Plastic Tents to House Coronavirus Patients in Central Park Might Result in Deadly Bio Hazard in NYC

By Ken Gibson

People in New York City got a new shock today. Something so dangerous and stupid is being planned that not just this city, not just this state, but the entire nation could be wiped out in a few weeks.

The New York Post surprised us with the strange facts that massive plastic hospitals are being set up without our consent right smack in the middle of Manhattan. Central Park.

The Javits Center, the 760,000-square-foot convention center located in Midtown Manhattan, is one of the facilities that will be used as a 1,000-bed hospital as New York City fights the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

For weeks, we heard about the large, steel, concrete and glass Javits Center being set up for this purpose. It is NOT central, but rather, right by the Hudson River – from which helicopters can access it. Highly contagious biowaste can be disposed of by trucks that can roll right on to the West Side Highway. Access to this facility is easy, no crowds gather at this sterile complex which has been dedicated to the health and welfare of the people, with top professionals, including the New York Naval Militia, the National Guard and other military groups working on this.

A closer look at the hospital beds at the Javits Center.

In contrast, The New York Post tells us that ” An evangelical Christian relief organization on Sunday began setting up a massive field hospital in Central Park to help New York City cope with the crush of patients sickened by the deadly coronavirus.”

I have respect for their aims, but they are NOT top doctors and top reservists. One such person I know is a Chief Warrant Officer – with over 20 years of work in the US Navy. He is NOT setting up plastic tents in the middle of the city in the middle of a park inhabited by wild animals – some of which have rabies and canine distemper; raccoons have been dying by the dozens in the park.

Which is a nice place to walk around in the day, but not a place to set up a hospital full of highly infected patients. For instance, there are winds that blow down branches – twice in recent memory, people have been killed by these. Many animals chew through plastic, smelling the protein inside, and eager to get a meal, they make holes even in metal. Plastic tents afford the patients no real protection from these vermin.

And they afford the public at large no protection whatsoever from a more dangerous organism – the COVID-19 viroid. Capable of destroying entire cities in a single sneeze.

Samaritan’s Purse – the entity mentioned by the NY Post, might not have seen the videos of people falling dead in the streets of Wuhan. They might not have any experience whatsoever with COVID-19. And they might be overzealous, led by people who are happy to die and go to heaven with their good deeds.

But heaven is not where they may end up if they continue with this stupid idea. I believe there is a God; and that there are sins of commission, and sins of omission. And the omission of any proper planning can incur His wrath.

The team that is setting up these plastic tents is led by Dr. Elliott Tenpenny, who’s previously treated Ebola patients in West Africa, Syrian refugees in Iraq and earthquake victims in Ecuador.

“This is honestly the most improbable place we’ve ever been,” he told The Post.

Early this morning (Sunday, 29 March), 20 volunteers from the Big Apple helped 50 Samaritan’s Purse employees set up the first of what will be 14 tents covering 50,000 square feet of the park’s East Meadow. There is no record of any consultation with the locals. It’s as if they are saying “to hell with you, we are holy and righteous so we just do what we want and don’t take advice.”

Their tents will accommodate 68 patients, including 10 in makeshift intensive care units that will have a ventilator for each patient. And this is set to open by Tuesday morning. It is like a complete disregard for the community. No one seems to have been consulted.

Of course, the city gave them a permit, an emergency permit –  which is little comfort; this is the city that sold an entire hospital to developers recently – St. Vincent’s on 12th St/7th Ave. – against the advice of residents who said that it was then, and would be, needed. It is needed. It is gone.

Elliott Tenpenny (@ElliottTenpenny) | Twitter
Dr. Elliott Tenpenny

In its place, we have Franklin Graham’s people acting with the speed of the Nazi Luftwaffe to construct plastic tents in the park. Right across from large residences on 5th Ave. The potential for disaster is obvious.

And St Vincent’s is not the only hospital that was disappeared under the powers that be; Coler-Goldwater south campus on Roosevelt Island closed a few years ago, to give way to a tech campus. I do not know the status of it, could it have been reopened? Is it a tech campus? If it is, or if it is just closed, it ought to be a hospital.

And other buildings can be hospitals, there was the idea that hotels would be commandeered.

Hotels, which have running water, electricity, and waste disposal systems in place. Or what about schools, where classrooms which are not used now can become hospital wards?

We need real buildings to keep high-level virus patients. Not plastic tents. And we need them as far away from the general population as possible, not right smack in the middle of a large city. One mistake, and we could all be dead.

I am asking that anyone who reads this IMMEDIATELY contact their reps; call and call and call again till they get the message. Call the WHITE HOUSE, call the CDC. This is an imminent threat to our lives. Do NOT let them placate you with the fact that Mayor Bill de Blasio gave them a permit. The developers who took away our hospitals had permits too. The Nazis gave their people lots of permits. The governor of this state REFUSED 16,000 respirators. He had a permit too.

If we do not stop this, we are permitting a biohazard to be set up right smack in the middle of the most populated city in the US – where already, over 1,000 are infected each day.

Let the professionals handle this at the large, clean and well situated Javits Center. Franklin Graham is doing the devil’s work. He will be judged – by both God and man. And he may not end up where the thinks he will.

Let every American use the common sense and overrule religious zealots and NYC politicians who have been shutting down hospitals – to put plastic, hazardous tents in their place.

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  • Further to my comment below, and Scott’s lies against me at the bottom of this comment page, is the fact that I did email him on 4 Nov 2019. Here, from my email account, is the email I sent to this loser, to which I got NO reply.
    He lies. I am proving it. see below:


    Tell me a bit about your show and what you propose.
    I have been on radio a # of times, most recently on Tony Gosling’s weekly broadcast in Bristol, UK.
    My areas of work include industrial hemp, UK and US politics.
    I am the author of 2 books – one on US politics and the other on hemp.

