Ground Zero for ‘Inside the Building’ 5G Was Also Ground Zero for Coronavirus in the USA

By Fred

Barrie Trower, in a YouTube talk, described hearing a famous British scientist, Sir Lawrie Challis, Order of the British Empire, and long a stalwart of committees saying that mobile phones were perfectly safe:

Trower was at an early talk by Challis on the planned microwave mobile phone rollout.

Lawrie Challis (1933–2017)
Lawrie Challis (1933-2017)

He said that afterwards, he spoke to Challis, and said, ‘Surely you know that this technology is going to cause death and illness in millions of people?”

He said that, as much as he’ll never forget Challis’s words, he will also remember the absolutely offhand manner of the reply.

Challis just said: “What’s wrong with that?”

This is the mentality you are dealing with, natural born killers, who think it’s a matter of unquestionable right that they should be able to flick a switch and wipe out a billion people. And who get awards from the Queen for doing so.

The Brits are the main producers of fake studies about mobile phones and health. I’ve personally challenged at least half a dozen.

Perfidious Albion at its knavish tricks.

I’ve referenced Nellie Bowles’s stories in the New York Times on how the tech elite avoid screen time and devices for their own kids.

I’ve referenced stories that the Mar-a-Lago environs seems to be the one place in the USA where they can’t put up 5G towers, because of the “aesthetic” impact.

Right now, there’s a genuinely explosive video going viral, claiming that the shutdown of schools in the USA is to facilitate a secret rollout of 5G. White vans are going to come in and “decontaminate” schools; actually, they’re contractors under heavy non-disclosure agreements installing 5G mini base stations:

This is based on an anonymous whistleblower on a school board. She says she’s one of just a handful in her state who are aware of what’s going on. You can judge her credibility for yourself. She says she has access to databases in other educational districts and she can see the same thing going on elsewhere.

So, as I’ve been telling you anyway: watch out; see what’s happening in your street, in your apartment block. They can’t get the radiation inside your building without some kind of repeater. So watch out for the men in white vans, with ladders, coming to “decontaminate” your street and maybe cut back the trees.

Now, here is a piece of information I’ve been trying to put about, to no apparent avail.

There’s a nursing home in Washington state that had about 30 coronavirus deaths. At one stage, I think half the people in the USA who had died were at this one centre. This is Life Care Center in Kirkland, Seattle.

I said to myself: I’ll bet you there is some link with 5G in Kirkland, Seattle. It took me about five minutes to find it. Kirkland was the site of the very first demonstration of “inside the building” 5G in the USA, maybe even in the world.

This was done by a Bill Gates-backed company called Pivotal, based in Kirkland. This is from a news report in June 2018:

“Today, Pivotal reported a successful field trial of the Echo 5G in a simulated home environment in a Kirkland neighborhood. The unit was affixed to a double-paned glass window and positioned at a 40-degree angle to a 5G base station, set up to simulate a distance of 1,640 feet, or a third of a mile. (The actual distance was 360 feet.)”

Getting 5G signals inside buildings is going to be a big, big problem. Even foliage in trees will block this radiation, so getting it through walls is another story.

Pivotal fixes this by turning the entire building into a 5G base station, finding clever ways to bend the radiation around corners to cover the whole property.

Pivotal Commware’s glass-attached Echo 5G unit picks up a millimeter-wave signal and boosts the signal for wireless customers. (Pivotal Commware Photo)

You will see that the first trials of this were in a “Kirkland neighborhood”. I presume the picture [above] is the actual site; anyone who knows Kirkland can maybe identify the building for us, and tell us exactly where this 5G base station was located.

I checked out the Life Care Center, to see if they mentioned anything to do with 5G.

They did advertise “Complimentary wireless Internet” for all patients, so the building had wifi, for sure. Other pictures claiming to be 5G installations near the centre were debunked, and I couldn’t load them to judge.

But this Pivotal story is a slam dunk. Truly, it can be said that ground zero for “inside the building” 5G, worldwide, was also ground zero for the coronavirus outbreak in the USA.

Some of the stories from the Life Care Center are truly harrowing: “We have seen as little as one hour from somebody exhibiting no symptoms, going to symptoms that were severe enough they needed to be transferred to a hospital, and then within a short amount of time that patient dying.”

So any possible explanation as to what the hell is going on there, should be taken seriously. I tracked the distance on Google Maps from the Pivotal HQ to this Life Care Center. It was 1.8 km. I wrote to those Seattle Times journalists, pointing all of this out. I did not receive a reply.

If you want to see some truly provocative PR, then take a look at Pivotal’s front page: it shows a pregnant woman on a smartphone, with a 5G repeater on the window, busy radiating her. Take a look back there what I said about pregnant women in microwave fields.

Don’t tell me Pivotal don’t know what they’re doing here. They are deliberately lying to you and telling you this radiation is safe for pregnant women. One day, sooner than you may think, a picture like this will be seen as far worse than doctors advertising cigarettes:

So, you read all about it in Frank Report first, the Bill Gates “5G Inside The Building” company located at the epicentre of the US coronavirus outbreak. Keep it quiet, or my health will be at risk.

Go and look around the world at the connections between 5G and this pandemic of illness. Turin won the competition, the big prize, it was the first 5G city in Europe. Turin and Milan, in the industrialized north, are the epicentres of the disastrous Italian health collapse.

It’s a fact that those cruise ships were loaded with 5G-like communications via satellites.

The whole continent of Africa, with the least 5G infrastructure in the world, has had just two deaths, the last time I looked: Morocco and Egypt. Both have 5G. The other cases are mostly in South Africa, with 5G. There was a riot in the tiny Kingdom of Lesotho when a coronavirus victim was diagnosed in that country. There are many Chinese textile companies in the kingdom, and workers were scared of getting infected by their Chinese managers. Lesotho is also a major testbed for 5G in a small African country.

