Did Keith Raniere – Like Audrey Hilley – Use Arsenic in Milky-White Drink to Poison Kristin Snyder, Pam Cafritz and Barb Jeske?

Kim Snyder
By Kim Snyder
I have read that Keith Raniere prescribed a milky white drink to heal his cancer-stricken harem members. Pam Cafritz was often seen drinking large glasses of a milky white substance that smelled a little like almonds.
While no one knows what was in that beverage, and it is reported that Keith claimed he mixed some his sperm in the drink as a special healing tonic, we do know that it did not heal Pam Cafritz.
We also know that he gave Barbara Jeske a similar milky white beverage, as well as “doo-doo balls” which may have been some kind of herbal remedy but, according to Jeske’s sister, was actually excrement, quite possibly Keith’s excrement since these gullible followers of his might have even thought that his “shit don’t stink” – but rather had healing properties.
An attentive Keith Raniere “looks after” his ailing friend Barbara Jeske.
Of course, in both Cafritz and Jeske’s case, no autopsy was done. And in my sister’s case, no autopsy was done because no one ever found her body.
Based on some recent things I observed, I suspect Keith may have used arsenic – just as Audrey Marie Hilley did.
Deadly Women: Audrey Marie Hilley kills her husband, Frank, and ...
Audrey Marie Hilley liked to serve arsenic to her family, especially if life insurance was involved.
Hilley’s story, which inspired this post, is as follows:

She was born Audrey Marie Frazier on June 4, 1933 in the Blue Mountains of Alabama and married the unfortunate Frank Hilley in 1951, when she was 18.

They had two children, Mike and Carol.

Frank had a good job and Audrey was a secretary. But Audrey spent more than Frank earned which led to friction in the marriage. But Audrey had a way of making more money [unbeknownst to her husband].

She engaged in sex with her bosses in exchange for money.

Meantime, Frank began suffering from a mysterious illness, as did their son Mike. But Mike’s symptoms – which his doctors attributed to stomach flu – stopped as soon as he moved away from home to attend the seminary.

In 1975, after returning home early due to his illness, Frank walked in to find Audrey in bed with her boss.

However, Frank accepted his role as cuckold and turned to his son Mike, then an ordained minister living in Atlanta, for advice.  In May 1975, a short time after a visit from Mike, Frank visited his doctor complaining of nausea and tenderness in his abdomen.

He was diagnosed with a viral stomach ache. He was admitted to a hospital, where tests indicated a malfunction of the liver and doctors diagnosed infectious hepatitis. He died early in the morning of May 25, after about 20 years of marriage to his lovely cheating and murderous bride.

Frank’s autopsy, performed with Audrey Hilley’s permission, revealed swelling of the kidneys and lungs, bilateral pneumonia, and inflammation of the stomach. Because the symptoms closely resembled those of hepatitis, that was listed as Frank’s cause of death and no further tests were conducted.

Audrey redeemed his life insurance of $31,140. [about $150,000 in today’s dollars].

She soon blew through that money and about three years later, Audrey took out a $25,000 life insurance policy on her daughter, Carol; with an additional $25,000 accidental death rider. Within a few months, Carol began experiencing trouble with nausea and was admitted to the emergency room several times.

Audrey gave Carol a milky white injection that she claimed would alleviate the nausea. However, the symptoms worsened, with Carol enduring numbness in her extremities.

After medical tests found no disease, Carol’s physician, fearing the symptoms were psychosomatic, had her undergo psychiatric testing at Birmingham’s Carraway Methodist Hospital.

There, Carol secretly received two more milky injections from her mother, who warned her not to tell others about the shots.

A month after Carol was admitted to the hospital, her physician said she was suffering from malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies, adding that he suspected heavy metal poisoning was to blame for the symptoms.

Panicking, Audrey had Carol discharged from the hospital that very afternoon. The following day, Carol was admitted to the University of Alabama Hospital.

As luck would have it, Audrey, who continued her big spending ways, was arrested for passing bad checks — they were written to the very insurance company that insured Carol’s life, causing that policy to lapse and hence almost eliminating the need to kill her daughter.

University physicians concentrated their investigation on the possibility of heavy metal poisoning, noting that Carol’s hands and feet were numb, she had nerve palsy causing foot drop, and she had lost most of her deep tendon reflexes.

