Six Reasons Why Allison Mack Has Been Punished Enough!

By Balls of Fire

Allison Mack’s victims have gotten – and are still getting – “Justice.” What more do people want from Allison Mack?

1.) She pled guilty to 2 felonies. [Racketeering and Racketeering Conspiracy].

Allison Mack leaving court.

2.) She has been under house arrest for two years. Not a big deal? People are complaining about being in the house one week because of Covid-19.


Allison Mack has been subject to home confinement for two years at her parent’s modest home in Los Alamitos California.


As these pictures show, Allison cannot even leave her home – and has to keep one ankle inside the door because of the ankle monitor she must wear at all times.

As you can see, Allison has to wear an ankle monitor which she has had affixed to her left ankle for two years. This is no picnic and caused discomfort and anxiety. Some say it is worse than a pubic brand.

3.) She still faces a prison sentence.

Though she was convicted a year ago, Allison Mack has not yet been sentenced. The waiting is terrorizing in itself.

4.) She still faces a civil lawsuit.

Attorney Neil Glazer and his team of attorneys represent some 80 Nxivm plaintiffs who are suing Nxivm leaders and Allison, though broke or nearly broke, is prominently and repeatedly mentioned in the lawsuit as a defendant.

5.) She still faces going “broke” in the civil lawsuit.

She is likely to lose most, if not all, of whatever little money she has left if the lawsuit against her is successful. Allison has already had to forfeit her Albany NY home to the feds. She may face a grim future where she is penniless.

6.) She still faces a ruined reputation because she is a celebrity and cannot blend into the shadows like Jane Doe can. Think Lori Loughlin, the Cover Girl of the College Admissions Scandal.

Allison Mack cannot have obscurity like some of her codefendants in the notorious Nxivm sex cult case. 


Nancy and Lauren Salzman enjoy an outing at Starbucks in 2019 – after their conviction and in general, very few people recognize them. Allison Mack can go nowhere, probably for the rest of her life without people knowing who she is.

Perhaps people would enjoy watching her get beaten in the public square like in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia executions – paralysis, eye gouging and crucifixion ...

How bout life in prison with the possibility of parole in 25 years?

Maybe a Game of Thrones shaming walk where people can spit on her?

Cersei's walk of shame: everything we know about the shocking Game ...

Perhaps people would be satisfied if she could now become her victims’ slaves?

After all, turn-about is fair play, isn’t it?

When does justice become revenge?

When does revenge become greed?

When does a victim stop being a victim?


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  • Yeah🤔 first of all, would you like another chocolate-covered pretzel? Second of all, who are you? Third of all, I hope this woman is beaten and used in the same way she used people while in prison over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Kisses…

  • Is this article a joke??

    She deserves more than jail time. The damage she had done to those women is insane.

    She’s a masochistic, narcissistic, manipulative asshole, and jail for life isn’t enough.

    She makes me physically ill.

    Her and her deranged slightly tear-filled eyes and stupid ass gummy smile bobble head on a stick body.


  • OH, Mack should have a swastika branded on her face for all to see. The doctor should be hunted down the same thing done to her and then both go to jail FOR LIFE along with the other idiot sadists that joined that cult and participated in this crime against women. Even if they got branded themselves – what do you think of Jews that got experimented on in concentration camps pulling in MORE Jews to get experimented on? They are chased down and sentenced to death.

  • We have been punished enough by your stupid ass opinion about “she’s punished enough”. Clearly, you have no conceptual understanding of the crimes that she committed. She pled down from her TRUE atrocious crimes. Torture, branding, sex trafficking, theft,… so for anyone to say the consequences of her actions are complete is sheer foolishness. Do you have kids, do you even like kids? Geez, do us a favor and stop sharing your opinions.

  • Allison has in no way suffered enough for her crimes.. I don’t give a flying F**K that she is an actress, and not a very good one at that…Allison is a disgusting waste of female flesh.. I hope she goes to prison and is RAPED every day and then murdered her last night there.. Her mother ought to be DOPE SLAPPED for #NotTakingAKneeAndSWALLOWING..FACT!

