No Doubt About It — Canadian Taxpayers Must Pay in Order for Kristin Kreuk to be Seen on TV

Kristin Kreuk stars in Burden of Truth

By Marie White

Kristin Kreuk, the former Nxivm coach and TV actress, has done much to virtue signal her great causes for womankind. She has not however told of her true role in the Nxivm sex cult that enslaved women.

She presently stars in a taxpayer funded [and godawful] Canadian TV show called Burden of Truth and though she has never come forward with the truth about her own role in Nxivm and its enslavement of women, [some of whom she recruited] she acts up a storm as a brave lady lawyer who fiercely takes on the big bad greedy old white men [while she followed a very bad, greedy white man as her mentor and master for about a decade.]

Kristin Kreuk’s cult leader Keith Alan Raniere

There has been some debate between Kristin’s most ardent defender, Sultan of Six [AKA Spanky or Spankmeister], and others concerning whether his spank princess actually lives off taxpayers – in order to show the world just how bad white men are and how good she is, she -the bravest of all virtue signallers.

Sultan of Six adores his mistress Kristin Kreuk and does not mind if taxpayers [in Canada] have to pay a little extra out of their paychecks to support her marvelous, spank-worthy acting


Kristin Kreuk appears in the low ratings but taxpayer supported Burden of Truth. It survives to plague viewers because it has Canadian content which justifies forcing taxpayers to pay for it. They are not forced to watch it and as a matter of fact they generally do not.

Here is a report from one of our readers on topic:

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [CBC] as a whole is taxpayer funded and supported through advertisements.

CBC Radio is almost entirely funded by taxpayers. It has at times been supplemented by advertisements, but that has been discontinued as of 2016.

CBC Television is funded jointly through advertisements and taxpayers.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, branded as CBC/Radio-Canada, is a Canadian federal Crown corporation that serves as the national public broadcaster for both radio and television. The English- and French-language service units of the corporation are commonly known as CBC and Radio-Canada, respectively.

CBC Television federal funding is SUPPLEMENTED by revenue from commercial advertising on its television broadcasts. When there is a drop in ad revenue on CBC Television, usually because of a drop in viewers, the taxpayer makes up for it to compensate.

CBC Television gets additional funding from commercials to supplement federal funding. How much taxpayer money a prime time television show receives varies from show to show and how much revenue they can generate from commercials.

In CBC’s most recent annual report, CBC’s prime time television audience is at 5% of the total Canadian television audience, down from 7.6% in 2017-2018.

With less viewers, there is less advertising revenue, thus an increase in taxpayer funding to compensate.

CBC advertising revenue is down 21% overall and the decline in English-speaking Canada is at a 37% drop.

Revenues from advertising dropped from $318.2 million in 2018 to $248.7 million in 2019.

Taxpayers have to foot the bill.

Seeing as your “dream spank’s” taxpayer funded television show is prime time drama and began in 2017, there would likely be an increase in federal funding from taxpayers to make up for losses in ad revenue.

Considering the poor ratings of the show, including in the US, there would be less ad revenue coming in from commercials.

The season two finale only had 580,000 viewers in the US and the entire second season had a large drop in viewers compared to season one. The lowest US ratings for Season 2 was just 413,000 viewers.

Due to CBC’s falling ratings and thus, less ad revenue, CBC is asking the CRTC for permission to broadcast less Canadian content on TV even though they are taking more Canadian tax money. As part of their broadcast licence renewal application, taxpayer funded CBC is asking the broadcast regulator for permission to show less mandated content, meaning less Canadian produced television, instead importing foreign television.

Kristin Kreuk is a Canadian taxpayer-funded actress, who served as a Nxivm coach and whose membership in Nxivm was used to recruit women. She plays a brave and outspoken lawyer who risks her career to fight a powerful group of old white men and a evil white father.

1.5 BILLION tax dollars a year for beyond biased, liberal bullshit.

This can be explained to you, Spanky. It cannot be understood for you.

So it seems clear that some of the very people she is condemning – white men – are paying taxes to keep her otherwise unsustainable show on the air – as she denigrates and villainizes them.


MK10ART’s fascinating painting of Nancy Salzman and her influence on Kristin Kreuk. What will Sultan say about that? Depend on it- he will say something.


