5G Radiation, Known to Produce Impaired Immunity, May Have Coincided with Coronavirus Pandemic

By Fred

A comment on my article  Ground Zero for ‘Inside the Building’ 5G Was Also Ground Zero for Coronavirus in the USA  seems to blame me for putting out information.

The comment was: “This kind of fear-mongering and false information detracts from the seriousness of this disease and should be discouraged by everyone.”

The moniker of the commenter was Global Results Communications for Pivotal Commware.

If you are indeed Global Results Communications for Pivotal Commware:


Please can you indicate any “false information” in what I’ve said.

If you are who you say you are, you are in a position to tell us exactly where this 5G base station was erected and operated in a Kirkland residential suburb; over what dates this operation extended; the frequencies and power of the base station; and an indication of its exact footprint.

In this way, we can determine whether this radiation might have had any effect on the Life Care Center, or on any other group of people. If you don’t reveal this information, there is immediately a suspicion that something is being covered up.

Also, since it seems Kirkland is something of a hot spot for wireless innovation, you could perhaps indicate whether there were other 5G tests going on, including tests done by yourselves, specifically in the neighborhood of the health center.

You may find it expedient to start telling the truth about these tests, since they may be revealed retrospectively. You have a corporate duty to reveal whatever you can about your operations that may have had an impact on public health in Kirkland.

In all of your trialing, did you do any surveys as to health or environmental impacts? Did you ask users about: headaches, perhaps? Sore throats? Impaired immunity? These are all known effects of low-level microwave irradiation.

Some 5G pundits contend that the new network generates radiofrequency radiation that can damage DNA and lead to cancer; cause oxidative damage that can cause premature aging; disrupt cell metabolism; and potentially lead to other diseases through the generation of stress proteins.

I would think that informing the public that they are to be used in a millimeter-wave irradiation experiment, would fall clearly under your PR remit for the company.

Did it ever occur to you to get informed consent from residents in this residential neighborhood to be used in a radiation experiment?

Are you aware of the Nuremberg Code, signed by the USA after World War 2, expressly forbidding human experimentation without the informed consent of the subject?

I have drawn attention to your use of a pregnant woman, in advertising your “inside the building” 5G. She is sitting apparently happily getting radiated by your device, attached to a window, as well as the smartphone she is holding just above her pregnant belly.

Elsewhere on Frank Report, I’ve drawn attention to the drastic findings of increased miscarriages with microwave exposure. As I recall, one finding from the 1980s was microwave-exposed women: 47% miscarriages, non-exposed women: 14% miscarriages. I’ve drawn attention to Russian research indicating very similar rates of spontaneous abortions in irradiated rats, dating from the 1970s, which were recently replicated and confirmed under WHO supervision.

In 2000, the German mobile industry commissioned a review of the research by the Ecolog institute. Their review of hundreds of studies concluded that, apart from evidence of cancer promotion and initiation:

“Experiments on cell cultures at power flux densities much lower than the guidelines, yielded strong indications for genotoxic effects of these fields, like single and double stranded DNA breaks and damage to chromosomes. The findings that high frequency electromagnetic fields influence cell transformation, cell growth promotion and cell communication also point on a carcinogenic potential of the fields used for mobile telephony.”

However, most significantly:

“The study also found teratogenic effects (birth deformities) and loss of fertility in animal studies. Moreover, disruptions of other cellular processes, like the synthesis of proteins and the control of cell functions by enzymes, have been demonstrated.”


Teratogen: Any agent that can disturb the development of an embryo or fetus. Teratogens may cause a birth defect in the child. Or a teratogen may halt the pregnancy outright. The classes of teratogens include radiation, maternal infections, chemicals, and drugs.

Remember: this is the industry’s OWN commissioned research, revealing “teratogenic” effects: birth defects, including spontaneous abortions. This was on the record in the year 2000. And the mobile industry has completely ignored its own research.

Elsewhere on Frank Report, I’ve highlighted the findings of Dr. Dmitris Panagopoulos, who has demonstrated damage to living eggs at every stage of their development. Mr Barrie Trower, the British microwave warfare expert, has said that the egg line developing in a female fetus when she is in the womb, is particularly highly vulnerable to microwave radiation.