  • This is twisted!!! She should get LIFE IN PRISON WITH NO PAROLE ARE YOU DUMB?? You must not have kids, you sick twisted twat

  • You must be a special kind of “deranged” to write this article! We’re talking about human trafficking, enslavement, torture …. I mean do you need her to eat babies alive to stop feeling sorry for her? Is that where you draw the line?

  • She has to live with the decisions she has made. Take all responsibility for it. It doesn’t matter if she’s an artist, she has committed crimes, so she is a criminal. It’s such a shame for her, but there’s nothing she can do for it. She has to face justice.

  • She played a major role in countless acts of rape,torture, enslavement, and human trafficking. She deserves at least 20 years.

  • Look, you gotta take responsibility for your actions. Period. The only reason anyone is sticking up for her is that she’s a woman, and therefore somehow not responsible. Well, guess what, she is.

    She’s neither that famous, nor frankly that pretty. There were victims of NXIVM, she’s not one of them.

  • She trafficked women, ran his sex cult, and branded women. And you’re pissed because *Gasp* She’ll lose her money and her freedom?

    There’s a big difference between the house arrest she doesn’t deserve and being quarantined. She actually hurt those women. We’re sitting here still having to pay bills without being allowed to work. We’ve done nothing wrong.

    She ain’t gonna fuck you, author. Well, she might, if you have a cult.

    • Why would I be pissed when justice is being served? Once she pays her debt to society then that is enough, unless – Oops – “I did it again!

      • Were you a fan of hers prior to all of this? Were you or are you infatuated with her? I don’t mean this sarcastically, I believe it genuinely matters how biased you are on this. What she was involved in is terrible. She knowingly and willingly committed disgusting acts on women, both physically and mentally. She lost a house? Has to live in a “modest” home? Is overly recognized?!?!? That’s unfair???

        You said it yourself, she is still waiting for the feds. Once a ruling comes down, justice is served. Not before then. Even in that modest house, she still has had it better than all of her victims.

  • “Allison Mack’s victims have gotten – and are still getting – “Justice.” What more do people want from Allison Mack?”
    Victim…and yes she did…Allison only committed the “collection” of the collateral…she was more of a transport mean than a perpetrator and since she was in the same situation as the “victim”…
    Also, way to ignore the facts once again…
    Many “victims” have committed the crime under the SAME CONDITION and are not considered as anything else but victims.

    “She pled guilty to 2 felonies. [Racketeering and Racketeering Conspiracy]”
    Under coercion once again as Penza threatened to drag her in the mud for a story that happened WAY before Allison was a member of Nxivm…

    “She still faces a civil lawsuit.”
    I wouldn’t worry for this part…the lawyer behind the case is a clown and is possibly believing that Allison can’t defend her position while he made the mistake to give all the reason she did the “crime” to defend his clients…

    He stated clearly that his clients have been under certain situations but failed to acknowledge that Allison was too and they committed the EXACT SAME CRIMES.
    So, if they are victims, so is Allison (and in Allison’s case, it’s a fact)
    If he was anything but stupid, Allison wouldn’t be on the side of the perpetrator but the same side as his client…but money talks and he doesn’t care that he will lose.
    Contrary to the victims, he will get paid no matter what.

    ” is prominently and repeatedly mentioned in the lawsuit as a defendant.”
    And this is a BS mention by the clown…he obviously doesn’t understand anything he is doing and just try to be noticed but he will lose…If anything, he could even create a breach for the monster to use as a defense…what a great lawyer!

    “She still faces a ruined reputation because she is a celebrity and cannot blend into the shadows like Jane Doe can”
    She can unless some obsessed idiot (like we see here) continue to pursuit her…but be careful because at this time, she is stuck but once it’s behind her, all those who push too far will face justice for their crimes…

    “Perhaps people would be satisfied if she could now become her victims’ slaves?”
    Idiot, you like to use that term but forget that SHE WAS A SLAVE HERSELF…it’s clearly stated many times during the trial (including by Allison herself)

    Only around here (and Penza) does anyone believe she was a leader of anything because, in the FACTS, it’s clear that she was under coercion, starvation, sleep deprivation, and many other abuses…hardly the sign of being a master of anything but whatev…

    “When does justice become revenge?