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Marie White


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  • Marie, I don’t usually comment on these KK stories. There is something really fucked up with a society that supports pedophilia. Now I think all I have to do for the rest of my life is live White and die. All you racists on here should be ashamed of your parents for raising you to fear other humans because of color and origin of birth.

  • Never mind Sultan of six (the mad spanker) and all of the aliases of his posting comments here. You are wrecking his world by just mentioning his dream spank in a negative way. Please post an art rendition of him. We could use a good laugh these days.

  • You are a conervative asshole, who knows nothing about why Canadians are proud of CBC. Much like the BBC in England, this is a publicly owned corporation. As such, they don’t have to cow for to corporate US to say how great their country is and how they are the world police. Canadians are proud of some of the Canadian content shows, many of which are shown and loved by the US. As for Kirstin, she is proud to say she is Chinese Canadian, which she should be. She has explained, she got into this group to get help for low esteem. She has also said she had no knowledge about the sexual part of this group. She said some of the modules had helped, but it only helped so much, so she quit. I don’t understand why you can’t understand that. If all you can do is bitch about a Canadian actress, take your bullshitting mouth and go write about American actresses.

    • “You are a conervative asshole”.

      It is spelt “conservative” and you are a cunt.

      “who knows nothing about why Canadians are proud of CBC”

      No. Only liberals like it because CBC is a liberal mouth piece. Normal Canadians hate CBC.

      “Much like the BBC in England, this is a publicly owned corporation”.

      The BBC in the UK requires citizens to purchase a yearly ‘television licence’, even if they don’t watch the BBC. The BBC is constantly criticised for being liberal biased, just like the CBC. They actually had a black guy play Achilles in a television adaptation of the Greek legend of Troy.

      “As such, they don’t have to cow for to corporate US to say how great their country is and how they are the world police.”

      Wrong. They spread liberal propaganda and call it ‘Canadian’. The people they pander to are not even real Canadians.

      “Canadians are proud of some of the Canadian content shows, many of which are shown and loved by the US.”

      Not all Canadian content shows are made by the CBC and there are plenty of Canadians who do not like those shows.

      “As for Kirstin, she is proud to say she is Chinese Canadian, which she should be”.

      She is actually mixed race, which is not really a race. How do you know she is proud to be mixed race? And no she should not be proud. Mixed race people often have identity issues and low self esteem. There are Reddit forums where mixed race asians cry about their heritage. No wonder Kreuk is a degenerate liberal. It is the cult for the low self esteem people who don’t fit in, foreigners, fags, dykes, ‘trannys’ (which are not even real), fat and ugly bitches, etc.

      “She has explained, she got into this group to get help for low esteem.”

      Case in point: low self esteem.

      “She has also said she had no knowledge about the sexual part of this group.”

      Sure she had no idea Keith Raniere was fucking female students, despite claiming to be a celibate monk. Sarah Edmondson left NXIVM in May 2017 and Frank Parlato of Frank Report broke the story a month later. Kreuk must of known about it before Frank. She was probably asked to help before Frank even knew about it. Kreuk knew about DOS one year before releasing her weak ass lying statement.

      “She said some of the modules had helped, but it only helped so much, so she quit.”

      No. She did not say ‘some modules helped’ or had ‘only helped so much’. She said the ‘program’ helped. She also did not reveal she was a coach and recruiter. She did however falsely claim she quit, trying to make it look as if she left in 2013, but we know she was still taking classes and doing EM’s into at least 2016. Ever heard of damage control?

      “I don’t understand why you can’t understand that.”

      You don’t understand why nobody won’t go along with the narrative Kreuk and your silly self wants people to believe.

      “If all you can do is bitch about a Canadian actress, take your bullshitting mouth and go write about American actresses.”.

      So emotional. Are you an emasculated male or an ugly female?

      • Rofl. You emote for the length of an essay in response to a paragraph of very mild opinion. I’m not sure what level of mental retardation I’d have to go to in order to connect that with a question of wether or not you are emasculated or ugly. Stupid clearly. Definately a pot calling a kettle.

    • “She has explained, she got into this group to get help for low esteem.”

