Smallville Stars Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, and Kristin Kreuk Are Having a Virtual Reunion for Charity – Allison Mack Won’t Be Attending

Kristin Kreuk [r] and Allison Mack at a Nxivm gathering

According to GeekTryant there will be a Smallville virtual reunion:

“It’s now been announced that we are getting a Smallville virtual reunion! This will be a private reunion that will bring together series stars Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, and Kristin Kreuk. This reunion is being set up by Omaze and the proceeds from the charity will go to Ronald McDonald House of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, there will be only one winner that will be able to bring a guest.”

According to Omaze:


  • Video chat with Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum—the stars of the longest-running Superman television series
  • Ask them all the burning questions you’ve been holding in since the series finale 9 years ago
  • Support the children and families at the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House


The Omaze press release indicates [and thanks to a reader who pointed this out] that you must enter by May 27.

The lucky winner will be announced on June 10. It appears that there will be only one winner who can invite a guest.

One doesn’t need to donate to enter the chance to win the opportunity to have the virtual chat.

GeekTyrant adds a little more commentary:  “I would love to see these three get together to offer commentary on each of their favorite episodes of the series at some point. That’s something I know the fans would be interested in seeing.

“I wonder if someone will ask them about their co-star Allison Mack, whose life went in a crazy and very different direction than anyone expected.”

I think, if it were open to questions, it’s quite likely someone will ask the stars about Mack unless, of course, all questions about her and Nxivm are barred, which is quite possible.

Mack is currently subject to home detention, replete with an ankle monitor, as she awaits a sentencing date for her twin felony convictions: racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. She avoided the bigger sex trafficking charges through a plea deal – and her sentencing guideline appears to be in the 3-5 year range, though the judge is free to sentence her to more or less prison time. The maximum sentence he can impose is 40 years, a highly unlikely outcome.

Her co-star in the show, Kristin Kreuk, is the one who recruited Mack into the deadly cult. Kreuk escaped, leaving by degrees, starting in 2013, before the cult started blackmailing and branding women as slaves.

It appears Kreuk finally left for good in 2016 – and her career as an actress remains largely unblemished by her eight years or so in the crazed cult.

Kreuk has come under some criticism for her failure to speak out against Nxivm or to offer any help to Mack.

I predict that this virtual chat will be tightly managed to avoid any questions about Nxivm, Kreuk’s role in it, and anything controversial about Mack.

On the other hand, it’s possible that Kreuk might take a moment to offer words of commiseration or even sympathy for her fallen colleague.

Kreuk might one day bravely come forward to offer help to the victims of Nxivm, some of whom were recruited indirectly because of her. Kreuk’s name and likeness were frequently used to normalize and recruit into Nxivm.

Recruiters always bragged that Kreuk [and Mack] were coaches in Nxivm – and they used that information to try to disprove the negative stories about Nxivm being a cult, their argument being “would Krisitn Kreuk, a big star, take the courses if it were a cult?”

Heretofore, Kreuk has only made one Tweet, a fairly misleading one, wherein she said she merely took a few classes, failing to disclose that she was a Nxivm coach [which meant she took a lot of classes], failing to mention that she was the virtual poster girl for Nxivm recruitment, and giving what might be a misleading date about when she actually left Nxivm.

Her tweet, released just three days after her cult leader Keith Raniere was arrested:

Kristin Kreuk statement about NXIVM

My prediction is that there will not be a single mention of Nxivm and quite possibly not even a mention of Allison Mack at the virtual get together.

Kristin Kreuk recruited Allison Mack into Nxivm. Kreuk left and Mack stayed on getting deeper and deeper into the cult and was finally caught up in the criminality and will very likely be headed to prison.


Allison Mack has been subject to home arrest for more than two years. She lives at her parent’s home in Los Alamitos, California.


Among the conditions of her bail, Mack must wear an ankle monitor. All of the Nxivm defendants were deemed a flight risk. Mack was able to overcome detention and post a $5 million bail. No sentencing date has been set for Mack despite being convicted more than one year ago.


Here are a few more details on the virtual chat.

Designated Grantee:
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California (“Designated Grantee”)

All donations are paid to Charities Aid Foundation of America (“CAFA”) and will make a grant to the Designated Grantee of the net proceeds of the fundraising campaign.  For every dollar donated, 60 cents goes to the Ronald McDonald House and 25 cents goes to pay for advertising, payment processing and the costs of running the campaign.

Approximately 15 cents goes to Omaze.

Grand Prize Details: Winner and Guest will virtually hang out with Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum.

It does not say for how long.

Age to Enter: You must be at least 18 years old to win.

Ineligible Countries: Winners must not be residents of Belgium, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Italy, North Korea, Singapore, Sudan, Syria or Thailand.

