to their ultimate destruction.

    Allison could still be rescued in some respects including her public image and from vexatious, opportunistic litigation.

    A powerful, truthful statement from Kristin Kruek and/or the Oxenberg’s could help set some of the injustices done to Allison — and I’m not saying she’s completely blameless but I do know, personally, Allison was no more guilty and no less misled than those who are letting her “take the fall” for them all.

    • —her silence will haunt her for the remainder of her career —

      No, I might haunt her conscience, but so far silence has worked for her career.

    • Heidi
      Other than recruiting Mack (like Kreuk herself was recruited) in what way did Kreuk use Mack to “advance” herself?
      As far as anyone here knows, Kreuk did not encourage or coerce Mack to remain so long in Nx or to join DOS. Are you suggesting you know differently?

    • You mean like your silence in the wake of seeing Keith leave the bedroom of your underage sister (the girl whose spirit was older than her physical age being that of a Buddhist princess or whatever other horseshit the liar came up with) and for the many years you knew of his crass behavior but said and did nothing about for many years after the fact? You’re one to put such a burden of conscience on others. I think you’re just projecting because it was your silence that was deafening and which will likely haunt you for the rest of your life.

      • Wow, Spanky and his rabid projection, attacking anyone who says something about Kristin Crooked.

        “burden of conscience”.

        Is that in reference to “Burden Of Truth”? If so, that is another display of your illness.

  • Last night I ran across a long conversation between Laura Vandervoort and Kristin Kreuk on YT. It is very recent, as they discuss how it has been staying home due to the virus.

    Not a word was said about Nxivm or Allison Mack. Having never heard of either Mack or Kreuk before the Nxivm stories became public, I watched this rather casual, easygoing podcast to get more of an impression of what Kristin is like.

    Frank, no doubt you understand that some people make the decision to close the door firmly on circumstances that have gone seriously awry, to leave it closed and to move on without further involvement or commentary. Kristin made one public statement about Nxivm and herself. This could very well have been the end of the matter for her, decisively so. I blame no one for choosing not to become public fodder.

    Kristin seems to be a reserved person who consciously chooses what she will or will not discuss. Although acting has been her profession, I don’t think that Kristin is a born actress or has a well-developed theatrical persona. My impression is that she is really rather a shy person, somewhat aloof (perhaps to shield a tender heart) and guarded.

    Her great interests seem to be reading and learning how to produce and direct. It seems that for many years, she has been studying and wanting to be able to move behind the cameras, working to expand her abilities to keep working in theater, but less visibly so. I don’t think that she wants to display who she is personally and wants to keep some distance, to maintain her sense of self in privacy. That sense of privacy appears to be essential to her nature.

    Kristin Kreuk doesn’t appear to be an extrovert. Instead, she seems to turn on and off whatever is called upon publicly, as part her work persona, which she seems to have defined for herself appropriately, by allowing herself to be a reserved individual who wants and needs to keep some distance.

    It is a kind of crisp but friendly “cut them off at the pass” approach Kristin uses. She defines her boundaries and tries to do so diplomatically. She is much more analytical than Allison Mack, and Kristin Kreuk isn’t driven by a bottomlessly hungry pit of “I wanna be LOVED by you and you and you. Adore me, me, me, me.” In fact, Kristin seems to be rather a work horse, with genuine, ongoing interests of her own. She has a right not to let her past Nxivm association either to define her, to haunt her or to limit her.

    Who knows how Kristin feels about Allison Mack, now in 2020? Who can even ascertain how Kreuk feels about her own time in Nxivm? She could have had to stop beating herself up about her own mistaken faith in the whole mess. We have no idea how toughly Kristin might have been going through blaming herself for being a gullible sucker who took guidance from a pedophile/psycho and his mercenary cohorts. The Raniere candy turned out to be rotten, infectious snot. For all anyone knows, Kristin Kreuk might have felt very used, deceived and exploited, due to her modicum of fame, by the Nxivm dynamics. She might have faced awful personal disappointment in herself and in her “belief” or trust in Raniere’s ridiculously false and entirely hypocritical indoctrinations.

    Also, she might have felt absolutely disgusted by Allison Mack’s behavior(s.) Kristin did not take the same path that Allison chose, in terms of deep involvement with Raniere’s agendas, not according to what is observable. Kristin didn’t drop out of her entire life or stop working. She wasn’t swallowed whole by the predator/hag-cult. She wasn’t one of Flabturd’s hardcore lost, unshaven, undeodorized bushy bitches.

    Maybe she doesn’t want to criticize, to castigate or even to publicly “forgive” anyone. Maybe she is still dealing with blaming herself and examining her own involvement with the cult, in a way which is deeply personal and that she does not want to “share.”

