The Right Side: McCabe, Strzok, Page, Director Comey and Others Involved in Obstructing Justice

James Comey

By J. Gary DiLaura, FBI, retired

Fifty one years ago today, I took an oath to protect, defend, preserve the Constitution and to enforce the laws of the United States.

I assume FBI Agents McCabe, Strzok, Page, Director Comey and the others involved in Obstructing Justice in a Prosecutorial FBI Investigation, Conspiring to Obstruct Justice, Conspiring to Commit Treason, Treason, Hobbs Act, Political Corruption, Perjury and numerous other crimes against the US… all took the same oath.

When someone who swore to enforce the laws of the US lies under oath to Congress, it’s not quite the same as Martha Steward lying to James Comey, then US Attorney, about insider trading or whatever Papadopoulos is accused of lying about to the FBI.

It’s not the same for VERY big reasons…these former FBI people were not lying about non substantive, minor, illegal criminal acts… these heroes lied to control a Presidential election and remove a duly elected President!

They interfered in a Presidential election…they attempted to overthrow a legal, Presidential election and overthrow our Rule of Law and to insure that they retained their high paying jobs and power, and they did it with the assistance of foreign agents Christopher Steele and his Russian sources. They attempted to insure that Hillary Clinton, specifically, won the Presidential election, and when their plans failed, they tried to remove a duly elected president!

In my opinion, they likely conspired with members of Congress to illegally attempt to remove this President by “Weaponizing” Congress, in an all-out, desperate, last attempt at removal by impeachment with anonymous, second hand information, no evidence and denying this President his Constitutional Rights (6th Amendment) to Due Process; specifically, denied the rights to confront witnesses against him, legal representation, and being able to present his own witnesses.

Funny…but that’s precisely how Socialist, Islamic Sharia Law works…ask Omar…she knows!

One of the most respected legal scholars on Constitutional law, Alan Dershowitz, said, “If Congress votes to Impeach on the evidence they put forth, it will be a violation of the Constitution and illegal”.

They did and it was, no matter what Senator Schumer wants to believe and claim!

So we all must realize that when the press claims or James Comey and Andy McCabe claim they have been “cleared”… it’s not quite true. DOJ decided “not to prosecute” on a very, small part of the bigger picture…they are far from out of the doghouse.

Hopefully, AG Barr will smarten up and not present ANYTHING more to the “swamp” District   …WDC. The DC District makes the 9th Circuit look Conservative… I guess Mr. Barr doesn’t know that!

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  • Off Topic:

    Bernie Sanders is a communist!

    Bernie’s Corporate Accountability and Democracy Plan is pure communism.

    I try and keep an open mind with all politicians all schools of thought philosophies and beliefs and reserve my judgment until I see evidence.

    I went to the Bernie Sanders website to read his platform; some of the things I disagree with on a purely political philosophical level and other things such as capping credit card interest rates I agree with ….
    …….Then I got to the last part of his platform which is the Corporate Accountability and Democracy Plan.
    The government cannot force private individuals to give away their wealth or take away their wealth or to tell them what to do with their wealth it’s not constitutional.
    The Corporate Accountability and Democracy Plan is communism by definition, I can’t even believe that Fox News or any other news company including The New York Times are not talking about this plan, it is communism. The Democratic Party needs to kick Bernie out of its membership immediately!

    Below is a direct link to Bernies Sanders platform website and the Corporate Accountability and Democracy Plan.

    It’s communism it’s not capitalism, it’s not democracy, it’s not freedom or liberty…
    …. it’s totalitarianism at its worst.

    • Mr. J. Gary DiLaura,

      With all due respect you’re in the FBI for sometime you know as well as I do the majority of FBI agents are conservative and a Republican.

      How do you explain liberal Deep-state infiltration of the FBI?

      My wife and I have friends whose parents were in the FBI and, one of my wife’s friends from law school is now currently in the FBI.

      All of them are conservative and all of them work with conservative people.

      Are you telling me that some of these conservative people we know are deep state liberals working under cover?

      I’m honestly trying to understand your perspective or whatever the truth turns out to be.

      I’m not saying you’re wrong and I’m right I’m just trying to understand; or if you could provide me with the information.


      • Nice Guy, The answer to your question is relatively easy. Two people are primarily responsible; First Bob Mueller and Second James Comey. The FBI was the finest LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY in the world, before Mueller! Law enforcement agencies fight crime, solve the “who the done-it” questions and make arrests. Ask any of your FBI Agent friends how many criminal cases they solved and how many arrests they made last year. My last year in the NYO I had over 100 arrests, that’s 57 on MY cases alone and about maybe 40-50 or more, assists, on other Agents’ cases. The same for convictions…we had a 60% solution rate on that squad. In a smaller office, we had a 97% solution rate. I’ll bet that’s more than all your friends made in their entire careers! That’s the difference. To solve criminal cases you MUST learn the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, you must learn the law, you must learn do’s and don’ts in criminal cases, you must learn how to effectively do interviews, when to advise rights, what the “elements of a crime” are, and on and on. Mueller took that away from the FBI by giving away what made the FBI great, CRIME FIGHTING…experience to solve criminal cases and arrests, interviewing experience. He literally gave away all the high volume criminal cases that made the FBI great! You cannot learn how to be an “investigator” which FBI Agents are supposed to be, by reading a book… If you do…you will get killed. Every single working Agent on my last squad in the NYO was involved in shootings, because bad guys do bad things like pull guns and knives, fight, run, try to run you over…that’s teaches you toughness and a will to survive. Read my former “deskmate” and good friend Danny Doc Coulson’s book “No Heroes”. It’s what we did, no bull shit. Mueller turned the FBI into an Intel Gathering (paper gathering) Bureau and Comey fine-tuned it into whatever he needed to do to keep his power as FBI Director! The Right Side

  • The Frank Report again descends into the conspiratorial world of this nut case. He is all over the web propounding his anti-Muslim hatred and deep state conspiracies and for some odd reason Frank has given him a voice here and on his other rags.

    He is presented here as if he has some credibility for having once worked for the FBI. He has shown elsewhere in his own words that he is nothing more than an ill-educated racist.

    The Frank Report is destroying all the credibility it once had from its good and once acclaimed Nxivm investigative reporting. Now it reads like a fringe right wing hate forum.

    Frank, before you’ve lost all credibility just create a new website for your bizarre right wing conspiracies and hatred. You have, or at least had, an Internet site here that folks could come to for updates on the Nxivm prosecution, one they once could trust. No one can trust it with authors like this one and substance that is so fringe right and hateful.

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