Tenerife has a coronavirus crisis: it has 5G. Same for Spain.

Iran is the big question: they say they are rolling out 5G in March 2021, so they are presumably installing and trialling now. Remember that Meng Wanzhou, the top Huawei executive arrested in Canada, is being held for sanctions violations with IRAN. So there is definitely some shady business going on with 5G and Iran; and even shadier business over coronavirus deaths in that country.

Even more ominous, and in line with this alleged rollout of 5G in schools across the USA: wherever the coronavirus goes, 5G rapidly follows. Huawei found a real gap in the market, “smart” diagnosis of covid-19 via remote 5G. So in areas where a coronavirus outbreak is suspected, they rush in 5G base stations:

The Chinese have erected entire hospitals in 48 hours: check it out, these are constructed around 5G base stations. The entire building is basically a 5G hot spot.

Are you beginning to get the picture? This is a phased rollout, using the chaos of the ensuing health crisis as a cover for further mass rollouts of 5G, just as fast as possible, all to maintain public order and facilitate rapid diagnosis.

Will you please look out for white vans with ladders “disinfecting” your neighborhood in the coming weeks? And especially disinfecting the tops of poles? Tell us if you see anything that looks fishy.

Just remember what a risk you’ll be taking, even asking a question or two, taking a picture. This is the proverbial “It” we’ve all been waiting for. The entire planet on a lockdown, schools closed, shops closed, factories closed, airports, airlines, borders, conferences, concerts, elections, all off. Stock markets collapsing. Could you have imagined such a thing just a few short weeks ago?

I made a prediction over and again during 2019, you will remember that year, it’s got a virus named after it now. I said: “2020 is the announced rollout of 5G. Therefore: 2019 is the last full year of the human race, people. Use it well. Those climate change doom-mongers haven’t remotely got the time scale right, we are down to the last few hours. “All hell will break loose” was my exact prediction, as the health dangers of 5G are revealed.”

It’s March 22 as I write this, the astrological year has just begun. Taking a look around me, I would say my timetable is holding up pretty well.


[Here is some technical data that might interest some students of the effects of 5G]

Take a look at the “Anatomy of a GSM mobile phone signal”, from a guy who actually measured this radiation as well as looking at the specs:

Note: “Owing to the coding and control protocols, every 26th pulse is omitted during a conversation, leading to a component in the output modulation at 8.33 hertz.”

Look further down, where the detail of the pulse structure is revealed. Again: “Every 26th pulse is omitted, causing an 8.3 Hz periodicity in the signal.”

You can clearly hear this pulsing on a meter with an audio output. You can hear it in this video, where Texas Instruments hosts a talk on “killing the buzz”, i.e., reducing mobile phone interference:

Picking virtually at random from studies on brainwaves with GSM phones:

“The average EEG band power in active exposure recordings was compared to corresponding sham recordings. Statistical tests indicated significant difference in the full-power mode trial within the EEG alpha (8–13 Hz) and beta (13–32 Hz) bands. A subsequent statistical analysis of median spectral power in discrete EEG rhythms revealed significant differences in 7 of the 32 distinct frequencies overall. In conclusion, the results of this study lend support to EEG effects from mobile phones activated in talk-mode.”


“Previous reports of an overall alpha power enhancement during the MP exposure were confirmed (relative to Sham),with this effect larger at ipsilateral than contralateral sites over posterior regions.”

The lead author of this latter article is Rodney Croft, one of several Australians who have made lifetime careers out of denying the dangers of mobile phones. You can be certain that he was actually trying to disprove the “previous reports”, but he’s forced to admit that they are correct.

He also confirms that the anomalous spikes in brainwaves occur more strongly on the side of the head where the mobile phone is being held.

What exactly is this alpha brainwave state? This is a most interesting question. Here is one description:

“In general, the alpha rhythm is the prominent EEG wave pattern of an adult who is awake, but relaxed with eyes closed … In the alpha state, one is open to suggestion as the conscious logical mind is subdued.”

Interesting, alpha waves also occur in REM sleep, and “It has long been believed that alpha waves indicate a wakeful period during sleep”:

There is also a vegetative state known as an “alpha coma”, where the person appears comatose, but there is a distinct alpha brainwave rhythm present. This might be more of a waking nightmare, from the sound of it.

The description of an adult with their eyes closed, their attention shifting inward, is the best characterization of alpha brainwaves. The 8 Hz frequency is at the limit of low alpha, as one is falling off to sleep.

Coincidentally, this frequency is very close to the Schumann resonance frequency of the Earth. This should actually be called the Tesla frequency, as Nikola Tesla first observed it on July 4 1899, when a lightning storm approaching his Colorado Springs laboratory showed an oscillating pattern of intensity. Tesla realised that he was seeing a resonance effect of the whole planet:

You’ll see that the lower Schumann resonance is about 8 Hz:

So if you are messing with brainwaves, and imposing a strong signal on perhaps the single most powerful and pervasive natural frequency on the planet … you are asking for trouble.

There’s a massive WHO review document of brain studies, and I counted 26 of them that reported brainwave anomalies from ordinary cell phone radiation. I’ll dig them up and list them when I get time. Plus a few others.

Now: can anyone see any possible risks, in inducing a daydreaming state in people? Including little children? Note that the natural alpha rhythm is generally only found in adults, it develops quite slowly in children.

As an education researcher, I’ll give you the clearest example I’ve seen of this hazy state. I trained as a teacher at the University of London in 1978, and had to do a three-week teaching prac at a primary school before the academic term started, just to acclimatize us to the idea of being teachers. I was faced by barrages of questions from working-class British kids, the oldest about 11. I kept a diary in which I recorded as much of this as possible.