What Causes White Milk Spots on Nails?


Physicians also noticed “Aldrich-Mees’ lines” on Carol’s nails. Forensic tests on samples of her hair were conducted by the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences on October 3, 1979, revealing arsenic levels over 100 times the normal level close to the scalp to zero times the normal level at the end of the hair shaft.

This indicated that Carol had been given increasingly larger doses of arsenic over a period of four to eight months.

That same day, Frank’s body was exhumed and, upon examination, showed between 10 times and 100 times the normal level of arsenic. It was concluded that both Frank and Carol suffered from chronic arsenic poisoning, with Frank’s poisoning being fatal.

Audrey was already incarcerated on her bad check charges when she was charged [October 9, 1979] for the attempted murder of her daughter. The Anniston police found a vial with a milky white substance in her purse. Tests revealed the presence of arsenic.

Two weeks later, Frank’s sister found a jar of rat poison at the house which contained 1.4%-1.5% arsenic.

On November 9, Audrey was released on bail. She promptly disappeared leaving a note behind indicating that she “might have been kidnapped,”

On January 11, 1980, Audrey was indicted in absentia for her husband’s murder.

Subsequently, investigators found that both her mother and her mother-in-law, Carrie Hilley, had significant, but not fatal, traces of arsenic in their systems when they died.

The remains of Sonya Marcelle Gibson, an eleven-year old friend of Carol Hilley’s who died of indeterminate causes in 1974, was exhumed and examined, but was found to contain only a “normal” amount of arsenic.

Gibson was one of many neighborhood children who had fallen ill after drinking milky beverages they had been given during visits to the Hilley household.

Two police officers who had been dispatched to look into a disturbance that Hilley had called 911 about also reported coming down with nausea and stomach cramps after drinking coffee with cream that Hilley offered them.

Although police and the FBI launched a massive manhunt, Hilley remained a fugitive for three years.

She traveled to Florida, where she met John Greenleaf Homan III. She was using the name Robbi Hannon.

They lived together for a year before she married Homan on May 29, 1981 and took his last name.

The couple moved to New Hampshire. She frequently talked about her imaginary twin sister, “Teri”, who supposedly lived in Texas.  Late in summer 1982, she left New Hampshire, telling her husband she needed to attend to family business and to see some doctors about an illness. During this time, she traveled to Texas and Florida, using the alias or her made up sister, Teri Martin.

During the trip, using the alias Teri Martin, she called John Homan and informed him that his wife, Robbi Homan, had died in Texas but there was no need for him to come to Texas because the body had been donated to medical science.

On November 12, after changing her hair color and losing weight, she returned to New Hampshire and met John Homan, posing as Teri Martin, his “deceased” wife’s sister.

An obituary for Robbi Homan appeared in a New Hampshire newspaper which aroused suspicion when police were unable to verify any information it contained. A New Hampshire state police detective surmised that the woman living as Teri Martin was, in fact, Robbi Homan and staged her own death. That hunch paid off and shortly after police brought “Teri Martin” in for questioning. She confessed to being Audrey Marie Hilley.

She was returned to Alabama to face trial.

Unknown Gender History: Audrey Marie Hilley, Alabama Escape Artist ...

She was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for her husband’s murder and 20 years for attempting to kill her daughter.

Audrey Marie Hilley Homan began serving her sentence in 1983 and was a model prisoner. Incredibly, her good behavior earned her several one-day passes from the prison. She always returned on time.

In February 1987, however, Hilley escaped after she was given a three-day pass to visit her husband, John Homan, who had moved to Anniston to be near his murderous and deceptive wife.

They spent a day at an Anniston motel and when Homan left for a few hours, she disappeared, leaving behind a note for Homan asking his forgiveness.

Four days after Audrey vanished from the motel, Anniston police, responding to a call about a suspicious person, went to a home and found her. She apparently had been crawling around in the woods, drenched by four days of frequent rain and numb from temperatures dropping to the low 30s.

She was taken to a local hospital and underwent emergency treatment for hypothermia. At the hospital, she suffered a heart attack and died.

