Reader: Stop picking on Keith and let him ‘heal’ you

A reader writes:

You are a bully. You pick on Keith and what did he do to you? He loves all people who are always taking advantage of him.  If you ever been in his presence then you felt the love he has on all humanity.  Not just women. He cares about everybody. He would not hurt anybody except they come after him. You’re just jealous.

You attack him day and night. If you were not so blind you would understand what Keith has to offer. Even the evil Rick Ross and his lawyers could not hurt Keith. He has the power of truth and God behind him.

If you will take my advice ask his forgiveness. Tell him you are sorry and let him heal you as he has done to many others.  He has the power. Don’t wait.


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Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is the founder of the FrankReport, publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, Front Page and the South Buffalo News.


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  • These cult people throw around the word love so easily. If someone loves all people then the word becomes meaningless as it normalizes everyone to the word and so there is no difference between any of them. Anyone who isn’t a mindless sheep can see this.

    In the words of the band Def Leppard, “It can’t be love if you throw it about.”

    Also, I’m sure Toni Natalie was one of those bullies he loved that came after him…by leaving him! He wasn’t the bully behind the curtain who tied her up in lawsuits for over eight years and drove her to bankruptcy. He loved her but all she wanted to do was leave him!

    Upside down is right side up and vice versa with these brainwashed fools.



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