    Say you’re divorced, from a rotten marriage that ended quite a few years ago. Perhaps you think about it now and then, but mostly you’re just glad it’s over. Now imagine that some people keep bringing up your rotten marriage, as a main topic of interest, as though it was still a big deal, and that there is some kind of a demand to reopen the goddamned subject and to talk about it, ad naseum. Maybe you’re done talking.

    Is it more noble to be a shallow, hogtied trooper, a frigging Toni Natalie, pretend-writing some apeshit book as a senior groupie, still drooling to make some cash and some more noise as a professional fish hawker/hooker? A hardset mouth and balls of steel? Well, fuck viva executive success.

    And as a cautionary note, if one happens to be Kreuk-like, also use some common sense and tell Botox to screw off, too. Good Gawd almighty. Do not turn into a pugface.

    • You’re right, Kristin Crook(ed) is more like people who post comments on this website, they couldn’t care less about others. Otherwise, they would help Scott educate others about Amway and other MLM scams. LOL

  • First of all, that’s not a tweet. That’s a statement that she released through Twitter and Instagram.

    “Following Keith’s arrest on March 26, 2018, probably sensing she would be named in media stories, she issued one carefully worded tweet.”

    Second , either you have a very poor memory or you are trying to rewrite history and gloss over your less than noble conduct. November 2017, Susan Dones gave an interview to Hollywood Life talking about Kristin introducing Allison to NXIVM. Frank you were even quoted in the article talking about how her boyfriend ( who you don’t bother to name) joined first and then brought her in. Also 20/20, you know the national news program on ABC, had a whole hour devoted to NXIVM in December 2017 and mentioned Kreuk, Hildreth, Park as former members.

    Kreuk may have released her statement after Raniere’s arrest on March 26, but I think it was also to refute the bald faced lie you told to the New York Post on March 28, that she was in the inner circle and recruited sex slaves. Sarah Edmondson and other cult members backed up her statement and Edmondson defended Kreuk and explicity refuted your lies as well.

    “For the record, my dear friend @MsKristinKreuk was never in the inner circle of #NXIVM. She never recruited sex slaves and has been out since 2013 before shit got weird. She is a lovely person who should not be dragged into this mess. Thank you. #Cult #DOS #freedom #TRUTH”

    Her statement was also supported by Laura Vandervoort, the Smallville cast member who Allison Mack actually tried to recruit into the sex cult.

    Kreuk’s previous statement also does everything you say she should do, although it may not be in the hyperbolic, hysterical fashion with which you often make your pronouncements. She said she didn’t know about anything bad or illegal. Now maybe you think she’s not being truthful because you are projecting and haven’t exactly been truthful when you claim you didn’t know about anything bad when you were living in the community and talking for hours to the sex-slaving, evil psycho Vanguard and eating, drinking, and strolling daily around with his criminal, brainwashed harem henchwomen Nancy Salzman, Kristin Keefe, and others.

    But if you are going to say things like, “I don’t think Mark [Vicente] or Sara [sic Edmondson] knew much of the secret underbelly of Nxivm,” you come off as hypocritical. And let’s be honest and admit that no matter what she does, there will always be some who refuse to believe anything. Look at Edmondson. She wrote a book and has done countless interviews and there are still some on here who claim they don’t believe she didn’t commit any crimes or at least know about any being committed.

    As for Mack, maybe Kreuk hasn’t said anything about Mack because she doesn’t have anything good to say anymore?? What’s that your parents tell you, well ok obviously NOT YOU, but if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    You say you’ve talked to lots of former members, but unless I’ve missed it, I don’t recall you quoting anyone saying anything close to Allison being a kindhearted truly loving person. Someone you claim to know called Allison a “narcissist and disgusting human being.” Before you decide based on Allison being white or superficially friendly to you in passing, that she deserves this over the top, unabashed support, maybe you could ask India or Nik or Catherine or Sarah if Allison was a truly kindhearted and loving person. Personally, I think the ones who were impacted the most by Allison deserve to have their voices heard and given more weight than someone who left how every many years before and, so far as we know, was not impacted by Allison’s actions.

    You said Allison and Lauren were the ones who deceptively edited Sarah’s tape and released it. You’ve written about Allison attempting to groom and/or recruit underage girls and knowing about Keith having sex with them but you think Kreuk should ignore all that? Making a documentary about an historical figure doesn’t necessarily mean the people involved agree with or condone everything that they did. That Devi went on to become a member of parliament before being assassinated makes her an interesting person to explore. Just like a year or years from now, if people make documentaries about Raniere or Mack, that doesn’t mean they condone what they did.

  • That description fits her perfectly !
    This piece should clear things up for a lot of readers except that guy who beats himself over her.