      No. She said she got into it to overcome her shyness. It’s in her statement. She never said anything about low self-esteem.

        • Low self-esteem can cause shyness, but shy or quiet people don’t necessarily have low self-esteem. Narcissists have low self-esteem, but they’re not shy about boasting about their abilities.

          • True, and introverted or even introspective people are often, or appear shy, doesn’t stop them from being above averagely conscientious and all the good things that come from good listening and observation skills. Most talented people are unassuming awkward even, in superficial environments. Invariably, in any group environment, the person running their gums the hardest, possesses the weakest sense of self.

  • Cool, CBC supports Burden of Truth like the BBC supports Dr. Who and Sherlock Holmes!!! All have international fans!
    Mo money for the Lovely and gorgeous Kristin Kreuk! Mean Girls….go Wahhhhhhhhhhh!!! LOL.
    Now Mean girls say “That half G…K Ch…k should not make money!” Wahhhhh!!! Meanwhile Kristin is still supported by her devoted fans.
    Although some folks may report this website to Asian support SJW groups…lol……wahhhhhhhhhh!

    • You are a sad creature. Being a groupie with Celebrity Worship Syndrome is not healthy. The Chinese Wuhan Virus 🦠 could not cull you fast enough. Sad.

  • Consider the situation that this is your site and have full control over it. Any you don’t like and doesn’t support and is in line in your thinking you don’t publish. You know it. I know it and I am sure everyone else. You said what bullshit?
    Oh let me see. how about a link that one check mark, notify me if you are not posting my reply.

  • It is amazing to me on how many white people are ashamed of their own race and are actively trying to destroy their own race yet at some point in the future, they will try to figure out what went wrong.

    It is 2020 now. People need to be proud of themselves, their own races, their families, etc.

    It’s true, white people did horrible things throughout history but when you really look through history, you’ll find that EVERY race has wronged others all through history.

    The problem right now is that no one can think and reflect on the president and look forward to the future as civilization continues to evolve together. It seems everyone is stuck in the past and groups are too busy trying to erase the past or at least try and cover it up.

    The problem is that when we ignore and cover up history, then we’re doomed as history will repeat itself. I am of Irish heritage. My defendants were Irish slaves, other’s were lured to America in promise of a better life.

    As families stepped off the boats, the Americans would make them all sign or make their marks on the citizens registry. They would then give uniforms and a rifle to the men and their able bodied sons and say “Welcome to America, now go defend your country” and they would put them on another boat and send them off. African’s were taken against their wills from their Homeland by their own people and turned into slaves. Eventually they were brought to America and sold by their own people. Native Americans were attacked by the British and forced into reservations created by the British at the same time the British divided to start the American Revolution. Spain conquered Mexico, England conquered Scotland and Northern Ireland. Australia was the country that every country would send their biggest criminals as it was supposed to be a prison Country which is now under the UK.

    How many wars were started in the name of Religion? The Catholic Church turned a blind eye to the Holocaust and many other events. The fact is, no race is innocent yet people keep fighting amongst themselves trying to prove superiority. The fact is is that there is not one person alive that had anything to do with the atrocities yet people keep trying to blame everyone else. THIS is why racism won’t end, THIS is why there will always be civil unrest.

    • “It is amazing to me on how many white people are ashamed of their own race and are actively trying to destroy their own race yet at some point in the future”

      Emphasizing the humanity of human beings over superficialities such as skin color is not being ashamed of one’s own race. That’s a false dilemma. Every person has a subjective preference. That some people prefer others who look and act like them and share the same values is not problematic. It is when that subjective preference leads to objective discrimination, injustice, and prejudice that many people (white included) have a problem.

          • No Sultan.

            No liberals have courage. All white liberals hate themselves. And do not tell others what they hate.

          • I bet you can’t even see the irony of what you just wrote.

            And no, not Sultan.

          • No, no and no spanky.

            You completely misunderstood the comment, thus all three of your points are your attempts to debunk what was not said.

            By “when individuals hate themselves for their race, with their world view influenced by their self loathing, aligning themselves with others who self loathe because of their race”, the “others” are other self loathing white people, not other races.

            Once again, white liberals hate themselves because of their race. As a group of self loathing white people, they are a self hate group.