Eligibility Notes: 

Guest must complete and return a publicity and liability release. .

Entry is subject to all local laws. See Omaze’s Sweepstakes Official Rules for more details.

How to Enter:
Visit to utilize any of our methods of entry.. See our Sweepstakes Official Rules for more details. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries held.

Winner Confirmation Process:

Within 10 business days of campaign close, Omaze says it will use “an automated random drawing process to draw a potential winner …  A confirmation process, which may include a background check, will then take place …  Winner and, if applicable, their guest(s) agree to cooperate fully with Omaze in Omaze conducting any background check(s)…. [If] in Omaze’s sole discretion… the potential winner or … guest… pose a danger to or may harm the reputation of any person or entity involved in the sweepstakes, Omaze may disqualify said winner and move on to the next randomly drawn potential winner.”

Omaze adds, “NO PURCHASE, PAYMENT, OR CONTRIBUTION NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Contributing will not improve chances of winning.”

Once again to get in on the chance of a virtual chat with Welling, Kreuk and the other guy, visit Omaze.


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    Unofficial Frank Report Contest:

    Guess how many contest entry forms Sultan of Six purchased for the chance of a virtual date with…….Kristen Kreuk!!!!!

    If you guess correctly….

    ….The lucky winner will be stuffed and mounted on a pedestal, by a professional taxidermist; becoming a permanent fixture in Sultan’s apartment.

    “OMG! Kristen and I will at last be together virtually. I feel like a child waiting for his birthday to come or a virgin on his wedding night. The mere contemplation of gazing into Kristen’s eyes is too much for my mortal mind to handle. God give me strength.” -Sultan of Six

  • “I predict that this virtual chat will be tightly managed to avoid any questions about Nxivm, Kreuk’s role in it, and anything controversial about Mack.”
    Partly true as there is a little amount of people who obsess over the BS stories about Allison.
    Michael himself said in an interview (before the trial) that he has nothing wrong to say about her and that for him, she must have been forced (which is a fact known by many but ignored willingly by some).

    Nobody gives a crap and only you and your cronies are obsessing over destroying Allison’s life…it doesn’t matter as for her you don’t exist Franky and your attempt show that you are nothing but an obsessed loser who tries to make a few clicks over her name.

    As a proof, you use any pretext to talk about (or connect) Allison.
    Even when it’s about the most absurd rumors.

    “Mack stayed on getting deeper and deeper into the cult and was finally caught up in the criminality and will very likely be headed to prison.”
    Yeah right, keep believing that but seeing your pedigree, you have more chance to head to prison then her…especially since she was home arrested for 2 years…
    It’s reaching the limit of what justice is authorized to do before baffling the constitutional right of each American citizen.

    But I’m sure you pleasure yourself over the idea she could go to prison so I’ll leave you to your psycho fantasy.

    BTW don’t go too far with the information about where she lives because you are adding an extra crime there…her parents have nothing to do with this case and it’s THEIR address that you give to your psycho fans…Be real careful about what you do!

    • I’m sure Mack is a little angel, that’s why she plead guilty. The address for Mack’s parents is already known and has been posted on this website. LOL

      • Anonymous & Anonymous,

        You both moot arguing over a moot point…

        It’s completely irrelevant because thanks to the internet you can track down anyone, unless [seriously] they are in the witness protection program.

        If Frank ever did anything “fucked up”, I would cease reading the Frank Report.

        Publishing her parents’ address is no big deal.

        Shadow already knew where they lived. 🙂

        No offense, Shadow, you know it’s true.

        • NiceGuy666, Frank could never be as f*cked up as you are, so you couldn’t recognize f*cked up if you tripped over it. LOL

          How does publish parents? And how does Mr. Shadow know where they are loved? LOL

          Talk about f*cked up! LOL

          • Dear LOL Boy (formerly Scott Johnson),

            FYI: It’s called IPhone dictaphone error.

            Speaking of DICtaphones have you played with any?

    • “….it doesn’t matter as for her you don’t exist.”

      Well Princess….If that we’re true you wouldn’t waste your time posting.

      Do you realize how transparent your motivations are?

      When Allison makes FULL financial restitution to her victims as well as serves her prison sentence…….

      You can then jump up on your “soap box” and be 100% right!!!!

      ….But until that day comes…Please put a lid on it….Because you and your dribble are completely irrelevant to all of us.

      In other words….

      To us you “don’t exist”. 😉

  • Frank, if you could advise Kristin Kreuk—
    What would you suggest she do or not do about her time in the sex cult? But not what she should do moraly or ethically etc. Advise her as if you were paid only to help her career as an actress with modest but continuing success.

    Thus, would you suggest she continue to keep her head down and say no more than she has and hope the attention on her sex cult years fade? That seems to be the advice she is getting now.
    Or would you advise her to speak up or take some other kind of action that may clear the air?