    When does revenge become greed?”
    Since the beginning…especially when a victim is deprived of her status by idiots…
    She is a victim of the same situation as the pseudo victims who obsess about destroying someone already destroyed…
    If anything, she is more a victim than them as it was even clearly stated in court

    Raniere was destroying her
    Raniere was abusing her (in many ways)
    Raniere used her
    Raniere made her his scapegoat and it seems like it’s working on idiots as many still continue to ignore the fact and prefer to believe she is a perpetrator.
    Raniere committed the crimes, not Allison (this includes ALL THE CHARGES she had to plead guilty by COERCION of PENZA)
    Penza obsessed over Allison instead of trying to do a proper trial against Raniere (like the other prosecutor did)…Asking absurd question unrelated to the case and failing to prove anything against Allison (because her action led to stories showing that Allison was a victim)

    Allison exclusively took the coercive material but never committed the racket as she was not the one pressurizing the “victim”…Worst, the court, before any trial, showed that she was a victim of the coercion herself!
    Yet , they decided to ignore this.
    They ignore the skeletal appearance of Allison (showing that she was starved), they never tested her to make sure she wasn’t drugged (and decided not to give attention to the blue powder despite the testimony of victims being drugged by the monster)

    They ignore the fact that she lost everything due to the cult and still pretended she was having any kind of gain while it was clearly debunked in court!
    They ignore the possibility to present an explanation and deprive her from a fair trial by using the EXACT SAME MEAN AS THE MONSTER HIMSELF…
    Coercing her to plead guilty or else false accusations would have been used against her.
    Not like it didn’t happen as the perjury is pretty much demonstrated by Agnifillo about the civil lawsuit…

    Worst, some of the people who still attack her are the real perpetrators…like Vicente and Edmondson who gained financially from being in Nxivm!
    They also had a social advantage coming with it…
    Allison was living in a small apartment with 5 girls, sharing the same bed for financial reasons (confirmed by Nicole)…
    Hardly the sign of someone who gained from anything!
    She was in the same position as any victim and worst but yet, people continue to obsess over her (including you)…And of course, all this while ignoring indisputable facts…
    It wouldn’t be funny if you actually acknowledge the facts.

    Still trying to ponder wether you are really and idiot or just another troll…

  • This article is deceptive.
    This article shows photos of people being beaten and tortured.
    Some of the pictures are from Islamic punishments, others from Hollywood.

    What the article does not say is that in NXIVM Allison Pimp Mack was the person delivering the punishment with brandings, spankings and cold showers.
    So what if Allison Mack is crying?
    Didn’t her victims cry when they felt the hot metal burn into their flesh?

  • I don’t understand what is being proposed. Which punishments do you think are enough? Are you suggesting Mack be allowed outside of her parents’ house more, she not be imprisoned, the civil lawsuit be dropped, or do you just want to f*ck her with her cankles up in the air?

    • What is proposed:

      To stay on house arrest then be remanded for her prison sentence and also face the possibility of victim restitution through the civil lawsuit.

      Plus she is now a convicted felon with all the “joy” that entails.

      Yes all this is quite enough. Well, enough according to our Justice system.

      As for intimate relations with her — a cup of hot coffee and a chat will do just fine.

      • She ran a sex cult and branded women. Are you fucking serious?

        “Oh, she lives in house arrest for two years!”

        Yes, because she tortured women. There is no justice if she gets to sit at home on her ass for the rest of her life. She deserves prison. Just like a man would.,

  • “Dave
    March 28, 2020 at 11:24 pm
    Ya she may have suffered enough. Her life will be hard. No chance she will harm anyone again. ”


    There is no chance that Berrnie Madoff will harm anyone again.
    Madoff is an old man
    Madoff is up in his eighties and in bad health.
    Everyone knows Madoff is a crook.


    You people are idiotic imbecilic moronic clowns who worship a sadistic asshole actress.

