Weight Loss and Teen Board of Directors Was on Agenda for Kristin Kreuk’s Suspicious Girls By Design

Kristin Kreuk


GBD Deep Dive Pt 3

At the end of September 2008, Kristin Kreuk posted about getting together with a group of (Nxivm) ladies.  She lavished praises on pregnant Kendra and her close friend Allison Mack.  This group of mainly unnamed women were Nxivm cult members.  Of course, the Nxivm part was omitted in Kreuk’s post and it was simply described as a random gathering for no reason.  Kendra and Tabby’s attendance also shows that they were just as involved in the Nxivm group even if they never met Keith Raniere in person.

Allison Mack was Raniere’s first line DOS slave.

Let’s Get Together

Posted by Kristin | Filed under Fab Females

There is something special when women come together. It is such a comfortable, warm and truly inspiring experience. About 15 ladies got together last night at my place, and it was soooo beautiful. We ate, chatted, avoided stepping on the dog, and really just hung out. A lot of our time was spent introducing each other and sharing why we value and love the ladies we brought with us… There were some tears. Okay, a lot of tears. haha… we are such girls. I love it…

So we had Kendra and her belly, which is having plenty of movement these days. K is such a fabulous lady. She has a drive and determination that is very powerful. She talks a lot about being afraid all the time, which is something I do experience with her, but I also see her taking these great chances. I mean the woman has chosen to have a baby and build this company. At the same time. That is pretty balls.

And Tabby was there as well… I see Tabs as a girl who has gone through a lot of shite and has chosen to create a positive and productive life. She left her life (and kitty) in L.A. and came to Vancouver in like two days…okay slight exaggeration, but still. Tabby has a really lovely girlish energy, combo-ed with an ability to call code “beautiful”.

Allie-mack is one of my dearest friends. She has been an inspiration to me in her ability to be open, and to translate her passions to others in a way that they get passionate too. Allison is so great at bringing people together to create. And her commitment to help others is something that we share. I have so enjoyed spending these years of my life in her presence.

And my dear friend Rose… Who to me is the embodiment of woman. She is a pillar of strength and a force of female-ness. Intelligent, holistic and ultimately compassionate… I see so much of the type of woman I want to be. Rose-y is now a beautiful mother of a seven month old girl, and this seems to have brought out a vulnerability in her that I hadn’t experienced before. She is truly amazing…

These are just a few of the wonderful gals that were present. And I say this because I think that it would be so lovely for all of you to get a group of your girlfriends together, learn about each other, connect, share your experiences… That is essentially what GBD is about: bringing females together. I believe that women have an important perspective to offer the world. Now, this isn’t about the exclusion of men, it’s about the focus on female. With men around, I think it is more challenging for girls to just be girls. But the more I embrace my female-ness, the more I can appreciate and love men… and other women for that matter. So, get a few or a lot of your gal friends together, and spend time together with the focus on female-ness. And share your experience with us!!!



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Permalink | September 23rd, 2008

Frank published a story about this gathering here: https://frankreport.com/2018/10/30/reader-kristin-kreuk-describes-a-womens-meeting-at-her-home-only-problem-everyone-including-allison-mack-are-nxivm/

Frank writes, “Sounds like Kristin Kook is describing a JNESS meeting that took place at her house. An all-female NXIVM group. All the women she wrote about in this post: Ally Wack, Tabby Chapman, Kendra and Rose Bhura were all in NXIVM. Mack, Bhura and Kendra were recruited by Kook and Chapman was a Smallville fan recruited by Mack. And apparently, now, at least one GBD girl, “Jane” recruited into NXIVM by Kristin Kook started in GBD and is now a branded sex slave. If that’s true, that’s really bad.