    Remember, advise her only to do what is best for her career, not ethically or what you as a reporter might want.

  • Mr. Frank Parlato-

    I have enjoyed your news blog immensely over time. I want to give you a SCOOP a tidbit; recompense, a payment, of sorts.

    And a little melodrama. 🙂

    All of the supplies and PPE [personal protective equipment] FEMA is seizing are being rerouted and directed mainly to the the United States Military. A marginal going to the byzantine bureaucracy. I am not much of a fan of Trump anymore. His administration is being unfairly criticized.

    • The PPE is being launched into space, and I provided as good of a reference as you did to back up my statement. LOL

  • I wonder if she’s been in therapy during her home confinement.

    I imagine that her parents would be in favour of it.

    If she is ever to function productively in society, it will need to happen, because a prison sentence alone will not rehabilitate her.

    • “I wonder if she’s been in therapy during her home confinement.”

      Allison Mac’s Alter Ego posted a new photo of herself earlier today.
      Just a little over twelve hours ago.

      How does Goddess Allison describe herself?

      the brilliant and talented Allison Mack

      👸👸👸❤❤❤ #allisonmack #chloesullivan #smallville #powergirl #inspiration #beautiful #gorgeous #amazingwoman #greatactress #blessed #caring #gentlesoul #unique #extraordinary #exceptional #angelic #heavensent #captivating #majestic #devine #freeallison #goddess #queen #phenomenalwoman #intelligent #compassionate #hero

      Gentle Soul
      Heaven Sent

      How much Psychotherapy will it take to cure such a raging Ego?
      Perhaps by now her parents are ready for some Psychotherapy.

  • “curious but nowhere in the Omaze press release is there a date given. The closes we get to it is that there are 27 days left.

    If that is right then this Smallville virtual chat with three of the four main stars of the show will occur on May 26.”


    Frank, Frank, Frank what are we going to do with you. If you read a little further down the omaze page you linked to, as I just did, the answer to your question is actually provided. Hint, entry deadline is May 27 and the winner will be announced on June 10. Are you worried this will take place during your trial or something because the date for the chat is TBD.

    You sound like you want to enter. However, based on what you wrote, you seem to think there will be multiple participants who will need to be “tightly managed” which isn’t the case. If you read what is actually written, it says, there’s only one winner who can invite a guest. So if you thought this was your guaranteed chance to get a chat with the elusive one, you should save your $10. One doesn’t contribute to enter the chat. One contributes for a chance to be the one winner “lucky” enough to join in the exclusive virtual chat with the actors.

    It also says that the fundraiser will be screening for psychos (ok not exactly in those words) so Omar (Great Balls, BrownBeetle, FormerNexian, NoisyMouse, Spanky), Hammad (Sultan, Scarrom, DarthVandouche, Haa), Joseph (Kal-el), Tom (AngryCanadian), etc. should not bother entering.

    Now some questions for you — How do you twist Kreuk’s statement admitting she “continued with the program,” into your misleading version claiming she said she “merely took a few classes.” How does “continued” in your mind even equate to “merely a few?” If someone told me they stated taking college courses and then continued with the program, my inclination would be to assume they were working toward a degree or graduated.

    And how would you know whether Kreuk tried to help Mack or not. Didn’t someone tell you that she had tried to get her out and even staged some interventions?

    And if you use the internet to do some research, you will find that some of Mack’s former Smallville castmates have already talked about her and NXIVM and at least one wasn’t too thrilled with Allison trying to recruit her.

    • You’re right about the conditions of the virtual chat and I made the suitable changes. You’re wrong about my wanting to win. Unfortunately I do not know enough about Smallville to be much of a good virtual companion.

      • I tried to watch an episode a few months ago, but found it uninteresting and didn’t make it to the end.

    • “Hammad (Sultan, Scarrom, DarthVandouche, Haa)”

      I’ve seen all of the aliases in parenthesis (DarthVandouche used to post here often but I haven’t seen him for a a long time) used here on this website, but I’ve never seen the alias Hammad used here. Where did you see this?

    • Psycho this:

      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….”…\………. _.·´

      • Hi, Spanky!

        Is that a digital expression of your spank hand? Where are the calluses?

        And for fuck’s sake, you even stalked Kendra V**h because she knows not-a-real-Canadian Kristin Half-Gook? That is sad. Did Kendra V**t know you are a Kristin Half-Gook stalker? What services did you offer V**t to get closer to your infidel spank princess?

        How many times have you spanked it raw today, halal boy?

          • “No, troll-boy. That’s a digital expression of what’s coming to you.”

            That is really gay. A finger up the ass?