In recent years, I’ve done quite a bit of primary music teaching, at an international school with kids from all over the world – quite a few diplomats’ kids, I might add.

In every class, with kids of all kinds of abilities – from seriously brilliant, to seriously challenged — I found the same pattern. A child would have their hand up for a question, bursting to ask me something, interrupting the lesson to get my attention. When I said, “Yes, what do you want to ask?”, these kids would just go blank and stare at me. They had completely forgotten what they wanted to ask.

I’ve spoken to lots of other teachers, I spoke to parents, all of them have cheerfully confirmed this phenomenon. Kids cannot negotiate from inner space to outer space any more, they get lost along the way. This is absolutely characteristic, in my view, with an imposed alpha brainwave rhythm.

Again, I studied “attention” in the classroom, I’m not speaking as a lay person here, but as a teacher and researcher with over 40 years’ experience. These modern kids are nothing like the kids I observed and taught in 1978. Those kids knew EXACTLY what they wanted to ask me.

As a teacher, your single most precious asset is the ATTENTION of your class. If you’ve lost their attention, you’ve lost your entire lesson, period. Any teacher will tell you this.

So: attention, the single most vital factor in classroom productivity by far, is being visibly destroyed in front of our eyes. We know for a fact, in dozens of studies, that brainwaves are affected at these digitally pulsed frequencies. We know the effect of these imposed brainwave patterns: driving the brain into a daydreaming state.

Look at the sleepwalking people around you, if you can’t see it, you are not paying … attention.

And yet here I am, explaining it all one more time, because someone says I’m talking nonsense.

Let me just deal with this last sentence, then: “There is no ‘pulsing,’ and the connection between 16 Hz in the electromagnetic spectrum and cell operation makes zero sense.”

I have established and proved that there is pulsing at just above 8 Hz, you can go and look at the spikes in the graph yourself. Now, anything radiating at 8 Hz will also produce signals at 16 Hz, 24 Hz, etc., the harmonics of that frequency.

If you want to hear a truly charming introduction to harmonics, watch Anna-Maria Hefele demonstrate vocal overtones:

You will hear the distinct harmonics of one frequency in her voice.

Now, the very first harmonic of 8 Hz will be 16 Hz. This is just a fact, elementary physics. And 16 Hz happens to be the frequency of the calcium gate in cells, as I referenced above. Many authorities say that this frequency should be avoided in electronic equipment, in order to prevent interference with calcium efflux from cells.

Now, it’s simply a no-brainer that something pulsed at 8 Hz will resonate with a system pulsing at 16 Hz. It will hit every other pulse, that’s all. The recommendation to avoid 16 Hz is a standard in the electromagnetic literature, I’m not making this up. But I’m told this standard guideline makes “zero sense”. The only thing controversial in what I’m saying, is to argue that an 8 Hz pulse will affect a system at 16 Hz.

So can I give you an old radio man’s analogy? Distant shortwave listeners would often tune into local AM broadcasts by tuning into the harmonic accidentally being broadcast by the same station. So a station on 6 MHz in the 39-metre band would be broadcasting locally in Asia; an American would tune into 12 MHz, and hear the harmonic, which would be in a band that could propagate around the world, bouncing off the ionosphere.

Now, this 12 MHz harmonic was just an artifact, the station wasn’t meaning to broadcast it – but so strong would it be, that you could easily tune in, a continent away. This was a sneaky way to hear what was going on around the world.

In exactly the same way, an 8 Hz pulse will radiate at 16 Hz. If you are trying to argue with me, please go and argue with Anna-Maria Hefele, she will demonstrate the truth of what I’m saying.

So again, I will repeat: a single, digital pulsed frequency, something absolutely never found in nature, will entrain brainwaves into a “lucid dream” frame of mind, a seriously semi-zombie, highly suggestible state; will entrain the calcium uptake of all the cells in the body; and for good measure, will interfere with the Schumann resonance, the most fundamental of all Earth frequencies with which we have evolved.

You do not find these resonance effects with nuclear radiation, or with sunlight, period. And this is why microwave radiation can be worse in its biological impact than nuclear radiation.

Just to clarify Mr Barrie Trower’s exact quote in this regard, you can look at page 12 of this interview with a medical doctor:

Dr Zac Cox: “…We’re talking worse than nuclear war.”

Barrie Trower: “Oh, much worse than nuclear war. Absolutely…”

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  • Finally someone is connecting the dots! You have some bombshell info my friend, and I have wrote about this similarly on my blog. I have some more information about Kirkland that you can find, including a US 5G Map with sickness cases – they correlations are nearly identical, and I explore other countries and timing of 5G tests to when people began getting sick. Please give it a read, as it may give you some more useful info to use:

    The results are mind-blowing. Please reach out to me : weatherpeace at gmail dot com . I think we should collab on this. I have a project in mind to get the word out.

    Now about that photo, you could track its geolocation if you have the original file (using MapExif and other software) and that file has its geolocation. I guess the only way in doing this would be to contact them, expressing interest in purchasing that specific product and perhaps asking them for photos. It would depend how they took the photo (type of camera, phone, etc , must use geolocation) and whether the file’s information tags were removed. Another idea: emailing them with a fake address adminKirklandCareCenter@gmail … asking them about the Pivotal product and if another test could be run (assuming that they did do a test) and the 5G wasn’t working properly and were told to contact the manufacturer? Worth trying … I also suspected something about that care center but couldn’t dig up anything.

  • It just occurred to me to check for the fun of it, and Kirkland, Washington is also sort of a “ground zero” for Waldorf schools in the US, with a local concentration of as many as 19 promoting Steiner’s work one way or another.