    I live in NYC and am pretty current with events here, both political(with a focus on the Hispanic Congressional districts – 7/13/14/15) and non-political – Central Park, art & architecture, etc.



  • It is vital now to move all Liberals to quarantine camps, or to isolate them in some other way from mainstream God-fearing American society, so they can’t spread this disease (and other things) via their deviant sexual practices and secret networks.

    How can people fail to see the obvious connection between the situations in New York and Cslifornia and the numbers of people who vote Democrat there?

  • A new study (just published yesterday) finds that C-virus death rates are MUCH lower than originally reported, mostly due to lack of testing of people with mild or no symptoms.

    It’s reporting that C-virus death rates are only 0.66% (or possibly less, once serology testing is done).

    Once we roll out widespread ‘serology’ testing over the next month or two, we’ll learn about the many infected people who never sought medical help or testing, which will lower this death rate even more.

    The more widespread the infection rate truly is (that we didn’t know about) the lower the death rate figure will be.

    It’s quite possible that many more people were infected that weren’t tested. No country has done extensive enough serology testing to give a truly accurate number yet.

    Serology testing will finally ‘tell the tale’ that nobody will be able to dispute. 🙂

    AnonyFaker, Joe O’Hara and Paul will all DREAD learning about the serology testing numbers when they come out. 🙂

    These 3 guys want the death rate to be 4%-7% cuz that’s what CNN told them. They want maximum deaths. They won’t be happy to learn about the lower death rates.

    Oh… This study also suggests that despite the media ‘cherry picking’ a few ‘younger’ cases (to highlight that people under 50 years old can die), the truth is that mostly older and weaker people are dying.

    Cherry picking a few 30 year olds doesn’t change the facts.

    You can cherry pick the same 30 year olds dying from the flu if you want to, but that doesn’t change the fact that mostly older and weaker people die.

    The data is all that matters.

    C-virus does cause a higher death rate in *older* people than the flu, but the overall death rate will likely be only 2 or 3 times higher than the flu. Not exactly a worldwide plague, LOL.

    Once the serology data comes out people will be less hysterical when they learn the final numbers.

    That’s the key to restarting the economy and Trump’s team is wise to wait for these numbers.

    It was wise to delay restarting the economy from Easter to end of April (basically a 2 week delay). In fact, I think he should delay until mid May when the serology numbers begin coming out in greater volume, which will give people the facts once and for all.

    Presenting clarity and factual data is the only way to put people at ease.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Awwww. Look at little Bangcock growing up right in front of our eyes. First Keto and now this! He (she?) cares about our health AND the economy!

        • It’s a true love match made on Frank Report — Nutty and Niceguy!

          So proud of their wittle, baby banger using such big, nice words…serology…that’s one I’ll have to look up.

    • First, you’re once again almost hysterically, and entirely falsely, making straw man arguments – none of the people you cite have said the things you’re delusionally setting them up as supposedly having claimed. The three you mention have only been been making the data-based observations and projections that turn out to be closely in line with those made by experts worldwide, and that the White House has now finally accepted.

      And yes, we’ve always known that some of the numbers would appear to go down as testing became more widespread – which is why I’ve consistently cited South Korea, for instance, which has done much broader testing and, thus, has a far better handle on the problem there, as providing possible best-case scenarios at one sort of extreme.

      But that doesn’t mean that they don’t remain high, and in some regards – like hospitalization rates – extraordinarily high:

      Coronavirus sickening young adults, children: We are learning ‘that everyone is at risk’

      “CDC data from last week shows an average of 39 percent of hospitalizations nationwide involve patients under the age of 55. Almost all of the 121 patients who were admitted to intensive care units were adults under 65, according to the CDC’s findings.
      “But it appears as though new data from the CDC shows one in five individuals hospitalized due to COVID-19 is aged 20 to 44. Moreover, about 12 percent of intensive care unit admissions are people 20 to 44.”

      Officials are also now poking holes in the theory that even among younger demographics, that it is only those with inherent medical woes who are perilously impacted as those deemed to be in top physical condition are also being hit hard.”

      The reality check is that armchair theorizing aside, we see hospitals in the hardest-hit areas overwhelmed to the point that care is compromised, and starting to run out of supplies and equipment completely – this is nothing like the flu in its actual effects, and aspects like the death rate may get much worse before they get better.

      The problem that points to is that our country, having failed to get ahead of the curve with testing like South Korea did, is now facing an overwhelmed and short-supplied health care system that simply won’t have the resources to save everyone and achieve the better numbers that South Korea (and other countries like Taiwan and Singapore) did, likely leading us to become more like Italy.

  • Production has been ramped up, and the US is now producing in excess of 250,000 capsules of Donald Trump a week.

  • 1 – Last July, Chinese scientists working at Canada’s Lv 4 bio lab were caught sending coronavirus samples to China.

    2 – A report by scientists in India stated that COVID-19 contained genetic sequences of HIV that were very unlikely to happen naturally. The report was quickly scrubbed and buried.

    3 – China and Democrats/globalists are both desperate to be rid of President Trump. These parties have a history of underhandedness and have provably worked together in the past.

    4 – American politicians dumping stocks prior to the crash.

    5 – The media played along with the globalist scheme to rename the virus, removing China from the equation, and attempting to hang it like an albatross around Trump’s neck. Moreover, the media has purposely not investigated and reported in depth about this virus—especially about the origin. No curiosity whatsoever.

    5 – What about all the mask and ventilator shortages? Was this incompetence or perhaps part of a setup kept waiting for the right time? Yes, Obama’s administration failed to restock emergency supplies, but President Trump receives the negative impact, amplified by the media.

    6 – the continued failure of the Climate Change agenda to take hold in America may have played a role in this.