            The liberal bubble and echo chamber is filled with self hating white liberals and their many ‘pets’, such as blacks, illegals, faggots, trannys, muslims and the morbidly obese.

          • Just because you keep claiming something over and over again—that white people who self-loathe and align themselves with others who do the same are white liberals—doesn’t make it true. This is something you apparently haven’t learned from the previous comments. And just because white liberals don’t want your kind of segregation and may align themselves with those who you find repugnant of other races and other categorizations of individuals doesn’t mean they hate their own race. It is that perceived solidarity you find personally off-putting and it is your own loathing of those non-whites and others that you project onto white liberals and nothing else which you rationalize as “white liberals hate their own race”.

          • No spanky. White liberals range anywhere from slight shame to self loathing of their race. They are terrified of offending anyone not white. Pussies. Unfortunately for you, you have Aspergers syndrome so are unable to read human nature. An example being, you thought Kristin Gook was talking to you through the television!

          • No one cares what a two-faced person like you thinks Scotty boy. Maybe you should stop hypocritically criticizing others for taking on multiple aliases when you hide behind them to expose yourself as the racist you truly are.

          • Since you fail miserably at supporting anything you say and simply digress into personal attacks that are irrelevant.

            —They are terrified of offending anyone not white. Pussies.


            Says the coward who hides behind anonymity as his facade of courage, where he can Internet stalk other’s Instagram and Twitter accounts and maintain his one-sided non-exposure of himself as the only place from which he can cast his pebbles and be his true racist self. If you weren’t such a pussy you’d do it out from underneath your KKK hood and expose yourself to probable public censure with all of its ramifications. But because you so obviously are, you can pretend to be as brave as you want but actually aren’t, much like how you castigate the “cowardly” Kristin “Krooked”, “Kook”, “Gook”, or whatever other shitty mutilation of her Dutch name you come up with, for doing on TV but not in actuality. Irony. How much you must self-loathe yourself that the only way in which you can be “brave” enough to speak freely, mock, censure, demean, diminish, etc., the “cowardly” Kreuk, an unknown Paki you Internet stalk, white liberals, or any other person or groups of people that you have a black-hearted disdain for, is while hiding behind a mask in the comment section of a personal blog that would barely be known if it wasn’t for its help in exposing NXIVM?! How much you must self-loathe yourself because the white liberals you target, who put a name and face behind their actions and words, are actually much braver than you are?!

            And he has the audacity to call others pussies!

            Physician, heal thy fucking self!

          • Lol Hasif😂what do you mean twitter/instagram!? it is really easy to trigger you! That is a lot of emotion! Hey, do you think with the quarantine, Kristin Gook is getting dicked even more!?😂

        • You know where I’ve heard a similar designation before? The term self-hating Jew. Both are baseless.

          • Jews can hate themselves. White liberals can and do hate themselves. Neither is baseless.

          • Yeah, any individual can hate themselves. But there is no such categorization for *groups* of self-hating people, because it’s effectively just used as a pejorative and/or opprobrium against those who hold differing views.

          • Maybe. But it is obvious that too many White conservatives love themselves, and without justification.

          • When individuals hate themselves for their race, with their world view influenced by their self loathing, aligning themselves with others who self loathe because of their race, that is a self hate group. White liberals are liberals because of self loathing. Pathetic creatures.

          • You just repeated the same claim in different words without proving it, but this time tried to reinforce with another argument with non-evidenced premises:

            1) that other races other than whites as a group hate themselves.
            2) that white liberals as a group align themselves with those races in some sort of solidarity with this self-hate because they can relate to it.
            3) therefore, white liberals too hate themselves.

            Even if we grant the validity to your first premise, which is far from evidenced and likely could never be, it is also far from proven that self-hate is a reason that must exist in order to entail white liberals as a group to align themselves with other races. There can be a multitude of other reasons as to why they would do so, with self-hate not even being one of them for many, if not most, white liberals.

  • There is still doubt because you didn’t supply relevant numbers. How much does Kruek’s show get in advertising vs taxpayer money? How much does Kruek’s show cost vs sales to CW and HULU and other streamers? Why blame Kreuk for CBCs cost of 1.5 BILLION tax dollars a year? If you don’t like the CBC and want to see only US tv shows, don’t blame Kreuk.