And there was Kreuk and Kendra denying (lying) GBD was not related to NXIVM without confirming or denying they were NXIVM cultists. Bad, very bad. This was just two years into Kreuk’s NXIVM involvement. She had already leveraged her fame to recruit for NXIVM through Acapella Innovations, College Project, Juicy Peach, and GBD. She was four years away from being named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit as a likely future defendant. In two years’ time, she would be on Necker Island for a secret NXIVM cult summit where money laundering was said to of been planned.”

Kristin Kreuk at Necker Island

Kreuk and Kendra claim that their activities with GBD had nothing to do with Nxivm and were completely innocent.  Then why did Kreuk feel the need to hide the nature of her group of friends?  If Kreuk and Kendra were doing nothing wrong, then why not bring up the empowerment group for women called Jness?  (Even though we know now that it was really a misogynist group taught by Raniere.) Still, if Kreuk and Kendra were so innocent, why the secrecy?  This writer believes that Kreuk and Kendra knew exactly what they were doing with GBD – recruiting teens into Nxivm and they were under instruction to keep that hidden from GBD by Keith Raniere.


October 2008 started with more demands from the Smallville diva. She wanted some “creations” from the teenagers to compete for a spot on a GBD Teen Board of Directors.

Kreuk did not give any directions on what the teens should submit to compete.   Naturally, this left the teens confused.  When some of the teenagers asked for clarification, Kreuk was dismissive and gave nothing more than “Do what you are inspired to do.”  Judging by the lack of comments to this (and other) posts, it seems most were inspired to do nothing.   After all, they had homework to do.

Last Chance!.

Posted by Kristin | Filed under Fab FemalesGeneral Blog

Just reminding you ladies that Oct. 1st is the final date for submissions for the GBD Teen Board of Directors!!! So send in your creations. Anything that shows why you would be great for the position! I am getting a lot of feedback re: the vague-ness of the submission request. There is no right or wrong way, just do what you are inspired to do! In our education system, things are so rule-bound and specific, I think that this really open request encourages a more true expression. Try not to think too much about what we want, ‘cuz we aren’t looking for specifics, we are looking at your creations.

Thank you to those of you who have already submitted, beautiful work darlings!




The vagueness of Kristin’s requests sounds suspiciously similar to the directions (or lack thereof) that Raniere gave to Dani when she was locked in a room for 700 days.  In Lauren Salzman’s trial testimony, she stated that Keith told her that in dealing with Dani, “…you do not want to tell her what to do or how to be.”  In other words, Dani was supposed to stay in the room until she figured out how to fix things without any directions from Keith.  Dani didn’t know what to say or do to get out.   All she knew was that it was Keith’s decision.

Keith would not tell her what to do but tell her to figure it out herself.  Over and over, Dani would write and write to no avail.  Whatever she did wasn’t good enough and she had no idea why.  It was a complete mindf*ck by the psychopath Keith Raniere.

This same “figure it out for yourself ” speech was now being sputtered by Kreuk to the GBD girls.  Kreuk tells them to create something to compete for a board position but she won’t give them any directions on what to create to compete.  This complete lack of direction has Raniere written all over it.  He probably chose the winners.

One reason for the lack of instructions could have been that it would allow Keith & Co. to pick whoever they wanted for the winners.  The other applicants wouldn’t know why the winner was chosen since all of the submissions would be completely different.  With no clear indication as to whose submission was better than the others then, in theory, anyone could win. Anyone Keith chose.

Another reason for the lack of directions might have been because Kreuk had already requested videos of the girls multiple times (without much success apparently.)  This open-ended request for a creation of some kind seems to be another request for videos/pictures of the girls without openly saying it, which might look suspicious at this point.  Keith would have understood that.

The whole idea of a teen board of directors for a website is suspicious in itself.  GBD was only 3 months old at this point and wasn’t involved in anything requiring a board of any kind.  It appears the whole thing may have been a ruse to obtain more videos of the girls.

In other GBD news, also at the end of September, Tabby is having trouble sticking to her diet and asks for tips from the teenagers.  Again, they made sure to reiterate the weight loss agenda that Keith believes in so strongly for young women.