    • ALL 6 of your points are very valid and we ought to be paying them more attention.
      Point 5, for instance – coupled with the mysterious closures of not one but 2 hospitals recently
      in the 212 area code. Both sold to developers.
      Point 4 involved a TOP Senator – Diane Feinstein – who had a CHINESE SPY driving her around.
      Point 3 strikes a chord – as the Humpty Dumpty Institute, headed by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother and started by a top Clinton pal, had 33 congressmen who have refused to answer ANY of my questions about their involvement in the HDI – which has wealthy PR China executives on board. I voiced suspicions last year (on Tony Gosling’s radio show for instance) that China was Jeffrey’s paymaster – and Maxwell’s.
      Point 1 speaks for itself.

      Thanks for all of these.

  • It’s all fine because it’s only the flu and all you need to do is poo down to the health food store, buy some Cinchona capsules and hang some liberals.

    If there’s no Cinchona capsules because the healthfood store wants to fleece you for garlic capsules, just drink a lot of tonic water and keep away from 5g repeaters.

    Stop all the hysteria.

    Everything will be back to normal by Easter.

    People have been telling you this for weeks.

    Why won’t you listen?

  • I have previously reported that the Dem gov in NYC shut two hospitals recently. St Vincents,
    and Goldwater. I was hoping that the former was reopened in this crisis. No such luck. It was sold to become a tech campus where we did not need one. I want to arrest the mayor and governor and all city council members who allowed this to happen. I used to visit a friend there in 2012-13, it was really a beautiful place. It’s not just my memories that are lost.

    So instead of brick and mortar hospitals, we have plastic tents.

    Thank you very much indeed Cuomo, de Blasio and Quinn.

  • Oh, I just wanted to correct ShadowState…

    Using a face mask is USELESS for protecting yourself.

    Face masks can only protect OTHERS from your own coughing (they won’t protect YOU from THEIR coughing).


    Cuz your EYES are the most exposed part of your face which aren’t covered by a mask.

    It’s USELESS to cover your nose/mouth if you’re still leaving your EYES exposed to droplets, you dumb fucks.

    If somebody coughs on you, your eyes will soak up anything in the air unless you’re wearing GOGGLES.

    Unless you wear GOGGLES (along with a mask) then you’re not protected. You’re only PRETENDING to be protected, kinda like a small child playing ‘make believe’ doctor.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Both of whom told people not to worry, to carry on as usual. CBS News in NY covered that today.
      Both are trying to blame other people.
      Both are supporting this plastic tent in the park for highly contagious people.
      A local resident told me it comes with a morgue.
      Hospitals and morgues are not built in 48 hours.
      I have local paper interest if I can get a protest of sorts, which is hard as
      laws prohibit protests. There are people very concerned about this who are
      talking to me and each other by phone. Hopefully we can get common sense to prevail,
      with the tents used as a clinic, while real hospitals handle the coronavirus patients.
      In one hospital, Jacoby, the pediatric ward was told to accept patients up to 30yo;
      in reality it has patients up to 90yo.

      If Jacoby could use the tents as their pediatric ward annex, that could work.
      There is room to work this out without a religious group overruling common sense.

      I pray that happens.

  • Sensible things to do, even without a virus.

    Wash your hands with soap and water after using the restroom.

    Don’t shake hands. A slight bow will do.

    Don’t hug and kiss everyone.

    Don’t smoke. Smoking reduces the capacity of the lungs.

    Avoid ibuprofen. From Italy there is reason to believe that overuse of ibuprofen causes more problems than it cures.

    Use a face mask if you can find one.

    Use disposable food wrappers, ups and and containers.
    Let Grim Greta Thunberg worry about the polar bears.

    Remember that stopping a virus is like trying to stop the wind.

    Stay away from nursing and group homes.
    Those people are the most vulnerable.

    Don’t eat exotic meats.
    Don’t eat uncooked or unprocessed meats.
    No sushi, even though sushi is not implicated with this virus.

    Don;t panic.
    Panic can cause economic and social problems which make a bad situation worse.

    In the future avoid trade with and travel to countries like China which bend or ignore safety rules.

    Don’t go on cruise ships.

    Get plenty of rest and enjoy life.
    Learn to be Happy and Healthy.

    • Interesting post, shadow. So, even in normal/non-virus times, you walk around with a mask? You bow to people who try to shake your hand? You don’t eat sushi, you don’t go on cruises, and you don’t visit anyone who is in a nursing home? I’m relieved to find out you wash your hands after using the toilet.

      • Interesting post, shadow. So, even in normal/non-virus times, you walk around with a mask? Nutjob

        Actually it’s quite common in Asia where people are naturally polite, unlike New York.

        :you don’t visit anyone who is in a nursing home? Nutjob

        Don’t worry, Nutjob. When you’re in the insane asylum I will visit you to make sure your straitjacket is nice and tight.

  • Living in NYC with the threat of a religious group setting up plastic tents en lieu of a real hospital and then putting these tents in the middle of a populated area is scary. Frank just posted an excellent piece about religious people who are refusing to exercise social distancing – one of whom is now dead from COVID 19. True religion is not the mega church going mad.
    It involves common sense and a concern for your fellow man.
    With both of these in mind, I reached out to Congressman Adriano Espaillat (NY13) – and I await a response. After that I emailed the NYC Council.
    Here is my letter to them, I will post any response or lack thereof later:

    To whom it concerns on the NYC Council –

    I live in NYC District 10 (10040) and am concerned about the hasty construction of tents in Central Park (East Meadow) which are to be used to house those with COVID 19.The group doing this is Samaritan’s Purse, which worked on this in Italy, where the cases soared so unexpectedly. Plastic tents are not the best way to house infected people. I welcome their use as clinics, which would alleviate the pressure on hospitals that are accredited to keep high risk patients. NYers were not given a say so on this project; the tents are being constructed as I write, so they are expected to be open by tomorrow morning, after only 48 hours of construction. All NYers have a right to know about this and ALL Americans. Plastic tents outdoors are NOT the best way to treat COVID-19 patients.If anything went wrong, we could end up infected or dead.
    I propose that they be used as clinics, and that real hospitals be used as real hospitals.This is in the interest of the safety of not only every NYer but EVERY AMERICAN.
    Please respond ASAP, and please put a stop to this madness,

    Ken Gibson

  • I have outlined several problems with Ken’s overly dramatic comments:

    1) Plastic tents put up in a NYC park — during a quarantine period where nobody is frequenting the park for fun — will NOT pose any more risk to the general public. In fact, removing those patients from the park and crowding them into a building would only force more non infected people to be closer to them, making infection even more likely.