  • There’s lots to take issue with in your post, but I don’t have a lot of time right now so I’ll just start with :

    “At that time, I asked Kreuk, through her friend, to help in the battle to take down Nxivm. Kreuk declined.”

    This is rather different from what I’ve read on here before. Previously you claimed she declined to help her friend. Here you are saying that she declined YOUR request made through a friend. Big difference in my view.

    From what I observed Allison doing in 2017, I suspect Kristin tried to reach out to Allison when she learned about the branding and Allison cut her off. I noticed Kristin was the first person Allison deleted from her social media accounts months before Allison started purging her IG and Twitter of all of the people who left later. Also I’ve never seen you refute the claims from others that Kristin had tried to get Allison to leave over the years.


    “However, her support during that critical time, had she given it – during the summer of 2017, a time when she knew about the blackmail and branding – would have been of value since her name, added to Catherine Oxenberg’s and others, would have ensured publicity and keen public interest during the long months when I was the only person writing about Nxivm.”


    Did you name Catherine, Edmondson, Vicente, or Piesse during that summer? They certainly weren’t using their social media during summer of 2017 to publicly identify themselves as former NXIVM members or to warn the public or reach out to Allison and other slaves. If they had used their own platforms instead of trying to hide on yours, you wouldn’t have been the “only person writing about NXIVM.” Actually, I just realized how bogus and ridiculous your criticism of Kreuk about this time here really is. How and where was she supposed to add her name to “Catherine Oxenberg and others” to ensure publicity, when they weren’t publicizing anything themselves. LOL

    In fact, Edmondson even writes in her book about how immediately after quitting the cult, she called her assistant and told her to scrub her social media accounts of all cult related references. Catherine Oxenberg has said herself that if she had been able to get India out during her May intervention, they would have left quietly. She said she only went public as a last resort when she couldn’t get India out any other way. Edmondson gave at least a few interviews in summer and early fall 2017. I see no publicizing of the evils of NXIVM or attempts on her part to help any branded slaves. But I do see her naming Kristin and others as her friends still. No mention of you or Keith though.

    • Once again, Sultan of Sick, aka Jesse, aka ‘Kris Kook Stalker’ makes his pleas to save his beloved.

      Sorry camel face, KK would not piss on you, if you were on fire.

      Take your sick dream somewhere else. Don’t go away mad, just go away

      • I can speak for all of us here that we are blessed, yes blessed, to have you as a fellow commenter. You add so much wit and insight to the discussion. I envy those who can be with you in real life, not just online.
        Again, thank you.

        • It’s little Bangkok professional troll and amateur virgin.

          By interacting with him you only fuel his enthusiasm to troll.

    • Good grief… 🤦‍♀️

      That is you without a lot of time? How much mungo-jumbo can you utter with more time?

  • It’s too late for all of this. Simply too late. Kristin Crook(ed) had her window to help out and blew it. I believe she does have skeletons in her closet that she does not want to be exposed. If she had no skeletons, how could her acting roles not cause her to be “brave” (just do the right thing) and come forward? However, she is no different than many others who refuse to help educate people about Amway and other MLM scams. They are all in the same category as far as I’m concerned, except it isn’t too late for the rest of them….

  • “Rather than help, she was looking to hide under the radar.”
    While i hate KK, and while she is responsible for Allison’s life damage (due to Allison trusting this thing…because it’s hard to call her human) , she was not linked to any crime in Nxivm (Neither Allison was connected to most the crime you try to connect her to…the trial showed nothing more than collection of collateral, period)

    Why should she have talk about the cult’s criminal action while she was left (like Allison before her coercion) outside of the “confidence”?
    Talk about what? about the reunion for Jness and other silly modules?

    She spectate nothing and this is a fact…Until Allison was coerced to be a DOS member and forced to obey, Allison didn’t neither saw anything…

    Only people like Sara E., Mark Vicente, the bronfmans, the salzmans and a few other (including a few victims like Dani (the one locked away)) knew about the crimes…
    So talk about what?

    “Kruek has not said a single word publicly about Mack, the woman she recruited into the cult.”
    That is because she would have to admit it was her fault…it’s known to be.
    Allison was ready to bail out at the beginning (first week intensive and it was confirm by several people including her ex BF)but she trusted KK (she said that she had a huge admiration for her and that she trusted her in a vlog LONG time before she was abused)
    KK used that trust to make Allison stay.
    She is pathetic, she is awfull and should be ashame but she’ll never admit what she did…or she’ll hide it with a BS statement saying “i tried to helf her” and we know it’s not true.

    “However, since she insists on continuous virtue signaling, I would prefer to advise her to offer support for Mack.”
    No, Allison has enough people who aren’t hypocrits and will support her through and through…
    She certainly not need a vicious girl who is the reason of her fall.

