Is Ex-Scientologist Mike Rinder Holding Back on Possible Criminal Activities?

Mike Rinder -- does he know anything about any crimes?
Nice Guy

The question was posed by Nice Guy“I wonder how Mike Rinder ran afoul of the great Alonzo….?”

Allen Alanzo Stanfield

Allen ‘Alanzo’ Stanfield replied:

I see that you continue to study my body of work, and yet you continue to misrepresent and mischaracterize it. And you are also now writing in complete sentences with proper punctuation, “Nice Guy”.

The answer to your question has been answered many times here on the Frank Report, but I’ll answer it again because disinformation campaigns like the one you’re running never stop:

In the 15 years since claiming to be out of the Church of Scientology, Mike Rinder has never once exposed any act that would put David Miscavige or any officer of the Church of Scientology into criminal jeopardy. This is despite writing a blogpost every day, 3 seasons of a TV show, and running a podcast that claimed he wants a federal investigation and a review of Scientology’s tax exempt status.

Mike Ridder

Yet Rinder ran all “Fair Game” for David Miscavige as the Commanding Officer of the Office of Special Affairs, the most criminal and insane part of Scientology, for 22 years.

Rinder has also lied and distracted about his career in Scientology. But in court filings, where he can’t lie, and it was to his advantage at the time, this is what he said he did in Scientology:

“Miscavige received a daily report concerning every legal case, every media action and every investigation ongoing in the world. I prepared this briefing each day, entitled the “OSA DR” (Office of Special Affairs Daily Report) and it was sent to Marty Rathbun and David Miscavige via an encrypted email program. The report had no indication on it who it was written by or who it was addressed to.

“There was a separate “Investigations Report” that I compiled with very limited distribution including David Miscavige and Marty Rathbun. The “Invest Report” contained specifics of all ongoing activities of Private Investigators and intelligence operations working for the church against “attackers”. This was delivered in an unmarked, sealed envelope with no indication who it was from or who it was to and is labeled “Secret — Eyes Only.” On hundreds of occasions David Miscavige specifically commented upon, issued orders concerning, and even micro-managed the format of the OSA Daily Reports.

“When I was in a different location from Miscavige, he would call me on the phone every single day first thing to direct what was to be done about matters raised in the OSA Daily Report (it was the first thing he looked at before even getting dressed when he woke up in the morning) and he would call me again at the end of the day to ask if there was any other “significant news”. Some days, if there was an investigation or legal case or media matter that he was especially interested in, he would call me several times during the day. All staff in OSA knew that phone calls “from COB” were highest priority and any meetings or other matters were to be interrupted to take a “call from COB.” Staff in OSA Int saw me receive literally thousands of phone calls from “COB.” When we were in the same location, I would be summoned to his office several times each day.

“Each and every OSA Daily Report and Intel or Invest Daily Report that was produced daily from 1981 to the present is filed both in electronic and hard copy form at OSA. It is long-standing, firm, unalterable Scientology policy that every report generated by OSA is faithfully and securely kept on file for eternity. The files are considered to be the mind of the organization..“

– Mike Rinder Texas Declaration

David Miscavige leads the Church of Scientology

In short, Mike Rinder knows where all the bodies are buried. But in 15 years of being out, he’s never led anyone to where those bodies are. He goes on about morally outrageous, but entirely LEGAL things that law enforcement can do nothing about.

It takes a while to see this pattern of behavior. I gave him around seven years to ‘decompress’ and start spilling like so many others did who came out from Int Base. After seven years though, the patterns became clear that he was never going to reveal any criminal activity or do anything that would get justice for Scientology’s victims, such as their murders made to look like suicides. Or even a federal investigation or a review of their tax exemption.

He just uses that to string you along.

Rinder has been conning people his whole career. After a while, you wake up to these cons.

Many here are still being conned by Mike Rinder.

Like you, “Nice Guy”.


From Frank Parlato

My view is uninformed. I have not studied Scientology like my esteemed colleague, Alanzo, but I think it is possible that Rinder may not be able to tell all he knows, or at least not without getting immunity.

I think it also possible that he does not know of anything law enforcement can use.  Other than murder, most of the crimes he may have witnessed are now beyond the statute of limitations.

There is another thing.

Scientology Fights Back

L. Ron Hubbard believed in attacking the attacker.

Scientology operates under directives L. Ron Hubbard initially employed. Hit hard and fight your enemies.

Some of his quotes:

People attack Scientology, I never forget it, always even the score. People attack auditors, or staff, or organizations, or me. I never forget until the slate is clear.

Never treat a war like a skirmish. Treat all skirmishes like wars.

If attacked on some vulnerable point by anyone or anything or any organization, always find or manufacture enough threat against them to cause them to sue for peace.