    2) It’s not as if kids and dog walkers will be strolling near the tents each day for fun. People are staying home with their doors locked as if a nuclear attack is underway, LOL. The only people ‘at risk’ (by these hospital tents) are the uninfected people caring for these patients ——— however, they aren’t in any more danger than if they were caring for these same patients inside a crowded building.

    3) Overcrowded NYC hospitals are literally a BREEDING GROUND for this virus. The fact that ‘professional’ nurses and doctors are working in these hospitals doesn’t change this fact. Keeping patients in ‘tents’ (outside) will give them more physical distance between each bed than if they are crowded into an overcrowded hospital.

    4) Contrary to Ken’s hysteria, this virus is NOT airborne and is not being carried (thru the air) far away from the tent site towards innocent bystanders. If you don’t walk within spitting distance of a victim then you can’t get infected via droplets.

    5) While the virus can theoretically live on ‘plastic’ for 48-72 hours in carefully controlled lab conditions (not outside in a storm), there’s little risk from tents blowing away and infecting mass numbers of people.


    For there to be a risk, we’d have to assume that the tents aren’t anchored firmly into the ground —- but they probably are anchored, since hospital tents are constructed to survive in rainy/windy environments around the world in 3rd world countries. If they could blow away from a simple NY rain shower in the spring, they’d be unfit for use anywhere.

    I’m sure these tents are anchored firmly into the ground and are constructed as medical tents.

    I seriously doubt that a simple rain shower is gonna send these tents airborne.

    I’m also sure that no ‘blizzards’ will happen in NYC during the spring. LOL.

    But even IF these tents somehow blew away in a ‘phantom spring blizzard’ (LOL) there’s little chance for ‘mass’ infection to the general public.


    Cuz most people are hiding INSIDE their homes during the quarantine, LOL.

    You don’t have massive numbers of people walking near the tent site, just waiting to be overcome by flying tents if a blizzard just happens to magically materialize, LOL.

    …and even IF one or two unlucky people just happen to be walking near the tent site at a time when a ‘spring blizzard’ just happens to blow these tents into them, LOL, it’ll only result in a couple of people being infected with a virus that gives flu-like symptoms for 99% of everyone who gets it.

    So in a worst case scenario, one or two unlucky bystanders could theoretically get a tent blown into them if a SPRING BLIZZARD somehow manages to overpower the anchoring mechanism of these tents (and sends them flying hundreds of feet away). LOL.

    That’s not a ‘mass’ infection. 🙂

    That’s just 1 or 2 unlucky bystanders who’ll have flu symptoms for a week or two.

    The chances of a bystander aged 70+ walking near those tents is probably ZERO percent. LOL.

    Nothing to see here.

    Ken is using fuzzy logic to become a scare monger.

    *There’s far more risk shopping in NYC grocery stores than there is from these tents in the park.

    Everytime you visit the grocery store you’ll be FAR CLOSER to many people, several of whom could be asymptomatic carriers of the virus. We know that most people have mild or even no symptoms.

    How many grocery stores are open in NYC? Probably hundreds. Each one poses far more risk than these tents.

    We also know that the ‘surfaces’ at each grocery store have been touched by thousands of people each day, which poses a far greater risk than waiting for a magical blizzard to blow a stray tent into an innocent bystander, LOL.

    Can we finally begin to dispense with the stupid hysteria?

    Yes, this virus contagious. But for 99% of people it’s still nothing more than mild symptoms.

    It’s NOT the ebola virus.

    Getting this virus is not a death sentence, except for the rare few with compromised immune systems who can already die from the flu.

    Calm down people. 🙂

    We’ll be fine by summer.

    New study shows that hotter temperatures have been found to reduce COVID transmission:

    When you add this fact to our current national lockdown, the summer should be just fine.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Bangkok,

      You must be taking smart pills because 50% of what you just said makes sense…..

      ….The other 50% is flawed logic and the byproduct of playing too many video games coupled with chronic masturbation.

      Tell mom I said hi!!!!

      Goodnight, dipsh*t!!!! 😉

    • Actually while you, maybe not living in Manhattan as am I – do not know that since everything else is shut people ARE visiting the park.
      For whatever reason, fun is as good as any other, they are. On an average day this time of year over 121,000. You can see the math and the dimensions of the park on the 2 latest posts at
      Dogwalkers are a large segment of that. 2 million people live on this island, to which the park is central. Thus its name.
      The tents are at least uptown, 4/5 of the way north, and all the way on the east side – and just across the street from
      major human habitation on 5th Avenue.
      I hope the summer will be just fine, and I do agree with a lot of your research. However, hot nations like Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Spain
      and Iran have major outbreaks so let’s not just all start gathering when the temp goes up.
      Please act in a safe manner – assumptions are very dangerous at this point.

  • There are comments pro and con here.
    What strikes me is that none of those supporting
    the tents full of infected people claim to live in NYC,
    or even give their real names. Again, I live in NYC.

    I have said that the tents could be useful as clinics, for people with non contagious

    People who have seriously contagious and deadly diseases need to be in real hospital
    for their own good and that of the public at large.

    Whether or not I am religious of the group that has proposed this is religious is a side issue.
    Common sense applies to all.