    • Are you ill?

      Nobody is blaming Kreuk for Canadians being forced to pay 1.5 billion to the CBC cuck network. And nobody said they “want to see only US tv shows” It was simply pointed out tax payers are funding her shit.

      But you and your kind just can’t help yourself, so create false narratives, misquote and simply lie.

  • Truth is Frank, lots of white men are toxic. Raniere, Epstein, Bill Clinton who liked to assault women and crime “reform” locked up millions of young men to prison for non violent offenses. Trump who bankrupted 8 business bragged up assaulting women then went on to help bankrupt the US will insane tax cuts for billionaires.

    Look what white men and their insane love of toys has gotten us. 14 aircraft carriers (China has one) while cutting funding to the CDC, firing the pandemic team and replacing them with a sychophant who organized the fire festival.

    Our culture is sick. Trump there 4 million poor kids off free school lunches, there folks making $10/ at Walmart and having a beater worth $1500.

    You are a rich man, but I suggest you go find some homeless people and get to know them.

    • Dave:
      White men invented airplanes, trains, cars, radio, movies, television, computers, the internet,diesel engines, and countless other useful devices.
      White men also freed the slaves, provided universal voting rights, freedom of speech, and defeated Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, Soviet Russia and Fascist Italy.

      • Shadow says:
        White men also freed the slaves…after enslaving them.
        provided universal voting rights…after suppressing them.
        and defeated Nazi Germany…Hitler was white who killed non aryans.
        and Soviet Russia…Stalin killed millions, and was white and our ally in WW2
        and Fascist Italy…also white, like Chicago boy Al Capone and his mob.

        On this thread below, Shadow also says: “Why don’t you ask my friends from India or my black and Hispanic neighbors?”
        Shadow, what do your non-white “friends and neighbors” say when you tell them how many of the wonderful things in their life they owe to white men like yourself?

        • “White men also freed the slaves…after enslaving them.”

          Africans, Arabs, Turks and Native Americans all enslaved Africans. Africans, Arabs and Turks enslaved Africans first, all throughout the time whites had African slaves and afterwards. Whites were the first to free African slaves and made everyone else do the same. Yet whites have been wrongly made the face of African slavery when they were the least bad.

          “provided universal voting rights…after suppressing them.”

          You mean allowed freed slaves to live as Americans and Canadians, whereas Arabs and Turks did not absorb freed African slaves into their societies. It was also the Democrats who created the laws. At least whites gave blacks voting rights. The Native Americans would not even allow freed African slaves to live among them.

          “and defeated Nazi Germany…Hitler was white who killed non aryans.”

          He also was allied to the Japanese. Mao, Pol Pot and the Tutsis were not white.

          “and Soviet Russia…Stalin killed millions, and was white”

          Not in the name of being white.

          “and Fascist Italy…also white, like Chicago boy Al Capone and his mob.”

          Not in the name of being white.

          “On this thread below, Shadow also says: “Why don’t you ask my friends from India or my black and Hispanic neighbors?”
          Shadow, what do your non-white “friends and neighbors” say when you tell them how many of the wonderful things in their life they owe to white men like yourself?”

          They are probably jealous and ungrateful. Whereas whites (the normal non-cucked ones) are proud and grateful.

        • You imagine Shadow has the courage to reveal his white supremacist views to his neighbours? If he had them?
          That’s hilarious!!! People like that only come out at night with white sheets over their heads.

      • Asians also invented rockets, discovered gun powder, paper money, introduced the first computer called the abacus, and a ton of other inventions that the Caucasian brothers of the West refined and help build the modern world. Now, in the 21st century, Asians of the East will return the favor and refine Space travel, AI, and new power sources, as well as computers which we all are typing on that have Asian made parts.

        As far as the concepts of freedom and individual rights, we can thank our Israeli and Christian brothers for that…;)

  • Wild Moose will never drag the truth from Kristin Kreuk the truth about her true role in NXIVM.