      • Sultan,

        God, you make Garry Busey seem sane.

        FYI: You have a better chance of scoring Coronavirus than you do of scoring Kristen Kreuk.

        Hope all is well with the Frank Report’s resident crazy…..

        That’s you in case your wondering, dummy.

        • Oh, Niceguy, you’re such a total fraud.

          If I’m “insane”, you cowards are in another stratosphere of insanity.

          • Yea, insane. And a pedo fruit loop too.
            Talk to any 12-year-old girls on the Kristin Kreuk sites lately, you sick fuck?

          • Sultan of Six,

            If we’re in another “stratosphere of sanity” you’re in another Constellation like hurdling past the Orion Belt…

            You are so insulting Carl Sagan. At least we are still in orbit around the earth according to you.

            Sultan of Six did it ever occur to you that people like screwing with you because you wear your heart on your sleeve?

            Sultan it’s the anonymous internet of over 5 billion of the earths 7 billion.

            Geta grip & chill!!!

      • Is that your brown finger, or the one you spank it for Kristen with?
        Or maybe you are a switch hitter (spanker). Does Kristen ever wear leather in your dreams while she does you with that big strap-on doe-doe of hers?

        • Are you aware that imagining other men having sex is a sign of repressed homesexuality?
          It is nothing to be ashamed of, but maybe you didn’t want others to know your secret.

    • Thanks for sharing the clip. Allison is a real sweetheart trying to recruit vulnerable women.

    • People who are too broke to join Amway and other MLM scams are also lucky to be broke, because if they had some money and joined they would become not only broke, but in debt as well.

  • I know that Allison fans remember her a lot because her character Chloe became a heroine in her own right, and that’s great, but for me, the Chloe Sullivan that I liked the most was the first 4 seasons, because later as she discovers Clark’s secret, she gradually becomes his confidant and assistant, but she also becomes committed to helping Clark become the hero he can become, which leads her to develop a self-sacrificing attitude toward Clark. that ends up causing him a lot of suffering. looking now at everything that changed his life thanks to Keith, it almost seems prophetic although at the end, everything turned out well for Chloe we will have to wait to see how Allison is doing.

    • How lucky for Mack to have not one, but two fake Supermen in her life. It’s already not turned out for Mack, but that’s a good thing in Hollyweird.

  • What Frank says about Kreuk is true. Frank does not say here what he has freely admitted in the FR before–that he worked for NXIVM mostly in PR–though never a cult member. He and Kreuk got involved with Nx about the same time. Frank was an experienced professional even then but did not suspect anything evil or nefarious about Nx—so how could a 23 year old (naive?) TV actress do better?
    Frank left about a year later. Kreuk stayed in for many years while more nefarious things were exposed about Nx and Raniere so she had to know this, right? But over those years she also was frog-boiled by flying monkeys, by see-no-evil groupthink, and by other forms of mindfucking, so maybe not.
    It seems most likely the Kreuk joined Nx thinking it was a legit self-help group, then like thousands of others (and even hundreds of coaches) was groomed for years to never view the truth about Nx with a clear mind.
    not Sultan

    • Not Sultan,

      I do not believe Frank did anything unsavory or unscrupulous…

      Frank does real estate and PR…He is a businessman.

      Frank and Roger Stone believed they were working with a group of fruity-utopians, who were completely harmless.

      Frank had no idea of what went on behind the facade or the curtain. There was no direct evidence that anything illegal or evil was going on.

      If people wanna pay exorbitant sums of money for ridiculous courses how is that Frank’s problem or the government’s problem? Seriously!

      We live in a free society and a capitalist society. Most of NXIVM’s illegality comes from the fact Raniere and his minions were blackmailing people!!!

      Blackmail is illegal. Didn’t you know? Frank had no knowledge of what was transpiring.

      Frank was offered a consulting job for PR which led to real estate development. Two areas that Frank has an acumen for.

      End of story!!!!

      • NiceGuy
        I agree, “I do not believe Frank did anything unsavory or unscrupulous…” But I never said he did in my comment.

        I clearly said that if an experienced professional could not see anything nefarious about Nx at the time, how could a naive TV actress do so?

        • Not Sultan,

          People are upset that she did not use her celebrity to help shut down NXIVM once, “it” was apparent things were not on the up & up.

          She also stayed a member and an instructor after new came out about Raniere having sex with a minor.

    • If Kristin Crook(ed) is so innocent, then she should have stepped forward and claimed innocence. However, as a coach, she knew a lot more about NXIVM than Frank did when he worked for NXIVM. I thought all of the “women are immature” and the “men are polygamous and women should be monogamous” so-call tech/curriculum was crap, even without the cauterizing. All you women libbers should be freaking out over these topic, but I haven’t read many comments at all about these issues. LOL

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