    And all have a right to know about this – EVERY SINGLE NYer and EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN
    has a right to know that plastic tents are being proposed to house people with COVID-19 right smack in the middle America’s largest city, presently GROUND ZERO – from which infections are already spreading.

    I am looking out for the rights of EVERY SINGLE NYer and EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN.

    The right to know, the right to live.

    And the right to contact their senators, congressmen and local politicians to express their views.
    Some of these pols have sold out entire hospitals from under NYers – adding to the distress in NY and to the distress in all of the US.

    I urge that you call a number of your reps right away and also the press, and let every American you are in contact with know about this. It is their right to know. They may disagree and decide they really do want lots of highly infected people in plastic tents in the middle of a large metropolis, and I may disagree, but no one can accuse me of failing to blow the whistle here and try to keep people safe.

    BTW, the fact that Samaritan’s Purse – the group setting up these plastic tents – is handling the situation in Italy scares me. We all wondered how the situation kept getting worse and worse, with high death rates in Milan etc. Maybe Samaritan’s Purse is not that experienced even if they are well intentioned Protestants.

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Let’s not be on it.

  • Just to lighten his workload a little, I will repost the best comment ever made on this site:

    March 24, 2020 at 6:34 pm

    The Sky is Falling!
    The Sky is Falling!
    I’ve had the flu a few times in my life.
    What did I do?
    I stayed at home and sweated it out.
    I did not blame the then President.
    I did not expect the whole world to stop because I was sick.

  • Ken, this articles is full of inaccuracies and exaggerations, but at least the part about marauding bands of vicious raccoons chewing through the tents, offered a little comic relief.

    I’m sure all of us who have lived, and frequently camped, in areas populated by bears, coyotes, cougars, bobcats, linx, badgers, rattlesnakes, and moose, (and have survived to tell the story) are breathing a sigh of relief right now.

    • Do you even live in NYC?
      And again, what is your real name?
      How seriously can I take your comment?
      A plastic tent with people sick from COVID-19 in the middle of a crowded city is an obvious mistake.
      And easy to rectify – leave the COVID-19 patients in the hospital which has been a hospital for years and transfer the other patients to these tents, or use them as a clinic to alleviate the space problems in the real hospital.
      So easy, yet so hard to understand.
      And yes, read up about raccoons in Central Park – dozens dead from canine distemper.
      They also carry rabies.

      • I live near Vancouver, BC, Ken. I understand New Yorkers are terrified by raccoons, but here in BC, black bears frequently raid the garbage cans in many neighborhoods, and coyotes are a common sight walking down Vancouver streets. Raccoons are everywhere in Stanley Park (which is similar to New York’s Central Park, only much nicer….) and yet, somehow, Vancouverites manage to survive all this.

        We also have sea otters, harbour seals and occasionally orcas, in the waters off Stanley park….not to mention bald eagles overhead. There’s danger everywhere, Ken. You should stay in NYC, where it’s obviously safer. Lol!

        • Flowers:
          Near Chicago we have coyotes.
          You can hear them at night particularly after a rain storm.
          T.he coyotes also use abandoned rail lines to walk downtown.

          A neighbor with a Llasa Apso-Shih Tsu mix had her little dog outside when a coyote came along.
          Little Molly barked the coyote away.
          Molly is a real Lion.

          As for bears when I was a kid I lived near Chester Ravine in Duluth, Minnesota.
          In the Autumn after a dry summer the hungry bears would sometimes drop by at night and rummage through the garbage cans.
          Human beings must learn to live with nature and respect it.
          Panic does no one any good.

          And a smart country makes its own medicines and medical supplies.
          It does not rely on a devious dictatorship like China for medicine.

        • I’m not a Ken fan. I’d go off on the medical inaccuracies of HCQ if I thought I had any medicinal chemistry reader here. Anybody want to talk the various flavors of how this is not how you build a viral weapon? Cell receptor talk? Nah. Plus I have RA, heretofore perfectly controlled with HCQ—note: an annual eye exam is required—but I can no longer get my prescription refilled in NYC, nor anywhere. Oops. But. Here’s a big buttttttt…

          I’m a CO native, Flowers, and appreciate you trying to show your outdoorsy chops. But there are no predators to raccoons in Central Park. No bears. No coyotes. Raccoons are top of the Central Park food chain. They’re freakin huge, they are filled with germs, they are absolutely fearless, and they roam about fighting both each other and dogs.

          Much as I hate to agree with a guy that can’t tell one quinine-related molecule from the other and apparently fears not death by arrhythmia, but…but but he’s also right about the nutjob group running the wannabe MASH unit. It pains me to say this, but he’s so right about the raccoons and sick people and plastic and Jesus freaks. You do yourself and your beliefs no favors here.

          • Thanks for the support. I do admit that my knowledge of quinine is not first hand, and that there are people who are allergic to it or have had some side effects.
            Please point out any inaccuracies that I made when reporting on quinine/chloroquine or HCQ.
            Presently I am working on an article on quinine products and the genus Cinchona.
            I am doing my best, while living with this epidemic in NYC.
            Today a friend told me his brother’s 39 co-worker died from it, and that his cousin has it in Teaneck.
            My writing may have an urgent, unpleasant feel to it, but again, I am facing more than racoons.
            BTW, while I am not an expert on all things HCQ – I am trying my best – I do have some experience with racoons which I have found dead in Central Park. I made a map of this park and here is a URL for that, on which you can find write up from 2019 about these creatures.
            My niece has just created an instagram account for it too,

            We will be giving away free maps to parents who live near the park so they can take their children there and teach them a bit about it.

          • n/a can i ask, about arrhythmia? Ive had that since being treated with HCQ for malaria as a child, it has never really affected me Ive played sport all my life, have a stressful job, the fact that I have to sometimes just freeze and wait till all the fluttering and irregularity subsides is just normal for me, Ive never worried. But these days Ive been hearing a lot about death from arrhythmia, should I be extra concerned?
            Btw, I agree with Ken’s concerns and your explanations. Thanks

          • N/A
            The Central Park raccoons are no bigger than raccoons living anywhere else in North America. Raccoons dont become larger because they are the “top of the food chain”…this is not it works. They may be fatter and tamer than most raccoons due to the large number of park visitors feeding them.