    • To any new readers PLEASE BE AWARE OF SHADOWSTATE… this poster has a twisted obsession with Allison Mack… he has spent years stalking and harassing her both online and at public events.. as an unemployed man he has made it his full-time job (mackology) and has written 100s of hate-fuelled articles from his local library. in shadow’s mind Allison’s crimes are equal to Hitler and the nazis (who he will regularly compare her to) he targets ONLY Allison, and also tells lies to fit his narrative (claimed she was involved in a sexual assault, that she (not the doctor) did the brandings and will generally rant and rave and write PIMP, PIMP, PIMP, etc..
      no one is disputing her guilt but in shadow’s mind, even the electric chair wouldn’t be enough of a punishment.. its truly a twisted story of unrequited love and obsession.
      shadow also targets Nikki Cline as Mack’s spouse.. he has identified at least 11 posters he feels Nikki is posting under.. he was convinced an Instagram poster “charger” was Nikki.. it was pointed out that charger was very much an Allison fan (unlike so many of his other Nikki posters) so he has now deduced charger is Allison (despite bail conditions preventing her internet use)
      honestly, you couldn’t write this Crap!
      Shadow, have a day off!!!!!

      other noteworthy points..
      Erstein was arrested… shadows comment “i hope all the women involved with him face justice” young women that were trafficked and abused by powerful men.. shadow wants them charged not the abusers… Trump, Prince Andrew, etc…
      Shadow recently posted in CAPITALS… Corano virus is just a flu (despite the worldwide death toll expected to hit millions by the end of the year…
      any new posters/readers: shadow is somewhat of a village idiot here, read his posts as comedy and the blog becomes a far less frustrating place

  • Ya she may have suffered enough. Her life will be hard. No chance she will harm anyone again. Mother Salzman deserves the penalty for helping Raniere create his mind screw techniques and for whoring out her daughter to Raniere.

    • Couldn’t agree more with Balls, Dave and Paul. But would add hacker, Uncle Ben Myers, and a few others in the Salzman camp including Lauren to the far-more-guilty than Ally Mack category.

  • What a load of crap!

    Allison Pimp Mack’s victims will bear the brand that she helped burn into their skin for the rest of their lives.

    Allison Pimp Mack’s victims have requested that their blackmail material, which Allison Mack collected, be returned to them.
    So far Mack has obstinately refused.

    According to attorney Neil Glazer, Allison Pimp Mack edited and altered a video to the detriment of Sarah Edmondson.
    Then Allison Pimp Mack released that altered video on the internet.
    This allegation is contained in Glazer’s civil suit.

    As a person who spouts out Buddhist claptrap, Allison Pimp Mack should know about the concept of Karma.
    What Allison Pimp Mack is suffering right now is nothing more than well earned Karma.

    As for Pimp Mack’s house arrest, that is more a punishment for her parents than for her.

    Balls of Fire, If you are so keen on Pimp Mack you should arrange for her to brand you with as hot iron.

    • No, not a hot iron but I’ll take a hot cup of tea or coffee with her. Shoot the breeze. See how she’s getting along without Keith.

    • Shadow, what don’t you get about the fact that Allison did not collect the “collateral” — Rosa Laura Junco passed it to Lauren Salzman who hastily passed it to Allison — while Lauren was making her last bid to bear the Avatar baby with Keith and, IMHO, takeover NX’s U.S. operation while pinning the blame for the blackmail (and other illegal) activities — that had gone on long before DOS — on Ally and dead people like Pam Caffritz, even Gina Hutchinson — anyone BUT a Salzman/Bronfman conspirator.

      You forget the fact that Clare and Nancy were working with Dennis Burke and Mexican elite attorneys on the immigration issues (for years prior) all the while Allison was out front promoting branding as a path to empowerment just before, during and after Keith’s videotaped arrest.

      Stick with annihilating Covid-19 by launching nuclear weapons on China.

        • Shadow, please refrain from projecting your sick, sex fantasy— that Smallville’s Chloe Sullivan will someday brand your dick and pimp you out — onto me or any actual living person who’s never touched a branding laser or pimped out anyone, including Allison Mack.

          Nancy Salzman might be able to set you up in Mexico with ex-Dr. Roberts.

    • Scratch Paul off my ‘agreement’ list. Didn’t catch this snipe at Ally before posting.

      All these photos show is that Ally does not have cankles and was being stalked on top of her other troubles.

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