In any event, Keith Raniere was said to have been fascinated with the exploits of Audrey Marie Hilley, as if she was some kind of female folk hero.
Did he use arsenic to dispatch Pam and Barbara Jeske as a tribute to Hilley? Did he use poison on my sister to weaken her system?
Arsenic poison, administered slowly – to keep the girls under his physical/sexual control and then finally kill them?
Keith stated he was “the smartest man on earth”- and he could easily keep a schedule- as to when the milk shakes were to be given to each woman.
These girls suffered enormous side effects from their illness. Was it sparked by poison?
Here are some of the effects of arsenic:
A) Cramps
B) Diaarhea
C) Vomiting
E) Headaches
F) Blurred vision
G) Burning to the extremities (feet & hands)
H) Burning to the lips and mouth
I) Burning in the stomach lining
J) Abdominal/ gastric problems
I suspect Keith was careful NOT to get close to arsenic. He either wore gloves/mask or he was careful to make sure he kept his cup way away from poison.
As they exhumed the body of Frank Hilley, I think law enforcement should exhume the body of Barbara Jeske – and if they can find out where it is  – the body of Pam Cafritz.
They should check for all kinds of heavy metals – staring with arsenic.
While arsenic dissipates quickly after embalming, the nails and hair will show arsenic long after death.
The scent of arsenic is an almond smell. You smell it in the hair and skin. The mouth will have an odor of metal.
I am quite sure, Keith was careful to wait hours after the women were given their milk shakes- before any physical contact was made with them.
Kristin Snyder disappeared on Feb. 6, 2003
Just because the demon is in prison and likely to be sentenced to life in prison or for a very long sentence [which equates in his case to life] does not mean we should abandon our quest to find out what happened to the women who died by following him or in the case of my sister, disappeared and is, quite frankly, presumed to be dead.

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  • Kim Snyder
    Heidi Hutchinson- will you please contact me by cell phone? You have my number. Can we talk again? Please?
    We are NOT supporting the death penalty now- we want to see Keith Rainere Suffer. We would like to talk to you again.

  • Kim Snyder
    Heidi this is Kim Snyder- do you think there is ANY chance that Gina was also being poisoned-and if so, with your permission – could we have her exhumed & check for different things?
    If things come out the way that we want them to- it could seal Keith’s fate. We also want to exhume Barbara Jeske, and see if she has any traces of poison in her.
    Would you give us permission for this exhumation? Please?
    Please? It could send Keith to the electric chair. Please???!!!!!!
    Thanks 😊 Kim Snyder

    • Oh boy… Glad things are becoming less weird around here… What if Kim says PRETTY please?

      I have an idea. Let’s get a law enforcement decision maker to weigh in on what would have to happen in order for them to fully/properly investigate?

    • Hi Kim, sorry I didn’t respond sooner, just got back to this thread.

      We did an autopsy already and there were no drugs or poison found. I’m completely in support of further investigation, of course, into all the deaths I do believe Keith Raniere and NXIVM is responsible for including your sister’s. I guess it’s up to the Jeske and the Caffritz families as to exhuming Barb and Pam’s corpses, respectively. (Btw, I don’t support the death penalty but understand how you feel about that where Keith Raniere is concerned.)

      Hope you and your fam are doing OK under all these stresses. Stay healthy and strong. …Much love, say “hey” to your Mom for me.

  • the documentary showed hair analyzed already and came back with heavy toxins bismuth and something else, if there was arsenic we would know already.

  • Well said, Kim. No question in my mind that the substances Keith was feeding Pam and Barb — and that alleged “nurse” Nancy and others blithely condoned — were meant to hasten their demise — not cure them but, at least, prevent them from seeking proper treatment and rapidly finish them off.

    Keith’s motives and intent to murder these women couldn’t be more clear.

    I’m shocked and outraged that these deaths, along with those of our sisters, have apparently not been investigated.


  • Can the next of kin of the deceased order the body to be exhumed for private testing with compelling evidence or does this need to go through law enforcement to make that order and decide whether or not this can proceed and the evidence sufficient? I ask this question, as you hear stories of dead celebrities being dug up and moved. I just wondered about the process of exhumation and who grants it and can there be a flimsy reason for it?