            2 years ago the raccoons in Central park suffered from an outbreak of distemper, and one of the sick raccoons bit someone on the foot. This is the only report of a Central Park raccoon attack I could find.

            I was not attempting to show off my “outdoorsy chops”, I was just trying to show Ken how silly his crazed raccoon scenario sounds to anyone living in a city where wildlife are a common sight (which is probably every city in North America besides NYC).

        • I’m glad Stanley Park is, in your opinion, much nicer.
          Maybe you want to add to it plastic tents full of people dying from a highly contagious disease?
          Or should only NYers have to accept that, as, maybe, Central Park is not as nice as your lovely landscape?

          • We don’t have to accept it because we dont have an idiot running our country, therefore we have had less than 100 coronavirus deaths in Canada so far.

      • Something is wrong when I find myself nodding along with Flowers and Johnson. But I see your point about only using the tents to treat non-COVID patients. The rest of your article was filler that turned everyone against you. I honestly thought it might be a satire piece until I read the comments.

        • At least you see the point in using the tents to treat non-COVID patients.
          Some people don’t.
          That is the main, if not the only point of the article.
          It did NOT turn everyone against me. Not on this site, and certainly not in NYC. The tone is urgent, as is the situation. I like write more evenly and perhaps nonchalantly, but people yesterday were dying from this at the rate of 1 every 10 minutes. Today 1 every 5.
          The main point of the article, which you do agree with, is that we ought not to take any chances, but keep contagious people in solid facilities that have been up for years, not some plastic prefab set up in 2 days.

          The situation is both urgent and satirical, putting highly contagious people in plastic tents in the middle of a city sounds like it ought to be a bad joke on a Twilight Zone episode.

          But is it not. Presently in this city the main hot spot is Elmhurst, Queens, where many Chinese people live. It has over 50% of all the
          cases. The Upper East Side has few. So it will be no surprise when the UES starts to increase in cases, but I expect no apology from Franklin Graham, or Flowers, or China – when that happens.

          Perhaps it is best to concentrate on the main and very urgent point of this article rather than launch into ad homine attacks calling me an atheist (I am not) or worrying about style.

          The substance of it you get. But sadly, others don’t. Mostly others who do NOT live here and can easily nitpick.

  • Never underestimate the stupidity of the government.

    The first Spring rain storm will blow those disease laden tents all over crowded Manhattan and leave the bed ridden patients exposed to the elements.

    And the real vermin are not rabid squirrels and raccoons.

    The real vermin are the corrupt politicians and greedy Wall Street bankers and businessmen who exported America’s industries to China.

    But looking at those trees they were make great Hanging Trees for America’s many traitors who opened up America’s borders to Chinese pestilence and disease.

    • Thank you Shadowstate for your sensible points.
      I am proposing a peaceful compromise that will not cost anything or entail any more work – simply keep these up, and use them as clinics for people with stab wounds, burns, etc.
      That will alleviate the load from the hospitals.
      And then they won’t need to transport 68 sick people to these plastic tents.
      That is itself a major undertaking, it’s not like just a ride in the ambulance – each patient requires major attention to be moved.
      And moving them in a crowded city? On Fifth Avenue?

      Why am I attacked for proposing that the patients with a deadly contagious disease be allowed to remain in hospitals and that any such housing of these patients in the future
      NOT be done right in the middle of a major city?

      I take it that the people rebutting this do NOT live in NYC, do not care, and may be part of a plan to kill us all.

      NYers do not appreciate plans to have seriously ill patients moved right into the middle of the city.
      NYers are dying from this. I am trying to prevent that.

    • “But looking at those trees they were make great Hanging Trees for America’s many traitors who opened up America’s borders to Chinese pestilence and disease.”

      Stalin would be proud of you.

      • Really. Do you know what the penalty for treason is in many non-Communist countries? I think Stalin’s pride from the bowels of hell is for the leftists worldwide.

  • The author is promoting hysteria. Or the author is trying to create traffic to this website by making unsupported claims that will agitate people. There are so many holes and unsupported claims in the author’s argument that I think the article is click-bait.

    “the entire nation could be wiped out in a few weeks” and “Capable of destroying entire cities in a single sneeze” and “One mistake, and we could all be dead.” From a virus that has less than 1% mortality rate here in the US? Really?

    “There is no record of any consultation with the locals” This statement misdirects the reader by suggesting there is no NYC approval, but the author gives no explanation for his claims of “no record.” Which local office/agency did you consult with? They were all closed over the weekend and the article implies that you learned about this effort Sunday morning and posted it Sunday evening.

    “there are winds that blow down branches – twice in recent memory, people have been killed by these” The photos show the tents in open spaces, far from trees.

    “I have respect for their aims, but they are NOT top doctors and top reservists. One such person I know is a Chief Warrant Officer – with over 20 years of work in the US Navy.” Again misdirection. A physician in the navy starts at the rank of lieutenant or lieutenant commander. Also, there is no indication that the author consulted with his CWO friend. But the CWO friend likely isn’t a doctor since the CWO personnel typically promote out of the petty officer ranks, and according to are technical specialists and administrators, not physicians.

    “The team that is setting up these plastic tents is led by Dr. Elliott Tenpenny, who’s previously treated Ebola patients in West Africa, Syrian refugees in Iraq and earthquake victims in Ecuador.” If this man has successfully treated Ebola patients, which as a 30% mortality rate, he is more than qualified to treat COVID-19 patients in plastic tents in Central Park.

    ” ‘This is honestly the most improbable place we’ve ever been,’ he told The Post.” “Improbable place” does not support the author’s argument that this effort is unsafe. It could mean anything, and likely means that Tenpenny never expected to be setting up temporary emergency treatment facilities in the middle of New York City.