Journey Update: Stop at the Inn

Posted by Tabby | Filed under Journey

*Crickets chirp*

*another round of chirping*

Um… hi guys! So! Its been a while since I updated you all on my journey. The journey turned more into an extended stop at the inn on the outskirts of town with lots of meat and mead. So, the update is that there are no changes in my weight lately because I haven’t attempted to lose it. I went back to a hybrid of my old eating style and my new eating style (which really means Subway Wraps for lunch and Romano’s Macaroni Grill for dinner). I don’t really know why, at this point, I made that choice with the exception that I’ve been away from home on an extended trip and I could pretty much “get away” with eating whatever I wanted. That and I injured my hip recently so I haven’t been able to get in any physical activity.

Do you guys ever experience that? What do you typically do to get over that hump?


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  • MK is making a good case that Kook was under the sway of Keith and had been majorly mindfucked. If so (and I think so), then probably her body and face also were being fucked by him, since she’s exactly his dream cream. This also means that since Keith demands his women fuck him exclusively, Hildreth was Keith’s cuck, and maybe even supplied Kook to him as tribute.

    That’s the logical extension of Kook’s GBD/JNESS/NXIVM teachings.

  • repeat of Question for MK10ART from her Part 2
    March 20, 2020 at 9:09 pm
    Your posts seem well researched and reasonably fair…thanks…so I ask you, based on all you know, do you think Kristin was aware of the possible nefarious consequences of GBD and that college survey…or do you think she was merely clueless, and maybe duped by Keith or Nancy?

  • Off topic alert…

    Breaking news…

    NY City’s high coronavirus infection rate can be traced back to this interview with the mayor of NYC:


    Listen to this interview please.

    On March 10th De Blasio said this disease offers ‘VERY LITTLE THREAT’ to New Yorkers under 50, LOL.

    Shortly before Mayor De Blasio tried to blame Trump for NYC’s problems, he was seen on TV telling people that Coronavirus was basically the flu and that only people over 50 (or with pre-existing conditions) should employ social distancing. LOL.

    The NYC mayor literally said that everybody else should just go on with normal life, with no containment measures.

    This was on March 10 that he said this. Very recently.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    On March 10th he was telling people it’s just the flu and that there’s no need for any precautionary measures for people under 50 or healthy.

    …and now NYC is the epicenter of the outbreak in the USA.

    It’s almost comical how the democrats are ignoring their own politicians giving out media advice which they now claim has cost many lives.

    Just like Joe Biden criticized Trump for banning flights from China back on January 29th (very early) but yet he’s now saying that Trump didn’t act early enough, LOL.

    Biden already said that he wouldn’t have banned flights from China so early (because it’s racist, he said) —— yet now he’s claiming that Trump should have done that sooner??

    This isn’t just hypocrisy among democrats, it’s a sign of dementia or retardation. 🙂

    And people like AnonyFaker and Joe O’Hara are actually supporting these wacky democrats making these contradictory media statements.

    Have a nice day. 🙂 🙂

  • Great reporting by MK10art.

    I’d like to think that Frank is gonna be more ‘balanced’ now.

    I’d like to think that Frank is gonna reverse his recent decision to believe that Kendra had nothing to do with NXIVM at all and was just an innocent bystander. LOL.

    While I can understand Frank easing up on Kendra’s motives for making GBD posts ——– if he’s a true journalist then he’ll at least seek out an email from Kendra denouncing Keith Raniere’s teachings as misogynistic and wrong, along with the teachings of JNESS and NXIVM.

    If Kendra can’t even give a single statement to Frank (via email) saying that Keith’s teachings were wrong, then Frank has gone soft and is not adhering to basic journalism standards by protecting her.

    Just because she never met Keith does not excuse the fact that she was KNEE DEEP into JNESS and NXIVM’s teachings, which were misogynistic beyond all belief.