    Coincidence or conspiracy?

    What are the secretive Steiner true believers really up to?

  • Some Statistics

    n the US, the H1N1 pandemic from April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010 compared to
    the COVID19 Pandemic from January 2020 to March 2020 is a shocking

    US cases H1N1/COVID19: 6,000,000 vs 41,569

    US hospitalized H1N1/COVID19: 274,304 vs 1,040

    US deaths H1N1/COVID19: 12,469 vs 504

    US stock market (DOW) during H1N1/COVID19: gain 2844 vs loss 10,232

    US media during Pandemic: calm vs hysterical

    Why would one pandemic not have a negative effect on our economy and a similar pandemic destroy it?

    I say it was caused by Fake News hysteria.

    • To start with, among a variety of major errors, you’re comparing a full year or more of the H1N1 outbreak to just the preliminary 2 months of coronavirus in the US (our first confirmed case was January 20) – do you realize how much of a wrongheaded apples-and-oranges comparison that is?

      You can see here that H1N1 came in two waves, and didn’t reach anywhere near its peak until more than 6 months in:

      >- YOU’RE OFF BY A FACTOR OF 10 in your figure of “US cases H1N1/COVID19: 6,000,000 vs 41,569”:

      “The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that from April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010, there were 60.8 million cases, 274,000 hospitalizations, and 12,469 deaths (0.02% case fatality rate) in the United States due to the virus.”

      So it should actually be 60,800,000 vs 41,569 at this point – we’ll get to what happens if COVID-19 grows to 60.8 million cases like H1N1 did, later.

      First, a bit of actual science, from real experts:

      How does the COVID-19 pandemic compare to the last pandemic?

      ‘”The 2009 H1N1 pandemic should have been a warning sign,” said Steffanie Strathdee, the Associate Dean of Global Health Sciences at the University of California San Diego’s Department of Medicine. “It didn’t end up being a pandemic that killed millions of people as we feared it would, but it should have been a wake-up call. By all serious estimates, COVID-19 is going to be a major killer.”‘

      ‘The mortality rate for the novel coronavirus is much higher so far, around 2% (although the number will likely change as more people are tested). That may not sound like a big difference, “but when extrapolated, can mean millions more deaths,” Strathdee said.’

      ‘The H1N1 flu was also less contagious than the novel coronavirus. The basic reproduction number, also called the R-nought value, is the expected number of individuals who can catch the virus from a single infected person. For the 2009 H1N1 virus, the mean R-nought value was 1.46, according to a review published in the journal BMC Infectious Diseases. For the novel coronavirus, the R-nought value is estimated to be between 2 and 2.5, at the moment. ‘

      ‘In the U.S., between April 2009 and April 2010, the CDC estimates there were 60.8 million cases of swine flu, with over 274,000 hospitalizations and nearly 12,500 deaths — that’s a mortality rate of about 0.02%.’

      Note that in that last paragraph, the 274,000 hospitalizations for 60.8 million cases is a .45% hospitalization rate.

      But the other thing exceptional about the coronavirus, is the up to 20% hospitalization rate. Even in South Korea, which implemented widespread testing early on, meaning that they have better data about how many cases there really were in the population, the hospitalization rate has turned out to be 5% – 10 times that of normal flu.


      If COVID-19 = H1N1 60.8 million cases
      – 5% hospitalization rate = 3.2 million
      – 20% hospitalization rate = 12.8 million

      Fact: US total hospital beds = .924 million (924,100)

      So if COVID-19 is like H1N1 in its spread, we at least have a huge problem with the availability of treatment – and if we falter on that then death rates will spike due to lack of treatment for people who might otherwise have survived, which is part of the problem in Italy now. South Korea is doing much better for reasons including having rolled out mass-testing early, and having many more hospital beds available per person as part of a system that provides universal healthcare; see, for instance:

      South Korea amassed the world’s most comprehensive coronavirus data. What it’s taught us so far

  • Words of Wisdom from President Trump

    Donald Trump on Coronavirus Restrictions: ‘We Cannot Let the Cure Be Worse than the Problem’

    President Donald Trump signaled on Sunday night that he will start loosening the restrictions put into place after the coronavirus “stop the spread” period of 15 days.


  • Michael Levitt, a Nobel laureate and Stanford biophysicist, began analyzing the number of COVID-19 cases worldwide in January and correctly calculated that China would get through the worst of its coronavirus outbreak long before many health experts had predicted.

    Now he foresees a similar outcome in the United States and the rest of the world.

    While many epidemiologists are warning of months, or even years, of massive social disruption and millions of deaths, Levitt says the data simply don’t support such a dire scenario — especially in areas where reasonable social distancing measures are in place.

    “What we need is to control the panic,” he said. In the grand scheme, “we’re going to be fine.”

  • The arrogant delusional Nancy Pelosi will not pass a Chinese virus Bill unless Trump agrees to turn America into a Marxist nation.

    Nancy Pelosi Proposes 1,400-Page Coronavirus Bill Stuffed with Special Interest Goodies

    Increased fuel emission standards for airlines receiving funds

    Payment for up to $10,000 in student loans:

    Same-day voter registration, early voting, voting by mail, ballot harvesting

    Requirements for federal and corporate gender and racial diversity data
    The bill demands that corporate recipients of financial assistance are required to report racial and gender data regarding salaries, number of employees, supplier diversity, and membership on corporate boards. It also requires federal agencies to use businesses and financial institutions owned by minorities or women.

    Post Office Bailout

    Automatic extension of nonimmigrant visas.