This is the correct procedure: Spot who is attacking us. Start investigating them promptly for felonies or worse using our own professionals, not outside agencies. Double curve our reply by saying we welcome an investigation of them. Start feeding lurid, blood sex crime actual evidence on the attackers to the press. Don’t ever tamely submit to an investigation of us. Make it rough, rough on attackers all the way.

The DEFENSE of anything is UNTENABLE. The only way to defend anything is to ATTACK, and if you ever forget that, then you will lose every battle you are ever engaged in, whether it is in terms of personal conversation, public debate, or a court of law. NEVER BE INTERESTED IN CHARGES. DO, yourself, much MORE CHARGING, and you will WIN.

It is quite possible that this robust attitude has halted many a law enforcement organization from pursuing matters too far and going after smaller fry. Like going after El Chapo, a mid level, even minor player in the overall drug trafficking scheme, instead of the real players – the big people who control the wealth of the world.

Miscavige is not a man to trifle with. If anyone got too fiery close, he would do what Hubbard directed and scorch them. With their wealth and obedient followers one is in for a fight of their lives if they try too hard or get too close.

Maybe much of Scientology is evil, maybe some of it good. But they have made the federal government wince a couple of times and sent the IRS scurrying for cover. If they had a murder or two and wanted to make it appear to be suicide – in their local Clearwater area, I know of no law enforcement agency that could stand up to them.

They could coopt or blackmail or find other means to ensure they could play by Hubbard’s rules.

Always attack the attacker, spend 75 percent on attacking; don’t defend too much just keep on attacking. And you’ll never lose.

Rinder knows this, He saw it. While I cannot condone Scientology, neither do I condemn them for I know so little about them. But they are not to be trifled with, and muscle and strength in this world is always much more respected than whining about victimhood.

Hubbard was not the man for saying, ‘oh the government or anyone is picking on me.’ He would start picking on them. He had a defiant spirit and while I do not praise him, I can respect the strength in his statements.

Miscavige may be a tyrant. He is hardly beloved, to most of the world, maybe to no one.  He is not to be meddled with, not to be underestimated.

Were I to go to war with him, I would plan on incessant attacking and giving it right back. Again and again and again. But even so, I have to respect that attitude of fighting rather than whining.

I don’t know what Rinder knows or does not know or if he is holding back. Maybe there is good reason for it if he does know more than he lets on. If he is doing the soft shoe as Alanzo suggests, it may be self preservation.

He does not want all the dogs of war set on him. He skirts real trouble and hence he is more nuisance than threat.

This of course is just speculation and rank at that. I’d like to hear from those who know the topic better, like Alanzo and others who have faced Scientology and their attack.



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  • For goodness sake, FR is clearly doing Scientology damage. I do not see why it is a problem even if it is true. He can choose what he says. No one has a legal obligation to say any of these things if they don’t want to do so.

  • Oh, the irony. Slamming Suneel for lack of evidence, while posting bogus conspiracy theories attacking a fellow blogger. Bogus theories asserted by a person running a competing blog, I believe.

    This is a sleazy way to compete for views, and I am continually disappointed that Frank Report acts as an outlet for such practices.

    • How do you know they are bogus? What you post is usually spot on. Can you share how you came to that conclusion?

  • I’ve tried to figure out why Mike Rinder has never revealed a crime over the years.

    I’ve learned that with so many people lying, hiding things, etc, in the area of Scientology, one should never cling to a single “pet” hypothesis or explanation for the phenomena we can see. You should juggle many different hypotheses and assign a probability level to each one, based on how much the hypothesis explains.

    It is a fact that Mike Rinder has never revealed a crime.

    The question is why?

    I’ll list all the explanations, or hypotheses that have tried to answer this very important question..

    You can assign a probability level to each one – if you like.

    Please add any that I might have missed.

    The NO CRIME Hypothesis: Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder and Dave Miscavige didn’t commit any crimes. 11 top Scientologists, including Hubbard’s own wife, had been convicted of felonies and sent to prison. They’d learned their lesson. There were no crimes to report.

    The SCIENTOLOGY/GOVERNMENT Hypothesis: Mike HAS reported all kinds of crimes – he went to the FBI 11 years ago. But because of pay-offs, underhanded dealings and other conspiracies, the government will do nothing about them.

    The LIMITED HANGOUT Hypothesis: Because of the billions of dollars at stake for Scientology, David Miscavige and Mike Rinder worked out an “ALL CLEAR UNIT” kind of project where Mike would wind everyone up on moral outrages, but constantly steer everyone away from any criminal activity that might bring criminal subpoenas, forensic accounting etc. Miscavige has the money to handle any civil suit, what they can’t handle are criminal indictments.

    The MIKE WAS IN THE HOLE Hypothesis: Mike was just a former spokesman for the Church of Scientology, never ran any OSA fair game ops, especially any criminal ones. So while there may be criminal activity to discover, Mike was always in the Hole or practicing speeches into the mirror, and didn’t know about them.