    Frank needs to contact Kendra again and seek out an email statement from her, in writing, denouncing Keith’s teachings and saying that she was wrong to ever learn from JNESS and/or NXIVM.

    I just don’t understand how Frank can so easily be swayed by a woman who CLEARLY followed Keith’s teachings in JNESS and NXIVM —– even if she never met him.

    Plenty of people who followed Hitler never met him either but that doesn’t mean they all deserve Frank’s protection from negative articles.

    At the very least, if a previous follower of Hitler won’t even denounce Hitler’s teachings as wrong or evil (after the fact) ——— then they’re not truly sorry for following Hitler.

    How can Frank deny MK10art’s facts?

    How can Frank FORBID MK10art from even mentioning Kendra’s last name, for fear of upsetting Kendra?

    How can Frank do all of this without even receiving a SINGLE STATEMENT from Kendra denouncing Keith’s teachings and saying that he belongs in prison?

    I implore Frank to realize that if Kendra won’t publicly denounce Keith’s teachings and those of JNESS, then she hasn’t repented and is only USING Frank (for his cheaply bought sympathy) and is also PLAYING HIM FOR A FOOL.

    Frank is being PLAYED by Kendra. She’s using him. He actually feels SORRY for her, LOL.

    FACT 1: Kendra followed JNESS and/or NXIVM’s teachings for years.

    FACT 2: Every principle taught inside JNESS/NXIVM was both misogynistic and directly created by Keith Raniere himself.

    I implore Frank to contact Kendra and settle this issue with CLARITY for his readers.

    If she won’t publicly condemn Keith’s misogynistic teachings now (in a written email statement) then Frank needs to stop censoring Kendra’s last name from articles on his site.

    She needs to prove that she’s truly sorry and has changed her ways.

    However, whispering ‘Sweet Nothings’ into Frank’s ear — via a private phone conversation — is not proof of anything EXCEPT Frank’s own weakness for speaking to women on the phone.

    Frank seems to go ‘weak in the knees’ when talking to women on the phone. He gets all soft and mushy inside.

    Frank needs to deal with the fact that Kendra followed JNESS and Kreuk for years —— thus, it’s IMPOSSIBLE that she disagreed with Keith’s misogynistic teachings. I challenge Frank to respond to this allegation and to set the record straight.

    If not, then why would Frank even call himself a journalist? Playing favorites and hiding the truth has no part in honest journalism.

    Kendra followed Keith’s misogynistic teachings within JNESS and/or NXIVM for years and was not an innocent bystander, regardless of the fact that she never met Keith in person.

    Frank needs to set the record straight or risk being labeled as a fraudulent, conman journalist.

    Have a nice day.

  • Your insights added to Frank’s prior reports are stunning, MK10!

    Interesting that Tabby alleges, er, admits she stuffs her face at “ROMANO’s” [bracing myself for AnonyMaker’s Pipino family, mafia conspiracy theory] — is she promoting the NXIVM joint on Rt. 1 donated to one of Kris Snyder’s suspected suiciders —Elaine Smiloff?

    I agree that the nebulous ‘instructions-NOT’ for the girls to send something special in to Kreuk (with a reminder of their ‘no boys allowed’ policy) to win a seat on the GBD board, bespeaks a furtherance of the ‘Sexy 7’ plot to obtain info and collateral on a select group of more vulnerable, “game,” underage victim targets.

    All the reasons you mention fit right in to KAR’s modus operendi.

    I’m reminded of the scavenger hunt contest my sister, Gina, and I supposedly ‘won’ at an early ESP retreat at Pyramid Lake — the one where Nancy Salzman subtly introduced herself as Keith’s surrogate mother — while they were prolly having sex together — the grand prize was, essentially, Keith’s dick and Gina suspected the contest was rigged for our team — she and I — to win it.

    Thanks for this GBD analysis, FR!