This means that if the pregnant woman in your picture has a daughter, that baby girl may be born with her cell line already damaged by radiation. It will be her children — the GRANDCHILDREN of the woman smiling in your PR image — who will be born deformed. You can read more about this terrible hazard here, Barrie Trower’s document “Wi-Fi: A Thalidomide in the making”:


Get something straight: I am doing my very best to fear-monger here, but not about any coronavirus or contagion. I’m talking about an epidemic of impaired immunity caused by radiation, which may well have coincided with the appearance of a strange pathogen, but which radiation is known to produce all the symptoms ascribed to the virus.

Go and check out the research of Dr Arthur Firstenberg on the lingering influenzas that erupted in cities that rolled out cellular networks in 1996. Neighbouring cities without microwave networks did not experience these flus. Dr Firstenberg found clear spikes in mortalities in over 120 cities in the weeks following a cellular rollout. Those of us who are watching, have seen this all before, but never on this scale.

I predicted massive immune failures as 5G was rolled out. Why is Turin an epicentre, and not much poorer cities in the south? The fact that Turin was the first 5G city in Europe has to be factored in. This epidemic of disease, often with very sudden onset, is exactly what we expect and have seen before, when a new microwave or millimetre-wave network is turned on.

You need to address this whole issue openly, honestly, and very quickly, Global Results Communications for Pivotal Commware. Your use of a picture of a pregnant woman being irradiated, immediately places you in the category of the most egregious offenders against health in our society, whether or not you were broadcasting 5G near a health center that then hit the world headlines with a catastrophic epidemic of coronavirus deaths.

And it’s you, the PR company, that is specifically responsible for the use of this image; as I highlighted in my original comment, this is a PR issue.

You can duck and dive, but every prevarication will count against you now. You need to face the fact that your products have never been tested for safety, and the FCC regulations that you hide behind have been proven time and again to be completely inadequate.

Your entire industry relies on IGNORANCE as its prime strategy in dealing with the health issues. Your plausible denial of knowledge about the health risks is hereby publicly terminated.

You need to accept this, and now acknowledge the elephant in the room, and start being honest about why you ignore health in your “trials” of 5G. There can’t be a problem, because there just CAN’T be a problem.

The International EMF Project of the World Health Organization, which sets the research guidelines for the world in terms of EMR, specifically told the world’s scientists NOT to look at health around base stations, especially NOT to look at cancer around base stations, from 2006. That guideline still stands, as far as I know. Not one single study of health around a base station has ever been conducted in the USA, to my knowledge. Not a single American researcher dare commit academic suicide by even suggesting such a study.

Yet you Americans want to pioneer this technology for the rest of the world, ignoring all standards and health concerns. As I’ve said before, it’s the blind leading the one-eyed.

I have argued publicly that the World Health Organization’s injunction NOT to research health around masts, may be an attempt to bypass a prosecution of human rights violations under the Nuremberg Code. They will say: if we are explicitly NOT collecting any results, then we cannot be experimenting on you.

I honestly believe this is the corporate mentality of the wireless industry. Don’t look; don’t think; don’t ask; don’t tell; don’t whisper a word, and if we ALL remain ignorant, there cannot possibly be a problem. Only ignorance is invincible.

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patty neill
patty neill
2 years ago

Why have I never seen this before? I agree wholeheartedly. I am also on a mission to point out how the FDA the CDC and other agencies that have held high esteem & authority & therefore used as expert opinions to decide debates concerning the safety of any product etc., have seriously FAILED us, one only has to search Pharmaceutical lawsuits & read a few, over & over, what’s sad is these aren’t just frivolous lawsuits, even our state governments are suing, because they, in the end, are who gets stuck with the medical expense, product after product .. FDA Approved. Do you know what I found to be even worse? A visit to the FDA archives that list the Medical Devices that were recalled over the last several years. These are very important, in that they include the balloon catheters that go into the various implants of our cardiac patients, medical device malfunctions of every kind, if anyone who has any type of knowledge in the healthcare field, who have especially cared for geriatric patients, would be downright appalled to see the lists of the very devices they depend on every day, that range from the accuracy of simple tests (urinalysis), blood (i.e., diabetes, etc ) all the way to life support systems & the frequency in which they are being recalled& have been for many years. It’s time we stop depending on the credibility of the FDA, the CDC, and the entities we once gave respect to. FDA Approved products have a long list of failures and over many years timeframe. Combine that knowledge with what I’ve just read here ..and sum it all up with the basis on which our government is deeming the covid shot to be safe or effective is based on their faith / trust of the opinion of the FDA & CDC & their stamp of approval.