    There is a way for Canada’s CBC to boost viewership of Kreuk’s “Burden of Proof”.
    Bribe the Canadian people with their own money.
    Monitor their viewing habits by the internet and those who agree to watch Kreuk’s show get a hundred dollars a week.
    And it can be paid for by raising taxes on all Canadians from Halifax to Vancouver.
    That way Kristin Kreuk can become the biggest Welfare Queen in Canada.
    Even bigger than that Welfare Queen Justin Turdeau.
    That’s how Socialism works.

    For an idea of the quality of Canadian Television here is an example of an educational TV show from Canada.
    “How you can score Free Beer.”
    Great White North: Mouse in a Bottle

    • Nah….Kristin is a producer which means she is paying with her own money into her show. Welfare Queens don’t have jobs by definition.
      Their whole mission is to get free stuff. Kristin on the other hand has been employed since her teens…earning her OWN money!!!
      That concept is always missing in this specific swipe at Kristin’s show. This gives her greater artistic control and got her a ton of good reviews. CBC is publicly funded, but it is also supplemented with private commercial money too. As far as ratings, television has changed because of the international money and many platforms from streaming. Kristin is making money because she has a audience that makes a profit for the CBC and CW , etc…. Frankly, Kristin probably could have gone the full commercial route if she was a US citizen.

      • Sultan of Shit says ‘nah’.

        No, Kristin Kreuk did not fund the show you moron. An executive producer is either a financier or an influencer of content. Can you share with us how much money Kristin Kreuk put into this show, even though it is funded by tax payers and ad revenue? Many actors get a EP tag and they don’t put a penny into the project. Most actors with an EP tag would not have one without first being an actor. Her show is tax payer and ad revenue funded, not actor funded.

        And ‘earning’ is a strong word for celebrity financial privilege. They get appearance fees for sitting on a chat show host’s couch. That is why people who do earn coin and have no privilege don’t like celebrities talking down to them on anything… or those who kiss their asses until they need a skin graft.

        • How does a TV producer make money?
          Producers are involved in the financial decisions of movies, television shows and theatrical productions. Producers raise money for a production by finding financiers or *****by funding it themselves.***The funding goes to hire the director, cast and crew. (Kristin has the name to attract money and has money herself, to invest to make a profit.)

          Lol. Mean Girl says Oh $@&**!! Why oh Why is Kristin a producer making her own show!!! I want to know all
          the money she puts in!!! Lies!! Mommy make Anonymous for Kristin Stop!!! wahhhhhhhhhh!!LOL
          Kristin is a Wellfare Queen!!…she has no money…she steals it!!! Wahhhhhhhhhh!!!

          • You have no idea what you are talking about.

            Any Canadian-produced television show, commissioned by, or picked up by the CBC Network is funded by the CBC Network, which in turn is funded by 1.5 billion dollars a year from the tax payer and revenue from advertising, not from actors self funding. The only producers who put their own money in a project are working on independent projects without the support of any major network.

            The CBC Network also provides a platform for independent writers and production companies to receive funding from the CBC. Not a single producer on this tax payer funded television show you surely masturbate to rigorously pays anything in production costs, as the costs come from CBC’s federal funding and ad revenue.

            Your behavior is tragic and your self-esteem must be very low.

  • It is very hard to get real numbers on CBC prime time drama costs, but nice try, and thanks, Marie. And thanks for inserting things like “beyond biased, liberal bullshit” and “the very people she is condemning – white men – are paying taxes to keep her otherwise unsustainable show on the air.” It’s always good to know the reporter’s bias.

    These vague facts seem true:
    –Unlike most of what the CBC airs, prime time dramas are ad-supported, but probably that ad money is getting lower.
    –Unlike most shows, BofT has been sold to the CW and those US dollars will cover much of the production cost, and might even allow the CBC to avoid using “white men’s” taxes to air “liberal bullshit.”

    How much does the CW pay for BofT, I don’t know. But simple US basic cable dramas cost $3 to $5 million dollars an hour, and the CW might pay about half that to the CBC to air BoT. So with the low production costs in Canada (and Manitoba) with ad revenue and the sale to the CW, your white men might be clearing a profit on their taxes, thanks to Kristin.

    Viva Executive Success!

    • “What will Sultan say about that? Depend on it- he will say something.”

      He already has. Simply, fuck off sultan.


      When production companies get their television shows aired on the CBC, the CBC foots the funding, through federal funding and ad revenue. Not from foreign sales.