    Restricting colleges from providing information about citizenship status

    Money for Planned Parenthood and Abortion

    • AOC, when she got to Congress and started making some real money in her life, was the first to vote for the
      $30,000 pay raise. The GOP members were against it.
      Pelosi, who, like AOC, started rather poor-middle class in Congress, is now filthy rich, possibly from insider trading –
      which AOC said was an epidemic in the House.
      Now just about everyone in the US needs $1,000 and some incentives to keep businesses, thus jobs, afloat, and
      look what the rich Democrats are doing.
      If the virus doesn’t kill us…

  • This kind of fear-mongering and false information detracts from the seriousness of this disease and should be discouraged by everyone.

    • China and its company Huawei intend to use 5G Telecom technology to spy on America and its allies.
      In fact the US DOJ and its its prosecutors in the EDNY have indicted Huawei in a RICO suit.

      What a RICO charge means for Huawei

      What a RICO charge means for Huawei

      Chinese Telecommunications Conglomerate Huawei and Subsidiaries Charged in Racketeering Conspiracy and Conspiracy to Steal Trade Secrets
      Charges also Reveal Huawei’s Business in North Korea and Assistance to the Government of Iran in Performing Domestic Surveillance

      • This is very important information. Note in the last link that Huawei are accused of helping the Iranians with surveillance of their population from 2009, over a decade ago. There is definitely something going on with China and Iran regarding 5G and the super-surveillance state. Iran remains the big mystery in the coronavirus drama. I will bet you literally every penny I own (you won’t get rich, don’t get too excited) that Iran already has major 5G tech rolled out.

        I have written to the PR agents for Pivotal Commware, Global Results Communications, asking them to confirm that it was indeed they who posted here on Frank Report, accusing me of “fear-mongering” and “false information”. I pointed out to them that exactly the same accusations were leveled against Chinese whistleblowers who tried to warn the world about this new disease.

        Note that the first coronavirus death in the USA was at the EvergreenHealth Medical Center in Kirkland, Washington:

        Note that this facility is also a few blocks from Pivotal Commware, which first tested 5G “inside the building”. If you look at Google Maps, you will see that the HQ of this company is in very close proximity to both of the health centres involved in the initial outbreak of coronavirus in the USA.

        One of the reasons why these Kirkland patients were not identified as being at risk, was that they had no immediate connection with people who had traveled overseas. This seems to have been a “home incubated” outbreak.

        I have warned the PR agents for Pivotal Commware to be honest and transparent in the information they provide, as to exactly when and where their clients were irradiating residential suburbs of Kirkland with 5G technology.

        I’m going to be honest myself here: when I first put together the connection with the Kirkland coronavirus deaths and the first trials of “inside the building” 5G, this just seemed an interesting coincidence. When I look at Google Maps, and see that this company’s HQ is within a few blocks — and probably line-of-sight — of the very first two health centres to report coronavirus deaths in the USA, then I think I may actually be on to something. The optics are quite compelling.

        Let us watch now and see how Pivotal Commware behave: are they going to be transparent and honest, and reveal all the 5G tests of which they are aware in the vicinity of this outbreak of disease? Or are they going to clam up, feign ignorance, and pretend that these queries do not exist?

        If the latter: then you can be reasonably certain that Pivotal Commware were conducting 5G trials in the vicinity of these two health centres, which will go down in history as the sites of the first US deaths from the “coronavirus” outbreak. And somewhere in their project log books, is exact evidence of how much these health centres were radiated, and for how long.

        Wherever I have looked, from Tenerife to Lesotho, there has been some kind of connection with coronavirus with 5G. Just look at the following quote:

        “As predicted, the number of cases has exploded in dozens of countries. Here, I was forced to show only countries with over 1,000 cases. A few things to note:
        • Spain, Germany, France and the US all have more cases than Italy when it ordered the lockdown
        • An additional 16 countries have more cases today than Hubei when it went under lockdown: Japan, Malaysia, Canada, Portugal, Australia, Czechia, Brazil and Qatar have more than Hubei but below 1,000 cases. Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark all have above 1,000 cases.

        “Do you notice something weird about this list of countries? Outside of China and Iran, which have suffered massive, undeniable outbreaks, and Brazil and Malaysia, every single country in this list is among the wealthiest in the world.
        Do you think this virus targets rich countries? Or is it more likely that rich countries are better able to identify the virus?

        “It’s unlikely that poorer countries aren’t touched. Warm and humid weather probably helps, but doesn’t prevent an outbreak by itself — otherwise Singapore, Malaysia or Brazil wouldn’t be suffering outbreaks.”

        The thought simply cannot occur to this author, that the reason why it is only developed countries that are experiencing this pandemic, is that all of them have advanced microwave networks, in fact every single country listed there has at least trialed 5G, including the last three nations named.

        Again: I, and many others, predicted worldwide outbreaks of disease and immune failure coinciding with the rollout of 5G. What we are seeing is exactly and precisely in line with our predictions.

        If you go back and look, you’ll see historical precedent. According to Dr Arthur Firstenberg MD, the so-called Spanish flu of 1918: “… actually began in the United States, at the Naval Radio School of Cambridge, Massachusetts, with 400 initial cases. This epidemic rapidly spread to 1,127 soldiers at Funston Camp (Kansas), where wireless connections had been installed.”

        When the time is right, and I’ve done some more research, I’ll post the evidence that microwaves can influence viruses and cause them to mutate, to create “novel” diseases.

        In the meantime: the ball is in your court, Global Results Communications for Pivotal Commware. Please be aware that I cc’d my email to you to Frank Report, and I’ll be quite happy to publish the whole of it online. It’s time for you to earn your (presumably not inconsiderable) fees and try spin this this to your client’s advantage. The very best of luck to you.