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3 years ago

Frank Report is now equivalent to the Weekly World News. I’m expecting to find an article about how Bigfoot is endorsing Donald Trump, or maybe an article about how space aliens are being held hostage in Iran.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  Jarhead

You have your stories mixed up. It’s the space aliens who are endorsing Trump and Bigfoot is being held hostage in Iran. Or is it the space aliens are holding Trump hostage and Bigfoot is endorsing Iran? LOL

3 years ago

I dont like what your saying Fred, and I certainly dont agree with your analysis of Steiner’s oevre. But, what you say on the subject of 5G contains reasonably high probabilities, it is certainly a pattern worth investigating. Thank you, I hadn’t considered the dangers of 5G at all until you pointed them out here on FR.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

Contrary to Fred’s claims, there has been much attention given to the risks of RF energy: https://www.fcc.gov/engineering-technology/electromagnetic-compatibility-division/radio-frequency-safety/faq/rf-safety and https://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/handle/10665/42543/9241545712_eng.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y&ua=1 If Fred is so sure about a massive coverup/conspiracy, then he should tell us exactly who he is, and come on my show.

3 years ago


The Chinese Virus was no mistake or coincidence.
It was a calculated Act of War by an Imperialist Chinese government bent on destroying America with manufactured opioids and bioweapons.

Lieer committed some of his treasonous acts while working at a laboratory in WUHAN CHINA.

From the New York Times

‘”U.S. Accuses Harvard Scientist of Concealing Chinese Funding
Prosecutors say Charles M. Lieber, the chair of Harvard’s chemistry department, lied about contacts with a Chinese state-run initiative that seeks to draw foreign-educated talent.”

BOSTON — Early Tuesday morning, F.B.I. agents arrived at two of the most protected corners of Harvard University’s academic cloister, raking through a gabled house in the suburb of Lexington and a neoclassical brick building in Cambridge.

By afternoon, one of Harvard’s scientific luminaries was in handcuffs, charged with making a false statement to federal authorities about his financial relationship with the Chinese government, and especially his participation in its Thousand Talents program, a campaign to attract foreign-educated scientists to China.

The arrest of Charles M. Lieber, the chair of Harvard’s department of chemistry and chemical biology, signaled a new, aggressive phase in the Justice Department’s campaign to root out scientists who are stealing research from American laboratories.

For months, news has been trickling out about the prosecution of scientists, mainly Chinese graduate students and researchers working in American laboratories. But Dr. Lieber represents a different kind of target, a star researcher who had risen to the highest reaches of the American academic hierarchy.

Dr. Lieber, a leader in the field of nanoscale electronics, has not been accused of sharing sensitive information with Chinese officials, but rather of hiding — from Harvard, from the National Institutes of Health and from the Defense Department — the amount of money that Chinese funders were paying him.

Dr. Lieber’s lawyer, Peter Levitt, made no comment after a preliminary hearing in federal court in Boston on Tuesday

His arrest sent shock waves through research circles.

“This is a very, very highly esteemed, highly regarded investigator working at Harvard, a major U.S. institution, at the highest rank he could have, so, all the success you can have in this sphere,” said Dr. Ross McKinney Jr., chief scientific officer of the Association of American Medical Colleges. “It’s like, when you’ve got it all, why do you want more?”

Dr. McKinney described anxiety among his colleagues that scientists will be scrutinized over legitimate sources of international funding.

Dr. Lieber was one of three scientists to be charged with crimes on Tuesday.

Zaosong Zheng, a Harvard-affiliated cancer researcher was caught leaving the country with 21 vials of cells stolen from a laboratory at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, according to the authorities.

The third was Yanqing Ye, who had been conducting research at Boston University’s department of physics, chemistry and biomedical engineering until last spring, when she returned to China. Prosecutors said she hid the fact that she was a lieutenant in the People’s Liberation Army, and continued to carry out assignments from Chinese military officers while at B.U.


Robert E Dwyer
Robert E Dwyer
3 years ago

You never read the court documents. You don’t know what your talking about. Some day you’ll be successfully sued in court and bankrupted.

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