      All Canadian-produced television content is tax payer funded, with supplementation from ad revenues. The ratio of federal funding-ad revenue is dependent on ratings, which influences ad revenue funding. The less viewers tuning in, the less money advertisers pay, thus less ad revenue funding for these awful television shows.

      As stated in the article, CBC is asking permission to air foreign television shows, on a network Canadian tax payers are paying for. They are not using foreign sales to fund more Canadian content. But they are taking people’s hard earned wages and handing them over to the cowardly hypocritical Kristin Kreuk, as she aims to portray white people, who let her chinky family live freely in their country, as evil, all filmed at the time DOS was being exposed, Kreuk was asked to help, but she refused, opting instead to pretend to do on television for huge profit, what she should of been doing in real life.

      Don’t autistic people like numbers, facts and statistics, sultan?

        • Lol look!! Mean girl gook talker…lol….Charlie gonna getcha….check yur six…!!! Poor mean girl..typing with sweaty dirty fingers in her dirty dress in the Yeah beautiful Kristin Kreuk is gonna get mo money..tee hee!
          Wahhhhhhhhhh!!! Typing on a computer made by Charlie! Wahhhhhhhhhhh!

          • “Kristin Kreuk is gonna get mo money”.

            Taxpayer money.

            Hopefully you are “gonna get” and perish from the Gook Virus.

          • I am now regularly deleting comments that wish for someone else’s death. I am publishing this one just to cite an example of what will be deleted. I am permitting people a latitude on this site to express themselves but when they wish for someone else’s death then it is time for them to start their own website. Thanks.

      • Article response:

        Wow. Calling me out specifically in probably at least the 50th article posted here on Kristin, and once again repeating ad nauseum the same garbage that has been repeated a zillion times on this site.

        Comment response:

        I didn’t post that you racist prick.

        Like I’ve ever given a damn to have done any actual, in-depth research on the CBC and its numbers. Nor have you, as if you give a flying fuck if around $1 billion of taxpayer money goes to the CBC, which is probably less than one percent of the total taxes collected by the Canadian government on a yearly basis. You’re just using it as an excuse to paint a target on Kristin’s back to shoot her with it because you must be a jilted, petty asshole as you exemplify the behavior of one. As if she’s anywhere close to being the primary driving force behind the government allocating and the CBC getting all of that funding.

        And your description of Burden of Truth as some generalized anti-white programming is utter bullshit, along with your presumption that she had any information whatsoever to help in bringing down NXIVM and DOS and simply refused to do so. It looks like the government had plenty of information to do that without her even being considered a person of interest. And there would be no point in a “smell the fart actress” who you claim sucks at her job cheer-leading from the sidelines as if that would do anything. And even if she did, you’d find something else to shit on her with.

        I’ve never seen members of the majority “race” with the most of the power in a country whine so fucking hard. I guess “your kind” of white is less superior than some other, non-racist kind.

        • That’s Mean girl G..k Ch..k talker…. typing in her dirty little dress…lol Poor Mean girl….can’t deal with a Beautiful Kristin Kreuk making money …….lol CharIie gonna get you Mean girl! Maybe if you type more dirty post they will go away! Lol Wahhhhh!!! Go wash that Wahambulance and your mouth too, to boot…lol.

    • Liberal bullshit like the 8 hour work day, not allowing child labor, cleaning up toxic air and water, social security. I am sure I could find countless ways you are subsidized but because you are a white male you are angry. The world is getting tired if your entitlement. You don’t like the government telling you that you have to wear as a seatbelt it need to stay off the beech in a pandemic. Poor white men can no longer abuse blacks, Hispanics, Indians and women with impunity. Let me take up a Go Fund Me Account for you.

        • I think you’ll find that’s not true, atm. None of you US toddlers can leave your nasty playground to run amok in the world unless, of course, you use your big big guns. As you have, let’s say, a President of your choosing to guide you through this pandemic crisis, you will fare as well as your leadership is ultimately able. Don’t panic, I’m sure Trump will put the needs of the nation before his own narcissistic tendencies and that of his family’s wealth, right?

          So much intelligent contribution coming from the USA in these times. Run along now and take your quinine.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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