    • If you are indeed Global Results Communications for Pivotal Commware:

      Please can you indicate any “false information” in what I’ve said. If you are who you say you are, you are in a position to tell us exactly where this 5G base station was erected and operated in a Kirkland residential suburb; over what dates this operation extended; the frequencies and power of the base station; and an indication of its exact footprint.

      In this way, we can determine whether this radiation might have had any effect on the Life Care Center, or on any other group of people. If you don’t reveal this information, there is immediately a suspicion that something is being covered up.

      Also, since it seems Kirkland is something of a hotspot for wireless innovation, you could perhaps indicate whether there were other 5G tests going on, including tests done by yourselves, specifically in the neighbourhood of the health centre. You may find it expedient to start telling the truth about these tests, since they may be revealed retrospectively. You have a corporate duty to reveal whatever you can about your operations that may have had an impact on public health in Kirkland.

      In all of your trialling, did you do any surveys as to health or environmental impacts? Did you ask users about: headaches, perhaps? Sore throats? Impaired immunity? These are all known effects of low-level microwave irradiation.

      I would think that informing the public that they are to be used in a millimetre-wave irradiation experiment, would fall clearly under your PR remit for the company. Did it ever occur to you to get informed consent from residents in this residential neighbourhood to be used in a radiation experiment?

      Are you aware of the Nuremberg Code, signed by the USA after World War 2, expressly forbidding human experimentation without the informed consent of the subject?

      I have drawn attention to your use of a pregnant woman, in advertising your “inside the building” 5G. She is sitting apparently happily getting radiated by your device, attached to a window, as well as the smartphone she is holding just above her pregnant belly.

      Elsewhere on Frank Report, I’ve drawn attention to the drastic findings of increased miscarriages with microwave exposure. As I recall, one finding from the 1980s was microwave-exposed women: 47% miscarriages, non-exposed women: 14% miscarriages. I’ve drawn attention to Russian research indicating very similar rates of spontaneous abortions in irradiated rats, dating from the 1970s, which were recently replicated and confirmed under WHO supervision.

      In 2000, the German mobile industry commissioned a review of the research by the Ecolog institute. Their review of hundreds of studies concluded that, apart from evidence of cancer promotion and initiation:

      “Experiments on cell cultures at power flux densities much lower than the guidelines, yielded strong indications for genotoxic effects of these fields, like single and double stranded DNA breaks and damage to chromosomes. The findings that high frequency electromagnetic fields influence cell transformation, cell growth promotion and cell communication also point on a carcinogenic potential of the fields used for mobile telephony.”

      However, most significantly:

      “The study also found teratogenic effects (birth deformities) and loss of fertility in animal studies. Moreover, disruptions of other cellular processes, like the synthesis of proteins and the control of cell functions by enzymes, have been demonstrated.”

      Remember: this is the industry’s OWN commissioned research, revealing “teratogenic” effects: birth defects, including spontaneous abortions. This was on the record in the year 2000. And the mobile industry has completely ignored its own research.

      Elsewhere on Frank Report, I’ve highlighted the findings of Dr Dmitris Panagopoulos, who has demonstrated damage to living eggs at every stage of their development. Mr Barrie Trower, the British microwave warfare expert, has said that the egg line developing in a female fetus when she is in the womb, is particularly highly vulnerable to microwave radiation.

      This means that if the pregnant woman in your picture has a daughter, that baby girl may be born with her cell line already damaged by radiation. It will be her children — the GRANDCHILDREN of the woman smiling in your PR image — who will be born deformed. You can read more about this terrible hazard here, Barrie Trower’s document “Wi-Fi: A Thalidomide in the making”:

      Get something straight: I am doing my very best to fear-monger here, but not about any coronavirus or contagion. I’m talking about an epidemic of impaired immunity caused by radiation, which may well have coincided with the appearance of a strange pathogen, but which radiation is known to produce all the symptoms ascribed to the virus.

      Go and check out the research of Dr Arthur Firstenberg on the lingering influenzas that erupted in cities that rolled out cellular networks in 1996. Neighbouring cities without microwave networks did not experience these flus. Dr Firstenberg found clear spikes in mortalities in over 120 cities in the weeks following a cellular rollout. Those of us who are watching, have seen this all before, but never on this scale.

      I predicted massive immune failures as 5G was rolled out. Why is Turin an epicentre, and not much poorer cities in the south? The fact that Turin was the first 5G city in Europe has to be factored in. This epidemic of disease, often with very sudden onset, is exactly what we expect and have seen before, when a new microwave or millimetre-wave network is turned on.

      You need to address this whole issue openly, honestly, and very quickly, Global Results Communications for Pivotal Commware. Your use of a picture of a pregnant woman being irradiated, immediately places you in the category of the most egregious offenders against health in our society, whether or not you were broadcasting 5G near a health centre that then hit the world headlines with a catastrophic epidemic of deaths.

      And it’s you, the PR company, that is specifically responsible for the use of this image; as I highlighted in my original comment, this is a PR issue.

      You can duck and dive, but every prevarication will count against you now. You need to face the fact that your products have never been tested for safety, and the FCC regulations that you hide behind have been proven time and again to be completely inadequate.

      Your entire industry relies on IGNORANCE as its prime strategy in dealing with the health issues. Your plausible denial of knowledge about the health risks is hereby publicly terminated. You need to accept this, and now acknowledge the elephant in the room, and start being honest about why you ignore health in your “trials” of 5G. There can’t be a problem, because there just CAN’T be a problem.

      The International EMF Project of the World Health Organization, which sets the research guidelines for the world in terms of EMR, specifically told the world’s scientists NOT to look at health around base stations, especially NOT to look at cancer around base stations, from 2006. That guideline still stands, as far as I know. Not one single study of health around a base station has ever been conducted in the USA, to my knowledge. Not a single American researcher dare commit academic suicide by even suggesting such a study.