    Disclaimer: I detest Samaritan’s Purse, both for Franklin Graham’s politics, and because it enriches him with an obscene amount of money annually, funds which could be better spent serving the poor that it claims to be concerned about.

    • I LIVE IN NCY. There was NO consultation with us. And I know Central Park well –
      I made a map of it just recently, after spending 10 years to make it.
      As to the CWO you are correct in a nitpicking detail that Navy doctors are full officers
      not warrant officers; but I refered to him as a ‘reservist.’ Perhaps that sentence left it a bit
      vague, but I am writing fast to combat this stupidity.
      I doubt you live in NYC. I doubt you have any common sense.
      Please defer to those of us who do live here.
      You waste time picking on a statement like – wipe out an entire nation with a single sneeze –
      but so what? OK; half a nation. Or just one town. What the hell is your point?
      In Wuhan they tell us it is under control, only 10,000 people died. So why are Chinese
      posting stories about 50,000+ burial urns shipped to Wuhan?
      50,000 or 325,000,000 – an small town or an entire nation –
      we need to protect EVERYONE.

      If you were so sensible – why would you not see the common sense involved in letting these
      tents stay up – but as clinics for non contagious ailments – while keeping the COVID-19 patients
      in the hospital where they are already?

      Why even take the risk of transporting 68 patients?

      It is easy for you to nitpick an article. How easy would it be for you to heal people
      when they get sick? Would you make an apology to people it this spread from
      these makeshift tents, constructed in 48 hours?

      No. You would disappear. My name, my image, and my work is up here I am showing my face in the city and country where I have lived for decades.

      Let’s see you do the same.

      • You are so full of shit. The premise of your article was that the tent hospital was set up with no authorization from the city. In your response to my criticism you state, “I live in NCY (sic). There was NO consultation with us.” Who are YOU that someone has to consult with you? The field hospital is for overflow from Mt. Sinai Hospital and sanctioned by NYC.

        Here is the unauthorized operation as claimed by you:

        “As New York City continues to battle the US’s most serious coronavirus outbreak, city authorities have given the go-ahead for the construction of a field hospital in Central Park.

        “Designed as a respiratory care unit, the tent hospital will be staffed by doctors, nurses and other medical staff, and will accommodate up to 68 patients. Similar tent-based hospitals have been created in northern Italy, which has seen one of the world’s worst outbreaks.

        “Announcing the hospital’s construction, New York mayor Bill de Blasio forecast that it would be less an anomaly than a sign of things to come.

        “’We’re going to be using every place we need to use to help people. Mount Sinai Hospital working with the relief organisation named Samaritan’s Purse is creating a 68-bed field hospital. So this is the kind of thing you will see now as this crisis develops and deepens,’ he said.

        “Mr de Blasio said he expected the hospital, which is being erected in the park’s east meadow, to be operational by Tuesday.”

        • You imply that the people of this city are not worth consulting.
          Your premise is an insult. You seem to think we all ought to shut up and let a few leaders rubber stamp this and that is all.
          We don’t count. Just set up anything you want, however dangerous, and if de Blasio says yes, then EG Gordon is behind it and NYers have not right to question.
          Follow orders. Sieg Heil.
          Herr Gordon, it is not only NYers who had a right to know about this – but EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN CITIZEN.
          If one tent rips and leaks COVID-19 it will kill. How many, and how far it spreads, we don’t know. 2 months ago it was in Wuhan. So this thing spreads.
          And some say it spread from the Wuhan Bio Terror facilities. Which may have had Herr Gordon’s approval, Xi’s approval, and de Blasio’s.

          I want to be consulted next time China wants to build a Level 4 Lab like this, I want everyone in NYC to be consulted, I want EVERY AMERICAN to be consulted.

          Things sanctioned by NYC include the closure and sale of St Vincent Hospital and Goldwater Hospital. EVERY NYer ought to have been consulted, but they weren’t. At the closure of the former, one man tried to physically attack the Dem city council leader as the closure of this facility led to the death of the man’s wife.

          You ask me who I am. I will answer that I live in NYC, and have done so for a large part of my life, being involved in charities, politics, etc.



          REALLY – tell us who the hell you are.

  • The existence of the global elite who manipulate from the shadows at the top of the pyramid are a biohazard to the rest of humanity.

  • Samaritan’s Purse is in Italy now, taking care of Corona virus sufferers. They have a team of volunteer Medical professionals with ample experience in Infection Control techniques.

    • Yeah. That gives me confidence. Italy, in their hands, is dying.
      They have lots of experience as they have lots of cases – did they erect a plastic tarp over Milan to take these patients, who then infected the entire region?

      You have given NYers one more reason NOT to allow this.

      I do agree with a lot of your other comments at times, but this does not give us confidence. Maybe if more competent medical professionals had been in Italy, there would not be such a problem.

      • You realize that the “Anonymous” name is used by numerous people posting comments here, right? LOL

        They didn’t show up in Italy until things were already out of control, in the second most elderly contry on the planet and the culture is very touchy-feely.

  • This article is full of exaggerations. I suggest professional help for the atheist author. As we say in the south, “Ken, you’re an idiot, bless your heart.” LOL

    • If you read any of my posts, you would see I am no atheist.
      It may be that you defend the actions of Franklin Graham’s people
      as you think that my expose is an attack on his faith. It is NOT.
      I used the Word of God for my arguments – for instance, God’s Word\
      commands we use common sense (OT) and be ‘wise as serpents’ (NT).

      Anyone wise would not put people infected with such an contagious disease right smack
      in the middle of a major city; unless they hated NYers and wanted them all dead.

      And calling people idiots is against Christ’s Word.