    • Family can request to exhume. According to the coroner, it’s up to him and the county judge whether or not to exhume. One problem is the cost for the job to get done. Who’s going to pay for Barbara Jeske to be exhumed? And will her family want the truth by all means necessary? And where the hell is Pam Cafritz’s body?

  • Arsenic can be dangerous in large quantities and cause kidney cancer.
    In the Western US arsenic has contaminated drinking water from mining operations.

    The poison that smells like almond is CYANIDE.
    Bitter almonds contain high levels of cyanide and must be processed before human consumption.
    The white milky substance could have been almond milk supplemented by another poison like arsenic

    Bitter almonds may yield 4–9 mg of hydrogen cyanide per almond[40] and contain 42 times higher amounts of cyanide than the trace levels found in sweet almonds
    The acute oral lethal dose of cyanide for adult humans is reported to be 0.5–3.5 mg/kg (0.2–1.6 mg/lb) of body weight (approximately 50 bitter almonds), whereas for children, consuming 5–10 bitter almonds may be fatal.[41]

  • Awesome article. I still say Vegas would set the odds as Keith’s mother being victim #1.

    I have a question for Kim. Can you please elaborate on this sentence – “In any event, Keith Raniere was said to have been fascinated with the exploits of Audrey Marie Hilley, as if she was some kind of female folk hero.” I’m curious how we know this. Also, are we positive that Pam’s drink smelled like almonds? If there is someone(s) corroborating both of these things, I’d say we have enough circumstantial evidence to exhume Barbara and Pam. How could anyone/anonyone disagree? IF we can even get Anonymaker on board, where’s law enforcement?

  • Kim, great article. Comparing Hilley to Raniere and him knowing about her is so creepy. I still think he didn’t kill them by himself. Lauren testified giving Dani Xanax secretly so she had to learn it from someone. Honestly even looking at Michelle Hatchets hair makes me think she was either being poisoned herself or it’s from her super low-calorie DOS diet.

    Frank, has anyone else been tested for poison yet? Are you allowed to say?

  • See that glass of milk in the article photograph? SultanOfSix, the mad spanker has jizzed out at least double that, thinking about Kristin Gook, since the quarantine began.

  • Great piece. You make a very good case that there is a pattern that is at least extremely suspicious – and yet another thing worthy of further investigation.

    At a minimum, Raniere seems to have interfered with Jeske and Cafritz receiving proper medical treatment that might have saved their lives, and in doing so likely increased their suffering. It comes to mind, that his behavior could be a variation of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, in which Raniere took perverse satisfaction causing illnesses in others. Plus his pattern of claiming to be ill or suffering himself – including, perhaps eerily, claiming to have cancer – when he wasn’t, seems to fit the definition of Munchausen Syndrome itself:

    ‘Munchausen syndrome is a factitious disorder, a mental disorder in which a person repeatedly and deliberately acts as if he or she has a physical or mental illness when he or she is not really sick. Munchausen syndrome is considered a mental illness because it is associated with severe emotional difficulties.’

    > https://www.webmd.com/mental-health/munchausen-syndrome#1

  • What a bunch of sickos human beings can be. To plan and carry out for years the slow poisoning of one’s own children for money has got to be the lowest depths of a lack impulse control that one can achieve. The ironic thing is that such actions are even against the idea of evolution. Hilley was obviously a sociopath/psychopath. Whether Keith acted in a similar manner is a question that probably should be answered. It is oddly coincidental that a number of the women who surrounded him met unfortunate deaths mired in sickness and subsequently left large sums of their money to him. It is definitely a question that ought to be looked into due to at minimum correlation and motivation. Where there is smoke there is fire.

  • There is always speculation about orally administered poisons, but didn’t Keith Raniere also have the notorious colon irrigations with coffee? What if in the enemas not only coffee was administered, but also harmful and toxic substances, such as heavy metals, which are absorbed through the colon. Moreover, the substances administered do not require any consideration for the sense of taste or smell, which would cause nausea or vomiting if taken orally. Is there anyone who can contribute more, or knows more?

    • Great question. Let’s not forget that Keith started a health food/vitamin/herb business. He used this to position himself as an expert on what to put in your bodies.

  • Kim Snyder
    This is the best article yet- if I do say so myself. LOL! Keith liked Audrey Marie Hilley.
    Why would anyone like a serial killer? Stupid! Sick!

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