      Yet you Americans want to pioneer this technology for the rest of the world, ignoring all standards and health concerns. As I’ve said before, it’s the blind leading the one-eyed.

      I have argued publicly that the World Health Organization’s injunction NOT to research health around masts, may be an attempt to bypass a prosecution of human rights violations under the Nuremberg Code. They will say: if we are explicitly NOT collecting any results, then we cannot be experimenting on you.

      I honestly believe this is the corporate mentality of the wireless industry. Don’t look; don’t think; don’t ask; don’t tell; don’t whisper a word, and if we ALL remain ignorant, there cannot possibly be a problem. Only ignorance is invincible.

  • Bad News for DemonRats and Traitors

    Florida Man with Coronavirus Credits Drug Touted by Trump for Saving His Life

    A Florida man with coronavirus claims an anti-malaria drug, touted by President Donald Trump as a possible treatment for the virus, saved his life.

    Rio Giardinieri, 52, told Fox 11 Los Angeles that he suffered from a cough, headache, back pain, and fatigue after he caught the coronavirus, which he believes he caught at a conference in New York.

    Doctors in South Florida diagnosed him with the coronavirus and pneumonia

    More than a week later, doctors said there was nothing more they could do for him

    Then, a friend forwarded him an article about hydroxychloroquine, a prescription drug used to treat illnesses such as malaria and lupus. Other studies conducted overseas have found it to be a promising treatment for coronavirus, although it has not yet been approved by health officials.

    Trump said last week he was asking the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to fast-track its testing of hydroxychloroquine and a similar drug, chloroquine, as a treatment for the coronavirus.

    Since the IV infusion, Giardinieri said he has had no fever or pain and can breathe. He added that doctors believe the episodes he experienced were related to his body fighting the virus as opposed to a reaction to the medicine.

    Giardinieri had three doses of the medicine since his first dose and hopes to be discharged in five days.

    • HUGE DEVELOPMENT! … Now 3 International Studies Find Chloroquine with Azithromycin Shows 100% Success Rate in Treating Coronavirus in 6 Days!

      MUST SEE: Chloroquine Already Used on Coronavirus in US — Study Shows 100% Success Rate — And May Act as Preventative to Virus

      Morgantown, West Virginia Mylan Plant to Restart Production of Anti-Malaria Drug Hydroxychloroquine for Coronavirus Treatment

      Dr. Andrew Bostom: THE TIME IS NOW! Use Chloroquine (CQ) as Coronavirus Prophylaxis

      • If you’re taking your own advice, you must be on what, day 3-4 of taking it yourself as a prophylactic? How are you finding it?

  • China’s Day of Reckoning is coming!
    Marines Plan to Retool to Meet China Threat

    The Marine Corps is undertaking its most sweeping transformation in decades, pivoting from a focus on fighting insurgents in the Middle East to developing the ability to hop from island to island in the western Pacific to bottle up the Chinese fleet.


    • Oh, c’mon, puh-lease grow up, Shadow! Is this s’posed to scare the Chinese? Or show Allison Mack how tough you are? “Take that you stupid, ‘Chinese’ virus! The Shadow’s gonna blow ALL your nasty germs to smithereens!”

      ..Shadow, the Nationalists already traveled the globe last fall during the Luner Moon just like they do every year so if this WAS some kind of strategic germ war launched by Chinese tourists — targeting, especially, Italy for stealing their pasta invention rights, I suppose — it’s far too late for nuclear retaliation. And, no, Allison Mack is not going to come spank you but you might be getting a visit from the FBI if any peeping Tom shows up on her lawn again. Or a slander suit.

      • This has nothing to do with a Hollyweird sado-masohistic sociopath who is long overdue for a prison cell.
        Or did you forget Heidi that Ms. Mack eagerly served Keith Raniere , the man who murdered your sister Gina?

        If you must know, Heidi, I have long commented in a similar vein on Breitbart.
        Heidi, what you New York and Hollyweird people do not understand is that Truth and Right Never Change.
        On Breitbart I am considered a Moderate.

        Praise-God Barebone

        Comments 363 Recommends Followers 8 Following 3

        Praise-God Barebone 32 minutes ago
        The DemonRat Party’s Vision is Soviet Russia in 1923.

        3 Edit View in discussion

        Praise-God Barebone 6 hours ago
        Free Trade has made America a Hostage to China!
        Free Trade is for Retards.

        1 Edit View in discussion

        Praise-God Barebone anothervolley 20 hours ago
        “Unless the government mandates that a certain percentage of the manufacturing of vital products is done in the U.S.,”

        That percentage is 100%

        5 Edit View in discussion

        Praise-God Barebone Surfinnonreality 20 hours ago
        Both of those threats are Acts of War.

        10 Edit View in discussion

        And Praise God Barebone was a historical figure from Protestant England.
        He was a historical person whose name I appropriated.

        • You -are not Barebones rofl!!! Go back to shooting viruses with elaborate ground to air missiles, fool.

          Everyone else – protect your immune systems as well as you can, for most of us not in the vulnerable groups, it’s not death we have to fear but pneumonia, COPD, liver and kidney damage. You can protect these organs and their functions pretty well if you have a good enough immune system. Get building…

      • I meant Lunar New Year (not Lunar moon) on the Ancient traditional Chinese calendar.

        And Shadow, good luck convincing anyone whose ever spent 30 minutes on FR that everything you do, every choice you make and breath you take doesn’t center around Allison Mack.