    The TOO HARD TO PROSECUTE Hypothesis: Mike has revealed all the crimes he knows about, but because of the 1st amendment and lack of smoking guns on them, plus prosecutorial ethics, no charges have been filed.

    The CYA Hypothesis: Mike knows about all kinds of crimes, but because of his own exposure to prosecution, he’s not talking.

    The MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION Hypothesis: Miscavige and Rinder were up to their neck in criminal activity, but if one goes to the coppers, the other will too. So they’re both quiet.

    Did I miss any?

    What do you believe is the most probable, least probable, etc?


  • To the Editor at Large,

    Esteemed Colleague [Redacted]

    Colleague in what?
    (Rhetorical question, I don’t give a shit.)

    You may want to ask, your esteemed colleague, Alonzo why he and Michele Hatchette are harassing Susan Dones.

    Susan, by the way, is one of the few people in the NXIVM farce/debacle/allegory who are deserving of respect(esteem).

    I’m sure Mr. RingDings and Kunta Kinte have are being respectful. (Sarcasm)
    Hopefully, he’ll answer wasn’t too busy eating RingDings or Kunata isn’t busy picking pawpaws – you can get to the ‘bottom of things’.

    PS: I’m sure Aloonzo came in his pants when he read the words “esteemed colleague”

    • Frank you’ve pissed me off two times:

      1. Publishing Fake Skin™️
      2. Using the word “esteemed” in reference to Alonzo.

      Unless the two of you were in a turd laying contest, and you won and he was the runner up — I can’t imagine what your usage of “esteemed colleague” was in reference to.

      • In my estimation, Alanzo is a man of nice judgement and many resources, an amazing character a man worth knowing.

        I found that there’s never any telling what he’ll say or do next but it’s bound to be astonishing.

        I think you will agree.

        • Frank. You’ve given Alanzo another outlet to spew his rants. All the Scientology boards banned him so now he has latched on here. Please don’t enable him. He needs to let go and move on. Instead, he’s spiraling towards joining the DOS dead-Enders and spreading their harassment/lies about the victims. I’m sure this is something you do not want. Please don’t fuel the fire.

          • Just ignore him — like 99% of the people on this site do. Alanzo is just trying to get people wound up — he lives for that. Nice Guy — stop wasting your time on him. Just ignore him.

          • “Frank. You’ve given Alanzo another outlet to spew his rants. All the Scientology boards banned him so now he has latched on here. Please don’t enable him.”

            I was cancelled before cancelled was cool.


          • Frank-

            For the record, I meant your number one ☝🏻 in my book! Not the other thing. 😉

            Have a great weekend!

          • If you’re the “Nice Guy” who had covid recently, and who was/is a struggling musician, and who is trying to find some kind of purpose in life – hi I’m Allen Stanfield – very similar to you.


          • “Perhaps Frank should get in touch with Tony Ortega and ask him about Alanzo?”

            Frank: Please publish whatever Tony Ortega forwards to you that his clients, Karen de la Carriere or Jeffrey Augustine or Mike Rinder, have to say about me.

            It’ll be a fantastic way to show the ways Mike Rinder is likely covering up for all the criminal activity he witnessed, or engaged in, while being the head of the Office of Special Affairs for the Church of Scientology.

            For David Miscavige.

            For 22 years.


          • Alanzo-

            “Who is trying to find some kind of purpose in life – hi I’m Allen Stanfield – very similar to you.”

            That’s the most empathetic thing I’ve seen you say. Sincerely

        • Nice guy- As you can see from Frank’s response, water finds its own level. Alanzo has a very long history/story that Frank is not even close to knowing. Salesman get sold, oldest story in the book. It would only make sense that Frank “I never said I was an angel” Parlato would align himself with a person like Alanzo. Take DEEP dive on both and you will see what I mean. do your due diligence.

          regarding Rinder- zzzzzzz Regurgitate much?

          • I actually know about the many facets of Frank.

            I like people who are genuinely honest about who and what they are. He’s not hiding behind a facade of BS.

        • Frank – you’ve lost your marbles.

          You have credited Al as being a man of amazing character, astonishing, and of nice judgement. The dude ran in circles around a fucking pole.

          • Ice nine- 100% agree, he started losing his marbles when his real life started to get real. Go back and timeline it.

            And then cra cra Alanzo arrived. Oy vey. What open forum hasn’t Alanzo invaded? He is an attention whore. Frank ate his BS with a spoon because that is the level of “truth in journalism” Frank is at right now. Better days ahead? Idk

          • Space Cooties-

            Thanks for sharing that link!

            Muslims do something similar at mosques and Mecca.

            Scientology definitely stole that one.

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