      Again, my sensible solution to this, one in which all parties could save face and
      Graham’s people could actually continue to work with – is that these tents be allowed
      to stay up – but as CLINICS where people can sort out burns, stab wounds, bites, etc.

      Then the hospital could concenrate on the more serious cases, and there would be no need
      to transport 68 highly infected people. That alone is a major undertaking frought with risks.

      What do people in the south say about that?
      BTW, my family is from Charleston, SC.

      • I answered your comment about why the coronavirus people are being located in the tents in another comment. Another reason is to prevent others who are being hospitalized from getting the Wuhan Chinese coronavirus.

        No wonder you live in NYC, they kicked you out of South Carolina. LOL

        • Setting up field hospitals for virus outbreaks is very common, and Scott is correct, it’s to protect other hospitalized patients who don’t have the virus.

          In the GVRD the hospitals are not allowing visitors now, (in any of the wards) and I have a relative who was just released from hospital and was told to self-isolate at home for 14 days. They are being extremely cautious here, as hospitals are full of the most vulnerable people.

          They will also be setting up field hospitals in BC in some areas of the province, in case they are needed.

  • Only an arrogant fool would write about nazi’s in reference to a christian non 4 profit organization setting up a makeshift emergency hospital with desperately needed ventilators and FREE help. You sound like the deranged leftists I read about. Seek psychiatric help. Stop writing drivel and be appreciative for the help that will fight to keep almost a hundred people at a time alive. They don’t deserve to be smeared by anyone. Yuck

    • Sam Sam – was this. BTW, the the name on your birth certificate? For all anyone knows you could be a Chinese agent trying to get these tents up so Americans can die.
      I, on the other hand, use my REAL NAME – my photo is up above the article.

      The nazis BTW were believed at the time to be Christian; Hitler claimed faith, and his soldiers wore belt buckles inscribed ‘GOT MIT UNS’.

      I welcome a non profit with free help – but not to the point where they offer it in a reckless manner – note the lack of community discussion in this – it was foisted upon NYers like Hitler foisted his\
      ‘do-gooder’ projects on the world. And many in the nazi party were trying to do good, but too stupid to check it all out. And when they tried to check it all out, they got jumped on.

      You underscore that this help is FREE. Let me quote the late great Nipsey Russell who once quipped “Do me a favor and don’t do me any favors.”

      This group is in Italy – where they did not succeed in containing the virus. Does that give NYers confidence in their techniques? Maybe their FREE plastic tents are why Italy is experiencing so much trouble.

      Far from being a deranged leftist, I am a Centrist – in neither party.

      If these people were so in earnest, why don’t they just keep their tent up and use it as a clinic
      for people with non-contagious diseases, alleviating the traffic in the hospitals?

      That way the org saves face and can continue to work. And COVID-19 patients will not be camping outside in makeshift tents. Where does the biowaste go from these? How do you clean these? What happens if they rip?

      A friend who was in the Army told me they are a disaster – trapping moisture and germs.

      Other NYers are fearing for their lives with this project in their midst.

      Please don’t insinuate that the group doing this is morally better because they claim to be Christians. They may be, but do Christians not make mistakes?

      Are we supposed to just bow down and go with any project that someone does because of their religion?

      Again, I invite you to post your real name and your location. Is that too much to ask?

      Ken Gibson,

      • People who claim to be “Centrists” are usually flaming Libtards. The reason why they are putting the Wuhan Chinese coronavirus folks in the tents is because they have similar needs, whereas other patients need to have access to a variety of hospital resources, such as X-rays, Cat-scan machines, various laboratory resources, specialists, etc.

        I invite you to come on my radio/podcast to discuss this ridiculous article.

        Note to Ken: The world does NOT revolve around NYC. Sorry to burst your bubble. LOL

        Scott Johnson

        • You invited me on months ago, when I wrote about Jeffery Epstein’s brother’s call to me the day he died.
          So I put up my email etc for you to contact me.
          You did NOTHING.
          Go find that and contact me.
          I am not wasting time with you. If you do, I will consider going on your show.
          You dropped the ball last year when I reached out to you, now you pick it up. In the real world, that is how it works.

          • You are a liar. I never invited you, you invited yourself. I said you can email me and you never did: Here are the applicable comments, “Ken Gibson
            November 2, 2019 at 10:56 am
            If he’s [NiceGuy] scared of coming on your radio show, I am not. Get in touch with me via Frank and let’s do it.

            There’s lots that need to be said, like the Chinese infiltration of US gov, Chinese war on US, Epstein/Clinton
            pervs, the Humpty Dumpty Congressmen (who are refusing to answer questions) etc.

            I’d like to let America hear it all.

            Ken Gibson

            Scott Johnson
            November 3, 2019 at 6:37 am
            You can email me at

            You did NOTHING.
            Go find that and contact me.
            I am not wasting time with you. If you do, I will consider inviting you on my show.

            YOU dropped the ball last year when I reached out to you, now you pick it up. In the real world, that is how it works. LOL

            P.S., I’m not working through Frank, because I don’t work with pu$$ies who can’t communicate with me directly. LOL

          • Scott is weird. He is on Frank’s site asking people to be on his radio show, but then does not follow through, as he does not want to work through Frank. When Scott was emailed he did not reply. It is that simple.
            And how can he read any of my posts and then call me an atheist?
            Atheists complain that I quote the Bible.
            I guess I can’t win. Some people are on here to bitch as they have bad lives.
            Some people are here to promote sensible solutions in the areas in which they live.
            Scott appears to live in TX, not NY. Yet he talks a lot about NY and little about TX.
            I have chosen the winning horse with my promotion of chloroquine which is so effective in saving American lives that a black woman who is an elected official of the Dem party is now thanking Trump publicly for mentioning chloroquine.
            Scott and his bitch fest against me are doing NOTHING for Americans.
            Not for NYers, not for Texans.
            What he has against Frank I don’t know, why is he on Frank’s site if he doesn’t want to work with Frank?

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