        Btw, I don’t think Keith Raniere killed my sister…ALONE. U

  • I agree with Fred. Clearly, implementing 5G is the first step for Intelligent Dog Uprising. Our canine “friends” have long faked obedience to their human masters knowing that at some future date, they will take over the world with their hyper socialist agenda. Dogs are socialists, you ask? Look at the behavior of the wolf pack!

    Our doom is sealed. Unless we listen to Fred, then maybe we can retake our place as the dominant species on Earth.

    Just to be safe Fred, you may want to offer to lick your dogs crotch, as that may put you in a favorable status with our future overlords.


    (Bloomberg) — Real estate billionaire Tom Barrack said the U.S. commercial-mortgage market is on the brink of collapse and predicted a “domino effect” of catastrophic economic consequences if banks and government don’t take prompt action to keep borrowers from defaulting.

    Barrack, chairman and chief executive officer of Colony Capital Inc., warns in a white paper of a chain reaction of margin calls, mass foreclosures, evictions and, potentially, bank failures due to the coronavirus pandemic and consequent shutdown of much of the U.S. economy. The paper was posted late Sunday on online publishing platform Medium.

    “Loan repayment demands are likely to escalate on a systemic level, triggering a domino effect of borrower defaults that will swiftly and severely impact the broad range of stakeholders in the entire real estate market, including property and home owners, landlords, developers, hotel operators and their respective tenants and employees,” he wrote.

    Barrack said the impact could dwarf that of the Great Depression

    The DemonRat Party is filled with TREASONOUS JACK ASSES WHO ARE PEDDLING PANIC to Destroy Trump.

  • Here’s a little fact check about Fred’s supposed authority, a former prison worker and high school teacher whose bogus credentials he has apparently credulously lapped up, just like Raniere’s followers accepted inflated claims about Vanguard being a former child prodigy and one of the world’s smartest men.

    That also follows a sort of typical conspiracy theory trope in which the source turns out to have an actual record that shows only mundane low-level work for the military and/or the government, but that is explained away by grandiose claims that they were a virtual James Bond-like character who work was supposedly so above-top-secret that no record of it exists – though they of course have no trouble breaking their secrecy vows and talking themselves up, in contrast to real dutiful patriots like those of the Manhattan Project or Bletchley Park who kept their lips sealed until the ends of their lives. I could ask who buys that sort of nonsense from blowhards, but we find the answer in those like Allison Mack, as well as the cult followers of Scientology’s “Dr.” L. Ron Hubbard (a naval flunkie who also falsely claimed to have been a secret agent and a physicist).

    “Barrie Trower

    Dr.Barrie Microwave Trower is a pseudoscientist who allegedly trained in the British Government Microwave Warfare Establishment in the 1960s and worked with the underwater bomb disposal unit.[1] So far, he hasn’t given any concrete evidence to support his apparent training and work. He also claims that after this he “went on to teach advanced physics and mathematics at South Dartmoor College”, which in practice means he was a high school teacher, as South Dartmoor College is a secondary school in Ashburton, Devon, England (perhaps he wants you to think it’s a research university, but no).[2][3]”

    “You will notice what’s very specifically not been said here, which is that Mr. Trower teaches physics at a university. Lest anyone should carelessly arrive at this impression, it ought to be said that what the Post calls “Dartmoor College” is South Dartmoor Community College, a state comprehensive school for children aged 11-18. They are doubtless lucky to have a “weapons expert” like Mr. Trower on staff (assuming he is on staff), although it is damned hard to be a military expert in anything for any length of time without inadvertently getting your name on any patents or peer-reviewed papers to speak of. ”

    “One Morrison expert PPS attorneys have had to depose is Barrie Trower, who claims he worked on a “stealth” microwave warfare program for the British Navy (noting he had no rank because he refused promotions) and was assigned to a secret British prison housing “spies, dissidents, international terrorists [and] gangland killers.

    Trower claims a bachelor’s degree in physics earned in night classes, has been repeatedly turned down by Ph.D. programs, and says he recently traveled to consult with “the king in South Africa” on Wi-Fi dangers. (South Africa abolished the monarchy in 1961.)”

  • Have you noticed how little people put their smartphone near their head? They are usually watching videos and otherwise surfing the internets, texting, and/or use headphones. This grand takeover of the human race is really fizzling out, “Fred.” LOL

  • Being an expert, “Fred,” I’m sure you’re aware that GSM is an old, outdated technology that 5G no longer uses. In fact, 5G doesn’t use any TDMA technology. LOL

  • I live in NYC; the headline in the Daily News today called the city GROUND ZERO.
    Schools and libraries closed Tuesday, today is Sunday.
    I have no reason to doubt the # of patient, and the stats of 40+ people a day dying, and am in fact advocating
    Quinine medicines, buying tonic water etc.
    But I have always had my doubts about official stories; much in the 9/11 narrative denies basic sense. I met
    William Rodriguez, the hero of that day. His story was buried when it contradicted the official story.
    One thing I found strange was that not a single hip health food shop stocked quinine/chinchona, and they were snotty with me when I told them it would make sense – this includes The Vitamin Shoppe on 8th Ave., Westerly Health on 8th, and Whole Foods (owned by Bezos).
    I can attribute the lack of quinine/chinchona to the fact that they make more $ on selling things like garlic essence for $40 a small bottle. I mean, just buy some real garlic for 50c.
    A lot does not make sense, and it could well be that some kind of Chinese conspiracy – led by people like Diane Feinstein is in place. Her driver was a Chinese spy.
    And then there are the 32 Humpty Dumpty Congressmen who are open board with PR Chinese directors and Mark Epstein, Jeffrey Epstein/s brother. They refuse to answer ANY questions.
    See my September article on this site.
    Could this be leading to the replacement of $ with internet $ and a mark in our hands, monitored by 5G?

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