    • Hi Heidi 🙂

      The similarity in name between the Romano’s Macaroni Grill chain and your clan’s Romano’s Family Restaurant (which then became NXIVM’s Apropos club) does make it hard to winnow out information on the latter – or is there some bigger connection to the nation-wide operation I’m missing 🙂

      Also, photos show Smiloff’s food counter operation inside one of the classroom or office buildings, not the restaurant on Rt. 1 – unless we have evidence that she was involved in operations there, after NXIVM bought the property.

      Back on topic, while it seems to fit with Raniere’s modus operandi for him to have seeded the idea of organizations reaching out to girls and young women, GBD and all the other attempts were hapless and failed. Having raised young girls around that time, along with my siblings, I remember clearly that inappropriate sexualization of girls seemed rampant in the media and entertainment industries, so sadly I don’t see the GBD crew acting very unusually. And while Raniere may well have seeded the idea for efforts like GBD in hopes of creating new pipelines of women, all those efforts in Vancouver seem to have been short-lived and ill-fated – he doesn’t seem to have been capable of pulling off anything outside of his immediate sphere of control in the Clifton Park area, whether it was those gambits or the attempt to develop properties in LA.

  • Voth and Kreuk may deny that NXIVM was associated with GBD, but it is obvious that NXIVM’s teachings clearly influenced it. When all of your closest friends are in NXIVM, and you constantly use the jargon of it, then you can be sure that it has a stronghold on your mind and is defining your perspective on things. And the longer you’re in it, the stronger its foothold becomes into the recesses of your brain. The cult projected an air of superiority and smugness based on nothing except membership into it, from which they isolated themselves and maintained a cloud of secrecy from outsiders, in particular those who showed any disagreement towards its teachings or members, even if they were clearly wrong. In such partial behavior, it was easy to see that they weren’t who they professed to be, but were simply another clique in the many that people run into in their lives, starting from junior high school into adulthood where they still exist in various forms.

  • “Sounds like Kristin Kook is describing a JNESS meeting that took place at her house.”
    Was Jness already operating in 2008?

    “This group of mainly unnamed women were Nxivm cult members”
    If they weren’t named, how do you know that they were Nxivm members?

    • Yes, Jness was around back in my sister Gina’s day — it was the first secret sorority set-up to recruit very young girls — I’m not entirely certain but I believe the name J-ness is a slang-like perversion of “Genius” — from a time when adopting black culture was trending among white, American youth. [Gina, who wore her hair in black, silky dreads and worshipped Eminem for a time, would say things like “you’re a Jay-ness, girl” meaning genius and I always assumed that’s where Jness got it’s name.]

      In any case, by whatever name, there was always a secret, “girls-only,” sub-group recruiting and grooming underagers for Keith.

      Keith was on-line himself circa ‘08 chatting up “submissive” women on high IQ message boards — I found some of those conversations “methinks” and shared them with John Tighe and Jim O’dato — Keith’s posts were still online in 2010 — which may be why Kristin Keeffe or some stooge of hers — is on here recently accusing me of “posting in drag.” …Or is that a throwback from circa 1999 when Kristin Keeffe had Gina load a key-logger on our home computer, methinks?

      Again, I believe Kristin Keeffe, possibly Pam Cafritz, “Sympathy for the Devil” writer Ivy Nevares and NLP queen Nancy Salzman, at least, played roles as knowing accomplices all along in Keith’s constant hunt for Virgin sacrifices.

      The fact that care was taken to make GBD appear disassociated from, independent of, NXIVM and Keith Raniere (who already had a diddler reputation, locally) speaks volumes.

      What Kreuk knew or didn’t — she and a certain other Kristin are clearly misleading investigators in any claim that Keith Raniere was not directing the GBD group, developing the site, creating the material, supplying the lines for actresses Kristin Kruek and Allison Mack to recite as they competed to be the STAR of these sordid ventures.

      …Reminded of Keith’s “designer emotions” advise to Allison promoting the company promised exclusively to her: The Source.

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