    “and the other face, the one Allison sadly fell into – of the secret sex practices and cult activities that were hidden from her.”
    You say that like Allison felt while she was COERCED into it…read the stupid threesome mail ! Does “fighting with my viscera” sound like wanted sex to you ?
    Wait, pervert as you are, you likely see it like that but the fact is that it’s not…she was forced into this and that is a fact (even if you ignore it)

    “Then she could express – and this would be the heart of the release – the one that will get the headlines – true sympathy for Allison Mack: She could announce that she was writing or even release a letter to Mack’s sentencing judge, US District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, asking him to show Mack leniency in sentencing.”
    I’m sure he’ll give credit to an ex member of Nxivm…he don’t need that for leniency, he (contrary to you) see the FACTS and they are not showing such as dark picture as you like to show.

    “He could also sentence her to less time or even home confinement.”
    2 years plus now, he will be borderline against constitution if he is maintening her in jail…especially since she didn’t really participate the crime, atleast not willingly (coercion is factual) and she was a victim of the same abuse as the other.

    reminder, only thing the trial proved is that Allison was a front to collect collaterals (like India who is free and never annoyed by people like you)…PERIOD
    And this , once again, was done while she was FORCED to do it like each of the victims who were forced to do things against their will.

    If you continue to ignore THIS fact, then Raniere should be released as no crime has occured…without the coercion ,the rest of the case is void.
    And the coercive pressure on the victim was done by RANIERE and it was done on ALL the VICTIMS including Allison.
    Either you accept it and Allison is a victim or ignore it but Raniere must be released (and to be clear, i’m sane so i don’t want to see him out but i relay on all fact and not ,like you frank, pick what i fancy for a fantasy story to make someone unrelated to the case be the worst criminal in the world.
    Stick with the facts!

    “Kreuk in her press efforts could also directly message Allison via the media to say, ” I love you Allison. I know you made some mistakes and you have admitted your mistakes and I know you would never do it again. I believe in you. I know you are a kindhearted, truly loving person and that your mistake was following a bad man. I love you. I am there for you… etc.””
    First she didn’t do mistakes , she was forced to make them (and after extensive mental abuse).
    Second , i repeat, she should not allowed around Allison, she hurt her enough.
    Allison has enough people who love her and help her go through this ordeal to need a stupid hypocrit bitch who never cared about anyone but herself…

    “Finally, supporting Mack, even if it was not good for her career [and I think it would be good for her career] is the right thing to do.”
    I would be good for her career…except here , most place with sane people accept that Allison is amongst the victim of the cult…
    But i’m happy she won’t do it as , i repeat, Allison don’t need that kind of people around her…she suffered enough and she is barely healing…

    Between people who try to culpibilize her , or those who obsess to make up the most absurd fake stories , it’s lucky she is not authorized to see how pathetic some humans are… (and no, it’s not about her, as a victim, she has the excuse but what is the excuse of the other who live by procuration and try to destroy her life?)

    BTW, if you consider this is showing that you aren’t biased while you will likely post some lie next week (who am i kidding, you’ll probably do this during this week end…).
    You wanna show unbiased news, stop ignoring the facts , and i mean the real one…
    Attack the member who have no excuses to defend their action instead of attacking someone who has no mean of defense (at the moment but be careful for the backfire)…
    You manage to find excuses for people like Lauren when nothing can excuse her behavior (especially when she wasn’t coerced and she wasn’t forced in the diet for years)…
    Stop coming with the stupid “she hoped for a child with him” because this is the kind of excuse that is not passing for people clever enough to understand she cares about no one but herself, her wardrobe , her mansion and the life she could destroyed (like Allison’s life…or India or Sylvie or Dani…you get the idea)

    Unbiased means that instead of trying to find any rumors against one person, you actually consider only the FACTS…so wanna be unbiased, stop with fantasy stories, stop with unverified sources, stop with false allegations …

    I know it felt in deaf ear but nevermind, it feels good ,sometime, to say what i have to say…

    • Go away SULTAN OF SICKOS!

      Okay Jesse, for a quick recap: Did you mention that you actually called Peter Kreuk (Kristin Kook’s Dad) at work to give him some advice about his daughter?

      Did you also mention how you went on the Girls by Design Website to chat with 12 yo girls about Kristin?

      All from a 50-something dude??? Okay, Stalker. Maintain your FANtasy.

  • Frank, thanks for your detailed and thoughtful response.
    I think Kristin should take your wise (tho difficult) advice.
    Celebrities who bravely come forward and admit failings like drug use, or relate being victims of say, sexual abuse, are often embraced by the public who see that the famous must deal with life’s problems just like they have to.

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